"My vessel ascends from the cesspool known as misery. This misery augments my existence and said existence augments the misery which haunts me night to day, day to night. Beyond the Gates of Hell, the Lightbringer squawks a grating laugh at my mind and my attempts at a slow and even a quick suicide. Whether you deem it living a full life or merely being killed in any fashion; life itself is near relative to suicide. It only matters if you choose to prolong it or let go."
— Sasaki Kuro
Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)
Full Name Sasaki Kuro
Birthplace Kurushima, Japan
Birthdate 1582, September 11th
Age as of Act: I 24 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 24 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 25 years of Age
Gender Male
Height Five feet and Nine inches (5' 9")
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Varies between gold and light brown
Blood type O Positive
Main Weapon Tsurugi
Alchemic Property Darkness
Sword's Name Sin
Sub Weapon Obstruction (An Imbued Dagger given to him by his life-long friend and ally, Mi~Na.)
Deceased Family Members His mother was killed by Aneko.
His father was killed by Aneko after he stood in a challenge to her.
His elder brother was killed by Aneko's command and by none other than his lover, Arsenic.
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until Strife is destroyed.
Alignment as of Act: III Neutral
Kuro's Theme Asimov (5:08)


Sasaki Kuro was born in Kurushima (Kuro Island) to Lev Volkov and Sasaki Asa. His brother, Sieg (Meaning Champion of the Cross) is his elder brother. This family lived a relative distance from other families and would have to travel miles just to see another human being. This bothered Kuro none for he had his elder brother to keep him company. The beginning years of his life he looked up to his brother who had always protected him from whatever came their way. Their father, was a proud ex-military man who wanted nothing more than to spend the remainder of his life with his family. Their mother, was a goddess. Kind, nurturing and caring. It was upon the approval of them that they relocated so that Kuro and Sieg could be with other children.

After a week of chores, a young Kuro of only eight years, set forth out onto the beach of Onna. He was happy that he could play in the water and even float. He was at the age where his body had begun to take on a little extra chubbiness and he cared none.

Though Kuro was blissfully unaware to the people who frowned upon him and his family. This was due to Volkov being an outsider and him taking a Ryukyuan bride and the bride bearing his children. Although Sasaki was not viewed much differently than she previously was prior to her marriage, Volkov and their sons faced discrimination due to their sullied bloodlines and Volkov for being one to origininate from the land of the Christian Faith. During this time, there was much hatred due to Francisco Xavier for him introducing Christianity to those who were ignorant to the foreign religion. Although most retained their faith, there were those who abandoned Shinto for Christianity; thus, spawning the hatred between outsiders though there are many other reasons for this hatred.

Shortly after the brother's birthday, tension grew between those of the Shinto faith and Kuro due to an altercation which involved him and a monk. As he had been out with his mother, he inquired if he could play with the other children while they were on the beach. Asa permitted this as she knew that her son would not cause trouble. Sieg would have been here yet, he was out with Lev purchasing goods for supper. As she knelt down and picked up a small shell, her green eyes watched him to be sure that nothing would happen to him.

It had been roughly a half hour before Kuro came to a halt in front of a small group of children. He saw one who was sitting by herself watching the waves crash in the distance. Thinking it would be a good idea to talk to her, he approached her and then knelt down.

“Hi,” He greeted her as he would greet anyone else yet, she did nothing more than give him an eye of hatred. “What’s wrong?” He now asked the girl.

“…” She said nothing. Instead she merely balled her fists and then scooted away from him.

“I…” Not moving closer, he instead offered his hand and introduced himself. “I'm Sasaki Kuro.” With a smile as warm as the sun and doing the very same thing which he had seen his father do, he was slightly enthralled that the girl looked at him with what appeared to be shock. It was then that he looked at her eyes and knew that she would be his friend. “B-blue?”

After he said this, she immediately turned away.

“Don’t look at my eyes!” His hand lowering into the sand and unknown to him, his mother now standing, he leaned forward and asked her why. “Because…people…people don’t like my eyes.”

“B-but they’re blue. What’s wrong with-“

“Don’t you get it?” She demanded now looking at him. “I’m an outcast!”

“No you’re not.” Kuro had not an idea what an 'outcast' was but he got the feeling that she disliked being one. So he simply said what he thought would help. She looked at him with not only anger but curiosity. “I mean, my father come from Europe and my mother was born here on this island. Just because I’m different doesn’t make me an outcast unless I feel that…well, something’s wrong with me.”

“…you…” She began. “You do not understand do you?” Kuro blinked a few times in confusion. The girl could tell by his golden-brown eyes that he knew not much of the world except what was shown to him while she knew that life would never give a second chance even if it were bribed. At the sound of a bell, they both looked up only for his eyes to stay upwards while hers fell. “I must go…”

“W-wha, why?” Looking down to him as she slowly stood, she thought of him to be uninformed with the world—which he was. Even so, she thought of his innocence to be the better half of him even though he knew nothing about what she were to become. Kneeling back down, she extended her hand and then told him: “My name is Mi~na.” Thinking that his plan worked he was about to speak, however, she cut him off. “I’ve no time to talk for my training is now to begin…” He attempted to interject yet, she cut him off again. “Don’t wait for me…because my training will take years to complete.” With that, she stood, not taking her eyes off of Sasaki until she turned in the other direction. After she made a small amount of distance towards a temple, he decided to go after her.

“K-Kuro!” He heard his name called; however, he did not listen to his mother. He did not have a choice, he knew something about this girl, Mi~na, was special and he was determined to find out. “Kuro!” Catching up to the girl in front of the temple, he paid no attention to the woman who was standing before Mi~na until he was directly behind the girl he had just befriended. As he reached to place a hand on her shoulder, he saw nothing more than a fist—a fist of the woman who was standing in front of the girl. A second later, he was landing on his back only to roll on his head and then lie motionless upon his stomach, he blinked as he saw the woman unclench her fist and blinked a second time when Mi~na winced as he tried to get up.

“Sasaki don’t get up!” Hearing Mi~na say this, he hesitated as he stared at her with his left eye, for his right had been in pain from the blow that he had just received. Ignoring Mi~na, Kuro continued to push himself upwards until he got onto his knees. “Sa…”

“Children should stay out of the affairs of others which bear no meaning to them...” Looking up to the woman, he saw that she had now been standing with her arms crossed. “You of all should know this…Sasaki.”

“We do apologize ma’dam Kurasama.” Lifting his head upwards, he saw that his mother had been bowing and had been directly above him. What the other two did not see had been her scornful facial expression. Looking away from her, Kuro looked at the woman again and gnashed his teeth which then he revealed his fangs. His mouth quickly covered, Asa whispered to him that it was time for them to leave—now. Of course, even though he slowly stood, his fangs did not go unnoticed—Mi~na and Kurasama both stared at him.

“I do advise that you teach him what he needs to know Asa…” Asa’s eyes slowly widened for she knew full well what Kurasama had been referring to. “Just as this child stands before this shrine is to become one of Okinawa’s Kaminchu, it is imperative that your child’s training also be learned—for you as well as I do know of what he is capable of. Looking up to his mother, he was going to speak yet, she firmly kept her fingers sealed over his mouth—signaling for him not to speak.

“It…it seems too soon for him to…”

“Child he is, Asa, yet you must soon know that in time, others will discover what we keep hidden and when that does come to pass, she will come seeking him for what he is.”

“…I know...” Her voice was strong, but the four of them could tell that she were slowly breaking underneath her calm exterior.

The woman smirked before she spoke: "It's been what? 40 years?"

"In a few months time, it will be."

"Hmph...I've not a doubt he will learn from you and take your ways and I've not a doubt he could be of assistance to Mi~na after she has trained matter what we hope for we must invest within it before we rejoice of anything..." With these last words, Kurasama ushered Mi~na, who was still looking over her shoulder at Kuro, into further into the temple and he was able to just barely hear her say "Goodbye" even though they were too far away for a human to hear.

It would be years before he would see Mi~na again and even when his training would be complete, his mother told him: “There is no knowledge that is not power.” These words would not only provide strength, but also these words would prove to be more of a resource for anything which would seem to be out of the ordinary or out of his reach.

The time of his fifteenth birthday appeared to be a normal day when he listened to his father tell him of when war destroyed what people had knew and held so dear. Lev Volkov, was once a soldier. He fought in wars which brought peace and even anarchy; from the Kingdom of Wolfkrone to Parousia, and even Dalkia for a short time, yet, after the conflict between Dalkia and Halteese came to a close Volkov left the Dalkian ranks due to corruption. With these titles and experience under his belt, Volkov was a force to be reckoned with; whether he be armed or not…however; this would all change.

As night had fallen, Sasaki and his father had both been out late fishing while Asa tended to their home. Sieg had been within Europe visiting extended family and was to return within a month's time. While boasting of his catch, he noticed that his father had been staring at him in the oddest of ways. With his ardent blue eyes, Kuro could only assume something was wrong. Or that he was going to be lectured.

“What troubles you father?” After this question was asked, Volkov, slowly shook his head.

“Nothing my son,” Placing a hand on Kuro’s head, Volkov continued. “It’s just that…you’ve grown.” Smirking, Kuro knew that he was being complemented on more than just his age. “It also means that in due time, you will be a man and that when you become that set man, you must realize for whom your strength is to be controlled by.”

“Controlled?” He repeated.

“Yes my son. Controlled. You see, within this world, we can live by our own means, yet, no matter how we live, there will always be the restrictions of others and the laws of life.” As they continued walking, his father continued to teach. “As you may know of my life, it is not much which can be done for mine, yet for yours is where all should be set a-tuned for.”

“But…I’m no one, why does my life have to be something that others want or will even care about?”

“Ah, do not be so rash upon your own future. You speak as if you’ve lived when you’ve never left Kurushima.” Thinking to himself for a second, he then spoke. “Once you have left and have experienced a small portion of the world, then I would want you to tell me that you are not worth something grand.”

“What will I get for a prize?” In this type of situation, it would be a bet between Volkov and Kuro. For they often bet each other stakes, and often Kuro would emerge the victor, he knew there would be something greater that he could have wanted for something of this magnitude.

“Well, perhaps I know something that would interest you from years prior to now…”

“Like…?” He inquired with growing anticipation.

“You shall see, only when you’ve done the said task aforementioned.” As the two continued to converse, neither of them knew that they were being watched—either way, it had been far too late. Coming to a fork, which would lead to Taketomi and through Taketomi, they would eventually reach their home; they both came to a halt as they came across a figure lying which appeared to be bloody. Slowly approaching it, Kuro knelt down while Volkov readied his sword.

“This looks to be a woman…” As Kuro continued to examine and search the body, he eventually lifted the right arm of the corpse and froze. A little over a half a minute had passed before Volkov noticed his son’s hesitation. Coming to his side and kneeling, Volkov slowly leaned forward and his breath seemed to escape him for he appeared not to breathe.

“A-As…” His voice was lost for words. His best friend, his lover, his wife, the mother to his children lay before him.




It was then that Volkov noticed that there had been struggle. Blood staining the Earth and scraps of her clothing littered the immediate area. Just as important, the area was practically devoid of sound as well as life. That said, it had also been still. Volkov knew that Asa's killer had still been close.

Gripping his Falcata with intensifying force, he could feel his anger taking hold of him. With that he stood and then challenged the murderer of his beloved only for nothing to be said back to him.

“Show yourself!” Flailing his blade in the air, he continued to survey his surroundings.

“You coward,” He added on. “Are you afraid to face a man in battle? Must you lower yourself to killing a woman, an unarmed woman at that?”

“…I…” At the sound of the voice, Volkov turned to face his new opponent while Kuro stood and unsheathed his dagger. “I…am not afraid of you, for if I were afraid, I would have never come all this way in order to see if the rumors were true.”

Through peripheral vision Volkov looked over to Kuro and noticed the ardency which had began to swell within his eyes. “As I do recall, I must have all of MY men accounted for, so, since she stood against me, I crushed her throat and then drained her of what you would call a ‘heart.’” Her voice was familiar to him. He did not know where, but Kuro had in fact known the voice. Regardless, no matter the familiarity; he charged. Leaping over his mother’s corpse, Kuro, with his dagger high above his head, came down upon the woman and impaled her through her chest with the dagger.

At this time, Volkov had stopped in place and recalled the woman’s words.

“I…am not afraid of you, for if I were afraid, I would have never come all this way in order to see if the rumors were true.”

“As I do recall, I must have all of MY men accounted for…”

“Kuro, get away from her!”

“Mmmm…” His eyes were agape as he heard her voice after she had been impaled through the chest. “It’s been quite some time since I have tasted my own blood,” Looking at his eyes, she knew for certain that she had found him. Placing both her hands around his forearms, the woman then began to slowly push Kuro so that his arm would eventually pull out of the wound. “I…gnn…find it amusing that you are so far east and so…” The woman took in a long and deep breath. “Sooo… innocent.” Finally, she bent her legs and then using sheer strength, propelled Kuro over her and into the vegetation which surrounded them. Getting to her feet, the woman ran her fingers down her thighs and then brought them to her tongue. “Mmmm…yes, it has been far too long since my blood has been tasted.”

“…Aneko…” At that instance, she eyed the man with intrigue.

“Ah, so you do know of me…how interesting.”

“How is that so ‘interesting’?”

“A mortal, or rather, I shall properly address you, a half-bred Wolf such as you, who impregnates one my own but not just that..." Her expression grew grave as she spoke her next words: " former mate, who then gives birth to your children, for the four of you to live happily ever after…hmm, thinking you can spare him of his fate…I think not.”

Placing both hands upon the pommel of his Falcata, Volkol prepared to stand his ground against the beast. As he slowly strafed around her, he could literally hear her flesh repairing itself.

“I care not for your lusts, you cannot have either of my sons!”

“Oh, I’ve not the faintest idea as to why you believe that I cannot have MY property.”

“You are nothing more than a demon which lives for carnage!”

“Oh, me?” She pointed to herself with a widening smile. “No, I desire not carnage…nor am I a demon for that matter and if I were that would make you and them both as well the half-breed demons...” She had been cut off when Volkov demanded to know what she wanted with Kuro. “Hmm…since you must know,” She replied while rolling her ardent and pallor green eyes. “He is to be my mate.” Volkov’s face had fallen pale. He could not bear the torture of being a mate to Aneko for he knew how mates were treated. "Oh don't look so dour. You look almost as angered as I when I was abandoned on the day I was to be wed." Without a second thought, Volkov charged the woman of red hair with his sword his in the air. No matter how skilled he was, Aneko was a monstrosity of her own right...

“M…masa…ka?” With this word said, Kuro slowly got to his feet. He was attempted to clear his vision; however, he knew not where exactly he had been. Thinking of what had just transpired, he instantly knew what he needed to do. Rushing into the fork of the paths, he again froze as he saw his father, lying on the ground motionless with Aneko tearing away at his neck.

“Father…” His eyes agape, Aneko looked up to him with surprise written across her face.

“You recovered much more quickly than I would have imagined…I even allowed myself to be lost in tearing your father asunder. How foolish of me." She playfully placed a finger to her chin as this was said. "Yet I do suppose Sasaki taught you much?”

“Shut up!” Gripping his dagger, he could feel something inside of him. It felt as if it had been clawing at his innards and it vied to break loose—but this he could not do. This was the very thing that his mother taught him how to control yet, as he was regaining himself over his urges, he quickly found himself pinned to the ground. Realizing she had been close, Sasaki attempted to impale her again, this time he would aim for her head. To digress, Aneko’s strength was much more than his, for his held his arms down with a fair amount of ease.

“Hmmm…” She began as she observed him. "You look almost good enough to eat..." Turning his head unto its side, Aneko licked his bare neck and then gently kissed it in succession numerous times until she began to grind his flaccid phallus.


“Hmm?” Even though she heard him, she chose to ignore his plea. She knew that it was something for which he did not want but at the same time, she knew that a part of him had been enjoying it. “Do you really want me to stop?” She sweetly inquired as she pressed herself even harder against his phallus. “Do you?”

“Y-yes…” He weakly answered. With a small smirk, she then opened her mouth and then tore into his neck.

The pain...was searing enough to be fire while his body could not dare move due to this very same intoxicating pain. As she drank from him, he slowly slipped into his mind and eventually, Sasaki Kuro blacked out.

When he came to, he found himself in the care of a woman who was more familiar than Aneko’s voice. As he sat up, the shock of pain immediately forced him to fall unto his back which led to more pain; however, he did not scream. There was no one to scream for. His mother and his father were the only ones who cared for him and now…they were gone and he could do nothing about it. Sieg was not anywhere near and Kuro did not know if he had been killed or not.

“Fear not your fate, for it is necessary for you to stand and not fall.”

“…” Despite his silence, she knew what he had been going through, for pain not only follows those who are in search of ending sorrows.

“She to had been looking for you yet, she could not find you.” Sasaki did not bother to move. “She, Aneko, is a Queen; not of a people, not of a country, but over a race.” It was at this point that Sasaki Kuro looked to the woman whom was kneeling beside him. “She devoured my mother and slew my father along with those who lived within my village.” Looking away from her, he now knew who he had been lying in front of.

“…H-How long?” Her blue eyes watched his tears swell, yet that did not stop her from answering his question.

“The twenty-fourth of last month.” Kuro closed his eyes and dared not move. “Yet, she had been looking for another,” Opening his eyes, he did not look towards her but he asked the question as to who. “I believe he is your brother. Sieg? If I recall correctly." Mi~na had begun to pour tea as she looked at his wounds. Unknown to Sasaki, he had been beaten while he was unconscious though the welps and gashes had been healing remarkably well. Though Mi~na knew and had known for years that Sasaki was not human. At least, not entirely. His brother, she met and his brother she knew less of. "She wants you both and others whom she finds fit for..."


"For her mate."


"There is also a growing number of women which I hear are vanishing around trade routes to the west and when I complete my training, three of us are charged with its investigation."

"The Kaminchu thing right?" She nodded.

"A few more years and we will be ready." She looked to his chest and noticed that the gash had nearly completely healed. "I've spoken with Kurasama..."

"Tch...she's still alive..."

"Yes, and it is in your interest as well. She believes that you will do well with our training and with your trademark attributes, you will be a great asset to our cause."

"What cause is that?"

"The slaying of demons."

"Will I get a chance to kill Aneko?"

"In due time I'm sure, though not in your current condition. You've much to learn if you want to stand against a Lycanthrope of her caliber."

"Thank you for belitteling me."

"I've done no such thing. Though to do so, it is your fault for being so weak and it is you who should curse your weakness for not being able to defend you mother and father!" He winced at her words. "Though blame is not what should be done let alone degradation of another. She was simply too much for them to deal with. No matter if Volkov had been a Werewolf and Sasaki a Lycanthrope." Kuro had again tried to rise. This time in shock but was again forced back down due to pain.

"Curiosity killed the cat..."

"Shut...up..." He ordered through his teeth.

"They were of the supernatural as humans do deem such things, yet, their union was untainted. Though tragically ended."

Silence hung over them and in this silence she drank tea. It was tart in flavor but it mattered none.

“When your injuries have completely healed, you will begin your training.”

“Healed?” He repeated.

“Yes. You may want to do it now but no matter if you're the product of a Lycanthrope and a Werewolf you lack training and it does in fact show. I need not tell you of the example of this.” Kuro scoffed.

“…and I suppose you are going to-“

“No…Kurasama will train you.” At that point Kuro froze as he recalled the woman who punched him in the face years ago. “You musn’t let things effect you, you must go on and train if you wish to avenge the deaths of Sasaki and Volkov…”

“I know that...” Mi~na looked down and then back at Sasaki. She could see the warm child she once met slowly slipping from existance though, there was nothing she could do.

"I apologize for my bluntness, but it is how things are. People will not always be kind and people will not always lend you their aid. Yet those who are and those who continuously do so, shouldn't be shunned like others." He said nothing now, instead, he simply watched the leaves scatter across the ground as the wind forced them into an endless dance. "Sieg is already training yet his wounds were not as severe as yours." His head turned in her direction and as such, she continued. "Aneko attacked him as well. The difference is that she left him floating adrift and it was another of my kind who found him."

Kuro closed his eyes and she knew not what ran through his mind. As he recalled, Aneko sought union through domination and she showed that well enough when she mounted him and nearly bled him dry.

"She did mostly the same time him as she did you, but told him what she will do to you and Sasaki and Volkov when she found you all." A sigh escaped his lips. "His will is what saw him through it. As yours will see you through this. We three have a hunt to ahead of us just as you two do, but whenever we do cross paths after we leave here, trust that I'll be looking for anything leading to her."

Four years passing after his encounter with Aneko, Sasaki reappeared. Not the child which he was so long ago, but a young man of nineteen years. His eyes, naturally a greenish-gold and his hair was long and flowed wild and free. His clothing was blacker than the dead of night and his words were that for which a dead man could only preach. His weapons, a katana deemed Winter and a Sanjie Gun (staff) which is only used for “practice” against opponents.

Kuro has also learned several of the incantations which are used by the Kaminchu and Ninja. As time has progressed, Kuro has bettered his skill for the true battle which he views as destiny.


Tsurugi: The Tsurugi is an ancient and trusted weapon. Jōkotō to be precise. This blade was re-forged by Kurasama and has accompanied Kuro for several years. Blessed with exotic feats, this sword is capable of killing demons and other apparitions. Before it came into his possession, this blade was his mother's (Sasaki Asa) weapon; which had been passed down from generation to generation up until her death at Aneko's hands.

This straight, two edged blade is feather weight when in his hands, however to others, even to his own brother, it weighs more than a fully-grown elephant.

Autumn: A powerful three-section-staff which follows the same line in exotic blessings as the Tsurugi. Other than this, it is unremarkable.

Hand Combat

Five Ancestors


Passive Skills

Kuji-In: A self healing skill that he learned from the Fu-Ma traitor Kurasama. Kuro uses this ability to heal any wounds he may receive, in addition to his Healing Factor, due to him being born a Hybrid, Kuro can perform the Kuji-In, which will more than double the healing rate. Additionally, he can use this skill either on himself or on another.

Healing Factor: As he is a Hybrid, Sasaki Kuro has the ability to recover from practically any wound whatsoever. Due to his heritage, this passive ability is increased to recover from injury practically immediately after being inflicted.

Memorable Quotes

"Death is only met when one bears nothing more to lose than their life."

"Ignorance is only proof that your life should have never been spent."

“In this Hell, this, Purgatory if you will, no matter what century your eyes are to rape, humanity faces The Crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness while the other shall only gift you with total extinction; let us pray to your ‘Merciless Heretic’ that we have not only the wisdom but also the utmost strength and power to select which path we shall take which shall do nothing more than lead us all to our hastened untimely deaths.”

"Live this life and you shall see no reason to shed a single drop of sympathy or remorse for these credulous fools with disgusting, and pulsing erections you call men.”

“Well, you must face the fact that love is a difficult human emotion. As one delves into it, a conflicting multitude of thoughts and emotions arise. Of course, of my mind, I know it is a dispicable and ardent emotion. I also know of it to be a euphoric yet, bloodily blissful. In addition to those traits, I know of it to be parasitic and self-sacrificing. All-in-all, love is a hideous entity which fools do not see that fangs hidden within between its legs.” -- After he defeats Kusanagi Ky

“Of course, the beautiful emotion causes wars, and ends them and of course forces the depression which burdens ones soul to die a miserable death and simultaneously ignites the flames in order for the foolish to climb to towering perches of ecstacy. As pure a thing love is to be, is it truly a lovely thing? Or is it a mere blade with twin ends that feeds on the hosts in the mirror fashion as the Succubus?” -- As he turns his back on Ryia

“I am not your God… for I have killed your God...I am merely your Heretic who shall do nothing more than mediate Anarchy.” -- After humiliating Strife

“Water is as free as the air I breathe while it is only trapped within the atmosphere that surrounds the purgatory that I am sentenced to.”

“Cut your own throat open whore. Surely even in death men will still empty themselves with your throat even if you've not a head to your body.” -- As he rejects Raiko

“I am nothing more than a faceless silhouette.

“I have a twin just like me that I now meet.”

“If I were to have faith, then I would actually have a burden…yet with no faith…I am as unencumbered as the oceans of this purgatory cleanse and devour the beings of this purgatory.” -- While in a conversation with Tempest

“I have chosen that I want to see them and I have also chosen to never give myself to another for warmth...” -- To Priya as she preaches love

Act: II

As this came full circle, Kuro was ordered to take point in securing a position into Priya's unit. After observing them for two weeks, he understood how he would do just that. He roamed the wood which Rebel and Grandallian soldiers lurked searching for one an other. As he came upon desolate town, he came across several Rebels and had not much a choice but to kill them all. This he did with little effort. Continuing on he evaded the other teams of Rebels and located the whereabouts of the one commanding the Rebels of the area. Upon killing the guards with little noise, Kuro entered the Desecrated Church.

Upon exploring he found several religious pieces and cursed the name of Jesus as he recalled the polution of Christianty within Japan itself. Moving forth towards the upper levels he was spotted by a soldier, however, Kuro did not care. The soldiers charged him, yet one was beheaded. Two more came to his aid but were vivisected and the other bifurcated.

Reaching the female commander he said nothing as she gave him a speech. After this speech, she charged him, yet, his his inhuman strength, he tossed her from the upper levels down to the floor. It took her severe minutes to regain herself while he slowly made his way down the steps. As he drew near, she had fully regained herself and charged again.


He stepped to her left and took three slashes at her and when he sheathed Winter, the blonde was dead before she hit the cold tile.

Right on time had been Gungnir and the other units. At first he was thought to be a Rebel yet, seeing the corpses around him, it was clearly not the case. As he was ordered to do, he befriended the platoon and was all the more interested when he saw Kusanagi as well as Raisa and Raiko of their numbers. Tempest and Raine were the elder brother and elder sister to them respectively and with them together it was clear why he was ordered to befriend the platoon.

It took little convincing for Priya to accept him while Annebella also welcomed him. Surina on the other hand was indifferent. Though it mattered not, after he was alone, he was approached by E'laura and the Kaminchu, Arrai, whom had been investigating Parousia the entire time of their occupation. As the three spoke they knew that others were needed for the assult which would bring about Strife's downfall as well as The Composite. They were after the reconstructing Soul Edge which was rumored to be building strength.

Their mission, was to destroy the blade as well as its weilder for the one behind the blade was tainted by it and could corrupt others as well.

For Strife, it had been far too late for Arrai has told of his corruption and with her testament, he was nothing more than a slave to that blade.


A friend of the Kaminchu, Mi~na.

Younger brother of Volkov.

Has trained alongside the Kaminchu and is capable of harnessing his spiritual power. This power, he uses to rapidly heal any wounds he may suffer as well as purge his body of curses or poisons.

Has lost interest in most things in life.

Has a murderous intent focused solely on Aneko.

Cares nothing for love or sex.

Was bested in combat by Aneko. Kuro's parents were killed by the Lycanthrope as well.

Infiltrated a Rebel Base and killed the commander named Brunhild in order to gain Priya's trust, after that, he continued on with his mission until it was time for the next phase of the operation.

Is working side-by-side with Arrai, E'laura, Mi~na, and Kami in this operation.

Has lied in order to gain the trusts of the Parousian Platoon which is made up of: Gungnir, War Hawk, Exalted, Valor, and Relic.

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