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Kisaragi Ren
Kisaragi Ren (Act II)
Full Name Kisaragi Ren
Birthplace Hokkaido, Japan
Birthdate 1585, November 19th
Age as of Act: I 20 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 21 years of Age
Gender Male
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight 152 lbs (80 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type O Positive
Weapon Anything Forged from Alchemy
Alchemical Trait Chaotic Flame
Living Family Members Kusanagi Ky; his younger brother.
Deceased Family Members His mother bled to death from the wounds she received after being attacked by bandits.

His father was beheaded by the same bandits which attacked his mother.

Living Relatives Aunt: Rivera Ai

Elder Cousin: Brass

Alignment as of Act: I Neutral
Alignment as of Act: II Neutral
Theme of Kisaragi Sojourn (4:42)

Biography of Kisaragi

Born nearly two years earlier than his brother Ky, Ren was a practical jokester as a child. Ever since he could remember, he was playing pranks on people and always remaining underfoot. Even moreso, just as most boys his youthful age, he mostly played his pranks on girls. Unknown to him was that when he hid in the room of a neighbor, was that she had been having an affair on her husband. As he hid, he watched. The man who he identified was the one whom worked a stall which sold yaki manju. As he undressed, the woman did the same and after that, she knelt down and placed the man's phallus within her mouth.

Ren's eyes were agape as he watched, however; the kimchi which he had eaten himself had gone foul within his stomach and the flatulence was what caught both the adult's attention.

He was discovered and taken to his parents. Even though he had told her husband of what had happened, he did not believe the child.

To this day the couple are still together and he has no doubt that she was still having her affairs. Yet, despite his honesty, Ren was fiercely scolded.

From that point on, he would forever be entranced by the female body. He had grown to love the body of the opposing gender and truth be told, he has enjoyed women himself. It is of no surprise when intellect can woo the like-minded. As the years have gone by, he spent most of his time focusing and seducing the opposing gender yet...soon that was not enough. Ren sought knowledge of how to control the mind as well as sway any individual. 

Not simply for physical pleasure, no. Ren sought to master the minds of others and understand just what made people tick. This soon took a sharp turn for understanding the world itself as well as all its wonders. As such, Ren was able to get his hands on selective books which his parents and not even his brother knew about.

It was within the dead of night when he read. Symbols. Blood. Experiments. Several strange and new things for him to learn and with the will itself, Ren was unstoppable in learning what he could. It would take years, but Ren would understand the Art of Alchemy.

His teenage years where spent reading. Just like his younger brother, Ren also spent his time learning the trade of smithing both firearms and blades. When it came to firearms, Ky was superior in that field. Ren on the other hand surpassed even their mother when it came to the process of blade-work and even the end result trumped his mother. His parents believed that Ren and Ky would be perfect for working alongside them and possibly expand their small family business.

Of course, he had other plans.

At the age of sixteen, Ren had met the love of his life. Her name was Yamato Kanna. As most of his time was spent with her, he wanted to help her achieve her dreams and spend his life with her. Kanna was highly intelligent and often had several books which piqued Ren's interest. Those books themselves were based upon Alchemy. Despite her selection being kept a secret from him for a full year, she never knew he was interested in such things until she witnessed Ren light a lantern without a match.

With the full year gone by, he was now seventeen and more interestingly, he had learned how to conjure Flame. The flame he could control was a small amount, yet, his talent had slowly grown. After reading and even practicing with Kanna, Ren soon crafted a Bastard Sword out of pure Flame. Kanna was beyond impressed as she could only conjure small specks of lightning.

All was well and true during his seventeenth year, but that would soon change.

The Summer Months had come upon the land as he continued to learn. He studied with Kanna often, helping her along the way to where she was not able to conjure a small whip made purely out of lightning. She coined it Brontide. He smirked as this was told to him yet in turn, he could produce no answer when asked what would he name his flame. All-in-all, he simply referred to his skill as Alchemy and if he had to be precise, he would simply say that he was a Pyromancer.

After they studied and practiced, they oft took to bed. Kanna had a sexual drive which rivaled his own. Twice a day and three if he had done something special and she felt as if a reward was needed. Yet at heart of this, they spoke of having a child. Not just a child but starting a family.

Beyond this was setting up shop here as a local smith so that he could support his family while Kanna took care of their child in the child's early years. It was a sound plan he thought, yet, when his parents found out of his plans, they both disagreed with his choice. They wanted him to reside with them as he worked (just as Ky had been doing,) yet, a young Ren refused. His mother shed tears for his choice while his father remained stern and gave him seven days to decide what to do. After that, if he continued this foolishness, he would no longer see him as a son.

With that, they both left.

His parents left him with Kanna and as he resided with her, three days had passed. Ultimately, Ren decided to go against what they had wanted him to do. It was his life and he should not have to sacrifice his future wife and his future family for what his parents wanted. Couldn't they see that with him working in support of them that the family business would still prosper? Though he knew this was bound to happen as his mother never took warmly to Kanna or the Yamato family itself.

It did not matter, his mind was made up. It was his life and he chose to do with it what he wished.

After a month, his mother returned to check on him and plea for him to reconsider his choice--however, he knew that this would happen as well. Naturally, he ignored the woman and resumed going about his business. She had the choice to stand against "That Man's" choice but instead, she chose to side with him.

Now...a year later, Ren was eighteen years old. Kanna had suffered three miscarriages. Each day seemed to slowly effect her deeper and deeper to where her very will to start a family dwindled with each passing day.

Ren continued to work. Using his talent--his Alchemy-- to forge blades as well as other materials that people had requested. He had been doing well for them both. He stocked and saved his hard-earned money for his future child for he would not allow her to be without anything. He had always thought "her" simply because he wanted a daughter.

One day, as he finished running errands for the day, he was making his way back to Kanna when he returned to a village of flames. Rushing to his home, he arrived just in time to find Kanna and an older man defending themselves against bandits. As he entered the fight, he had only his bare hands and as such he was easily wounded. As blood poured from his torso, he continued to fight and he was not fighting for himself, he fought to protect her but most of all, he fought to protect the future which he wanted for not only him, but for Kanna and their child as well.

Despite Kanna ordering him to run, he ignored her and fought. He was able to get his hands upon a weapon--a common sickle and with it, he killed two men, yet he was easily overpowered by the remaining number.

It was in desperation that he quickly drew a small seal of his own blood upon his arm...

"... de sanguine ejus, ac ferro ... ipsi adolendum incensum coram illo divino ensis!" (...of blood and steel...let them burn before this divine blade!)

Spoken in the Latin tongue, his transmutation yielded frightening results. His entire right arm had transformed into a metallic limb with a long curved sickle-esque appendage protruded from his forearm. Cracks lined this bladed-appendage until the immense heat cooled. These cracks soon became symbols. He looked not to them but was more focused on the entire transmutation. Blade itself had taken form and without cost, he was able to use this appendage to his own will's extent!

As the flames about him brought him from his mind, he looked to the men whom stood before them. The bandits were terrified as was he--at first.

Yet, when one of them tried to attack him, Ren reacted and slew the man. Then the rest quickly fell as torn bodies strewn throughout his home. As the bloodshed had bled dry, he looked to his arm and saw how it had changed him. Not only that, Kanna had also saw his arm. As he approached her, she backed away and clung to another.

The one who she clung to was also held her, but his words were what truly struck him:

"Stay behind me! I'll protect you and our child!"

The man proceeded to draw a sword. Ren thought it odd that he now chose to draw his weapon when at first, he allowed the Bandits this far. However, his words were enough to force Ren's resolve to crumble. He knew what had happened and he knew where it would lead. That said, he turned away. He dared not to look back nor did he look to Kanna before he departed.

He turned away from those he knew. He turned from the one he loved. It was a lie and it took him risking his life in order to see that...

...Ren left the village with nothing but the clothes on his back and it was within the darkness of night that he studied his arm.

As he studied it, thoughts of Kanna continually flooded his mind. In the end, his arm began to burn yet it caused no pain. The blade itself heated and gave off spark of flame.

As a child watching fireworks, he stared in amazement. It burned a bright red before slowly simmering to a blackish reddish orange. He recalled black or deep silver being that of Bismuth, yet, as he looked to the cooling symbols, one was in fact Bismuth, a small circle with two horn-like markings rising skyward. This reminded Ren of a Demon.

Another was of a Triangle which pointed skyward. He saw this as the classic Alchemical symbol Fire.

The next was an odd pattern. As he stared at it for what seemed an hour, he recalled it to be Arsenic.

The last symbol slowly cooled. From this, cracks festered which caused slight pain throughout his body. These cracks soon separated and what was left was a cooling symbol near his shoulder and long spiraling lines and symbols along the bladed-appendage itself.

It took an additional day for the symbols to cool and once they did, he knew right off what the one near his shoulder was. It was in Latin which he clearly read as Void, but what he read this as was its base meaning: Separation.

The last cooling lines and symbols were evident to him in meaning. The words he spoke to summon the blade itself were writ true upon the blade itself. Serrated and light-weight, he swung the appendage at a tree he was leaning against for a few moments and stared as the blade slid through it in its entirety. Of course, the tree slowly tilted and fell...however, he stared at the blade.

"How am I going to hide this?" was a question he now asked himself. Yet as soon as the thought crossed his mind, the blade was consumed by a black flame which made him jump as it appared from the blade itself. After seconds of watching the black flame reduce to smoke, he watched ash fall to the earth below as his human arm re-formed from the flame itself.

"Astounding!" Was the only word he could utter.

From this point, Ren devoted his time to learning what he could about his new ability.


A few weeks had passed with Ren trying to stay from anyone's eyes. For the most part it succeeded, but oft as not, he was eventually found.

The people whom had survived the onslaught, feared him despite them knowing him. Over the course of the month, he had explained things to a few people. He explained what he had done and the process he had taken yet, no one would hear of it. 

He was regarded as a Demon. Even more so he had been pursued by Monks whom had attempted to kill him. Mercenaries and even Ji-Samurai. He had not a choice but to defend himself. He was a human. He knew that, despite what others wanted to believe; he knew who he was.

He was no Demon.

He was not Cursed.

He was not Malfested.

He was an Alchemist.

He wanted to learn more

He also sought to perfect his abilities.

As he traveled, he could feel the chills of the Winter months which had slowly begun to creep upon the land and with that known, most travel would soon be cut off. He worried of Kanna's betrayal less and less by the day as he conducted his own experiments, however, he was running out of reading material to further conduct his tests and was also in need to new material. The books which he had with him were now memorized.

With his studying he had also learned how to write and speak fluent Latin opposed to his selective knowledge mere weeks ago. He had been focused on channeling his Alchemic property which now, was almost a second nature. He once spotted a particular book which (if he recalled correctly) spoke of quicker incantations, summonings, and even greater manipulations. Yet, that book or rather, the entire volume, was within Kanna's residence.

He hesitated none in what to do.

Ren made his way towards her home and as he did, the people were wary of who he was. His latest and grim feat as well as whom he was prior to what had happened.

Both the positive and the negative.

As he entered the dwelling, (after knocking and the door sliding open) he initially thought something was wrong.


He was loud enough so that the people whom leered at him from outside could hear him.

"...ya' here, Kanna?"

No answer.

That said, Ren simply progressed deeper into the dwelling and made his way towards the Under Forge. The Under Forge was where he and Kanna once practiced their talents in Alchemy as well as where he performed his more...unusual feats with weaponry and utensils. Upon opening the door, he could smell something burning.

He doubled his speed.

Rounding a corner, he spotted Kanna. She stood over a small fire and was kneeling. From the looks of it, she had put on weight. However, as he recalled hearing, she was pregnant. Tempest knew by calculation that the child was not his. After the last miscarriage, they had not been sexually active for months.

As he approached her, he called out to her only for her not to respond to him. That said, he grew even closer tried to speak to her but was stopped from doing so.

It was almost like a mirror. As he leapt backward, putting distance 'tween himself and the man whom was now dedicated to Kanna, Ren laughed. this man was the very same man with the Yaki Manju that he saw years ago. Comically, Ren felt almost as if he deserved it, however at the same time, there was little for him to regret.

In his time to his lonesome, he realized that he did what he could to support Kanna and try as hard as he could to achieve the dreams they wanted. If she could not see that, then there was nothing that she had ever found in him to begin with. Either that, or she could have been using him for practice.

Either mattered none now.

Due to the surprise attack gone awry, Kanna's lover lay now in a pool of his own blood.

Still very much alive but without a hand.

Or an elbow.

His own limb, transforming into its bladed form once more, tore through bone and flesh alike and left the man upon the floor in a pool of his own blood. 

This man's sudden surprise attack (which Ren noted based on the fact that he held a sword in the hand which was severed) only caused Ren to instinctively fall back into a sway and quickly summoned his bladed-appendage. In the end and needless to say, Ren severely injured the man. 

Kanna rushed over and aided him despite the fact that he was obviously abusing her. Ren saw it easily. Her limp, for one, and as she looked to him, her eye was nearly swollen shut. Yet what truly struck him was that as she looked at Ren, her 'eye' clearly spoke of her emotion.

It was resentment. Pure hatred for harming one she loved and one she believed loved her in return.

At this point he no longer tried to reason with her as he saw no point to do so. Lowering his right arm, the blade quickly burst into flames but even quicker did those flames snuff into naught but his human arm.

With steps taken towards her, she cowered next to her "beloved". Of course, he walked past her and to the bookshelf. Some of the once wholesome collection was missing and within the room he could smell smoke. Smoke which told him that the missing books were burned. No doubt the work of her "beloved".

Ren took the remaining books which Kanna had and shortly after obtaining them, he departed. He spoke no additional words beyond this to her:

"I named it Flame of Corruption."

With his back to her, he said this and the last she would ever see of him would be his back. Seeing that he had attacked someone, he chose to leave post-haste. What they both thought was that he would bleed to death, however, with his flame, (which he learned to burn over the blade itself) he completely cartorized the wound immediately whilst in the process of cutting. The immense heat completely closed the man's wound...but that still doesn't mean he would not know pain.

He loaded them all onto a vessel which he had already known was bound to set sail this day. He was leaving and he would hear no different. Ky was still with their parents and Ren knew that sooner or later, the news would reach them of what had transpired here. That itself was reason enough not to go back to live with his family. They would be hunted and killed for harboring Ren. That is something he would not allow let alone, allow to be speculated.

Without hesitation, Ren set foot upon the vessel and awaited to arrive within Europe. He would carve his own fate and use his knowledge and his abilities to cease such things happened to others, yet, he would be alone. He knew this and this is how he wanted to start out. Eventually, he would seek others for he had heard of several phenomena which had taken place while he was younger. Soul EdgeSoul Calibur, and the use of souls as sustenance. It was something he could not completely wrap his mind around yet, with such things existing, he sought neither weapon, but the information regarding them.

Wandering Flame

Following his return, he came upon Volkov and Shuu-Rai. They were in the middle of a conversation yet when he approached, Shuu-Rai pulled her mask over her face. Volkov, looked at her oddly before addressing Tempest.

"We've a bit of a problem..."

"Heh, don't we always? Whadd'ya got?"

Volkov detailed the information which Volkov himself had just received from Shuu-Rai. As Tempest listened, he looked over to Shuu-Rai and noticed that she was tending to her wounds. More importantly, she had taken her mask off once more; yet what caught his attention was that the inside of her mask was lined with blood.


Turning his eyes back to Volkov, Tempest apologized before continuing:

"...if Lady Thunder was bested, what do you think I can do alone?"

"Still your tongue lest you lose it!"

"That's...ugh..." Tempest sighed after being threatened. He was not afraid of her whatsoever, it was the fact that he respected her strength and even stated that 'if she couldn't do it, how could I?' as a scenario.

"That is why you will be taking another with you." Volkov detailed what Ren would need to do:

Ren was tasked with the extrication of a Hybrid. He thought it odd that a Hybrid would need saving yet, as he was given more information, he found it rather intriguing if all things fell into place. As much as Volkov knew, this Hybrid was currently being hunted by Lycanthropes. A variant of Werewolf Ren gathered but he had yet to learn everything regarding the two classes. Yet, he could possibly learn more as he traveled.

As Volkov continued, Ren was to protect this Hybrid until they arrived safely within Wolven Territory; Sumatra. Sumatra was located in Indonesia and what's more, it was a Tropical Rainforest teeming with life and further in, teeming with Werewolves. Ren objected to the idea of waltzing within an area he has never been and knowingly walking into the fangs of a beast yet, Volkov clarified one thing with him:

"They already know who you are and will be expecting you. Not to mention that Ryia will be with you."

"Ryia?" Ren repeated.

"Yes. I take it you know her?"

"I've seen her in Parousia just before the Dalkian War and just a month ago after that Rebellion."

Volkov continued.

It was not that simple. Ryia was trying to uncover information about her past, specifically, what happened to her parents after she was born. Unfortunately, her sleuthing about the region has attracted the attention of Aneko: the current Matriarch of the Lycanthropes.

"How does she look?" Ren questioned.

"She'll eat you alive." Volkov replied in a monotone voice.

Ren assumed this was not in a sexual nature, that said:

"...nevermind then..."

Ren was told that his life could be in mortal danger if he did not go about this with the utmost caution, yet, as always, he laughed the seriousness off. He did in fact take the situation seriously yet, he was not one to panic over something no matter how severe or dire.

"Ooh, where are we oft to?"

Looking over his should, he saw Samara calmly laying down above them on a support-beam. She too was a Hybrid, but by genetic alteration as she called it.

"A pleasure for you to finally join us, Samara."

"Oh, do be ever so gentle, I'm delicate you know."

" reservations, notwithstanding, you are of no interest to me, nor do I find you any more attractive than a dying mule."

"Uh...harsh?" Ren chimed in.

"Bluntly stated..." Volkov began. "Yet, if you wish to accompany him, then you need to take it up with him."

"Augh, so much wasted on you." Samara calmly and somewhat misleadingly retorted. "Well?" She now asked while eyeing Tempest with those gilded eyes of hers. "...when do we...disembark captain?"

"There's no we."


"I'll take Ryu with me."

Volkov eyed Tempest without saying a word.

"Tch, you choose him over me?" Samara scoffed. "What is the world coming to where men choose men to sleep with over women?"

The two of them stared at Samara as she stared at the clouds above. Yet only Tempest watched as she began to play with her breasts. Volkov looked away and paid his attention to a map which had been laid out before him. After a few seconds of staring, Ren turned his back and prepared to leave.

"Also..." Volkov added on before he had left.


"Rivera wants you to meet her in Sumatra when you have concluded this task."


Volkov hesitated before he spoke.

"I'll be honest: She wants you to meet a Werewolf by the name of Kissa."

"All right." Volkov stood erect and turned to face Tempest before calling him once more.

"...Kusanagi." Tempest stopped when Volkov used his former surname. He had only done so when he was giving key advice or giving word of something that must be done. If not either of this, it was in some form vital. "Do not make any mistakes with assumption, calculations, or estimations. Once you have completed what you are to do, do not keep Kissa waiting. She is just as eager to meet you as Rivera was just as adamant in wanting you two to meet."

"Understood...good t' know I'm being set up like I'm betrothed to someone..."

He had accepted the task. That said, he volunteered to bring Ryunoske with him despite Samara volunteering for his own safety or rather, her own amusement.

Ryunoske was a half Japanese and half European whom was found only after being shipwrecked who desired to learn Alchemy. Ren thought it a good idea for he saw no malicious nature within him. Neither did Raine see any corruption within the man. Thus, Ryunoske learned what he could from Tempest. Despite Tempest making it rather difficult for Ryunoske to learn much due to his own aloof nature. However, he made sure to mix in a few techniques here and there.

In the time it took to locate Ryia, Tempest and Ryunoske had traveled about to explore other areas before venturing off to find Ryia. His reasoning for this was simple: Gain information from surroundings areas and then cross reference them. That said, he should be able to center where she may be hiding or where she has been.

One of these stops had been the Canary Islands. In turn, he visited his elder cousin, Temperance Rivera, also known as Brass. She had gained her moniker from the events of 1599 and the fact that she along with soldiers drove off the invading Dutch.

At the sight of him, Temperance seemed to slightly loosen in her solid composure but of course, he knew why this happened. There was a time when they were intimate. Cousins they were but in that moment a while back you would never have guessed. As he sat himself down at the bar and after the formalities, he asked her a few questions:

"Have you heard of a woman by the name of Ryia come by here?"

"Ryia? That's Nikitia's shipwright. At least I thought she was a shipwright. Why do you ask?"

Tempest thought of speaking here, however the thought of another hearing might be bad news.

"Can we talk elsewhere? The three of us?"

"Three...?" Looking at Ryunoske, Temperance narrowed her eyes. After looking back to Tempest, she sneered. "He can only watch."

"''s not like that."

"Hm...then it must be important then."

She looked over to the woman with short black hair and nodded only once. With that, she led the two downstairs.

After lifting the hidden door, the two entered with Brass to follow. They walked down a spiraling staircase and when they touched down upon the stone floor, they saw that they were now in the Under Forge.

From there, they spoke.

"Ryia as I'm sure you know is not human. At least not entirely."

"I'm aware of that."

"Mm...then you'll know it is best to leave her alone then?"

"It's not like that. We're escorting her to Sumatra. Isai's domain as I hear it called."

"Ah...Sumatra. Which reminds me, you need to meet Kissa."

"Thana...err, Volkov, already told me."

She nodded and then looked to Ryunoske.

"Why so silent? You may be new among them but you can talk y'know."

"You're his acquaintance. I'm only here to ensure he doesn't die."

"You...sound like Kuro..."

"Anyway, what else can you tell me about her?"

"Kissa? Or Ryia?"


"I know that she has been in and out of here in an unusual fashion as of late. The last few times she wasn't with Nikita."

"So she's not onboard a ship. That's good to know."

"...and bad for her."

"How bad?" Ryunoske asked. Temperance looked at him before looking back to her cousin.

"Ya era bastante malo que asumir que esto significa que está huyendo de algo. Si Nikita no sabe dónde está entonces sólo puedo asumir que ella está evitando sus amigos para que ellos no están en peligro (Bad enough to assume that it means she's running from something. If Nikita does not know where she is then only I can assume she is evading her friends so that they aren't in danger)."

Ryunoske blinked at the change in languages and now, solely had to rely upon Tempest in order to understand what was being said.

"Okay, was there anything she was looking for while she was here?"

"Usted y sus "conocidos" (You and your "acquaintances")." She looked at Ryunoske as she said this. Tempest looked to Ryunoske as Ryunoske looked to him.

"So we've got to signal out to her without attracting Aneko's attention. Sounds easy enough."

"A-Aneko?" The tone of her voice spelled worry.


"Evite Aneko a toda co... ...avoid Aneko at all costs."


"She will kill you both."

Neither of them spoke for a few seconds after hearing that.

"She has already killed they're mother, who was a direct infection from Aneko herself. If you cannot match Asa strength, how could you possibly touch Aneko?"

Temperance looked away from them and sighed. Crossing her arms, she stared at the slow fire burning which was the life of her forge.

"If you want your answers, head down to port. Speak with the Quartermaster, before they set sail under the last rays."


As they made their way up the steps, Temperance spoke once more:

"Do not engage any of their kind directly if you want to live!"

With that out of the way, they used the back entrance to the tavern and made their way towards the port.

Upon meeting the Quartermaster, the man immediately turned them both over to Nikita, a Russian whom was rumored to deal with slaves and other illegal and foreign goods. Of course, Ren already knew that this was not a rumor.

"Mmm, what brings the Calm before the Storm to me?" Nikita forcefully shoved an underling of her out of the way as she approached the pair.

"We only need--"

""We"?" She began as she looked to Ryunoske. "There's no "we"."

"It's not like THAT!" Ryunoske placed a palm to his head as Tempest tried to explain things. "We're looking for Ryia, alright? There's no tryst, no attempts at doing anything as a group. 'sides, I don't like the fucker anyway."

"Tch, feeling's mutual."

"He knows what the fucker is?" Ryunoske winced at what she said yet, even then denied the knowledge of knowing such as he realized that they were referring to a thing, and not a person.

"No!" He took a deep breath before saying anything else. "Volkov wants me to try and find Ryia. All he knows is that she was looking for traces of her biological family."

"Ah. I see." Nikita lovingly placed a finger on his shoulder as she walked in a circle around him. "So you come looking for a woman in heat of love that's run off?" As she walked in front of him, she stopped and turned to face them. "You've more information than I do if all that is true."

"Yet, I know one thing which you don't."

"...that is?"

"My price."

"'ll come afterwards. Volkov hinted that there wasn't a ton of time left and Brass directly said that there isn't much time left at all."

Nikita scoffed as she looked to her "men" working about the deck. Nikita's crew had changed dramatically from the last time Tempest had seen any of them. That said, her crew was mostly women.

"Fine. She is of the Nivkhi."


"Her people. The Nivkhi. The held a population and I do believe still hold a small portion of their land near Russia."

" it."

"You'll be needing transport, no?"

That said, the two men boarded the vessel.

Weeks had passed during this time. With time elapsed, knowledge was gained. Tempest and Ryunoske learned that:

Ryia is one whom is of the wandering tribes known as the Nivkh or Nivkhi. Tempest learned of her last whereabouts which only Nikita and a select few would know. However, Nikita was well-versed in the knowledge of other things existing aside from humans.

Yet, her trail led back to the Lycanthropes. A place Nikita would never dock near, nor would she advise any of her crew to do.

"Y'see how Brass watches over the Marina right? The Lycanthropes do that at the nearest port so that they may ambush any they please."

"I'm not worried of that."

"Ngh, why not?" She asked as did Ryunoske.

"I'll find Agony. Or, she'll find me first to be honest."

"A Lycanthrope named Agony...and you smile about it?"

"Relax, if he knows Agony, you're actually in good hands."


"Bloody good hands to be honest."

As such, Tempest sought the aid of Agony. Agony was indeed a Lycanthrope though, she hunted outside of where Nikita had warned him about and this he already knew. After nightfall she found them. Waiting outside a dwelling and in an alley.

"A treat? You shouldn't have."

"Agony, you can't eat him."

"Augh, why not? He has more meat on him than you do. Possibly greater girth at that." Ryunoske stifled his laughter but the two of them heard it.

"Gee, thanks..."

"Whatever is it that you want? Surely it is not pleasures of the body?"

"...wait, wait, did you really?"

"...w-why the f-...y'know, just think what you want." Agony laughed. Her voice was raspy yet at the same time seductive.

"What brings the Encroaching Storm to me?"

"We're searching for information on the Nivkhi a--"

"They are vagabonds. Traveling the lands. Else you wish to call them Nomads. The title fits either way. Though, they are a mixture of Human, Lycan, and Wolf which is a reason you've Hybrids living amongst the continent and in the New World yonder. These few defended the people from invaders as their children also hung in the balance...but never mistake me for a fool sir, you search for Ryia."

He said nothing as her gaze shifted 'tween the two men. He thought of her to not lend aid until she spoke:

"You know my price. Once you've the coin, then seek me out." With that, she vanished into thin air.

"What was..."

"Lycanthropes are skilled in various kinds of White Magic, Alchemy, Black Magic, and Ars. The attire you saw her in was a Cloak."


"Her body is riddled with markings, bearing her allegiance to her brethren, her matriarch, as well as her knowledge, being Black Magic.

"Alright, what is her price?"

"Agony pays little attention to much lest it be food, torture, or death. Fortunate for us that she is also known to turn a blind eye if the bargaining price is right."

"She wants?" Ryunoske asked a second time, in hopes of getting a precise answer.

"Sustenance. To be blunt, a human."

That said, he had Ryunoske wait where he was while Tempest found Agony's next meal. He disliked having to do this, but at the price of letting Ryia be raped nonstop, it became somewhat tolerable to kill one in order to save another.

He hadn't learned much else in the travel to reach the city they were in, however he needed to know where exactly the Nivkh were as well as what they were. Agony gave him selected information about who they were and claimed that they were humans which also held Werewolf and Lycanthrope hidden amongst them which did what they could to defend their people from foreigners.

It took a short while, but Tempest brought her food to her. Ryunoske watched as Tempest dragged a man into the alley where he waited.

"An innocent for information..."

"Wrong." He answered as he set him down. "He's a thief and a murderer whom I've kept track of just in case I ever need to glean information."

After a few seconds, she appeared from behind Ryunoske, which did not startle him as he could feel the ripples of magic through the very air. Ryunoske was gifted with Alchemic properties which allowed him to control small currents of the very wind which blows about the earth. That said, he could feel distortions in the air itself.

"Mmm..." With this, she calmly approached the downed man and placed a hand upon him. With that instant, he was awake. "How are you my darling?"

"What the fuck...?" Tempest nudged Ryunoske with his elbow, signaling for him to not say anything.

"I-I'm alright..."

"Hmm..." She began as she held his hand. "What about now?" Ryunoske and Tempest both jumped as the man's wrist was broken and bent backwards.

"Heh...that's...very good."

"...and this?" With her claws, she impaled the man in his stomach. Again, Ryunoske jumped while Tempest merely stared.

"Ugh...more please." With this, she smiled. Upon leaning into to him for a kiss, the two faded into nothing and vanished.

Tempest wasn't surprised when Ryunoske shoved him and demanded 'what was that'.

"Like I said, she has a high aptitude with Black Magic. What I didn't tell you, was that it's done via pheromones."


"Yes, pheromones. she can not only keep you focused on her and only her, but she can also manipulate what you feel and how it's felt. Pain is pleasure and pleasure can be pain."

Ryunoske needed a moment to take this information as well as what he had witnessed in.

"What is she going to do with him?"

"You already know what. Guess I'll be precise: her price any information is a human. Why she wanted a human you ask? She wanted the human so that she could feed as well as play with him since there were multiple experiments she wants to test."


"Less than experiments really. She's sadistic and mixes death with sex and all manner of pleasures."

"Then how are we not..." Ryunoske ceased speaking as Tempest pointed to his arms. Under his clothing, Tempest had several incantations and charms which were writ true upon his very flesh. Ryunoske was no different. His simply were not about the flesh.

"You've the wind to thank you your sanity. Your alchemy has is comprised of your natural aura. That which you were before you were encased in that invisible layer of protection. In short, it's because of your alchemy and your binds which protect you from being corrupted so easily."

So easily. That meant that there was still a chance of corruption.

"Despite how well we speak to one another, I know that Agony sees me as merely meat which cannot be devoured. Not only that, this is not the first time I have come to her for advice or aid and this is preferably the reason as to why I chose to bring you and not Samara."

"Aren't those marking of her own that she's got?"

"Those are only for show to draw attention to her breasts."


"They are nice though." Tempest added as he rubbed his neck.

"I'm not going to openly agree with you on this."

"Heh...openly agree..."

A couple of hours later, she returned and gave the information which he sought.

"The people you seek are not near the numbers they once were and the area is overrun with thieves but more importantly, Lycans guard the area and use it as a Hunting Ground."

Tempest winced at this information.

"If you seek Ryia, you will have to approach by day, search by day and  leave before the sun sets. 'Twould be better if you were onboard ship by nightfall."

"That's a hell of a travel plan."

"I know." He answered Ryunoske without looking at him.

Tempest placed his head down and the bridge of his nose was tightly clasped 'tween his index finger and his thumb. He was thinking.

"What of cargo? Cargo leaves around dawn right?"

"Do you think they will let you hide and leave with Ryia in tow if she is there?"

Good question.

"I'll think of something afore we arrive."

"Foolish human. You're better allowing me to romance you the night. You've at least a chance at surviving." Her voice held what he thought was concern, but he knew that she had only been concerned that her food supply would be cut short.

"I don't think I'd be willing to be eaten...but thanks anyway."

Turning from her, he began to leave, with Ryunoske following him.

"If it were strictly sex, without me having a chance of dying...who knows..." That said, this would be the last that Agony would ever lay eyes upon him.

"'ll ne're survive the night against a horde such as that..."


It took weeks for them to reach the land which Nikita and Agony spoke of. That said, when they did, they came upon a small village. Nothing too impressive save for the lack of watch and the lack of soldiers. At dawn, the two entered the village--purposely keeping any conversation involving Ryia, Aneko, or anything out of the ordinary civilian to a minimum.

They already knew what they needed to do and with it they had split up as they entered the village. Ren headed Eastward while Ryunoske observed the Westward hallf. They would cross and see each other only twice which would be an interval at the North and South. Tempest checked the stalls which were about. Fish had been sold along with grains and also fruit. Though given the region, fish was the staple of this village.

He found nothing of true importance aside from the fact that amongst the humans, Lycanthropes were indeed present amongst them. Their eyes are what gave them away. This could be very bad if Ryia had to be found opposed to her escaping. Yet, he had a small amount of hope that Agony's words held true. If it be by dawn, they were preparing to transport the newly aqcuired prisoners to another location. Possibly to the Silk Road Ruins. If they were heading there, then rescuing Ryia would be impossible with just the two of them.

As Ryunoske searched about, he found nothing of import, but he could feel it. The Tremors were faint, but he could feel them. Someone within the area had either been trying to utilize or had just utilized some form of Alchemy or Magic. He had a slight difficult distinguishing tween the two, but he felt it nonetheless.

He roamed and noticed that the people were beginning to pay him too much attention. Apparently, they were beginning to suspect him, though as he noticed this, he also noticed that several Hybrids were about these villagers.

This was bad. With him surrounded by those whom were above that of a human, he hardly stood a chance. Keeping at his pace, he had been approaching the Northernmost part of the village. That said, he saw Tempest who looked at him only once before realizing the danger they were in. Tempest drew no ire or suspicion, that said, he continued on North. Ryunoske circle to the end which Tempest initially began.

They were currently within the borders of Russia and China. As Nikita told it, this was where Ryia was born or rather, her biological family. However, it is unknown how she ended up in Japan. With her looks, she was at least half Japanese, but other than that, they had nothing else to go on. Despite it being a time since Tempest had seen her, he still recalls just how gorgeous she looked.

That long blonde hair, those almond-shaped eyes, those seductive curves...but most of all, those breasts. Especially in Parousia when it was cold. 

Due to his woolgathering, Tempest accidentally ran into a post and staggered backward a bit.

"'Ey, watch it!"

Holding his forehead he apologized before moving on. He made a mental note to NOT fantasize about women while walking but that thought was soon interjected with a loud scream. To follow this, he saw a woman bolt pass at an alarming rate--one which knocked him off his feet. As she ran, he saw what he guessed was ten Lycanthropes behind her.

As he had hoped, she found Ryunoske and as he had advised not to do, Ryunoske cut a few of their numbers down. Specifically, the Hybrids. After this, he heard a howl. 

They were now mobilizing in an act of defense. He already knew that if Lycanthropes acted in defense, they killed first and asked questions never. Getting to his feet, Tempest headed towards the North Gate and from here, hidden from eye contact, he transmuted. The very earth was his to shape and as such, spires or rock and small eruptions of flame covered Ryia's path. With Ryunoske keeping apace with her, via Alchemy, they were covered until they escaped the Southern Gate.

That said, they ran. Ryia at the head while Tempest ran interference. As they fled, Tempest now prepared to make his escape. Heading to the Northern Gate, he watched as the guards ran forth to try and keep pace with Ryia, however, they were moving about on all fours. The answer was obvious. After a few more seconds of waiting, Tempest vaulted the gate and resumed his transmutation. Tempest made it a point to completely encase the village in stone.

It took a few minutes, but when it was done, he marveled at his work only for a second before coming into contact with the two Hybrid which had returned after noticing him. He had no choice but to kill them or be killed himself. With flame alone, they were burned beyond recognition. To extend upon this, he incinerated the remains so that they were indeed, 'stay dead'.

With this done, he proceeded to the Southeast. With his scent temporarily masked, he continued onward so that he could reach them at the agreed position.

Fire and Sacrifice

After reuniting with the two, Tempest was embraced by Ryia who in turn kissed him twice upon each of his cheeks. She was grateful to be saved as he was only grateful that they each survived.

"Did Volkov send you?"

"Yeah, Shuu-Rai was initially looking for you alone but we were sent in her stead." With this she frowned.

"I-Is she..."

"Angry? Yes."

"Oh, thank goodness."

"Why were you searching near Lycan Territory alone?"


"You were searching for your parents, right?"

Ryia nodded.

"I...I didn't think it was completely overrun...they seemed nice in Klausenberg but then they took me."

"Where were they going to take you?"

"To a Matriarch."

The two men looked at each other.

"I know, it's Aneko. That's why I ran, as fast as I could to get away."

"...I noticed." Tempest chimed in.

"Sorry..." Ryia bowed as custom with her apology.

"We best keep moving."

"He's right. Is there anywhere else you need to search while your here?"

"Ug...well, I search China and found nothing."


"Around the Dragon's Back and along the rice patties I looked and asked but found nothing."

"Hmm..." Tempest was thinking as they walked.

"China would be too dangerous for all of us."

He was right. The three of them had some form of Japanese within their blood and it was evident upon all their faces.

"We should check to the south. If they were Nomadic in nature, then it's a possibility that they peddled their wares in a warmer climate where more people would possibly buy."

"That's sounds a good idea Ryu!" Ryia excitedly exclaimed.

"I've a thought of checking Long Shen..." "With the given proximity? Are you out of your mind!?"

"I didn't say now did I?"

"...I don't believe this..." Taking a few steps away from the pair, Ryunoske sat himself down, overlooking the surrounding area.

"If it proves to great in danger, we shouldn't attempt it."

"I know...but that's why I never suggested we go now. Especially since you've just broken free."

Silence hung over the three of them for a time until Ryia had an idea:

"We could always explore with more help? Like from Isai and Tala?"

"I don't know who either of them are..."

"You've never met them!?" Tempest shook his head. "Oh..."

"Speaking of wouldn't be safe to do so. Not with our numbers anyway."

" Where then?"


"W-we're going to see Isai and Kissa and Lotus and everyone?" Her excitement was a thing to behold. To this cheery nature, he simply nodded.

"It'd be foolish to go and search for what you want with them all hot and bothered by your escape."

The three set forth and traveled.

To tide Ryia over, the group did a little research itself into her parent's background but to no avail. Further investigating led them to be interrupted by a pack of Lycanthropes. It was no easy feat, yet Tempest was able to not only survive but he had also killed most of the horde which was sent after Ryia.

Their armor spoke volumes. These were ones from the Silk Roads themselves. He identified this from meeting Arsenic and Malice a short while ago and with them met, he saw their armor. It was no only powerful, it was also enchanted. Charms and spells making it even stronger and resitant to corruption or distortion of the mind and "sudden" disease.

Seeing this armor in question, he immediately questioned why they were after her, yet Ryia could produce no answer. He contemplated on abandoning her, yet, he knew full well the risks he had taken on by accepting such a task. Sighing, he continued on.

Nearly a week of constant attacks and little rest, left them all weaker after each encounter. As the days went by, the trio did what they could to remain undetectad by it was of no use. It seemed that no matter how Tempest cloaked them party, they were found. Ryunoske pitched the idea that they were being tracked by Ryia's blood. It was apossibility but there was no proof of that--as if they could obtain any.

Pressing on, it was in the middle of June when they were ambushed yet again; this time, they were completely outmatched.

Ouroboros had been dispatched to retrieve Ryia and in her company had been two packs consisting of ten Lycanthropes to a pack (the largest they've yet to face). They were given the choice to either:

  • Turn Ryia over and live
  • Surrender and become Servants of the Matriarch


  • Stand their ground and Die

With a look to Ryia, whom was cowering behind Ryunoske, Tempest looked to Ryunoske and smirked: sealing what he intended to do. His answer was a quick transmutation of the earth and impaling as well as beheading several of Ouroboros' forces.

Thus the battle ensued.

It was Ren and Ryunoske who brought most of the threat to a minimum yet in this struggle, Ren was mortally wounded. Three broken ribs, a near shattered collarbone, and he suffered from breathing complications. At this point, Ryunoske had attempted to retreat with a panicking Ryia who was too nervous to even lift him.

Though Tempest wanted to be left behind.

Despite the hilarity he brought, he urged Ryunoske and Ryia to leave and as Ryunoske made distance, Tempest then sealed the immediate area off with a restricting Sigil. One even Ouroboros could not escape. It was a advanced restriction sigil which he quickly overlapped with a second layer. Using what he was taught by Mi-Na, he used his very Soul to encase the surrounding Sigil with oxygen restricted Ars: This meant everything outside of the barrier would be left unaffected. As he chanted and drew his symbols, the air began to grow hot and his flesh began to peel and burn.

He could hear Ryia screaming for him as Ryunoske carried her off, however, he did not listen. He continued to chant in his mother tongue of Alchemy (Latin).

He would take his foes with him and as he completed all twelve of his incantations, the barrier was breached from the other side at the very last second. Ouroboros had escaped but just barely.

As the spells intertwined, the barrier itself detonated leaving nothing where it once stood.

Ryunoske lost grip of Ryia whom rushed back to see nothing but the blackened landscape and charred rock. Skeletal remains were not present but the magic and alchemy which resided was felt by those who knew of such feats. It was almost suffocating to Ryunoske but he managed.

Tempest had given his life in order to save a human and a Hybrid. A foolish thing to do some would think, but those who claim that it was not foolish were less than a human at best.

As Ryia fell to the black earth in tears, Ryunoske noticed something. Stumbling over to the last spot which he saw Tempest sit, he noticed a small Sigil which had slowly faded. He could not understand it as it was not Latin nor Japanese. Even more so had been the fast that the earth itself had then slowly sunk as he stared at it. Out of curiosity, he kicked a small portion of the dirt and took a step back as the small sinking grew into a small hole.

With this seen, Ryunoske knew that Tempest was still alive. How? He did not know. He just knows that he survived the burst. In the end, only time would tell when and if he had survived. In the meantime, Ryunoske collected a weeping Ryia, and continued on to Sumatra.


A tempest had been about that day. He knew well enough what had happened and he even dreamed it as he lay, but now that his mind alerted him to the difference, he took heed and observed.

A woman stood before him.

She wore a long black dress which finely revealed her figure. One thing he would always pay attention to would be shapes. Not her figure specifically, but shapes to know what he was seeing as well as how to identify others and even things.


Relationships of Significance
Volkov Sons of Asa Sasaki
Thanatos' Thumbnail
"Thanatos" Volkov

Tempest met Volkov immediately after he left the Maze of the Dead and when he met him, he also met Kuro, Mi-Na, Arrai, and Kami.

Each of them were of or a hybrid of Japanese descent except Arrai. Despite also meeting his first Lycanthropes, being Malice, Venom, and Arsenic, he kept his calm and even demonstrated his alchemical abilities to restrain a hostile Venom.

Volkov thought it wise to bring him with--not only for his own protection but to also learn from him. As such, Tempest taught Volkov and Kuro bits and pieces of his abilities yet, they manifested in their own way. Same with Mi~Na as well.

As they came into contact with The Tablet, their power grew yet, vastly differed from Tempest's own abilities. Volkov treats Tempest with respect and Tempest does the same for him, they can laugh and joke yet, Volkov does not share the same sexual jokes as Tempest does. It's a vast difference for them both and Volkov is rather displeased when in the presence of such banter. It is out of respect that he limits his joking when Volkov is present.

Kuro is Volkov's younger brother. Tempest thought them twins at first sight, yet he was later able to distinguish the difference. Volkov allowed his beard to grow while Kuro preferred a clean shave--Tempest cracked a joke of a bald wolf which only drew Kuro's ire. Kuro is grateful of learning from Tempest, but outright hates most of his other qualities with the exception of his intelligence and raw thrist for knowledge.

Beyond this, Ren and Kuro are near polar opposites.

Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)
Sasaki Kuro
Nicholas The Fazello Brothers Ryunoske
Nicholas Fazello
Myth (Fazello)

Ren met the Highwayman only once and that was within Grandall. They not only fought side-by-side but also held a semi-lengthy conversation and Ky was the subject matter at hand but only at first.

The man known as Myth asked his aid in removing a curse, however, Tempest knows very little in removing curses and the only curse he had lifted was the one which had plauged Raine. Despite the fact that he gave his word that he would research into the matter, Ren was unable to complete his task...

Shira and Kami both pointed out that this man was Myth's brother, but...he was much, much younger. Odd it was. Shira then pointed out that the elder Fazello was afflicted by Soul Edge, just as Kami was; which explains his "undying" and her un-aging natures.

Ryunoske was found ashore and soon after being found, he sought to learn alchemy. Though, Tempest did not make learning particularly easy. His fool-hardy behavior taught Ryunoske patience and with that patience birthed knowlegde.

Unfortunately, in the end, Ryunoske was unable to learn much. He was forced to retreat with a wounded Ryia whilst Tempest sacrificed his own life to cover their escape to safety--thus, also killing the chance of Fazello learning of how to remove the curse which plauged him.

...Or so he thought...

Fazello Ryunoske
The Kaminchu Three

  Mi-Na, being the first of the Kaminchu he has met (top picture), he was utterly fascinated by her spiritual abilities. Upon meeting her he nearly proposed to her due to her beauty. Of course, she denied him. Not out of arrogance or a snobbish attitude either. It was simply how she was trained to react to practically anything.

Time later, he had begun to practice in order to improve his own skill with Alchemy; it was standard really. As he read, he conjured and began to manipulate flame. The Kaminchu was entranced by his feats and for the fact that the flame appeared from thin air. It was at that point that the two had begun to learn from each other, she revealed secrets to harness and control his spiritual essence while he taught her the ways of his own trade.

In addition to this trade, he forged a dagger which he imbued with his own Alchemy while she (under strict focus and rigorous essence) enchanted the dagger with her own power. Her longbow was also fitted with a long serrated blade. This blade was purified by Mi~Na herself. Tempest aided her in mounting and attaching the blade to her longbow and as such, she now wielded an even stronger weapon, which she could use as she saw fit. Despite their union an unholy one, Mi~Na believes that one's power is only demonic if they allow it to be; and Tempest was far from demonic in nature.

The second Kaminchu he had jokingly proposed to. Instead of denying him, Kami (center picture) played along. She even went as far as claiming they were married to others yet when Ren sought passion, she pulled one of her own timeless pranks on him. This itself made him enjoy the Kaminchu even more as a person and as their friendship progressed, she taught Tempest innovative combat strategies as well as several foriegn recipes that he could use to cook. In exchange for that, Tempest crafted her a monstrosity. This weapon is what she uses in combat and the weapon which Kami uses, is (ironically) a Kanabo.

The Kanabo is a weapon which Oni (Japanese personifications of Demons) are normally seen using and as such, Kami sought to strike fear into her opponents whom knew what a Kanabo was. The two are good friends whom spur each other on when joking and chiming in with random perverted comments as well as regular conversation.

Despite her sisters' believing she has an attraction to the Alchemist, she has denied such things and claimed it to be "interesting if that were the case, and that the sex would be amazing", yet, she harbors no passionate feelings for Tempest despite he himself thinking along the lines of such with her.

(However, she has said the following to him: "I'm not looking for anyone like that or for that yet. But who knows? You might wake up after a night of heavy drinking and wonder why you're inside of me. Then we'd pick right back up from where we left off and keep going 'till morning of the next week." She made sure to tell him this when no one else was around and as such, he eagerly looks forward to the day which that comes...if she is not joking with him. He silently wishes that she isn't joking.)

Arrai is the final (bottom picture) Kaminchu he met and by all means... she dislikes him. He knows not why and has asked but he has received no answer. Despite having to work alongside her, his attempts at conversation are met with nothing but silence.

An unnerving silence at that.

That said, he speaks none to her and prefers to deal nothing with her since he is outright disliked. Reason be, he would rather not be hated for no apparent reason simply because it reminds him of the very same situation with Kanna and the village.

In the end, Ren retains a distance from Arrai as her very presence brings ill-thoughts of the past to his mind.

Mi~Na (Act II)


Kami (Act- II)
Arrai (Thumbnail)


The Smuggler Nikita

  Nikita is a Russian woman whom deals with the trafficking of humans as well as illegal goods. The same goes for rum, firearms, as well as gunpowder.

Tempest has a rough...friendship with the woman. Yet in all her greed, she has a dark cloud hanging over her head. He knows for one that Strife has some kind of leash on her, however he's not sure what kind of leash that is. In the end, he knows that if she tries to defy Strife, she will be killed or worse, her relatives will be targeted and made an example of. 

Likely, Nikita would have to be forced to watch as Strfie's personal knights did what they wanted to her family.

Her situation is dire enough but she cannot break that under any circumstances. Nikita has tried to enlist his aid in killing a man known as Seamus as he has continually gotten in her way of conducting business, but he refused.

She thought it merely to allow her to suffer but he simply told her:

"I can't just off innocents who want to protect innocents! I've got morals Nikita!" This she understood. In the end of it, she told him to forget her request as she realized it was a bit much to ask--especially now that she heard him tell her what she wanted and that he would not do it.

In an odd twist of events, this aroused her. As he entered his own chambers to sleep, she instructed Ryia to lock his door from the outside and further ordered her to leave him (Tempest) be for two days as he was studying. Ryia dutifully obeyed.

When Tempest lay himself to sleep, Nikita fell upon him and showed him just how his defiance made her feel.

Despite him claiming "it was the worst two days he had ever had", he said nothing of the like when her areola played with his tongue. Nor did he object to anything when he pulled her atop of him to straddle.

"He's a very confused young man after all...ale and rum do that to the best of us." - Nikita

Nikita (Act- I, Subchapter)
His younger Brother Kusanagi & Rivera His elder Cousin
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Kusanagi Ky

Kusanagi Ky is Ren's only brother. The two were raised the same and under the same house, yet they differ in thoughts and ideas. Ky is content with acceptance while Ren desires to know the base root of any situation. Ren believes in no religion and follows Volkov's thought process in regards to religion itself. They were separated after Ren chose to leave on his own accord and when news of his parent's deaths reached him, he desired none to stay as he had nothing.

The two hold no ill will towards each other, yet Ren simply keeps and eye on him from time to time. In his stead, Kami keeps a watchful eye--however, Ren wonders if she harbors true affection after witnessing their Passionate Exchange whilst in Maletta.

Temperance Rivera is a strong and strong-willed woman. She survived Nightmare's Rampage in Europe and also survived the aftermath with Lizardmen and other beasts which invaded the land during the events of Soul Calibur III-IV.

The two came upon each other when Tempest sought to improve his Alchemy and aided Brass (Temperance) in her time of need when thieves had broken in. Her half Japanese and half Spanish features were beyond imrpessive yet, in their ignorance of knowing of their relation, they shared a bed.

Several times.

A month had passed after she recovered and it was in this month that she recieved a letter from Ky, (her younger cousin and his younger brother). It was in this letter that they found out they were related and to her horror, she was the least bit bothered by this.

Temperance tries to refrain from any further sexual encounters between them yet she finds it difficult to do so (as does he).

Temperance Rivera (thumbnail)
Temperance Rivera 
The Half Demon Raine & Achilla The Half-Beast 
Raine (Act II thumbnail)
Raine Zhirova 

Elder sister of both Raisa and Raiko (those he rarely speaks to either). Tempest has tried (much harder) to impress the half-demon yet, she has turned him down in the most polite yet, humiliating of ways. Out of the women that he sees within his allies he was the most attracted to Raine. She was intelligent. She also knew how to use that intelligence and above all things, Tempest was attracted to intelligence.

Yet for him to be denied, he would simply do what he could to win her over yet to all his effort, he has failed. In the end, Tempest still tries here and there and every time, Raine rejects him.

Despite his rejection he does not lose his mind, he simply laughs it off and tries again another time convinced that "this plan will surely get her!". Raine finds amusement in his attempts but she draws the most amusement from the very thing that he is missing.

Achilla is a young half-beast whom knows little of the world but has a very big heart. Ren is no fool, nor is he willing to take a 16 year old to bed.

(Not only that, but he doubts that she is actually 16. In addition to this doubt, he and Kanna were intimate by this age, yet, they were both around the same age--in this case, Ren is in his 20's while Achilla is only 16.)

Achilla has proclaimed her affection for him, but the gap in age is what brings him to a halt. She may be attractive, but he has his limits. Achilla has volunteered to watch over Ky in his absence as a means to try and get closer to Ren and gain his favor.

Achilla (Act I)
The Undead Guilt & Shuu-Rai The Kunoichi
Guilt (Act- II)

Guilt, or as he has uncovered, Maria, hates most men. This is a rather complicated relationship for him as the men she loathes are those whom indulge themselves within pleasure. As he himself loves women and to be in the fashion of warmth with nearly every woman he sees, Maria herself is oft tempted to kill him for his lust yet she is given pause by Volkov.

As this pause is given, she respects his choice as well as their choice as well as Shuu-Rai's for allowing him to live. Even more so, he finds it fascinating that Guilt is prolonged in existence only by a single shard of the Soul Edge. Even more importantly had been the fact that when she had temporarily lost that shard, she was still alive and continued to exist. Sadly as his intellect overpowers his lust, he seeks answers from her as well as wanting to test his theories. Of course, Maria has yet to agree to anything of the like and is torn between killing him and allowing him to live.

Shuu-Rai is of a clan of ninja which he knows little about. She goes about her work and slays monstrosities which the world over know very little of...if anything to begin with. He and Shuu-Rai speak little and have worked side-by-side. They merely lack any grounds to hold any form of conversation; not only that, he believes she expresses no interest in the thought whatsoever.

Shuu-Rai (Subchapter- II)
The Ikiryo Shira & Samara "The Carver"
Shira's Prologue Card

Shira is a vastly interesting individual. Ren thought her to be an Alchemist of sorts but was proven wrong. Shira is an Ikiryo: a living spirit still bound to the mortal coil. He oft speaks with her and tries to glean some form of insight as to how she was able to sustain herself as she is, however, she has given him very little to go on. Despite hounding her for information, he oft picks the worst times--when she is in Heat. Not much else has to be said about what occurs.

Samara is one of the few Hybrids which Ren knows. Her flirtatious nature is one of the few things which captivates him while the other two things are her breasts. Samara is one of the most attractive women he has ever laid his eyes upon yet, as he oh-so-casually introduced himself, Samara took his hands and placed them upon her breasts--this made Ren entirely alert when it came to his body--while she laughed at his expected reaction.

Samara enjoys teasing Tempest whenever she has the chance to do so.

Samara (Grin)
The Enchantress The Lycanthropes: Malice & Heresy The Flame Dancer
Malice (thumbnail)

Malice was the first Lycanthrope he had met and in his opinion, the most attractive. He picked up on her trail after tracking her down in Maletta and as such, he followed her to Venice. She was disguised and roaming about at night when he located her, yet as he caught a visual, she immediately ran. He gave chase the best he could but could not catch up with her.

The second night within Venice, he took perch upon the rooftops.

He wanted to find her so he could learn from her--and if possible, make a new ally. A powerful one at that.

Yet she had a mind of her own.

She stealthily approached him and caught him off guard. Sending him hurling to the ground with enough force to knock him out upon impact. While he was unconscious, Malice stole him away into the night.

As he awoke, he found himself bound by magic which he could not comprehend. From here, Malice introduced herself. Yet, instead of being tortured and killed, she began with her verbal foreplay.

She asked questions upon questions of his past and even answered his in return. Malice had also told him that she could "smell" his alchemy within the very air. That said, she knew just how potent as well as how powerful he was.

This led to a request.

Malice asked him to seek out a method of curing her of her Lycanthropy. If he agreed to aid her, she would let him live. With no choice, he accepted--but only if she agreed to teach him the ways of her own magic.

To this, she agreed and released him...but not before rendering him unconscious once more. Tempest awoke in an inn with a maid (Heresy) reminding him to keep his promise.

As a shadow, Heresy kept Tempest from severe harm. For the most part, she did not need to intervene as he had an agile mind.

Yet, in this case, in an act of foolish bravery, he made the attempt to sacrifice himself in order to allow Ryia and Ryunoske to escape.

Luckily, Heresy breached his dual sigils (which he thought was impossible), via a method he had not known. In turn, she saved his life so that he could fulfill the promise he made to Malice.

Heresy is capable of manipulating as well as creating flame, this he knew, but he had no knowledge of her shaping the very sand to her will. By doing this, Ren escaped his death by a did Heresy.

Due to his injuries and the mental exhaustion of conjuring via Spiritual as well as Transmuting via Alchemy, he now rests within Heresy's care.

Unknown. Undetected. Hidden. From his allies as well as any potential pursuer.

شيطان (Heresy)
Subchapter: I The Hybrid: Ryia Subchapter: II
Ryia (Subchapter I)
Subchapter: I

Ryia is of the Nivhki. He met her in Grandall during the celebration, yet, she did not know it was him until months later. E'laura was surprised that he had not attempted to take her hand or even flirt with her. However, he has his reasons...

Reason be, she IS a Hybrid and one whom wanders about Lycanthrope Territory as if there is no form of threat. Not to mention she allowed Nikita to corner him in a room only for Ryia to lock the door from the outside. Which was the worst (he's lying) two days of his life! In the end, she is an acquaintance and nothing further.

(Subchapter: II) Ren was tasked with escorting Ryia to Indonesia. Sumatra as he heard it called. This he had an interest in. Reason why: Sumatra was Werewolf Territory. Very few knew this and as such, he wanted to see them himself.

However, Ryia needed to be saved, which he and Ryunoske did. They were relentlessly pursued by Hybrids, Half-Beasts, and Lesser Lycanthropes. They survived for a month but that was until Ouroboros made her way onto the field.

Tenmpest had no choice but to combine his arts of Spirit and Alchemy in order to trap all who were his foes in a Arcane Detenation. Sigils of flame and flame of utter white danced a quarter mile before the explosion consumed all who were trapped.

The only three that escape had been Ryunoske, Ryia, and unfortunately, Ouroboros. The other Lycanthropes had perished.

Ryia (Act II)
Subchapter: II
The White Wolf The Werewolves: Kissa and Lotus The Red Death
Kissa (Act III thumbnail)

Kissa is known as the White Wolf due to her fur. He has never met her but he has heard about her. While in Heresy's care, he heard that Ky was searching for him and he was accompanied by Kissa.

Ren thought it great that the Werewolves were trying to help Ky but then Heresy told him that Kissa has a growing infatuation with Ky which seems to be growing by the night.

He then remembered that he was supposed to meet Kissa after Ryia made it to Sumatra. Heresy informed him that Ryia and Ryunoske are there and are safe. Ky on the other hand is searching for a way to kill Ouroboros as Ky believes that he was killed, as does everyone else.

Ren was left by Heresy but she let him know that she wouldn't let Ky die. Furthermore, Kissa saved Heresy many a year ago and owes her a debt.

Lotus is a Werewolf of the utmost kind and polite mannerisms. However, he knows her past life. She was known as The Red Death and when the Werewolves and the Lycanthropes waged a war upon each other, Lotus was the one who made a young Aneko fearful of death. 

Not only that, but Lotus butchered Aneko's brothers and sisters. It also rumored that a wounded Lotus decapitated Aneko's mother in a Fight to the Death centuries ago.

Crucifix was another which feared her bloodlust upon the battlefield. Of course, she was now a mother of three "furballs" (or Aroha is?) and is so kind and loving you would never suspect it.

On the other hand she is "downright gorgeous". Upon laying eyes on her, Tempest felt the urge within his manhood swell. Only Raine and Kami have gotten that kind of reaction out of him upon first sight.

Lotus (Subchapter II)
The Wolf Mother The Werewolves: Isai and Tala The Arcanist
Isai (Subchapter II)

Upon finally reaching Sumatra, he met Isai. He was personally disappointed as he thought she would be this exotic queen which was far more beautiful than any other but alas, she was pleasing to the eye--but nothing more than that.

Upon speaking to her, he could see she was intelligent. A good thing. She was caring and also tactful. She also knew that he was a bit of a womanizer and accused him of hiding his true intentions which forced him to blunt.

"Isai, I'm not attracted to you. You've a mind about you, yeah, and you're attractive but...I'm just not..."

"Keep it that way."

He was a bit caught off guard with her response but at the same time, he was relieved. He didn't have to worry of her trying to rip his head off or being hurt by his honest thoughts.

Ren respects her, but he's not going after her. He does however, enjoy her rare witty humor and how she acts as a person.

Tala is one whom catches more his eye than anything. Not in a passionate sense but in one of knowledge. He prefers to hang around Tala exchanging ideas of things such as the Soul weapons, Werewolves in general, Lycanthropes, and things that have happened thousands of years ago.

As she has told him, she was alive long before Pompeii was destroyed and has even told him that Heresy and Malice were both in their human years when that incident occured way back in 79 BCE.

He then asked her about Jesus and she laughed. However, she chose not to saying anything else beyond:

"He is a decent swordhand, though you should say it properly."

"Properly?" He asked.

"Yes, it is pronounced Jesus (Hay + Sues)."

She basically gave him the answer he sought.

Tala (Subchapter II)


Wanted to marry his former lover, Kanna, yet she left him for another.

Pursues knowledge despite its dangers.

Entered Parousia whilsts keeping his identity secret.

Gathers informations for his allies. He serves as a scout for possible threats and is also able to work with Alchemy and even feats such as slaying demons.

Is not as daft as Achilla believes. He simply deems one whom is 16 to be far too young to know anything of love and one whom is especially too young to know anything of the opposing gender's body. (he believes 16 is too young, despite consent)

When he entered the Canaries, he sought out a local weaponsmith. He dropped by after sundown and came across men trying to rob the woman. She had fallen through two floors but still stood to defend what was hers. Tempest lent her aid and pushed them back. A few days went by and after she recovered a bit, she shoved him onto the floor, behind the counter. They had sex. A few people saw but immediately left once they knew what was going on. Two weeks had passed since then and they were still intimate. It had been a letter which stopped this though. A letter from Kusanagi Ky, which was penned out and delivered by the woman who had come to be named Goldback. This is where they both tried to stop as they both spoke on this matter. Ky was his younger brother, but Ky was also her baby cousin. This is where they both stared at each other in shock.

Has been sexually intimate with Shira. The Ikiryo initiates this time and again--which he believes that she is merely in heat. He has no qualms of this yet, it is not something he readily jumps for.

Holds an eye for Kami and Raine yet, they both have denied him.

Taught Volkov and Kuro the ways of Alchemy.

Took on a pupil, named Ryunoske.

Sought out Ivy so that she could teach him additional methods of Alchemy and Sigils, he also sought knowledge on the Soul Swords, alas he was turned down after mentioning them.

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