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Noémi Delácroix

Noémi (Act- II)

Full Name Noémi Delácroix
Birthplace France
Birthdate 1585 January, 15th
Age as of Act: I 20 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 22 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 23 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Two inches (5' 2")
Weight 107 lbs (49 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type A Negative
Main Weapon Holy Rapier
Weapon's Name Contrition
Living Family Members Considers God to be her father due to her unwavering faith.
Deceased Family Members Her biological parents died from illness. She never knew them.
Alignment as of Act: I Neutral, until news reached her that Dalkia would destroy the land which Grandall controls and will cease the existence of their God. Despite the threat clearly being made to Strife, Noémi takes up her sword in order to defend her "father".
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian. Noémi refuses to ally herself with the traitors simply because Annebella instructed her not to. Arrai (the demon) had also advised Noémi and Pfieffer not to engage them.
Alignment as of Act: III Arthian
Act: I Theme Theme of Noémi (4:37)

History of Noémi

Her early years revolved around the church. This was due to her parents giving her to the church of France upon her birth. They were not prepared to raise her and they bore not a heart to leave her for the wild dogs to tear at her flesh. So she was delivered here. From the tender age of five she began to sing. Her talent had begun to spread across France and soon enough, she had a small amount of fame. As the years progressed, she had grown but she had also come closer to God.

As she sang, she was the main attraction for those whom wanted to heart the choir sing. Her voice was phenomenal. Enchanting the hearts of those whom were against Christianity as well as those whom were allied to it. Even more so, to add on to her growing popularity, she was to sing in a choir. Not as a mere member, but as a focal and lead. It brought her much attention and much adoration; something which she was not used to but immediately offered her praises to the Lord above whilst claiming it was of His doing for her to bear a voice as such.

In two years time, a priest had come from afar just to hear her sing and it was unknown to her that he would be within the church listening. Though as he heard her mellifluous voice travel amongst the halls of the small church, his ears were immediately elated and his heart was set aloft. The priest offered to take her to Parousia so that she could perform within their main cathedral yet, Noémi was to initially decline, yet that is until Sister Helen convinced her to take the opportunity to share what was gifted to her.

It took not long for Noémi to decide on what to do and when she had decided, she let her (Sister Helen) know first.

She was to travel to a cathedral within a distant land. Despite not wanting to leave what she has known for so long, Noémi accepts the path which was laid out for her and follows it.


Noémi was instructed to learn a plethora of music so that she could perform within the coming week. It was unknown to her that the Emperor himself would be present when she sang. As she began to learn the music which she was assigned, she was interrupted by a woman. Upon conversing with this woman she learned of her name to be Annebella. Additionally, she also learned that she was going to be one of the soldiers guarding the entrance to the church during her performance. As they spoke, Noémi learned of a threat which had been present within Parousia. There had been thieves which roamed and searched for those whom were unaware and more importantly, alone during the night.

Annebella warned her to be indoors before nightfall. Heeding this warning, she bowed and thanks the soldier and continued on with her lesson.

A few days had passed after her meeting with the soldier Annebella. As she closed the doors to the church, she quickly set off to her dwelling. It was only a fifteen to twenty minute walk and she walked rather quickly when she had not been engaging in conversation with another. Though that made no difference. Less than ten minutes into her walk, she had been ambushed. Three men had enclosed her in a circle and when they did, she demanded what they wanted. Words they spoke yet they were filled with hatred and lust. As her tunic was ripped open, she screamed.

An ear splitting shriek it was and one which could rival that of the mythical Banshee. One of the men had recovered from being temporarily disoriented and quickly struck her across the face and as she fell, two of them worked together and lifted her, from there they began to carry her off until she was dropped. As she slammed against the stone ground one of the men fell to his knees and regurgitated blood upon her pallor flesh.

As the other turned to their new opponent, they were shocked to see a woman. Noémi on the other hand knew who it had been. This is why she screamed because she knew Annebella was near by. As she was rushed, Annebella grabbed the man's arm and disarmed him of his dagger and as she stripped him of his weapon, she kicked him away and stabbed the second man whom was rapidly approaching from her left. A second stab. A third; and finally a seventh. Ripping the dagger from his chest, Annebella placed her palm against his forehead and gently pushed him away from her only for him to fall to the ground--motionless.

Swaying backward, she was not fast enough to evade being cut by the last remaining man. As she stumbled backwards she was again injured by her opponent. This time it was far more severe than just a mere stab wound. Annebella had suffered a tear which was nothing but a mere stab wound. Yet with her constant movement, the wound had festered and tore into new and undamaged areas of her body. Seeing this, Noémi got off the ground and grabbed a dagger which one of the men had dropped. As Annebella evaded yet another strike she feinted a charge and then parried the man's incoming attack.

With this opening provided to her, Noémi closed the distance and lunged with a thrust of the dagger. Ripping even deeper into his flesh, she added additional gorce behind the dagger which now pierced his heart. It was not long before he collapsed in a pool of his own blood.

Her Role within Relic

Within Relic, Noémi is the Medic and carries items which are used to treat a wide array of injuries. Items such as but not limited to: Needles, herbs, bandages, blades gaws, etc. There is also a machete within her possession for if she would need to make an unfortunate individual an amputee. Despite being capable with her weapons, she prefers to treat the wounded.

Main Weapons

Contrition: With her cutlass, Noémi will bound against her opponent. This means she will remain in a state of defense until she sees a wide and clear opening. The only area she will not attack is the sexual organs of others. Yet, her style of combat is reducing the need of excess struggle and ending things as quickly as possibly. She uses this weapon until it is destroyed during the battle within Untide, Maletta.

Penance & Reprisal: Are her new sword and shield which she acquired from Girardot after her previous weapon shattered.


Noémi is proficient with a cutlass as well as basic soldier combat regarding a short sword and shield. Annebella taught her how to evade and also showmanship when it came to the way of the rapier, also, she had learned to not only parry her opposition but to deliver fatal counters with ease. Noémi does not enjoy toying with her opponent for fun, she only misguides their eyes and they’re assumptions. As such, she does not fight for fun, she fights to survive and by doing so, she holds nothing back and she refuses to give up until she is cold and dead. 

Act: II

Girardot's Rebellion

Weapons as of Act: II

Penance & Reprisal

Penance (shield) is mainly used to attack the enemy while Reprisal (short sword) is used for defense. This disparity of swordplay confuses most and tricks most into believe she will only attack with her shield until they are caught off guard and impaled by Reprisal. Noémi confuses her enemies before she delivers a combat changing blow to her enemy—much like with Contrition—although with Reprisal, the attack she delivers is usually fast and fatal. With shield and short sword at arms, Noémi excels in defense and parries. She is also very capable of delivering devastating attacks with her short sword Reprisal.


Oft quotes passages from the Bible.

Noémi sings in the choir in the main church of Parousia.

Noémi places religion above all else and will not only argue but can even be drawn into a physical altercation if things cannot go in her favor when Christ is involved.

Offers praise every morning and every night and before every meal.

Act: I Relationships

Commander Annebella Williams
Annebella Williams 

Noémi honors and respects Annebella for allowing her to enlist under her command. Despite, aiding in the survival of the woman, she feels as if she owes her more for allowing her the opportunity to preserve their way of life. Despite their goals being different, she respects Annebella solely for the fact that she is able to fight for a cause which she as well as the world should all believe in.

Ky is one whom she had met the first few moments he had entered Parousia and before he was imprisoned. She finds him likable due to his belief in Christianity and despite him being Japanese. He is not that much different from her and she enjoys the fact that he shares her devotion to religion.

Alas, he is not as fiercely devoted to Christ as she is--this is one thing which she dislikes. Another is that he lives with Raisa, even though it is not of his will or choice, she dislikes the fact that he lives with such a neglecting and ignorant woman.

Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Kusanagi Ky 
Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)
Priya Delgado 

Priya is a fair woman with a light heart and an even lighter spirit. She treats Noémi with fairness and kindness, however, she is unsure of where Priya's priorities lies. No matter of her pure nature and even her chaste being, she would love Priya to become a member of the Church--yet, Surina seems to steer Priya from such a choice.

Noémi does not entirely know what to make of Arrai yet, she does not trust her. She is not of Parousia and is of a differing land. Her skin is evident enough of that yet her marking make her appear somewhat garish. Arrai speaks to Noémi seldomly and for some reason, Noémi feels proud of that; however, she feels an dark sense of foreboding whenever she is around the Egyptian.

Arrai (Thumbnail)

Raiko (thumbnail)


Raiko is a whore. Unfit for the public and is most like is to be found in a bathhouse or an inn or brothel or a tavern. Noémi is disgusted with Raiko and the fact that she is even allowed to draw breath. However, she is more lieniant to Raiko opposed to her elder sibling, Raisa. As Lust is a Sin of the Flesh, it is not as weighted as disrespecting God or the Church.

She dislikes Raisa. Her way of speaking and outright her personality. Noémi hates the fact that Raisa can easily speak down upon Christians and God Himself. This sparks an innate hatred for the Russian. No matter her intentions, no matter her wit, no matter her skill at the craft or the forge, Raisa is hated for disrespecting the Lord.

Raisa (Act I)
Raisa Zhirova 

Pfieffer Reaux (Act I thumbnail)

Pfieffer Reaux 

Pfieffer is a woman who believes that women are the pinnacle of both genders. Noémi has little to no qualms to this yet, she believes that man is divine and woman is to follow. Overall, Noémi thinks of her friend to be quite excessive in her endevors to belittle others yet she knows down to her core that Pfieffer means well.

Eurydice is Greek and holds little to no thought of religion. This bothers Noémi to a degree. She is capable of much is she were to allow their Savior to work through her. She is a good friend and a wise youth nonetheless. Other than being within the same squadron, she does not speak much to Eurydice simply because she knows not how to do so.

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