"Nothing is impenetrable. I'll find where they're weakest, and break them there."
— Surina

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Surina (Act II)

Surina (Malfestation)

Full Name Surina Chella Delgado
Birthplace Parousia, Grandall Empire
Birthdate 1584, August 11th
Age as of Act: I 21 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 22 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 23 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Eight and a Half Inches (5' 8 1/2")
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Bladed Lance
Style of Combat An amalgamation of Suijutsu, Bojutsu, and Largus Apostolus.
Sub Weapon Dagger
Living Family Members Priya is her younger sister.
Deceased Family Members Their mother committed suicide for not being able to tend to her husband's wounds. Ultimately believing his death was her own fault.

Her father, died from injuries which he received from battle. Her grandparents died from natural causes.

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian until she along with Gallagher are captured and nearly killed. Surina then rebels along with her younger sister against Parousia.
Alignment as of Act: III Mercenary - serves Krieg
Act: I Theme Lost Cause (5:04)
Act: II Theme Unstoppable (5:36)
Act: III Theme Dust and Light (extended) (5:47)

Biography of Surina Delgado

Born in the end of the summer months, the first daughter, was named by a relative. Her father's grandmother had named her as she would come to name her sister in one year, four months, and fourteen days. The name bestowed upon her was Surina, meaning Wise or even Goddess, however, she chose to tell those who would ask the former opposed to the latter.

As she aged, she was always protective of her family - challenging a black haired Girardot to a fight when he entered her father's home for one. Surina was easily lifted off the ground, by her collar no less and as Girardot laughed at her as she pouted, a five-year old balled her fist and punched the man square in the nose. Despite him flinching, he did not drop her.

"Sure is a feisty one this girl!" He exclaimed as blood slowly poured from his nose.

She remembers him saying this as he set her back upon her feet. From here, her father picked her up but she immediately began to struggle. Surina hated being picked up, even as a babe; whereas most would calm after being picked up, Surina continued to cry. Some parents deemed it a curse or an ill omen due to Surina being an "abomination", however, once she was set to where she can lay by herself, she calmed down. She even giggled when her mother laid her down after hours of holding her and trying to calm her.

"You were an asshole even when you were a baby. Such a shock."

"Still your tongue lest you lose it!"

Priya giggled when Surina threatened her. It was only around Surina that Priya would even dare to use profanity and even then she would rarely use such language. As children, they both took to their father over their mother. He was an interesting man as well as a strong, kind, and loving father; as such, Surina asked to learn the way of the sword. Initially, her father did not answer her, however, when Priya chimed in wanting to learn as well he still said "no"; however, after she stared at him with her folded hands against her chin, he soon caved to Priya's "puppy-dog eyes" and agreed to show them both how to wield a weapon.

Surina initially wanted to use a weapon which resembled Sergio's, the Bladed Lance yet, the weapon would be too large for her to use - the same went for Priya. With that known, he gave them both short swords, each being the same as the other in design, but they were decorated by the finest of smiths he knew. The man personally designed his Bladed Lance; this is why he was trusted to design his daughters' sidearms. When they were finished, Surina stared at hers just as Priya ogled her own.

Surina's had been decorated with strips of gold while the other, decorated with strips of silver and in each lay a small gem; Surina's held a golden hue while Priya's held a cool blue hue.

"If you are to train, you must know your weapon, and to know your weapon, you must first know yourself..."

This was the first rule her father had taught and even more were to follow. Despite the time spent training, their mother grew envious that her daughters were more taken by the sword than by dressing fancy and adorning jewels and finer cloths.

"Why dress in fine clothes? Why wear tights to tight that you see that "thing" sticking out on men? Or rather, why chase man after man when I can achieve my own glory and prove my own strength? Why can't I show the world what I can do opposed to simply supporting another who believes that he is "enough" for every woman?"

Surina and her mother argued constantly when her father was not present. In fact, her mother gave up on her when Surina told her:

"You respect him but fail to respect me when I wish to be the same. Am I that weak to you that you see me as a failure? That I must...disgust you to some unimaginable degree that you bar me from training for what I've always dreamed of doing? If that be the case, then you are no mother to me nor are you any different alive than being dead if this be how you truly are."

Her mother spoke none to her for weeks but in her father's absence, she made sure to send Priya away to live with her grandparents in the hopes that Priya would be made to be "an actual lady". Surina suspected that she would be sent and not Priya, yet, she then suspected far worse would happen to her. Thinking on it, Surina hesitated none and packed her clothes - she left and traveled for nearly a week before reaching the home of her grandparents.

"H-how did you get here?"

"I sold the rags of a harlot, err, dresses that your daughter wanted me to wear in order to get here safely."

"Surina Chella Del--"

"She separated us for wanting to be like our father and hopes that with Priya being here, that you'll both break her will to idolize our father."

With this said, the two eyed each other. Her grandfather and her grandmother knew not what to say yet, for Surina to say the words she did, they asked her what happened while already knowing why Priya was sent to them. Hearing it from Priya days prior to Surina's arrival and now hearing it from Surina made them less at ease with the situation.

"Sis, I believe father gave this to you last year."

"My sword!"

Their grandfather stared as Surina handed the decorated Spatha to Priya while Surina held her own. Their grandmother lightly tugged on his tunic and whispered in his ear about something which neither of them could hear. After he sighed, he spoke:

"You can both stay here, but no, and I mean NO swordplay until I say otherwise."

"Otherwise?" Priya repeated.

"That means he may allow us to do so if we gain his favor."

After Surina told this to Priya, she heard her grandmother clear her throat.

"...pardon my ill-use of words ma'am, "their" favor."

From this, their grandmother smiled and gave a small nod as Surina corrected herself. From that day forth, the two worked, Surina ran errands for her grandparents while Priya tended to the home. It was near supper when the two worked together to prepare dinner. Three weeks of this routine had become rather customary and it took only a few days after that for Priya to purchase a weapon of her own. Surina scolded her for doing such so soon but it worked to their favor.

Their grandfather granted them permission to spar as well as whatever other means they trained in. He also warned them that they should be cautios when using weapons -- which they already were, however, at the first lost limb or grave injury, they would be sent back to their mother.

They were ecstatic. With their chores completely faster than usual, they both had gotten their swords and began to spar, only to realize that they were terribly rusty. The times spent away from the sword had robbed them of their skill. Mistakes were made and blows which were normally evaded were taken.

"All that eagerness only for you both to do what?"

Surina balled her fists as this was said.

"I will send for one to teach you both and when your instructor arrives, you are to respect him. He will teach you both properly, and disrespect from you to him will fall to his choice in action!" He looked Surina squarely in her eyes as he said the last part. "Do I make myself clear?"

Priya blinked in disbelief while Surina looked up from her hands. Both of them quickly responded. Surina saying: "Yes, Sir" while Priya answered with: "Yes, Grandpa". He now focused on Surina, seeing that she held a confusion about her face.

"You heard me right Surina. I'll not watch you both mock battle technique nor will I accept such a sloppy display of swordsmanship. I'll grant you both this, I understand it has been a while, but surely one or both of you have snuck in a menial session, here or there?!"

The two of them shook their heads while Priya verbally added on:

"Neither of the two of us have broken that rule Grandpa."

"...and it shows..."

"Ah...uhm..." Priya returned to looking at her hands while Surina eyed the man.

"Are you suggesting that we disobey you?"


"Permission to disobey? I'll gladly follow that rule!"

"But...why?" Priya looked at Surina after her elder sister's exclamation and then to him.

"Isn't it obvious, with your ardent petition to train, I would assume you both would have broken that rule long ago. I assumed you'd not even last a week without doing so!"

Priya and Surina looked at each other once more.

"Yet, seeing as neither of you did, and the time spent away from your training shows, I will teach you both what I know of the sword."

They both now stared at him as he turned away.

"The first chime from the bell will be our first session. As for you Priya..."

"Y-yes Grandpa?"

"You did well with the replica, which is the only reason why I am giving you both this chance."

After he left the two alone, Priya turned to Surina and pointed at her before she spoke:

"Innocent determination trumps Valiant Aggression yet again."

"Shut up."

The younger sibling giggled before getting to her feet. They were close as sisters could be at this point and seeing that their efforts played a part in earning them the right to train once more (in differing degrees), they dedicated themselves to training and nothing else.

Months passed. Their grandfather sent for men whom knew of something deemed "martial arts". In time, a man (different than either child had even seen) visited them. He introduced himself as Xiao Mei. He carried a staff and an odd sword with him.

After breakfast, he urged the two children to engage him in combat to see what they knew. Surina was up to the challenge while Priya showed hesitation. This he noticed. Once they stepped outside, Priya shuddered from the cold while Surina was raring to go. Despite her thirst, Surina was struck in the stomach by Mei's staff only once and with the single hit, she fell to the ground and did not move.

Priya rushing to her side, failed to see Mei close the distance and as he did, he leaned over Priya and asked of her:

"Why do you take your eyes off your enemy?"

She froze as his words sunk in, but before she could react, she was kicked in her ribs. This kick sent her reeling to the cold ground. In this instant, Surina charged the man with a yell, yet with a swing of his weapon, the sheer force disarmed Surina--but this did not stop her. She evaded a second attack and then a third only to take the fourth attack head on.

Mei narrowed his eyes as he witnessed her stand in place. Surina had bent her left arm in a fashion to where her arm received the brunt of the attack while her head was unaffected. In this second of realization, she got on a single punch to his chest which did little to the man. He retaliated by deceiving her as if he would strike with his staff only to follow up with his own punch to her chest.

This punch sent her to the ground.

Priya crept up from behind and attacked but missed. Her second attack, a vertical swing, was parried and once again, she was kicked to the ground. Yet as she fell, she saw the man charge her which spurred Priya to roll off her back to evade the incoming strike.

With Surina coming from behind, the man span his staff and then raised it towards his neck; the next movement allowed him to strike Priya in the back of the head while simultaneously connecting with Surina's chin. To follow his, he kneed Priya in the stomach and with the same leg, kicked Surina in hers. Spinning towards his right, he used his opposing leg to take Priya off her feet and again, with the same leg, he kicked a charging Surina once more with enough force to knock her to the ground. Priya instinctively used her Spatha to catch her balance only for the man to swing his left leg (as if it were on a return trip from Surina) and connected with her right calf, after this, he kicked her away with his right foot.

Listening to her sword hit the cold ground, the man looked from one to the other. Surina struggled to get to her feet while Priya held her sides due to the pain. Both of them were disarmed yet neither of the children were crying.

"They have will of men, but strength of child."

Their grandfather said nothing as he watched from the doorstep.

"They are weak."

"...W-what did you say?"

He eyed Surina as she painstakingly stood. Her Spatha in hand, blood flying from her mouth, she asked again, but in a harsher tone:

"What the hell did you just fucking say?"

She now aimed her sword at the man who in turn narrowed his eyes once more.

"You. Are. Weak." Simply said without a care.

"Priya, what say you to showing this perra arrogante how our Padre taught us to fight?"


His face hardened. He understood that the language was not as they were just speaking, but he knew well enough that they would try harder.

"Flanquearlo, luego desviarse!"

"Lo tengo!"

Surina rushed the man who hopped backward and instead focused on Priya, yet instead of attacking her, he hesitated and then extended his staff out towards Surina in the manner of a thrust. Surina evaded it but just barely; to follow this, she swayed backwards and evaded a second attack which was aimed for her head.

Priya hopped to her right and attacked only for the man to punch her sword arm. Priya took the hit dead on but managed to slash at the man's robe-like clothing. Surina followed up with a slash to the man's back who then bounded away from the damage only to strike Surina in the back of the head with a backfist.

Watching her fall, he then looked up and saw Priya attacking -- but with a different weapon. Narrowly evading the blade which was targeting his head, he took a step backward only for Surina to slash at his right thigh. He attacked Surina only to be met by her defense: two swords. She held both hers and Priya's weapons in hand and with this slight distraction, Priya spoke once more:


Ducking, Priya following with a thrust which was blocked, however, this was anticipated. Due to the serrations of the Bladed Lance, it was meant to catch weapons, that said, Priya jerked her weapon forth and successfully caught the man's Dao.


The man looked to Priya as Surina screamed this yet, Priya did nothing but smile. He was tricked. He assumed that Priya would be following Surina's words but in this case, Surina and Priya had worked together in order to deceive him.

Surina raised the blades in a skyward arc which tore into the man's legs. Surina then released the sword only for Priya to catch them and with her free hands, Surina took hold of the Bladed Lance and jerked it skyward and then downward. With this done, she pulled the man closer.

"Déjalo ir!"

She screamed as she jerked the Lance towards her right. Surina had successfully disarmed the man while Priya stood off to Surina's left with both swords aimed at the man.

With blood spilling into the pure white snow, the man smiled before laughing.


He placed his hands upwards showing that he surrendered but neither of them lowered their weapons.

"Priya, Surina, he's surrendered! Congratulations!"

Still, neither of them lowered their weapons.

"Un enemigo sigue siendo una amenaza , mientras que respirar..."

"An enemy is still a threat while they draw breath..."

"No puedo desenganchar ya que no sólo estoy en riesgo! El amor de Priya y su vida también está en mis manos como el mío es en la suya!"

"I cannot disengage as not only am I at risk! Surina's sake as well as her life is also in my hands as mine is in hers!"

"Tāmen shì míngzhì de."

Surina snarled at the man's words despite not knowing what they mean.

"It means, 'they are wise'."

From that winter on, they continued to train.

Priya and Surina both trained with their sidearms and each took turns using the Replica. True that this replica was a mirror to their father's Bladed Lance however, it was shorter and much lighter than the original. By the following spring, Surina had surpassed Priya in the art of Bojutsu.

Xiao Mei was their tutor in the arts revolving around the staff. Surina focused more on strength and penetrating her opponents defense while Priya focused on her defenses and counter attacks.

Months soon became years and with these years came knowledge as well as strength. To digress, after a few short years of training, their grandmother fell ill and it was short work of her then on. For a month, they continued before their grandfather too, fell to sickness.

The children, now in their teenage years, were forced to return home. Xiao Mei had accompanied them to ensure nothing happened as they were going by foot. As they walked the streets, they were stared at. Surina walked with a light coat of Lamellar mail and dark breeches with a matching pair of leather boots as well as a single arm covered by a gauntlet of solid steel; while Priya wore a fauld, jodhpurs, long boots, and a light colored tunic. Priya even wore a red cloak (which consisted of a hood (which was down) and a scarf-width long cloth which ran down to her back).

In Surina's possession had been her Spatha and an additional dagger while Priya carried the Replica in hand and her Spatha was sheathed at her left thigh. Those that stared were those whom were wearing dresses and jewels or working the stalls. They wore their cosmetics, spoke of love, husbands, food and other things which Priya and Surina worried little of it at all. They were stronger than the average woman and both had their shares of cuts and bruises. During their training, Surina received a wound to the face.

This wound had only occurred due to the interruption of their training when a bear had attacked them. They were able to fend off the bear yet did not kill it. Despite it being only a day ago, the scar healed well--but most others still stared.

Surina's physical strength was obvious and one could confused the musculature of her arms with that of a man. Not to mention that her hair was cut to that where one could mistake her for one. Priya's hair was long and tied in a braid, yet her attire was one which turned most away as she was not beautifully dressed for the public.

When the reached their parent's home, they had heard that Sergio had returned. Ironic really, for them to come back at the same time which their father had returned, however, instead of joy, only sadness could be found.

Sergio and Girardot had returned with grievous wounds. They spoke of an ambush and an explosion, yet what Surina took from that was Sergio defending Girardot from shrapnel. It mattered none, Surina and Priya both dropped their belongings and rushed to their father's side.

When he saw them, he did not speak of the pain, nor the harshness of war, he spoke of how well they had grown. They were even stronger than when he last saw them. Despite the two of them asking 'who did this' and 'how did this happen' or 'who do I need to kill', they were ushered out of the room by Xiao Mei.

"Let the doctor work in peace!"

Neither of them had noticed that the doctor was even present in the room. Yet, they both obeyed. He understood that it was their father and that they had just lost their grandparents, however, losing focus is no reason to allow recklessness to follow.

All they could do was wait.

The hours turned into days, yet, with the time passed, nothing was as to what they wanted to hear.

Sergio Delgado had died.

Silence followed this for nearly an hour, yet, once it truly set in, Surina was the only one whom held Priya as she cried herself to sleep while doing all she could to hold her own tears back. Their mother said not a word to them.

The doctor told them that she had tried to help, but she could not do enough for him. Despite this loss, Surina had chose to continue her swordplay and was not surprised when Priya had chosen the same. Of course there would be challenges, this she knew, but she also understood that when a challenge was taken on, one could learn from their failures as much as they could learn from their success.

They sparred against each other. At times they were in a field, or even near their home. Onlookers would cheer and even place bets yet neither sibling partook in the dealings or those whom tried to speak to them after they had sparred.

One night, after they had concluded their sparring, Surina went to check on their mother, whom had left her door open and a candle burning. Normally she had been asleep at this time--even after Sergio's death. However, as she looked into the room, she witnessed her mother drink some concoction and soon after that, she fell limp.

Surina was no fool. She knew what had happened and after seeing such, she returned to her room (which was shared with Priya) and laid in bed. She did not sleep, nor did she know what to think.

In the coming morn, Surina took Priya out to the field to spar. She said nothing to her but it was easy to see her distraction. After Priya inquired what was on her mind, she heard footsteps. By the voice calling them, they knew it to be the doctor from weeks past.

He pardoned the intrusion but asked them if they took a bottle of "something" from him. They eyed each other before looking at him once more.

"Please, this is not the time to hide anything! The liquid in that bottle is poisonous and mustn't be ingested!"

"Why carry such a thing around if it is so dangerous?"

"I don't have time for this!"

Ignoring Priya's question, the doctor stormed past them and called for their mother. Not just call for her, but he used her first name. He called for Elisabeth, not ma'am or Delgado...but Elisabeth. Out of curiosity, Priya followed while Surina tried to stop her.

They both entered the house once more only to hear the man scream. Priya rushed while Surina walked. By the time Surina reached the stairs, he ran down the steps screaming "she's dead, she's dead!"

Priya ran into the room while Surina eyed the man's left hand. He held the bottle which she had witnessed her mother take to her lips in his grasp. Before he passed her, Surina grabbed his arm and slammed him into the wall. Twisting his arm, she asked what was he doing with the bottle but before she could get any answers, Girardot entered their home and asked what the commotion was only for him to hear Priya scream.

After running up the stairs and seeing what was wrong, only Priya could be heard crying. As her crying grew louder, Surina assumed that Girardot had carried her out of the room. A few seconds later, her assumption had been proven right.

In a short while, soldiers had come to inspect what had happened and found the bottle which the doctor had in his hand. He was taken by the soldiers while Girardot stayed behind with the two sisters.

All Priya knows is that her mother had died. She knows not of it to be suicide. Priya would break if she found that out. Seeing this, as the worst scenario, Surina as well as Girardot, told her that it was from grief that she had passed. After her parents had perished, and then her husband right in front of her, you'd lose sight of many things from grief.

This Priya believed.

Yet Surina witnessed their mother take her own life due to the "grief" she had felt for failing to tend her husband when he needed her most. She believed that Priya would not be able to handle the truth and thus, refused to tell her. Girardot knows of course, however, he swore not to tell Priya but forced Surina into a pact that sooner or later, she will have to tell Priya herself and warned her of letting Priya die and not know how her mother truly passed.

Years later, she even doubts to this day if her sister can tolerate the knowledge without it affecting her as it had affected Surina. As the years passed, Surina focused on learning the art of combat for she wanted to avenge her father’s death and with the very weapon he used in combat as well.

It was after Surina had announced that she would be joining the military that Priya decided to join her. Even though her doubts were high, Priya proved to be just as formidable as Surina—nowhere near as strong and solid in emotion, but still just as formidable. This alone gave her little faith in the lesser sibling.

Surina had enlisted the aid of General Girardot in the manner of training. The reason for this was due to the absence of Xiao Mei. Girardot trained them as best as he could all while they learned yet, he was not truly doing it for them, he was doing this in honor of Sergio--who had a bright future ahead of him. As Surina had heard it, Sergio would be a General just as Girardot was, but he died before he had the chance to.

Priya continued to excel in her defensive strategies in combat while Surina with not only the Bladed Lance, but also marksmanship, close-quarters combat, fencing, and Surina also began to delve into the arts of even the Samurai. Priya and Surina had both graduated from their training with soaring stripes (as they say); and to congratulate this achievement, Girardot presented Surina with her father's Bladed Lance while Priya was given a weapon of the same make, but not a replica of her father's weapon.

"Honor him well."

This was all which Girardot had told them. Surina took this as a challenge to perfect her abilities so that she could ending the lives of those who were responsible for her father’s death and with Girardot granting her and Priya the status of passing as one of his best students, her dreams of vengeance are even closer than before…

Battle Style

Sojutsu and Bojutsu are her most preferred forms of combat despite having the knowledge of so much more. Surina behaves just as she does with nearly every other aspect of her life -- she is cold, merciless, and delivers not a grace for recovery -- Surina prefers to remain on the offensive at all times for she believes that if her opponent is unable to plot offensively then her own offensive behaviors will ultimately shatter their hesitant defenses.

If she has to defend, which she despises having to do, she will ensnare her opposition and if possible, she will throw him to the ground or remain in a defensive state for a short amount of time and then seizes the perfect opportunity to devastate her opposition.

With her dual sided Bladed Lance, she is capable of attacking in succession as well as shattered most poorly made shields. Due to the blades upon each end, they are intertwined and then jut forth into a pitchfork--this has given her the name "Devil" amongst Grandallian and Dalkian Forces--she can impale with greater ease as well as puncture shields and tear them away from her enemies due to the design of these blades.

Surina can also utilize her weapon as a propeller--used to leap greater distances as well as over enemies. She is also capable of throwing objects after driving the blades of her weapon into them. Though the latter skill depends on the object, corpses are fairly easy to throw at both suspecting and unsuspecting foes.

Due to bearing the knowledge of varying styles of combat, Surina is practically a living weapon with a dangerously short fuse.

~The Rebellion

After things winded down, Surina felt calm for the time being. Priya was alive. Battered, but she had still been alive. She could have been far worse, such as Ky, (who needed surgical treatment due to the shrapnel which he had taken) or the Imposter Highwayman with his broken ribs. Though to much of her new found serenity, it was short lived.

Approaching the body of the Dalkian General, she knelt at his side...he had long since expired yet, it seemed as if he had still life left within him. Surina knew not where this had been coming from yet, she ignored it the best she could yet it was futile. A lone tear ran down her cheek as she stared into the lifeless eyes of Roin, her former husband. His armor, pierced. His innards were also exposed. Surina had eviscerated Roin in order to protect Priya, whom he had been targeting. After Priya contunied on with her route as per "Plan C", Surina faced Roin without aid - the result, was his death.

Taking a lock of his hair in her grove, she recalled that their marriage was nothing out of the ordinary though to her, it was special. He was a man who was true to his words and a man who protected Priya when men had attempted to take her by force in the past. Roin held Surina's respect and also held her when she bore not even a cloth to cover her body. He was her first and he was the first one she had loved. Though this was short lived. Roin had begun to drink after his father (former Dalkian General Riksis) passed and this was due to the battle with Halteesean forces. As he continued to slip further into his depression, he eventually became abusive, though even while married to him, she would not take such treatment. Surina slashed his chest with a knife when he cto her with a closed fist. It was that moment when he chose to leave her and it had been months after he had returned to Dalkia only for her to hear of the king suddenly passing.

She thought it odd and looked into the matter to see that Roin had now taken Aurelia as his own. It was obvious as she witnessed his testimony and Aurelia's perfume was even present about him. Despite this, the people believed Roin's lies that the Queen had not a shred of involvement in the King's death, she knew better. Despite her being nothing but a concubine before the King's death; somehow, they believed Roin; they even fell for the lies of Halteese having a hand in the King's death. As this was the path he had chosen, (to murder a King and seek glory from a power-starved whore) then so be it.

Surina left Dalkia and vowed to never return. That changed when Dalkia declared war on Grandall. However, as she looked into his eyes, those lifeless brown eyes of his, she saw that in him, was a part of her that died. She would never understand his reasons for wanting Aurelia nor would should ever understand why he betrayed her, now they weren't important.

That night, Surina buried Roin. Girardot instructed soldiers to help with the coffin and all else. No words were said as he was lowered into the ground nor was anything spoke when she began to shovel the unearthed dirt onto the coffin. 

Under the moon's light, Surina buried her husband and as a marker for his grave, had been his blade and atop that had been his helm. Next to them had been the dagger which he had given her as a token to a "happy marriage" so long ago.

Sitting upon her horse, Nyx, Surina kept to herself for a few days. Even as Grandallian soldiers cheered and yelled, she remained silent. Despite this feeling of emptiness, she also suspects that Gallagher bears some form of infatuation with Priya yet she is not sure. To find this out, she informed Girardot that she wants to have Gallagher become her new  second in command, (as Riga had announced that she would place herself within Relic) so that she can keep a close eye on the man for she does not trust him. She respects him, but she does not trust him - especially after having to face the very one who made her as cold as she is.

After the Grandallian Forces took their leave, it was Surina to be the only one to return after a month's abscence. With the very dress she wore on the day they were wed, her hair, down and uncharacteristically elegant, she left roses of the purest white upon his grave and with him, she left her love and her heart. Though with her, she would always keep the golden cross he had given her as a symbol of their love.

One year had now gone by and Surina has changed little. Her attitude towards Ky has been the same yet with his current demeanor, his broken demeanor, she has left him alone though she would later learn what has occurred to change his being as so. During the year of relative peace, Surina has witnessed the heightened guard around the city as well as within the castle. As she will soon learn that her former teacher has begun his rebellion against the country which he had protected for so many years. It made not much sense to her though she had little choice in the matter. As she received her orders, Surina made her way to the ghost town which served as the gateway to the Rebels main stronghold. She had arrived two days before she was needed to in order to scout the area.

Little trouble had been crossed and she mainly stayed within the shadows as she observed and took notes of the enemy and as the second sun began to rise for the second day she had all she needed.

As the other Commanders and soldiers arrived, she had been more than welcoming to Raisa (whom had been promoted to a Lieutenant). Raisa was a fair and just woman and Surina could see that she has faced hardships--much more severe than her own. As the two caught up on old times and what would be expected of them she was told that Ky had been promoted to a Sergeant. It shocked her that a novice would be boosted that far in rank, though, Girardot mostly had something to do with it. Surina also learned that he had been transferred to another unit. That unit in question had been War Wolf. Surina knew little of the unit yet, she knew that it was a well-trained and well-respected one. In addition to that, Dawn, the commander of the unit, outranked Surina as well as Priya.

With familiar faces and armor crossing her path, she was met by Abelia and the rest of her unit Valor. Tina, Lucca, and Yuilin yet, Notus was not present. He had been transferred into another unit and Abelia could not keep him as she would have liked. As things were discussed and Surina giving strategies, Gallagher had arrived. His armor, gleaming and his sword, the zweihander, as proud as ever. His entire set had the motif of a warthog. Spiked spaulders, gauntlets, and greaves yet it was rather hilarious that they both had the same brand of gauntlets. The difference, his were red and gilded while hers were black and gilded.

That very night when Surina was on guard, she located Rebels scouting the area. After alerting her allies the unit, functioning as a platoon, they set forth and followed them. Upon trailing them they were led to an even larger group of Rebellious Forces and as Grandallian Troops concealed themselves with the darkness of the night, they learned of the prisoners which were held and although they were not known by exact location they were within the vicinity. Things would have gone smoothly if Felix, another commander of Grandall had not stared in their direction and attempting to make conversation through mouthing. He was killed before the unit and with the unit now discovered, an all out battle had begun.

Surina was as tactful as ever and she admired Priya's skill as she easily defeated soldier after soldier. It was not long before the Rebels which had challenged them were slain. As the next coming night set upon them the force was alerted by a lone gunshot within the night and few recognized just whom it had been. After Rebels stood to oppose them and blood was shed, Kusanagi and Dawn were located and joined the amalgam of a unit. Shortly after this "bright and happy" reunion, Priya and Surina were targeted for assassination by the Rebels. Within his injured state, Kusanagi alone slew most of the force and with this feat for him, Surina approached him after Ignis had been killed.

She shared a conversation with him which she shan't forget. Surina despised Ky because he reminded her of Roin. That same kind of smile, heartwarming attitude was what made Surina fall in love with Roin yet, when Ky brought about this same demeanor after she and Roin were no longer together, she hated him for reminding her of him. Though now, his smile was erased. Begotten by the ages. As they spoke, Surina hinted that he should not give up on love because love may possibly not give up on him--attempting to clue him in that he was well liked by someone (Surina eavesdropped on Aliyah and Priya's conversations months ago, and now knows that Aliyah harbos mounting affection for him) however, he showed no interest in the idea of love.

After things settled, Annebella as well as E'laura, suggested a change. This came to who was acting with who due to the additional forces which were added. It was meant as an idea yet several soldiers wanted to see what would become of such a choice.

Gallagher is appointed as her second in command during this period due to the fact that E'laura is no longer within her unit. She has chosen to assist Relic which bothers her none. E'laura was a decent swordswoman, though her advice and orders annoys Surina at times. Gallagher has spent most of his time training as a Tracker so that he could aid in pursuing Rebels. Of course, his training was originally for prisoners whom had escaped as well as animals for hunting but now, he would hunt those whom he once spoke to as allies. Surina understands the man and respects his advice as well as his knowledge. What she dislikes is the fact that he speaks of Priya far too often and even uses her as a shield to cease Surina from taking the more bolder of actions.

With the strategies discussed, Surina agreed upon the set paths and allowed Gallagher and Raisa to set forth and scout ahead. Aliyah and Surina herself, would scout the east. Whoever took Raiko with them would just have to deal with Raiko.

Act: I ~ Subchapter

Surina (Act- I) thumbnail
Full Name Surina Delgado
Birthplace Parousia, Grandall Empire
Birthdate 1584, August 11th
Age as of Act: I 21 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Eight and a Half Inches (5' 8 1/2")
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Bladed Lance
Style of Combat An amalgam of Suijutsu, Bojutsu, and Largus Apostolus.
Sub Weapon Dagger
Living Family Members Priya is her younger sister.
Deceased Family Members Their mother committed suicide for not being able to tend to her husband's wounds. Ultimately believing his death was her own fault.

Her father, died from injuries which he received from battle. Her grandparents died from natural causes.

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian

Their father (Surina and Priya's) was born in Spain and thus, grew up there and migrated towards Grandall only after he was unsuccessful in finding opportunities to provide for himself. A young Sergio Delgado made his way into the Grandallian military at the tender age of eighteen and by the age of twenty-seven, he was a commander. He suffered discrimination due to his ethnicity as well as his physical features; this is why he was promoted so late. He married a beautiful European woman named Belle who gave him two daughters. They were born a year, four months, and fourteen days apart. As the years passed, he would teach a young Surina the ways of combat while Priya watched. They were both exposed to a militaristic lifestyle from birth and have yet to regret it.

Surina holds the eyes of her mother while bearing the complexion of her father. These are common features which she shares with her younger sister Priya.

Surina is Priya Delgado's elder sister and she is the last member of her family which is living. She shelters Priya from certain things because she does not know how she will react to them--a perfect example of this is the fact of how their mother died.

She dislikes smoking and drinking no matter the celebration.

Surina is the Commanding Officer of the militarized unit Exodus

Raisa was to be in her unit however, it was Surina's mistakes for confusing Raiko with Raisa and Annebella has yet to allow her to live down that mistake.

Surina dislikes Ky. No matter how much an understatement that is, it is nonetheless true.

After the Welshdat Bridge was destroyed, Surina confronted her former husband, Roin and engaged him in combat after succumbing to the memories of him abandoning her and the fact that he no longer desires her as she secretly still longs for him.

Surina is a friend to Abelia although Priya keeps a slight distance from her. This is due to Abelia's bitterness towards her defeat at Raisa's hands.

No matter how much Raiko screws up, she is still a part of Exodus and she has earned her keep--despite how many men Raiko has slept/sleeps with--Surina holds the little tolerance and slowly dying respect for her the best she can.

Surina thinks it a waste of time to read of things of false hope such as Gods/Goddesses/Deities and things of the like.

Instead of reading or passing the time with something else, she trains. She believes that you can never master anything until you have learned everything there is to learn about it and no matter how she trains she knows there's more to learn.

Surina was once married, however; the man left her for another woman. This is a large reason why she sees eye to eye with no man. Truth be told, she despises Ky because he acts the exact same way Roin used to before his father's death.

As the events of the Celebration are taking place, Surina visits the ruins of Revless, Dalkia. There are few whom still live amongst the ruins and they give not a shred of a threat to Surina for they know that Aurelia is the cause of this outcome. That, and the fact that it is known that Roin had betrayed Surina; which most pitied her for she deserved no such treatment.

Visiting her former husband's grave, she wore the very same dress which she wore when they were wed--this had also been the same dress which was quickly stripped to reveal her bare body as the two ravaged each other in their fierce lovemaking.

Despite her anger, she sheds tears for the fact that now, there was not a way to know if he ever did truly love her or if he would have ever reconciled for the life she carries for him is one that shall never die.


Surina (Act II)
Full Name Surina Delgado
Birthplace Parousia, Grandall Empire
Birthdate 1584, August 11th
Age as of Act: II 22 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Eight and a Half Inches (5' 8 1/2")
Weight 144 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Bladed Lance
Style of Combat An amalgam of Suijutsu, Bojutsu, and Largus Apostolus.
Sub Weapon Spatha
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian
Act: II Theme Unstoppable

Was easily defeated by Guilt, after mistaking her of Girardot's horde. This has ultimately scarred her own determination as well as her pride as her own kin was within her protection and if her kin truly were the target, she would have failed in protecting her only sister.

Is sympathetic and even kind to Ky due to how he has been treated by a Raiko.

Was initially tasked with standing against Priya and was also tasked with killing her. Seeing this as something she could never do, she chose to join the Arthias but only after rescuing Aliyah from one of Strife's personal knights.

Fought valiantly against her former allies and also chose to stand her ground against Gallagher. He openly opposed her and beseech-ed her to change her course. She declined and instead, challenged Gallagher to a duel--this duel of course, being to the death.

Was bested by Gallagher, whom hesitated to deliver the final blow. In turn, Alastor stabbed him for his weakness which gave Surina an opening to attack the interloper.

Fought Alastor only to be pathetically defeated due to her own injuries she had received from Gallagher, yet, Gallagher was more than a match to Alastor. So great of a match, that he fled.

With them both being injured, Surina had her wounds tended to by Gallagher. It was also at this point that Gallagher told Surina of his affections with Priya and also told her that she would not stop him in the pursuit of who he wanted. Yet, before going any further, he made a point known: "If I am rejected then it will be by her, not her Praetorian Guard." Surina immediately laughed which made him bite his tongue. From her laughter, she told him thus: "If she accepts you...I've no qualms with it." Gallagher stared at her for a moment. "Yet, mark my words, you hurt her, you...pull the same shit Raiko and Aeneas have on Ky, I'll kill you...AND your mother."

Challenged Strife alongside Priya. The two of them were doing well until he used some Dark Art. In the end, the blade, corrupted by shards of Soul Edge, tore into Surina's armor and then her flesh--mortally wounding her.

Despite not being the one to kill Strife, Kuro lies to those of Grandall claiming that she achieved such a feat--a blessing while she despises this for he and his elder brother, Volkov, were the ones to do such.

With a smile upon her smile, she watched Priya as she departed with Gallagher. Despite her being overprotective of her younger sister, she knows that she cannot keep her forever. This realization came to her when Gallagher told her of his emotions...the ones he had for Priya that is. Realizing that she was acting like her mother (to an extent), Surina chose to go against her hardened judgment and allow Priya to test things for herself.

All the while, as Priya was away, Surina checked on her wounds which she had received from Strife. It was poorly healing and as a result of this, the flesh around the area had begun to change color. To that of a blackened gray. Seeing her wound was not healing correctly, Surina made plans to venture out and find a cure for this ailment. Clearly, it was not a mere flesh wound as she had been accustomed to.

Subchapter II ~Act:III

Surina (Malfestation)
Full Name Surina Delgado
Birthplace Grandall Empire
Birthdate 1584, August 11th
Age as of Act: III 23 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Ten Inches (5' 10")
Weight 154 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Red
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Bladed Lance
Weapon's Name Bladed Lance
Style of Combat An amalgam of Suijutsu, Bojutsu, and Largus Apostolus.
Sub Weapon Spatha
Alignment as of Act: III Unknown
Act: III Theme Dust and Light (5:47)

Following the wounds she received from Strife, her skin has begun to grow pale. She knows not the cause of this, yet she has sought a means to learn of this condition.

Despite her knowledge of her wounds, she refuses to seek a doctor for she fears they will resort to a means to contain her. This has led her to bid Priya farewell for a lengthy time. As such, she searches about for treatment of her wounds.

Weeks pass only with her condition growing far worse. Her wound has now begun to pulsate. Furthermore, black veins have now festered from the original wound itself.


Relationships of Significance
Act: I Annebella Williams Act: II
Commander Annebella Williams
Annebella Williams (Act: I)

(Act: I) Annebella is a pain in Surina's ass. From ridiculing her efforts to outright dismissing her ideas as well as rank. Despite the two being friendly for little over a year ago, now, it is almost as if they were Grandall and Dalkia facing off against each other afield with naught else but words.

Surina cannot stand being belittled, especially by one whom is to be her ally--yet, what she does not realize is that Annebella is trying to suppress Surina's urge to constantly shatter and destroy.

Of course, Annebella knows that in a fight, Surina would be a tough opponent who she knows that she may not even be able to stop.

(Act: II)

Annebella Williams (Act II thumbnail)
Annebella Williams (Act: II)
Act: I Raisa Zhirova Act: II
Raisa (Act I)
Raisa (Act: I)

(Act: I) Raisa was a prime choice for several Commanders to have in their unit, but Girardot believed it was best to place Raisa alongside Priya.

Surina disliked this as she tried to recruit Raisa herself, however, she was confused with her younger and whorish sister, Raiko. Annebella refuses to let her live down this mistake, as does Raisa as well.

Raisa is difficult to understand and ever worse when paired with simple conversation. She gives rebuttal to all except a few and Surina is not among the few. At a point, Surina and Raisa were forced to work together in order to survive. This proved both arduous (the enemy) and painstakingly irritating (Raisa). 

(Act: II) As Priya declared her War upon the Empire, Raisa initially declined to joined. This ultimately disheartened her for she counted on Raisa's strength more than she should have. (A lesson Raisa has always taught herself: to never rely on others) Raisa had no interest in risking her one chance at freedom for the sake of another. This she told to Priya and this is what has eroded some of the respect which Priya had for Raisa. The reason her respect was lost was due to the selfishness of her nature, yet at the same time, Raisa has traversed the world alone where Priya has only visited certain places with a great deal of aid.

It boils down to personal experiences.

Raisa Zhirova (Act II)
Raisa (Act: II)
Act: I Abelia Schillfelt Act: II
Abelia (Act: I)
Act- I Abelia

(Act: I) Abelia is an acquaintance at best. The two have spoken but not often. They veiw each others as rivals more than allies and this is due to Surina and Abelia coming to a standing of No Contest when they were pitted against each other -- this aggrivated Surina due to the fact that she was clearly the victor.

Abelia simply has greater pull with those whom were judging the match. This much Surina assumed. It is due to this that Surina does not get along with Abelia.

However, if Surina were to truly put her mind to words, she believes that those who judged the matched looked dow on her (Surina) in disgust due to her mixed blood.

(Act: II) Abelia and Surina see eye to eye and understand each other through this conflict against the Rebels. However, neither of them are prepared for what must be done when Girardot is found. Surina tells her to stay strong yet, in a way, she was telling herself that more than anyone and anything else.

After Girardot's death, the two share drinks and holld a rather lengthy conversatioin about how they each remember Girardot in their own ways. Furthermore, Abelia points out that it was Strife's minister which had called their bout a stand-still.

As she described him, Surina paid little attention to it, but instead, paid more attention to the fact that Abelia had pulled no strings, called no favors. It was purely the work of another whom had instilled such a hate within her. From that point, Surina held a new respect for Abelia - one which she had been deserving of all along.

(Revolt) When the two forces came to a head, Surina was denied the chance to challenge Abelia. Instead, Priya stood against her and emerged victorious albeit barely.

Most of Abelia's force had been left alive, yet injured. In all things, this is what stood out. 

Surina tended to a few of her wounds but before this, she tended to Priya.

Abelia (Act: II)
Act- II Abelia
Act: I Kusanagi Ky Act: II
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Ky (Act: I)

(Act: I) Surina despises Ky. He has done nothing to her but this is how it is. Her reason? He reminds her of Roin, the General of the Dalkian Army.

His attitude, kindness, and even the way he speaks reminds her of her former husband and due to such a reminder, Ky receives her hatred.

With nearly every word spoken, every action taken, Surina spews her venom with her tongue. Unknown to her is that her words make a far deeper cut than anyone else's.

(Act II) The dislike which she had once harbored for him is no longer present. After being found by Aliyah and Raisa, his attitude is vastly different. Yet, Surina knows it be due to how Raiko betrayed him, however, he seems a completely different person.

His mindset is geared towards aggression and even his style of combat and speech have changed. He no longer fears others and outright challenges anything which he believes is foolish.

Most notable, Surina struck him across the face (while wearing her gauntlets) and as she expected him to back down and cower, he merely laughed and deemed her strike "weaker than that of a mewling child". Blood flying from his mouth with each letter of each word, his laughter was what caught her attention more than anything.

His display sharply reminded her of how she once was and who she had become. Seeing Kusanagi reject friend after friend and help after advice, made her see just how deeply she allowed the failure of her marriage effect her entire outcome on life.

Now she wishes to try and help him recover from his own pain -- alas, she knows not where to even start with hers.

Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)
Kusanagi (Act: II)
Act: I Aliyah Ruel Halteese Act: II
Aliyah (Act: I)

(Act: I) Aliyah looks up to Surina almost as if she were her sister. It's odd to have one you barely know look up to you so. She finds nothing wrong with the Halteesean and actually enjoys her company, yet, Surina wonders, out of all people, why choose her?

(Act: II) "My Master, Halphas Halteese as you know him, was ever the romantic with a sword. If you love your weapon, it will in turn love you. With this in mind, I keep my weapons and armor in the best possible condition as honor to him and honor to what he has left for me." 

Surina listened to Aliyah as she spoke these words and when turned, preparing to engage the Rebels, Surina could see just what drove her. The memory of her master, one whom laid his life upon the blade in order to protect his family and his personal servant.

For a time, Surina suspected that Aliyah was nothing more than a sexual toy for Halphas, but that initial assumption came to pass as she realized that Aliyah bears a slight resemblance to the man.

Seeing this, she wonders if...could Aliyah actually be Halphas' daughter? If she is and if she were in fact a servant, that would make Halphas her father and her father keeping her as she was in order to protect her from their fellow countrymen.

Surina knows not if Aliyah knows this, but she is thinking on confronting her about the matter. she simply does not know how to do so.

Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Act: II)
Act: I Riese Act: II
Riese's Prelude Card
Riese (Act: I)

Riese was a combat specialist. She had also been older than Surina and was very skillful when it came to dual wielding weapons. Her main choice had been two long daggers, which were curved and served seperate purposes. One served as a piercing weapon while the other dealt with slashing and ripping. Riese is a remarkable archer whom is only rivaled by Raiko. All-in-all, she was the perfect choice to have yet, Surina cannot place it; she knows there is something amiss with Riese yet she knows not what. Her skill for instance and her knowledge of concealment and even raiding by nightfall were things General Girardot excelled in. For her to know these tactics and not be taught with the General also commenting on her surprising skill, it leaves Surina to wonder if Riese were once an assassin.

Surina has long since suspected that something is amiss with Riese. From her artistry of preemptive killing to her manipulation of the eye. Surina believed her to be a thief, yet, she believes she has found conclusive evidence that Riese was once an assassin. She knows not if she be from Halteese or even Maletta (possibly some foreign nation) but having one of her caliber is both a blessing and a curse.

Riese (Act II)
Riese (Act: II)
Act: I E'laura Riga Act: II
E'laura (Act- I)
E'laura Riga (Act: I)

(Act: I) E'laura Riga is one of education and privilage. She has spent most of her life away from Parousia yet upon her return, she has taken up the sword for unknown reasons. Skillful due to her years of training directly under Girardot in not only swordplay but also war, she has been granted an upstanding rank which rivals Girardot's due to her tactics when she led Dalkian forces against Halteese and immediately after that, she returned with casualties but no deaths. She joined Exodus for unknown reasons despite what she claims her motives are. Surina does not entirely trust her.

(Act: II) E'laura has chosen to be part of a differing unit this time around. In all honesty, Surina is slightly saddened for this choice. The commander had grown accustomed to having her around and now that she has taken roost amongst another commander's unit...a part of her feels somehow empty. Surina values E'laura for her swift mind and her agile style of combat. E'laura has taught Surina has few new tricks to defending herself against any oncoming hostile.

In any case, Surina will never admit how she actually views E'laura.

E'laura Riga (Act II)
E'laura Riga (Act: II)
Act: I Nicholas Act: II
Nicholas Fazello
Nicholas (Act: I)

Nicholas is a man whom Surina does not trust. Unlike Priya, Surina has kept her ears tuned to most criminal activity and once Surina realized who it was that walked alongside Gungnir, her hatred intensified while her distrust was even greater than that. The eldest Delgado had even plotted his assassination...but seeing how close he had gotten to his new paradigm, the plot could never have been carried out. To this day, she does not trust him as far as she can throw his decapitated head.

The Highwayman (Act II)
Nicholas (Act: II)
Commander Dawn Larrieux
Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II)
Dawn Larrieux

Dawn is a woman who commands respect as she is the only woman whom is, by rank, one to command a Special Tactics Squadron which is named War Hawk. Surina had longed to control a sqadron of this form but lacks the rank to do so. Dawn had even bested her in combat even as Surina was paired with Priya.

Alas, when the squadron War Hawk was rumored to have been dismantled, Surina was the first to propose a search and rescue operation. She respects Dawn like no other and hopes that she is still ailve.

Act: I Raiko Act: II
Raiko (thumbnail)
Raiko (Act: I)

(Act: I) Raiko is a mistake which Surina wishes she could correct. After Raisa fought and defeated several higher ranking officials within the Grandallian Army, Surina looked to her to add before anyone else could. Due to her high popularity amongst Commanders all around, she sought to make her one of Exalted. Sadly she knew not of her to have an identical sister.

Raiko is nothing like Raisa. Despite them being related, Raiko is more a whore than a soldier. Yet, the whore has her perks--aside from her breasts--she knows terrain, area, as well as routes and important locations as well as strongholds across Dalkia and Halteese due to her whorish nature.

Despite how sickened Surina is, Raiko is able to pull her own weight. In addition to her knowledge of the enemy, she is an exceptional archer (one of the best in Parousia) and that is one thing, if not the only thing, which Surina likes about Raiko.

(Act: II) When she believed that Raiko could go no lower, she does. During the peace, after Dalkia's fall, Surina learned of Raiko and Ky's relations and innately shuddered.

Surina knows that Raiko is a whore without emmission-stained peer and for Ky to fall for her was beyond baffling. Yet with Raiko betraying Ky, and to hear it from Aliyah and Priya, Surina has lost what fraction of a sliver of respect she has once had for her.

Raiko's Act II Thumbnail
Raiko (Act: II)
Act: I Gallagher Act: II
Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)
Gallagher (Act: I)

(Act: I) Gallagher is a young and tall knight whom was picked due to his strength, tact, and speed. He is a Heavy Infantry Specialist yet he moves as if he is Light Infantry. This bewildering speed is what makes him lethal in combat. His weapon is a standard Arming Sword, a light and durable weapon despite him personally disliking it.

This giant of a man is best suited for those who are much more diffuclt for his subordinates as well as his Commander to deal with; he uses his speed, wits, and deadly strength to overwhelm his opposition.

(Act: II) Gallagher is now her second in command. After E'laura declined the request, there was no other choice. He's of sound thought and logical at that.

Yet, she's also bothered due to the amount of time that he spends with her younger sister, Priya. This is another reason why he is her second, so that she can keep a close eye on him and how much time he spends with Priya.

Gallagher (Act II)
Gallagher (Act: II)
Act: I Priya Act: II
Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)

Priya Delgado is Surina's one and only sister. They were raised in a military household with difficulties coming from their mother, whom wanted them to be dainty, insufficient, and weak.

Surina is ever protective of her sister and will (and has) kill (killed) in order to protect her. They were raised together, trained together, sparred together, and have fought together. As women, they know just how difficult it is to strike fear into anyone - especially men, that said, Priya has been taught to never back down, never be cornered, and never surrended.

Surina will ensure that she is alive and whomever crosses either Surina or Priya, will be dealt with.

Priya (Act II)
Act: I Klessirpemdo Act: II
Aege (thumbnail)

Aege is a proud woman who Surina oft mistakes as Gallagher at times. She will laugh, joke, and even drink with the best of them, yet when in combat, she is just as cruel, powerful, and she does not hesitate. Surina had the chance to spar against her (before she married Roin) and was held at no contest. Yet, this call was due to the injuries which both of them had received as their spar turned into actual combat.

Aege's skill with the longsword as is nothing to be taken lightly. Interestingly enough, after this fight, they drank and laughed. It has to be ironic that Surina gave her the nickname "The Impregnable".

Lupine is in her own class. Surina and Aege both failed when they were pit against a "lone wolf". Rumor has it that Lupine is undefeated amongst the whole of Dalkia's army and if that rumor is true, Surina has seen why.

Her tactics are solid and her defenses even more so. Her counter attacks rival Priya's own and with her combat experience, Surina honestly would never want to face her on the field.

But if it comes down to that, Surina is prepared to die if she fails while facing Lupine.

Lupi (Act I)
Act: I Klessirpemdo Act: II
Act I - Eula

A strange one that. Eula enthralls even her own unit, the Klessirpemdo, with her speech as well as her slothful and nochelaunt nature. Despite this uncaring and unmotivated soul, her speed is near unnatural. With two long daggers, she dances about her enemies and excels at concealing herself amongst her surroundings.

She is fleet of foot and swift with blade in hand, but she is not overly powerful. This is where she can be bested and where Surina has bested her as well.

Yet Surina knows all to well that if pressed, Eula will be just as formidable as Aege and just as aggressive as Heal-Do. This was proven when Surina faced her before the Gates of Revless; Eula fought - blade, fists, and even tore a chunk from Surina's arm...

Her name has never made sense to Surina. Heal-Do is a woman of few words and the reason for this is due to her actions, which speak for her. Just as Surina and Priya, Heal-Do has trained with her weapons but with the advantage, Heal-Do was trained from birth. Her parents, Greek, raised a young Heal-Do as if she were born into a military city-state.

In addition to this, it is also said that Lupine and Heal-Do hail from the same corner of the world. Others, the same city-state. If so, that explains why they are so highly regarded amongst the Dalkian Army even over Roin.

Surina has had the opportunity to fight alongside her and has witnessed her prowess upon the field. Heal-Do is one woman that no man should cross. No matter how beautiful she may be, her skill in combat trumps her beauty tenfold.

Act I - Heal-Do
Act: I Klessirpemdo Act: II
Luna (act I)
Luna (Act: I)

Luna is a child. This surprised Surina when she met her in Dalkia. Seeing Heal-Do, and the others side with the child was an odd thing, but within that child's eyes lay fire.

She has skill, yes, but for her age, it's near impossible. Surina had a difficult time against the child and even though she proved the greater 'tween the two, it was still unknown as to how a child could be just that powerful with their blade.

Honestly, Luna holds no candle to Heal-Do or Lupine, but she is a threat, and no threat can be overlooked.

What threw Surina had been her counter attacks and her acrobatics in mid combat. Splits, spins, leaps, and countering Surina's attacks whilsts in motion and what struck Surina the most was that at key times, Luna was not even looking at Surina when she countered her blade.

With key hand-to-eye cordination, or rather, blade-to-eye, Luna is a force to be reckoned with.

(Act: II) Choosing to side with Arthias, Surina had her suspicions, however, the Klessirpemdo proved their honesty as well as their loyalty.

They claimed that Girardot kept them from the gallows as well as others things which Luna speaks of.

Luna informs Arthias that Strife has a long-standing alliance with one named "Dumas". Luna jokingly pronounces it as "dumbass" yet, with all seriousness involved, the Klessirpemdo breaks away from Arthias and proceeds to the Grand Cathedral in order to break the grips which tether to an even greater slave trading chain.

Luna (Act: II)
First Encounter Roin Second Encounter
Roin (First Encounter)

Her former husband. It was impossible as to see how he could be so loving and then change into one so sinister.

Roin attacked Surina in his drunken stupor and when he did, she did not hesitate. Surina took a kitchen knife and slashed Roin's chest. For a second, she allowed her guard to fall and as such, she realized what she had done.

Instinct had taken control and she defended herself from an attacker but...why did it have to be him? In his mind, he believed that he had been wrongly lashed out against and soon after that, he left. Without a second thought, Surina guarded herself for his return but that never happened.

Roin had left and it had been a week since she had seen him. With this done, she searched and found leads quick enough through Aege and Lupine. They knew what Roin had been going through and when Surina explained it, they told her outright where he was.

Despite this knowledge, she was not allowed to see him. Aurelia had barred Surina's access to her own husband.

All while wearing a thin silk dress and adorned with gold and jewels, had Aurelia personally declined her request and to add sinsult to injury, Aurelia told her thus:

"He has a real woman now. One of power and one who knows how to manage a man abed."

With this said, she left Dalkia.

This of all things set fire to her hatred for not only him, but for nearly any and all men.

Act: I Aeneas Act: II
Aeneas (Act I)
Aeneas (Act: I)

Aeneas is the very last addition to grace Exodus. Despite his skills, he is disliked by many. His attitude is for glory and women. Throughout the war, he and Raiko are intimate. Even while Raiko pledged herself to Ky (this ultimately softens her relationship with Ky once she learns of Raiko's betrayal) he continued to accept her sexually.

If it were not for his connections to Girardot, he never would have been placed within her unit. Especially when his teachings were incomplete. His skill with his Lance are a watered down imitation of her own with her Bladed Lance and he is incapable of even landing a blow upon Surina, whereas Gallagher and Riese are able to at least strike her.

Overall, Surina dislikes Aeneas and has sworn that if he attempts to bed Priya once more, that she will kill him.

Aeneas (Act: II)
Act: I Girardot Act: II
Girardot Girardot
Act: II Guilt The Revolt

While separated from other allies during their own Rebellion, Priya was gravely injured and Surina was tending to her sister's wounds. Of all the luck, they were discovered by knights of the Empire. Their pale flesh and blackened eyes clear to Surina and it was Surina whom had fended few of them off while the others slowly began to overwhelm her.

With Guilt's appearance, Surina was able to survive but only due to Guilt arriving. However; Guilt then turned her blade upon Surina who in turn, faced the strange woman. needless to say, Surina was bested--yet spared.

Guilt's reasoning for this was:

"It's better for you to live with knowing that I can kill you whenever I please...but it's even more damning knowing that you can't do a thing to stop me from killing you, or that one who you're failing to protect!"

Guilt (Act- II)

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