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Malice (thumbnail)

"You either shall stand with me or you shall be bled afore me."
Birthplace Persia
Birthdate 59 CE (Common Era)
Age Centuries Old (1,549 Years Old)
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Eight Inches (5'8)
Weight 100 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pallor Green
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Her entire Body
Alchemical Property Darkness
Family Long Since Deceased
Biological Family She never knew of her father.
Alignment Whatever Aneko Desires
Resides Near The Silk Road Route, Persia
Theme of Malice Shadow Warrior 5:49 (extended)

Biography of Malice

As a human, she was able to get most the things she wanted by words alone. Her art in persuasion was truly just that, an art. Able to pry anything from anyone and have them align themselves to her cause. For the simple fact that she was beautiful was only an added bonus. As she lived her life. From philosophers to scholars, she manipulated and persuaded as she needed to in order to obtain what she desired...and what she desired was power.

From Persia (whence she was born), she headed to the Roman city of Pompeii. There, she set root to a life of ease and comfort. The finest of wines and the finest of foods as well as the finest of men. Her lust was one thing that no man had turned away and her lust for power greatly overshadowed her lust for the flesh.

79 CE

She fled the Vorhalle Basilica and with her, was a man. Antone. A common name it was but she cared not for how common it was. He was her second, one whom followed her ways as she followed his and together, they believed they could take Pompeii from the grips of Rome, but now, that chance seemed bleak.


As the city perished against the volcanic eruption, she was just on the outskirts of the city. Severly burned and now down to a crawl, she believed that she would soon die. Yet as she lie upon her belly, she saw something. It had been a pair of eyes. Eyes which shone brighter than the hot liquid fire that had devastated those of the land beneath her. Amongst the billowing ash and cinged flesh, she was asked a simple question.

"Would you choose life, or would you choose death?"

Her answer was life. Of all things, she thought it to be a mere trick of her mind. A hallucination which had possibly spurred out of the urge to survive. Yet, from those eyes, came a figure and from the shadows came a woman. She was beautiful. Just as beautiful as herself dare she say. Yet, from that instant, the pain of that bite, she fell into a pit of darkness. Once she had awakened, she found herself amongst a pile of hay. Rising from the livestock feed about her, she noticed something. Her legs, were whole. Her feet were once again, small in size and without char. Placing her hands to her face, she too felt just how life had been restored to her face.

"Life is what you chose, or am I wrong?"

Looking behind her had been the same woman whom she had seen before she blacked out. However, she knew something was amiss.

"Where am I?"



Aneko (thumbnail)

Aneko is the woman whom had given her renewed life. If it were not for her, Malice would have died amongst the ashes in Pompeii.

Despite her not being among the original Lycanthropes, Aneko personally turned Malice into what she was now. Even though she has been with Aneko for centuries, Aneko trusts Malice almost as if she were Arsenic.

That kind of trust is rare as well as hard earned.

In either case, she is grateful for Aneko's gift but at times, Malice herself does wish for death. After killing, infecting, brutalitizing, and even copulating upon the newly slain's corpses...there are timrs when Malice wishes it all to end and to simply die.

It is unknown to all, but, she seeks out knowledge which may undo her curse and allow her to live a regular, human life so that she may in turn, experience a natural human death.

Arsenic is an elder when compared to Malice. She exceeds Malice in every fashion: age, strength, skill in the Forbidden Arts, and even her ballistics. She is Aneko's sworn sister and she is also the closest to her as well.

Arsenic is free to do whatever she pleases, when she pleases, however this freedom has gained Malice's eye. Something about her latest action was amiss.

Arsenic was forced to execute Volkov, a Hybrid of considerable power and one of the three which Aneko originally desired. It was during his execution that Malice noticed her not only her scent but also his. the two had shared a night of love at some point.

Despite it being faint, it was there. Since his execution, she has seemed...different. Yet, if she truly did love Volkov, the act of having to kill the one she loves would be devastating to anyone.

Malice knows this well enough. 

Malice has strayed from her brethren in order to watch the Lycanthrope for a while. It is against Arsenic's knowledge that Malice watches her by scrying.

Arsenic (thumbnail)
Crucifix's Card
Tyranny is naught but a cub but has tremendous power over the earth via alchemy. No more than seventy in age if she recalls correctly, however she acts as a pubescent human. Even Venom becomes easily annoyed by her and that's saying something. Tyranny dislikes Malice due to her "physical advantages". Basically, Tyranny is jealous over any who are more defined in the body than she is. Whilst claiming loyalty and love for Aneko, Malice believes that if Tyranny could, she would kill Aneko out of her own redundant jealousy. Tyranny
Tyranny (thumbnail)
شيطان (Heresy)

Heresy is much like Malice, save for her over-serious nature. The Lycanthrope of Flame is honestly a highly sexual woman but with that comes rules and regulations. Heresy refuses all but those whom she has personally turned (bitten).

The only reason that this is of any significance is because Malice has practically raised Heresy as her own and the two are as close as a human mother and human daughter.

They respond to certain things the exact same and they oft spar as well as hunt for wild game (actual animals). If harm befalls Heresy, death shall befall whomever has brought harm to her.

She does not understand why they act as they do, yet, an ally such as Heresy is an ally for life.

Ouroboros is younger than Malice yet her human aging is what attributes her physical body. She was turned during her final years. Her hair, naturally graying yet, after being bitten by Aneko, her body preserved as well as regained most of its youthful form.

A sight it was, yet, Malice distrusts the Serpent. She has also been scrying and watching the Serpent for many years, and she believes that Ouroboros is conspiring against Aneko. To what end, she knows not, yet, with her eyes upon the Serpent, she silently fears the answer.

Ouroboros (cursed thumbnail)
Venom (Thumbnail)

Venom is young in years yet bears the physical strength of an elder. What she lacks in magick or alchemy are well compensated for in the terms of her physical might. She would be a friend if she were not so affected by the opinions of others. A simple suggestion has the power to make her lose her temper or do something completely idiotic. Exposure of their race is one thing they do not need yet Venom has nearly succeeded in just that far too many times. Even though it is not her place, Malice has told Arsenic that if she slips up once more, she will tear her spine from her body. Arsenic now tries to keep Venom under control for Malice does not make light of any promise or threat.

Agony is a friend, believe it or not. Despite Malice not being one to openly devour others, the two get along just fine. They both take pleasure in manipulating the masses in order to attain what they want. Perhaps this is why they are so close. Operators of the same trade.

Agony (thumbnail)
Ryia's Lycanthrope Card

Ryia has gained no ill will from Malice, however, Aneko wants Ryia for reproduction purposes. As much as Malice knows, Ryia will be used by the males in order to repopulate and regain the losses from the last human encounter which cost them dearly. Even more so, Malice can see the boundless energies which literally ooze from the Hybrid.

With essence such as that, Aneko would likely desire to drain that essence from Ryia and make it her own, however, draining Ryia's seemingly boundless essence will likely kill the Hybrid.

Of course, this does not bother Aneko even in the slightest. She simply wants Ryia. Morally speaking, Malice does not wish to slay the Hybrid nor does she wish to be involved in Ryia's capture or death.

Ultimately, Malice has defied Aneko's will on several occassions and allowed her to live even after locating her.

Dawn has been unfortunate to face Malice years ago in Halteese, before Aliyah was even born. It was a misunderstanding as she had been in combat with Dalkia and Dalkia had bordered upon what was once Malice's territory.

After facing off against her and besting her, she let the young half-breed live. Malice's targets were those of Dalkia, however, Dawn strays from this area for many years due to nearly dying at the Lycanthropes hands.

Dawn Larrieux 
Dawn Larrieux (improved thumbnail)

Sergeant Kusanagi Ky

Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)

(the first encounter)

Former Sergeant Kusanagi Ky was accompanied by the Werewolf, Kissa, whom is also known as the White Witch as well as the White Wolf. Upon trespassing on her grounds, Malice attacked Kissa which ultimately goes against the truce which Isai and Aneko forged nearly a thousand years prior.

However, she was justified for they were trespassing on Sacred Ground; ground which houses ancestors to none other than Malice. Kissa was knocked near incenssent while she toyed with the human. Of his own will, he chose to combat her and it was of his own will which led to his defeat and his imminent death.

However, his scent was familiar. Upon tearing away portions of his armor, for a second, she saw Ren and with that, she instantly knew who this was.

He was Ren's brother. Younger by the scent. An urge from which none had brought forth from her since Tempest had begun to swell once more and despite her efforts, she was not able to contain herself. Malice toyed with the human. Malice slashed his tendons and then broke both his legs and caused three of his vital organs to rupture. Her sadistic tendencies had spouted but after they waned, she found herself asking him the very same question which Aneko asked her over 1,500 years ago.

She was slightly shocked that he chose to die. Yet with a dour expression, she knew he had given his final answer and with the amount of blood he had lost, he would not have survived...yet, as she continued to play with his phallus, she took the opportunity to sink her fangs into his neck.

Malice knew what she had done; despite him not understanding it. She had given him the opportunity to gut Ouroboros on even terms and with her blood flowing through him, so did the blood of Aneko course through his repairing veins.

To digress, she could not properly tend to him due to the battle waged against Kissa, portions of the surrounding area collapsed--separating Kusanagi from Malice.

Months later, she had heard rumors of a Newborn whom was slaying Lycanthropes. She knew not from where they being had emerged, yet by the trail which had been carved in blood and corpses, Malice knew who it was. Kusanagi had survived the transformation however his aura as well as his scent were not of a Lycanthrope. She had suspected foul play for the longest of a time; especially when Arsenic severly punished her before Aneko's gaze for attacking a Werewolf.

What she had never understood was how he had found her. Even more frightening had been that his strength was now on par with Venom's. For him to grow that powerful in such a short time told Malice that he was receiving aid from an unknown source.


Kusanagi (Hybrid)

(the second encounter)

Kisaragi Ren (Act II)
Kisaragi "Tempest" Ren 

He was an Alchemist. A Japanese Alchemist if you can believe it. Malice oft crossed paths with this human as he went about his work but paid him little mind as he did the same for her up until he discovered that she was not human. Tempest was a plauge given human form. Questions upon questions he had and when she lashed at him he countered with his own forms of Alchemy and even Black Magic.

Humans are incapable of utilizing Black Magic and for him to do so so effortlessly was disturbing. In the end, the very same curiosity he had of her, was now instilled within her of him.

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