"Pleasure is but that for which we all yearn, whether it be of the flesh or of drink or blood or gold or even fame measure all the same. For me? I just so happen to indulge in love of drink and love of flesh but come now, warmth of bed and warmth of flesh do go hand in hand. Of course, I'd rather you to be about my lips opposed to my hand; and 'tween my lips opposed to simply thinking of your flesh."
— Raiko

Raiko (thumbnail)

Raiko's Act II Thumbnail

Rati (Raiko)

Full Name Raiko Zhirova (though she has severed her ties to her family)
Name (Act:III) Rati
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Birthdate 1586, February 15th
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 21 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 22 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 109 lbs. (49 kg)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Short Swords x2; (both attached to her light greaves),

Twin Spiked Sickles; (both attached to a holster at her hips)

Preferred Weapon Crossbow: This bow has been modified to where it fires two arrows at once, increasing its killing potential and lethality as a weapon.
Weapon's Name Short Swords: Lust and Love;

Spiked Sickles: Pleasure and Bliss;

Crossbow's Name Euphoria
Living Family Members Raine; her eldest sister

Raisa; her elder sister

Living Relatives Aunt: Abigale (unaware of)

Younger Cousin: Grayson (unaware of)

Deceased Family Members Mother (unaware of her death)

Father (unaware of his death)

Deceased Relatives Uncle: Henry (unaware of)

Elder Cousin: Elizabeth (unaware of)

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until she learns of Raisa fighting for Arthias. With a small glimmer of respectability, she aids Arthias due to her sister's choice.
Alignment as of Act: III Neutral
Act: I Theme Inner Sanctuary(Theme of Raiko)
Act: II Theme Tears of God (4:47)
Act: III Theme Lacrimosa (9:08)


Raiko, unlike her elder sisters, bears an overly physically attractive form. Oft wearing provocative clothing and found mostly in taverns. Her hair, a shade brighter than her elder siblings, is always set in some designer fashion to catch the eye. Opposed to her sisters, she loves the color of gold and oft wears the color proudly. With her oft revealing attire, loose tongue and well explored body known to many, Raiko is known to men and women throughout several towns and cities due solely to the warmth of her flesh and the pleasure of her tongue.

Biography of Raiko

Raiko, often called Rai for short, is the youngest of three sisters and is by far, the most sexually experienced. She was born a few minutes after midnight which is why her birthday is on the fifteenth of February instead of the fourteenth as her elder sisters are. Ever since she was a child she had clung to her sisters so that she could be just like them—Raisa, forever fearless and Raine, eternally elegant. Raiko made friends easy since most of the town she lived in had boys everywhere and most of them were well into their teen years while she was barely seven years old. Raiko knew not much about religion nor the pagan evils that people often spoke so she never cared to learn anything about either. Even though Raisa would warn her that older boys were and could be dangerous Raiko thought Raisa was jealous and all the years of wanting to be like her, were gone. At the age of thirteen, Raiko had lost her virginity to a childhood friend named Seth. He was only fourteen years old and Raiko had been his first but as far as she had been concerned, he was a professional with how good she felt after they had finished. Many times a week, she would go to Seth in order to feel him inside of her and a few times, Raiko had even tried sodomy despite Seth knowing it to be a sin. Her mother was surprised when Raiko brought news of leaving to be with Seth and as her mother warned her of the dangers of young love; Raiko refused to listen and accused her mother of wanting her to be miserable. Furthermore, she also blamed her mother for Raine leaving because of her mother’s restrictions that were placed on her as well. With arguing all the thirteen year old had been capable of, Raiko left and never came back.

Living her life with Seth, she had everything she needed; a home, food to cook, a good friend, a better lover, and most importantly, their fierce lovemaking. The two of them were rarely apart from one another and whenever neither of them could be found, it was a good guess as to what they were doing. Nearly every night, Raiko was brought to a climax and depending on how much energy Seth had left, possibly two to three times a night. Two years had passed since Raiko left home in order to live her life with Seth and it was one week after her birthday when he returned home with utter terror upon his face. Before she could ask, he told her that she needed to leave. Without a decent explanation he ran to their room and began to pack clothes and even a few knives; Raiko, beginning to believe that he had grown tired of her, began to weep and before he reemerged from their bedroom, Raiko was gone. Without a home, any food, love, personal protection, Raiko wandered the countryside aimlessly with her head hung and makeup smeared across her face. Her hair was unusually unkempt and the people that knew her didn’t even recognize her—this did nothing for how she felt as she took this as them ignoring her. A few days had gone by and it had been raining as she continued walking. Her mind was racing with questions as why he wanted her to leave and even more so, the fact that he wanted her gone at that instant. Had she done something wrong? Had she not satisfied him as he satisfied her? As her mind continually wore itself out a man in white robes came across her and immediately took her into shelter. After a few moments of silence, he gave her a towel and clean clothes and directed her to the bath where another woman would tend to her. After she had washed and dried herself, Raiko was helped into the skirt and blouse along with the silver boots that the other women had worn.

At dinner, Raiko was asked where she had been going but she did not speak. She did not even eat. She merely sat there. Seeing as it was going nowhere, she was then taken to her room where she spent most of her days in silence. Her food was brought to her and she ate little, often a few bites and then nothing else. It was often that the head priest would come to her room and check to see if she were willing to say anything, however, she said nothing. Raiko did nothing more than stare at the wall.

Months had now passed, and the priest had continued to come to check on her. It was almost heartwarming that he cared so much about her. Especially that he knew not much about her if anything. Raiko again locked herself within her mind. She was completely oblivious to Raisa being within the same room with her and when she did notice it was the last day she stayed at the church itself. Coming to her senses after nearly three years of remaining in an emotionally isolated state, Raiko sat and talked to the man who often visited her. He was kind and when he brought food for her, Raiko ate all of the food that was brought. She even drank some of the wine that he brought as well. Soon after they spoke, he invited Raiko to his quarters so that they could continue their conversation while he worked. Raiko had told him about Seth, her mother, her father and her sisters. He was somewhat surprised when Raiko said that she had sisters and not only that, she had spoken Raisa’s name. A fellow man of the cloth had knocked and apologized for intruding. The head priest excused himself for a moment and then two men spoke about something in hushed whispers. After a few moments, the other man left and they soon returned to their conversation. All the while, Raiko continued to drink the red wine which the head priest had offered her. It wasn’t long before the young girl was slurring with her words and laughing at practically anything that was said. After more conversation she found herself on his lap and not long after that, Raiko was in his bed.

It was within the morning when screams had awakened them both and as Raiko noticed that she had no form of clothing the priest had quickly gotten to his feet and told Raiko to dress quickly. In doing so, the priest himself dressed and quickly left the room. As he returned he told Raiko that her sister, Raisa, had killed the other priest which she had saw the night prior to this day. Raiko knew not what to say and not only that, but when he told her that she should leave, Raiko’s eyes began to swell with tears.

“Child it isn’t anything you’ve done wrong, it’s just for where we must now begin to protect our own. You can return after we have done that.”

Oddly enough, Raiko ran and hugged the towering man. In turn he placed one hand on her head and the other on her shoulder. To follow that, he also told Raiko not to tell any of the sisters what they had done and she promised not to tell a soul. The head priest gave her enough gold to fund her for nearly a month and told her that until she can return, she would need to be sure to look after herself and stay in a positive mood. Raiko agreed to do just that. He also pointed out to her that Parousia and Dalkia both have vast amounts of opportunities which would be beneficial to her. Raiko was then warned to stay away from anything to do with Halteese and Maletta.

Setting off for Parousia, Raiko bid her leave to the sisters of the church as well as the head priest and while no one was looking she cupped the priest’s phallus and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss him. Her natural demeanor restored, Raiko would look after herself and not only that, she would be sure to do whatever she believed to bring the head priest happiness.

Little did she know, she was nothing more than a sight for sore eyes as well as the ripest of fruit to be picked...


Love & Lust: Are twin Short Swords which she uses both with alarming dexterity. Over the time she has spent with her former beloved, her use with small knives has more use than simply cooking, gutting, cleaning, and hunting for food.

Pleasure & Bliss: Are simple daggers brought along just in case anything happens to Love or Lust.

Euphoria: Is the name of her single firing crossbow.

Combat Style

Raiko’s combat revolves around her movements. Basic it sounds but it is where she does not fight her opponent, but instead she predicts and guides their attacks away from her. In other words, she is nothing more than a "turtle" for the most part unless she is on the offensive. When she is offensive, Raiko continually dodges her opponent’s attacks much like Ky, the difference is that when they are tired from continuous attacks and an opening is sighted, Raiko draws her crossbow and ends the fight with a single arrow instead of stringing together multiple attacks which aren't meant to even kill her enemies.

Act: I Subchapter

During the downtime between the War against Dalkia and Girardot's Rebellion, Raiko was showered with love and gifts. Not just from Aeneas but from Ky. Ky was the one whom Raiko had chosen to be with and as time was spent she grew to enjoy his company but ultimately she was usually found with Aeneas in tow. The two of them had a connection which Raiko felt that she could not deny. Although this was purely sexual, Raiko cared not for it was what she wanted. Fast. Hard. Rough. Sex. She wanted nothing of Love for it led to disasters. Living for the sake of pleasure is what she has done for years on end and it is what she will do as she lives the rest of her life.

It was after she found Ky in the company of Aliyah and Raisa that she had begun to suspect that he had gotten the hint that it would never work out and she did not even have to open her mouth and say a word of the matter. As she expected, Aliyah resented her while Raisa was just as casually insulting as always. Calling her a whore or something else of the like while Raiko herself made jests of Raisa and her aging virginity. Aliyah said not a word. She was more concerned about Ky whom had made the effort to not be in the same location as Raiko.

It bothered her just as the risk of birthing a child--none. Raiko was infertile just as Raisa and possibly Raine as well. She needn't worry of such things as child birth and pregnancy. Let alone spending gold on contraception. That would amount to a fortune if she were needing of the fashions of stopping pregnancy. Though with Ky no longer being a thorn in her side, her downtime and orifices, were filled by Aeneas and several other males whom were of the military, seamen, or simply civilians.

Act: II Girardot's Rebellion

One year had passed before she was called back into duty. Raiko was more than annoyed when she had to don her armor once more but she could not complain since the pay was more than satisfactory. As she returned to the same Squadron she was met with little hostility. Mainly the usual from her Commanding Officer Surina. Other than that, Aliyah still resented her and spoke none to her let alone of her as far as she knew of yet, she cared none if the child did.

As the first night set upon this improved infantry unit, Raiko listened to the others speak. Quite frankly, the new faces, being Tina, Luca, and Yuilin were originally of Abelia's unit Valor during the war against Dalkia and now as they were all together again they asked questions about Gungnir and Exalted. These units were two of the few which were heavily praised among all of Grandall as well as other soldiers. Raisa, Raiko's elder sister, said little as she soon left to speak with her Commanding Officer, Priya.

As none of the talk interested her, Raiko slept. She dreamt of Aeneas again. It wasn't a surprise that she did nor was it a surprise what she dreamt of them doing. The only thing which was a surprise was where. She had a knack for travel and different locations always added some spice to her sexual fantasies. This time they were in Rome. The moon was full and the air smelled of fresh fruit. Raiko had lathered herself in sensual sweet oils yet just before Aeneas entered her she saw Ky's face.

This immediately shattered her dream and she immediately woke. Rising upwards she placed a hand to her forehead and shook the image away.

" know you your sleep?"

Looking to Tina, she could see her blushing against the illumination the fire had been giving. Chuckling, Raiko wiped her face and then looked at the pallor skinned Tina.

"My dreams are very...entertaining."

"...tch..." Aliyah had scoffed against this comment.

"You've something to say child? You do know you should be asleep at this hour?"

Flicking a rock from her left hand, Aliyah slowly turned her head in Raiko's direction.

"Shouldn't there be something in your mouth about this hour?" Raiko got to her feet and in her hands had been her crossbow.

"I've something you can place in to taste it?" Tina merely looked back and forth between the two repeatedly before Priya interjected.

" you have a moment?" By her voice, Aliyah stood and made her way to her commander. Resting her crossbow upon her right shoulder she sat back down and shook her head.

The next few days were spent searching for the other units. Nothing but bodies were found and by the looks of it, the Rebels were not taking this lightly. Even when they located Felix, the "C.O" (as Raiko says) is beheaded before them and a massive battle ensued with Yuilin nearly being killed. They were not much the threat though. As they pressed on and searched the area she overhead Priya and Surina's conversation and learned that Priya had mounting affections for Ky. That and that he was now in the unit War Hawk.

As the search for War Hawk began, Raiko was indifferent until she recalled seeing Ky's face looming over her stripped and oiled body. She wondered if he would actually be assertive and attempt to take her to bed--after all...Japanese was a flavor she's never had. Dawn and Ky were both found near a burning chapel the next night and when Raiko saw him she immediately noticed his cut hair but what she noticed was that he had changed.

He taunted Surina. Struck Pfeiffer across the face and ignored several orders from more than just his commanding officer. He had grown into a man and Raiko had in fact loved what she was seeing. Despite her compliments he blew Raiko off. Ky wanted nothing to do with Raiko and he grew all the more tense when she drew near. She was actually quite lost as to why he was so hostile towards her. She never did say she was truly his nor did she say she would be his wife. What they had was a tryst which did not go anywhere. Yet with that said it was not even a tryst it was a failure of courtship on his part.

Upon the final battle with the Rebels, Raiko used her seduction to bait Xunyu; an elderly man whom had lost his wife years ago and with this lure of seduction, she easily slit his throat before he could reveal his phallus. Other opponents were simply picked off from long range with her new crossbow. She also provided surpressive fire for Priya and Surina as they alone entered a fortified structure just over a ravine.

It was there that Girardot had met his end and as she heard it was none other than Strife himself which had ended the General's life. Either way she cared not much for the old man although his son on the other hand was a man she would like to know.

Weapons during the Rebellion

Lust and Pleasure are two long daggers

Subchapter II

With the end of the Revolt, led by the sisters Delgado, Raiko merely resumed her previous style of life; yet, she was surprised to see that she had not many "patrons" this time around. Those whom she would normally visit or have visit her, were either dead, or had abandoned the country altogether before the chaos had erupted. Even those whom were formerly assigned to the Phalanx and Gladius were at a loss of interest for her. Ky or Kusanagi as he had now chosen to deem himself, has not a eye for her.

He's oddly seemed to gravitate 'tween the Halteesean and her own elder sister, Raisa. Yet, it was not much for her to worry of; yet...

Without any eyes upon her or those to pursue her, she began to feel desperate. That said, she sought out Nikita and asked for the next date for sail. Nikita outright denied her passage. Not due to funding, or bloodshed, or post war, but for the obvious fact that Raiko was a whore--which Nikita bluntly stated. Yet, in her bittersweet nature, Nikita pointed her in the direction of travelers and bid her to "ride" them.

So she did.

With them, she traveled. She visited Florence with the group of men and few women she had accompanied and while there she had learned of a few stories which were being told. These stories revolved around the eruption of the dormant volcano which in turn was only the first disaster which had befallen Pompeii. As it was being explained, she soon lost interest and chose to rest. That next morning, they were on the roads again.

These people were well-equipped. More so than Raisa during each conflict dealing with Grandall and its warring. As she spoke to one of the men, she came to learn that they were Hunters and Trappers. Raiko ignored a few of the looks which she had received yet, as she asked about more information, the man declined to say anything more. However, he did offer her a drink.

As time passed, the caravan stopped in more towns and cities and in the midst of their stops, Raiko was able to temporarily quench her thirst. Her favorite was a warrior named Bretton. He was stronger than Gallagher and even taller than the man of the Ire--additionally, his sexual drive was just as powerful as hers. Whenever night had fallen, the two would roam away from the others and enjoy one an other. Often returning the next day near noon (as Bretton had to keep a schedule), she had began to grow accustomed to her new-found lover and his allies.

That's until they neared the what was once deemed Persia.

It was in the middle of the night when a pair of women crossed their paths. Instinctively, the men drew their weapons while Raiko slowly struggled to bring herself to wake.

"Your kind have no place amongst the living!"

A shrill screamed followed the familiar voice and this woke her immediately. Getting to her feet, Raiko armed herself with her crossbow and fired at the first foriegn object before her.

To her disbelief, the woman evaded her arrows and as such, they flew and struck her ally, a woman named Cybil in the chest. One arrow pierced her heart while the other severed her spine. As she fell to the sand, the woman (whom had evaded her arrows) had not turned, and had not even moved but in that instant, she had been standing before Raiko and looked her in her eyes.

With a sharp pain in her chest, she instantly fell unconscious...

It had been weeks since then.

Months it had felt like.

Raiko had been taken into some keep and was made a prisoner. The man were barely dressed and were well-defined in both body and organ yet what was her fear had been when they changed.



These people, these men, and these women both were inhuman and it had been the men whom held a love for her body.

If a limit to what she can take was never made, it was now established. These...beasts, were beyond that of mere men. Their carnal hunger was a sun compared to her candle and her body, for once, was truly near breaking. She bled from her womb, she bled from sodomy, and she even bled from her mouth. Her body was filled on an hourly basis and with each duo that came in, there was always a spectator.

She would say little but she watched nonetheless. With her eerie pale-green eyes, she watched. There were a few times to where she even gave the "men" instruction on what to try next. After all, initially it was only one at a time, but this woman "permitted" that it was absolutely necessary that two or three engage Raiko at once.

It was agony. With little to no repose, Raiko had little fluids left within her body and below that had been far drier than the sands which covered portions of the gilded floor.

Yet there was a disturbance. One which drew the attention of her tormentors and with them gone, she knew she had little time to react. Raiko crawled out of her prison and even managed to walk a few steps before falling face-first to the floor. With her face now bloody, she did not let that stop her. The floor rumbled and the very air felt electrified. Her hair stood on end and even the few beast mean she saw had their fur standing on end--though it did not stop her.

She needed to use this time to escape. Barely able to walk or even crawling. Anything to escape these "Wolf-Men".

It took time and grievous effort, but she was at last able to see the sun. Blinded by it as much as she was relieved to see it. She continued on. If she had learned anything from two wars, it was that you must always keep moving. Despite it being a sexual reference, in this case, it was to keep her alive. Across the sands of the Silk Road, she crawled. Desperate for relief, she brought herself to a small wreckage and hid amongst the shade.

With the noontime sun overhead, the heat was unbearable.

Taking this time to examine herself, she stared at the matted sand against her belly, her tattooed breasts, and her lower body. She was barefoot, dressed in nothing but anklets, a garter, her serpent necklace, and lastly a pair of bangles and an armband.

"...why did this happen...?"

She asked herself this after realizing the wreckage she had taken shelter under was in fact the very same one from whence she was taken. She had never found out what happened to the rest of those whom were with her. Of course, she knew them all by body, but other than that...a few of them she did not even know their names.

"...and I'm alone again..."

This was true. Yet, in this case, she was alone and in the middle of nowhere. The last she knew was that someone had said something about the Silk Road Ruins.


As she recalled what she had heard about the ruins, she remembered a woman telling her to stay away from them as it leads to death. Raiko blew this woman off and continued to drink. That said, she also drank with the men whom were armed to the teeth.

At that moment it clicked.

"W-were they hunting the Wolf-Men?"

If this were the case, she deliberately ignored her only warning about the ruins themselves and if they were in fact Hunters then:

"...they're all dead..."

A full day passed before she set off and when she did, she did so at during the day. With two days time, she emerged at somewhat memorable area. She recalled the port but not the area. In either case, by this time, she had been walking despite the pain and despite those beasts' semen still pouring from her womb. Evading contact with anyone, she advanced undetected and proceeded through the dwellings and empty stalls.

She entered the harbor under the cover of night and as such, her first priority was to find clothing. Using the shadows to her advantage, Raiko crept about the alleyways and managed to find an open wharf. With it found, she quickly entered through it and made her way towards the bedding area. Sneaking around the lone woman, she found her dresser and looted what she could. After days of eating nothing, she took jewels, and whatever else looked valuable.

From there, she made her way to the kitchen and slowly heated water by starting a small fire and once it was started, she let the water gradually heat before taking a cloth (dipped into the water) and scented soaps to properly clean herself.

Her bliss was shattered as the front door opened however. Freezing, she saw a man lumber forth and as he did, she could tell he was drunk. Moving slowly, she tried to avoid his sight but that failed.

Before she could do anything, he was upon her, but not as she had thought he would be.

He spoke in a language that she could not understand and in addition to that, her legs were raised, her body was lifted and her back was firmly placed against a wall.

This man had mistaken Raiko for his wife and in his drunken stupor as well as the darkness of the night, he could not tell the difference. He entered her nonetheless. With his speech incomprehensible, she simply moaned in response to his thrusts--despite the fact that she could hardly feel anything. To end this, it was a short few minutes later that he exploded within her.

This used to never bother her but seemed...wrong.

He left her lying on the floor and stumbled off into the room to sleep. Again, she washed herself and donned the clothing of the woman whom she had robbed.

Stealing away back into the night, Raiko crossed what appeared to be a tavern. she thought of walking in, but with the clothing she had just taken, it probably was not the best idea. Even more so, Raiko used to head to the taverns in order to...

"I won't go in..." She told herself this repeatedly so even that she would be convinced that it was not a good idea to do such.

Turning her back to the tavern, she continued on until she chanced upon a woman's voice. She continued on until the voice grew louder and as it did, she hid.

"...If we are to search by night, we run the risk of drawing eyes."

"I don't care."

That voice.

"Don't think you can just waltz in and think you can waltz out alive!"

"...And you are to tell me what I need to do why?"


As the two entered the light being emitted by a torch, she was able to discern his figure completely.

"It is you..."

The two changed course and headed in another direction. Speaking of lodging in the nearby area. That said, Raiko followed them while staying close to the shadows. However, the two did not seek lodging. They continued on for hours. Eventually heading into a wooded area and with that, dawn had come and gone.

After following them for hours on end, they finally came to a rest, yet, as she took an additional step, she fell. Down a small slope yet she managed to grab on to the exposed roots of a tree. Looking down, it led to a greater drop that possibly was shallow--which meant severe injury or even death from this height. Climbing back up, she changed course and made it back to solid ground.

Yet she had now lost sight of them. She kept calm and simply followed the last direction she recalled them heading. After a time, she found him. She found Ky but much more than just him. He was in the company of a woman. Her skin, dark, just as her hair. Her eyes were blue but what truly caught her attention had been when the woman lovingly brought her head up to her chin and gently nudged him.

They were both sitting and watching the waterfall.

" never know what life will hold after you reach your destination. Life can even prevent you from ever getting there simply because that is the charge life is given." Judging by the voice, this had been the same woman from the night before.

"...what are you getting at?"

"Cherish what you have and embrace what wishes to embrace you. If you neglect it, you may never come to gain that self-same affection again. That'll leave you empty when no one is around to hear your screams, lick your wounds, or even tend to needs you may have."

"...Funny how you say "licking wounds"..."

"Don't spoil the moment Ky."

Licking, Raiko instantly translated to sexual meanings. Sliding down until she now sat upon the ground, she was devastated. He had found someone else to take her place when he initially held loving affection for her--just as the woman had said.

In fact, it was almost as if the woman had been speaking to Raiko instead of to Ky. That wasn't possible, Raiko hid herself well and had even managed to bathe after she stole clothing. Her filth of days past were not present, so it is folly to think that the woman was talking to her.

But in any case, she had to confront Ky. The Ky she last saw was distant to everyone which means that by some odd circumstance, and even with how he spoke, he was not in full tolerance of what was happening.

It didn't matter, she needed to get him away from her and alone so that she could talk to him herself. Deep down, she was scared of being left alone again and for her to see a familiar face (the face of the one she betrayed no less) she worked it into her mind that he wanted Raiko just as Raiko "wants him".


Full Name Raiko Zhirova (though she has severed her ties to her family)
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Birthdate 1586, February 15th
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 109 lbs. (49 kg)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Short Swords x2; (both attached to her light greaves),

Twin Spiked Sickles; (both attached to a holster at her hips)

Preferred Weapon Single Notch Bow: This bow has been modified to where it fires two arrows at once, increasing its killing potential and lethality as a weapon.
Weapon's Name Short Swords: Lust and Love;

Spiked Sickles: Pleasure and Bliss;

Bow's Name Euphoria
Living Family Members Raine; her eldest sister

Raisa; her elder sister

Living Relatives Aunt: Abigale (unaware of)

Younger Cousin: Grayson (unaware of)

Deceased Family Members Mother (unaware of her death)

Father (unaware of his death)

Deceased Relatives Uncle: Henry (unaware of)

Elder Cousin: Elizabeth (unaware of)

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian

Her mother and father were both killed, yet she is unaware of this.

Raiko is the youngest of three sisters.

Her favorite drinks are alcoholic liqueurs (fruit-based, flavorful).

Just as her elder sisters, she has extended family, yet she remains ignorant to the fact that some are still alive. In addition to that, Raiko blames her mother, Raina Zhirova (if she recalls right), for acting as the central medium for their family to be severed as it had been. After this initial accusation of course, Raiko left, only to be found years later within a church by Raisa, her elder sister.

Has severed ties to most of her family, however she still regards Raisa and Raine as her sisters.

Has seduced men whether they be married or not and has driven men to fight over the right to share a bed with her for the night.

Raiko suffers from an innate depression which has manifested itself after she was "thrown out" of her home by her former lover. She never realized that it was the fact that her mother (whom she has severed ties to) was under an attack and her father had been dragged through the streets while having stones striking his very being. Her ignorance and emotional turmoil have evolved into the lustful wanton of others. She feels that she is truly wanted, loved, and genuinely cared for while engaging in sexual acts no matter how disgusting they may be or if it be with her own gender. In the end she has become a slave to her own carnal fear of being abandoned and has forgotten most of her diverse and rational thought in the process.

Raiko is a highly sexual woman and will often use her charm to get what she wants. Often, during the war against Dalkia, she is in the company of several men and rarely women. This of course, leads to rumors, lies, the stripping of ranks as well as other form of demotions. Though Raiko receives none of these punishments, those whom she fornicates with are the ones who truly suffer. 

Raiko is infertile. This means she is incapable of becoming pregnant and she herself has much upon the ware to tell that she is incapable of such. That said, the Silphium which E'laura sells and other forms of contraception she needs not worry of. She is proud of that as well, since if she needed to worry of contraception she would be in vast amounts of debt.

Raiko has traveled, just like Raisa, from their homeland and has wound up in Parousia. Of course, Raiko's travels were much, much more pleasant than Raisa's. Upon traveling, she enjoyed not only comfort but also pleasure as she traveled with a group of merchants and hired knights to protect the merchants and their wares. Women were also among the wares to be sold, as well as used with the exception of a select few.

Raiko hates being confused with her elder, high-strung, and virginal sister, Raisa. The times that she is, she has proven to be uncooperative, spiteful, and overall difficult to manage as well quell.

Towards the end of the war, Raiko begins a slow and bubbling relationship with Ky. However, she is still sleeping with Aeneas on the side. Many know that Raiko will betray Ky and quite frankly a few already know she has, yet she never bothers to mention anything to him whatsoever as she truly never had loving affections for him in the first place. All she truly wants is to see if a Japanese can bring her pleasure or not; beyond that, there is absolutely no specific draw to Ky whatsoever.

Act: I Relationships

Raine Zhirova 
Raine (Act I)

Raiko is the younger sister of both Raine and Raisa. Raiko remembers little of her eldest sister Raine for Raine was fixed with her studies and the books she loved to read. It mattered to Raiko none when Raine was sent away for she rarely ever saw her let alone played with her when they were younger.

Yet, Raiko knows not the truth of the reason why Raine was sent away, let alone the fact that their mother and father have both been killed.

Raisa is the middle child and treats Raiko far less as a sister than she had in the past and this is due to her nature. Sleeping with different men throughout the week. At times, several during the day. Raiko cares none for Raisa's insults for she knows that Raisa means them half-heartedly.

She knows that Raisa can never truly hate her for she is her sister and Raisa holds a strong bond for family--unlike Raiko; whom uses this as an advantage whenever she sees fit to do so.

Raisa Zhirova
Raisa (Act I)
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)

Ky was of a strange sort. He never pursued her but oft looked. He was Japanese and as far as she could recall, that was a flavor of man which she has yet to taste.

After making small introduction after conveniently timed coincidences of meeting, a small gesture of romance was enough to bait her game and successfully ensnare it.

Aeneas is her main tryst throughout the war against Dalkia. Along with several other men whom have come to know Raiko in a submissive and aggressively lustful fashion, he has brought her warmth several times during and after the war.

Even as Raiko had apparently settled with another, the two kept to their routine antics. Kusanagi Ky was one of the soldiers whom had not approached her in any fashion yet, despite her "emotional" tie to Ky, she still sits upon her knees, lips stained and mouth filled to bursting with emission from none other than Aeneas.

Aeneas (Act I)
Surina (Act- I) thumbnail

Surina Delgado is Raiko's commanding officer during the war against Dalkia. She made the mistake of confusing Raisa with Raiko and this is how and why Raiko is even in the military to begin with. Yet, despite Surina's embarrassment, Raiko proves her a non-sexual manner...for once.

Raiko is knowledgable about most of Dalkia's functions and also several other areas which provide perfect ambush and trap manuevers to use upon Dalkia's forces. This is the only reason why Surina has yet to remove Raiko from her squadron.

Riese is a silent woman with a widely unknown past. Listening in on Surina and Priya speaking she knows just as much as Surina does--that Riese was once an Assassin. At least, that is their thoughts. Of course, for her to be as such or was formerly as such would imply that she had never gotten over her lust for killing.

Despite that, Raiko and Riese do not get along. Several times throughout the war they are prepared to spill each other's blood in order to silence the other. Riese dislikes the harlotry of any being. Raiko dislikes the fact that Riese can easily chip away at her nerves without even trying.

Riese's Prelude Card
E'laura (Act- I)

E'laura pays Raiko little mind and practically ignores her whenever she speaks. It's rather interesting how she ignores her since E'laura distributes a knockoff of Silphium to those whom wish to fornicate without the risk of pregnancy. E'laura's high-class and ridiculous methods annoy Raiko to no end yet, Raiko has no problem breaking her bread or drinking her wine.

Definately not a problem to drink her wine. A fine wine cellar she has to...E'laura just doesn't know that Raiko has been inside of it. 

Nicholas. Is an Italian. As far as Raiko knows, she has yet to taste that flavor or man and when she attempts to do such, he flatly rejects her. It had been years since she had been rejected yet, truth be told, it only made her want the Italian even more. They are on speaking terms yet, they are more distant than close.

Or rather, he is more distant while she attempts to be close. She knows full well that he dislikes being addressed by his first name yet she cares none and will even pester him until he grows tired of her voice.

The Highwayman 
Nicholas Fazello
Aliyah Ruel

Aliyah dislikes Raiko. Secondly, she hates Raiko (yes, you've read that right). Raiko knows the reason well enough. As often as Aliyah toils with her silly weapons and bats her eyes before Ky, Raiko, again, knows well enough; and she has no intention of letting Aliyah miss a single kiss, any and all flirtacious banter, touching, or anything else of the like which will draw on the jelousy of the Halteesean.

Even after she is done breaking Ky's fragile little heart, she may have the decency to drop the remains at Aliyah's feet for her to sweep up the tiny pieces of a ruined Kusanagi into a bowl to burn. Of course, by ruined, Raiko would have her way with him. Long and in various fashions before Aliyah would ever be lucky enough to even grace his Japanese "steel".

Gallagher is her drinking mate. They both have fun talking, joking, and of course, drinking. She has yet to bed the giant of a man yet when she does, she knows that he may be the one who will keep coming back. By far he is the tallest male she knows and as he stands out, literally, she intends to bed him while he is drunk enough to say yes. Or rather, drunk enough to whisk her off her feet and to his lodging.

Unfortunately, due to his size, Gallagher does not become drunk as quickly as most other men do and Raiko herself will be long intoxicated and slurring before he would. She has yet to find a way, yet, she knows she will.

Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)

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