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"Live this life and you shall see no reason to shed a drop of sympathy or remorse for these credulous peons you call men."
— Ouroboros
Ouroboros (thumbnail)
Birthplace Ancient Egypt
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown, it is said that she lived before Cleopatra.
Gender Female
Length Twenty-six feet long (26')
Weight 122 kg.
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Pale Green
Blood type Unknown
Ars Destructive


Family All Werewolf Kind
Biological Family Father: Long since Deceased

Mother: Long since Deceased

Alignment Lycanthropes
Resides Deep beneath the Ruins of the Silk Road
Character's Theme Exorcist (extended) (8:48)

Biography of Ouroboros

There was a time when she was just as beautiful as the Queen of the Nile. Of course, this gives away her age. In her younger days, she was the most polite young woman you could ever hope to meet. Brilliant with complex problems and she was even one of the many minds behind the irrigation system of ancient Egypt. Returning from her days toil, the young woman was attacked by a group of men and bearing no significant strength, she was overpowered and her purity, her body, once untouched was polluted. Her spirit, and her will had been broken and in addition to her torment, she was taken away from the land she knew and away from the people she loved and she was imprisoned. As the months dragged on the young woman, so beautiful was nothing more than a shadow of her former self. A mere play thing she had become to these men and she was not alone either. She knew by the screams and the pained pleas that she was not alone; wherever she was. Shackled by foot and by wrist she rarely saw daylight and when she did it was only through small cracks of her own personal Hell. She was rarely fed and that was how all of them were to be. Weak stomachs were frail bodies as the saying goes.

She remained a prisoner and was often visited throughout the nights by her captors. Pleasure and pain their sweet torment brought her and the only pleasure she truly received was when her strength had all but left her limp and broken. It was a full moon the night that she heard one of those accursed men scream. Perhaps one of the other prisoners bit down on his phallus? If not that then surely she fought back and struck with force and low. She did not know; the young woman, now prisoner for two years laid on the floor, in the spread fashion of an eagle in her indecency. She only moved when she shuddered as the barred door to her prison opened. She thought of pleading with them but that never worked. They would simply take her for the long time that they always lasted—until the sun had arisen. In her helplessness, she was lifted from the cold floor but not by her captors; it was by a woman.

She thought of her to be one of the other prisoners until she took noticed of her well defined physique. She also appeared to be young as well. Yet, none of that mattered. Her eyes were what had struck fear into the young woman’s heart. A pale green they were and a fierce fire they burned in the somber horde they stood in.

"Do you want to live?"

The young woman blinked in shock. She knew not what to say, for if she said no, the woman would possibly leave her there to rot and on the other hand, this woman may just kill her. Snapping from her idleness at the screams of one of the other prisoners, she looked to the strange woman’s eyes once more. They continued to burn through the darkness of their surroundings and she only blinked when the young woman; deprived of food, sleep, and sun pleaded for her life.

"Very well then…"

With those words, the strange woman laid her on her back and then straddled her. She then ran her tongue from her exposed belly to her bare breast and with one hand, she fondled one while she sucked on the aureola of the other. Too weak to produce any other audible sound than her words earlier, the young woman did nothing as her body was yet again, played with. After what seemed the hour to pass and the screams now non-existent, the strange woman began to lick and kiss at the young woman’s neck a few moments passed before she spoke.

"…Do your best not to scream…"

What does she mean? Was she going to torture her before she could ever see the light of day or even the moon? Was it mere pleasure she was after or…? Her mind was shattered as a searing pain burned its way into her neck. Her mouth open, trying to scream for dear life, produced no sound. She hadn’t the strength to even muster a scream. It was not long after the world was painted black yet again. She felt light. Almost as if she were being carried by something. The pain soon evolved into a warm sensation which reminded her of the little pleasure she had gotten from being taken advantage of.

As she awoke, she found herself in light. Torchlight to be exact and her indecency had been covered. Her body had been covered with small but weighted armor—only her breasts and her lower body had been covered. Slowly pushing herself to move, she was surprised that she had as much strength as she did. Despite the weight she had lost from poor nourishment, the young woman felt as strong as she did the night she had been beaten so long ago. Despite the fact that she appeared to be sickly. Looking over the room she had been in, she noted that it had been warm. She had not felt decent warmth in a long time. There had been sand which covered some areas of the floor and as she looked further she saw two exits to where she had been. The young woman had not remembered much but she recalled those eyes. Putting her hand to the left side of her neck, she felt nothing. She had held her neck for quite some time before she heard bare feet striking the floor which her own feet dangled above.

Seeing that it was a young man who had entered, she took a slight amount of caution to his presence.

"You needn’t worry; your meal will be brought to you so that you may be able to recover your strength."

With those words, he then departed. The young woman was unsure of what had been going on yet, so far everything seemed to be all right. Later, she had been somewhat restless since she had done nothing but sit where she had awoken. She was not sure of what was going on but what was on her mind was food. For the longest of a time it seemed; the heavenly aroma of something was slowly driving her insane. Instinctively, she knew it to be meat. Almost on instinct, her attention snapped back to the entrance which the young man had entered before. Somehow, she knew that it had been two men and one woman that were approaching. As they came into view, she saw the two men but then stared as she saw the last woman before she had lost her consciousness.

"I do hope you are feeling better than you were?"

As the strange woman’s voice echoed due to the size of the room, the young woman slowly nodded and then inquired of where she was. The strange woman told her that all would be revealed in due time—but first, she needed to build her strength. The two men approached with her meal. Her eyes were as agape as her mouth as she stared at the meat. It was an entire boar. Freshly cooked and by the scent, she could tell it had been seasoned. She was salivating and was blissfully unaware that her saliva had been splattering all over the boar.

"Well, you should eat shouldn’t you?"

Looking at the strange woman, she saw that her hair had been red. She was unable to see her hair before but now as she studied the woman, she could see that she was beautiful. Heeding her advice, the young woman reached for the boar but knew not what to do without utensils. She was then told to use her hands and then the strange woman knelt before her after drawing nearer. She cupped her chin and looked into her eyes. The young woman knew not what was being searched for, but for some reason, the strange woman smiled and to follow this, she effortlessly brought her to her lips and kissed her and seductively began to suck on her bottom lip. Slowly pulling away from her, the strange woman stood and told her that she would later return for there was much to discuss. The three of them then left her to her meal. The young woman was unsure of what to do. She disliked being handled and she also disliked her situation, however; hunger quickly took over and she began to devour the boar. Meat from bone, spices and partially burnt meat were all that remained when she had finished. The young woman was enthralled by her sudden burst in hunger.

Soon after that, she was asleep. In her slumber she was within that of bliss. She dreamt of her father and her mother, however, this dream quickly ended as the scent of four individuals entered her nostrils. Quickly getting to her feet, she growled at the intruders. They were all women except for one and as she saw the strange woman again, her aggression nearly vanished in an instant. The male commented on her violence while the female in blue garments and silver armor commented on her fangs—putting a finger in her mouth she froze. Fondling her teeth, she found that they were longer and sharper than they had been so long ago.

"The only way to save your life was to empower you. There simply was no other way of ensuring your life would even make it this far if I hadn’t."

Despite what she was told, she did not move. She was in a state of shock. She did not blink, move, and it seemed as if she had not been breathing. The silent woman in black garments with gold armor then approached her and with a few seconds in delay, she was knocked to the floor and thus brought back from her shock. The strange woman told Arsenic that her actions were not necessary, yet Malice, in her silver armor informed her that it was since such states as she has seen, some have not recovered for weeks.

Recovering from her loss of self, she found the strange woman in front her and in-between her legs. She then introduced herself as Aneko; and while caressing her thigh, she asked the young woman of hers. She gave no answer. Looking to Arsenic, she then rubbed her throbbing jaw as Aneko poked the tip of her nose.

From this point, your name shall be Ouroboros and as such, Crucifix shall be your mate.

The word “mate” made Ouroboros uneasy, however, Aneko clarified that he would protect her as she would protect him. In a sense, it was system of ensuring each other safety as well as satisfaction if the need ever did arise. The sexual options of her definition only increased these feelings of unease while Crucifix did not seem excited to say the least. He did nothing more than explain himself to be her tutor in the Ars. Ouroboros inquired what he meant, however, he did nothing more than take his leave.

Aneko told her that her life has been taken from her and that she offered a new life which under certain rules, she could function with much enjoyment. Ouroboros saw this as the choice to either join and live or to be killed when she least expected it. Without not much the choice left, Ouroboros accepted Aneko’s offer who was more than overjoyed to hear her answer and proof of this was when Aneko held her in and embrace. After she released Ouroboros, Arsenic then led her down the hall for which they came and explained that Crucifix would not only be her overseer but also Arsenic would also be her secondary mentor as the Ars were talents which they both specialized in. With nervousness and anticipation, she looked to Aneko as she caressed her tender neck and prepared herself to live her new life…

Act II: Sub Chapter

From within her crypt, Ouroboros was summoned by her Queen. Ouroboros was informed that her Mate (Mentor) Crucifix, had been slain. She was at a loss for words. Nearly everything she knew, it had come from Crucifix and now he was dead. Crucifix was well over her age by over a thousand years, yet she knew not how let alone who could have killed him. All that was known was that a human pulled off such a feat which alarmed her as well as her kind. It was then that Aneko tasked Ouroboros with find the location of and extrication of the Japanese half breed known as Ryia. Aneko stated that she wanted Ryia by her side therefore without question, Ouroboros made preparations to leave immediately. Of course, she had also been warned that she may have sought external aid--this meant that Ryia may have made contact with the Werewolves. If that were the case then Ouroboros could not touch her let alone bring her back. Ryia belonged not to their numbers and was never introduced to the Silk Roads, thus, they could not force her out neither would the Werewolves kick her out.

Though if they were not involved, Ouroboros was tasked with slaying the helping hand. This hand, Aneko believed to be the one whom had killed Crucifix.

This was vengeance.

Accepting the conditions, she set forth. It took two months of tracking in order to track Ryia down and when she did, Ouroboros was pitted against the alchemist known as Tempest. She had heard this name before as well as seen the man as well. She observed Arsenic when she was scrying and saw him. His skill was known amongst demons, Werewolves and few Lycanthropes, though now, she would see it first hand.

As they fought from a distance, he had begun to give her pause. His alchemy was being used to transform parts of his body into lethal appendages. The small force which was sent with her consisted of twenty of her own kind and within moments, only four remained. Despite his wounds, he was much the force to be reckoned with.

Though it was a shame he had died. He would have made an excellent addition to the Lycanthropes. Tempest encased the immediate area with an incantation and then twisted the air into a combustable. There was nothing left within the area and the four which survived were now dead. Ouroboros was mortally wounded and barely made it back to the Silk Road Ruins as the sole survivor of the conflict.

She had lost Ryia in the ensuing battle. This defeat, she knew would scar her reputation, however, that was not the case.

A week had passed before she gave her report and with her report, she informed Aneko that Tempest was dead. Her Queen seemed not to care yet her eyes said otherwise. She spoke of the alchemy he wielded and the fact that he even knew their Ars. This drew Aneko's attention. Furthermore, she went on about the unknown magic he used. Malice listened well-enough as she was present within Aneko's personal chambers.

After delivering her report, Ouroboros was given time to rest and if she no longer sought to pursue Ryia then she was allowed to leave it be and this is what she chose. She chose this not out of fear but for Aneko's sake. Aneko tended to Ouroboros herself and only Arsenic, and Heresy were allowed to see her in such condition. This is one of the many times where Aneko acted as if she were a mother; carefully tending to her bandages as well as carefully licking her wounds to ease the Healing Process. Ouroboros informed Aneko that she wanted to search for what made a mere human so powerful in such a short amount of time, though Aneko knew this would come, she accepted and permitted such research.

"We need you wary of that."

That was her only implore before Aneko left her to her lonesome. Ouroboros knew not what had driven Aneko to be as drawn as she was, yet, she questioned it none. For now, she had time to herself as well as her research to perform. She wanted to know what gave the Alchemist such power. However, she would find more amiss with their own ranks as well as perpetuate the motion of revenge.

Act: III

Ouroboros had not done much in particular during this time period. She had kept up her reading and experimentation while Aneko sent pack after pack to their graves. Kusanagi refused to be defeated and Aneko's paranoia was beginning to reveal itself. Ouroboros knew what Aneko sought and it was far from domination. Aneko simply wanted a husband. One she could call her own. One she could arise to in the morning and embrace and one she could even tell her own fears to. Though, Aneko knew not how to do just that without causing the individual pain and suffering.

As she closed one of her several apacrypha, Ouroboros recalled Volkov. Aneko wanted him due to his stability but also craved Sasaki, mother and her youngest son, for their aggressiveness and passion. Yet, when it came to Kusanagi, she knew not what Aneko saw in him. Of course, with the elder Sasaki, she had betrayed Aneko and fled. Leaving the Matriarch heartbroken.

Aneko hunted Asa down herself after 60 years and killed her former lover. Her heart rests within her personal chambers even to this night.

In terms of Kusanagi, Malice had turned him, however; something else had occured for Kusanagi to be as powerful as he is. Ouroboros had been spending most of her days researching as to what could have given him the strength to best Venom and kill Agony by tearing her asunder. It would be a time before she would gather her answer and when she did she was beyond shocked.

Channeling spirits to and fro, she had come to learn something rather interesting. Within Crete lay a labyrinth and it is within this labyrinth where Kusanagi had emerged--changed. Malice had last found him within Turkey and in his possession had been a rather peculiar tablet. She learned that the last of the tablet's strength had been transferred into Kusanagi and Ouroboros knew that is where his alchemic abilities had come from yet, his spiritual strength was another matter.

Searching without slumber she came across a spirit which had eluded her before. This spirit was named Ghaslayan and he was once a member of the Grandallian Army before Kusanagi supposedly had killed him. He had in fact survived his fatal wound yet, as he fled, he had given vital information of Grandallian Forces to the Rebel's location and vice versa. He was a traitor to Grandall and the Rebels. As she learned from him, she found out that it was Arsenic which had brought about his death and from this, she learned that Arsenic had also delivered her infection to Kusanagi as well.

This made not much sense since Arsenic was a Lycanthrope. At least, this is what Ouroboros thought. Arsenic was a skilled alchemist and a scholar when it came to the Dark Arts which Ouroboros flourished in.

"Her eyes are not her own..."

As the spirit said this to her, it vanished.

Scrying, she viewed a life which was not her own. Arsenic had been betrayed. Twisted and corrupted by Aneko. She wanted to see more, however, her connection to the spirit was severed.

It was true.

Arsenic held the eyes of a slain Lycanthrope and possibly much more than that as well. Quite possibly her very Lycanthrope form was nothing more than her Ars being used to craft that form or it could be much more complex than that. Furthermore, she had aided Kusanagi in eluding her brethren.

After she learned of Arsenic's betrayal to Aneko she was prepared to expose her, yet, something was amiss. Why would Arsenic go to so much trouble to hide her true self? Arsenic was much older than Ouroboros yet when she was turned, Ouroboros had reached the beginning of death. (Her hair had begun to turn gray) Although this was fascinating as well as damning, Ouroboros chose to keep this information to herself.

She would commit the next several weeks to research on Arsenic. As she did as such, Ouroboros gad learned much. Nothing was never too much but too much was never enough. Soul after soul was viewed. Their memories, she looked to them. All of them. From their first moments of life to the most humiliating acts which had occured to them to the moments of their lost virginity and even their very last moments. Lycanthropes were in few of them while the Werewolves were in many more. They had never killed humans for sustinance, they killed humans who hunted them. Searching for a week she had found nothing. She had run into the tratorious Rebel once more yet she ignored his soul and searched on. It was before the winter when she had learned what she needed.

His name was Alastor, one she would never forget. Alastor was an alchemist just as Tempest was yet, unlike Tempest, Alastor was once of the Ressentiment; Strife's personal guard, however; he fled after he was defeated by the Arthian Army. After he fled he had ventures into the Maze of the Dead in order to amplify his own power, yet, that is where he met his end. Slain by one of the several traps which were about the forgotten palace (no doubt a trap set by Malice) he was and what he had witnessed as his soul wandered the gilded halls corridors interesting.

Arsenic and Volkov had been intimate.

Not only intimate but was expecting the last time Alastor had saw her. Though if that were true then where had this new born babe been? Alastor could not answer since his soul had been out of touch with Purgatory for so long. When Ouroboros asked him what Hell was like he laughed.

"Mark the words for which I doth speak Lycan...our kind are shown no mercy within our power and within our power lie our fate. For it is within Hell's Capital which I shall soon see thee..."

He had then vanished.

As she attempted to search for him again, Ouroboros was stricken with severe burns which took days to heal.

She was nervous.

Alastor had told her that she were to soon meet her end. Ouroboros had become a Lycanthrope in order to escape death--not be ushered towards it first class. Soon after her full recovery Ouroboros had began to Channel once more. She wanted to know who her killer would be and if she could stop them however, no spirit would communicate with her. Not the damned, the wayward, or even the lost. It seemed as if they were avoiding her.

In order to give herself an advantage, she augmented her body.

The mutations gave her power, but also a length of 24 feet of a serpent's tail. Attached to it had been a spear-like barb, filled from tail to point with venom. Her body changed, her arms, reminiscent of a transformed Lycanthrope's arms. Covered in fur, large, and clawed. Her hair, now nothing but poisonous snakes. Her tongue, that of a serpent. Her howls, now mixxed with a terrifying cross between a wolf, hissing snake, and a terrible wail which sent cracks into the very halls of her chamber. Her mouth now filled with venom-touched fangs as were the claws of her hands.

Now, she waited. She knew that someone would come for her, who she did not know, but whomever it had been would surely be killed, and then devoured. Her suspicions were proven correct when her den was infiltrated by none other than kin to the slain Alchemist and Aneko's current infatuation: Kusanagi appeared before her.


She saw his eyes. They were a ghostly green. His body had fully become one with the infection of Lycanthrope and Werewolf. Arsenic would know and she has been away for quite some time. She knew he had been coming--that is why she had vanished.

The inevitable confrontation between them had begun. Alchemy against Black Magic. For him just learning these talents of his, he had been formidable but not efficient. Ouroboros was able to force Kusanagi into a corner and as he defended himself with his alchemy she continued to destroy the shield he had made for himself. Before she could annihilate it she had been shot.

A mortal weapon it was but that did not mean that it did not hurt. Pulling the ball from her flesh she looked towards the male which stood to the entrance of her den. She had never witnessed him before though seeing how Kusanagi addressed him and the elevation of his emotions she knew he was of importance. Though instead of attacking the newcomer, she focused back on Kusanagi and with this tactic she wounded him.

Not severely but enough to force him down for a few moments.

Without thinking, Ouroboros began to chant, which Kusanagi knew what she was doing and warned his ally. Before them had been The Risen. Beasts they were in life now slaves in their death. As they were sent towards then newcomer he used his own magic--she knew not what it was yet it rivaled her own skill for whatever she summoned he destroyed.

This would repeat, time and time again until Kusanagi closed the distance.


Was alive shortly before Cleopatra ascended the throne.

Turned by Aneko herself.

Was mentored by Crucifix and Arsenic. Is capable of reviving the dead but only for a short period of time.

Has been killed once before but with her skill in the Dark Arts she was capable of resurrecting herself from her own grave.

Has lost her natural skin color due to her being deprived of the sun for centuries.

Often scrys so that she can learn what she must.

Augmented her body so that she could survive the coming storm. In the end, it was not enough and a final blow was visited upon her by the combined efforts of Heresy and Kusanagi.

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