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Raine (Act I)

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Raine Zhirova (Act III)

Full Name Raine Zhirova
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Birthdate 1586, February 14th
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 21 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 22 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight Refuses to tell
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Kodachi x2; (both placed upon her back),

Twin Iron Spike Dirk(s); (both hidden within her sleeves)

Main Weapons (extended) Concealed Short Sword, Talons (curved blades which are fitted into her boots/heels),
Blade's Name The weapons, deemed Talons are the only weapons which bear a differing name from simply 'kodachi' or 'sword'. These were the weapons her mother had left for her.
Living Family Members Raisa; her younger sister

Raiko; her youngest sister

Living Relatives Aunt: Abigale

Younger Cousin: Grayson

Deceased Relatives Uncle: Henry

Elder Cousin: Elizabeth

Alignment as of Act: I Neutral
Alignment as of Act: II Neutral
Alignment as of Act: III Neutral
Act: I Theme Fatal Fantasy (5:12)
Act: II Theme Casablanca (7:41)
Act: III Theme Regal Drama Mix (4:52)

Biography of Raine Zhirova

Raine had rarely played with her sisters and instead she kept to her studies—which at times led into the early hours of the morning—and spent little time away from her books. She oft watched them, being Raisa and Raiko, play and run back and forth hitting each other upon the back and then exclaiming: “Tag! You’re It!” She thought “It” meant some kind of monster or disease. This made her not want to play this “game” with them whatsoever. There were also times when Raiko had been crying. This caught Raine’s attention but long before that, Raisa had already been tending to her younger sister’s pain long before Raine had ever taken notice of any malady. This was normal however; Raisa looked after Raiko while Raiko looked up to Raisa and Raine. “Eternally Elegant” she recalled Raiko labeling her that a short while before things went to hell.

The men in white robes had come to their home and demanded that their eldest, Raine, go with them for a baptism. This made not a shred of sense since Raine had already been baptized while Raiko and Raisa—especially Raisa—refused to be baptized or as Raisa worded the ceremony “broken” into a Christian. This was one of the reasons why Raisa never saw eye to eye with their father. Despite her parents telling them that all of their children were already baptized, the men still demanded that Raine go with them which she would not allow. They soon left after much argument and when they finally did leave, one of the men turned and threatened them:

“You shall rue this day for defying God’s Will...”

Shortly after this event, the rumors began; rumors of Raine’s mother and father being practitioners of witchcraft and another being that their children were the product of Succubus and lustful man whom had struck a deal of the she-wolf. She bore his children with the offspring being products of sin. Raine knew all too well what could and what would happen and slowly but surely, her suspicions were coming true. The men within the white robes had followed Raine the few times she would fetch food from the markets and they had even begun to follow Raisa as well, though Raisa easily eluded her pursuers yet; it made it all the more fitting that only a demon could fool the "Messengers of God".

It was after Raisa told her mother of this incident—laughing as she told her—that Raine and Raisa both began to notice that everyone had begun to shun them. People shunned more so from Raisa than usual while Raine, being the child which was rarely seen, it made things worse for her. Raine was the prime target of the robed men and with the lies circling her family about every dinner table and gossip among every wife’s mouth; Raine had a feeling that things were going to grow even worse and not only for her, but her entire family.

One early morning she was curled up in her bed, reading by candlelight, Raine had been fascinated by the late Italian poet Dante Alighieri and his work Divina Commedia and the fact that the punishments of the said souls whom were judged and sent to Hell suffered. It was when the moon reigned its highest that her father, drunken by sorrow entered the room of his three daughters and knelt down beside Raine’s bed.

“You should be asleep child,” He warmly implied as she adjusted her way of sitting so that she had now sat upwards.

“Father, I honestly would, but this piece of literary perfection has my mind most ardent over its depth.”

As she looked at her father, via, her peripheral, she saw a most haunting and saddening mask upon his face. Her assumption was correct.

“I take it that it is time that I do bid you my leave…is it not Father?” He slowly nodded.

“They may plan to come in during the night and take you by force. I’ve no hope of stopping them on my own therefore I…” His voice had trailed as Raisa dragged her nails against the wall. Although she had still been asleep that was a sign that he needed to lower his voice.

“Hm, the deeper your voice, the easier she will sleep Father. My voice is known at this time of the night for there are times which I do catch myself reading aloud yet, yours will draw enough attention to wake her from her slumber.”

“She is the more aggressive and attentive one of them isn’t she?”

“Indeed she is.” Looking to his eldest daughter, he smiled. She was knowledgeable beyond her years and also quite understanding of how things were set in place for her young age.

“I do suppose that at the tender age of twelve, I’m not to be sent off alone but rather to a relative?” Her father nodded once more.

“Abigail and Bartholomew have agreed to take care of you darling.”

“…when will I have to leave Father?” This question took quite a time for him to answer. As the minutes dragged by, Raine looked to the moon as it now brightly shown through her window.

“Two days time.” After he said what he needed to, he embraced his eldest and also rested his chin upon her head. The first day had gone and passed with Raine sleeping the entire day. This was due to the lack of sleep which she had gotten from the night previous. The final day which was her own, Raine watched Raisa and Raiko again. This time, they were arguing. Raisa was stressing over the fact that Raiko had several male friends and had been the only female of the group. Her intentions were in the right place but were all for naught. Raiko deemed Raisa jealous that she was loved while Raisa was feared and had not a friend to call her own. After more yelling, Raiko stormed off while Raisa stood there motionless for a few minutes. After those idle moments passed, she turned around, and when she did, Raine took note of her face.

She held a scowl which mirrored the change in her eyes as well. It almost looked as if what Raiko had walked away with was not only her pride, but also Raisa’s primal love and care. In essence, Raiko had broken the caring and nurturing elder sister she has always had and now, this new person stood before Raine looking down to her with an chilling blank stare. After a few seconds of silence, she merely left her to sit by her lonesome.

Her mother gave a book to her for her to read. Raine embraced her mother although it had been one of the few times which she had done so. She felt warm and also tense. Looking to her parent’s bed, she saw a slender sword resting upon the sheets. It shimmered with its blue color against the moon’s silvery gleam. Was this her mother’s sword? She asked herself this question but never asked her mother this. It obviously was and not only that, it had appeared that if her mother had given her a book to read, hence giving something away to another, then it was highly possible that she would not be able to see her mother after this night. Savoring the feeling of her mother’s embrace, Raine stayed for a few more moments before she left go.

The final night of her stay, she sat within her bed as if nothing were amiss. Raisa and Raiko were to know nothing of what had been going on but of course, it was never certain to keep things from Raina. As Raine looked from the moon and over to Raisa, she was sound asleep and lightly snoring—this told her that she must have had a full day doing whatever it was that she did during the day. It then slightly bothered her that she knew not what her sister spent her day occupying herself with—and her hair was actually down and about her face in nearly every which way. Raine rose from her bed and then after touching down on the floor, she walked over to her slumbering sister and placed a hand upon her forehead.

“You’ll be lucky to marry,” She had said with a small smile upon her lips. “Though if you do, you both shall be lucky to have each other.” Raine knew that Raisa would never be swept off her feet by a prince and a king would have less luck. By her sister’s actions and personality, she knew that the only one who could win Raisa’s affection would have to not only put forth enough effort but also retain a neutrality of purity. That is how all types like hers would fall in love. Raine smiled as she imagined Raisa marrying her husband to be. She had wiped her cheek and slightly panicked as Raisa stirred. She had stirred from the tear falling from Raine’s cheek and down onto her own.

Smiling once more, she lightly kissed Raisa on her forehead and then made her way to the door. Leaving her room, she looked back only once.

“Do…take care…”

With her voice barely auditable, she closed the door and then exited her home to meet her mother. It was under the clouds cover which they moved. As the darker areas were which they used to their advantage she felt uneasy about having to leave her family behind. Even though her mother was with her, she still disliked the fact that she had not a choice in this matter. Evading sight and keeping within the shadows they moved. She was impressed with the way her mother moved about yet, Raine knew that her mother was never a plain wife who cooked and cleaned and pleasured her husband.

She knew her mother was much more than that.

Reaching the tree line after a short time, she was introduced to a man named Williams. As she sat within the carriage, she embraced her mother once more and her mother kissed her upon her forehead.

“Make me proud and do be proud…no matter what you do…” Those were the last words her mother had said to her before the carriage had begun to move. As the night drifted away and the sunrise shattered the darkness she said nothing.

Raine was groggy with guilt and worry. If it were not for her, her mother and father would not have to face this grief. Yet, as Raisa had told her the men possibly wanted what was under her dress as Raisa had a knack for spying on others. She had only told her of what numerous young girls and even some boys told their parents but of course, the parents never listened. Raine grew tired of her mind and turned her eyes to her book. A small note told her to read five pages a day so that she could learn more of herself and not be lost within the world. This she obeyed. As she read, the days passed uneventfully. Some stops from military being sure that there was no surprise attack or a possible threat to their land but that was it. It had been seventeen long days until she reached her destination.

When she had come to from her slumber, she witnessed Williams speaking with a woman of dark hair and dark flesh.

Her eyes were golden yellow and she noticed Raine before she realized it.

She said nothing of Raine spying on their conversation and from this she had learned that the woman’s name was Sasaki and that she was a Lycanthrope. Additionally, she had been defending the carriage from possible thieves long before they reached them. When she was asked why, Williams was told (and Raine overheard):

“I’ve my alliances whether it be to a demon or human…I was asked to protect you both until you reached this point and I’ve done just that.” Without another word, she left.

The woman leapt from the ground and to a dwelling as if it were walking up a step. Staring at her, Raine was completely oblivious to the fact that her relatives were calling for her. As she stood before them, she was immediately treated as one of their own. Her knowledge of the religion, other countries, and customs proved well and won her aunt, Abigail, over with ease while her uncle, Bartholomew, was partially disappointed. Amazed and impressed, yes, but still somewhat disappointed. Raine asked not a question of such to be the matter for it was not her place; instead, she continued to read and took in her Aunt Abigail’s sport of Archery.

Years had passed as she grew. Her physical form nowhere near as filled Raiko’s and in fact it was on par with Raisa’s own physique, just not as toned or muscular. After she had learned to properly wear and walk in heeled boots, they became her primary wear. She would always wear a skirt and a well above appealing blouse and possibly a jacket over it. Her teachings were far from complete no matter how she faired in etiquette. She was to learn combat.

Raine was sent to Fu Ma no Sato and was nearly killed by a female in all black with gilded shoulder armor. Her name was Shuu-Rai; Japanese for Thunderbolt. It was underneath her tutelage that she learned the ways of the Fu Ma. Shuu-Rai herself was once of their horde, yet, she abandoned them and kept an alliance with them which ceased any attacks upon her from her former clansmen. It took three years for Raine to learn what Shuu-Rai knew.

Of course, this was to be expected from her.

Upon returning to her home, only after gaining Shuu-Rai’s grace, she visiting her home—what was left of it.

Seeing the charred remains of wood and the signs of aging upon this burn site, she knew that her mother perished in order to save her children. The same for her father. She refused to think much more on the issue. Asking around of a witch and demon that had died long ago she had found several things amiss. Although her parents were accused of witchcraft among other horrible things, she found roses set upon the rubble and not only that, a small mound was also found. Raine took it to be where her mother had been buried yet as she looked back to the roses she remembered that they were her mother’s favorite flower. Not only that, but strawberry leaves had been left behind and were in an embrace with the stems of the roses.

“…Raisa was here…”

Shuu-Rai said not a word to confirm or disprove her theory yet she need not say a word. Raine knew her younger sister well enough to know that it was out of her rare break of emotion for her to do such a tribute. Of course, this also strengthened Raine’s initial thought that their mother allowed herself to be killed so that Raisa could survive. There was not a doubt in Raine’s mind that Raisa had sat nearby and watched the house burn to the ground. Even more so, she also knew that Raisa had more than likely entered the dwelling when it had been set ablaze and attempted to save their mother. Honestly, if it had been Raine, she would have ran out of fear for if her mother were executed, she knew that she could have been next. That is what separated them. Raine was Eternally Elegant. Her lessons and her upscale lifestyle, no matter how pampered she had grown was what defined her as such and she has yet to let go of such ways as they are rather difficult to break. This is what leads Raisa to continuously call her “Princess” while Raisa was Forever Fearless. Raisa would defend herself, her land, her home; with whatever she could get her brutish hands upon. Raisa was a fighter and also a survivor. As she has heard, Raiko—her youngest sibling—was quite the promiscuous woman. Raine had learned of this as she infiltrated Grandall on numerous occasions. That would make her Sinfully Seductive, for her sin was her seduction and her seduction, the temptation of many men—married or not—this is what made Raiko, Raiko.

It was not long after this that rumors of a sword had begun to spread. This sword was of a divine blue light and was the weapon of the Gods. As legend had it, this sword was the weapon which defeated Soul Edge. What caught Shuu-Rai’s attention was that these rumors were only a month apart. Shuu-Rai sought to destroy this weapon as she saw it as nothing but evil within a different sword. As such, Raine asked if she could lend her aid and Shuu-Rai accepted. Shuu-Rai then introduced her to her only allies.

Volkov, Kuro, Kami, Majikina, Tempest, Arrai, E'laura, Noelle, and Seth were the individuals which she met while others were away completing their objectives. Tempest immediately charmed her yet, she knew that he did this to mostly any attractive female. Kuro was cold to her yet as she looked him over she could tell that he was not entirely human. The same went for Volkov though he, himself was kind in contrast to his younger brother Kuro. Raine was welcomed and also placed as a second lead for the group. Reason be was simply because she was the only student of Shuu-Rai’s that survived her training regimen. Her partner was arranged to be Volkov. As he headed most of the decisions that this group, she took it that he had been the strongest and for him not to be entirely human and for her to sense this upon laying eyes upon him for the first time made it all the more interesting. As ideas and information was traded, it was brought to her attention that she and Volkov were to scout the lands for information of Soul edge.

His theory was that if they could locate information on the cursed blade then they should be able to locate something of the spirit blade as well. With this known, Raine set out with her partner who was quite powerful and a Ryukyuan with long braided black hair and eyes an ardent greenish-gold. She thought of the woman named Sakaki from looking in his eyes and wondered if they were related. At this point it mattered none. Coming to a parting path within where the group had met, she saw several members heading out in different directions as if they had never met. The three Kaminchu, Arrai, Majikina, and Kami dared not travel together as their white and silver hair would catch eyes easily. Shuu-Rai took to the rooftops while Kuro set off on foot.

As the two had reached a fork they were approached by E'laura and Arrai. E'laura had given them information that led mainly to the royalty of the surrounding lands and with this new information, Volkov and Raine decided to split up. Arrai informed them that she and E'laura had already infiltrated the Grandall Empire and needed other eyes and ears within the two remaining areas which E'laura chose to search The Halteese Republic while Raine gladly picked The Mellettan territories.

She was interested in the small area seeing that it was a recent development.

Act: I

Dividing as they had done months ago, she investigated the severed child, Demuth. His brothers argued over whom were to attain power once their father had passed and Demuth himself was nothing but a glutton and a drunk. A deal was struck with his brothers and he was given a territory of his own to control and his brothers held a truce so that neither of them would attack their less than worthy brother. As she investigated, Raine discovered that the prisoners were abused. This was nothing out of the ordinary for some were from Halteese, sworn enemy to Onhent Dalkia. What sent Raine into a murderous rage had been the way the women were treated.

They were raped continually. Several times a night and endless times upon the daylight hours they were taken and abused whether it be vaginally, orally, or anally. Some, including Kierkess, had a sweeter taste for blood and drank from those he tortured. She was unable to stand such a sight. As the screams and pleas chased away her self-control Raine was soon lost to her emotion and her rage. Exposing herself from where she had been hidden, Raine attacked and killed all aboard The Satyr. After this ship exploded and drifted to its grave within the waters she infiltrated Demuth’s castle and eliminated his personal guards as well as several light and heavy infantry. As she neared his personal chamber she was ambushed by none other than Chester. They fought until Ballista fire began to shatter the castle around them.

They both escaped with only wounds from one another. Raine made her way from the battlements down to the twin towers which stood before the castle’s entrance and as she passed these towers she instinctively drew her arms in an x-cross to defend herself. The blade which was stopped was of a blue metal and as she lowered her guard she was enthralled of who her attacker was as her attacker was just as lost.

Raisa stood before her. For once, her face was in utter shock as was Raine’s.

“Y-your…” Before Raine could speak, they were both surrounded by the Hellgenous; knights of black armor which served under Kierkess. Without words they silently agreed to aid one another. It was not long before the knights were slain and without time to spare, Raine informed her that there were prisoners in need of Grandall’s aid. Without hesitation and Raine nearly going on the offensive, she was embraced by her younger sister. Unlike Raiko, Raisa held respect for her family despite what they may do. As Raine wrapped her arms around her sibling, she shed only one tear before she departed.

She was joyous over what she had found for she had believed that her sisters had died. Yet after she located and left Raisa before her allies had caught up with her, she had backtracked and remained hidden. In doing such, she came across E'laura and let her in on the information which she had gathered. The sword was not here and it never was. This meant it had to be in one of the remaining royal lands which were yet to be destroyed. It was at this point that E'laura took her leave as she witnessed several prisoners escaping into the woods.

From there, they parted ways and before she left E'laura, she was told that both her sisters are on this field of battle and that both of them are alive and well. One who is possibly betrothed to her lover while the other was never falling for another. Upon asking the name of Raiko’s lover she was again enthralled.

His name was Ky. Younger brother of Kisaragi Ren. As she had heard this she knew her next motion was to located Tempest (Ren), and inform him of Kusanagi’s whereabouts.

Leaving the war torn land behind her, she wasted little time as she concealed herself amongst a convoy which was heading towards Klausenberg, which was also known as Treasure City. Tempest was there and he was conducting research yet, she believed him to only be researching how many women he could bed. Though she knew not much of him let alone his choice in name therefore, she looked forward to his research and wanted to see what he had been researching.

The Revolt of Arthias

As things had wound down to the end of Girardot's Rebellion, Raine had been feeling rather anxious. She felt a mix of emotions ranging from fear to intense lust. Volkov himself felt slightly at odds being around her as the latter came into action. Tempest thought it to be his ticket to finally bed her, however; after seeing Raine's shift in mood occur so quickly, he was no longer attracted to her as he once was. She sought answers for her random changes and when she did, Shuu-Rai had informed her of what she truly was, yet, Raine had already known.

Raine was a different breed. Not a Lycan or a Werewolf no. She was far worse. Raine was Malfested. She knew this due to her reading from within the small diary which her mother had given her. She also knew that Raisa and Raiko had theirs as well yet, she doubted if Raiko had even kept it. Let alone if she had ever gotten it. As her reactions fluctuated, Tempest was the one whom had taken her to the Maze of the Dead and when he did, she entered not with him.

Upon roaming the gilded corridors Raine was amazed at how well crafted each and every corner had been. The boarders were designed and looked immaculate. She was here due to the properties it held. This maze had the power to draw on the enthropic energies of those whom roamed its halls. That the case, it could draw on her tainted blood and allow her to cast the power which sought to control her into remission.

It had taken two days time, but as she continued to explore the deeper portions of the Maze, Raine was stricken with an intense heat. Her blood boiled, she had begun to sweat profusely, and her breath was visible in the warm halls of gold. She was reacting to it again. Falling to a knee, did what she could to hold on to her mind. Recalling what she had read from the diary her mother had given her, she placed a hand to her right shoulder and focused solely upon her mother's face. Raiko and Raisa's laughter from when they were children. Her father's kind words and hi wisdom.

These were the things which kept her sanity intact. 

Another thing which she recalled had been what she read, the page in question explained what would occur if she came too close to darker energies or if said energy were brought out against her. Though it was more specific. It spoke of Soul Edge's influence as well as its corruption.

Werewolves and Lycanthropes were also detailed, but not in any great depth. Raine herself read that her mother was tainted when the Evil Seed rained from the sky.

Her mother was a maiden whom had attempted the infamous Ling Sheng Su temple and trained there until it was destroyed. She was lucky however. Her mother departed the temple the day before in order to procure an offering made to the monks. She also stated her changes. Her mind had lapsed into a madness which was only quenched by draining her own blood. However, the corruption remained.

Her body had undergone changes. Her hair brightened. From a deep brown to a lucious red. Her skin, became paler while her musculature improved dramatically. She detailed that between them, more of the anger and rage had spread to Raisa while the unbearable lust had befallen Raiko.

Anxious enough on the matter, she looked for what plauged her, however, she found only that she had been infected by the same anger but by a lessening degree. Yet, this was pure conjecture. From her mother's stance as she observed them nd had written on what she believed was case and point. However, it was only said that: A powerful will can resist any temptation, and destroy any illusion. As such, she faced what the images were.

She narrowly succeeded, yet, she succeeded nonetheless.

From what she understood, the pain, the urges, hailed from her corrupted blood. As such, this place, this maze, brought out the very instinct of its nature and even used her very memories against her. The pain of having to leave her family behind, the pain of her father and mother's death. Many other instances were used, and it took nearly all that she had been in order to best what she stood against.

The most difficult had been killing the images of Raiko and Raisa. Raisa proving the more difficult and Raisa nearly being her own demise. This imitation spoke of her memories. How she never paid attention to her family, how it was HER fault that their parents had been killed and in a twist, it was HER fault that Raiko had become the whore she was. Raine alone was to blame of Raiko's emotional instability as well as her immense fear of lonliness and acceptance.

It took most of her will to even realize that this was an illusion cast from Soul Edge. This weapon, fragment or whole had attempted to control her. Use her for her tainted essence to slay hundreds if not thousands. Raine however, was able to reject such an attempt. By no means of ease either. After re-emerging from the Maze of the Dead, Raine had given a shard to Tempest. As he held it within his grasp he smirked before the shard had burned a violent blue and shortly after that, the shard vanished within the blue flame.

"Done, and done."

With that triumphant smile he soon had to rush to Raine's aid for as soon as the shard was destroyed, she had collapsed.

It took weeks for her to recovery and when she did, Raine was in the company of Volkov, Kuro, and Tempest. Kuro seemed to care little of her situation while Volkov and Tempest were doing what they could to lend their aid. She recovered quickly as expected. Getting back to her feet and within her heeled boots, Raine sought to destroy the blade itself. As she came full circle and was caught up on what she had missed, Raine was shocked that Raisa and Raiko were within the same vicinity of The Composite. She wanted the blade to die and to never rise again, however, Shuu-Rai had reports of Graf Dumas and the Malfested which he sent select soldiers to execute. Though that would have to wait. The Composite, they were certain about. An insane tyrant who sends his subordinates to kill others would have to come after The Composite was destroyed.

It took little time for the next orders to be given and with these orders, everyone had been on their own. Raine would infiltrate and destroy the defenses which were numerous about the castle while others had their assigned marks.

A Month Later

As she reached the garden of the castle, she acted as a troubled middle aged woman whom was terrified and when she was aided, she slew the soldiers. Raine fought her way into the castle while also evading most of the more dangerous of foes. Upon entering the castle she could feel the corruption was indeed here. Even more disturbing had been the fact that she could feel that one of her sisters were in fact inside the castle already. She wasted not a moment in navigating her way down to the cellar and as she did, she was confronted. The soldiers mistook her for Raiko due to her choice of weaponry yet another knew it to not be Raiko due to the clothing choices. None of that mattered as Raisa had now entered the narrow corridor.

"Well...a pleasure to see you again Princess..."

"Much the pleasure you Mindless Brute."

The soldiers were terrified of Raisa but even more so of the fact that she had yet another sister. It took mere moments for them to meet their end and as they progressed from the cellar and up towards the main foyer, they had separated. Raine had to deal with the castle defenses yet as she made her way out to the floor she was ambushed. Several of them were mere soldiers but this sensation she was feeling, they were being controlled. The Composite had them all by their minds.

Raine fought well but would soon be overpowered. A giant, a literal twenty foot giant, was what made her efforts futile. With her broken arm, and her healing far slower than she had anticipated she thought her death would be swift yet it would only be delayed.

The beast was set ablaze and only injured yet, in its stagger, Raisa had descended from the balcony above and slew the remaining soldiers with ease. The effects of The Composite itself must have different effects upon her.

Together, the two were able to bring the giant to its knees and Raisa had been the one to vivisect it. The duo were reunited with their youngest sibling after they had reached the throne room of Strife Astlar. Of course, he was not present whatsoever, instead, they were greeted by several knights.

"The Ressentiment?" Raine was unable to hide the shock in her voice. As she stared, she saw one woman point a weapon at Raisa before speaking:



Looking at the two of them, Raine prepared to lend her aid yet, she was stopped as Raisa unsheathed Disparity and blocked her path. Raine took notice that the once proud blue blade was reddened and of a deep shade as well.

"She's mine."

With Raisa approaching the female with twin long daggers, the other knights left them to fight while they focused on Raiko and Raine.

"Say, do you think Noel is attractive?"

Ignoring her youngest sister, Raine steeled herself for the battle at hand.

Raine’s Arsenal

Kodachi x2 

Hidden Blades x2 

Short Sword 

Daggers x2 

Concealed Blades x4


Raine has learned directly underneath Shuu-Rai’s tutelage. She holds the skills of the long disbanded Fu-Ma along with traditional Fencing and Archery. Raine also holds skill in Military Tactics and applies these tactics in every battle.

Ninjutsu: Raine is as agile as she is beautiful as she is lethal. There are weapons hidden about her which few have ever lived to tell of. These blades are located underneath her wrists and are slightly over a foot in length. The blades are thin but sharp. They are lightweight but sturdy. They are also vicious and formidable. The slender and curved blades are concealed until readied and once they are readied, Raine engages in combat. Of course, what makes her appear as if she is helpless is the fact that visibly, she appears to be unarmed. Easy prey most brigands and thieves think of her until they are beheaded or worse.

Fencing: She learned from her uncle the style of a fallen family. Grace and showmanship she boasts while also portraying speed and flexibility. Raine parries most incoming attacks and choose to counter attack her foes with light attacks and she slowly adds more force to her attacks until her opponent can go on no longer.

Archery: Raine has a mastery of archery and amongst her allies her only rival is the Kaminchu, Majikina. She is well versed in firing multiple arrows and is also mastery in using several kinds of arrows as well as bows.

Straight Sword: The combination of several styles has come into one. From Grandallian Malloy Sword Tactics to Traditional Arms of the Knight; Raine incorporates all she has learned while using her beloved weapon Grace.


Raine (Act I)
Full Name Raine Zhirova
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight Refuses to tell
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Kodachi x2; (both placed upon her back),

Twin Iron Spike Dirk(s); (both hidden within her sleeves)

Main Weapons (extended) Concealed Short Sword, Talons (curved blades which are fitted into her boots/heels),
Blade's Name The weapons, deemed Talons are the only weapons which bear a differing name from simply 'kodachi' or 'sword'. These were the weapons her mother had left for her.
Living Family Members Raisa; her younger sister

Raiko; her youngest sister

Living Relatives Aunt: Abigale

Younger Cousin: Grayson

Deceased Relatives Uncle: Henry

Elder Cousin: Elizabeth

Alignment as of Act: I Neutral
Act: I Theme Fatal Fantasy (5:12)

Raine has a heavy British Accent. This is due to her living within British territory for half of her life and unlearning her Russian accent. However, she can immitate it if she needs to do so.

Due to being trained directly under Shuu-Rai, Raine is surprisingly lithe and unbelievably nimble. Tempest has made many a jest due to the latter of her two features.

Has learned proper etiquette at a young age from her aunt, Abigale, and has known E'laura for years, as they both attended the very same school and were rather close as friends. To this day, after they have been reunited under circumstance, (her interest more than anything) the two are normally spotted together albeit by a select few.

Knows of her true heritage and thinks not much of it unless it is brought up.

Is capable of sensing her sisters based on proximity. This was even evident in them as children. Raisa feels and odd sense of deja vu and has even stated such when Raine had concealed herself about E'laura's manor. She knows not if Raiko is capable of feeling the same thing for she does not know.

Is oft deemed “Princess" by her younger sister Raisa, however; Raine finds it a hilarious jest as she retorts by deeming her an “Aggressive Brute of a Woman”. Neither of them bears harsh words nor ill will towards the other. This is what Raine admires about Raisa; despite her off putting attitude, she always has a weakness for family and those select few she deems 'friends'.

Has an exceptionally low tolerance of those who use love to twist the thoughts and wills of others. Raine believes that love is the only sacred thing within the living world and that those who manipulate others under the guise of love should be killed.

Raine has lost most of her respect for her youngest sister, Raiko, due to her “less than ladylike” behavior and treats her as the common peasant. Though at this point, she still respects her as a member of her family.

Cares deeply for Volkov, however, she fails to express her emotion for she lacks experience with men. Due to being around him, Raine is extremely calm and easy going, just as Volkov is.

Raine retains her composure until either her talk of her family or hostile disagreements bring about her aggression.

Raine despises rapists and has killed many whom have attempted to take other women as their prizes. She has also dismantled several slave trades where the trades were nothing but women being sold to greedy and lustful men. Mainly in Dalkia and Maletta. Halteese does not abuse their prisoners in the same fashion as the other two. Grandall on the other hand has been rumored to deal with slave-trading, albeit in a much broader fashion.

Raine had also played a vital and near solitaire role with Maletta’s demise as several ships, bunkers, and other vital areas were destroyed due to her interference. It was luck of the draw that Grandallian Forces arrived when they did and it was during this attack upon the very heart of the small country that Raisa spotted her elder sister.


Raine's Relationships
Raisa (Act I)

Raisa is her younger sister. Within Maletta, she fought alongside her sister and ensure she survived for if Raine had not discovered her when she did, she does not want to imagine what would have befallen Raisa.

Just as she does, Raisa upholds their mother's honor and strength. The two respect each other and oft make light insults to one an other.

Raiko is her youngest sister. An outright whore as Raisa tells it yet, Raisa respects her as family nonetheless.

As kin, Raine dislikes the thought of ANY member of her family being involved with prostitution yet, in this case, it is self indulgence which Raiko truly pursues.

Either or Raine will not tolerate such a lacking display which outright ruins their mother's credibility as a warrior and moreso, a woman of pride and respect.

Raiko (thumbnail)
Shuu-Rai (Subchapter- II)

Raine's mentor. Shuu-Rai (meaning Thunderbolt) taught Raine the ways to hunt, track, and more importantly kill demonic phenomena.

As her mentor, she takes immense pride in hearing her flaws as well as her triumphs and respects Shuu-Rai as if she is her own mother. 

Kisaragi "Tempest" Ren is a young man whom loves women almost as much as he loves his alchemic work. Despite his advances towards her, she continuously denies him--this only makes him try at random opportune times.

Even though he is unsuccessful, it harms his pride none. In the end, he is a friend whom merely has high a rather high urge for the pleasure of a woman.

However, she has learned that he has standards. Ren openly refused Raiko's advances (whom he met before Raine) which enthralled her. With this known, she has respect for him--yet, that doesn't mean she will say "yes" anytime soon.

Kisaragi Ren (Act II)
Thanatos' Thumbnail

Volkov works alongside her as her Partner. When it comes to missions, she prefers to work alongside him for they compliment each other in the sense of combat.

Her attacks are light and can oft stun foes while he delivers swift and devastating attacks. He, more so geared towards power whilse she, more so balanced for agility.

He is also quite the intellectual when it comes to alchemy and combat strategies. The main reason she travels with him is due to the chance of crossing a Lycanthrope--she knows she would not survive the encounter and chooses to travel with him for the better opportunity of survival...though, that is not entirely true...

Sasaki Kuro is the younger brother of Volkov. Their father was Russian which gives Volkov his name and their mother was Japanese.

It is obvious as to who took which name after their parent's deaths.

Kuro cares little to nothing for Raine as his affinity for any woman is not beyond an acquantance.

He dislikes women and Raine is no different--no matter if she is an ally or not. Yet, she cannot understand why. Thanatos sheds no light on this matter but seems to understand this "flaw" he carries.. 

Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)
E'laura Riga (Act II)
 E'laura Riga

The Riga family are dear friends to Raine. She attended the same school in order to learn proper ettiquette. During these early years, they befriended one an other and grew close.

Raine took her leave immeditely after they had completed their studies however and trained with Shuu-Rai. After re-uniting with her (and scaring her half to death), the two caught up and spoke of things which they had missed.

E'laura was the one to mention the change in politics of Grandall while Raine was the first to point out Grandall's "oddity".

From here she sought out Shuu-Rai and spoke to her of the territory. With Shuu-Rai visiting and sensing the corruption at work, she took word of this to the others.

Bottom line, it fell to Raine as she was the one whom first noticed the corruption brewing (out of Shuu-Rai, Volkov, and Kuro (those whom she knew at the time)); yet, despite this find, she discovered that Arrai had already been investigating this area and had already taken up as a soldier in order to discover the source.

Fazello was a wanted man whom was imprisoned within Maletta's Dungeons during her investigation into the newly formed country.

At first, she dismissed him and the other inmates until she heard him speak. He made jests and jokes which took the attention off the females captives and focused moreso on him.

His torture was intensified immensly, yet, his sole purpose was to deter the violation/rape of those whom were captive.

This ultimately won Raine's respect. As such, she ensured that he was able to escape and when he escaped, she shadowed him a short distance and neutralized opposition before they could ever reach him.

He, in a way, fought for female freedom, thus, she viewed him as a potential ally.

Yet only time would tell if her intuition would pay off.

Nicholas Fazello
The Highwayman 

Act: II Trivia

Succumbs to the will of Soul Edge albeit it is very minor, only altering her mood from lazy to lustful as well as calm to violent. It takes Ren to allow her to purity the malicious energy from her body as well as self exploration and trials within the Maze of the Dead.

After she recovers from her weakened state (purification) she heads towards Parousia so that she can destroy The Composite so that it cannot try to do harm to her younger sisters as it had began to attempt to do to her.

Fights alongside Raisa whom she is in good standings with as successfully kills the Ogre which was within the castle and which was also going to be used against the Arthias Rebels if it had not been killed.

Is re-introduced to Raiko after years of not seeing her, though she is rather disgusted with her lustful display and after hearing what she had done to Tempest's brother, Ky, Raine backhands Raiko with enough force to send her reeling to the ground. It is at that precise moment where she, as the head of her immediate family, disowns Raiko as any form of relation whatsoever.

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