Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)

Priya (Act III)

Priya (Act II)

Full Name Priya Delgado
Birthplace Parousia, Grandall Empire
Birthdate 1585, December 25th
Age as of Act: I 20 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Gungnir
Style of Combat A hybrid of Bojutsu, Suijutsu, and Largus Apostolus. This is dubbed Apollo Saijutsu.
Sub Weapon Dagger (this dagger is nameless)
Living Family Members Surina is her elder sister.
Deceased Family Members Her mother died from grief as well as illness, (she believes) though in actuality, her mother committed suicide.

Her father, Sergio Delgado, died from injuries he received while aiding Dalkia. Her grandmother and grandfather passed by natural causes

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until she realizes the corruption which seethes about Strife. Priya chooses to avenge Girardot's death, ultimately forming a small army known as Arthias.
Alignment as of Act: III Arthian.
Act: I Theme Nero (5:45)
Act: II Theme Marunae (8:38)
Act: III Theme Clair Voyant (3:21)

Biography of Priya Delgado

Priya was born to a man of war and a pious woman of faith; just as her elder sister Surina. Early on, she had always been fascinated with her father and his stories of adventure and combat. Utmost of all, she yearned for his triumphant return. Despite being an outsider, due to his position in the military, little if any disrespect was shown afore him.

To the people of Grandall, Sergio Delgado, her father, was a hero. A commander whom was only surpassed by one man. That man was Girardot Argezas; General of the Grandallian Military Force. She had met him on occasion, he seemed a kind man as well as a humble one, yet she cared not much for him initially. This lack of care was due to his beard. As a child, it scared her and in one instance, Priya ran from Girardot only for Surina to stand in her defense.

Priya also recalls Surina punching Girardot with all her child-like strength as well. For most of her childhood, Surina has always been the one to protect her, and with this a fact, Priya sought to prove her strength so that she would not need a "Protector" or "Guardian".

Growing up, there had been one person within her eyes, and that had been her father and her father alone. He was her sun when compared to Girardot's guttering candle. Throughout her life, Priya was exposed to a nurturing and caring environment despite it normally being intruded upon by the military. Yet in time, this soon would take root. Priya had begun to show interest within swordplay--an interest her mother disliked. With Surina already taken by the selfsame interest, she did not want to lose them both to the same fate. This Priya understood even at the age of six.

Thus it was decided, Priya's mother barred her from partaking in the swordplay or "Devil's Work" as it was deemed. Instead, her mother wanted her to do feminine things such as clean, knit, wash clothes and cook opposed to practicing with a deadly weapon.

"...but mother, anything can be used as a deadly weapon 'twould mean that naught could be done in either fashion lest you compare both as dealing with weaponry of destruction."

Just like Surina, Priya was a "Spit-fire". Sharp with her tongue and even sarcastic as a child, yet in this case, despite her mocking tone and her smile, her words were spoken true. Her mother still would not stand for it...

Her words and thoughts were ruled as heresy and as such, Priya was sent to live with her grandparents. This did not last long as Surina had joined her. According to Surina, the dresses that their mother had bought, were sold in order to pay for Surina's safe travel. Their grandfather did not see the smile upon Priya's face but their grandmother did--yet, she returned a warm smile to Priya.

After a small discussion, an agreement had been reached. They both could stay but under no circumstances were they to practice with their weapons (which Surina brought with her). This was until their grandparents deemed it appropriate for them to engage in such acts.

Aside from the mundane duties of chores and preparing supper for weeks, they were given a chance to spar, yet, despite their excitement, they did absolutely terrible. Their skill had waned after weeks of not practicing and they were both yelled at for doing so terribly. On a positive note, their grandfather was pleased that they were trying and for the fact that Priya tried to work her way around with a technicality: Priya managed to sneak in small bits and pieces of time with a replica of their father's Bladed Lance but the times in which she practiced, were in the dead of night.

She continued with this for a few weeks so that she could grow accustomed to the heft of the weapon. Night after night, she practiced and night after night, she made sure that Surina was long asleep and that her grandparents were also sound asleep.

Priya knew she had broken the rule long ago, however it could not be helped. But, Priya was NOT using a sword. She had even spoken this aloud at night when she held the weapon firmly in her grasp. Unknown to her was that her grandfather was indeed awake and had even watched her practice.

"...You did well with the replica, which is the only reason why I am giving you both this chance." As he departed, Priya felt relieved, but also triumphant. Turning to Surina, she pointed at her and exclaimed:

"Innocent Determination trumps Valiant Aggression yet again!"

"Shut up!"

Under her grandparents, Priya resumed her interest and had even chosen the perfect form of weapon--the lance. With her petite frame, she was given a smaller weapon to practice with. Over time, her petite frame grew accustomed to such heft and now, using the Replica became that much easier. Her grandfather was furious for Priya to do such without his consent but after seeing her choice, he understood it well. The nights he watched her dropped the weapon and fall, scrap her knees and elbows, she continued to practice.

Within her eyes had been determination. This determination was clear to him as it was to her father. Priya wanted to be just like Sergio which is a deep contrast to Surina. Idolizing and wanting to become opposed to resentment and wanting to stand above all else. Their mother had little control over Surina as a child and it was evident to everyone. Yet Priya was the softer of the two. Whereas Surina would scream and argue, Priya would politely speak and rationalize with logic - sarcasm and mockery were not spared from her logic whatsoever. In the end, her grandfather kept it a secret from Priya's mother - his daughter - about her recent activities.

Her weapon of choice was of little surprise. It was a lance. A modified variant which was bladed and not only that, it was one which was a replica to her father's. Her grandfather was amazed that she sought not glory or coin, but through her own will, she sought to be just like her father. It struck him as most young women fawned over the husband they wished for or how a dressed looked as they wore it but not Priya. She held the same determination and admiration that young boys held for their fathers and other heroes and warriors.

With this amazement, he could not even begin to attempt to be deter her. As such had taken place, her grandfather himself, instructed an 8 year old Priya on how to properly wield and train with her newly purchased weapon.

She was eleven when Xiao Mei introduced himself and she was fourteen when she knocked him to the ground. She had practiced with her counter attacks and believed that she had gotten them down, only for Surina to knock her to the ground.

"Always keep your guard up!"

As the months drifted by and soon became years, their grandparents soon fell ill and as such, it took not long for them to pass. With little left to go on, Priya and Surina went back to their mother's home--yet, things were no better. Sergio and Girardot had returned the same day only to suffer from wounds they had received. The report spoke of an ambush by the only other survivor, however, nothing else could be gained as he died within a few hours. 

Priya and Surina both asked question upon question of who did what and who should pay, yet, their mentor ushered them out of the room. He implored them to let the doctor work in peace.

Days had passed before anyone had left the room and Priya continually sat in front of the door just as Surina had done.

"D-do you think...?"

"Shut up, he'll live."

Surina was older than Priya by a full year, not only that, but she was more driven as well as instinctual than Priya. However, under her fierce mien was one whom cared deeply for her family. This mien has carried into her elder years and due to loss, it had doubled its fervor.

After three long days, the doctor emerged with another man whom was a Scribe. Yet, their news was not pleasant. Sergio had died. The doctor had done all her could but naught could save their father.

Ultimately, Priya remembers very little of that day and the days immediately after. She recalls her mother's depression and unending grief; though soon after that, she succumbed to an illness and had perished. As far as Priya knows and as far as she can recall, her parents had both passed. Her father from illness of wounds and her mother, from grief; despite these facts, Priya grew up believing in the innate purity of each and every person. More importantly, had been the fact that she and Surina were aided by Girardot in their time of need.

He divided his funds and helped them keep their parent's home--but only if they themselves put forth effort to keep it. The two discussed how they would manage to do such and soon came to an arrangement:

Priya knew how to sow and knew well enough of how to tend to crops and cook. Surina understood the ways of a forge as well as the occupation of being a weapons merchant. The two of them stuck to what they knew and were able to meet Girardot's standard. With constant demand and preparation due to the coming cold months, the youngest sister (Priya) took to making soups and other mixtures of meat with bread. With her father's knowledge in spices and "exotic foods" (spanish) the populace took to her choices over some favored sellers.

They were completely successful in short.

In time though, she would join the military and be a soldier of the Grandallian Army. As she learned from countless women and men around her, she was beyond proud of herself that she had been following in her father’s footsteps for he too, was a soldier of Grandall and he had passed as a fine commander. The General, immediately seeing the resemblance, took pride in teaching Priya and Surina even though; Surina was the colder of the two siblings.

With her graduation behind her, Priya has new hopes set within her life as she is just as her father, a commander, and as General Girardot predicts, she will be just as great a commander as her father.

She was soon saddled with Border Patrol but it was expected. She was a new commander and one whom has yet to see real combat. The weeks had come and gone but in the middle of September of the year 1605, that changed.

Priya, now twenty and preparing to go on to her twenty-first year, was plunged in the middle of an ambush set forth by unknown foes. These enemies used the darkness to their advantage but did not expect her to carry herself as a warrior. The commander met her foes with pride but before all else, utmost caution. She progressed slowly and faced each enemy with calculated precision and bounded them when she needed to.

In the end, Priya emerged victorious.

What was unforeseen were the effects that victory brought. According to reports hailing from their ally, The Kingdom of Dalkia, were that they too had been attacked by what appeared to be the same group; however, the fleeing enemy, now deemed Brigands, were supposedly spotted mixed in with retreating Grandallian soldiers.

She could not believe what she was hearing...yet in light of this, Dalkia had now declared war on Grandall...

Act: I

With the border falling under attack by a group of Brigands, Priya and her paradigm, Gungnir were successful in defending themselves as well as driving most of the forces from the country. Exalted (Surina's squadron) also had their share of foes as did Relic (Annebella's squadron), yet, Gungnir (Priya's paradigm) recieved the heaviest of the enemy concentration. After Raisa dispatched mostly the entire force which was sent against them, she confronted the man who had come to be known as Chester. Raisa fought the man to a standing of no contest despite being held at gunpoint.

Saturday, October the first had been the day when Dalkia sent its first wave of armed forces to Grandall. Gungnir is sent in as reinforcement with Exalted to follow them shortly after. During their first battle, Priya is separated from her paradigm and without a choice, she backtracks to the borders lattice only to find a group of soldiers from Dalkia preparing to enter. Priya alone engages the three along with her stallion, Odin (whom kicks two of the three soldiers. One was killed via having his skull crushed while the other was left crippled.) engaged the threats.

Priya and Priya alone faces the young girl named Luna and after a taxing and arduous battle, Priya stood as the victor. Luna unfortunately escaped though, Priya herself was partly to blame for this as Luna was just a child caught in the midst of a war which Dalkia had brought to Grandall--not the other way around as Luna had claimed.

From the Eastern Gates, Gungnir progressed to a small valley and from there, the Welshdat Bridge. Gungnir was to rendezvous with additional forces, yet, those additional forces were held back by further Dalkian interference. In light of this, Gungnir, Exodus, Relic, and Valor (Abelia's unit) were given orders to defend and take the Welshdat Bridge.

The units divided their forces accordingly and effectively suppressed the enemy, however; Gungnir and Relic were both pinned by cannon-fire. This ultimately separated Ky (of Gungnir) and Noemi (of Relic) from their respective units; leaving the two to fend for themselves until they reunited with their allies once more.

It was in her absence that Surina faced off against Roin, the man whom had abandoned her and in all intents and purposes, her mind was lost to anger. It took Priya to reverse the bloodlust which was brought to the surface of her elder sibling, yet, she was able to do so by luck.

From this point, they were separated once more. Valor and Gungnir were ordered to press onward with additional forces towards Revless, Dalkia's capital. In doing such, they were ambushed, yet, this would turn in their favor. A transport which had careened off route had fallen, tipped, and killed several a Dalkian while the one whom did survive, was strange to them.

Her flesh dark and her hair darker. Bearing armor of a light blue, she immediately took off into the night with a weapon in her hands. Ky was the one to pursue her until he was cut off by Dalkian reinforcements. As such, the woman stealthily moved about the forest. Unknown only when she chose to make herself known. She slowly thinned the numbers of the Dalkian Force which was dispatched to the area, and in addition, she made the final moments if each foe agonizingly excruciating.

It took Ky's foolish act of good faith and with what saw a slight in the temperament of the swarthy woman, she slowly lowered her weapon and allowed Ky to approach her. After regrouping, Exalted and Relic were sent as reinforcements to the already battered units. Come to find out, the woman was of the Halteese Republic and hearing it from her, Dalkia had recently stirred aggression towards them. To further this aggression, Dalkia attacked Halteese strongholds.

Even worse, they executed the male prisoners and chose to keep the female prisoners.

She, Elisabeth, was the last of her unit to survive. That said, Elisabeth allied herself with Grandall Forces in hopes of reaching Halteese and to form a bond which would see them through this storm. With it decided, Abelia took Elisabeth into her unit despite Priya volunteering for such.

To the short celebration and introductions, it was beyond this which had been the deeply colored trees which would witness the remaining battle of this Waycastle and as such; Gungnir, Valor, Relic, and Exalted divided and slowly advanced upon their own routes in order to thin the opposition before they reached the Waycastle.

Battle Style

Priya prefers to do everything with sound planning to minimize losses as well as injuries. This way of thinking also effects her style of combat. With her small frame, she knows that she can be bested with one whom is more powerful in the terms of the physical...that said, she mixes quick and nimble movement into acrobatic techniques. With this being done, she can maneuver and even dance about her enemy. Of course, not all enemies are fooled by the same thing.

She is capable with a sword and keeps a long dagger as her sidearm which if need be, she will use it as a trump against a relentless foe. 

Another strength is that which is closest to her. That being Surina. She and Surina have sparred with each other over the years and if truly pressed, Priya will mimic Surina's style of combat. As such, she will pick up debris with her weapon and attack her enemy. A clod of dirt bursting against an a blade can blind many a foe. Worst still is if it be another blade which she catches and is able to launch the blade as a projectile with her own weapon itself. 

Surina taught her younger sister how to do such and with a blade caught in weapon's reach, she can effectively hurl the blade at an enemy.

Priya is able to shift her light frame and balance herself upon her weapon--an evasive maneuver which can also be used to attack or simply enthrall offenders.

In the end, Priya prefers a strong defense and precise (but deceptive) counter attacks in order to overcome her enemy in combat. When things become too great in terms of difficulty, she will mimic Surina and attempt to crush her foe with sheer strength and a near-endless torrent of chained attacks.

The Paradigm: Gungnir

Act: I 


Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Specialist: Kusanagi Ky

Ky is the second in command of the paradigm. Despite the criticism he receives, he holds steadfast to his commander's choice in appointing him to such a position--even though he, himself, doubts he is truly worthy of such a station. Even when he speaks of his own doubts, he lets others know less than they need to. He believes if all is known, then he will be written off as worthless and pathetic. He fears and shuns the disappointment of others.

Kusanagi is a Firearm Specialist.

Raisa was a prime choice due to her widely growing popularity. Her skill has even bested that of several higher ranking soldiers and even commanders. Though, little does Priya know, Raisa sought as well as hoped for a newer commanding officer opposed to one whom was seasoned. For one to be so young and bear so much talent, Raisa was sought after by many, yet she was assigned to Gungnir and not by any special request, but by chance. For this chance as she calls it, she is secretly grateful.

Raisa is considered a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Specialist, yet she is skilled in hunting, tracking, strategy, as well as firearm use.

Both Raisa and Ky know how to operate a forge and know the ins and outs of crafting weaponry.

Raisa (Act I)
Specialist: Raisa Zhirova

Private: Meiga 

Meiga's Card

Meiga was a late addition to Gungnir yet, a well placed one at that. The very night he was stationed was the same night Brigands had attempted to overtake his new commander and unit as well as two other units. He proves that he has what it takes to defend his comrades in the face of adversity as well as uncertainty. 

Due to Meiga not bearing any true specialty or advanced knowledge of a particular field, he ranks only as a Private, however; he is an exceptional swordsman whom mixes light martial arts into his style of combat.

Meiga is a decent choice to Gungnir due to his ability to adapt to multiple situations. In short, when he was training in Parousia, he would have been at the top of his class if it weren't for Priya, Surina, Valmont, Erickson, and Raisa.

To make up for his lower rank, Meiga is a fine Hunter and can gather food as well as prepare things from practically nothing which does wonders for his unit.

Aliyah has lived her entire life as a servant for the man known as Halphas Halteese. She enjoys her duties and knows of them to be just for he was royalty and one whom would most likely take the throne.

This routine was shattered when Maletta invaded Halteese. Her master released her of her duties and left so that he could defend his country from a simultaneous invasion by Grandall, and Dalkia despite her wishes for him not to.

Even though she was a servant, she was privilaged: Aliyah was skilled and shield and swordplay. In truth, she excelled in these arts as well as archery to boot.

She fought against Relic -and its Commanding Officer, Annebella- which she barely escaped with her life. After this guerrilla retreat, she was pursued by Malettan Forces for the sake of making her a prisoner though to her luck, she came across Surina, Priya, and Ky. After running into them, it was by chance that they chose to fight alongside one another. Being Grandall and Halteese that is.

Ultimately, Ky saved her life and had even tended to most of her wounds. From then on, she fought alongside Grandall to avenge her people as well as her late master.

Her skill speaks volumes as for single handedly fending off attacks from all opposing banners and either killing or severly wounding commanders. Without a second guess, Aliyah excels in close quarters combat and launch & leave/guerilla warfare tactics.

Specialist: Aliyah
Nicholas Fazello
The Highwayman

Upon being imprisoned within the dungeon of Untide, Maletta, he was beaten, tortured, and continually pushed to make a pact with Chester, yet he refused. He would not allow himself to betray those whom looked to him in a sense of respect, honor, as well as valor - whether he be a wanted man or not.

Chester wanted the major criminals, thieves, murderers, and overall outcasts of society to fight for Maletta and once he refused Chester, the masses followed.

Fazello was to be hung that afternoon, yet, it was Grandallian forces which allowed him along with hundreds of others to escape. Men and women alike. Though his escape was short lived. Fazello crossed swords with E'laura and was narrowly bested in combat. Yet it was a narrow victory for her which landed him in Parousian custody.

E'laura however, brought him before her allies and pushed Priya and Annebella to accept him.

Priya took him on on the price of aiding Grandall in their bout with Dalkia and if he accepts, she would see if she could find him some form of immunity within Parousia--he ultimately accepts yet remains skeptical of his newfound "friends".

In his life, he's been stabbed in the back more times than he's stolen gold. Even with Priya's promise, he'll likely find a way to vanish long before the war itself ends.

Rebellion to Revolt

It has been a year since the fall of the Kingdom of Dalkia and the Halteese Republic. All was well until reports of an attack upon the Boarder came back and proved former General Girardot was the one who orchestrated of the attack. He had seized a stronghold which was vital to Grandall's defense and had also been recruiting citizens loyal to him. Gungnir, joined by Exalted, and Valor had been deployed to bring an end to this charade. As they were underway, the orders were changed. They were sent to save and lend their aid to other units which were in distress and overtaken by the Rebels.

Following the change in orders they were too late to do anything for the unit Absolution and their Commanding Officer, Felix, was beheaded before the three units. They were challenged and they fought. The three units lost none and this force of Rebels among others were defeated with no form of ease whatsoever.

After Gungnir, specifically Priya, was targeted, the infantry force which was sent after her was defeated. Coming upon the stronghold which was one of many that the Rebels held, specifically, the occupancy of Ignis, Priya was the one to find a parchment as the three units searched the grounds for anything which could be of use. Apparently the unit War Hawk, was overtaken and the unit were to be executed. As she looked further and read she saw the names of War Hawk's unit:

"To brief you on what is to come, War Hawk has run the background of the last war as a whore running the married man behind the wife's back. They upheld defenses at the Welshdat. They rained death from above at Untied. They decimated the border to Dalkia and paved way for Gungnir and Exalted."

"You're hunting the Special Tactics Squadron War Hawk. Listed below are the known members of said squadron and above all else, follow the advice below. Our informant, Phantom, has gone to great lengths to ensure this missive reaches us."

P: ~

"Dawn Larrieux - Commander, will not surrender and is a severe threat. She is your priority target here, as close-knit as this unit is, without her, they will fall.

Alexandria Rinslett - Second in command and carries a single blade. Short work can be made of this one. Especially as she keeps her battered ribs to herself. Exploit her, flank and strike true to the right of her torso.

Garret Mulls - Strong and ill-tempered. Approach from stealth to eliminate as combat is ill-advised. You've lost half a platoon to this man alone if memory serves me right. Do not engage head-to-head. The man loves drink just as much as blade, poison will do nicely.

Riese - This woman has the skill of an assassin. I know this by her movements. Her actions give little doubt of her abilities. Especially since she had worked alongside Halteese many years ago. If you've a mind to you, you know what that means. In any case, Riese is the secondary target. Your best tactic is to overwhelm her.

Kusanagi - An easy enough target. He was moved from Gungnir and hasn't much combat skill as I know, however, his land survey and knowledge of your arms and armor are a threat as he or that Russian have likely made both. Approach as you please, but do not skimp on the idea that he will not kill you.

P.S - Scratch what was initially said about the Japanese. He has been acting strange as of late. Strange enough to bring Mulls down a peg in a sparring match that I witnessed. As that's the case, approach with greater caution and not as was aformentioned about Kusanagi. He's not the same as he was back in Maletta."

It had been luck for the only surviving members of War Hawk (being Commander Dawn and now Sergeant Kusanagi) to be found and this was through Ky's new found anger. He had slew the entire squadron which had imprisoned him and his commanding officer Dawn. He alone saved her and came across Gungnir, Exodus, and Valor. Priya had been overjoyed yet, Ky's new attitude was less than welcoming. Surina had even struck him across the face and in turn laughed at such a "tasteless and pathetic punch that a whore could even deliver."

She knew not what to think of his attitude yet, she could only wish that she why he had been acting as he had.

After General Girardot was slain, not a shred of thanks to the Emperor who slew Girardot himself, Girardot's words echoed in her mind: "...know your strength and for whom you wield it for...without shall never become a true warrior..." Girardot's last moments were cut short as the Emperor, away from his throne, impaled the former General with a fleshy-looking blade. She knew not why but she feared the blade as did Surina. As the days followed her teacher's death and the fall of the rebellion, Priya began to think of her own accord.

As she researched, she learned of Soul Edge and the devastation it had wrought yet what was most disturbing had been the picture and its description. The blade was of steel, blood, and flesh and was of pure evil. She knew not if this was what Strife had used to kill her former teacher with yet, if it had been then that would mean his soul was trapped within the sword itself. Yet, Soul Edge and the cursed Azure Knight had been slain for nearly 17 years now.

"...How could it have resurfaced?"

She had brought this to Raisa's attention yet she had been enthralled when Raisa already knew something of the like had been at work. Raisa informed several other members of Gungnir, Exalted, Valor, and the recently freed Klessirpemdo of what could possibly be at hand. As her mind was at work and pondering of things of the like, it was Kuro that brought her mind to a still.

She approached him with her dilemma and he open and honest. Kuro was a Sentry and was investigating the very walls which he help protect for such anomalies and after seeing Strife for himself he was sure that Strife was in possession of another Soul Edge.


"Correct...things of the world which keep most humans awake terrified of what is to come I seek and when I locate them I judge what I should do. This isn't the Soul Edge you researched but a mere replica built of blood, a sword, and several shards of Soul Edge itself."

"H-how do you--"

"Kill the wielder. You kill the wielder, you've much a problem dealing with the blade. That is unless you've a weak will." He looked to Priya and then asked: "Do you have a weak will?"


"Then if you are strong enough...which I doubt, you can destroy the blade and kill the wielder."

After this conversation, Priya took a few days to think for herself of what she should do. Not only what she should do with the case of her Emperor, but also the case with Ky. Surina gave no advice on the subject due to how she felt about affairs of the heart and also how she treated him ill even when he deserved it none. Not to mention what had occured between Raiko and Ky. Priya wanted to tell him how she felt and not falter as she had so many times before. This is the initial reason that he was her Second; and that was to get closer to him and be with him. A foolish act and Surina knew it, yet at the time, she knew not why Priya had made such a poor choice.

As she slept, she dreamt of him. Priya wished for a life that she could enjoy while with Ky though with his recent behavior she knows not if he will reject her or put his pistol to her forehead. Her mind about him could not be made up. Not now anyway. Though as her heart spoke, she soon saw that General Girardot was correct. Last she saw her home. it had been in shambles. Robbery was one thing which had risen and as she recalled, before Girardot rebelled there were several individuals whom were executed for being "conspirators".

Perhaps it was true what the General saw...rising up from her bed, Priya was shocked as it had now just come to her.

"The General...he sacrificed himself for his people..."

As she recalled and even observed, the Rebels killed not civilians. Only soldiers. Her mind was now made. Priya took her weapon, modeled after her father's Bladed Lance and she would fight. Not for the Emperor; but for the people of Parousia. Priya would rebel against the very country her father helped build for the sake of saving its people from a Tyrant.

The Paradigm: Gungnir

Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Aliyah Ruel Halteese

Aliyah was kept with Gungnir and with Girardot's request at that has the Halteesean remained.

Taking pride as well as joy in being with those who have proven themselves to be a friend, Aliyah does what she can to keep her new home as safe as she can manage. Furthermore, she has grown closer to Priya, at times, she even answers to "sis" or "sister". Surina says nothing of this, however, Priya has grown on her as has Aliyah grown on Priya.

Raisa, without question, remains with Priya's Paradigm. Of course, in all cases she would have it no other way.

The Russian serves as second in command and has taken the role of such with vigor.

Surina has given praise time and again for the choice which should have been made years ago, however, in certain cases, Ky's input was invaluable. As such, it is only with his absence that Raisa was placed in such a position to begin with.

Raisa Zhirova (Act II)
Raisa Zhirova

Sasaki Kuro  

Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)

Kuro was the name he had given the platoon that had stormed the abandoned hold. Naturally, he was suspected to be among the Rebels, but after finding bodies strewn about, he was known to be against these rebels.

He's Japanese by the looks and even his weapon, a Katana, was attributing to his being. Name as well. Of all things, Kuro is powerful as well as skilled. Much of the Rebel force that had been present in the area was cut down by his blade alone.

Taking him into her paradigm, Priya believes much good can come from him, however, she does have her caution worn well enough to dress her warmly in winter's maw.

Act: I
—The Mantis War

Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)
Full Name Priya Delgado
Age as of Act: I 20 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 117 lbs
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Gungnir
Style of Combat A hybrid of Bojutsu, Suijutsu, and Largus Apostolus. This is dubbed Apollo Saijutsu.
Sub Weapon Dagger (this dagger is nameless)
Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Act: I Theme Nero (5:45)

Priya's favorite color is a Light Sky Blue.

Their father (Priya and Surina's) was of Spanish decent. This attributes their complexion as well as their accents (mainly Priya's) while their mother was European. This gives them both their alluring appearance as well as ill-welcomed hostility due to their sullied bloodline.

Priya's name was chosen by her grandmother at her mother's behest. It is of foreign origin which gives uniqueness as well as individuality to one whom society will struggle to accept.

The meaning of the name Priya is Water Moon. How her grandmother decided such a name was never discussed as she refused to tell. However, as Surina has discerned (as a base meaning), her name means Purity.

Priya's favorite pastime is Archery. Next to this is reading and researching texts from everything religion and lifestyle to everyday common life of those whom have live long before she.

She Commands the paradigm Gungnir, the choice of this name is from her love of knowledge and topics which deal with mythical beings. To be precise, Priya loves Mythology--where the name Gungnir, Odin's mighty spear originates.

She has a love for all things that deals with religion, mythological creatures, divine beings etc. Priya loves to read and study on things of the world--preferably other countries and cultures.

Priya has a motherly demeanor and cares deeply for anyone she considers her ally. This is evident when Raisa single handedly kills the Brigands which were guarding a fort hidden amidst the vegetation of the border of Parousia. Priya scolds her for not waiting for reinforcements, yet Commander Annebella Williams calms her down and commends Raisa for her skill. Even more to the fact, she takes this information to General Girardot and recommends that he keep his eye on her for she may need a promotion.

This same care is also evident when Ky is mortally wounded, after an encounter as well as a near-death experience with Kierkess. Kierkess had destroyed the Keep which lay at the heart of the newly formed country Maletta. It was within Untide that Ky as well as Raisa and Priya herself were nearly killed. After Gungnir reunited with Ky, Noémi immediately began to tend to his wounds. After she finished, Priya goes in to see him and as his head rests upon her thighs, she sings a song which her mother sang to her when she was nothing but a child.

Gallagher jokes about Priya falling for her second in command and with that said, few speculations began, however, this was not the case. Priya could not live with herself if she allowed any of her allies die while under her command. This is stressed as she tends to Raisa's wounds. Even though the Russian argued about receiving aid, she grudgingly allowed Priya's aid while refusing Noémi's.

As a commander, she is stern and nearly the complete opposite to her gentile and motherly nature when compared to her aggressive warlike persona. It has been said that Priya is a Goddess of War, this came only from her battles and her outright ferocity. This ferocity was first witnessed when Ky's life was in danger. Priya ultimately snapped in order to protect him--yet, she was able to keep a clear mind as to who and what she was attacking and whom she wanted to protect.

Act: II
—Girardot's Rebellion Trivia

Priya (Act III)
Full Name Priya Delgado
Age as of Act: II 22 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 125 lbs
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Gungnir
Style of Combat A hybrid of Bojutsu, Suijutsu, and Largus Apostolus. This is dubbed Apollo Saijutsu.
Sub Weapon Dagger (this dagger is nameless)
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian
Act: II Theme Marunae

Is the Captain of the Anti-Rebellion Force until Priya rebels for her own cause.

Has admitted that she is worried about her former second in command, Kusanagi.

After the loss of Gungnir (her weapon), Priya obtains a new weapon which resembles Surina's/Their Father's Bladed Lance; this weapon was forged by Kusanagi himself.

After Priya learns of what Raiko has done, she has a firm disliking for Raiko and wishes her not on any man for her lustful ways destroys marriages as well as reputations; not to mention her former lover who she has emotionally broken.

Watching Girardot breathe his last, Priya is then sent into deep thought as well as emotional turmoil. After her near point of breaking has passed, her resolve had grown and become absolute, Priya now takes up her arms to Rebel of her own free will against the Empire. However, she feels she is justified to do so; her allies were attacked and nearly killed, some were abducted, while others were injured and left for dead. Topped off with Girardot's death, Priya has abandoned faith in Strife's rule and desires justice to be had for his unlawful crimes.

Consoles Aliyah as news of Kusanagi apparent death reaches them and then instills hope when it is learned that member of the Elite S.T.S are still alive.

Has cut her once long and luscious hair to a short bob out of a sense of mourning. This is done before she heads off to face the Rebels.

Priya was the one to deliver the killing blow to Girardot. With blade 'tween his ribs and a blade wedged into his left knee, she froze as she realized what she had done. After she collapsed, she was unable to restrain her tears.

Was told that her power is controlled by not only her unbridled passion, but also it was puppeteered by others. If she cannot harness her strength for herself, she will never become a true warrior.

She watched helplessly as Strife impaled Girardot with a bleeding blade.

Despite being outnumbered and outruled, she alone led her paradigm (minus Raisa and Ky) against the Empire she so thoroughly loved, cherished, and had protected for years on end.

Subchapter II ~ Act: III

Priya (Act II)
Full Name Priya Delgado
Age as of Act: III 22 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 123 lbs
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Gungnir
Style of Combat A hybrid of Bojutsu, Suijutsu, and Largus Apostolus. This is dubbed Apollo Saijutsu.
Sub Weapon Spatha
Alignment as of Act: III Arthian
Subchapter: II Theme Clair Voyant
Act: III Theme Marunae + Marunae Pi (Hybrid)

Serves as an Elite Guard within the Parousian Castle.

Occasionally flirts with Gallagher, as she is now aware of his affections.

Aids with the public effort of rebuilding and restoration.

Has not seen or heard from Surina in months. She knows that she is well, yet, at the same time, she wonders what has become of her.

Expresses and takes interest in the idea of Halteese being rebuilt and that Grandall, once under new leadership, should be and remain an all time ally.

Is made known of the charm she wears. The charm, or jewel, which rests in the center of a piece given to her by Aliyah, is a fragment of something which was once named a "Holy Stone". Aliyah herself has the other piece which lies in her own choker.

After learning of what Strife truly held and what power is was, she wonders if Surina was effected by it in any way. Her mind reels of the thought of late and recalling the mortal wound which she recovered from, Priya wonders if anything has happened to Surina.

Mounts a search in order to find her sister and picks up her trail heading towards Spain. However, Gallagher stops her before she even makes it out of the city. He demanded that he go with her for her protection but she denied him. He then threatened to tell Annebella and the rest of her unit who would no doubt find it in a matter of days if not hours.

After a time of arguing, she caved and allowed Gallagher to accompany her.

After roaming about for days, she learns nothing of her sister's whereabouts but in an odd turn of events, they pair cross paths with Raisa and Fazello.

The four backtrack to Brass, Ky's cousin and attempt to pay for lodging but Brass simply waives the fee--allowing them to stay the night for free.

They exchange rumors as well as current events and the possibilities of finding each their own quarries. It is here that Priya learns of Ky disappearing and also where she learns that his brother, Ren, was murdered.

Priya gives the two of them information which is not only promising, but is the only solid lead they have. In turn Raisa gives her information and one solid lead. Raisa spoke of a group heading in Parousia's direction and that she saw the same crest (The Delgado Crest) upon one of the blade's pommels.

Raisa advised Priya to backtrack and return to Parousia to investigate. This advise, she took and with Gallagher, they departed Spain the next morning. Raisa and Fazello to the East and Gallagher & Priya to the Northeast. For awhile they traveled together, talking, joking, and even laughing until time came for them to part.

In her parting words, Priya tells Raisa:

"Find him and make sure you don't lose him."

Raisa returns the advice:

"Don't let him break your ass."


Relationships of Significance
Act: I Annebella Williams Act: II
Commander Annebella Williams
Annebella Williams (Act: I)

Annebella not only outranks Priya and Surina, she also looks after her in several battles and often inquires about her progress and her current state. This is due to the fact that Annebella had met her father while he was within Dalkia's ranks. Their father's knew each other and the Delgado's father even stepped foot into the William's home to visit. Annebella also looks after Surina in the same fashion yet, in a much more mature as well as a teasingly/sisterly fashion opposed to being motherly to Priya.

Throuhgout the war against Dalkia, Halteese, and Maletta, Annebella has been a grounding figure to Priya and has done what she could to keep her focused, sane, and most importantly alive.

Annebella Williams (Act II thumbnail)
Annebella Williams (Act: II)
Act: III
Annebella Williams
Act III - Annebella
Years after Dalkia's Fall, Annebella had aligned herself within the Arthias but only after Strife's fall. As such, she now leads the Guard itself. As such a place she had desired to be, she chose not to utter a word of complaint.
Act: I Raisa Zhirova Act: II
Raisa (Act I)
Raisa (Act: I)

(Act: I) Raisa was a prime choice for several Commanders to have in their unit, but Girardot believed it was best to place Raisa alongside Priya.

Since then, they have gotten along well. When Dalkian made their initial offensive and advanced upon the Eastern Gate, Priya lost herself in a tide of her own emotion and blindly charged Dalkian soldiers in her rage. All the while, Raisa stayed by her side and assisted her as she deemed fit. It was after the battle was won that Raise pinned Priya against a wall using Gungnir (Priya's weapon) and nearly choked her with it.

"If you rush in blind and no one is there to cover you, this will be the outcome. You will suffer, and you will die alone without any to save you!"

Raisa proceeded to say:

"We are a paradigm, this is not a free for all. Acting like it is is no different from what Areon did by sending everyone everywhere. You see where it got them, right?"

She learned from Raisa that day. Throught the battles, the ambushes, the near death experiences, Raisa rarely ever broke her calm. She has proven to be dedicated and strong-willed (as well as largely independent) even when outnumbered 10 to 1 (literally).

Raisa has earned Priya's respect for simply looking out for not only her, but for everyone. Despite her serrated personality, Priya can easily see that she means well and will go to great lengths for a friend and comrade.

(Act: II) As Priya declared her War upon the Empire, Raisa initially declined to join. This ultimately disheartened her for she counted on Raisa's strength more than she should have. (A lesson Raisa has always taught herself: to never rely on others) Raisa had no interest in risking her one chance at freedom for the sake of another. This she told to Priya and this is what has eroded some of the respect which Priya had for Raisa. The reason her respect was lost was due to the selfishness of her nature, yet at the same time, Raisa has traversed the world alone where Priya has only visited certain places with a great deal of aid.

It boils down to personal experiences.

Raisa Zhirova (Act II)
Raisa (Act: II)
Act: I Abelia Schillfelt Act: II
Act- I Abelia
Abelia (Act: I)

(Act: I) Abelia and Priya are on speaking terms and are quite friendly towards one another. The downside to this is when Abelia and Raisa are within the immediate area. Priya ceases any and all arguments between them and brings forth the same sternness as Surina carries on a daily basis in order to keep them from facing one in another in the means of death opposed to sport. This same boldness arises when Surina questions Priya's judgment of placing Ky as her second in command opposed to Raisa.

Other than that, the two spar with one another from time to time and are even apt to visit each other as well as enjoy a day of either art, history, or combat drills.

In light of Abelia's reaction to Raisa, this confrontation brings Priya's true nature as a Commander forth when she stands up to defend her allies. Alas, in other instances, some crucify her by claiming she is "unfit" as well as "too kind" to lead anyone. Others believe she would make a good housewife and nothing more. Such things rattle her innately, yet she does her best not to lose her temperament.

(Act: II)

Act- II Abelia
Abelia (Act: II)
Act: I Kusanagi Ky Act: II
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Ky (Act: I)

(Act: I) Ky is a religious, soft-spoken, and light-hearted individual. In terms of anger and aggression, she has seen none from him. Ky was made her second-in-command due to Raisa declining the offer. Additionally, Priya saw a bit more of a strategist despite his quiet and reserved nature.

With Ky made her second, it drew sharp criticism--especially from Priya's elder sister, Surina. No one beleived he was any more than meat to protect a shield while others discredited him as what the whore left behind. No matter what others said, Priya stuck to her choice and it proved a great one indeed.

With his insight, over the course of the War, Gungnir has been guided away from danger on numerous accounts. Alongside Raisa, Grandall learned what to expect in terms of firepower and armor; as both of them had to pass through Dalkia in order to reach Parousia, and with Ky literally staying within the Dalkian capital for an extended period, he gave them the advantage they needed.

He has also pointed out several flaws within Dalkian mail and armor as well. With these weaknesses pointed out, several soldiers implemented this fact into their attacks and were amazed at the results.

"Their armour's vulnerable at the sides and the back. It looks like...a lack of proper plating."

Dalkain soldiers were picked off with ease after this was discovered at Ky was the one whom initially learned of this after examining the armor of a slain Dalkian.

Ky has proven himself in way that he cannot even imagine and with his insight to storming Dalkia, he has directly saved the lives of hundreds of Parousian soldiers and it is after Dalkia's fall which he gains the respect he deserves.

(Act II) In defense to him, Priya understands what he is going through but at the same time, she doesn't understand at all. What she does understand is that Raiko had sunk her emission stained fangs into Ky a year prior (just before Dalkia's fall) to Girardot's Rebellion.

Whatever happened with them apparently (and obviously) went sour. Now Ky is nothing but a shadow of his former self. Yet Priya cannot wrap her mind around why he believes that he IS now himself.

She sought to glean some form of insight from Raisa and she could only tell her that:

"He is his own person and he now sees just how different, twisted, callous, and cold the world truly is. How he let's it effect him is of his own choosing."

True words which can fall in line with practically anything. However, he has changed. Priya can see it sure as anyone else and Raiko is to blame for that. She only wonders how deeply a failed relation has effected him and how deeply he resonates with his Black Hatred.

In all honesty...

Priya worries for him.

Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)
Kusanagi (Act: II)
Act: I Aliyah Ruel Halteese Act: II
Aliyah (Act: I)

(Act: I) Aliyah has lived her entire life as a servant for the man known as Halphas Halteese (An heir to the throne of the Halteese Republic).

She enjoyed her duties and knows very little else outside of servitude. As Priya hears it, Aliyah was "the favorite" of all the other hand maidens of the Republic. This sparked jealousy and also hatred, yet, Halphas was one whom was a tad more affectionate to her.

This routine was shattered when Maletta invaded Halteese. Her master released her of her duties and left so that he could defend his country from a simultaneous invasion by Grandall (Parousia), despite her wishes for him not to. With her armaments given to her, she took them up and with the wrath of a Maelstrom, she not only combatted her foes, she also made sure none of her opposition survived.

Her skill was ssurprising to say the least. To hear it from her, he (Halphas) taught Aliyah the way of combat. Guerilla Warfare to be precise. At first, she did not understand it, yet she had a greater understanding when she told this to Priya:

"Combat needn't be grueling, but it is oft more than not. That said, any advantage that I have over my enemy will be exploited. What is exploited will fester and weaken them substantially and significantly. After they are weakened, they die. There is nothing more to it than that and I have demonstrated that self-same tactic in exactness against both Grandall, the Squadron Relic, to be precise, and Dalkia, and Maletta."

"Are my tactics honorable? Well, that depends on what you view as honor. No war is without corruption and no war is ever fought solely for the good of a people. Greed is always involved. Whether it be of want of another possession, land, wife, or the mere greed of surviving; Greed always has a role in war. Even I am corrupted by it as well; I defended my position and then ran. Honorless cur, I'm sure, but I returned only to weaken my enemy each and every time I showed my face; and in the end, you see that I've run deployed Dalkia and Maletta both damn near to the ground alone."

"In the end, numbers do not matter. It only matters how you deal with those numbers as well as how you utilize the tools at your disposal for how you utilize them, will allow a person, or a platoon, to be dispatched...which grants you time to live just a little longer."

With this told to her, Priya understands her singular focus:

Survive at all costs.

To extend upon that simple focus, Priya drew this from it:

Do not let anyone else's guidelines seal your fate. Fight, tooth and claw in order to outmatch, outwit, and if need be, outrun your opposition.

That is all Aliyah has told her but to be creative with it, she spoke in-depth and gave her greater insight on just how she not only thinks, but how she was taught.

Aliyah is overjoyed to be under Priya's command and after seeing her in combat, Priya knows that she would be a fool to write her off as insignificant.

(Act: II) "My Master, Halphas Halteese as you know him, was ever the romantic with a sword. If you love your weapon, it will in turn love you in turn. With this in mind, I keep my weapons and armor in the best possible condition as honor to him and honor to what he has left for me." 

These were her words as she set out with Priya to engage the Rebel Forces.

Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Act: II)
Act: III
Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Act III)
As one whom has stayed close to the country after Strife's Fall, Aliyah serves as Elite Guard alongside Priya. Of course, Aliyah has spoken of several things she wants. One of them is to rebuild Halteese. As royalty, whether she wants to acknowledge this or not, Aliyah's bloodline is vital to Halteese's success and restoration. This she knows but oft looks to the ill what was wrought through the first war.

It is true that Grandall was attacked but it was not on Halteese's behalf. The same tactic which brought Grandall and Dalkia to blade and blood was the self same one used on Grandall once more but with new armor. Aliyah uncovered that it was none other than the assassin which killed the Old Royal Family in Halteese. Mooncalf her name was. As such, many saw the Halteeseans as a mere victim of ploy, just as Grandall was when the war began.

Few held their hatred for the loss of wealth, loved ones, and more. Others saw power to be had in Halteese's fall. In any case, the Princess of Halteese has many choices ahead of her; yet with Kanon at her side, there may be a chance of Halteese rising once more.

Act: I Riese Act: II
Riese's Prelude Card
Riese (Act: I)

Riese is a woman of years to Priya and is also a woman whom lends her aid in times of need. Riese gives insight as well as reports for various factors even when Priya seeks no form of aid. Yet Riese has told her that she finds it best to keep both the Delgado siblings up to date with what is to occur--especially since she does not trust officials whom outrank her.

Riese has placed a small amount of trust within Priya and Priya holds to that small bond to hopefully bring about a positive outcome.

Riese (Act II)
Riese (Act: II)
Act: I E'laura Riga Act: II
E'laura (Act- I)
E'laura Riga (Act: I)
Invited Priya to her mansion after the Border Incident. As such, they spoke of the war to come as well as many other things which can fuel war itself. E'laura believes that Priya is ill-experienced as well as ill-prepared for war, yet truth told, she herself is not prepared for war. She does her best to teach Priya of the ways which she (E'laura) and Girardot have survived when they both were stationed in the field. Her reason for such is as stated: "My father spoke highly of the Delgado line and as such, I too shall speak highly, yet, only if you be worthy of said blessing." It was then that E'laura challenged Priya to a spar--which Priya lost. She was commended for her tact, but was outright criticized for her gentile and "ill-passionate" display in combat.
E'laura Riga (Act II)
E'laura Riga (Act: II)
Act: I Nicholas Act: II
Nicholas Fazello
Fazello (Act: I)

Upon being imprisoned within the dungeon of UntideMaletta, he was beaten, tortured, and forced to make a pact with Chester, yet he refused. He would not allow himself to betray those whom looked to him in a sense of respect, honor as well as valor.

Chester wanted the major criminals, thieves, murderers, and overall outcasts of society to fight for Maletta and once he refused Chester, the masses followed.

Fazello was to be hung that afternoon, yet, it was the Grandallian forces which allowed him along with hundreds of others to escape. Men and women alike. Though his escape was short lived. Fazello crossed swords with E'laura and was narrowly bested in combat. Yet it was a narrow victory for her which landed him in Parousian custody.

E'laura however, brought him before her allies and pushed Priya and Annebella to accept him.

Priya took him on on the price of aiding Grandall in their bout with Dalkia and if he accepts, she would see if she could find him some form of immunity within Parousia--he ultimately accepts yet remains skeptical of his newfound "friends"

He was adopted into Gungnir as a way to discourage further attack upon Grandall itself. As E'laura had explained, 'he is a wanted man, and was quite valuable from what I hear...' thus, Priya brought him into her paradigm despite being advised not to by Surina.

Additionally, she saw the very same situation about him as which had befallen not only Aliyah, but Raisa and Ky as well. Seeing this, she hesitated none in accepting him--under the condition that if he allied himself with Grandall, she would speak on his behalf to pardon any and all crimes which he has committed.

Priya is, as far as she knows, the only one to address him by his actual name. Of course, this is only after she asked it.

Fazello (Act II)
Fazello (Act: II)
Act: I Meiga Act: II

Meiga was a late addition to Gungnir yet, a well placed one at that. The very night he was stationed was the same night Brigands had attempted to overtake his new commander and unit as well as two other units. He proves that he has what it takes to defend his comrades in the face of adversity as well as uncertainty. Due to Meiga not bearing any true specialty or advanced knowledge of a particular field, he ranks only as a Private, however; he is an exceptional swordsman whom mixes light martial arts into his style of combat.

Meiga is a decent choice to Gungnir due to his ability to adapt to multiple situations yet, he still has much to learn and Raisa lends her aid in his sword technique while he educates her in hand-to-hand combat.

Act: I Luna Act: II
Luna (act I)
Luna (first encounter)

Priya faced Luna just outside the Eastern Gates of Grandall. With their first encounter, Priya proved victorious but only by mimicking Surina's style of combat in order to deceive her opponent. With this victory, Luna's pride was scarred. Despite her escaping, Priya's true victory was cracking Luna's arrogant pride and forcing her to retreat from battle due to her injuries.

Their second encounter was when she and Gungnir had pushed further into Dalkian controlled areas. From this, Priya again proved to be victorious but only by a small figure.

Odd thing, Luna is translated to mean Moon whilst Priya bears the meaning of Pure Moon.

Act: I Gallagher Act: II
Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)
Gallagher (Act: I)

Gallagher is a man whom is quite fond of Priya and has even begun to share in her interests of mythology and that which is uncommon. Priya enjoys his company as well as the extra hand when it comes to purchasing books and other items which strike her fancy. She's not questioned whence he has come yet, she is grateful hat she has met one whom has some of the same interests as she does.

(Act: II) As she prepared her sortie, she requested to retain her original paradigm, being that of Raisa, Ky, Aliyah, and Meiga. She had placed this request to Strife himself seeing that with her background, and the similar backgrounds of Ky and Raisa and the delicate matter of Aliyah (which Strife was unaware of), she wanted to keep them with her to try and protect them.

What she did not realize was that Gallagher had a request to be taken into Gungnir which was brought to her attention rather late. Ultimately, she had to choose between keeping Aliyah under her protective wing, and Gallagher.

Priya chose Aliyah, as she wanted to ensure the Princess was not offed by her supposed "allies".

Gallagher (Act II)
Gallagher (Act: II)
Act: III
Gallagher of the Arthian Guard
As one who has lived through war after war, Gallagher has expanded his knowledge and sharpened his skill. As any would if they were a two-time war veteran (as he calls it) but more importantly, he felt the need to express what he felt. For years he had an eye for Priya and for years he had kept this to himself. It was fairly recent that he spoke to Annebella of his interests and with it spoken, she gave him advice:

"Getting to know the family  is the better idea...but too obvious. In all thought and in all honesty, I'd look more to one who sought me out as who I were and not mere useless flesh around what they truly had in mind."

His intention was not to bed Priya but Annebella knew this already. He sought her hand but before that, he sought her approval. He knew well enough that Surina would fight him every step of the way but seeing that, he knew he had an advantage where others did not:

Gallagher served under Surina's command for years and had also come to be her second in command. She knows his worth as a soldier and likely as a person as well. She changed her attitude about him when he protected Aliyah from those who outranked him when they attempted to rape her. Furthermore had been the reactions to others and events; things which Surina gave a nod to as well as supported when it came to him itself.

With this, he downed his ale and thanked his friend. Annebella nodded as he stood. What she had told him was what he had already done and reinforced the idea if not set it into motion. With this in mind, he sought to speak to Surina on the matter before all else. Gallagher knew that Surina had elevated his position due to her suspicion itself. Knowing this, he chose to seek her out. The problem was finding her...

Act: I Surina Delgado Act: II
Surina (Act- I) thumbnail
Surina (Act: I)

Surina Chelle Delgado is Priya's older sister. Being the more sensitive of the two, Priya is well-liked amongst the people of her country. Surina on the other hand, thinks not twice about offending another. The two are often compared by their seniors as well as those who merely look to them with awe. Priya bearing her ardent armor, is always considered to be light, an incarnation of purity, a just nature, as well as loving.

Surina is compared to darkness.

Even more so she is considered the "opposite" of her younger sister Priya. Most do not get along with Surina yet, she is not at all concerned with what others think of her. Surina is only concerned if anything should befall her younger sister Priya Delgado; for she will do anything and kill anyone to ensure her safety.

Surina (Act II)
Surina (Act: II)

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