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"I see many things. Life as you know it is only as you know it. You know not life through my eyes and with that said, you cannot speak for life of all beings as you know not how life is viewed in my eyes or the eyes of all beings."
— Lotus
"All things must come to an end. No matter if life is unending, nothing is unending. It leads to me saying thus: all things which believe that they are unending, depend on something to remain unending. Without that tether, they too, shall cease to exist."
— Aroha

Lotus (Subchapter II)

Aroha (Subchapter II)

Name Aroha
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Age as of Subchapter: II Over 1,600
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Five Inches (5'5")
Weight 57 kg.
Hair Color Originally Brown (Red due to exposure of Lotus)
Eye Color Blue (Aroha) - Reddish Brown (Lotus)
Blood type A Negative
Weapon Quarterstaff
Family Her Mother and Father did not survive their bodies' changes
Aroha's Theme Ulaid (5:08)
Lotus' Theme Everlasting + Everlasting (chorus) (4:30)

Biography of Aroha

A calm one, Aroha was a child of man whom dealt with curatives and potions. She was but a child when Algol sought to change his sword. This attempt changed most of the people who were under his rule. However, he had been immobilized in a solid blue crystal from what she saw. Unlike most, Aroha adapted well to the changes and recovered far faster than most.

She aided Isai and Kissa in their times of need while Tala tended to her own wounds. As she grew, she realized that their kind were vastly different than from which they once were. She noted this due to her friend, Lotus.

She spoke of her friend often and even spoke to her--even though no one else could see her. Soon after being ushered away for having imaginary friends, others began to hear voices. Some had nightmares or saw "demons".

After some had killed themselves due to being driven insane or from fear, Aroha told them to listen to the voices. She spoke of Lotus time and again but no one listened to her. In this state, her eyes change color, scaring some while drawing caution from others.

"Evening," she greeted. "Those which you hear are those which are within. Algol is at fault for it, but we are you and you are we. With your individual life lost, we too, lose our lives. That said, we are bound to seek your survival as it will ensure our own."

"I've not heard any voices. You lie demon-child!"

"Not everyone has been touched as some have. Have you not noticed?"

A young Isai stood near Lotus as she spoke.

"Our bodies change 'tween beasts and those whom walk by fours hear us. Those whom walk by two, are merely deaf"

This was true in all aspects. The clan of those whom walked about on two legs, heard nothing. They could all attest to this while those whom walked on four legs spoke of madness and voices and apparitions.

With voice, she soothed the masses, and with her heart, she gained the trust of all.



Her Guardian. Lotus has lived and grown with Aroha ever since she was a child. She is a live being, a conscious which sleeps if she tires, speaks when she wants, and if Aroha is asleep or passes "control" of the body, Lotus will be the one who is interacting with the physical world while Aroha observes.

Lotus' voice is vastly different from Aroha making it easy to distinguish who is who, lest they play pranks on others or are fooling others for fun or if it is needed.

Lotus is capable of healing their body if it is wounded as well as greater feats of strength when compared to Aroha.


Aroha rarely addresses herself as "Aroha". Instead, she addresses herself as Lotus; for she believes that she is one with Lotus. However, she will answer to her birth name as will Lotus herself, answer to the name "Aroha".

During her marriage, she bore two children: Rai and Naala.

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