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"Life is much more enjoyable when sex is involved...sadly I'm stuck with those who take no notice of wet frocks."
— Samara
Samara (Grin)
Name Samara
Birthplace Persia
Age as of Subchapter: II Unknown
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Four Inches (5'4")
Weight 40 kg.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Originally black, yet they have hazed over into a bright gold.
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Bladed Staff
Family Severed all ties.
Character's Theme Isunova (Extended) (8:42)

The Alchemist

She was an alchemist in her human life. Testing and ripping blood from bone as well as muscle and sinew alike. Within this land, she had grown but now, she dwelled beneath that land, hidden away so that she can experiment to her heart's content. Her name was Samara and her sect, was Fygul Cestemus, an organization of sorts which dealt with servitude of the highest order: Ares, the God of War.

Her testing had always ended with some new discovery and for this, Kunpaetku was pleased. He ordered her to continue her work and bring any evidence to him which showed promise--which meant after every new thing which she learned--yet she viewed this as a cage. While he and the rest studied and worked with crafting a new human, she searched for ways of immortality. Life is fickle and in it are few things that are frailer than man, thus with this known and a constant reminder as they are her words, she pursues ways to extend her own life instead of creating it.

Over the years, she has managed to capture two very promising subjects which she kept hidden. One was a Hybrid and the other, a full-blooded Lycanthope.

Samara had begun with the half-breed. Using embalming tools, she approached the unconscious Hybrid and extracted one of her lungs for starters. After that had been her spleen, and the ventricles which led to her heart as well as a tooth and a few bones from her fingers and her left set of ribs. she then encased each within an ensorcled containment which would preserve each piece as if they were still within a body. Yet what had been astonishing had been that the Hybrid's body had instantly begun to repair itself after Samara had finished her dissecting.

"...her body heals after the initial cutting is complete? Interesting."

After her notes were jotted down, she then progressed to the Lycanthrope. From her, Samara would need more. Much more. Unfortunately, as she began to carve upon the beast, she, Venom, had awoken. Cries of pain and swears of vengeance were all she screamed at her. However, Samara was not easily intimidated. To prove this, Samara removed Venom's liver and had also carved out her heart. After this, the Lycanthrope fell silent. Assuming that she had perished, she merely shrugged it off and continued her work. From here, Samara lifted the dead Lycanthrope's left leg and brought a scimitar upon it--cleanly severing the leg from the body and from her, she took two of her fangs. With her back turned, she had been at a table, continuing her work, but that was until Venom growled.

" dare you..."

This frightened Samara. This woman was able to live without her beating heart? How was it possible? From where her heart once was, it now slowly began to piece itself into existence; almost as if it were sand slipping away through the cracks 'tween one's fingers and revealing the rest of the fleshy hand beneath it. Afore long, her regrown heart was there, beating amongst the bloody hole within her chest. Looking to the freshly harvested heart which was sealed and then she looked at Venom and saw a beating heart.

"It is astonishing, even when one is to die, to supposedly die from such a wound, they yet live?!"

Taking her blade in hand once more, she now aimed to remove Venom's head, but as she advanced upon her, the Hybrid began to move. Whimpering opposed to growling. She struggled to free herself and had even begun to cry when she was unable to break her bonds.

"That isn't common steel, that is the art of alchemy and so long as I draw breath, you'll not be able to break your bonds until I am finished."

She was horrified. After taking a look around Samara's area of "work" she cried even harder whilst trying to escape. Venom on the other hand growled which seemed to silence the Hybrid.

"Worry not, you will be next and your suffering will end."

Seizing Venom by her short black hair, Samara lifted her head so she could get a clean cut, yet screams unlike any afore had been heard and with this, she scoffed.

"Don't go anywhere my lovelies, I've a longing for each bone in your delectable bodies...and a heart to harvest from you Half-Breed." With a smile she left them behind for the moment and nearly laughed when the Hybrid cried.

Venturing through the bowels of the lair, Samara stumbled as stone pillars had fallen. With the force they brought as they struck the ground, it was enough to cause many a man to lose their balance. As she pressed onward, annoyed by the interruption, she halted as she saw a body fly against the wall and literally break upon impact.

Samara froze as the killer stepped forth.


The Kulutues was unmistakable and with it raised, he eyed Samara.

"YOU!" He wound up. Spinning on a heel, Astaroth now swung with precious battle axe. "MAGGOT!" Samara evaded the swing and slid underneath the Golem. From here, she bolted away from him all while noticing Kunpaektu lying motionlessly in a pool of his own blood.

Samara did not look back. She continued to run, passing her allies who too were trying to run, only met the Golem's axe.

"Ah ha ha ha! Run, run away!"

He taunted her, but she knew better than to stop. There were few who opposed the Golem and those few were killed without much a fight. No matter how she ran, the Golem was right there; soon, he held Samara by her neck.

"I'll strangle the life out of you..." He attempted just that, but Samara was of quick with and transmuted a portion of the floor. This transmutation caused a small stone spike to jut forth and impale the Golem--forcing him to release her.

"What is this!?" He roared in surprise. The spike was broken all too quickly by sheer force. Now he charged her. Again, she transmuted, pulling the floor into a shield before her and tactfully forcing parts of it to bend into more spikes.

It was of little use, but it did slow the Golem down. Samara continued to make distance and instead of fighting, she ran. She doubled back to her chamber, where she had been conducting her own experiments and before she could run further, the Golem caught up with her.

A torrent of blood and debris filled the small room. Astaroth's black blood mixed with Samara's human blood. Due to the destruction, Venom and Ryia made their escape. Ryia aiding Venom. As Samara looked up from the ground, she saw the Golem watching her and laughing.

"You dare to defy our God? Quite daring, human!"

He spoke those words as he eyed her experiments. Apparently, he knew that she had been working on something entirely different. At least, this is what she thought.

"I had nothing to do with your creation nor the curse that they used!"

The Golem fell silent and eyed her.

"My role here was to find a way to escape death! To live a life unending!"

Silence fell over them both as the Golem stared at her. Suddenly:

"Eyeehehehehe!" The Golem slammed his axe into the ground beside her, causing her to flinch. "After all the tricks you pulled, and even now, You thought you would live through this?" Her eyes were agape as he grabbed her once more.

"You and your stupid tricks... are not enough to deter me, maggot!" As he placed a hand around her neck once more, she transmuted one, final time. With flame, she dropped her and quickly hopped backwards. Samara had conjured a wall of flame in order to save herself.

"'ve got some guts...for a fool"

Samara wasted no time in taking the few specimens she could carry and as such, she fled through a hidden passage which was sealed afterwards. Re-activating the gas trap, Samara made her way to the surface and from there, fled by horse.


Night had fallen across the desert. Chills were what kept her awake. That and her stinging wounds. As the horse stood by her, Samara fell to the sand and dropped her specimens. In her inventory had been the Heart and the Leg of Venom and Lungs of Ryia. Her execution was sloppy, but she had been running out of time. She drew a sigil of blood. Arcane symbols forgotten to even those of Fygul Cestemus; and with it, she could now carve with haste.

Samara, in her desperation, severed her own leg and placed Venom's limb to her freshly amputated leg. From here, she froze them. Her leg and Venom's limb both. She carved out her own lungs with a talent blacker than any alchemy. As for her own heart, she too cut it free and inserted The Heart of Venom.

" se-neie...sona na dorhaa mesee...norla..."

The sigil about her shifted to a pool of blood and before long, this pool swallowed her whole.

Their memories still flow about her. In her sleep. She lives the lives of those she has assimilated. Venom's memories speak of neglect and pain. Betrayal and abuse. Ryia's speaks of fear and trust. Love and adventure. Their memories give her insight into the lives the two of them had led.

When she awoke, she found the horse stripped of all flesh and to be nothing but a skeleton. It was needed. A living sacrifice in order to achieve a transmutation of that magnitude. As she looked down, she saw her new limb. Her wounds had healed and her senses had sharpened tremendously.

She could hear people moving, from here, she traveled. Following the sounds. Afore long, she reached a small village which had been bustling with workers. She entered the village and waited for night to fall. Once night settled, she stole into homes and took clothes, food, and water. After this, she was gone by sunrise.

She stole a horse, and enough water to keep it going for a few days. But with the dawn approaching, Samara knew well enough that she needed to study as well as keep track of her body and the amalgam it had become.


Was a member of Fygul Cestemus until it was destroyed by Astaroth.

Once had captured Venom and Ryia and began a partial experiment upon them, but it was interrupted.

In her dying moments, Samara used her art of Alchemy to attached Venom's limb, instilled Venom's heart as well as the organs harvested from both Venom and Ryia in order to save her own life.

Fled the ruins of the Palgaea Shrine but not before re-activating the noxious gas-trap to cover her escape.

With her second chance at life (as she deems it), she partakes in things she normally ruled out of doing. Sex being one of those things which she delves too often into.


Ryia was once a test subject of hers. Unfortunately, she escaped as Astaroth destroyed the Shrine. Samara had harvested the blood and lungs from the Hybrid herself as well as organic tissue and bone itself. Samara had also chipped one of her fangs while she was partially transformed so that she could use that in her experimentations as well. With her lungs, she was able to perform a sacrificial ritual in order to transmute the Lungs of Ryia among other bodily parts and organs, in order to save her own life.
Ryia (Subchapter I)
Aneko (thumbnail)

Aneko is a Lycanthrope with considerable power; older than most ancient text based upon Christ as the rumors tell it. For years, she has tried to locate the den so that she could somehow convince her to join her cause--else turn her into a Lycanthrope--yet she could never locate the den of these divine creatures.

Isai. Samara had heard this name very few times and knows not what she is. Digging for information, Samara has pointed her to events well-over 1,000 years ago. She was not a Lycanthrope nor a Hybrid.

"Just what is she...?" Samara wonders.

As she searches for answers, her search brings her a silent jungle. One which has only the fiercest of animals as she has heard, but it is rumored that deep within this jungle, deep within Sumatra, beasts unlike any other that mankind has seen dwell.

With rumors such as this floating about Sumatra, Samara advanced with her head held high and her inhuman senses attuned to every sound, every smell, and every sensation around her.

Isai (Subchapter II)
Venom (Subchapter II)

Venom had been crossed years ago and to this day, the Lycanthrope wishes her dead. Samara had severed her leg clean from her body while she was restrained. Venom too, just as Ryia, escaped when Astaroth destroyed her base of operations. Despite her limb growing anew as if it had never been lost, Venom still hunts for Samara so that she can enact revenge.

Samara harvested the Heart of Venom and the Leg of Venom and other parts as well as tissue, and other organs in order to perform a ritual which saved her life. 

Malice was a curious one. As a Lycanthrope of a higher caliber, she volunteered to be a test subject but not for Samara's gain. She wanted Samara to find a way to reverse engineer the effects of her own Lycanthropy. To what reasoning she would want such a thing, Samara knows not nor does she care.

It was a rare chance to harness a powerful specimen and as such, she diligently sliced what she wanted as well as needed in order to work on not only a possible cure to Malice's Lycanthropy, but how to improve upon that self-same Lycanthropy so that Samara could come even closer to the secrets of immortality.

Malice (thumbnail)

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