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"It shouldn't matter what I am. Trying to oppress, reject, and even torture me for not being of your kind is what should be deemed inhumane."
— Kissa
Kissa (Act III thumbnail)
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Birthdate I'm that of what you young ones deem a Virgo.
Age Centuries Old (nearly 1,600)
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Six Inches (5'6)
Weight 62 kg.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Blood type Unknown
Guardian Nila (Knee + La)
Family All Werewolf Kind
Biological Family Father: Long since Deceased

Mother: Long since Deceased

Alignment Werewolves
Resides in Either The Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra, Indonesia
The Canary Islands, Spain
Character's Theme Nara (8:50)

Biography of Kissa

Prior to the events of those which are chronicled within the history of man, Kissa, (named as such as she is a sister of twins) along with her people, were of a long and forgotten line. Algol hails from this period as he had ruled over Kissa, her family--whom were outsiders and the land which was his. A man of power he was and one with a will stronger than steel. He held a blade in hand, one that Kissa feared due to its nature. As an apothecary, she tended to the mixture of herbs and the making of potions. A Healer, she was also known as. Despite her age, she was well versed in the practice, having learned from her mother while her father was a Sellsword.

It was upon the day which Algol had laid his son, Arcturus to rest which she noticed a change in the man. Instead of sorrow, there had been a silent flame which only seemed to increase in its fervor. In her mind she feared that he may end his own life due to the loss of his only sons—though this would prove to be the least of her worries. Word was spread that he, Algol, her people's King, sought out a mage. Kissa was interested in seeing a real mage for as she was known as a Healer, she personally sought to learn the way of spells and magic so that she could amplify her own feats. Of course, she would then be ruled as a Heretic—but she thought she could convince those amongst her that there was truly pure uses when it came to magic of the like.

It took less than a month for the mage to reveal himself and when he did, Kissa was fascinated. He carried books of an unending read and spoke vast languages. She was impressed by the knowledge he had attained over the many years of his life yet, when she attempted to speak with him she was bidden not to. The mage was taken to Algol while she was taken home by none of than her Sellsword father.

His implore was that of the sword which Algol used. He claimed the sword is what truly killed Arcturus though Kissa believed it none for it be nothing but a sword and as it was being told to her, the sword was not used to kill him but it killed him. Despite fearing the sword due to its unnatural feel, she refused to believe that it held a will of its own.

That was until the sky darkened. Even in the noontime sun, black clouds gathered above and hung over the land. Isai, whom was speaking to Kissa's mother of a purchase ceased her conversation and came to Kissa's side. From there, they both watched as the clouds slowly began to descend unto the land and when it did—none could see anything. They stayed by each other and even lit a torch, yet it was quickly stonched by the very blackness itself.

She remembers preparing to speak but after that had been a haze. A bright flash of blue light peirced the darkness and whence it did she fell unconscious.

As she came to, there were screams. She had slowly and painfully pushed herself unto her knees and as she did, Isai immediately hugged her—though this caused more pain than comfort. As she lay once more, she inquired of the situation. Isai shook her head.

"'Twould be ill a thought to venture forth for 'tis naught of insanity aloft."

800 ~ 1400

She simply lived. As if time were immemorial that. Unaffected by disease and untouched by death, her body aged slowly until it soon ceased. The year was now 800 A.D as most called it. Kissa has now lived for hundreds of years. Isai, Tala, Lotus, have also survived just as long--if not longer. With her capabilities, she was beyond the ken of man and even more so beyond that of what most could begin to attempt to understand.

A Hexer she was labled for those whom have kept track of her, knew of her to no longer be human--yet, these men were Hunters. Despite keeping to herself while venturing into human territory, it was taken on as a thought that humans should be the only ones of their kind and look to roam about the world as well as exist. It mattered none of her neutrality; these Hunters, supposed "Protectors of Man" wanted her along with her race and even the Lycanthropes, dead.

Kissa would never allow such a thought to become a reality. Throughout this period, many a clash 'tween humans and Werewolves had taken place only for the humans to gain small victories in killing those whom were defending themselves. Of course, Isai had allowed one of their kind to flee out of sympathy and in the hopes of good faith; however, as the day came to an end, she ordered Kissa and Tala to ensure that he never made it back to his people alive.

"...break him in whatever fashion you both see fit...and if you cannot tear him asunder, I shall do it for you." Those were the words given to them, however, they were unneeded. With Tala running a wide berth to search for any other masses, Kissa hunted down the man and it was in his drunken stupor that she tore his very heart from his chest. Tala disposed of the body with some vile miasma of her own concoction and with that, not a trace was left of the a few drops of blood.

That was life. Kill those who would want to kill you.

Years drifted on with constant death and bloodshed. It came to this that she had finally had enough. Kissa chose to reside in Sumatra as a guardian opposed to continually traversing the world and hunting those who found them. Isai frowned at the choice but was understanding of it. Tala had also chose to lie dormant as "the children can handle it". Thus, Kissa trained Naala, a young cub, about the ways of stealth and the world itself. The reasons why she had to remain elusive and why she could not engage the human race with openness. Naala disliked what she had to learned and how she had to go about her work, however, she came to enjoy exploring the world as well as drawing up maps

She taught Naala the ways of the Cartographer. Her sole mission, was to seek out places where their kind, The Werewolves, could live in peace. After Naala had come others whom she gladly taught. After years and plenty of students, she was affectionately nicknamed Mama Kissa.

Kissa: Present Day

Kissa is the White Wolf. Out of each and every Werewolf that has been and that currently is, she is the only one who's fur is glistening white when she assumes her animalistic form. She is also a mage of sorts. Kissa is capable of curing multiple ailments just by a single touch. Yet, in contrast to her Healing Touch, she can also eviscerate others with immense ease. Kissa is playful. Mature when she needs to be.

Yet with all her knowledge and comedy, she longs for a companion which she has yet to find. This want has only grown in intensity as she has saw off student after student and for their parents to thank her for the teachings. Of course, several of the mothers had questioned Kissa if she had ever thought of raising her own children which initially set the entirety of her mind to a froth. She had thought about being a mother when she was still human. This was well over 1,000 years ago since she had any thought of it. Despite smiling and declining the idea, it had now truly taken form. A seed of which she had initially cast away had somehow grew.

Seeing those whom she had grown with marry and bear children of their own, she remembers a time when she sought such a fate but after Algol and the Hunters, and survival, as well as duty over her own needs...she had forgotten about it. After awhile, she chose to set out and explore--this surprised Isai as it did Lotus. With her temporary leave, she explored the cities and towns which she used to watch over a hundred years ago. Not a man could keep their eyes off her while those same eyes had never saw her afore. Odd enough had been the eyes of a few women whom watched her the same as the men.

Despite her time in Sumatra, she knew well enough a Lycanthrope when she smelled one and that same Lycanthrope caught her scent at the same time. This woman, was named Heresy. It was in the dead of night when they crossed paths and when they did, Kissa assumed that Heresy was picking off humans for sustenance but that was not the case. Heresy was a Cartographer just as Naala. From here on, the two conversed.

Heresy was much younger than Kissa but still well in age. She spoke of Pompeii and The Burning. Kissa recalled that well enough as she was nearby but ran as soon as she saw the lava--this meant that they may have seen each other, however, it had been so long ago that neither of them remembered. Yet, it was only possibility at beast. After much speaking, the sun had begun to rise. Heresy took her leave and wished the Werewolf well as she bid the same of the Lycanthrope.

It was odd how the world was so vast but at the same time, oh-so small. All the while of their speaking, Nila was well prepped for combat, however, there was no need for it.

With the subtraction of her personal wants, Kissa bears the Seal of the Wolf (Werewolf) upon her buttocks and breasts. Isai urged her to choose an alternative area yet Kissa refused. These seals allow her to control her Spiritual Guardian as well as her own abilities. She is Tala's polarity. Tala focuses on primarily eliminating her foes and foresight while Kissa is primarily of healing others and brief predictions. Despite her shortcomings of sight, she is blessed with combat capabilities and is even capable of levitation as well as flight—something which Tala has just recently learned opposed to Kissa knowing such things since antiquity.

Kissa's Guardian lies dormant within her and speaks to her and her alone. She keeps the gender of her Guardian a secret while allowing her guardian to do as they please. Just as Isai's Guardian functions, Kissa's operates similar but her Guardian remains hidden; this oft confuses her allies for her Guardian can deal damage at a relatively far distance. Few believe if Kissa can sense or smell her opposition, her Guardian can locate them, though this is unconfirmed. This makes Kissa especially lethal due to how little of her capability is actually known.


Nila, (Pronounced: Knee+Luh/Knee+La) means Enchanting Moon. Despite the years they both have lived, none know Nila's appearance. All that is known is that Nila grants Kissa the ability of levitation as well as flight. The only instance that Nila has been seen is only by the wings which protrude from Kissa's back when she engages in combat and when Kissa's intent is truly of the conflict at hand opposed to holding back as she oft does.

Other than that, Nila is capable of striking anything from relatively any distance. Opposed to Isai, who Iyla must keep a relatively close proximity to, it is assumed Nila can travel great distances away from Kissa and still retain complete functionality. If this is the case, then this makes Kissa just as lethal as Isai for Nila bears no restriction opposed to Iyla; however, Isai's lethality in combat far exceeds Kissa on any scale.

Oft from the knowledge of her wings, Kissa is oft called Angel, due to her garments and color choices. Along with that, are the ardent feathers which she wears amongst her hair.

It should be noted that Kissa rarely enters any combat situation with the intent to kill. Yet, as she draws on the strength of Nila, she loses a small amount of her clarity by the second--ultimately a temporary reduction of her mental capacity down to a bloodthirsty wolf.

Oddly, she shares this same "berserk" side effect with Tempest if he draws on the alchemical forces which accompany the blade which he transmutes. Of course, Kissa never cared for Alchemy to begin with and uses her form of "The Mystical" dubbed White Magic.


Kissa is one of the original Sentries whom traveled in order to seek out a place for her kind to call home.

Is one of the eldest of the Werewolves.

Acts as a mother to the cubs of her race and as such is known amongst them and her kind as "Mama Kissa".

Is openly affectionate towards her race when the need be, otherwise, she is the lazy gadabout whom loves anything with sweetness to it. (She is known for her immense sweet fang)

Dislikes having to be of the utmost dire in attitude for being so serious can shorten many a life. This is one thing which she lives by: the calmer and easier the life, the longer it can be enjoyed.

Oft playfully flirts with Volkov, whom also plays along, though, she knows it will never be anything more than that. Their friendship is and has always been that of only friends and when his death caught her ear she wept for him. He was truly dear to her and with him gone, she was not herself. This also instilled that she should have been direct as well as serious in pursuit—in her mind, he would still be alive if she had. To a meager degree, along with this self-proclaimed fact, she believes that his death is partially her fault.

Kissa enjoys exploring new or favorable areas. The Canary Islands is one area which she loves to spend her time due to the many new faces and cultures which pass through the port. Another would be Sumatra; oft exploring alone where few members of her race venture—but still know fairly well.

Volunteers to be Kusanagi's guide upon Isai's request. Due to his speech and actions, Isai is concerned that he may harbor destructive intent. Kissa knew that Isai feared it could lead back to their race, thus Kissa took up the offer to ensure nothing was amiss with Kusanagi.

She is Tala's polarity. Where Tala bears that if darkness, Kissa serves as light. Respectively, Kissa is a practitioner of White Magic while Tala dwells within that of Black Magic. Much like, Kissa deals mostly of curative spells while Tala deals that of spells which rends flesh in many a manner.

Kissa is the only Wolf of her kind to be able to take flight.

Oft moves about in her sleep. A testament which Kusanagi can vouch yet dislikes as her movement was done next to him as he tried to sleep himself. Kissa unknowingly licks, kisses, and even bites within her sleep among other things which he does not wish to discuss.

Despite her knowledge on sexual matters, Kissa has never slept with another. As she tells this to Kusanagi (prior to his infection), he laughs and calls her a liar.


Isai (Subchapter II)

Her lifelong friend whom has known her ever since Algol failed his people. Isai is as much an older sister to Kissa as Lotus, yet, Isai and Kissa both lived during Algol's reign. They plunged into the world seeking a better life and braved its dangers for the sake of their people. For their efforts, they succeeded. Even after 1,600 years of friendship, they still retained their ways.

Tala was newly come to the acropolis when it was destroyed. She was older than both Isai and Kissa but was caring nonetheless. Over the years, Tala and Kissa acted as Isai's enforcers and killed any threat to the Sumatra--that is until Kissa grew tired of the bloodshed.

With this withdrawal, Tala lost interest in the act itself and chose to rest. Her patterns of sleep are wide as she oft went without sleep as a human and even after her transformation, she has slept little. This patterns has caused a six month period of slumber for her. However, she is very capable of waking if something disturbs her.

Tala (Subchapter II)
Lotus (Subchapter II)
Lotus is a quiet wolf. Little gets by her yet she gets by many. With a natural knack for craft and silence, Lotus is and always will be the greater hunter 'tween the two. Lotus is a mentor to Kissa when it comes to hunting as well as interaction with humans; when Kissa was younger in years, Lotus ventured forth with her in order to show her what humanity had become after their "absence". As such, Kissa learned how to blend in with and effectively vanish from any pursuer; and all this was possible only with Lotus' guidance.

Often as not, they both regar each other as sister even though they are not related.

Naala is a cub whom Kissa taught. She was the first and is (by Kissa's standards) the best Cartographer which have left the rainforest of Sumatra. Despite her lacking combat skill, her mind is far more powerful in terms of ideas, trapping, as well as using her talents to uncover artifacts that have been long forgotten by humans.

Trevor (Act II)
Trevor is a half bred Werewolf and is based as a wolf and human hybrid. His strength is impressive as is his endurance, yet, he lacks the abilities of most Werewolves. This is the fate of a Half-Breed. Yet, she has known Trevor (better known as Sardon) for a few hundred years. Kissa knew his father, but never met the mother.

He visits when he has the time to do so yet, she wonders what has become of him after the wars waged on Parousian soil.

Dawn is another Half-Breed which Kissa is well-familiar with. Their friendship extends back before the Black Death. How she has managed to live this long is a mystery. Kissa knows of Dawn's war-filled lifestyle and knows that without the military, her life is not complete.

She has offered Dawn a place in Sumatra but Dawn has refused every invitation to stay. She believes that the world cannot be missed and that hiding away is begging for more trouble than hiding to evade it.

Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II)
The Highwayman
Nicholas Fazello
Kissa confronted the Highwayman prior to him returning Spain. Drinks were shared in a tavern and as the two left (on her request to sojourn the city) she pulled him aside and asked: What are you?

He feigned ignorance to her question only for her to inform him of being run out of his homeland of Sicily. Over 17 years ago and now, somehow, he has not aged a day since then. She also noted that he reeks of Black Magic as well as Soul Edge.

Despite the discussion, she held herself back as she caught Ky's scent. In addition to that had been Raisa's scent. Assuming that he knew both, she inquired how. She threatened him none and asked out of curiosity as well as for her understanding.

After they spoke, she told him that Ky was last seen in Persia--and that she was the last to see him before they were separated.

Temperance, also known as Brass, is of Spanish descent and a woman of proud strength tempered only by war, revolt, and a raw instinct for survival.

Kissa oft visits The Canaries just to listen to fine music and even attract patrons by dancing in the tavern which Brass runs.

It was a strange thing for Temperance to try to woo her to bed; Kissa flatly rejected her. Even when she made physical contact with her hips, Kissa pushed her back with enough force make her back down. Temperance may be a friend, but Kissa is never going to be that friendly with any woman.

Temperance Rivera (thumbnail)
Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Malice (thumbnail)
Aneko (thumbnail)
She has only seen Aneko twice. Once when the was along with a party consisting of both Wolves and Lycans in order to seek shelter for the latter race; and another when their races were tearing each other asunder.

Kissa cares nothing for Aneko as she oft reeks with the stench of sex that it nearly makes Kissa regurgitate. What made this even worse was when Aneko invited Kissa to bed due to Kissa still being a virgin. This caused her to literally vomit on the spot. Sadly, that spot, was directly on Aneko's poorly-covered breasts.

Aneko was furious as was she disgusted.

Isai on the other hand found it hilarious.

Arsenic was a woman whom Kissa admired. Reason why was that she was different from most Lycanthropes (she didn't fuck everything that walked) and she was an Illusionist.

Arsenic was able to re-create the past but only through her memories. In order to use the memories of another, they would have to be killed, as the experience was painful for an ordinary human.

Kissa volunteered to aid her in her efforts and with her aid, she was able to do so, yet, the process nearly killed Kissa.

Prior to this experiment, Tala used charms as well as runes in order to keep Kissa's soul whole. Tala suggested that what was being seein was tearing at the soul and with this idea came the plan.

Tala carved into Kissa's flesh which miraculously did NOT heal. After the carvings were set, Arsenic began.

These Runes and Glyphs saved Kissa's life and after the experiment was concluded, Tala removed the carvings with a mere waive of her hand.

Kissa has since refused such experiments as she dislikes having Glyphs carved (with Tala's Ceremonial Dagger) into her forehead, buttocks, and breasts.

Arsenic (thumbnail)

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