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"No path leads hence after death. Thus said, make your life bear meaning enough to effect others even after your death."
Real Name Sieg Volkov
Alias Thanatos
Birthplace Kurushima, Japan
Birthdate 1582, September 11th
Age 24 Years of Age
Age of Death 24 Years of Age
Gender Male
Height Five Feet and Nine Inches (5'9)
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gold
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Nodachi
Weapon's Name Grievance
Deceased Family Members His mother was killed by Aneko.
His father was killed by Aneko after he stood in a challenge to her.
Alignment as of Act: II Neutral
Subchapter: II Neutral
Volkov's Theme Ashes (4:44)

Biography of Sieg Volkov

Born upon the island of Onna, he was named by his father, Lev Volkov, a Russian whom was a retired soldier of the Dalkian Army. His bride was Sasaki Ayane; a priestess who lived her days in solitude amongst the wilderness. The two of them met when Volkov had collapsed from grave injuries which he had only received after an arduous battle against bandits. Scores of their remains were about the area and Sasaki took time to bury them all and tend to Volkov’s wounds. After he had recovered enough of his strength, he gathered food for the priestess whom had saved his life and was on his way back to her dwelling until he was yet again attacked. His large sword at the ready, he defended himself well against his attacker, yet, they were beyond him. He faced the being known as a Lycanthrope; a humanoid wolf which was capable of shifting its form to either human or its more ferocious animalistic form. For a human, Volkov fought well, but was unmatched. Sasaki was his saving grace yet again and with her interference, the Lycanthrope was killed yet, Volkov was yet again, gravely injured.

As he was recovering for the second time, he thanked Sasaki for her gratitude but ultimately realized something was amiss. He lost consciousness none and was fully aware of her fangs and her claws. Volkov asked her of this and she confirmed it. Sasaki was indeed a Lycanthrope and she had abandoned her Queen, Aneko. She had gone on to explain that Aneko sought to end the race known as the Werewolves yet, as this slowly sunk into Volkov’s mind, he asked the difference. As he knew, they were both one in the same mythical demon yet, Sasaki told him that it is of Soul Edge for which both races were born and that the opposing force, Soul Calibur enabled them to live untainted by Soul Edge’s bloodlust. She had even told him that the Werewolves fed rarely on humans and mainly on animals—this did not cease his inner worry. Yet, the main reason she had saved him in the first place was unexplained, which he now asked. She sighed. Sasaki did not want to explain that to him yet, he demanded that she tell him, so she did.

Volkov had been a half breed. He was half human and half Werewolf. The very reason which he had been attacked was due to his scent,--this was her initial assumption—which the Lycanthrope picked up rather quickly and that is why he was attacked. Sasaki herself, was allies with the Werewolves and thus, she protected and sheltered him as she has done out of respect to her allies—even though he was only half Werewolf—Volkov’s mind was taken aback by this information. This would explain his feats in the war, and it also why he had survived the wounds that would have normally killed an ordinary man. As he continued to seethe, Sasaki noticed that his wounds had been healing quite well and that he was in no mortal danger. With this knowledge, she told him that he was free to leave if he wanted, but he would have to be cautious if he chose to. Volkov asked of her and she informed him that she would stay. Her alluring pale green eyes were locked onto his grayish-blue eyes as she told him this. Instead of leaving, Volkov wanted to learn of his true heritage. Sasaki advised against it as it would be him in danger he need not be in. She had even gone as far as to bring his wife into the equation yet, he was never married and he had no one waiting for his return. He again, denied her implore. If his blood was as she said then he should know of his true family and his true purpose. He had already known how he had come about in the world and he was not prepared to let it sit and rot as he would if he were to come across another Lycanthrope. Even more troubling, what if he were to tap into his dormant abilities and accidentally turn into a blood-thirsty beast?

Sasaki denied that thought. She told him that while in his Wolfven State, he has complete control over himself. Lycanthropes are the exception. Some can control themselves and others cannot. It is even evident which can control themselves in their human forms as well. She had even pointed out that if Volkov were able to go this long in his life without changing, then more than likely he was either unable to shift into that form or he simply has not reached the potential to do so. Volkov had not said anything else. He had been fixated on his path and he had only asked Sasaki if she would teach him to harness and control his inner being. Sasaki thought in silence on this. She had been enthralled that he had taken this information so positively let alone being accepting of it.

In either case, she allowed the man to stay and she taught him the ways of his kind. She explained their history as well as the Wolf Mother, Isai.

Years passed would see children born to them. The eldest, was named Sieg. Champion of the cross.

Main Weapon

Nodachi (this weapon is named Grievance)

This Nodachi of black a finish and is made from not only steel but the fangs of several Werewolves and Lycanthropes. This weapon is beyond formidable and is capable of cutting through armor with unimaginable ease. This Nodachi surpasses the strength and durability of all armaments known to man--save Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

Despite its other-worldly strength, it is rarely used and when it actually is used, Sieg casts aside all forms if mental shackles and outright kills his enemy.

Sub Weapons 


His claws and fangs


Thanatos has had nothing but time in his life to learn so that he could protect his younger brother from anything—mainly Lycanthropes—and the art of combat he knows best is of the Iai. With his Nodachi, he is capable of striking his foes with his sheath as well as cutting them down before the eye can even process that it had blinked,--this speed comes from his hybrid blood and skill—he has also mastered the several arts involving the Bo, which he has learned from the Ikiryo, Shira.


His name, rather his moniker, is Thanatos. It's origin hails from Greek Mythology and is based off the Spirit of Death.

He is a childhood friend of Mi~Na's and is also a pupil to the Kaminchu as well.

He is incapable of assuming anything other than his human form although; due to his mother’s genes, he is far stronger than the average Lycanthrope and Werewolf.

Also, he is capable of using his claws—which are sharper than most blades—to dispatch his enemies. His fangs are of the same use as well and both can shift to their human or animalistic forms whenever he so chooses.

Thanatos’ name is Sieg Volkov.

He is Sasaki Kuro’s elder brother.

Gave his life so that his younger brother would not be killed by Aneko.

Despite being inferior to Raine as well as Shira, he leads the Kusari while she serves as his second in command.

Thanatos has a love for learning and is oft found reading and if not reading, he is either meditating or tending to his nameless Nodachi.

Has garnered the strength to use his spiritual energy in the same fashion as the Kaminchu in order to defend himself as well as attack his foes.

After spending time with Tempest, Thanatos has learned that alchemy, with the correct intention can be used for a positive purpose and not be as damning as all seem to comdemn it to be. His alchemic property is Lightning.

The sheath to his Nodachi is only a modified sheath for a katana. This means that a portion of his Nodachi is exposed at all times yet, he finds this key, for he can draw and sheath and draw his weapon much faster than if he were to have a 'complete' sheath.

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