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Kusanagi (Hybrid)

Full Name Kusanagi Ky
Birthplace Hokkaido, Japan
Birthdate 1587, September 18th
Astrological Sign Virgo
Age as of Act: I 18 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 19 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 20 years of Age
Gender Male
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type O Positive
Main Weapon Tachi (Japanese Sword)
Firearm 5-chambered wheel-lock revolver
Sword's Name This sword bears no name, yet Achilla has lovingly named it Virgo due to Ky being born in September as well as his birth date itself.
Firearm's Names This weapon bares no name. It is referred to as his father's weapon. This is until Raisa modifies it. After this, it simply bears no name.
Sub Weapon Krieg Messner (A German war dagger which Ky was given. A gift from Gallagher.)
Deceased Family Members His mother bled to death from the wounds she received after being attacked by bandits.

His father was beheaded by the same bandits which attacked his mother.

Ren, his elder brother, was killed shortly after being reunited with Ky.

Living Relatives Aunt: Rivera Ai

Elder Cousin: Temperance

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until he is attacked by Strife's personal knight, Alastor. He then joins Arthias since he knows that he is not meant to live after Arthias has been dismantled.
Alignment as of Act: III Allies himself with Isai and her kind. Secondly, he shows loyalty to Arthias.
Act: I Theme Theme of Ky
Act: II Theme Urban Warfare (4:44)
Act: II Theme Sin and Restitution (Extended) (4:53)


Kusanagi bears two slashes about his left brow. One rising in a vertical fashion and the other running diagonal. He is darker in complexion due to his mother being of the Ryukyus (whom are notably darker than other Japanese ethnicities). His eyes are light brown. He stands at a common male height of 5ft and 7in and bears a long dark brown tail which is tied and runs from his head down to the middle of his back.

Biography of Kusanagi Ky

Born to Kusanagi Kojiro and Kisaragi Akiko, Ky is the younger of two children. His elder brother, Ren, was more the bold and sarcastic of the two while Ky was quieter and mainly kept to himself. His shyness ruling most of his mind and his actions, Ky rarely took risks and sees those who do to be fools. He proceeds with caution with everything that he does and prefers not to rush for anything. He would rather have everything set and planned opposed to doing everything at the last moment. No matter how cautious he may be—no one can be prepared for everything. His father, Kusanagi, a man of wisdom and time to be his proof, was a gifted individual. Kojiro was a master bladesmith with any and all metals. His works were also very noticeable—Kojiro performed finishing touches upon all his weapons and preferred them to be made by his own hands rather than have an apprentice. Though, having two sons he was unable to keep them away from his work for long. Ky, who spent most of his time indoors as and studied alongside his father while Ren dabbled in their mother’s books as well as several other outside sources which Ky did not understand. As Ky focused on his father’s works, he eventually learned the art of crafting. His father was pleased with the results and had encouraged his wife, Akiko, Ky and Ren’s mother to teach Ky in her trade of being the gunsmith.

Although Ky thought he had done well enough to earn his father’s blessing, he was wrong. He did not perform terrible but he was far from his father’s expectations. Seeing her youngest child’s despair, Akiko sat him down beside her and taught him everything she knew. From flash-pans to springs to the flintlock to the matchlock to the snap-hance to the wheel-lock mechanisms. For years he had gone back and forth between these two talents and even picking up on a third—the forge of armor. Though it was a great skill to attain being that several of the countries to the west seemed to be going to war, Ky was not too interested in it. Ky had also learned the talents of a Whitesmith—those who perform finishing touches to blades, firearms, cannons and many other things both common and uncommon as well.

At the age of seventeen, Ky was sent out to Okinawa to retrieve scrap parts which his father needed so that he could teach him how to perfect his technique when it came to the locking feature which Ky had recently fell in love with. After he had purchased the parts which were needed, Ky took no time in hesitation and hurried back home to the north. The next day, he had reached the village where he had lived amongst others of his Ainu ethnicity and he quickly made his way through the markets which were selling fine food and other goods as usual. Making it to the dirt road before his home, Ky immediately froze as he saw two men lying face down in the dirt. Looking at the corpses he could see even from the distance that they had both been shot. Ky himself hadn’t drawn his revolver—which had been tucked away in a small leather holder at his left thigh. Before he could advance any further, a group of men with swords appeared over the hill which led down to his residence. He already knew it would be a bad idea to draw his revolver and that had been due to their robes. The robes they wore were those which the authorities wore and looking to their arms he could see a white sash as well, yet another indication that the men were of the local authorities.

Before long Ky was approached and the men easily recognized him for Ky resembled his mother very closely while Ren, his brother, looked more like their father. The authorities informed Ky of the grim news—both Kojiro and Akiko had been murdered by bandits. Although nothing was stolen, there were two more officers who had been at the residence and they were expecting Ky’s return as well. Lifelessly nodding, he trudged on. It felt as if the earth was attempting to swallow his legs as he sluggishly moved on towards his home. It was an eternity before he reached it and when he did, the two officers who awaited him both greeted him although they were not happy to make his acquaintance under this circumstance. As the scene was investigated, they showed Ky that the bandits were after the payment which was delivered the week before last—which was the payment that Ky had collected for the trading of a masterwork of his father’s for a hefty payment. The customer, a foreigner, was no longer in the country and the bandits; all seven of them had been killed by his parents. Ky was asked if he wanted to see the bodies yet he refused. Instead, he took a few of his belongings and packed them. Before he had left, one of the officers said that his mother, Akiko, gave him a note which was for Ky to read. Taking it and from the man, Ky slowly unrolled the parchment and read its contents:


My beautiful baby boy

You may not return to see me before I am lost to the world

But you must know that we were not taken lightly

Kojiro and I fought with everything we had and we triumphed

Your father’s swordsmanship did wonders against them and my efforts were second only to his

I fear that you, Ky, will know not what to do in this day and age but you mustn’t wallow in despair

We’ve lived our lives full and in no better way we could have

Ren is still living well although he is to leave for the West in a few days

I would like you to find him Ky. Together you both can make it in this world and not become scavengers

Your father and I both refused to become what we were to face and we dare not see either of you of their numbers

Just as we were, Ren was attacked as well, yet I was overjoyed to hear of his survival

We had planned on visiting him to ensure he had been alright but we had not the chance

Kojiro wanted to reconcile with him and make amends for being callous but that happened not

Ren is residing in town, near the ferry just two hours south of us

I dare not waste' any more' time for I’ve none to waste, Ky, in your our study, lies doctrines you must retrieve

They are of great importance and you must take them from the master' 'lock within the study

The key for the master lock is already—"

This is where the message ended. Tears had begun to make his cheeks moist and even though the officers could feel his pain, he made his way to the study. Neither of them followed for they believed he was to take his own life. But he would do no such thing. Within the study, Ky located the master lock chest but knew not what to do as a key was needed for it.

“The key for the master lock is already…”

Those were the last words of the message. Through life, his mother was a master of deception and his father made a good note of it as well. Things were hidden in plain sight or simply about another and the person knew nothing of it.

“The best pawns know not of their true purpose and walk about us as if Kings…”

That is when Ky thought of looking to his inventory, Ky found nothing of use but his revolver, and with much hesitation, Ky inserted the barrel of his revolver and when he could push it no further, he twisted the revolver to his left which surprisingly unlocked the master lock chest. The chest slowly opened on its own and when Ky looked to its innards, he saw sketches, documents and other objects with not only his father’s blade craft but also his mother’s gun craft notes as well. Taking them without hesitation, Ky carefully inserted the chest items into his own travel-bag. He had coined the leather sack as such since he only took it when he ran errands such as the one he had just returned from. With that done, Ky set his sights to the West. Ren was already heading there so he should not stay much longer. With his mind set, Ky saw his parents burial and as no one was looking, he placed gold coins about each of his parents eyes.

They were not of the Buddhist as others were and as such, he did this to pay respects to them in the afterlife. The very next day, Ky set out West to gain a greater knowledge of forging and other smith processes but more importantly, to find his elder brother, who went by his mother’s surname Kisaragi. It was just a few hours into the morning that he boarded a vessel which had been heading for Korea that would prove to be more than a conventional trip. As he was directed to his room for the voyage he was greeted by a Japanese woman in a hood. Her clothing had been mainly white with few designs which appeared to be made out of pure gold.

Ignoring that, he greeted her and they began to talk to each other. She introduced herself as Kami and told him that it would be her first time to ever leave Japan while he informed her that this would be his first time leaving Japan as well. She asked him his name and he told her as well. She continued to talk and talk of things which he knew little of; however, her white hair had most of his attention. Not only that, her name, Kami, meant Spirit. He had never witnessed someone with white hair before and seeing this as such, he was enthralled. As their conversation continued, they made their way to the deck and while there, they spoke while watching the land they both knew so well fade into the horizon. Ky had told her that he was planning on opening his own Shoppe so that he could make a business that sold swords, revolvers, rifles, and even armor, alas he knew not much about the forge process of armor; though he sounded entirely unsure of himself and for good reason to.

He would have to carry his family legacy of craft—which was not going to be easy. This he did not tell her but in a way, she sensed that there was more to it than he wanted to tell so Kami reassured him that he would someday understand it and that his business would be successful. He was well relieved to hear someone have faith in what he wanted since all his life, excluding his parents, he was continually put down by others. This was a painful truth. Ky hadn’t many friends because he was never the smartest and he had never been with a woman since he had been too shy and not only that, he was slender and not as strong as men were “supposed” to be.

All he had was a dream—a dream to continue what his parents loved and also what he grew up loving to do. In hindsight, he had also wanted find the one responsible for his parents’ death. He had been thinking all along that he could not have been followed but the bandits were led to his home. That would mean that either they were targeted or that their last client sent them to retrieve their payment. His mind was abuzz with this theory while Kami spoke on and on about what she was, a Kaminchu, she told him that she was able to sense demons and other things which were not human. As he took in little of what she had been telling him, he could not help but think that he was inferior to her. She had something which she could protect the world with; her spiritual energy, that is.

Ky pushed the thoughts from his mind and allowed himself to focused on more important matters. After they reached the port, Ky said his goodbyes and quickly departed from Kami although he knew she would wonder about his sudden departure. She had also promised that they’d meet up again, although he doubted that with every fiber of his being. As Ky traveled, he spoke little and focused on buying parts he would need. Looking over his mother’s work, he had a few formulas he wanted to test and even more so, his father’s work he was a bit anxious to try. It had been a few weeks of making purchases, selling a few items for greater value such as food for Ky to stay afloat with his income, yet it wasn’t working as best as he had hoped. As the days passed, Ky found himself in the Walled Fortress City Grandall.

He had reached a good destination to trade parts as well as find a local forge as well. Of course, there was one problem; Ky was dead not only on luck but also gold. With his revolver and few belongings he had little choice in what to do. His luck changed seemingly for the worse when thieves attempted to rob a couple and they would have succeeded if Ky didn’t intervene, however, the woman’s husband was killed in the struggle while Ky was injured and outnumbered three to one. Preparing for the worst, Ky steeled himself yet again, however, his luck changed yet again as a young woman intervened.

She wielded a Nihonto (he initially thought) and by the color of the blade he immediately knew her weapon to be forged with Damascus steel. With ease, she dispatched two of the men and when the third attempted to attack her from behind, Ky shot him. Despite saving the now widowed woman’s life, Ky and the female warrior were both apprehended by soldiers of Parousia and were imprisoned. It was during this imprisonment that he befriended the warrior named Raisa. She was a tad on the cold-hearted side and when compared to his soft demeanor, she was the dominant of the two. He didn’t care much for it but her attitude did weigh him down more than just once. As the days of poor meals and harsh treatment went by, it was a man known as Girardot and the woman who had lost her husband who had acted in concert for their release. As Girardot had informed them both, due to Ky’s weapons and scrap parts he had with him and the instruments Raisa carried, that they were being viewed to have potential use and that in order to atone for their crimes of murder, they could use their skills for the military. Ky protested that they had both saved the widows wife but, Girardot still deadpanned that they did in fact kill three citizens of Grandall and that it was of course, the best thing that the he could offer them--especially to ones who were not of this country whatsoever.

Despite feeling cornered, Ky accepted the offer as did Raisa. He only chose to take this offer simply because if he did not, he was certain that he would be introduced to the gallows. That and he had absolutely nowhere to go and with things going as they were, they were not getting better anytime soon. The two work cooperatively, crafting for the military but was is until Raisa found a slight loophole in Girardot’s grace. If the two of them joined the military, they would have a little more freedom and also, it would go beyond the service they need to perform and it would also pay them more as well. Ky wasn’t sure if he wanted to fight for the military but as Raisa had deadpanned, he technically already was, by crafting weaponry for them and her crafting armor and mail. It took roughly a month for him to decide, however, Ky joined Raisa in her idea and they both joined the military.

Main Weapon


This weapon was used in fuedal Japan prior to that of the Katana. The weapon which Ky carries was a gift to his father. It had been passed down the line and most refused to buy the weapon, however, in the dying hopes of its previous owner, Kojiro was give the weapon. Rumor has it that the very weapon which Ky carries was forged by Bizen Osafune Sukesada, a smith of old who had forged a blade of gold. Of course, Ky believes not in this rumor and simply believes that this sword was a gift to his father which in turn was given to him.

Sub Weapons

Originally, a single shot pistol, however after this firearm was modified by Raisa it is now a wheel-lock revolver. It is now capable of firing five times in succession before needing to be reloaded.

Dagger: This dagger was a gift to him which Ky had received after being accepted into Gungnir. This was given to him by Gallagher.

Combat Style

Ky's style is a hybrid ambidextrous which involves acrobatics, sharp reflexes, and of course, high energy and patience. Just as he is ambidextrous in his writing, Ky is also ambidextrous in his sword hands as well—his left being his dominant yet, rarely used. Ky mainly uses his right hand when engaged in combat and as such his style of combat is as such:

He maneuvers around his opponent and bides his time until he sees a decent opening. As this opening comes, Ky exploits his opponent’s vulnerability and unleashes devastating attacks all disabling his opposition leaving them very much alive and in severe to light pain. In this method of combat he also refrains from injuring the opponent’s vitals.

His left handed style, Ky relies less on dancing about his enemy and simply counters them. That is only one fashion of his second style. Along with delivering rough, raw strength and quick attacks that are meant to kill his enemy, Ky resorts to tactics which match Aliyah and Raisa’s. He will sever, break, twist and even hack away at his opponents. This style is rarely used and is oft referred to as “The point of no Return” which is in no form intended for the enemy but for him, as he sees that there is only one way to bring down the threat that is forcing him to trek the plains which he enjoys none. This style is primarily focused on eliminating the threat by all means necessary and as quickly as possible.


Gungnir was formed under the guide and selection made by Commander Priya Delgado, youngest daughter of The Great Sergio Delgado whom knew not defeat. She heralds him as the second in command despite the criticism they both receive.

Raisa is within the paradigm as well. They both were hand-picked by Priya while Meiga was the latest addition.

As the war came and progressed, Gungnir had taken on two additional members.

The first of the two was Aliyah, a servant of the late Halphas Halteese whom had fought her way into and out of the Republic's council and not only through Malettan Forces, but also through Grandallian Forces.

Ky personally saved Aliyah from dying in the middle of the frozen wastland known as Epistema, the fallen capital of the Halteese Republic.

Lastly, within Untide, the capital of Maletta, Fazello was freed as well as imprisoned. It was Priya's choice to take him in yet, it was more so pushed upon her due to E'laura Riga, whom was under the direct employ of General Girardot which tasked that one of the present units would have to take him in.


After the war ended, Ky was one of the happiest individuals alive. Raiko had chosen him to be with and even more so, she cooked, helped him out within the Shoppe and even taunted him with sexual banter--even though he was more nervous than aroused; he was a virgin after all. The two of them were often found together and also a third wheel, Aeneas, was about them as well. Ky already knew that he and Raiko were of the same unit during the war so there was nothing to worry of and Aeneas was not the type to take another's woman.

As the weeks came and gone, Ky had decided to surprise Raiko with flowers, and expensive dinner (which if Raisa found out how much it costs, she would probably kill him) and lastly, he wanted to watch the night sky since the stars were to shine brightly due to the summer heat.

In his uncertainty, he enlisted the help of Achilla in order to figure out what he should do. Achilla advised him to pick out a gift. Reason why:

"We love jewelry."

She spoke for all women on this and helped Ky pick out a fine bangle and necklace which Raiko would love. After this, Achilla picked a spot for them to enjoy their dinner and also pulled strings for him to have one of E'laura's servants to be the chauffeur for their evening. Not to mention, he would also prepare their dinner as well as supply them with a telescope so that they could watch the stars.

Achilla also talked him up to the point so that he would invite Raiko out for the night. She helped him pick the flowers and also told him how to go about announcing his plans for the evening. 

With things all set, Achilla got him up the next day and helped him along throughout all he needed to do that day in preparation for the coming night. She trimmed his hair, cut down his fingernails and even gave him a cologne to use so that he would smell irresistable.

After the preparations, as night had begun to fall, he ventured back to the Shoppe (his home) so that he could get the flowers which were picked the day prior. Yet on his way, he saw several housewives minding their own and when they saw him, they each greeted him.

In turn he gave the greeting of the day and also held a bit of a conversation with the group of women for a short time until he made an excuse which was immediately called out on. He then told them of his plot and he was instantly wished to be their husband yet one woman, Miria, told him that he shouldn't expect to do much for Raiko since she is not one to stay with a single man. The other women grew silent which told him that this was their thoughts as well.

Even though he had protested and defended her honor, Miria told him that men speak of blood and gold. Women speak of other women and men. This is why they and other women held such a lowly attitude when the two of them were together. Based solely upon Raiko for the dislike opposed to him.

With that said, Ky had left. He wanted nothing else to do with the conversation yet, before he was out of earshot he was told that Raiko was with Aeneas. Hearing that, he kept on even though Miria added the word "again" on to what she had said signifying that they were together a lot. They were war buddies. What would you expect?

After reaching the Shoppe, a small black carrage with trimmings of gold had arrived. With Achilla hopping out, the chauffeur, Ferguson, greeted Ky whom returned his greeting with a formal bow. He let Ferguson know that he would be a minute and entered the Shoppe. After getting the flowers from his room, he told Raisa he'd be back late with her only reply being:

"You will be disappointed. If not broken."

Ignoring the cryptic speech, he went on outside and bid Achilla the night as well as thanks for helping him. She went into the Shoppe while Ky was ushered into the carriage. They departed without hesitation.

A short while later, the carrage stopped. They had arrived at her home. Stepping down and looking to her door, Ky took in a deep breath with Ferguson to stop him.

"A true man keeps his clothing in line and in presentable condition." He said as he adjusted Ky's collar. "Aside from that, I am sure you will do finely young sir."

"U...t-thanks sir Ferguson." A nod with a small smile was given to him by the elderly man.

Taking a step forward, he knocked on the door, yet there was no answer. Instead, the door slid was open. Ferguson looked to this with slight concern when Ky looked to him, yet, Ky continued on.

Pushing it open slowly, he entered the home of his love only to hear her voice. He was unable to tell what was being said and thought if she had been with Aeneas, they were in mere conversation and for this to be her dwelling, she could have him anywhere she so chose. Making his way upstairs and to her room, he was about to walk into the room until he saw Raiko, stripped of her clothing and mounted on top of none other than Aeneas...his phallus was in her mouth and her vagina played about his.

He stared for several seconds as the words of others danced about his head:

"...she knows no limits..."

"...sleeps with every man she sees..."

"...knows nothing but sex, sex, sex..."

"...don't expect to do much to her...she already had half the army by now..."

"...I'm telling you this as your friend Ky, Raiko's no-good for you."

"She's a whore. Nothing to it than that. I wouldn't waste time on her at all Ky, and whether I be from Halteese or not, I'm not a liar. Nor do I break hearts. I'd implore you to reconsider your options as well as open your eyes as well."

"You will be disappointed. If not broken."

Ky ultimately turned away from them both and silently made his way down the steps. He walked slowly. It felt as if a needle was used to slit open his chest and then a wooden spoon was used to carve out his heart. Before he had left her dwelling he heard her moaning. He hesitated none and as he pushed the door open Ky dropped the flowers he had in his hand and left them be.

The chauffeur had heard what was going on and as Ky walked back to the carriage, he could see several people leering from their wharfs out and him. He could hear whispers as well. Probably telling of how foolish he had been. The ride back was just as quick and even more so, it had been just as silent.

As he stepped from the carriage, Ferguson stood before him:

"I apologize for this. Yet, some things are never meant to be for us. This is true with War as it is with Love. Some wish to live and be Heroes, others, merely die wishing they could have done more or lived so that they could see more. Their wives, their children. Simply more."

"Pardon the ramblings of an old man, but, you have my condolences Sir Kusanagi."

Ky said nothing as he exchanged a courteous bow before watching Ferguson leave. After he did, he simply entered his home and sat in his room for the night. It was until the early rays of the sun that he sat.


Unflinching. Even after a few mosquitoes bit his hands and neck, he did not move.

Finally, after hours of silence, he changed his clothing and went out to The Forge.

It was up and burning hot early. Earlier than Raisa had normally gotten up and on her feet. Yet it mattered none, he began to craft and shape. Hours passed before he heard a door unlock. With mallet in hand, he prepared to strike the piece which was red hot. Knowing who it was, he said nothing as she stood and watched.

Raisa was likely surprised that he was awake so early. However, he said nothing, instead he continued to work. Before Raisa turned away she noticed that his long tail which she had witnessed him tending to on several occasions had been cut.

" well?"


As silence resumed, Raisa turned and left him be. Ky was broken--just as Raisa had warned him. The first woman he bore affection for had betrayed him with a friend of his and he was warned about this yet, he refused to listen. He only saw the good in her and he was shown nothing but the choices of the unfaithful.

"...Does God truly believe that I deserve this?"

Ky was a Christian and believed that God would test him under various conditions yet, betrayal of the heart was something which had forced him to question his faith. For if God knew all and truly set trails for those whom followed him, then why would he bear one to betray the heart?

What answered this was Raisa speaking to Ky of love and religion. He knew that Raisa despised religion for a reason which she will not tell him of. He asked Raisa to head to church with him--just to ease his mind. she grudgingly agreed for his sake and when they went, they both saw something which they did not need to see.

First most, Raisa had always pointed out several contradictions within the Bible itself also made him question his faith. She pointed out that priests violated children, blessed men and absolved them of their sins as if they were God themselves, and even were subjects of vast lust.

To his horror and the last thing he needed, was that he witnessed several of those same priests (which blessed Ky with prayer), also knew Raiko's mouth as well as her orifice while she had claimed she was "for Ky only" and as such, Ky had now lost his grip on faith and the ending result of this was that he simply let it go.

Truth be told, his father was the Christian while his mother kept true to her faith, being that of Kami Nari. He knew of both well and ultimately resented the religion which he had taken up in his father's liking.

Truth be told, Ky had only became such so that he could be more like his father, but most importantly, to be accepted by his father as well. Now...he stared. Just as Raisa stared. They both stared at Raiko, naked as the day she was born with three priests. One had her by the mouth, another by her orifice and the last had her by the most obscene of fashions, sodomy.

This shattered his religious bonds as well as significantly strengthening his trust with Raisa.

For the remainder of that year, Ky spoke little to none and focused on his own creations. He would forge his own armor. Re-define his sword. Re-define his revolvers and follow through with his design plots. Most importantly, he would never open himself to another again.

This he made a vow.

There were times when Meiga and Fazello had come to him to drag him out of the Shoppe but instead they were shot at. Raisa herself was placed on edge just by being around him though he showed no hostility towards her. Someone who was once fearful of a God now shoots at his friends when they try to drag him away from work.

Not something to be at ease around.

This behavior continued for the rest of the year and he avoided people, celebrations, birthdays, church events and other things as well. He simply was not himself. Fazello joked that Raisa put him up to it but she then told Fazello and Meiga what they both saw. She detailed the information before them but refused to tell them of what Aeneas and Raiko had done. Ky had told her of this specifically and no one else. Yet, Aliyah then stopped by as she spoke of this. Ky, in his own way, spoke of Raiko's betrayal and what he found her and Aeneas doing.

After he explained himself, he left the room. He paid little attention to anyone aside from Raisa, Fazello, and Aliyah. The rest, were ignored.

Appearance during Act: II

His hair, he has cut to represent a weaker form of himself which he had dismissed. Several people had trouble recognizing him at first but his voice and face made things clear. He has gained weight, mostly muscle and has grown an inch taller. He bears the scar from The Battle of Untide upon his right torso. Despite this change as well as the events which took place, Ky now has a true taste of what the world truly has to offer him.

Act: II 
—Girardot's Rebellion

A year later, Ky was transferred to a different unit. This unit, rather, a Squadron, was named War Hawk

This Squadron is headed by the Commanding Officer Dawn. Though, she openly admits that "War Hawk" was her second choice and she chose this name only because the Callsign Phoenix had already been taken which annoyed her. The Squadron itself is highly trained to deal with adverse weather, enemies en mass, assassination, covert operations and even espionage. It is comprised of six: Dawn, Alexandria, Trevor, Riese, Garrett, and lastly, Ghaslayn. The addition of Ky, makes this seven. He was sent on a mission to capture former General Girardot. It was in this intermission of peace and rebellion which Ky was promoted to Sergeant and this was on the General's behalf. War Hawk made their way fifty miles outside of Grandall to the east and they were ambushed. Ghaslayn had betrayed them and without hesitation, Ky killed him with a single shot to his face. As the Rebels swarmed, he brought down twenty of their forces before he himself was subdued. Ky had acted the scapegoat for Riese to escape and send message of the squadron's fall.

With her, she brought news of the squadron's location as well as the enemy's current strength, as well as what to expect and what had befallen the squadron as well as how. Ky knew that Riese would be able to avoid being detected by the Rebels and he knew that from Raisa. He was none nervous when she was around him, only wary of her skill.

After waking, chained to a wall by his wrists, Ky was stripped of his armor and his weapons. Aglaia was the one whom had been questioning him and when he chose not to answer or rather when he gave a smart-assed answer, she tortured him. Burns, lashes, and bruises made home to his body yet, he screamed none. He was already emotionally dead and with no emotion or life, how could he feel pain?

Days passed as he remained a prisoner and he could hear Dawn being lashed in a cell further down the corridor. He knew she would say nothing for she would rather die than dishonor her Emperor yet, she held a greater allegiance to her country. As time marched on, Ky was kept company by guards. Seeing them here, he knew that other units were growing too close for the Rebels comfort and they would more than likely use him as a bargaining chip to aid their escape. This also meant that Riese had made it back to the capital to inform the Emperor of their situation.

Though, Riese knew not if they had been alive. As that fact and possibility hung within his mind, Riese was a very calm and capable woman and more than likely, she would lead reinforcments to their location. If not her, then Raisa or Arrai.

Yet, to who was before him...

...This man, Leshy, sat before him and continued to talk to him while Ky, himself, responded rarely.

"...I mean come on, give it up, we know you're sad and putting on the facade because the little whore left you but be a man! You know women are only tools don't you?"

Ky was struck across his bloody face when he did not respond.

"You should answer when you're being spoken to boy."

At that moment, his lip quivered which did not go unnoticed.

"Oh? Is he finally being a man and telling us what we want to know?"

Leshy leaned in close to Ky's face as he said those words. Yet, Ky simply spit the blood which had begun to fill his mouth in Leshy's face, forcing him to stumble backwards in shock.

"...and your mother...should have swallowed you..."

Again Ky was struck across the face with enough force to slightly daze him. Ultimately, he had begun to grow accustomed to such treatment as this was barely any different than when he and Raisa were imprisoned within Grandall's dungeon.

All in all, this man, Ky forgot his name, but he had been beating Ky for days now simply for his amusement.

"What was it that Raiko had said again?"

Ky hated that name. Every time he heard her name he wanted to kill the person who had spoken it. As Leshy wiped his face, he smirked as Ky's visual appearance showed that by name alone, it would agitate him.

"Ah yes, she had asked us 'Did we want to see her wings flap?' that was the very first thing she had ever said to me directly after that bitch gut the hag..."

The man laughed while Ky still hung his head. He stared at the pool of blood about the floor until his line of sight was interrupted again. He had felt his jaw crack this time, though he was still unresponsive. Blood poured freely from his mouth as if it were a stream.

"Alas, she is remembered. That marking of wings about her breasts when she danced about me was something of an actual bird but I do wonder, have you ever seen her breasts? I'm guessing not since Aeneas and the rest of us were tupping the wench which left you for him!"

As he laughed, the abuser to Ky's left wound up so that he could hit him again.

"Defensive positions!"

As the men immediately ran for the door, the abuser looked back to Ky and was shocked to see him staring at him. His eyes were lifeless and filled with hate. The abuser smirked and left the cell. Looking about the cell he saw where his armor and weapons had been. The only reason they had left them within the room was to use them to torture him whether it be physically or psychologically.

It was not long before his cell door opened and when it did he was not at all enthralled to see a blood-stained Dawn limping towards him with a her sword and the guards key. After she unshackled him, she aided him in dressing in his armor as she had already been within hers.

"You sure you'll be alright?"


Dawn smirked as she saw the look in his eyes. He was set on killing them all. Before they could leave the cell, they both hid as two of the Rebels had returned. As they hid, one of the Rebels noticed that Ky was missing. As he opened the cell door, Ky used his dagger and stabbed him through his neck. Tearing the blade away and spilling his Adam's Apple and chunks of his esophagus to the cold stone floor the other Rebel tried to run yet, he was impaled through the leg and as he looked up he saw the barrels of Kusanagi's revolver, Despair and to make matters worse, the firearm was shoved into the Rebel's mouth.

"P-P-Plrearse d-d-drnt kirl-"

Ky shot him at point blank range and cared not if blood had splattered about his body. As he had also planned, if Gungnir were close, Raisa or Aliyah would know the sound of his revolver. Especially Raisa since she stood afar as he tested the sights and piercing potential of his ammunition as well as the final production of Apathy and Despair.

Making their way down the hall, they hid when Rebels ran past them by concealing themselves behind object or inside empty rooms and when they had made their way to the gates of the stronghold, Dawn and Ky were ambushed. Ten Rebels. Five of them were of Heavy Infantry and the other five were Light Infantry.

"Raiko stayed down about her knees for hours and loved it each and every moment!"

"Those wings of hers are pretty damn nice when they flap!"

"She even let me sodomize her with my own member...did you ever do anything like that? No? Ha! Figures!"

"She wouldn't dare be caught dead with such a pathetic, tasteless child! Let alone one that can't satisfy her!"

His mind had slowly lapsed into a pit of utter hatred. He loved her and she betrayed him; all because he did not want to rush sexual relations with her. As Leshy's taunts echoed in his mind, Ky's anger quickly took over. With the exception of Dawn, all else appeared to be Raiko in different clothing. Swarming, as if insects would a rotting carcass. His intent was now set and his eyes reflected this dark intention.

As the first "Raiko" charged him, Ky shot "her" three times. One in the right breast, again in the left, and the final shot was pierced "her" vagina. The next had been castrated, and as "she" was stunned, screaming in agony, Ky decapitated two separate "Raikos" and shot another in "her" vagina. After much bloodshed, and the fact that the rest were killed with extreme prejudice, the downed "Raiko" was the last one alive and as "she" looked to Ky, "she" was kicked onto "her" back. Looking up to him, Ky's vision re-adjusted and now, he saw it had been Leshy who know lay before him.

Ky drew his sword and slowly approached him.

" still...can't and won't amount to anything...Dalkia...Grandall...and even Halteese know her mouth...and you've seen it not!"

Placing his greave upon his chest, Ky leaned in. His eyes, light brown and adored by several women, were lifeless and cold as he blankly stared at Leshy as he continued to laugh and cough blood from his mouth. His laughter soon turned into screams as Ky's blade was slowly inserted into Leshy's anus. With each inch, Leshy screamed louder and louder until Ky thrust his sword too deep.

The result was the blade shattered Leshy's diaphragm and slicing open his neck.

Turning the blade on its side, Ky tore the blade from within him and sheathed it as he turned away to aid Dawn. She was injured. Not severely, but enough.

Ky aided her so that they could both escape the burning prison which they were in and as they watched the abandoned complex burn to the ground, they came across Raisa and Aliyah. Aliyah was overjoyed to see him yet she focused more on Dawn and her battered state. Raisa acted as she always had, he noticed no difference in her attitude nor did he care. His drive was to ensure that Dawn survived and in additiona to that, his blind rage allowed him to survive as well.

Firearms During the Rebellion

Apathy: This was first a single shot pistol which Raisa modified herself. From Raisa's modification, Ky added personalized touches to the weapon as well as revised its appearance and weight.

Despair: Is the newly made firearm which is mirrored to Apathy in every fashion. Small details are what let Ky know which is which.

Weapons During the Rebellion

Sedition: His new-forged blade is a Claymore. Butchered in length yet, still holding its original heft.

Vaga: This Dagger was re-forged time and time again to the point that it shimmers in the moonlight. It is of German Steel and a heft that rivals his firearms.

Discipline as of the Rebellion

Kusanagi's style of combat has changed drastically. From evading his opponent and luring them so that he counters he is now more so built for the offensive. He fights as aggressively as Aliyah yet he uses the speed which Raisa is capable of with Sapphire. He rarely evades an attack and instead negates the opponent and attacks them or parries them and send then reeling with hand to hand combat before capitalizing on their lowered defenses.

Ky is no longer concerned about preserving life. In his emotionally damaged state he has allowed his emotions to take control of him in battle and he is susceptable to Blind Rage. The first time this occured was when he sadistically killed Leshy by sodomizing him with his blade, Sedition, and then dismembering the body.

He relies on his left hand for using his sword and his right hand for his ranged weapons. He feels as if there is no need to restrain himself on anyone and instead, if they oppose him, he will kill them. Ky unfortunately can easily be taunted if one mentioned the failure that he is and that is why Raiko left him so that she could longer be held back by such a pathetic excuse of a man. This is an example of how he can be lured and saying things as such can cause him to fall into his Blind Rage.

Subchapter: II

After the fall of power, via Surina ending Strife's rule, Ky immediately set off with Ren, his elder brother, and Raisa. He knows not what Fazello has done and he cared not for the thought. He gazed at the bandaged which embraced his right thigh and grimaced. It was payback for shooting Fazello during Girardot's Rebellion. A mere wound he thought it as and nothing more. Though a wound cannot compare to the void within his body. Raisa and possibly Ren could see it as well.

Raiko did not only humiliate Ky by betraying him, she robbed him of his ability to care for others. As his mind went on and on, he eventually looked over to Raisa and at that moment, his seemingly chaotic mind fell at ease. This look soon turned into an observation. Raisa was fast asleep. What struck him as odd was that she seemed at true peace. Even though she lay amongst the hay of the wagon with her blade beside her, she seemed calm opposed to her constant frown which he had grown accustomed to.

Her mouth was partly open and she had coiled into a semi-ball as she slept.

Even more odd was that she was even snoring. Over the course of the years, he had told her that she snored but she denied it. Ren, whom sat opposite of him, chuckled as he caught Ky watching her. Nothing about this was said, but perhaps Ren now has an idea in his mind.

Ky was distracted by a small white ball of snow and after seeing it land upon Raisa's cheek and melt, he looked to the sky. It was only the first week of November and the snow had been falling?

"...A rough winter's on the way..." He thought. It was not as cold as he thought for snow to fall but apparently it was cold enough. Shortly after the snow begun, he realized that they were now near the destination which Ren sought. Ren, his brother, had his sights set upon Ostrheinsburg for some reason. Ky assumed he had been pursuing the legends of Nightmare, however, with the ordeal he had just experienced he was far more believable of such a thing as Soul Edge truly existing.

After they arrived in Ostrheinsburg, Ren bid them well as he prepared to take his leave. Before doing so, he paid the man for their travels and also paid the man for the trip to where ever the two of them were going.

Ren also joked about how Ky and Raisa had so much in common from being so depressed and angered that they would do well with one another.

"That makes little sense."

"Really?" Ren looked on amazed after Ky told him this. "You two have lived under the same roof for years, cooked for one another, have fought to save one an other, and neither of you think of it as the start of a loving marriage?"

A wide smile was stretched across his face as he crossed his arms.

"We aren't like that Ren...there's no brimming or love knowing or sharing a bed involved whatsoever."

"Hm..." Ren, better known as Tempest, placed a thumb to his chin as he thought. "I suppose denial is a common first step to love eh?"

"That or you're completely fucking deluded. Like as not, just as terrible a matchmaker at the same time."

"Terrible?" He repeated. "Never. I did after all tell ol' Gallagher to pursue Priya like he wanted and even "Little Halteese" agreed with me."

"Litt..." Ky could not finish his words as the this knowledge hit him.

"Right. So I doubt my "terrible matchmaking" is actually terrible. Especially since Priya took warmly to his friendly advance. So hey, they're starting off slow just as they should. Which you both should as well if you ask me."

"There you go...I didn't ask. You just started yammering at the mouth of what you think."

"Yammering? Oh, right I suppose, but in the end, you were the one watching her sleep--err, staring at her as she slept and--"

"Shut up Ren."

"No, no, I'm not finished; your eyes were focused solely upon her face, showing that you hadn't a sexual thought of her whatsoever. Now to the look you gave as you ogled her if you will, was nothing short of mounting affection if not curiosity of said affection."


"Look, I know what happened, you know that the same occurred on my end as well...but that doesn't mean you go hollow because of it."

"Hmph...'go hollow'..."

"If you go hollow, your hatred will consume you to where you truly won't care for anyone else. If that happens, do you think you'll save her when she truly needs it?"

Ky fell silent after this was asked of him.

"...Don't let the past change or ruin your future Ky. You do that, you'll lose what you want most and what you want most or even need most is rarely something you know right off till you've lost it or it was taken from you. 'Sides, very few see it and can save it before it's lost."

With this, he now truly took his leave. Ky watched as the wagon pulled away and Ren enter the dense thicket of forest. Looking down to Raisa once more, he thought, only for a few seconds what it would actually be like to be in that budding love-like fairy tale with her. It would probably involve stabbing things repeatedly and toppling lords and kings. With this thought, he silently laughed to himself as he leaned against the railing of the wagon.

"...true friends don't fall in love with one another due to love being a poison which is lethal enough to kill. I don't get why you'd suggest that...especially when I couldn't kill her if I tried."

Leaning back, he crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

" isn't like that selfsame poison to be handed to me in return by her either..."

Forgetting the subject, Ky slowly allowed himself to drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, that was the last he had saw of Ren.

Weeks later, in Spain, he and Raisa were staying with Temperance, who was better known as Brass. The duo had also run into the self proclaimed 'Lady Outlaw' whom had paralyzed Ky and stole the layout to his latest design for the common revolver. It was Fazello whom had retrieved the layout. As he recalled those events so long ago, it showed. Ky was annoyed yet, he was not hostile.

As he had approached his older cousin he saw the necklace which was draped about her neck and he had also witnessed the outlaw, known as Goldback, placing it around her neck. Before either of them had noticed Ky, they had kissed. This told Ky that the two females were either more than friends or it was of some manner or custom which he knew not of.

They had come to Spain to see his elder cousin. She was just as Ky, a blade and gunsmith of multiple fashions for craft, though with his new invention and improvements, she could not compare to his designs. It was also Brass who delivered the news of Ren's death. Just when Ky had slowly begun to rebuild himself, he was yet, again shattered.

Upon demanding who killed him let alone how, Brass refused to tell of what had occurred. Raisa then tried to get information out of her and with Raisa asking, she told her. Ouroboros is Ren's killer. Though, she is no mere human, she is a beast and a master Alchemist who is rumored to even control the dead for her own cause. That said, she be that of a Necromancer.

With this known, Ky set out with little preparation in order to kill this Ouroboros. What he does not know will nearly cost him his life.

As he traveled from Spain to the remains of Dalkia (which were slowly being assimilated by a reconstructing Grandall), he gains little information. Continuous searching had led to further disappointments. Soon enough, a month has passed since he had left Brass and Raisa and it shows that he wants his brother avenged. He has paid for information and has even evaded Parousian officials. From tavern to brothel he looked for answers. His travels had led him further East until he stopped in a small port town for a few days. As he searched about during the day, most people evaded him after he spoke the name Ouroboros. Few had kept their eyes on him. Most of them green. He paid it no mind as he continued to ask around.

It was one night that he found a solid lead. A woman, long black hair, green eyes, and scantily dressed, had approached him. He felt an odd air coming from her, but effortlessly brushed it off. As he spoke to her, she seemed lost for a few moments and then she tenses as if focusing. He thought of her to try and attack him yet, nothing had occurred.

Her skin was pale against the moonlit night and her robes revealed her slender form. Though he again, paid her no mind. After moments of idle speak, she pointed him in the direction of the one whom knew of such information.

After offering to pay the woman, she wanted not his gold. This brought about another assumption yet, she simply told him to seek the half-breed of black robes. In doing such it took him not long at all.

The man gave not his name yet after being pestered for nearly two days he pointed Ky in the direction he needed to go. Heading out of the town he was in, he came across the woman once more and she merely wished him luck.

Ignoring her silent implore, he set out into his destination. Boarding a vessel, he headed southeast and it took only two days for him to reach Indonesia. Upon setting foot there, he immediately set off from the port and out of town. He was told that he would pass a forest and that most would say venture around it, yet, it was faster to travel through. Taking the advice to mind, Ky hastened his speed.

It took a day's travel to reach the forest which he had been told was the halfway mark of his true destination and his stomach howled for food for he has yet to eat for a week and has already began to lose weight. He cared not for sustenance--he wanted Ouroboros dead. This alchemist would not live long after they met Kusanagi and he would ensure it. Setting foot in the tropical rain forest of Sumatra, he could see the moon shining brightly. As he trekked on it felt as if he was being watched. Continuing on he eventually came to a river and it was at that river when he span around and drew Apathy and Despair in an X pattern and he also had been aiming in this pattern.

He knew not what was occurring yet, he knew that he was being watched and also followed by not just one individual but several.

"Impressive it is for such senses," A feminine voice began. "Especially for a human."

Looking to the trees he could see a female. She was dressed in revealing armor. As she hopped from limb to the next lower limb, she eventually made it to the ground. As she set her blue eyes to him in the dark, her face grimaced.

"Much hatred you bear." Kusanagi said nothing as he kept his eyes on the female. "Isai, I am, and for one to be as you are, you know much yes?" Again, he said nothing. Though as she took a retrating step away from him, he leapt backwards in a flip and as he landed on his feet, he saw yet another female. She was dressed in white cloth and had bandages about her wrists and calves. Her loincloth hid very little and left little to the imagination. Feathers were about her hair and as she looked to him, her eyes held an ominous glow. Looking to Isai, her eyes held the same ardency within the darkness.

As the female in white took a step towards him, he instinctively fired at the ground just before her feet. It was her speed which enthralled him. She had leapt out of the way before the shot had even impacted the ground. Concentrating his aim he was forced to changed tactics and evade. Isai had come at him with blinding speed and only the reflection of the moon in her armor was his guide to her location. Leaping over her and flipping backwards over the female in white, he landed and hopped backwards to gain a bit more distance between them.

Reflecting on the woman whom had wished him luck he now cursed his luck. She knew full well what was going to happen and he was too driven to even focus on her words.

Again, Isai charged him yet this time as he evaded her he changed his weapons. In his right hand he held Despair and in his left he held Vaga. Isai, realizing that she had been cut, wiped the blood from her thigh and studied it.

"How curious..." As she stared at her blood he was struck in between his armor and then tossed across the river and into the darkness about the other side of it. He was unlucky enough to be thrown directly into a tree and as he bounced off it he landed next to the river bank. Slowly getting to his feet, he felt as if his strength had been drained. In his hand had been Vaga yet Despair was dropped when he collided with the tree.

"He's certainly got the right stuff if he's up eh?" Isai said nothing to her comrade as she watched this stranger, this human, get to his feet yet with his lack of energy he immediately fell down to one knee and from there he blacked out.

Recovering in alarm he was forced back down due to his new found pain. Calming himself, he observed his surroundings and saw that he was in a small hut of some sort. Looking around, he saw several herbs lined on the table which was next to the unusually comfortable bed he had been on. He felt anxious. He felt nervous. Yet most of all, he felt weak. Raisa would have killed both her attackers yet he could only lay a scratch on only one of them.

As he mentally cursed his weakness, a male walked in and immediately Kusanagi's attention shifted to him. He wore a light vest and leggings. He was also barefoot. He was dark in complexion and had the same lightly colored eyes as Isai and the other female.

"Are you still in pain?" Kusanagi said nothing. "I know this may be strange for you yet it is also strange for us to have a Hunter track us as you have." As a quizzical looked set upon Kusanagi's face this was all the male had needed. "So you are not a Hunter then? Well, this explains so much yet so little." With that, he left.

"A Hunter... the Hell would I be doing here if I were hunting..." He grumbled. "...I could have stayed in Grandall if I were to hunt for food..." After this was said he heard movement from outside the hut. It had come from his left, which was on the other side of the wall. Someone was listening in and with what he had said they had information on him now. Though it seemed odd he did not care at the moment. He was still exhausted from the lack of food and with a lack of food, there was the lack of energy and eventually he fell asleep.

Kusanagi awoke to the smell of cooked meat. As he looked about the hut, he saw candles were lit and as he took notice to his body, his armor, mask, greaves, and gauntlets were removed. He took no notice of this earlier yet as he continued to look to his bare feet, he noticed Isai standing by his side. Up close, she was beautiful. Dark skin, flowing dark hair, and thin lips. Her eyes were a pallor blue. Kusanagi wondered if all the people about this forest--assuming he had still been in the forest--had eyes such as this.

"Are you feeling well?" As he attempted to sit up he recalled what had occurred last time and decided against it.

"At ease and uneasy."

"A trouncing it is you took though, it be impressive of your endurance." He looked at her without saying a word.

"Would you care to eat?" Looking at the meat which he had been handed on a well craft wooden plate he nodded only once.

Isai fed him. As he had an issue of pride with this he had not an option to complain. It was merely uncomfortable for him to be fed by someone. Perhaps Raisa's attitude had indeed rubbed off on him. After the meal was finished she aided him in rolling onto his stomach and this was done upon request.

"These herbs will aid recovery." More like burn. As she applied the mixture of herbs upon his back the burning sensation intensified yet, he did not scream. When she had finished, she had informed him. Isai had also told him not to turn onto his back which he did not.

That night she stayed in the hut with him. Watching him as he slept. As dawn approached he had arisen from his slumber and in fact sat upon his knees while stretching.

"Recovered you have?" Instantly he looked at her and recalled her acquaintance.

"...mostly..." He muttered. "Did you stay the night?"

"To ensure you rolled not on your back. I must ask, why you have come?" He looked at her after he adjusted his posture and sat upon the bed.

"Passing through into the next town."

"Town?" She repeated. "A town be not beyond here...only water." His alarm was well placed. It meant that he had been lied to. "Directions are not wise to take from strangers..."

"Kusanagi." As she spoke his name, his face stiffened.

"I take it you know me?"

"Not you...why..." He looked at her with curiosity. "...why have you come here?" When he said nothing Isai asked yet again. "Brother of Kisaragi, why have you come here?" Her tone had alerted the same male from before to enter yet when he did Kusanagi saw him. His teeth protruding from his mouth and his hands bearing claws. Staring at him, Isai turned her head and told him it was nothing to worry of. It was before his eyes the teeth and claws diminished and now were out of sight. Leaving, Isai turned back to Kusanagi whom stared at the empty doorway.

It made sense why he asked if Ky was a Hunter now.

"I apologize for his rudeness." Isai had bowed her head as she said this yet Ky said nothing. He felt even more insecure and he also knew that there was not a way for him to survive against them. As he stammered over his obvious question, Isai told him.

"Wolves we be." He wanted to laugh but with what he had just seen, it was hard to even falsify his laughter. "Refuge we've taken amongst this forest here for centuries and you are the first human to venture forth into our territory in three centuries."

As she continued to explain, she walked him to an archway and pointed out to the small pond just before the hut. He stared in awe. Wolves larger than any horse he had seen were fighting each other yet, taking in their conduct, they had been playing. Slightly stumbling as he took a step backward, he made distance from Isai.

She asked what had been wrong yet, she realized the nature of her question. It was again that she had apologized. Kusanagi himself had merely sat upon the bed with his head in his palms.

"Be it much to take in yes, but, your kind wage war for no true purpose but to dominate the other and for you to be Kisaragi's brother you know war well." He said nothing. "You who think this be much have seen blood spilled for a cause you believed not in yet you question what you see? Your former ruler should be much for you to gaze upon."

She sounded as if she had been offended. Though as he tried to wrap his mind around it, it felt the gargantuan of a task. At that point he told her that she has a point but seeing something which comes from nightmares or myths which are to scare numerous others make it not easy to deal with such things. This Isai understood though she had not uncrossed her arms.

"I's my turn to apologize?" Looking him up and then down, she told him not to.

From that point on, he spent the next few weeks regaining his strength and learning more of the people, the Werewolves of the Sumatra Rainforest. Kusanagi was mainly in the company of Isai from dawn and until dusk. Oddly, he felt at peace when he was around the lot of them. Naturally at first, he along with others would fear them and possibly take arms out of fright but he knew not to do that, especially if the male came to her seeing if anything was wrong. With a gesture as such and thinking of Priya, he would guess Isai led her Wolves just as Priya led Arthias into battle.

As he stayed, he learned that Tempest was due to arrive a short while before Kusanagi had come to this place. This is how Isai knew him so easily, especially since their scents were similar.

By this time, it was near the end of November when he had left the rain forest and with him, was Kissa. Kissa had been one of Isai's personal guards and also the female which had tossed Kusanagi from one side of the river to the next.

As they traveled, he got to know the Wolf well. She was a practitioner of White Alchemy while her counterpart, Tala, was one whom used Black Alchemy--more common known and non-believable as Black Magic--and a small amount of this she taught Kusanagi. Though, he needed a Seal. This process was not only painful, but it was permanent. He was told that he would need a certain tablet from the Maze of the Dead.

"That sounds oh, so not threatening. Walking about the Maze of the Dead...what joy..."

Kissa smirked at his obvious misplace of faith and under-exaggerated joy.

"...But, you did trek into a rain forest a quarter of the world away and were practically surrounded by Wolves that were initially bent on killing you until they learned you weren't a threat."


The days passed uneventful yet the nights were annoying. Kissa was sent with Kusanagi to ensure his safety, yet as night fell, Kissa slept and when she slept she never kept her feet or her hands to herself. He often awoke with Kissa either breathing down or licking his neck and with her snoring, it was nearly impossible to sleep around her. Even more to this, there had been a few nights where Kissa had attempted to get a rise out of him via lust--this failed. Horrifically.

After arriving at the destination before schedule, she asked him if he was ready and he said nothing. Instead, Kusanagi entered the ancient royal home. Kissa led the way for the most part and every few minutes she had accused Kusanagi of ogling her exposed buttocks. Although he was never looking towards her features he was more interested in the crescent which had been about both of them and looking to her clothing, one could see a crescent at each of her shoulder blades. He pointed out why and as he explained, she explained.

"Alchemy has a funny way or marking you. With that tablet or, The Wheel of Fortune, my own name for it, it somehow knows what you are or whatever the Hell..."

With a wave of her hand she dismissed the current thought.

"Point is, it'll brand you where ever but it'll hurt like Hell." When Kusanagi questioned what kind of pain Kissa continued to walk as she told him.

"It's up to the Wheel." Which sounded ill-promising and not pleasurable whatsoever.

After hours of searching, the two of them had reached the Tablet. As Kusanagi approached it he did not notice Kissa tense. Taking it within his hands he felt an odd surge ascend his left arm and as this happened, Kissa was thrown into the wall just beside him and as he turned around, he saw another female. Her hair was short and she had marking about her face and her chest. She wore little but more than Kissa and what she wore was armored. Looking to her as Kissa got to her feet she growled.


Her tone was in utter shock after being attacked.



"A royal tomb need not be disturbed."

"I need the Tablet."

His tone, sharp and his opposing hand ready to draw, Malice looked at him with her green eyes. She was a Lycanthrope.

"I've no care to your cause half-breed."

"I only seek Ouroboros' head! If there were another way to get what I need, we wouldn't be in this damn pit!"

Her eyes widened as he spoke her name while Kissa too, stared at him. In their time of traveling as well as while he resided in Sumatra, he had never voice why he wanted something of such power. It made sense now. He wanted the seal to avenge Tempest

"You aim to kill her...?"

With her tone in utter hatred, she bore her fangs and simply lifted her left arm. A ghastly and murkily black fog sprouted from the stone floor and darkened their view.

As this happened, he heard Kissa give a pained yelp and instantly found her downed upon a knee. As he did what he could to protect the Tablet, he was able to see a dim light approaching him. His only thought was that Malice had been approaching him. What caught him off guard had been the fact that the dim glow ceased in movement.

"A human?" She muttered.

"To think the Wolves would ally themselves with such hypocritical creatures." Standing with the Tablet still in hand, he looked at her face, more importantly her eyes and they were an ardent green. Not simply the dull gleam but a bright pale green. Malice was a Lycanthrope, this he knew, but for her eyes to be as brilliantly ardent and pallor as hers, she was not to be taken lightly and with Isai's personal guard, Kissa, behind him, Kusanagi was practically defenseless.

Storing the Tablet in his carrying case, he drew his dagger Vaga and took slow retreating steps.

"Oh? So you know what it is that I am?" She advanced upon him as he retreated. "Then tell me human, what is it you seek?" This was asked yet he did not answer, instead he hopped through the breech of wall which Kissa was thrown through and continued to move.

"Power?" Her voice echoed.

"Fame? Glory?" Reaching the Werewolf he quickly assisted her in rising yet, she was barely conscious.

"A broken Ouroboros as a slave perhaps?" Shouldering the Wolf, he progressed deeper into the Maze only to be ambushed.

Malice slammed her palm into his chest which sent him flying and Kissa to merely fall to the cold, gilded floor. Kusanagi on the other hand slammed into the gilded walls and his armor did little to protect him. His left pauldron had shattered from the impact and as a worse result; shreds of his flesh had been torn and peeled as the pauldron remains were pulled from him.

The pain was excruciating and Malice was a mere few feet from him. Getting to his feet, he feinted a stab and as quick as he could, he got to her side only to be struck yet again. This time, down a corridor and into another room. Slowly and painfully getting to one knee, he was then lifted and with her one arm holding him, he used his free hand and stabbed the Lycanthrope several times in her arm yet she stared at him as if she were bored.

The moments to follow this were of pure agony. With his dagger, he attempted to fight her yet, her magic was too great for Kusanagi to withstand. Even his trump card, Apathy, was cleanly cut in half making the destroyed revolver useless. She even had an imbued scythe with a dark purple gleam to it and this is what not only tore through his mail, it had also been used as a battering tool which left whelps across his exposed flesh. Next had been his calves which were slashed with her scythe and after his calves were slashed he collapsed.

He tried to move yet with the loss of blood he was only able to move his arms and his hands. With her foot upon his bare chest, she looked down to him. He was covered in blood. His blood. It poured from his nose. It dripped from his ears. It gushed from his mouth with each deep breath he took. Malice knew that he had at best, the hour before he died and with that hour and his warm blood, she had exactly what she wanted.

The Lycanthrope straddled him and even as he attempted to move her she forced his arms down with ease. Kusanagi's jodhpurs were ripped open, and as he could feel, his phallus was in one of her hands. She massaged it almost lovingly and with the other hand she played with his exposed genitals. As his erection swelled, she leaned over his face and asked him if he wanted to live or if he wanted to die.

His vision had begun to blur and as it blurred he thought of Raisa. If she were here she would do all she could to keep him alive. She was more the big sister to him than anything. After her had been Aliyah whom had confessed to him of her love but he rejected her due to his own emotional instability. As his mind wandered, he did his best to ignore her tongue running along his neck and to his chin.


"Yes?" She asked in lullaby form.

"I'm already...dead..." Caressing the area which she had licked seconds ago, Malice tilted her head slowly and blinked. Leaning in, before anything else was done, Malice opening her mouth and bore her fangs. From there she drew blood, muscle, and flesh from his exposed shoulder--infecting him while she fed upon him.

He wanted to scream. He wanted to call Kissa to save him. Hell, he would even call Raiko if he could. Yet, there was nothing. As his body tensed, it surged with pain. As she continued to drain him, she had kept a hand about his phallus, stroking it within her hand the entire time she had been toying with it. Applying pressure and massaging it affectionately; however, a tense shock sent the floor into complete disarray. Several areas had begun to collapse and with little time to react her head rose and as she looked back another crack had shifted the balance of the floor they were on. Cursing, she leapt from the floor and to higher ground while Kusanagi merely fell into the darkness.

He remembered little. An azure light, water, pale blue stone flooring and walls. He also recalls a woman of red hair and sun-kissed flesh. He cannot say what she had done to him yet, at the moment he appeared to be alone. Propping himself up upon a knee, he could see the same azure flame that he vaguely remembers. He was also surrounded by water and upon the walls were decorations of pure gold it seemed to be. Looking over his body, he saw that his wounds were not as ghastly as he had recalled. Looking down he still saw that his jodhpurs were torn yet, that was not important.

He was alive.

As he rose onto his own feet, he was barely able to stand and when he did he immediately fell to the cold and moist tile face first. Bleeding from his mouth, he again attempted to rise, yet before that, he slowly crawled to a nearby wall. Using the wall as support, he slowly began to move forward.

He felt drained. Weak. Defenseless. Yet more than anything, he felt violated and insufficient. He compared himself to others and used that as a way to strive for his goals and to even survive. Yet,now, he was alone. Beaten, battered, exposed, and weak. Halting and slumping down unto one knee, he took time to look over his body. His greaves were intact albeit severely damaged. His scaled mailed was damaged and his upper chest armor was not present. His right shoulder and arm had been exposed and he had noticed faint markings about his right arm. After examining these markings he was sure that the tablet had something to do with it. Even though it was a logical guess, he was unsure of what to make of them yet he could not worry of that not. He checked for his carrying case yet it was gone. So was Vaga and so was Apathy. He recalled the latter being cut cleanly in half.

All in all, this is what he knew:

His body still ached. His body still burned. He felt weak and he had little strength. As he watched the water calmly sway to and fro, he pushed himself from his kneeling position and up onto both his feet once more. He looked to his hands and held them before his face. Kusanagi was unsure of what had occurred yet, he had slowly begun to accept it. Looking upwards he knew the first thing he needed to do...

...and that was to find and kill Ouroboros...


Relationships of Significance
Act: I Raisa Zhirova Act: II
Raisa (Act I)
(Act: I)

Ky has an uneasy friendship/partnership/sentence with Raisa. The two of them were jailed and after being released they were both forced into the military simply to avoid losing their heads. Despite it quick wit to do such, he ill-likes having to kill others in order to prolong his life. Aside from this they fought alongside one another and he even saved her life (she swears that he did no such thing) and together they are now paired to "redeem themselves" due to their crimes of murder. Raisa believes that thieves and rapists should be killed without question while Ky can only agree about the rapists segment of her claim; yet, he's not as cutthroat about the situation as she is.

(Act: II) Raisa has remained a loyal friend and even a good business partner over the course of the years. With tensions rising with the Rebels, she prepared just as he did, however, she spoke more on how to work effectively against those they know. She seemed worried of his involvement in increasing fervor as of late but he thinks nothing of it.

When he emerged from the Rebel stronghold with Dawn, he noticed something. Aliyah practically threw herself at him in relief while Raisa refrained from doing so--only when she witnessed Aliyah drop all regard to embrace him did she pull back.

He plans to question her about it, but not at the moment.

Raisa Zhirova (Act II)
(Act: II)
Act: I Priya Delgado Act: II
Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)
Act: I

Priya Delgado is his Commanding Officer and a mother-like figure to him. She treats Ky with care and respect and is also the one whom spear-headed Ky to be second in command. She believes that due to his cautious nature, he will be very capable in aiding her to keep her paradigm calm and focused without causing panic amongst the paradigm. She ill-likes those whom pick on the weak, thus she keeps him close so that he is not left to the masses to be torn asunder.

(Act: II) Priya has tried to reason with him, yet there is nothing she can do. It saddens her that the once kind and gentle individual which she has come to know has changed so drastically though she understands why while also understanding it none. Despite her ignorance to love, Priya knows that Raiko's betrayal was difficult for him to comprehend yet, she honestly understands it the least of everyone else. All she can do is try to ease his mind and heart while being trampled upon by his scathing comments.

To further dishearten her, Ky has rejected her offer of being her second.

Act: II
Surina "Chella" Delgado

Surina outright hates Ky. She argues that he is useless as well as nothing but fodder to protect Priya from harm. It does nothing for his self confidence all while making him want to shirk the position Priya gave to him. All in all, he doesn't care much for Surina at all as he is sure she cares absolutely nothing for him--save for how long until she needs to save Priya frm his inadequate defense.

(Act: II) Surina now sees what has happened and realizes that they are one in the same in this case, with the exception that she had been married while Kusanagi was not. Despite her efforts, he has slipped from the graces and now Surina believes that she has failed her one and only sister: for she could not convince Ky to return to Gungnir.

Though throughout the Rebellion, she has spoken to him. She sought to understand him and his motivations. Of course, there were things she did not agree with, yet, others, she found difficult to argue.

Surina Delgado (Full Body)
Aege Klessirpemdo Lupine
Aege (thumbnail)

Quite a time ago, as he traveled through Dalkia, he was met with ease as well as friendly faces no matter his heratige (Japanese). Progressing through a bazaar, he accidentally ran into a young woman whom was carrying a rather large sword along with food she had just bought. After her food was wasted, he replaced her lost sustenence buy paying for it and after a brief conversation, she introduced herself as Aege, a soldier of the Dalkian Military and more importantly, a member of the elite squadron, The Klessirpemdo. The two got along just fine and he was even invited to her home which was house to only one; being Aege herself. She offered her home to him for the next three days so that he could search about for trade as well as parts.

Additionally, along these three days, the two visited a forge, and also the Dalkian Castle, however; he was not permitted to enter due to his un-affiliation with Dalkia. He explained a process which he used and also gave his critique of what he thought of her weapon, Sky Splitter. Her weapon was of a high grade and heavy as one would imagine. It was made from pure gold--only Dalkia would do such--though as his time grew long, he left Dalkia behind with Aege's blessing of luck. Neither of them knew they would have to face each other later as Dalkia declared war on Grandall...

Aege (After Maletta's Fall)

Months later, he stood with his allies before the The Towers. These last towers were the final form of defense before reaching the Dalkian capital.

It was also here where Aege, a friend to him prior to the war, called him out in challenge.

Without support, he fought against her but was bested. She even taunted him and attacked him yet still as he was down but he was unable to stay her blade. She allowed him to live, but promised nothing of what her allies may do if they cross paths with him...especially if Lupine caught hold of him once more.

Aege also hinted at the fact that Lupine plans on capturing him if she crosses paths with him.

Ky was unfortunate enough to cross paths with Lupine (nicknamed Lupi by members of The Klessirpemdo). Within the ruined waycastle, were bodies of Grandall soldiers and very few Dalkian soldiers.

Though it mattered none. Lupine mixed herself in with the dead and acted as if she were an injured soldier of Grandall. Donning Grandallian armor she did and Ky fell for it. He rushed to her aid and even offered her water. It was in this instant which Lupine struck him in the face and in his stagger, she stripped him of his firearm.

From here is where the fight truly began. She had also introduced herself as the fight ensued and then asked if he was "The Japanese" whom had been working with "Sapphire" in the forge of firearms and weaponry for Grandall.

Initially, Ky did not answer as his beweilderment overpowered any other thought of conversation, which led to her to repeat herself. This time, after regaining a bit of his calm, he lied. Due to him refusing to give her the information she sought, Lupine continued her attack.

Their battle was swift but fierce and the result was in his defeat.

Lupine had beaten Ky to the ground and with her weapons and her combat strategy, she overpowering him with little effort. Backup had even come but she cut them down and resumed her combat with Ky as if she swatted flies away while tending to her meal.

She spoke of how the roles of genders have been so changed that if she truly saw fit, she could rape him here and now if she had the time. To further tell it, she made it known that he would be taken. Clapped in irons and sent back to Dalkia as her slave to await her return.

In conclusion of their battle, she left him among the dead with a message meant for Raisa: "Let us see just how well you fight Sapphire. By the next time we meet, you shall stare Death in the face."

Lupi (Act I)
Act: I Aliyah Ruel Halteese Subchapter: II
(Act: I)

Aliyah is one of his best friends after she joins Gungnir and after the war she does her best to see him smile. Little does Ky know, Aliyah has the smallest if not cutest of an infatuation for him. Her life was saved by him when they first met. Ky had shot and killed a Mallettan soldier and shot at the other whom had fled. As he helped her to her feet, the two spoke and it is from Aliyah that he and the rest of the Grandallian Forces learned of Maletta and Dalkia's plot.

During the second Subchapter, Aliyah teams up with Pfieffer to track Kusanagi down. Pfieffer locates him and is bested in combat--which leaves the Halteesean Princess to face off against Kusanagi.

He did not want to face Aliyah whatsoever. He proved this by sheathing his weapons and turning away from her, preparing to leave, yet, Aliyah refused to be ignored. She in turn, taunted him with the very person he hated most and as she spoke Raiko's name, furthermore, she taunted him with the things which Raiko has done to him and even what she has done with Aeneas. In turn, he twisted around and immediately rushed her.

Their bout was long and even painful. He resurfaced from his rage halfway through the fight and held back--allowing Aliyah to nearly kill him, yet she hesitated which gave him the victory after he threw her to the ground and effectively disarmed her and then aimed his revolver, Despair, at her.

Kusanagi has rejected Aliyah's affections though has made it clear that: "If you'd come before Raiko then..." He does not finish this sentence though Aliyah understands that he is not ready to open himself to anyone just yet. He is unaware that Aliyah has held her affections secret ever since Dalkia's Last Legs collapsed.

Aliyah Ruel Halteese
(Subchapter: II) 
Act: I Raiko Subchapter: II
Raiko (thumbnail)

From commanders to lieutenants, Raiko leaves a trail of rot within her wake. It is a common thing which some say yet, with her piece of knavery, she has dove her emission covered fangs into Ky's emotions and as his brief lover (non-sexual), he is proud to have found love. Yet, this romance is short lived which leads to an emotional pit. Despite being warned by Aliyah, Fazello, and even Raisa, Ky learns the truth--the hard way.

He walks in on Raiko and Aeneas during them having sex--this ultimately breaks him emotionally.

Raiko has betrayed Kusanagi and cares just as she does the risk of becoming pregnant--none. She had never made any true commitment to him nor has she claimed that she loved. She had not even said this once. In either case, she goes about her usual lewd business and lies down with whom she doth lie with. The bartender, the inn keep, whoever she thinks of. Ky has a black hatred for the woman at this point and has developed an emotional instability due to her ways.

The tables turn however when Raiko was abducted and abused. She crossed paths with a bloodthristy Ky whom was searching for clues about Ouroboros--his brother's killer.

Despite being in the company of Kissa, Raiko followed him and when Kissa temporarily parted ways with him, he knew that he was being followed.

He confronted Raiko whom pledged her love to him.

He was not interested. This led to an altercation and with Raiko's precision, he had no choice but to shoot her. Crippled from being shot, he stood over her after destroying her shortbow and slowly lifted her up.

He brought her face close to his only to then take hold of her head and slam it against the floor several times in succession only to follow up by kicking her in her face.

After this, he left her where she lay.

Alive. Afraid. But most importantly, alone. His last words to her were: "...Who in their right mind would ever love YOU..."

Raiko's Act II Thumbnail
Act: I Achilla Act: II
Achilla (Act I)

Playful and friendly, Achilla first met Ky after she arrived in Parousia. In fact, they met a few days after the Border Incident. She practically begged Ky to come out of the Shoppe just to walk around with her. After agreeing, they toured a small part of Grandall, specifically where the bazarr, stalls, and tents were but this was only because she wanted to have his Fortune read.

She's a very fun person to be around but a bit excessive at times. Especially when it comes to food and burning holes in the pocket's of others.

With the Revolt ended, Achilla took residence in Ky's old room while Aliyah and Priya helped out with maintaning the home. This was until Raisa and Ky both left. Achilla still resides here, but she ventures out often as she gets bored easily.

Before Ky left, she told him that she was trying to keep an eye on him while Tempest was away--which lets Ky know that his brother had known where he was all along. 

Due to Strife and other obvious reasons, he was not able to make contact with him. Achilla helped a bit and this, he respects.

Achilla (Subchapter II)
Act: I Gallagher Act: II
Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)

Gallagher is Ky's spine when he needs to be. As he is oft shy and rarely stands up for himself, Gallagher proudly steps in to shelter the youth. He looks to Ky almost as a younger sibling and little does Ky know, this is done due to his own past which he has only touched down on very lightly when speaking to him. Most others Ky has asked know very little of Gallagher but know he means well and is also quite the drinker.

(Act: II) He shares Ky's dislike for Raiko, however, he cannot be outright hateful of her as Ky has been. He even places Raisa to shame with his frozen shoulders. As time has passed, Gallagher has kept up his training regiment and has also sparred with his commanding officer, Surina, a few times. He wonders if Ky has gone off the deep end and fears that he is unable to do anything about it. He ultimately fears that Ky will push everyone he has come to know as well as have known out and away from his life.

Gallagher (Act II)
Act: I Nicholas Fazello Act: II
Nicholas Fazello

is a good friend of Ky's and normally is the first to test his works whether it be blade, pistol, or harquebus. After the war has ended, he spent most of his time working side-by-side with Ky and Raisa on most of their projects. To Ky, he is viewed as an elder brother as they both kept each other alive during the war and were both nearly killed by Kierkess.

The Thief Goldback

Robbed Ky blind. Naught more, naught less. After paralyzing him and making off with Raisa's schematics, it took Fazello to gain back what was lost. However, Ky lost his mind for a second to lust. In this loss, he was kissed, a bit much for the virginal Christian, however, her lips, coaxed with a toxin, paralyzing him in a few seconds.

After he had recovered, Fazello aided the youth in getting back on his feet, however, along with this recovery came a truth from Fazello: A truth that Fazello was married to the very woman whom had locked lips with him a short time ago. This truth drew not only embarrassment but also shame for the fact hat he had kissed a married woman--alongside that had been the sin of adultery as well as to not covet your neighbor's wife.

Squadron: War Hawk
Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II)


Trevor (Act II)


Dawn is Ky's commanding officer during Girardot's Rebellion. She accepted having him within her Squad only due to Girardot's direct order. Being who she is, she did not question such an order though she did wonder why he was being transferred from Gungnir to War Hawk. He had tactics yes, those were always good but he had not the proper training to be placed within her Squadron. This was obvious, however; meeting him in person was far different than she had heard.

Dawn was under the impression that she would receive a kind-hearted if not kindred spirit, yet, this, Kusanagi was brash, hot-headed and easily prone to anger. She wanted to question this choice yet, she could do no such thing.

True his talents had saved Alexandria in her time of need, yet ultimately, Alexandria had died from blood loss while Garret and Trevor were both killed by Rebel forces.

Kusanagi's strength is what she admires and his determination and bravery are also things which she admires about him yet, she has little trust due to his random bursts of anger. Alexandria seconds the notions of her friend Dawn and thinks well of him, yet she believes he can do without his anger. Alexandria and Dawn see the same side of every angle.

Riese acknowledges the change within her superior (Ky is a Sergeant while Riese is still a Specialist), though she is borderline indifferent and borderline concerned about him. She too wonders if the change within that once so timid the individual hath evolved into a hateful and even tyrannical individual. As she speaks with him, she realizes the change and the underlying hostility within the words he speaks. It is often she wonders if he will succumb to the corruption within his mind of if he will return to the shy and knowledgeable youth she once knew him as.

Aside from Dawn and Riese, Ky had little time to learn about his new Squadron.

Riese (Act II)


Garrett Mulls


His elder Brother Kisaragi & Rivera His Elder Cousin
Kisaragi Ren (Act II)
Kisaragi "Tempest" Ren

Chose to leave Grandall with his elder brother and as such, Raisa accompanied him since he spoke of his destination. Once they arrived in Spain, she would see just how their elder cousin, Temperance kept with her craft, yet, despite Kusanagi not seeing her since they were little, Ren has been in near constant contact with her.

He knew why as well, yet he told Raisa that he did not wish to discuss the matter at that point and time.

He reunited with his elder brother Ren and learns that he is an Alchemist. He further explains his situation and why he had never made contact let alone why he was thrown out of not only their home but also the home he and his former lover had shared.

Ren also promises to teach him first hand what he knows due to Kusanagi's interest within the field of alchemy but after he completes one last task.

Temperance has been in contact with Ky up until his parent's deaths and his months of wandering. After he settled in Grandall, he began sending her letters via courier again and she was eager to hear from him.

When they were younger, they spoke over vast distances, yet, as he entered her Tavern, that was when they met face-to-face for the first time.

He hasn't told her of Goldback robbing him and he does not intend to do so as Temperance would likely beat the woman to the ground. Yet after a joyous meeting and a few weeks time to pass, they both learned of Ren's death. 

Once again, he was shattered but this time, he would not sit and cry about it. Within two days, Ky left Temperance and Raisa without warning in order to find Ren's killer.

Temperance Rivera (thumbnail)
Temperance Rivera
The Enchantress The Lycanthropes: Malice & Heresy The Flame Dancer
Malice (thumbnail)

He is pathetically defeated by Malice and as she mounts his bloodied and crippled body, she stimulates his male organ with her hands while asking him if he:

'...wants to live...or if he wants to die'.

Despite wishing for death, he is licked from his exposed bloody chest to his neck and it is then that Malice tears into his flesh with her fangs for the sole intent and purpose of feeding on him, yet due to the battle with Kissa, the ground gives away and the three are separated.

After he comes to, he emerges in a labyrinth within Crete, which he is aided by his new founds senses to escape from all while the changes within his body begin to violently take shape.

As for Heresy, after tracking and isolating Heresy, they combat one another yet, she gives him fair warning that she intends not to kill him thus showing that she bears no ill-will towards him while also revealing the fact that she finds something amiss with her own brethren.

Is "narrowly" defeated by Heresy and after his defeat, she pins him to the ground and mounts him. After complimenting his strength she warns him of the dangers of seeking Ouroboros and eludes to the fact that her 'experiments' are what is causing anarchy amongst her brethren. She also refuses to ignore the fact that no matter how narrow the margin was, she still won.

After caressing his chest for a few seconds and then slowly grinds against his male organ before rising and turning her back to him.

Her partings words were: You should be ashamed that I'm not the one who turned you. He ponders of asking why yet she continues:

I'm only intimate with those I turn. With that said, she vanished amongst the sand leaving him where he lay.

شيطان (Heresy)
The Lycanthrope Agony

Met the Lycanthrope Agony and felt and odd sense of hatred swell within him as he spoke to her. Unknown to him, she had attempted to use her pheramones to sway his mindset into that of utter lust so that she could not only bed him but also kill him and devour him afterwards while still keeping under under the control of her pheramones so that he would not struggle yet, his conviction proved to be too great to alter let alone deter.

Seeing this loss, she pointed him in the direction of the Werewolves for she knew whom he was if he had been asking such questions. Agony also wished him the best of luck in his ventures while he gave her no form of gratitude.

Subchapter: I The Hybrid: Ryia Subchapter: II
Ryia (Subchapter I)
Subchapter: I

Ryia is a woman whom Ky has just met. Despite his downs of Raiko and his failed relation with her, Ryia tries to cheer him up only to fail. She accompanied him throughout most of the evening as Grandall had been in the midst of a celebration.

to the celebration which Strife himself had orchestrated in order to commemorate those whom served their country and survived. Ky cared for neither situation and was not only pessimistic, he has also slowly begun to drift from the Faith. Ryia claims to be Japanese, however, by her features, he deduces that she is only half. He may be wrong, but ultimately, he does not care.

(Subchapter: II) Upon learning more of her, he knows now that she is a Hybrid: A cross 'tween human and Lycanthrope. Her naturally blue eyes have hazed into a gilded brownish-gold. Interestingly, she is not hostile towards him and in fact, shocked him with the fact that Fazello is her lover.

He minds it none as she quickly notes his own drastic change. Last she saw him, he was human. Now, he himself of a Hybrid but of a differing form. She marvels at this change and asked about how it happened. Upon learning she shudders. She knows well enough of the Enchantress and stays clear of her--but notes that she is not so terrible of a person.

"If you don't get on her bad side."

The Nivkhi
Subchapter: II
The White Wolf The Werewolves: Kissa and Lotus The Red Death
Kissa (Act III thumbnail)

Befriends Kissa and Isai despite the fact that they both could easily kill him. After he witnesses what a Werewolf is, he is bound (forced) into a pact with Kissa and Tala yet, he needed not to be placed under any pact as this. He saw children running about and playing.

They were also Werewolves; forced into seclusion due to their unnatural talents.

Seeks to learn alchemy so that he can be on equal terms with Ouroboros.

Temporary travel companion of Kissa. though he dislikes it when she sleeps. Kissa clings to his body and cannot control her hands, mouth, body, or tongue. As a result of this, he sleeps while in full gear to eliminate any 'accidental' fondling from occurring.

Kissa states, well enough for him to hear that she has no qualms about showing him how 'wolves play in the moon'. Though, she also shows care and even longevity towards Ky which ultimately makes him that much more wary of the fact that Kissa is or possibly is interested in him becoming her husband.

Shortly after becoming more than human, he seeks out one of the Werewolves whom have gone into a long trial of meditation. After searching here and there, he enters the wood of the far north in order to locate his quarry.

As he locates Lotus deep within the uninhabited north, he beseeches her to teach him to control the urges and changes within his body.

She in-turn teaches him to harness the innate beast which he now contains, as well as how to use partial transformations. In addition to learning how to control his new abilities, Lotus also teaches him how to control the Essence of his Soul just as his brother, Ren learned.

After this, she aids him in increasing his skill within Alchemy and even devotes time to aid in him a "crash course" of each and every thing she has taught him.

After passing her trials, she gives him a small token of her appriatiation and tells him: "Next you see my sister, be sure to tell her that she needs to come and visit."

Before asking, he thought of how she looked and even how she acted. From this alone, he assumed that Lotus and Kissa were sisters--else, close friends with the title of sister.

Lotus (Subchapter II)
The Wolf Mother The Werewolves: Isai and Tala The Arcanist
Isai (Subchapter II)

Upon entering the woods due south of where he met the unnamed woman (Agony), he felt as if he were being watched. He was then greeted by Isai, which acted as a diversion for Kissa to attack him. He evaded her by mere inches and where Isai attacked he evaded yet again, but also managed to slash her thigh.

Isai complemented him on his strike yet Kissa quickly closed the distance between them and hurled him across the nearby river into a tree. After recovering, Kissa then complemented him on his stamina and also noted that 'a man should bear the same stamina while with his wife.' Isai disapproves of this comment yet, Kusanagi gave into fatigue and the lack of water, as well as food. In the end, he was defeated by Kissa's singular successful attack.

(Second Meeting): Upon returning to Sumatra, he seeks out Isai so that he can learn to control his new body. Initially, due to his scent, he was appredended and Tala noted his change. They release him but Tala stands close to ensure that if he turns hostile, she can eliminate the threat outright.

Isai, however, took none too kindly that he returned as he is now. She agreed to lend aid, but the aid quickly gets out of hand. Isai expresses her deep rooted hatred for Lycanthropes and nearly kills Kusanagi by sheer strength. That comined with Iyla, he never stood a chance in this mock fight turned to actual combat.

Isai left the wounded and unconscious Newborn to his endure the elements under Kissa's eye.

She refuses to apologize and only states:

"You be both. Werewolf and Lycanthrope. Harness what you need from the sullied and keep the Werewolf half pure. Maintain a low notoriety aand do not under any circumstances, draw ire towards our kind."

"If you are to draw that unneeded ire, not even Tala will find your gut soul. The body? Yes, the soul, no. You will belong to me."

Tala is what some call an Animal. Her arcane mastery is a thing which drives fear into most Lycanthropes and even the mention of her name gives pause to even the youngest of their kind. She is stern, and direct. Most importantly, she protects Sumatra from all threats if needed and does so with lethal exactness.

She is able to harness the bite of winter as well as the very depths of magic itself. Yet, despite her know-how, she addresses herself as a Warlock. She has even jested about being able to banish live humans to Hell and attributed that as to why she has marked herself with Glyphs upon her flesh.

Of course, Kusanagi thinks her to jest outwardly, but truth told, he has a growing fear of her himself.

Tala (Subchapter II)
Infinintely Lacking The Lycanthropes: Tyranny and Venom The Executioner
The Lycanthrope Tyranny

Kusanagi, after completing his training with the Werewolf, Lotus, ventures south and upon reaching civilization after a week of traveling alone, he boards a ship which is later sunken due to adverse weather.

He was unable to detect any foulplay thus, he ruled it out as nature running her course, yet he was wrong. As he travels the land which he washes ashore upon, he enters a forest and unknowingly runs into Tyranny. He immediately notices that she is a Lycanthrope yet, he still approaches with caution despite him being half of her species.

She is surprisingly calm despite her obvious exceitement. She is barely able to contain it as she drinks in the sight of the male.

After she pointed out that he is wanted and desired by Aneko, she then states that she wants to experiment on the Newborn. He does not accept the offer. After he refuses, she tries to charm him with sex, (which was nothing but the same thing if he heard right) which fails.

This leads into her inferiority complex (to where she believes he has rejected her due to the fact that she is not as physically well-defined as Aneko or Kissa) taking hold of her mind and Tyranny lashes out at Kusanagi.

Despite her seemingly young age, Tyrranny is capable of manipulating plants and vines to a small degree. Capable of restraining, whipping, and strangling any who she sees fit.

When enraged, he skills amplified. Bursts of raw strength focused at the ground caused an effect that he can only describe as Seism. Rock unearthed with concussive force nearly overwhelmed him. However, he managed to best the Lycanthrope rendering her unconscious.

Kusanagi is confronted by Venom, who accuses him of trying to assassinate her Queen, Aneko. He tries to talk her down from that accusation, especially since it is not true. He seeks Ouroboros and has even told her such, yet Venom refused to believe him.

He is forced into combat. Despite her low rank, she is omnipotent in close-quarters combat and he personally finds her more a threat than Agony and Tyranny but less than Heresy, who could have killed him but chose not to.

Venom displays a talent for flame as well as sand - much like Heresy. After this drawn out battle, Kusanagi bifurcates her. Her shock to defeat is nothing but bland retorts and profanity. What silences her is Kusanagi's expression and shock.

Due to her defeat, the lesser Lycanthropes retreated from the immediate area. Venom thus curses those who refused to defend their kind while he reminds her that he sought not their queen, but Ouroboros. He then explains that he was once a human less than six months ago and that Tempest, his elder brother, was killed by Ouroboros. 

"I don't know about your Queen aside from what Tyranny said about being desired..." To this, Venom growls. "I'm not interested in that...I only want Ouroboros' head."

He wants no one else to suffer with the exception of her. Venom cracks an eerie smile before telling him where exactly to find Ouroboros.

Venom (Subchapter II)
The Abomination Ouroboros
Ouroboros (cursed thumbnail)

The very reason he had set forth was upon him. Kusanagi, nearing his journey's end, reached the Serpents Den. He steeled himself for what he planned to do and pushed aside all doubts he had. He was going to avenge his brother, Kisaragi Ren, and with it, he would cleave the woman's head from her body.

The Lycanthrope Arsenic


His vengeance had, he turns his attention to simply leaving. Fazello, who had been following leads on Kusanagi's whereabouts ever since Spain, had lent his aid in order for Kusanagi to kill Ouroboros. To his victory however, they were trapped. The ruins shifted - leaving Kusanagi and Fazello trapped inside.

They tried to navigate the path taken yet were confronted by Arsenic. The Lycanthrope's eyes are among the brightest Kusanagi had ever seen. Brighter than Ouroboros' at that.

Before anything could be done, she spoke thus:

"What be your purpose?"

He spoke, saying that he had already fulfilled what was sought - to avenge his brother's death. Furthermore, he explained that Ouroboros killed him while he was under the charge to protect another.

"Reckless abandon and the sacrifice of one's life is not murder."

He spoke once again but was silenced:

"The Tempest sacrificed his own life in order to aid this charge, being that of the Hybrid, Ryia. Ouroboros was scarred and my brethren paid the price of his sacrifice!"

As this news hit them both, Fazello took a step forward only for Arsenic halt his advance. Magics, arcane and exotic alike forced him backwards while Kusanagi was faced with what he could not believe.

Arsenic wields a power which is dubbed a Living Memory. Her memories in this case.Kusanagi was plunged into the depths of her mind - her memories and was forced to seek a way out of her hold.

He was unable to regenerate while here and as such, he was far more human in this "realm" than he was in the physical world. Scars remained. His alchemy was strictly limited as was his strength and endurance.

It is here which he learns that Aneko slew Ambrose's pack (family) and upon assimilating Ambrose into that of Lycanthropy, Ambrose was renamed Arsenic - and thus bitten. He now realizes that from Aneko, stemmed the power which changes all who are infected.

Despite this knowledge, Arsenic (after realizing how her family was murdered) loses her grip on the spell which she had cast. Kusanagi was barely able to escape her memories and a large portion of this goes towards Kuro, whom Fazello and Mi-Na freed from his own Living Nightmare.

Arsenic (thumbnail)
The Matriarch Aneko
Aneko (thumbnail)

After Fazello, Sasaki, and Mi-Na were separated from Kusanagi, the Newborn was left with no choice other than forward. Here, he was welcomed by none other than Aneko - the long standing matriarch of the Lycanthropes. As he stood within the chamber, he quickly realized that this was Her chamber.

The gilded weaponry, priceless artifacts, jewels and the like made that clear enough that only a Queen were fit to lay head about such gems. With his silence, she spoke:

"Take not a knee, for it is not required nor is it for you to stand - instead, I only require thou to lie."

If he had heard right, she requested, no - ordered him to take her to bed, but he refused to do so. To this she, she smiled.

"A prize must to won? Ah, must you be a tease."

With those words, she stood:

"...foreplay is essential to any form of courtship..."

Aneko proceeded to carve a small "heart" upon her chest which healed nearly instantaneously. Before she could do anything else, he asked why his brother was killed.

"I gave no order to slay him. Those beneath my chains rule themselves and those beneath them. A question to ask is whether he wronged Ouroboros, isn't it?"

He took pause. She spoke with logic opposed to lashing out at him.

"Yet, Arsenic spoke true. Just as Ouroboros gave word here, it is the same which she heard. Lest Ouroboros is to lie - which I question, seeing what she had been working with and on. You exposed her trechery, however, whether she killed him or he indeed sacrificed himself is something I do not know...and since you killed her it is now beyond my power to find out."

Kusanagi assumed she and Ouroboros shared the same talents of Necromancy.

"I may be what humans deem the harlot or courteasan, yet even I do not profance the dead. Neither do any of the Wolves."

"But let us not dwell on things so are here, as am I...a life of pain is oft one endured alone...and you, you shall quell that agony and give me nothing, but bliss. Will thou attend to such treatment freely? Or must it be forced and submit under heel?"

Act: I

Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Full Name Kusanagi Ky
Age as of Act: I 18 years of Age
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type O Positive
Main Weapon Tachi (Japanese Sword)
Firearm 5-chambered wheel-lock revolver
Sword's Name This sword bears no name, yet Achilla has lovingly named it Virgo due to Ky being born in September as well as his birth date itself.
Firearm's Names This weapon bares no name. It is referred to as his father's weapon. This is until Raisa modifies it. After this, it simply bears no name.
Sub Weapon Krieg Messner (A German war dagger which Ky was given. A gift from Gallagher.)
Living Relatives Aunt: Rivera Ai

Elder Cousin: Temperance

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Act: I Theme Theme of Ky

Was imprisoned in Parousia's dungeon after fighting alongside Raisa for the murder of three citizens whom were thieves attempting to rob a man and his wife.

Joined Raisa in her plot to reduce their penance within Parousia by joining the military despite his doubts and fears. It took her much time to convince him. Though seeing that it could lead to an earlier freedom, he accepted the idea.

Completed his training only to be forced to live with Raisa and also by chance, serve within the same paradigm as her while having superiority over her.

Left Japan to seek out his elder brother Ren.

Ky is rather shy and even considered timid.

His surname, Kusanagi, is the same as the legendary sword, The Godslayer. Which bothers him due to his Christian beliefs, which conflict with his Japanese heritage and what his beliefs should be.

Ky is often looked down on due to his easy going personality. In addition to this, he has no experience with women due to his introverted personality. He also rules out the possibility of ever being a father let alone being married.

Ky is the second in command of the military paradigm Gungnir, which serves as a unit of the Parousian Army.

Despite having his own weapon, or rather his personal firearm, it is opted out due to its inferiority and is replaced by one of Raisa's prototype revolvers. He personally dislikes the choice yet he accepts it only when Raisa uses the same pistol in the prototype she gives him.

Ky is the youngest male member of Gungnir.

Saved Aliyah from certain death within Epistema, Halteese. From this point, they become good friends and oft spar with each other.

Unfortunately, Ky is oft unsure of himself and the decisions he makes and constantly worries if he is doing the right thing or if he would simply fail and proves to everyone that their assumptions as well as hopes are correct and that he is just as worthless and useless as they had predicted.

A friend of Aege. Sadly, he was forced to combat her when war broke upon the land.

Was deceived and bested in combat by Lupine. He was beaten bloody by her and used as a message to push Raisa to find and face her in combat.

Faced Aege on the outskirts of Dalkia. He was unable to kill her let alone fight effectively due to him being her friend. He is bested by her and she lets him live, but cannot say what her allies may do to him if they find him.

Was charmed by Raiko into becoming her lover—several people disapprove of this and warn Ky of the stupidity for falling for a harlot.

With the help of the second coming Highwayman, they were able to kill Kierkess before the Dalkian Castle in Revless.

Oft writes letters which are taken by a courier down to Spain. These letters are written to his elder cousin, Temperance, whom eagerly awaits to hear from her baby cousin.

Act: II—Girardot's Rebellion Trivia

Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)
Full Name Kusanagi Ky
Age as of Act: II 19 years of Age
Height Five feet and Eight inches (5' 8")
Weight 168.3 lbs (76.5 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type O Positive
Main Weapon Modified Claymore
Firearms 5-chambered Minquelet Lock Revolvers x2
Sword's Name Sedition
Firearm's Names Apathy & Despair
Sub Weapon Vaga (German-based Dagger)
Living Family Members Kisaragi Ren; his elder brother.
Living Relatives Aunt: Rivera Ai

Elder Cousin: Temperance

Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until he is attacked by Strife's personal knight, Alastor. He then joins Arthias since he knows that he is not meant to live after Arthias is killed.

Is now taller than Meiga, who comments on Ky being rather tall for being Japanese.

Has been promoted to Sergeant.

Only answers to his surname instead of his first unless Raisa is the one who speaks it.

Kusanagi took Aliyah's advice of branching out and simply living for himself in a negative light. This negative light has led him to make several changes both drastic and menial.

Remodeled and reforged his pistol as well as replicated its new design. The result is that he now has two revolvers, just as Raisa does. These revolvers are of the Minquelet make and are named Apathy and Despair; a mixture of what has turned him into who he now is.

He was assigned to the Special Tactics Squadron: War Wolf, however; as they progressed, they were ambushed by Rebellious Forces and when things began to fall under their wings, Vlad unveiled his true nature. Alexandria was mortally wounded and died due to his treachery.

Ky killed Vlad, the traitorous member of his new Squadron.

Was tortured for information for days until the joint effort of Gungnir, Relic, Valor, and Exodus led an attack against the Rebels. He also gave away to his position to them by firing Apathy into the open mouth of a Rebel soldier.

He lacks a majority of his previous persona and shows little to no interest in anything.

Has a carnal hatred for Raiko and has even been lured and baited into fits of rage simply by her name being mentioned. Ky hates everything about her.

Despite being reunited with Gungnir, he claims his new found place within War Wolf and ignores several orders unless they are issued to him by his Commanding Officer, Dawn, herself.

Often lashes out towards criticism with a snark-filled comment or anger which Riese remarks on his newly found sardonic nature; deeming it "uncharacteristic".

Ky only associates with Dawn, Riese, Aliyah, and Raisa. He has grown distant to everyone else.

Has cut his hair shorter. It now spikes upwards.

Wears more armor, most notably, his half mask, which covers his nose and the lower half of his face. The symbols of a Phoenix is emblazoned upon it, signifying Dawn's original desire for her Squadron to be named Phoenix.

Failed to adhere to Raisa's first rule when it came to firearm combat. Instead of knowing who he was shooting, he did nothing more than fire blankly and as he learned of his mistake, he was stricken with guilt after shooting Fazello in the chest. This was a point when Ky began to slowly re-evaluate himself and take further care of what he was doing and how he had been acting towards others.

Subchapter: II ~ Act: III Trivia

Kusanagi (Hybrid)
Full Name Kusanagi Ky
Age as of Act: III 19 years of Age
Height Five feet and Eight inches (5' 8")
Weight 184.8 lbs (84 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Pale Turquoise
Blood type O Positive
Main Weapon Re-forged Serrated Claymore
Sword's Name Sedition
Living Family Members Kisaragi Ren; his elder brother.
Living Relatives Aunt: Rivera Ai

Elder Cousin: Temperance

Alignment as of Act: III Allies himself with Isai and her kind. Secondly, he shows loyalty to Arthias.
Act: III Theme Sin and Restitution (Extended) (4:53)

Makes plans to leave Parousia now that all charges have been dropped against him. Additionally, he decides to bring Raisa with him.

Plans to travel with Ren, his brother which he originally left Japan in order to find.

Parts ways with Ren (Tempest) in Europe and continues on with Raisa to the Canary Islands.

After meeting Temperance, his elder cousin, for the first time, she challenges him to a fight--Raisa cuts this bout short.

Does not retaliate against Goldback, despite her robbing Ky when he was still under Grandallian control.

Resides in Spain for a time only for his earlier personality to slowly begin to return--this is cut short when he hears that Ren has been killed.

Without waiting for any other word or advice, he leaves Spain under the cowl of night in order to find his brother's killer.

Meets a woman (Agony) whom he pays for information and heads to Sumatra.

Is bested by Kissa whom is then tasked with escorting Ky to gain a Tablet which is to bless him with enough power to stand at least a chance in his pursuits.

Is defeated, broken, and bitten by the Lycanthrope Malice; infecting him with Lycanthropy.

To sustain Ky's body, Kissa, too, bites his neck and injects his with the self-same Virus (Werewolf) which courses through her veins.

Ky survives the transformation (without Kissa's bite, he would have died) and seeks out Kissa as her scent is all around him.

After learning all he can from Lotus, he returns to Sumatra to test what he has learned.

He faces Isai, whom pushes his limits time and again. In the end, he is unable to best Isai.

Discovers that his brother, Ren (Tempest) is alive and was in Heresy's care. Only recently had she delivered Ren to Sumatra and as she did, she delivered him to Kissa (whom he was to meet after safely escorting Ryia to Sumatra months ago).

Locates Heresy among Sumatra and embraces her. Despite her being taken by surprise, she recalled his scent which reminded her not to openly attack him.

Seeing that Heresy had saved his brother, he then speaks with Isai and asks if she knows any way to remove the Lycanthropy from a Lycanthrope. Isai tells him that she knows naught and also points out that if Malice truly seeks such knowledge, that she should venture here herself and ask such a question.

Before leaving Sumatra, he catches Temperance's scent, that said, he follows it and finds her with none other than Lotus. She had been bitten by a Lycanthrope in her travels, yet, Lotus was able to stop the virus from spreading and turning her. He asks her if there is a way to purge the virus from one's body whom has been fully effected, yet Lotus denied that it was possible.

He learned that only one whom has been afflicted within a three day span has a chance to be purified. After that, they are one of either the Werewolves or the Lycanthropes.

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