"Ignore that which may impede, and traverse that which will force them to accede."
— Isai
Isai (Subchapter II)
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Birthdate Unknown. A day in the month which is now known as March.
Age Centuries Old (over 1,600)
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Eight Inches (5'8)
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Blood type Unknown
Guardian Iyla (Ee + La)
Family All Werewolf Kind
Biological Family Alamar: Father

Ni'hime: Mother

Alignment Werewolves
Resides in The Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra, Indonesia
Character's Theme Theme of Isai

History of Isai

In a time where mortals were ruled by one, they were changed. People, everyday individuals were granted or cursed, with the ability to take form of the Lupus. As such, their bodies twisted, changed, and grew in height, as well as fur. Some were capable of traveling upon two legs while others roamed about on all fours. A man was responsible for this blessing as well as this catastrophe. This man was a mage whom was forced to create a sword which was to combat the Living Sword. As his magic failed him, he released his plague upon the people whom lived about the land. Some adapted while most died. He too had suffered from his own ailment and he, himself died a slow and agonizing death. Similar to leprosy it was.

Although the individuals of this group were divided into two separate classes based off how their respective shifting, both were considered a threat to not only their remaining people, whom were unaffected by this mage’s work and for whom they had originally been among but also humanity and the other forms of life within the world. The two classes were forced into combat against the people they had known for so long and ultimately, the humans had lost. No burials were performed and the corpses were left to rot where they were. The two classes set off in order to seal themselves away from humanity and live their lives in relative peace.

As a bare minimum of order was brought to the spreading anarchy, one of Isai's elders brought temporary peace to his people's minds. Due to the transformations, the people were divided, known for how they would change as there had been only two main transformations. Others simply vanished and were never heard from again. Her elder wanted to live with the rest of humanity all while staying from their sights; unfortunately there were those whom did not agree with such thoughts. Those which were classified as "different" or "monsters" fought and killed their own whom were unaffected by the mage.

Those who were unchanged had perished. They were feeble. Pathetic. Unable to bring harm to any of the Wolven Bred. It mattered none though. Together they set forth to create anew, though such thoughts did not last.

Ages had passed and stories had been told. Beasts which are immortal. Animals that disguise themselves as man. Women and children disappearing in the night, never to be heard from again. In time Her elder had to be firm with his choice. This brought about much bloodshed. There sides were reduced to few. Isai's people, whom adopted the name of Werewolf, due to the rumors, were left with women while the Lycanthropes held most men alive compared to women.

Isai was only a cub when the blood had been fresh upon her face. She looked no more than ten years of age yet, she fought alongside her elders. Unlike most cubs, Isai was far stronger as well as far more intelligent. Isai explained her ideas of salvation for her kind. She along with a few of her trusted friends set forth. She called them along with herself, a Sentry. They were to scout areas which would prove to be beneficial for their kind and to where they could live in peace. Away from humans and away from the Lycanthropes. It took three long years, and the cost of two of her closest friends, but those that remained had located a place to settle. The area had been deserted for years and suffered from overgrowth. Searching through the dense thicket of vegetation, Lotus, a female and one of Isai's friends, claimed this was once an ancient civilization, the same which their elders had hailed from albeit it was not of Algol's rule.

As they explored, they found many things which proved to be useful. Weapons, items used to cook as well as several rivers and streams. It was perfect. Two years later, her elders and her kind had fully integrated into their new home. Amongst the forest they would live and in time, Isai would hail as the Wolf Mother of her race. Kissa and Tala were both friends of hers as well as the first to become Sentries. Lotus was among this group as well and as for Azrael and Bael, they are remembered for their sacrifice. The two young men perished when they came across Hunters. These people were only humans but were trained to deal with Isai's kind. The group of Hunter's had been slain albeit one, which Isai allowed to live out of mercy.

Yet from then, much time had passed.

Isai was now the Wolf Mother of her people. Youthful in appearance yet ripe with age when it came to her mind. As a Werewolf, her physical aging had eventually ceased and her body retained its beauty as well as its youth. As she mediates both peaceful means and love for ones neighbor, she accepts the differences which are brought against her, yet through the years, her kind have lived in prosperity. Despite this way of live they were not living within a delusion. Her people knew that eventually they would be found and when that time came, they would need to abandon the very place which they have lived for so many centuries in order to escape extermination.

One day, as Isai was speaking to her Guardian, she alerted Isai to Aneko. She was unaware whom it was yet, by this individual's name, she deduced that Aneko had been a Lycanthrope. Isai was absolutely correct. Tala had even awakened when she presented herself before Isai's gaze. Tala sleeps for most of the year and is only active for a fraction of each year for the exact same amount of time. As this disturbance entered her range of detection, Tala emerged from her den. Sending fear and awe to her imbued body. Kissa on the other hand, was Tala's polarity. Functioning primarily as Tala's opposite. Kissa slept just as others did, yet her art in magic and her bond with her Guardian were vastly different from Isai's.

Yet as, Aneko and a few other of her race stood before her, Aneko beseeching for shelter. It was odd really. Isai had not expected this to be the reason they would enter their territory. It was after much discussion for which the original Sentries as well as the elders and each respective Guardian weighed in on. Though some were against the idea, most were bound to helping them due to their decimated numbers and ultimately seeing that the Lycanthropes were suffering through what the Werewolves themselves feared.

It was decided.

Despite their differences, Isai accepted Aneko's offer of peace and a truce. Through the years, The Werewolves had adapted to their surroundings and were capable of living months without a drop of food or even water. The Lycanthropes on the other hand were primarily dependent upon sustenance.

They lack spiritual qualities.

Unlike the Lycanthropes, the Werewolves fed not on humans. They simply ate as the humans did. Animals, vegetables, grains, and fruit. That is how they fed and that is how they survived. In turn, they were capable of walking among the humans without giving way their true nature. Even more so, the Werewolves did not openly engage humans. The Hunters, and Monks, and even Warrior Priestess' were mostly unaware of their existence albeit a select few. All things considered, the Werewolves did what they could to remain unknown to the world while traversing that same world undetected.

The Lycanthropes had attempted to do the same yet they were continuously found and their numbers have dwindled down to a mere hundred. The last time they were seen by the Werewolves there had been well over two thousand of their kind. It mattered none. They were temporarily allied with the Werewolves for the sake of survival yet, this soon evolved into re-population.

Aneko, a voluptuous Lycanthrope, as well as the current deity of her race, was driven by lust. Her kind were steadfast with sexual pleasure and did little else aside from hunt, feed, and mate. This nature began to spill over to the Werewolves and several of Isai's kind and Aneko's race had slept together. This bothered most of the Guardians as well as Isai's elders. Soon, their numbers had begun to replenish without a sight of deterring. One hundred years had passed and the Lycanthropes were now over one thousand.

A meeting was held and only Isai, Tala, and their elders were present. Tala was present due to the fact that in a leadership position, Tala had exactly what it took to lead her kind as Isai had led them. Kissa had refused this choice due to her laid-back attitude. She instead accepted being Isai's personal guard, despite the fact that Isai only had one. Kissa had appointed herself in this position due to the fact that she wishes to laze about as the gadabout she is.

It was discussed that the Lycanthropes would need to be within their own domain. Isai thought it too soon for them to be on their own until Tala revealed what was to come if their union was kept as such. Eventually, through Tala's predictions, if things were unchanged, the Lycanthropes will have the Werewolves exposed. Not intentionally, but it was to be if Isai refused to comply. Tala and Isai were both gifted with vivid Foresight and for Tala to bring this to Isai, Isai herself knew that she must act now. So she did.

Due to the current state of the world, most people were searching for Soul Edge. Not only that, most had been searching within Europe for the weapon as well. Isai and Aneko both knew what Soul Edge was and both knew its dangers. Neither race had wanted anything to do with the weapon and even more so the fact that the very weapon and its polarity, a spirit sword, was what brought about their creation. Isai and Aneko used this to their advantage and searched areas which were not of any interests to the humans and their greed.

Months had passed and as Isai taking up her monicker as the Sentry, she led a small group of Werewolf and Lycanthrope alike to a new domain for the Lycanthropes and in her absence, Tala was the temporary Wolf Mother.

“Towards the east within the realm of the Rising Sun should ruins lie for you to take though do be wary…occasional humans as well as other beasts much different from us both do roam about the Desert Sands of Silk.”

This is what she promised Aneko. As she waited for Aneko to arrive, she was met by Tala. Kissa had already been present yet, as Tala arrived, she informed Isai that Lotus had things covered and she had also been in constant contact with her despite their distance. It warmed her heart that things were going accordingly thus far and when Aneko presented herself and her escort, they group finally advanced upon their final destination: The Silk Road Ruins.

The Ruins of the Silk Road

Delving into the depths, the pack (consisting of 12 of each race, totaling to 24) encountered a hybrid of lizard and man. Amongst the torture devices, corpses, stood a beast unlike either of their kind. Upon screeching, Aneko killed the monstrosity yet it was too late. The pack had now relied on each other to survive. Wave after wave of reptilian foes swarmed them yet, they prevailed. A few escaped, and amongst them had been one which stood out. It was stronger and its battle technique had been far superior to the others of its kind. Yet, this reptile fled just as the others.

Returning to their expedition, the pack had investigated a larger area while Isai and Aneko were placed together to search the area which would be considered Aneko’s personal chamber. Isai knew that Aneko wanted an area as such for she viewed herself as royalty instead of a common being among her race as Isai did with the Werewolves.

Isai led Aneko about as she knew the whereabouts of this area while Aneko knew not of it. A time had passed and with Aneko practically directly behind her, Isai paid not much attention to it as the two had reached a closed off area where it appeared it served as a royal chamber. Gilded it was and fine jewelry had been about and even some weaponry. Isai fancied a beautiful red stone and as she held it within her palms, she heard Aneko approach her, she thought nothing of it, perhaps she wanted to observe the stone as well, yet this was not what the Lycanthrope had been after. Aneko slowly wrapped her arms around Isai's waist and pressed herself against Isai’s buttocks.

Isai automatically growled as she demanded that she be released yet, Aneko did no such thing, instead, she ran her tongue over Isai’s neck and gently bit down onto her—being careful not to break the skin. Her hands found their way down to her vagina and without hesitation; Aneko began to tease Isai. Unlike Aneko, Isai was pure in body. A portion of Isai enjoyed the contact while the rest retaliated. Unable to react physically, she reacted spiritually. Isai's Guardian appeared from practically thin air and separated them by force. Her Guardian was of a ghostly pallor image and was that of a beast.

Aneko was shocked by the being. She had witnessed it in combat but for Isai to control this being of her free will was beyond impressive. Isai innately shuddered as Aneko lovingly licked her ring, middle, and index of her right hand all while watching Isai, whom knew that Aneko knew that she had enjoyed a portion of what had occured. As the beast vanished just as quickly as it had manifested, a fellow Werewolf had checked in on them due to the commotion which he had heard and after a few seconds of silence, Isai claimed that there was nothing to worry of. It was also said that a decision had been made and she was needed in attendance. As she was told this, she immediately departed. A gaze of anger had been shot towards Aneko but she playfully waved as Isai left her be.


There were more than just one location for these Werewolves as well. Isai left several other Havens scattered across the world. This was for the sole purpose of preserving their chances for survival if something were to happen to either Haven. One of these Havens she oft visits is within Crete though it is not a true Haven.

Within the labyrinth lie a being. Half-man and half-beast who taught her elders the way of self containment. This dealt with controlling their animalistic urges, whether it be of violence of howling to the moon. This being is an ally to them yet, it has been long since he could be located. Even more so to this fact, the labyrinth is not a place to dwell for most lose their sense of direction. There were times where even Isai herself, despite how sagacious she was, became helplessly lost and if she were a mortal, that labyrinth would have been her tomb.

A former Haven had been the Maze of the Dead. This tomb, gilded upon nearly every surface is haunted by forces which her kind have not yet understand. These forces mimic the reflections of those whom dare traverse the maze itself and as far as Isai knows, these forces pit you against none other than yourself. Trial after trial until the individual emerges from the maze whether it be through success, or a retreat. Isai had traveled there once and she has yet to return. combating herself, her strength, her weakness and even a ghostly replica of her Spiritual Guardian was more than enough to scare her away. Tail between her legs or not. She refused to return to such a place and has forbidden any of her kind from entering unless by her direct words.

Isai's Guardian

This being is referred to as a Spiritual Guardian due to the fact that Isai sees her as such. This being (Iyla) is the projection of Isai herself and when needed, she will fight alongside Isai either as a humanoid base (such as the Lycanthropes) or appearing upon all fours as her Werewolf brethren do.

Isai was taught by her elders to harness her carnal instincts so that she could not only bring her inner beast to their realm of existence but also sustain her and control her if need be. It has taken centuries for Isai to learn her Guardian's way of life, yet she believes that she has only a basica understanding of Iyla opposed to perfecting her--for Iyla is a being of free will, thus how can one perfect another whilst they retain free will?

Notable Werewolves

Werewolves of Significance
Kissa Kissa and Tala Tala
Kissa (Act III thumbnail)

Kissa is the White Wolf.

Out of each and every Werewolf that has been and that is, she is the only one who's fur is glistening white when she assumes her animalistic form. She is also a mage of sorts. Kissa is capable of curing multiple ailments just by a single touch. Yet, in contrast to her Healing Touch, she can also eviscerate others with immense ease.

Kissa is playful. Mature when she needs to be. Yet, she longs for a companion which she has yet to find. She often spends most of her time with male wolves and humans in order to find that one she wants to be with though, she has never slept with any of them and she intends not to until she marries. This she believes is a rather honest and dignified manner of seeking her future husband while eliminating the choice of settling for a Lycanthrope.

With the subtraction of her personal wants, Kissa bears the Seal of the Wolf (Werewolf) upon her buttocks and breasts.

Isai urged her to choose an alternative area yet Kissa refused. These seals allow her to control her Spiritual Guardian as well as her own abilities. She is Tala's polarity. Tala focuses on primarily eliminating her foes and foresight while Kissa is primarily of healing others and brief predictions.

Despite her shortcomings of sight, she is blessed with combat capabilities and is even capable of levitation as well as flight--something which Tala has just recently learned opposed to Kissa knowing such things since antiquity.

Kissa's Guardian lies dormant within her and speaks to her and her alone. She keeps the gender of her Guardian a secret while allowing her guardian to do as it pleases. Just as Isai's Guardian functions, Kissa's operates similiar but her Guardian remains hidden; this oft confuses her allies for her Guardian can deal damage at a relatively far distance.

Few believe if Kissa can sense or smell her opposition, her Guardian can locate them, though this is uncomfirmed. This makes Kissa especially lethal due to how little of her capability is actually known.

Tala is the Blessed Wolf. Her birth marked the beginning of the Empathetic. Isai and Kissa fall along into these categories as well, yet Tala's visions are far more vivid that they can imagine.

There are times when even her visions reflect upon her physical body. A prediction of Kissa's death bought about such torment to Tala that she was rendered unconscious as well as incapacitated for nearly two months. Kissa of course was implored by Tala and with Tala's Sight, Kissa is still alive to this day.

The markings about her body are for her own protection and were administered by Lotus and Kissa. With the physical branding upon her flesh, she is capable of her Foresight without the pain she had once received.

Even more so, she is able to freely traverse to others dreams and learn whatever it is she needs to with or without their knowledge. Her markings are of a single entity and function as one. The end result is that she can go years without sustenance and not only that, her eyes are a glistening gold. Despite being only a Werewolf, most mistake her for a Hybrid due to this feature. 

Single handedly, Tala is one of the most powerful and feared Werewolves to ever bask in the moon's gleam; even Ouroboros and Crucifix dare not underestimate her by any means. Despite lacking a Guardian, Tala relies on her abilities and spells in order to deal with any threat. If they draw too close, her strength is augmented by her spells which make her far stronger than any of her brethren.

Unknown to most is that in combat, she will take ever so small glimpses to see just what her opposition will do. Ultimately testing her judgment by limiting herself in combat. This can be considered as well as assumed that she is toying with her foe.

Tala (Subchapter II)
Lotus Lotus and Aroha Aroha
Lotus (Subchapter II)

Lotus is one of the original Sentries which traveled with Isai many years ago in order to find a new home for their kind. She is calm, collective, and generally a motherly and nurturing individual.

A mother of two, Lotus was widowed when her mate (Azreal), was slain by a Lycanthrope. With years of sorrow and resentment building, she has grown a hatred for their ilk and shares Isai's innate prejudice against any whom are Lycanthrope-based. However, Lotus tries to remember that not every Lycanthrope is of ill-base--which is more than Isai does.

Depite her calm and sensitive nature, Lotus is a vicious combatant when pushed into combat. She does not spar as she fears of hurting others. In fact, the last time she did spar, she shattered Isai's spine with a single blow.

Isai naturally recovered, but the image of seeing Isai writhe about the ground, howling in pain (literally), was enough to force Lotus to back away from combat unless it is truly needed.

In terms of close quarters combat, Lotus is beyond any of her bretheren in skill. Yet, she mediates peace long before she resorts to violence.

As one formerly known as Red Death, her calm is only a tempest in the eyes of those who have seen her prowess in combat.

Aroha is literally the initial being of the body, however, unlike others, Aroha has an Ascendent take on what dwells within her being.

This being has come to call herself Lotus. What makes this pair different, is that they can completely shift from one to the other with ease. The only noticeable change is their eyes: Aroha a natural blue, Lotus, a ghostly reddish-brown.

Lotus makes it a point to alter their voice by shifting and pulling on the body's vocal chords so that there is less confusion.

Aroha is a mother of two, yet, only one child she has bore, the other, she calls her own and has raised the child as such. Lotus ignores the adoptive method and simply deems the child as hers.

Her caring demeanor is what has shaped their culture and with her grace, she matches The Red Death in levels of kindness and cunning that no other can.

Aroha (Subchapter II)
Naimee Naimee and Oranuu Oranuu

Naimee is another cub which was not originally of Sumatra. Her family was one of many whom suffered at the hands of the Lycanthrope's battles against humans in which human were hunting Lycanthropes and Werewolves alike.

On the brink of death, Tala gave her a small amount of her own blood to drink in concert with an exotic elixir. This elixir saved her life but at the price of her pure blood. Naimee is now a Werewolf and is one whom is under Tala and Lotus' care.

She is unable to speak but is capable of communicating via her Guardian. She appears to be that of a young pubescent child, however, she is over 700 years old.

Naimee plays an odd instrument which was once a shield. It suffered immense damage from shrapnel as well as blunt impact yet this damaged shield makes wondrous sounds when Naimee plays it.

Oranuu also chimes in with her Nagara drum in order to add to the music. 

Oranuu is a young and tomboyish child. Adventerous and brave, she defies most rules and is always underfoot. Even if she appears to be doing absolutely nothing.

She get into "trouble" day in and day out for the sake of fun as she grows tired of living in secret. She longs for venturing out into the world and seeing what it holds. She has even mentioned that she "hates" Sumatra due to the fact that she is always tied to it.

Oranuu believes that if she is different, that the world should simply accept it. She's not doing any harm and only wants to see the world. Lotus is normally the one whom grounds her within reality on the matter.

However, seeing that Naala can explore the world freely without any restrictions, Oranuu is jealous of not being able to see anything outside of Sumatra.

Dalilah Dalilah and Rai Dawn

Dalilah dislikes her current love-life.

All around her, she sees her friends with their infatuations, and some of them have even married already! She seeks a love which will sweep her off her feet and take her to the shining moon.

Of course, after listening to humans speak of their husbands and their trysts, Dalilah wants a trysts of her own. At least something to bring romance and passion into her life.

With the way things are now, she may reach Tala's age and have yet to have even kissed a male! Dalilah takes it upon herself to flirt with the males of Sumatra and even the ones which come in to visit. 

She would have been married by now if Kissa had not chased away her suitors!

Alas...Dalilah wants love. Nothing more. Just pure and honest love.

Aside from this, she is training to become a Wayward, just like Naala, yet Isai is not accepting of it as she believes that Dalilah is merely using that title as a means for personal and emotional gain -- gain which could spell disaster.

Dawn is a half-breed. Half human, half Werewolf. Dawn came across Sumatra only by the grace of Naala. She crossed paths with the young cub roughly 300 some-odd years ago.

What makes her unique is that she has a slower pace of aging when it comes to her kind (half-breed of human and werewolf) additionally, she retains a portion of her ancestors agility, strength, and recovery factors.

The fact that she still draws breath is not surprising either - even if she has literally thrown herself from war (Glyndwr Rising) to war (Oldcastle Revolt) to war (Halteese to Dalkia) to war (Grandall to Dalkia to Maletta) to war (Arthias to Grandall) and manages to take drink in the very end of it all.

As Kissa tells it: "...she is Annebella Williams in another body." but with that aside, Dawn, for a Half-Breed, continues to impress from decade to decade.

Naala Naala and Rai Rai
Naala, Daughter of Aroha

Naala is a young cub whom travels about the world for information. She is a Wayward yet before this, she is Aroha's youngest and dearest.

Despite not making the initial trip with Isai centuries ago, she has proven her worth to earn the title.

Naala has traveled across the world drawing up maps, exploring various regions, and charting places only that which "abominations" can travel. A Cartographer she is. Yet, for the purpose, she has traveled in order to establish more than one haven for her race. Sumatra is a gem and one she wishes to find a replica of so that she can establish another Haven for even more Werewolves.

Young and adventerous, Naala travels both day and night so that she may learn all she can about the world and explores for the sole purpose of giving back to the family which has given her so much.

With this sole purpose, this sole drive, she wishes to be able to step foot upon what she deems to be fit and say:

"This is our Land."

A young wolf with a brave heart. Tala used the same elixir which was used on Naimee in order to sustain him and spare him of death.

As a Wayward, he runs a counter to Naala so that they do not cross paths unless needed. With his calculations, in every 2 months, he and Naala should cross paths to follow up on their findings and even scout new areas for a time.

Of all things, he loves to travel and see the world. He wants to learn of the different factions, cultures, people, cities, music and much more of what life can offer.

Yet at his core, he wants to be rid of his bonds to Sumatra. He had a life on the outside of that rainforest and wishes to return to it. But if it weren't for that blasted Mynx, he could do just that - but whenever he thinks this, he remembers that that Mynx, Tala, was the one who saved his life.

Without that Mynx, he would have died. It never fails that this stops him in his tracks and brings him to a complete halt on everything.



Isai (Subchapter II)
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Birthdate Unknown. A day in the month which is now known as March.
Age Centuries Old (over 1,600)
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Eight Inches (5'8)
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Her entire Body
Guardian Iyla (Ee + La)
Family All Werewolf Kind
Biological Family Alamar: Father

Ni'hime: Mother

Alignment Neutral
Resides in The Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra, Indonesia
Character's Theme Theme of Isai

Isai is older than Kissa and Lotus but younger than Tala.

Aneko is older than Isai but not Tala.

Despite having a standing truce with the Lycanthropes, Isai is not well devoted to associating with the opposing race. Due to the event in which Aneko forced herself upon her, she bears an innate hatred for all Lycanthropes; though, she does her best to evade allowing that hatred to shine forth for it would damage the truce and if the truce were to be breached or worse, broken, she fears that her race, the Werewolves, would suffer much heartache, loss, and worst of all, extinction. So for the sole purpose of watching the young cubs which frolic and play and whom have yet the chance to grow and for the sake of her friends, family, and the vain that would be placed upon her shoulders as well as blame, she controls her hatred and allows the truce to continue forth as if there were nothing wrong whatsoever.

The Werewolves scout areas as well as potential threats to peacefully elude danger. This makes them more the myth when compared to the Lycanthropes, whom are and have been spotted and killed to a greater degree than the Werewolves.

The Lycanthropes were taken in in order to shelter them from becoming extinct, yet, they soon were released due to the potential threat Tala foresaw.

Isai is unable to take the form of her fellow race. She is instead capable of projecting her animalistic form and fighting alongside it. This being is referred to as her Guardian for it bears Her own unique thoughts and shares the same will while remaining tied to Isai's physical being.

Due to their ties to both swords, the Werewolves are capable of detecting whether either sword or an object of either is growing or fading in strength no matter their distance from its source. As the Evil Seed rained down the sky, they were left unaffected. Merely watching the display safely from their hidden home within Sumatra all while feeling the darkness and corruption which that light and wrought.

Isai thought of sending a scout to reside with the knight whom had felled the Nightmare, yet she advised against it as record reached her of Z.W.E.I occupying the area as well as protecting it. The brooding man was observed by Lotus, and he functions similarly to Isai when it comes to their Guardians. Though, Lotus knows not much else about the man as she has not taken any further action to learn anything of him. This was due to the fact that he held no alliance with the Lycanthropes nor did he seek Soul Edge for his own use. In light of this information, the Werewolves left them be.

There have been rare instances where peace could not be reached. As such, Isai sends either Tala, Kissa, or (mainly) Lotus to deal with any discrepancies which may blow death in their direction.

Sent Kissa on an errand to protect Kusanagi from harm, however, when Kissa returned, she delivered the news of her failure and the news of Malice attacking her. Despite this minor breech, Isai knows that the area in which they were is in fact the burial site which houses Malice's biological family. It's well-known that none are welcome within the tomb's halls. Isai sent Kissa once more to find Kusanagi and bring him back to Sumatra.

Welcomed Ren to Sumatra as he was expected, yet, she did not expect Heresy (a Lycanthrope) to be with him. Isai spoke to Heresy of the matter and learned of what had been occurring within the Lyanthrope domain. By this time, Ryia had been delivered to Sumatra and welcomed all while the male, Ryunoske had his wounds tended to. Yet, he soon took his leave.

With Tempest recuperating and Kissa searching for Kusanagi, Isai sought Tala for insight. This insight spoke no harm to the Werewolves, but destruction to the Lycanthropes. Heresy stood firm at this news and spoke thus:

"...Ouroboros is the reason of these events and Death itself shall send a human to do its work."

With Tala's words understood, Heresy took her leave, promising that she would return. Her reason: "I enjoy the food and the shade. That...and I don't have to lie about what I do or am planning to do."

A month later, Isai sparred with Kusanagi, despite holding little back, she slowly loses her calm and tutor-esque demeanor and begins to fight him as if he were truly her enemy. Mocking and taunting him all the like while nearly beating him to death. If it were not for Tala's interference, she very well would have killed Kusanagi. In the end, Isai fundamentally humiliated him in their spar/bout but all who observed as well as heard, knew full well that he would lose before the match had even begun.

Gallery of Isai

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