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"This is my destiny"
— α Luke

α Luke is a character in the Soul series he is the alternate version of Luke Scott son of Leandra Scott he wields Soul Calibur and has become one of the youngest persons that wields Soul Calibur in the Soul series

In his soul Lies: Strength

A New Chapter

On young age Luke Scott has learned to fight with the lessons his mother gave him the skills and devotion to master all of the techniques of the Dual Sword fighting style Luke had to become an even stronger fighter then his mother could ever come sow she showed him all secrets and stuff.

Luke was on the age of 15 already a skilled master in the Dual Sword technique almost better than his mother, But he was the son of a Legend how could he become stronger then his own mother and even stronger then others where he fought against, The answer on that question he got from a friend of him the son of Sakura Hitoschi: he said:

When you looking for the answer to become the best swordfighter you must find Setsuka she will help you get stronger

Luke had no idea who Setsuka was but he heard rumors about her that she should somewhere in the west of the country, Sow luke said his goodbye's to his mother to set course for the west to find Setsuka.

On his way he battled sometime against weak opponents they where no match for him and he continued his quest to find the one who he needed to find, after a few days of travelling he reached the place where Setsuka had to live but she was nowhere to be seen

Was this really where Setsuka should be.....? Luke thought by himself

Then a woman walked towards Luke she had a dress and somekind of umbrella with her when she was near Luke she attacked him Luke draw'd his Swords to hold her off

Who are you....... what are you looking for The woman spoke

I am Luke Scott i am searching for Setsuka to learn more skills in battle Luke said to the woman

Then the woman putted away her sword umbrella and gived Luke an handshake he had found Setsuka

If you want to become a skilled fighter and a lot more you should accept youre new destiny and the blue sword must accept you, only then you are ready to become better and stronger Setsuka told Luke

Luke had no choice to accept her terms they headed to a forrest here an old temple was build Luke had to take all the challenges and defeat the opponents to get the sacred blade that was hidden inside the walls of the temple

After Luke had defeated all of the opponents and mastered all challenges Setsuka opened the doors of the temple

There it is the sword that will answer all of youre questions, Take it with pride as its new wielder Setsuka told Luke

Luke walked to the pedestal where the sword was placed in he thought *this is it* Luke spreaded his hands to the sword and pullet the blade out of the stone, When it began to glow and spoke

You have become the new wielder of Soul Calibur, you will be knowned as The One Who Awakened The Spirit Sword Once Again The sword spoke (meanwhile also Luke's clothes got changed during the awakeing)

Luke was ready to learn new things and a new chapter has begun for the young warrior

Setsuka told him that she would teach him all of the techniques to master Soul Calibur .

This may be the beginning of Luke's newest adventure........ to master Soul Calibur


(Chapter I: Hanako/Chaos)

Now that all has been done like the talking and introducing parts Luke and Black Cat where about to go on a journey to bring Cat back to the future but first Cat promised to search for Elysium cause Luke had to find her for some reasons wich where still unknown

But before they could set off to find Elysium they had to do something else first, his friend Hanako Ariga became cursed by unleashing the power of Soul Edge she became malfested a thing Luke didn't want for his friend her brother Hitoschi was already head of Luke when he met Black Cat

I told her to destroy that sword, but she didn't listen to my damn it Luke said to Cat

Cat told him that he had to save her first and that Black Cat would help to save his friend

I will stand by youre side Luke i promise, i will help you to save youre friend

Black Cat now unmasked became Felicia Hardy

Cat said against Luke

But first i want you to know that i am not only the Black Cat i have also a human name that name is Felicia Hardy when Cat putted of her mask she changed (her hair became blond and she became a bit smaller than she was Black Cat)

Felicia told also to Luke now they where going on a journey together her secret should be safe with him. Luke promised to keep her identity safe they where ready to go to save Hanako

Now that we are set there is one more thing, Hanako is completely taken over by Soul Edge she calls herself now Chaos that is something i don't like Luke told Felicia

After a time of travelling over lands they came into a city called Schwarzwind Felica and Luke came on big plain that was empty and it looked someone had raged his fury on to buildings and humans all was destroyed

Man what happend here, Could this be the work of Chaos....? Luke questioned himself

Felicia told him that *The One* who did this had great power in his hands but they where hoping to meet Hitoschi to hear how far he came in the search to Chaos

Luke and Felicia thinking of a plan

Hmm we must think of a plan maby we can take a look inside the city Felicia said against Luke

But Luke felt danger ahead that something was about to happen but he didn't knew what, Then he remembered something Zane was carried by Hitoschi he had to bring him to Chaos to release his soul that was been stolen by Soul Edge

We must have to find Zane and Hitoschi maby they have better luck then we have now Luke spoke to Felicia

The two had to go a long way and they had allot of qustions:

  • Where Zane and Hitoschi went to in Schwarzwind ..?
  • What has become of Hanako..?
  • What was Chaos planning to do..?
  • How many souls did Chaos took already..??

And allot more questions but they had to deal with Chaos either she had to be transformed by now in her complete state and where the heck they had to search Luke and Felicia where about to go on their way suddenly something happened with Felicia she was totally parelized and didn't move, Luke was looking shocked to his friend

Felicia with blue energy coming out of her body

What is this.......... what is happening to my........... (when she saw images from a strange creature with Soul Edge in its hands, she also saw the eye of Soul Edge looking to her) That eye......... Felicia screamed

Luke was thinking What has she to do with Soul Edge

(Chapter II: Felicia's Connection)

Previously: The Mysterious Black Cat arrived in the past and was introduced to Luke Scott they teamed up and travelled to the city of Schwarzwind to find answers on a serval questions but then Felicia (who had revealed herself) parelized and saw images about Soul Edge.

Chapter II: Now that Felicia came back to her senses Luke asked her what just happened, Felicia told him that she saw images of a creature with Soul Edge in its hands and that she saw the eye of it looking to her

Luke and Felicia preparing for battle

Luke and Felicia had to go on their mission but then a Strange Man with a big Sword appeared he said:

Who are you and what are you doing here in this city, Answer my he demanded

Luke and Felicia prepared themselves to get ready for battle sow Felicia putted on her Mask and became the Black Cat again.

Get out of our way mate or i will you introduce you to my Claws, And they are very sharp Cat said to the man

Who was that woman..? he hadn't seen her before but she had a great fighting spirit and together with Luke they would defeat him with ease sow he dropped his sword and began to talk again

I am Siegfried i thought you where looking trouble but i do not think you are here to seek trouble Siegfried spoke

Luke explained what they where doing here and Siegfried understanded now what they are doing here but he asked also who the woman was

I am from the future, I came here by a time portal that was created when i was fighting giant robots in my time, But inside the time portal i got also new powers and ability's along with wings Cat explained to Siegfried

Siegfried also heard that there was also Another Evil Power around here they where looking for that Evil to stop it and that they also where looking for a creature called Chaos

Siegfried told them he heard that the creature was seen in a forrest but he had no idea where and on wich place.
Black Cat27

Luke and Black Cat inside the Unknown Forrest

Sow Luke and Black Cat had to go to a forrest they said goodbye to Siegfried and sometime later they where in the Unknown Forest where they should find more clues that would lead them to Chaos

But Cat was also wondering what her connection to those images where, and how could Felicia see those images...?

It must have been to do with the time vortex i was in before i cam here, Maby whan i got these new ability's it also gave her a gift to see in the future.... Cat said to Luke

Maby it did something to you, But im still suprised how a future human came here...., And also the other person what was the reason why they where here..... Luke asked Cat, but they had to go on to find Chaos

Cat thought if i have somesort of connection with Soul Edge it wouild be easyer to find chaos but even then it would be more dangerous,

Use those images what you have seen Cat, Maby it will lead us to Chaos and also my other friend Hitoschi how far would he be by now?? Luke asked to Cat and she said that it might could help indeed
Black Cat25

Black Cat inspecting some footprints

Sometime later they had found some footprints in the mud they had to be from Chaos or Hitoschi Cat kneel'd by one the footprints and was smelling something odd about those tracks

Hmm those tracks had an odd smell, It looks like somesort of Stone-like stuff was on the shoe/Boot of this person who walked here, But more i can't make of it Cat said to Luke

But they had found a trace but from who or what person...... that was still unknown, Luke and the Black Cat stepped on across theUnknown Forest till they reached an old house that was build in the forrest it was starting to become night and they had to make a break cause of the many travels they already had made

This house.......... i saw this before but what happend here........ Black Cat spoke to Luke, Luke said he didn't saw the images that Cat saw

Luke and Felicia decided to bring on the night inside this old cabin sow as they walked to the house the same thing happened again to Cat what happened before she parelized again and she began to see images again

No.........No...........Noooo, That can't be, it isn't true..........Noooooooo Black Cat yelled when Cat returned to normal again she told Luke what she saw
Black Cat26

Black Cat parelized again and saw new images

I saw people inside this cabin doing something terrible, They......... They....... became Evil out of nothing Cat explaned to Luke and that those people had lost their Souls, Luke had seen this before when the Soul of Zane was absorbed by Soul Edge but this wasn't done by Soul Edge No it was done by a Creature that was feeding itself with Souls of innocent people, Then Luke yelled

CHAOS........this is the work of Chaos As Luke picked up his Soul Calibur and runned back inside the forrest

Hey Luke wait for my Cat yelled while she runned after him also inside the darkness of the Unknown Forest

(Chapter III: Follow the Path Part 1)

Previously: On the trail of Chaos Luke and Black Cat are close to more clues and answers that lay on their journey, But they had a long way to go.

Chapter III: Now that they where one step closer to find Chaos Black Cat and Luke crossd the darkness of the Unknown Forest and they where ate the end of the path that would lead them out of the forrest and brought them to a castle wall but the gate was closed

Damn the gate is closed, What are we going to do now..?? Luke asked Cat

Black Cat knocked out by the explosion

I don't know but this is the path that we need sow we have to find a way to get this gate open Cat said

Suddenly something was throwen to Luke and Black Cat and then an explosion was heard Luke and Cat jumped away but the explosion knocked Cat out

Felicia.......... what the....... Luke spoke

Black Cat was laying on the ground and didn't move then within smoke a figure appeared:

  • Target found: Luke Scott
  • Begin elimination
  • Mission objective: Termination

From out of the smoke a robotic figure stepped out, But Luke knoew what it was its was the same Cyborg that his mother fought before but now it was like it was programmed to eliminate Luke

You......... you have fought my Mother before, But what made you attack my Luke asked the Cyborg

Main Mission: Eliminate boy with Blue sword, Stop him at all costs, Order given by the master the Cyborg spoke against Luke
Leandra CX02-13

Leandra CX02 Cyborg fires a shot against Luke

Master........? hmm sow you have been re-programmed to destroy my and Cat, then i have no choice but to battle you and de-activating you Luke spoke to the Cyborg

The Leandra CX02 Cyborg raised her Pistol Sword and made a powerful shot against Luke, Luke dodged the attack and attacked the Cyborg by smashing his Soul Calibur to the chest of the Cyborg, But she didn't felt it and attacked Luke again he was hit and fell on the ground.

Man youre strong, No wonder that my Mother had trouble defeating you but now youre even stronger Luke spoke to the Cyborg

But Luke wasn't about to give up that easyly he raised up and attacked the Cyborg again with an attack that made a malfunction to the Cyborg it fell down and stayed down for an awhile then Luke heard:

  • Target viser: Damaged

    Luke damaging the Leandra CX02 Cyborg

  • Damage Gained: 45%
  • Start restoration program

The Cyborg had her own restoration program that was quite a shock for Luke cause he was almost out of energy But he wasn't about to give up.

I might have a chance but i need to do this at the correct time Luke said to himself, Luke had made a plan to take out the Cyborg but it needed some time to execute the attack sow he waited till the Cyborg had come back on her feet

Then the Cyborg raised up again and attacked Luke again But Luke attacked back with strong attacked trhat dameged the Cyborg more and more

  • Damage Gained: 85%
  • Losing energy rapidly
  • Need recharge The Cyborg spoke

But Luke wasn't about to let that happen, He called upon his Soul Calibur to De-activate the Cyborg sow that Black Cat and Luke could move on

Take this, You mechanical imposter Luke yelled while he did his attack, he stabbed his Soul Calibur into the chest plate of the Cyborg when it made an electroction to the Cyborg's systems

  • Systems overloading
  • De-Activation needed to recharge
  • Damage Gained: 97%

This is it, WAAAAAAAAAA Luke yelled again when he stabbed his Soul Calibur into the chestplate again to prevent that the Cyborg could Re-charge itself

Luke De-activated the Cyborg

The Cyborg fell down and was De-Activated by Luke's last attack, then Black Cat woke up again and looked around her while she saw the Cyborg laying on the ground

What happend, and what is this Cat asked Luke

he told that Cat was knocked out by an explosion that was caused by the Cyborg and that Luke had to fight it and that he De-Activated the Cyborg now

What are we gonna do with this Cyborg, Now that is has been de-activated Black Cat asked Luke

Luke had an idea to use the Cyborg to open the gate by using her Pistol Sword, But he had no idea how to do that, Cat said that she had Learned a few things about robotic technology.

Black Cat did some adjustments the programming of the Cyborg when it was done the Cyborg was Re-Programmed by Cat and was made to her old self again

Now that i have Re-programmed the Cyborg it should remember what her main mission is Cat spoke to Luke

  • Program restored begin memorizing
  • Damage repaired
  • Main Mission Objective: Helping Luke Scott and his Friend

The Cyborg spoke after being awakened again, she helped Luke and Cat by shooting open the gate and they had a free way to go, To find Chaos

The Cyborg returned to her own mission when it helped Luke and Black Cat

But the path to find Chaos was about to get even more dangerous, But they had to find Chaos and make it stop draining Souls from innocent people.

(Chapter IV: Follow the Path Part 2)

Previously: Luke and Black Cat arriving on a bridge witrh a closed gate in front of them they had to open it to pass on, But they where ambushed by the Leandra CX02 Cyborg she was Re-programmed and was gaven the mission to eliminate Luke but he De-activated the Cyborg and Black Cat repaired her and opened the gate for them they had a free access to cross the bridge now.

Chapter IV: With the road open now Luke and Black Cat where a lot closer to the next destination on their journey, They came into another forrest again but this one was way stranger the previous one but they had to across it to reach the end of it

Black Cat and Luke in another forrest

Man we are walking for hours now can't we take a break for a few moments Cat asked Luke

But there was no time for a break Luke had to find Chaos (otherwise named Hanako) to stop her and get her back to her normal self again, Sow there was no time for a break

First we find Hanako/Chaos then we can rest as much we can Luke said to Cat

The two had a long journey already since Black Cat arrived here and it was far from over but ith Luke on her side they where a strong team, After a long walk inside the forrest they began to se light again but it had a different color them the last time they where coming out of the forrest.

Hmm i smell FIREEEE, something is burning here i smell it Cat yelled

As they are running over the path that would lead tem out of the forrest Luke stopped and said

Luke and Cat in the burned Village

I know this place, its a city (at least it was), its totally gone Luke spoke

They where on a field with flames and people running all over the place it was a wasteland with nothing left, Cat and Luke looked to each other and thought *who did this*

Someone or some thing had destroyed a village, Could this be the work of Chaos...?? or had something else had to do with this Luke and Cat where thinking about the options but they had to go again

Then Luke felt something he felt before a feeling you don't want to have....... but he was knowing this feeling but it couldn't be that Thing it just wasn't possible

Youre thinking now i can see it on youre face Luke Cat spoke to Luke

he didn't say a word he was looking strange with a look Cat never say before, Luke and Cat where about to reach an old castle that was deserted and no-one came there after again this castle has dragon statues in the front and there was something else wrong about the place

Look Luke up there what is that it looks like the air has been cutted open and something else appeared, Maby a new world Cat spoke to Luke

The two looked up and something inside Luke was coming up to him

Luke talking with Black Cat about Astral Chaos

That up there is not a new world Cat, That is Astral Chaos i heard that it has been there before when a young man named Patroklos and his sister Pyrrha where once the wielders of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge but they where different as they where seen now, i am wielding the same Soul Calibur that Patroklos used to wield but after the Astral Chaos had been closed Soul Edge and Soul Calibur where destoyed at least they said the where destoyed but i am wielding Soul Calibur sow Soul Edge should be somewhere also Luke explained to Felicia

When Luke was explaining some facts about the past, The origins of the Astral Chaos, Patroklos and Pyrrha, and allot more something happened behind them a dark energy ball was forming and it became bigger but Luke and Black Cat saw nothing of it and the ball was about to take form when it fired an energy ball upon Luke what blasted him away from Cat and hitted a stone wall and didn't move Cat was alone now and the dark energy ball was bigger and started to fade and Cat was running to Luke he was laying in the wall side and was not moving at all

Black Cat running towards Luke

Luke wake up wake up Luke, there is something evil here Black Cat yelled to Luke

The Dark Energy ball became bigger again and started to change color it was getting a red color with something else in it

inside the Ball a voice begame to speak: Finally i found you......... WHAHAHAA

Black Cat looked up and saw that the Ball took form she looked scared into the eyes of a creature she never saw before when it spoke again

Now we will see who is the strongest of us Luke youre Soul Calibur of my Soul Edge whahahahaaa

(Chapter V: Return of Evil Part 1)

Previously: Black Cat and Luke reached an old castle that was desrted for ages already after the Astral Chaos was closed but now it has been opend again Luke was suspecting that Chaos was all behind this, while talking with Felicia a dark energy ball was creating and fired a blast against Luke and was out of battle Cat was now all alone.

Chapter V: Luke wake up, wake up Luke.......... Cat yelled but Luke didn't woke up. and the Dark red glow was almost faded when something flew out of it and missed Cat by a mile The object smashed into the ground as it took form when it was done Cat was looking shocked to the thing what had been formed.

Th.......That.......... that is................. Cat struggled to say anything

When the a light showed up again around the object and it was starting to create something Cat was getting a very weird feeling that it had something to do with the visions she got awhile ago about the Creature, about that eye that was looking at her, with Luke still not moving Cat was alone and had to face the thing what was about to appear, Then she heard the same voice again that was coming from all over the place cause the ball was gone and only the flying object in the ground was still glowing

Well Well Well what do we have here, it looks like Luke has some help on his way, i always knew he was weak even back when he was about to destroy my with that sow called *SPIRIT LIGHT OF THE BLESSED* he could not destroy my, Whahahaaaa the voice spoke

Cat was yelling to the voice to show itself and to leave them alone, But it didn't work instead the voice became clearer and more closer then it first was then Cat looked to the object that was glowing it started to flew up and just when it was high enough it smashed again into the ground opening a hole into the ground from that hole a big Giant orange Claw appreared once the thing was out of the hole it grabbed the object and closed the hole


Now look at him laying there like a foolish kid, You young lady made a mistake to team up with that weakling Luke The voice spoke again

Luke was starting to wake up again as the creature spoke to Cat and telling her that it was time to eliminate Luke once and for all

I AM THE ONE WHO WILL DESTROY HIM AND HAVING MY REVENGE, I AM THE AZURE KNIGHT Nightmare WHAHAHAHHAHAH Nightmare lauged while he was running towards Luke and grabbed him with his Claw

Hmmmm it feels great to hold you in my Claw again Luke
Edge 3

Nightmare holding Luke in his Claw

its been awhile since you and i fought, You and youre Louzy Mother thought that i was destroyed well i wasn't, I could save myself by catching the blast that came from youre weapon it was strong enough to save my by draining all of its power then i vanished letting you think that i was destroyed
Nightmare spoke to Luke

Luke was still waking up but he was to weak to move and his Soul Calibur was still near the wall, Nightmare said that Luke was to weak to fight him and that he would pay for Nightmare's damage Luke made to his armor he also told that he had to restore himself by draining Souls from innocent people and that they became his servants.

Sow it was you who drained those souls inside that cabin and it wasn't Chaos Luke spoke to Nightmare when he was still waking up

Cat had to do something cause Lukewas way to weak now to battle Nightmare but she would fear if she would hit Nightmare he would destroy Luke and she stepped slowly to Nightmare back and started to run, While Nightmare was still speaking against Luke she jumped in his neck and was holding herself to Nightmare sow he dropped Luke and Cat jumped of his back and landed in front of him

You evil villain, You made innocent people youre evil servants, by draining their souls how dare you Cat spoke to Nightmare
Edge 1

Black Cat's attack blocked by Nightmare

But the Azure knight wasn't impressed by the words of Cat, he told Cat to prepare herself for a fight now that Luke was out and that she would take his place, Nightmare raised his weapon and Cat runned towards Nightmare but she was blocked and Nightmare did his first attack against Cat

Whahaha feel this youre foolish woman, Feel my wrath Nightmare spoke while doing his attack

But he missed and Cat jumped away and she prepared herself to attack withy her new gained powers and ability's and she attacked him with some powerful punches and kicks what caused pain to Nightmare and Cat wasn't done yet she also bowed her knees and was preparing another strong attack, On the ground Luke was almost awakened and he grabbed his Soul Calibur and attacked Nightmare from behind

Nightmare you fool you haven't any idea who i am now things have changed since our last battle, i became the new wielder of Soul Calibur and with it i will destroy you, and let me tell you this Nightmare NEVER.......EVER........ TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU HEAR MY!!!!!! Luke yelled to Nightmare
Edge 2

Black Cat preparing her attack against Nightmare

Cat was almost done with preparing her attack Luke had taken care of distraction sow Cat attacked Nightmare again (when Luke jumps away) and her attack was successfully it smashed the azure knight back into a stone wall but he raised again and runned towards Cat and attacked her again then Cat jumped over him and landed behind him while kicking Nightmare in his back and Nightmare slided over the floor to the cliff that was infront of the castle entrance

Damn you......... dumb Catlady i hate you.... Nightmare yelled

Then Luke attacked him again with his Soul Calibur with some massive hard attacks that made some impacts to Nightmare's armor and Cat attacked him once more but now Nightmare was prepared for Cat when she jumped to kick Nightmare he grabbed her feet and helded her up (Do you rally think i would fell for that again) Nightmare yelled while he smashed Cat into the floor

Cat was i

Nightmare Running towards Luke to attack him

njured and didn't move, Sow it was now up to Luke to fight the Azure Nightmare again, now he was twice as stronger as he was when he and Leandra battled him but he had faith in himself and on his Soul Calibur and his friend Felicia, Together they would defeat Nightmare but the Azure Knight had his own plans for this fight cause Nightmare had his own apprentice ready to back him up, This apprentice was also wielding Soul Edge cause Nightmare had found the missing Soul Edge that Pyrrha used to wield and it was gaven to another person this person would destroy Soul Calibur along with its wielder

By thinking this Nightmare runned towards Luke with in his mind what was about to come and that his Dark Apprentice was waiting for its call to strike and destroy Luke and his friend the Black Cat.

(Chapter VI: Return of Evil Part 2)

Previously: Luke and Black Cat saw an old face returning (for Luke that is) Nightmare made his return and was about to unleash himself again but now he was more stronger then when Luke and Leandra where fighting him and the Azure knight had another plan waiting his Dark Apprentice.

Chapter VI: Nightmare was about to attack again but Black Cat stopped him with her claws and was holding him

Luke hit him with all of youre strength NOWWW, i can't hold him much longer Cat yelled to Luke

But just as Luke wants to hit Nightmare he free'd himself from Black Cat and attacked Luke instead and that was a hard hit wich caused allot of pain by Luke

Whahaaa do you really think you can defeat my wait until what i have in store for you hehe Nightmare spoke

Felicia and Luke had no idea what Nightmare was saying sow they planned another attack on the Azure Knight and also this one failed Nightmare grabbed Luke and Cat and smashed them into the ground and they where crawling with pain

Man this hurts we need to stop him, and we need to enter the castle by jumping over that cliff its the only way to reach the entrance Luke spoke to Felicia

But Nightmare wasn't about to let them go sow he smashed with his claw on the ground that coused a little earthquake that opened another hole in the ground and another Red glowing light appeared and it took form of another human and from out of the energy ball another red light appreared that was transforming into a weapon a sword the missing Soul Edge that one Pyrrha used Luke spoke in his toughts

Nightmare that is the missing Soul Edge you found it........... Luke yelled to Nightmare

Then the big energy ball landed behind Nightmare and picked up Soul Edge from the g

Nightmare and his apprentice: Shindra


Welcome my apprentice, meet Luke a pasky little brat that stopped my once Nightmare spoke to the figure

It was a girl that was wielding Soul Edge but this girl seemed to only listen to Nightmare and Luke and Cat where looking to the girl, She had black/Orange eyes and had the same color of clothing that Pyrrha used when she was wielding the same Soul Edge.

I don't know who you are but do not listen to Nightmare he is only using you as his puppet Luke yelled to the girl

But she didn't re-act to it insteadd she vanished and appeared in front of Luke but she didn't nothing and Nightmare was looking from a distance

Sow youre the trouble maker my master was searching for, you seems to be a strong warrior i would like to test that, and my name is Shindra new wielder 'of Soul Edge and the Apprentice of the great Nightmare Shindra spoke to Luke

Nightmare had trained Shindra to master all techniques to make Soul Edge her newest ally and her strongest weapon although Shindra was possessed by Soul Edge Luke could see something else in her eyes that was her fighting spirit that was a strong ability of her

First i will take out youre little Catfriend and then you will be mine Shindra Spoke to Luke while she vanished again

Luke and Black Cat where looking where she was but she was gone even was Nightmare he had escaped but he would return to get his apprentice back, but Luke and Cat had to face another opponent Shindra new wielder of Soul Edge, This was also meaning that both Lost Swords had been found and that there was a new war at hand, As for now they didn't think about war they had to find Shindra then Shindra's voice began to speak

hmm look at you two waitng till i strike the first you can't see my but i see you. Now let us battle and prepare to meet youre end Shindra spoke

Suddenly Shindra appeared behind Cat and stabbed her in the back (while saying thats one hehe) and she smashed Cat on the ground and she crie'd of pain

Shindra Stabbing Black Cat in her Back

You are number one Kittycat, Now that youre out of my way i will have fun to let youre friend suffering at the tip of my Soul Edge Shindra spoke to Cat (while Luke runned towards his friend to help her but he was blocked by Shindra

You are going nowhere, No you and i will fight and let us see who is stronger youre Soul Calibur or my Soul Edge how does that sound Sugar Shindra spoke to Luke while laughing to him

Luke had only one option he had to fight this new wielder of Soul Edge she had become fully possessed by the evil sword sow Luke had to destroy it to let Shindra return to her normal self (at least he hoped for that)

Shindra listen to my that sword is making you more and more evil, you must destroy Soul Edge Luke spoke to Shindra

Destroying it hahahaaa, No way Sugar my and Soul Edge will destroy yeah, Destroy you Shindra spoke to Luke

The two started their battle while Black Cat was still injured and laying on the ground and then Nightmare appeared again to see his Apprentice fighting against Luke, The battle was hard against hard Soul Edge wielded by Shindra against Soul Calibur wielded by Luke the kicks and the slashes of both Swords where causing mayor impacts to both of them but none of the was about to give in

Luke and Cat defeated by Shindra

Sometime later Luke and Shindra became a little tired and they still where battling on, But Shindra appeared to be stronger then Luke the apprenatice of Nightmare kicked Luke in the air and did a mayor attack on him and he fell down right next to Cat who was still not moving and also Luke didn't move anymore when he landed, Shindra walked towards Nightmare to tell him about the battle Shindra won

I win master, Like you predicted. i await youre next mission Shindra spoke to Nightmare

Nightmare and Shindra where looking at the ground where luke and Black Cat where laying and still not moving, Nightmare told Shindra that the time had come to go on to drain more Souls from people's body's But Shindra walked around Nightmare to his back and stoot still for a few momets while Nightmare spoke again to Shindra

Shindra go and find more Souls for my, Cause im still not on full strength Nightmare spoke to Shindra

But then something unexpected happened Shindra stabbed Nightmare in his back and was raised up above Shindra's head, and began to Speak to Nightmare

Shindra stabbing and draining Nightmare's powers

You worthless creation of nothing, Do you really think that i would be one of youre minions well forget it *MASTER*, i have my own plans by taking youre Soul first and then the Souls of those rwo i've just defeated, And now say good bye *MASTER* Shindra spoke with an evil voice

Then she started to drain Nightmare's powers and she succeeded to get a part of it then she throwed Nightmare on the ground and he was moving a bit, Then Shindra wanted to drain the Souls of Black Cat and Luke but they where gone they escaped while Shindra was busy draining Nightmare's powers

Damn it you idiot, Thanks to you they have escaped my but i will find them Shindra spoke against Nightmare who was still not moving

Shindra disappeared into thin air and with new energy drained from Nightmare she was about to track them down and finding them once more to destroy them by Draining their Souls

Luke Sugar you and i will battle, No matter what, it will be Soul Calibur against Soul Edge Shindra spoke to herself while she runned inside the castle ahead of large stairs.

Nightmare facing someone he saw before

Outside the castle a drained Nightmare was moving a bit he was about to wake up again, Then another person appeared infront of the Azure Knight (who could not see who it was) the person walked towards Nightmare

Then Nightmare raised his head a bit and was looking into the eyes of the person that stoot infront of him while yelling

You............NOT YOU..............

(Chapter VII: Unwelcome Suprise)

Previously: Nightmare had revealed his Dark Apprentice named: Shindra she defeated Luke and Cat with ease after she defeated them she did something unexpected she betrayed Nightmare by draining his energy and Luke and Black Cat escaped into the Castle with Shindra on their tail, outside Nightmare was face to face with a Dark Force he fought before.

Chapter VII: Inside the castle Black Cat and Luke where still climbing the stairs to reach the top of the Castle but they had someone on their tail Shindra was not to far from them they had to hurry

How far is it to the top Luke im getting tired but we have Shindra on our tail Cat spoke to Luke

I know i am tired to we escaped from her but i feel she is on to us or on to my to fight against Soul Calibur Luke spoke to Cat

The two where almost on the top of the Castle but they didn't knew what they would find or see behind the Shindra also runned on the stairs but with Nightmare's energy she was almost faster they Luke and Cat

I can feel you Sugar i know you are close hehe Shindra spoke with an echo along the stairs

Luke and Cat where speaking about Shindra and how she betrayed Nightmare, Outside the castle Nightmare encountered someone else he saw before but he couldn't see who it was cause it vanished but it spoke to Nightmare

Look how pathetic you are Nightmare and then to think i had trouble when i was nortmal and i was fighting you and now i am more powerfull then you cause you where drained by youre sow called Apprentice who betrayed you Nightmare how does that feel and now i am back to destroy you....... The voice spoke

Nightmare crawling back up but he got grabbed by a hand (or a claw) Nightmare was trapped in the hand of The one who was made by destiny

Nightmare in the hands of an unknown person

Holding you in this shape Nightmare is a real joke to my you are weak and cannot even hold youre Soul Edge maby will have some use to you anyway but in this shape i am not even think to fight you..... but i know there where 3 other persons here one is youre apprentice and the two other ones are......... hmm..... The voice spoke to Nightmare

Then it dropped Nightmare and flewed off into the castle as well to get to the 3 others that where already inside the castle

Meanwhile Cat and Lukegot on the top of the Castle they had gotten on a strange location with big statues surrounding the walls with 2 strange patterns on the floor a Blue Pattern and a Red Pattern

Hmm i know those patterns they look like they are Soul Calibur and Soul Edge but only parts of it Luke spoke to Cat

Cat had never saw symbols like these are, Luke told Felicia that it might be possible that this was the place where Soul Calibur and Soul Edge where created by a creature named Algol he was the creator of the Swords of destiny

but the place was empty and no-one was there to talk with, Cat walked to the Soul Edge symbol and bowed her knees and toughed the stuff

Hmm it feels......... its alive but how and why.......... Cat spoke to Luke

Black Cat investegating the Soul Edge Symbol

Then suddenly they heard a voice speaking loud Hey Sugar did you missed my' it was Shindra she had followed them also to the Castle top she prepared herself to confront Luke to battle him and his Soul Calibur

Hey Sugar are you ready to face my, its about time for that duel of ours don't you think Shindra spoke to Luke

And no Kittywoman do not interfear with our battle you hear my Shindra spoke to Cat while she grabbed her and throwed her down to the basement where she landed on her feets

Luke defeat her for our sake sow that we can go on Cat yelled to Luke

Luke and Shindra had to battle against each other to see who was had the strongest Sword of all Luke's Soul Calibur of Shindra's Soul Edge

On the stairs the Dark Energy that Nightmare saw was almost on the top when Cat stopped it

Who are you........ what do you want and what are you wielding......... is that Soul Edge Cat asked the Dark Person but she was pushed away and the Dark Energy was gone and vanished

Cat was laying down but she looked up and saw the Dark Shadow getiing around the corner while saying Man i had expected another answer Cat spoke to herself

On the top of the Castle Luke and Shindra where about to begin with their fight they had prepared themselves to give it all

Luke and Shindra preparing for battle

Listen Sugar i do not want to kill you no way, Youre to handsome to be killed right now i only want to know who is the strongest of us Shindra spoke to Luke

Do not call my Sugar Shindra, i have no busness with you i am on a rescue mission to find someone i like and to save her Luke spoke to Shindra

But Shindra had no message on Luke's words she had and should battle Luke for the sake of the two Swords

Outside the castle Nightmare was back on his feet again and he was thinking about the Dark Shadow he saw before

Hmm.......... i know that person i have seen it before but where...... let me think i see a Cave and a boy, Hmm wait a minute i know who that is......... but what is she doing here i thought it was been sealed away after she got back to Earth and almost destroyed my Nightmare spoke

I remember now everything the last battle we had, he and she where unstoppable when they where combined..... but how did it came back i heard it had been sealed the one they called Elysium Nightmare spoke again when he was vanished from the castle

On the top of the Castle Luke and Shindra where about to have the clash that would decide the faith of Soul Calibur or Soul Edge, While Shindra was running towards Luke to attack him she got blasted away by a Dark energy beam, Shindra fell off the platform and fell down a huge distance, Luke runned to the edge to see how Shindra was doing but he was gone

Then he got grabbed in his chest by a Dark Shadow covered in Black Mist but Luke saw something he saw before

Now way...........NOOOOO WAAAAYYYYYYYY Luke Yelled

The black mist was fading away when he saw two Red Eyes coming out of the mist it was holding Luke in a grip Luke could not escape from his Soul Calibur was lighting up and began to glow when a voice came out of the black mist

You have something i need to destroy, Soul Calibur The voice spoke to Luke

The Dark Omega returned and is holding Luke in her hand

When the mist was gone Luke Looked into the eyes of the One person he loved the most

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!, MOM..............!!!!!! Wh........what........... are you............. Luke sputtered to say

I am The Dark Omega and i am here to destroy Soul Calibur It spoke to Luke

Luke had to face the most incredible opponent that was at the same time the Person he Loved the Most: his own Mother (But how did she became The Dark Omega again)

(Chapter VIII: Memory's of Hanako)

Previously: On their search for Hanako Black Cat and Luke had come by an old Castle wich they entered with Shindra on their tail and Shindra was about to fight Luke with her Soul Edge against Soul Calibur but she was pushed away by another evil power that was following the trace of Soul Calibur: The Dark Omega.

Chapter VIII: You're about to loose Soul Calibur to my and then i will destroy it just like it has to be, And nothing else The Dark Omega shouted to Luke

Mom.......... what happend to you........... you became Omega again........ but i prefer Youre in Sync form aswell if i had to choose Luke said to The Dark Omega

But the evil Omega had said that she wasn't no Longer the good and kindly form she always is she had changed again to forefill the will of her Soul Edge *Necro* it brought her back to the Evil Version of the Omega without becoming the in Sync Omega.

Then The Dark Omega threw away Luke and walked to his Soul Calibur and Luke and memory's came back from Hanako how he met her and how they became friends


Hi i am Luke Scott the son of Leandra Scott my mother knows youre mother Luke said

The two looked up and where saying help to Luke and indeed they confirmed the story of knowing Leandra

i am Hanako and i am Hitoschi nice to meet you Luke the two said (Luke looked to the nice looking Hanako and thought she looks good).

End of Flashback-1)

Meanwhile Black Cat was still wandering into te huge Castle, Shindra had throwed her down but she laded safe but the stairs was destreyed by an unknown power she didn't knew the only thing she founded was a White Angel Feather but anything else wasn't there, Sow Cat walked on and landed in somekind of throneroom

Hmm where am i?, i didn't saw it the last time when Luke and i where entering the Castle Cat spoke to herself in thoughts

Then Cat saw some strange symbols on the ground an on the walls it was everywhere and she also saw strange looking Paintings of a Knight fighting another Knight but this knight was Mutated and they had weapons in their hands they looked like Soul Calibur and Soul Edge but they had totally other forms of the ones she saw with Luke and Nightmare.

On the top of the tower Luke wa still getting memory's of Hanako


Hanako that not how i learned you to defend yureself, Use youre sword to defend against my attack Luke spoke to Hanako

Luke and Hanako where sparring just to see how strong Hanako was but she asked Luke to help her

I want to be good as my own Mother just as you wanted to be good like youre Mother Hanako spoke to Luke

Luke and Hanako spended some hours together When he started to get feelings about her but he didn't spoke about it

(End of Flashback-2)

Back in the throneroom Cat was slowly walking on further inside the Castle she had to reach Luke before Shindra could attack him sow she started to run and faster and faster

Im coming Luke hold on Cat yelled

Back on the tower The Dark Omega had reached Soul Calibur and she picked the Blue Sword of the ground and was looking to it

Finally i have what you wanted my Soul Edge *Necro* if you drain its energy you will become unstoppable and you and i will destroy Nightmare and after we got rif \d of him we will take over the country and maby the entire world ahahaaaa The Dark Omega laughed when she was about to give Soul Calibur's energy to Soul Edge *Necro*

The something happened Soul Calibur began to glow and shine and veiled The Dark Omega into a blue light that surrouned her completely when Luke was about to wake up again

What is happening to my.........., Why did this blade started to glow and shine its sow light i can't see...... waaaa The Dark Omega yelled

Leandra my Daughter do not let this evil sword take over youre mind and soul, You are not an evil woman no you are my Daughter and Mother of my Grandson a voice spoke to The Dark Omega, It was Evelyn Scott Leandra's mother

Who are you,,,,,,,,, answer my or i will destroy you...... The Dark Omega shouted to the Light

And the voice was speaking again You will not destroy anything, You must destroy that evil Soul Edge *Necro* since you got it it started to create that evil you are now and i do not want that my Daughter will be taken by evil and doing evil things to the world, MY DAUGHTER IS NOT AN EVIL HUMAN Evelyn spoke to The Dark Omega when a light covered The Dark Omega and changed her back into the normal Leandra again and she vanished. while saying (Be good my lovely Daughter)

Leandra was back to normal again thanks to her Mother's spirit that is still watching over her Daughter

Mother.......... Thank you Leandra spoke to the sky when Luke woke up and crawled up on his feets and saw his mother be normal again

MOM........ you are back again, im sow happy, Youre Evil Omega Side is it gone for good........?? Luke asked Leandra

For now it is Luke, but i do not know when it will return again, but youre grandmother rescued my and brought my back to my senses Leandra spoke to her son

Meanwhile Black Cat had found the way up again and joined Luke and Leandra

LUKE youre Aiive what happend.. Cat yelled to Luke

Luke told Cat everything what happened and introduced Leandra to Black Cat

I found this White Angel Feather what could it be meaning.......... Cat asked Luke

That we are close to find Hanako Luke spoke to Cat and Leandra

(Chapter XI: Shindra's Revenge)

Previously: After The Dark Omega had made her return and was almost close to reach what she had to do destroy Soul Calibur but she was stopped by the spirit of her Mother and was changed back to her normal self and joined her Son and his companion Black Cat that had found the way back up again.

Chapter XI: Luke and Black Cat and Leandra where talking about the things that happened the last moments ago over about Leandra changed back because of her own mother, Cat that founded an old throneroom and Luke's battle against Shindra that was stopped by The Dark Omega

Where is Shindra now, i haven't seen her in awhile since she was throwed over the edge Luke asked

But they had no idea where she was or could be and it was time for Leandra to head for home again and Luke and Black Cat had to go to find Hanako, Cat and Luke said good bye to Leandra and she was off gone while

Luke and Cat talking

Luke and Black Cat where staying behind

Hmm what happened to you're Mother back there she told she was The Dark Omega Cat asked Luke

Its a long story and since we do not have time i promise you to tell it as soon as this mission/Journey is over okay Luke promised Black Cat

As they where Talking somewhere inside the Castle Shindra appeared again she was at full strength agaiun after she was ambushed by The Dark Omega

That idiotic Omega she ruined our battle between my Sugar and myself but since i felted she was gone i can have my revenge now hehe Shindra smiled

Luke and Cat walked to the exit of the Castle where they where for a time to investegate Hanako's/Chaos whereabouts, After a long way they reached the end and the exit once outside it was time to head on again and find Chaos, But Shindra appeared before the two

Ahahaahha yes there you are Sugar i was worried about that you had forgotten my, Remember you're new girlfriend Shindra Shindra smiled and spoke to Luke

I am not youre boyfriend Shindra and i have no time to battle now Luke spoke to Shindra

Shindra wants to fight Luke

Pleaaaaaaasssssss do it for my Shindra begged (in false way) to Luke

But they walked on as shindra stopped them in a more angery way


Did Luke had a choice the last time they where about to batte the fight was stopped and interrupted by The Dark Omega and Luke had almost lost his Soul Calibur, But Luke refused to battle against Shindra and was saying that they would battle but after he succeeded in his mission

I wil battle you but not now, I told you already Luke spoke to Shindra

But she had other plans she would fight against him or she would kill Black Cat (she grabbed Cat from behind and was helding her in a grip that Cat almost couldn't breath

I make this very simple for you Sugar, FIGHT MY OR SHE WILL PERRISH Shindra shouted to Luke

Luke could not risk the life of Black Cat cause he had promised her to send her back to the future and he was sow close on Hanako's trace he had to choose Fight or Die??

Alright.......... you win i will fight you Shindra, Let her go Luke spoke to shindra

Now thats a good boy, after we fought i wil let her go (IF you win) Shindra spoke to Luke

Shindra surrounded Cat in a cage made of energy made from her Soul Edge and locked her in sow that she could not escape of attack her instead

Shindra ready to attack Luke

You will stay in here KittyCat till i defeated my [Sugar okay.............. Shindra spoke to Cat (while she growled)

Luke had to defeat Shindra to get on with the mission and at the same time to see who had the strongest Sword Soul Calibur or Soul Edge wielded by Shindra

Sow you're Raised by Nightmare when becoming his apprentice, After what you did to Nightmare i'd say you're more than *just* an apprentice Shindra Luke spoke to Shindra

Enough talking... time to fight Luke i hope youre ready..... FOR MY!!!!!!!!!!! Shindra yelled while she runned towards Luke and attacked him

Luke stopped her attack and did an attack of his own and smashed Shindra against a wall but she raised up fast and attacked Luke again with an even stronger attack while Cat was watching and could not help Luke

Then the Swords of Destiny clashed against each other and a light was coming out and was hitting Shindra and not Luke while Luke was preparing another attack he stopped cause Shindra was shaking and became in somekind of trance after Soul Calibur and Soul Edge had clashed

Shindra in a trance

Shindra began to see things of her Past


In her trance shindra was seeing images from a Man and a woman and a Baby from Seventeen years Ago they where holding her in their arms and where saying nice words to the baby and also it was hugged by the woman, But she could not see who they where cause they where shadows only she had a view on the Baby

What is this, What am i seeing those images where are they coming from Shindra spoke to herself

Later Shindra was only seeing the man and the Baby, That baby had a look that Shindra saw before

Wait a minute, that Baby........... ITS MY........... i am that Baby but i can't remember my past anymore Shindra spoke to herself in thoughts

Then she saw images again of a Woman running with a child over dark and narrow paths and then the Woman fell and got a mayor head injury and another Shadow took the child and vanished, When the Woman woke up again she spoke

My Alexandra........... When she collapsed again

Is this what happened to my.............. i was taken away from my Father and my Mother 'Shindra spoke in thoughts

Then she got an image from the last battle she had before she was confronting Luke a battle against a woman and it had a feeling she knew *That woman had to be her Mother*

Then she came back to her normal self and saw Luke doing another attack she stopped the attack and Vanished with no reason

Thats odd why is Shindra Vanished, without a reason Luke spoke to Cat who was also been released

Then Shindra appeared again far away from Luke and Cat while she was saying

My name is Alexandra

Journey (Chapter X: Elysium)

Previously: Shindra and Luke clashed in their battle and Shindra began to see images of her past and her Parents at the end she vanished from out of nowhere leaving Luke and Cat behind.

Chapter X: Its over its finally over Hanako is back to normal Luke spoke to Cat and his Mother

The battle was over Hanako is her old self again cause Luke and his friends saved the girl from the evil minds of Soul Edge after a long talk and happy feelings it was time for Luke and Cat to get to their last goal of their Journey: finding Elysium and bring Cat home to the future cause only Elysium was capable to get Cat home to the future

I hope we will find her soon sow that Elysium can bring me home Cat told Luke

They where heading off back to the last city they where cause it showed signs of th

Luke and Cat in the burned Village done by a strange Power-Source

e presence of Elysium there and it was when they came there 'The Stranger Power had raged the place there was almost nothing left

This was a rampage caused by 'A very Powerfull Source, its a wasteland and how horrible for the villagers Cat spoke to Luke

They might have to face This Evil Power in battle cause it was here just a few minutes ago cause the houses where still burning from the attack. Then Luke saw one of the villagers crawling out of the flames and helped the man while Cat helped another person out

MONSTER!!!!!!!!.............MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!! The villager screamed

Luke and Cat stayed a few hours in the village to help people that where wounded and needed help as soon as they helped they where on their way again

This 'This Powerfull Enemy must be very strong cause it caused allot of damage to this village and i hope i will get home Cat spoke to Luke

They travelled for days when they came into a wasteland and they found The Powerful Source also it made a way of destruction and more rampage

You stop this madness youre destroying innocent lives Luke yelled to 'The Unknown Creature

Luke and Cat saw a strange Creature that looked alot like A Dragon but allot smaller and it had two Axes in his hands

You caused this Rampage didn't you Cat yelled to the Creature and it attacked the two but he wasn't a big match for Cat and Luke

Causing so much damage and beeing beated that easyly, hmm it would take alllot of power to burn a city like this to the round Luke spoke to the Creature

Then the creature disappeared in thin air and was nowhere to be seen again, Not much later they reached the place where they had to be and found Elysium and she would send Black Cat back to the Future with a Time-Portal but first they had to say Good-Bye

I will miss you Luke, i had a good time with you in this time and i will never forget this we had some hadr time but we made it and saved Hanako and defeated some tough opponents Cat spoke to Luke

We where a great team weren't we?? Luke spoke to Cat

Then Elysium made a Time-Portal and sended Black Cat away to the future again and Elysium also vanished to search for the last pieces of Soul Calibur after saying goodbye to Luke

My dear friend i will miss you Luke spoke while looking to the stars and was thinking

''I will never forget this

The Soul Sword

Chapter 1: Discovery

After a few Months when Black Cat had returned to the future, times where easy for Luke together with his foster sister Pyrrha and his Mother they where once together again after Luke had returned from his journey, he told Pyrrha everything he had acrossed but he didn't told her that his Mother had attacked him while she was The Dark Omega.

But as time flews over Luke had already hunger for a new adventure but this time he would take on his friends to go with him sow he was away to visit Hitoschi and Hanako and he would also ask another friend with him Zane once he was there he was welcomed by the mother of Hitoschi and Hanako Sakura she said they weren't home cause they where sparring again along with Zane.

When Luke was on his way to his friends a group of thugs encoutered Luke they wanted his Soul Calibur to use t to destroy but Luke wasn't about to give up his Soul Calibur to a bunch of Thugs sow he fought them and defeated them with ease after that one of the Thugs said:

Watch out for him the Thug said to Luke

But Luke didn't knew what he was saying sow he moved on to the location of his friends Hitoschi and Hanako and Zane once arrived they where sparring allot as Luke saw Hanako fighting again with pleasure he thought back to the last time when she was Chaos

It was a hard time for Hanako but she is back to her normal self Luke spoke in thoughts

Just as Luke wanted to join the gang to do some sparring as well they got blasted away by a huge fire -ball, all of them flewed to different directions, Hanako and Luke landed closest to the place where the fire-ball was exploded

What happend, is everyone alright Hanako yelled

All of them where okay, But in the ground there was a giant crater created by the explosion and inside the smoke something was shining it was giving a Blue/Red light

Stay back everyone i will take a look Hitoschi said to the rest

As Hitoschi was getiing closer to the shining light it appeared to be a Sword but the Sword had something Strange cause it had a part of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge but it had only one half of both

LUKE COME HERE.........i found you're Soul Calibur Hitoschi yelled to Luke

As Luke said back he had his Soul Calibur in his hands Hitoschi looked to the Sword and asking himself

Why is there a Sword created from both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge while both sword still excisting

End of Chapter 1


Chapter 2: Two Edges

"What is it?" Luke asked. Hitoshi didn't answer, but stared at the strange blade.

"Come look at this!" Hitoshi called. Luke went first and Hanako and Zane followed. The crowded around and Luke looked from his Soul Calibur and then at the blade on the ground.

"It looks weird," Hanako said. "I mean, it kind of looks like Soul Calibur...."

"The handle is wrong," said Zane. "There's an eye, well half of an eye..." He narrowed his eyes at the Sword.

"You're right, it looks like Soul Edge, one half," says Luke.

"And the other half is Soul Calibur..." Hanako pointed out. She kneeled down and looked closely at the sword. "It is half and half."

"Do you think Siegfried might know what it is?" Hitoshi asked. Luke nodded.

"Yeah maybe, let's go ask him," Luke says.

"You're not going anywhere!" a female voice said. Everyone turned around and saw a girl with white hair and Soul Edge, sword and shield. Standing next to her was a boy also with white hair and Soul Edge, sword and shield. They both had Soul Edge. This just kept getting stranger and stranger.

"Who are you?" Luke asked, gripping the handle of his Soul Calibur. He didn't trust them, because they had Soul Edge.

"What you don't trust us?" the girl said. She smiled at him. "My name is Yuriko, I spread Destruction."

"I am Tsubasa, I spread Death," the boy said.

"We are The Twins of Soul Edge," Yuriko said, smiling. Luke looked over at his friends. They all had their weapons ready. They didn't seem to trust these two either.

"I know them..." Zane said to Luke. "They were in some of the visions I had while I wielded Soul Edge. When I got rid of Soul Edge, two red energies came out of it."

"Two red energies came out of Soul Edge when I saved Hanako from being Chaos!" Luke said.

"Soul Edge didn't tell me anything about them...." Hanako said. Tsubasa laughed and Hanako ound the sound familiar.

"That's because I was telling you to do all those things," said Tsubasa. "You are an amazing Malfested, Hanako. Extremely dangerous."

"Now, won't you fight me?" Yuriko asked, and Tsubasa smiled. "For the Sword?"

'Oh great, another girl who wants to fight me,' thought Luke. What was with every girl with Soul Edge wanted to fight him. "I won't lose," Luke said.

End of Chapter 2


Chapter 3: Awakening Part 1

Come on then bring it on Luke spoke to Yuriko as he prepared his Soul Calibur

The two started their fight and it was already a clash of the Swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, Luke had to think back at the battle he had with Shindra cause that battle was never finished

But Yuriko was tricky and attacked him twice in a row with a great Impact on Luke's body and he fell down and was wounded after that Tsubasa attacked the downed Luke but Hanako stopped the attack

Don't even think about it to attack him while he is down Hanako sputtered against Tsubasa

Hanako pushed Tsubasa back and Luke was already back on his feet

Weakling is that all you have as for the mighty wielder of Soul Calibur??.... how Pathetic Yuriko yelled to Luke as she attacked him and he was smashed back on the ground and wasn't moving a bit

Luke no.............. Hitoschi yelled while Hanako was going to him to see how he was doing

What a weak bunch of losers don't you think Tsubasa Yuriko spoke to Tsubasa

hehe yeah........... they are, and aren't even fighting back Tsubasa spoke while he got hited by a Ring Blade and he was falling down cause after him stoot Zane

Do not harm my friends you idiot, or fight my then Zane shouted to Tsubasa

Yuriko and Tsubasa where an unstoppable force they had strong powers and punches but Luke, Zane, Hitoschi and Hanako weren't about to give up as the made a circle around Tsubasa and Yuriko

You will never defeat us Luke Spoke

We are a group of strong friends Hitoschi said

If you harm one of us Hanako yelled

You have to fight us all Zane spoke

After that The Soul Sword began to raise up from the ground and started to glow

What is that Yuriko yelled to Tsubasa

Then The Soul Sword began to lightning up and moved to Zane while Zane raised his hand up The Soul Sword begand to colorize and it became Blue Soul Calibur color after that it landed in Zane's hand and The Soul Sword had been Awakened while Zane prepared himself he said

Who is first to go Zane spoke to Yuriko and Tsubasa

End of Chapter 3


Chapter 4: Awakening Part 2

Zane pointed the Soul Sword at Tsubasa and Yuriko, and glared at them.

"What! How is he using that sword?!" Yuriko yelled.

"I guess the Sword can be wielded by anyone," said Tsubasa.

Zane stared at the sword in his hand for a second and then looked back up at Yuriko and Tsubasa. He turned to Hitoshi, Luke and Hanako. "We can beat them!"

Yuriko laughed. "Come on Tsubasa, let's go. We can come back for The Missing Piece later!" Tsubasa pouted.

"But, I want to fight them!" Tsubasa whined. Yuriko shrugged. Tsubasa smiled and ran directly for Zane while Yuriko chased at Hitoshi. That left Hanako and Luke switching between Yuriko and Tsubasa.

"How are they so strong?" Hanako asked Luke. Luke blocked Tsubasa's Soul Edge and turned to Hanako.

"I don't know," replied Luke as Tsubasa tried to attack him again. Suddenly Yuriko was sent flying into Tsubasa and they both fell to the ground.

"What happened?" Tsubasa yelled at Yuriko.

"The Sword is more powerful than we thought...." Yuriko said, looking over at Zane. The Soul Sword is more powerful than we thought... We have to go, before we get killed."

Tsubasa growled, and did a spin attack that made everyone back away from him and Yuriko. He stook Soul Edge into the air and the eye glowed orange and surrounded Tsubasa and Yuriko in a red aura. Then they were gone.

"Cowards..." Zane said.

"They ran away..." Luke said. Hanako crossed her arms.

"They didn't finish the fight they started. I wonder where they went," said Hanako. Zane shrugged and looked at The Soul Sword once again. It was amazing, and he wondered just how it was made. Who made this sword, and why? Half of Soul Edge and Half of Soul Calibur. Apparently it could be wielded by anyone and it's alignment was decided by the wielder.

"Hey, we can go now, and see if Siegfried knows anything about it," Hitoshi said. Everyone nodded and were about to start going when Zane suddenly screamed. Everyone turned and saw that it was Tsubasa, he had appeared behind Zane and stabbed him in the back.

"Hahahaha! You didn't really think we'd give up that easily did you?" Tsubasa said, lifting Zane into the air and ripping his sword put. Zane fell to the ground and didn't move. Yuriko took the Soul Sword from Zane's hand and smiled as it turned a dark red like Soul Edge.

Luke didn't hesitate and the Soul Calibur started glow a bright blue and he ran at Tsubasa. Yuriko saw this and pushed her brother out of the way so that she got hit instead. Luke slashed her and she feel to her knees, the Soul Sword falling from her hand and onto the ground.

End Chapter 4


Chapter 5: Hanako's Attack

The Soul Sword changed back into his normal form half Soul Calibur and half Soul Edge cause it wasn't wielded by anyone now, Yuriko and Tsubasa where gone and the four friends where inspecting the The Soul Sword

Where is it coming from, and what is its purpose Luke asked Hitoschi

But he didn't knew the answer on it but Zane stepped forward and started to talk

I think The Soul Sword is a blade that responds to its wielders Soul, I have a pure soul sow it colors Blue as for Soul Calibur, When Yuriko took the The Soul Sword it turned into Red like Soul Edge Zane explaned to the group

The group was about to search for Siegfried as former wielder of Soul Calibur he might know the answer on it where The Soul Sword was coming from, Then suddenly Tsubasa appeared again in front of the group and stepped to the The Soul Sword to grab it

You will pay for what you did to Yuriko, you bunch of idiots Tsubasa yelled to the group of friends

But they wouldn't let The Soul Sword fall into evil hands again sow Hitischi jumped up and smashed Tsubasa away from the The Soul Sword and it worked Tsubasa was pushed awaqy from The Soul Sword and landed far away from it

You stay off that Sword you hear my, we will protect The Soul Sword Hitoschi yelled to Tsubasa

As the group prepared themselves to fight against Tsubasa Luke grabbed his Soul Calibur, Zane used his Ring Blade and Hitoschi took his Sword and Shield only Hanako didn't have a weapon she forgot her blade at home sow the three had to protect Hanako and The Soul Sword

How pathetic you three are Tsubasa laughed when he attacked Hitoschi first but he defended himself and striked back then Luke attacked with Soul Calibur and last Zane with his Ring Blade that hit had a hard impact on Tsubasa's body and he fell down again

Who do you call weak mate? Zane shouted to Tsubasa

But he wasn't done yet and fast raised up as he saw Hanako in his eyecorner and he wanted to attack Hanako but she jumped away and landed near The Soul Sword and he wanted to attack Hanako again, as Tsubasa runned towards Hanako to attack her the three guys couldn't reach her in time Hanako grabbed The Soul Sword and spoke

Now its my turn to be a good hero for a time Hanako yelled when she grabbed The Soul Sword

But The Soul Sword instead of coloring Blue the Sword colored Red as the Soul Edge side took over and the guys where looking surprised as Hanako yelled:

What is happening why is it coloring Red Hanako yelled to Hitoschi

What is wrong with Hanako? Luke yelled while Tsubasa attacked Hanako

Then Hanako began to speak with an evil Malfested voice for a really short time:

BEGONE YOURE INSECT Hanako yelled to Tsubasa

Hanako Smashed The Soul Sword into Tsubasa and he was blowed away by the attack and landed miles away from the group as he vanished later on, and the group runned to Hanako to see or Hanako was alright

What was that Hanako? Why became The Soul Sword Soul Edge colored Zane asked Hanako

I really really don't know Hanako spoke to the group

Why was The Soul Sword turning Red when Hanako was holding it.....?? the group stoot for a big riddle.

End of Chapter 5


Chapter 6: S.O.U.L Part 1

What was that all about Luke asked Hanako

But she didn't knew it also maby it had something to do that she still had a slight;y connection when she was Chaos, The Soul Sword is a very powerful weapon but where is ot coming from?? all of the didn't knew it yet but they had to go to Siegfried might he knew where The Soul Sword had been forged or where it came from??

I hope we can find te answers we need, BYW this is our first journey all together its fun Hanako told the rest of the group

Meanwhile Yuriko and Tsubasa where planning the next atttack on the friends to get what they needed the one named Zane and The Soul Sword for their own plans but they needed something else first

Hmm we need it..........., Then we can use it for our own plans Yuriko spoke

What do we need, i know we need Zane and The Soul Sword but that i already knew Tsubasa said to Yuriko

No not that yet first we going to steal something and yes we will get Zane into our hands and The Soul Sword but now we need: The Omega Soul, a strong Soul what can help us to get Zane Yuriko spoke to Tsubasa

WHAT........ The Omega Soul that's just a Myth it isn't excisting Tsubasa yelled

No it isn't a myt it is excisting and i know who has it: the Mother of that boy with Soul Calibur, and i know also how she got it: it happend when Nightmare wanted to posess the Soul and body of her son then it happend and i tell you Tsubasa this Omega Soul is what we need for our own plans but we need to know how she does it how she will become The Omega Yuriko spoke to Tsubasa

We need a plan to let her give up The Omega Soul Yuriko spoke to Tsubasa

Later on the group of friends encountered Leandra she was on her way to go to home and she had her Dual Swords with her on her back in the holster 'MOM............. wait Luke yelled toLeandra

She stopped and saw her son and his friends coming towards her, When suddenly Tsubasa appeared and grabbed Luke while Soul Calibur fell out of his hands during the grabbing

Leandra Scott just the person we need hehe Tsubasa spoke after that also Yuriko appeared

You Leandra we need something of you and if you give it to us we let youre Little Boy go Yuriko said to Leandra

Leandra wanted to hear what they needed before she could attack cause they had Her Son hostage

Do not listen to them Leandra, they are evil and have no respect for anyone but themselves Zane yelled to Leandra then Tsubasa began to talk:

We want youre Omega Soul its inside you and we will drain it out of youre body or you give it to us youreself, Once we have it we will let youre son go Tsubasa spoke to Leandra

Hanako in Soul Armor

Hanako as S.O.U.L the new wielder of The Soul Sword with Soul Sword Zweihander (Calibur form)

As Hanako stepped forward but she was surrounded by a Blue Light. Her eyes where glowing and The Soul Sword was also glowing but that wasn't the only thing what happened cause of the glowing of The Soul Sword Leandra's Dual Swords reacted on The Soul Sword they flew up from her holster and landed in Hanako's hands and The Soul Sword flew high above Hanako's head and started to reacting in Leandra's Dual Swords as the where combined The Soul Sword grew bigger and Hanako was surrounded by a vortex of Blue Energy, When it Faded Hanako was holding a Zweihander in her hands It was The Soul Sword only bigger now when it spoke

I am S.O.U.L

Hanako had been transformed in an silver armor with the colors of The Soul Sword in it and she was holding The Soul Sword in her hands only now as a Zweihander

End of Chapter 6


Chapter 7: S.O.U.L Part 2

Hanako swung the Zweihander around a bit, getting used to it. "This is amazing..." she muttered. She looked up at Tsubasa and said, "Let Luke go, or I'll destroy you!" The Soul Sword for now was blue like Soul Calibur, but everyone noticed how it seemed to flicker red.

"Whoa! What? Why did the Soul Sword change!?" Tsubasa exclaimed. Yuriko shook her head.

"It doesn't matter, we came here for the Omega Soul," she whispered to Tsubasa.

"I'll handle this," Yuriko said to Tsubasa. She looked over at the group of young friends and Leandra.

"Look, you can try to attack, Soul, but we still have Luke. If you try to attack my brother, he'll kill Luke, you hear me?" growled Yuriko. "So, just give us the Omega Soul, Leandra!"

Hanako shook her head. "No way, Leandra's not giving you anything!"

Tsubasa started to laugh, but he was cut short when a black cat jumped up and clawed his hand. Tsubasa let go of Luke and the black Cat grabbed Soul Calibur and gave it to him.

"What the hell? A cat?" Tsubasa yelled. Luke took his Soul Calibur and backed away from Tsubasa.

"Wow, Tsubasa! You let a small cat get the best of you!" Hitoshi laughed. The cat ran back to Hanako and then it started to transform and revealed itself to be Zane.

"Well that was easy," Leandra said, smiling. Zane shrugged and smiled back.

"They were distracted, so I took a chance," Zane said.

Tsubasa growled and a dark red aura started to appear around him. Yuriko looked over at her brother, he was extremely angry. He growled and slammed his sword into the ground causing a giant explosion of energy. Everyone was blown back except for Yuriko who stabbed her Soul Edge into the ground next to Tsubasa's. A giant cliff was created and Yuriko now was on the verge of pushing Luke off the edge. Tsubasa held his Soul Edge at the boy's neck and none of the good guys dared to make a move.

"Now are we gonna do this the easy way?" Tsubasa growled and the eye on His Soul Edge shield glowed. "Or the hard way?" Yuriko pointed to the cliff she and Tsubasa had created and then at Luke.

"Be careful Tsubasa," Yuriko whispered. "Don't make Leandra too angry, or we're done for...."

“I guess I have no choice,” Leandra says.

“No, don’t give them The Omega Soul!” Hanako says.

“What else am I supposed to do?” Leandra demands.

“I don’t know...” Hitoshi mutters. “Oh, I’ve got a plan!”

“Is it a good one?” Hanako asks.

“Zane can turn into a cat again and do the scratchy thing at Tsubasa again and while they're distracted with Zane, you, Hanako, and I will go get Luke and push Tsubasa and Yuriko off the edge," Hitoshi explained. Hanako looked over at Zane. Zane was shaking his head.

"That's too risky---

"DON'T IGNORE US AGAIN!!" Tsubasa yelled at the group of hereos, interrupting Zane's sentence.

"Calm down Tsubasa. So, have you made a decsion yet? Are you gonna let your son diiiiee??" Yuriko laughed.

"It is a risk, what if Luke falls off the Edge when Tsubasa gets surprised?" Leandra said. "I have to give them the Omega Soul..." she said.

"Why do they even want the Omega Soul?" Hanako asked.

"You know what? Let's just attack them..." Zane said suddenly. Leandra, Hanako and Hitoshi all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Have you gone mental, Zane?" Hitoshi half-yelled.

"No, but I have got a plan. They won't see it coming. They won't see an attack coming. Leandra says she'll give them the Omega Soul and then when we get close we attack. Simple as that," explained Zane.

"That could work," said Leandra.

"Okay, let's try it." Hanako said.

Leandra looked over at Tsubasa and Yuriko saying, "Okay, I will give you The Omega Soul," she said walking over to them. Hanako, Zane and Hitoshi followed her.

Yuriko smiled. "Okayyy. Look into the Eye of My Soul Edg--

"Attack!!" Hanako yelled hitting Tsubasa with a strong attack that caused him to release Luke. Hanako grabbed Luke by the hand and pulled him away from the cliff.

"That was your plan?" Luke asked. Hanako shrugged.

"It was Zane's idea," she said, smiling. Suddenly, Yuriko ran at Hanako to attack with Soul Edge. Hanako blocked it and moved so that Yuriko would fall off the edge of the cliff.

"Oh!" Yuriko spun in mid air and caught Luke's sleeve so that they both fell. But Yuriko held onto the edge and looked up.


Everyone paused and looked over to the cliff where Yuriko and Luke were hanging.

"Yuriko, what are you doing!?" Tsubasa yelled.

"Don't worry Tsubasa, I got this handled!" Yuriko replied.

"You're hanging off the Edge of a cliff, how do you have this 'handled'?" Hitoshi yelled.

"Give us the Omega Soul!" Yuriko yelled again. "I WILL drop him! Don't think I won't!" It seemed as if Leandra had no choice.

"Fine. I will give you the Omega Soul," Leandra muttered.

"No Mom! Don't!" Luke yelled.

"Shut-up!" Yuriko hissed at Luke. "Go on Tsubasa, take The Omega Soul!”

Tsubasa lifts the Blade of His Soul Edge and says, “Okay, Leandra. Look into the Eye of my Master!” The eye of Soul Edge began to glow. A dark black aura appeared around Leandra and then it all began to drain Into Tsubasa’s Soul Edge sword.

“It’s working Yuriko!!” Tsubasa yelled. Yuriko laughed.

“Of course it is! My plans never fail!” she says.

“I got it!” Tsubasa yelled. He swung his Soul Edge around and turned to Yuriko. “Now get up here!”

“Leandra, how do you feel?” Hanako asked Leandra.

“Strange... kind of... Empty...” Leandra muttered.

Yuriko pulled herself up along with Luke and pushed him away from her. “Was that so hard?”

Luke looked angrily at Yuriko and Tsubasa and walked over to his mother. Hanako approached The Woul Edge Twins.

“You’re going to pay for that!” Hanako yelled. The Soul Sword began to glow a dangerous red and Hanako raised the sword above her head and a bright red light appeared.

“W-what is she doing?” Tsubasa yelled. “Why does The Soul Sword look evil with her?”

Before Yuriko could say anything, Hanako swung the sword at them and they were sent flying. Tsubasa dropped His Soul Edge sword and Yuriko dropped her shield. Zane walked over to Hanako and high-fived her.

“Nice job! One of them is now weaponless!” Zane exclaimed. He walked over to where Tsubasa had dropped his sword. He reached down to pick it up, but when he did, it began to glow brightly and so did Tsubasa and Yuriko’s shields.

“What’s going on?!” Yuriko yelled. Her Soul Edge sword flew from her hands and so did Tsubasa’s shield.

“HEY! My shield! Wait a second...” Tsubasa said. He watched as all of the Soul Edge weapons flew into the air and merged together.

“Why is that happening?” Luke asked Zane. Zane looked up and then at Luke.

“I don’t know!” Zane responded. The swords morphed togther in a blinding crimson light and then fell to the ground. When the light faded, Soul Edge lay in the form of a Ring Blade. Yuriko and Tsubasa stared for a few seconds and then they started to laugh.

“Yeess! Soul Edge has finally responded to Zane!” Yuriko laughed.

Everyone stared in shock at the Soul Edge Ring Blade.

Tsubasa stood up and smiled at Zane. “Take up your weapon, Master.”

End Chapter 7


Chapter 8: The Omega Soul

Now with Zane was their leader he had a new weapon a Ring Blade with Soul Edge Powers Yuriko and Tsubasa kneeled before him as they praised him as their new Master

Master we have the Omega Soul drained from Leandra's body and its all youre to use its power Yuriko and Tsubasa said to Zane

As Zane looked to his new Ring Blade S.O.U.L (Hanako) try'd to talk with him to let it go

Let it go Zane drop the Ring Blade and come with us then we can forget these two figures S.O.U.L (Hanako) yelled to Zane

No i do not i will go with my followers and use The Omega Soul to make my even more powerfull Zane spoke with a darker voice then he normally had

The Omega Soul can't be commanded by words you need to find its secret and that is not what i am giving you Leandra spoke to Zane and his followers

As they disappeared Hanako changed back into herself and The Soul Sword became a small sword again and she walked to Leandra, Luke and her brother Hitoschi and she said sorry that she couldn't stop them gaining The Omega Soul

Its not you're fault, But they aren't able to use the powers cause they can only be unlocked by getting the key to The Omega Soul and that is my own secret Leandra told Hanako, Hitoschi and Luke

The group walked on to find Siegfried but without Zane but they would make a plan to get him back to hs normal senses, Meanwhile Zane became a real leader and was punishing his Followers for the Secret they didn't knew to unlock The Omega Powers

You idiots why didn't you found out how to unlock them, We have The Omega Soul but its useless now and we need to get them to make big plans Zane yelled to Tsubasa and Yuriko

I...... i heard something that might help we can split the Omega Soul into half sow that Tsubasa and i can have our own usses of it and later we will give it back as soon we know how to unlock the full Omega Powers Yuriko explained to Zane and he agree'd on the terms for now

As Tsubasa and Yuriko raised their shield up Zane splited the Omega Energy into half and gave it to Yuriko and Tsubasa each a half

Now go you two and find the secret to the full Omega Soul got it?, And do not return without it Zane spoke while he was sitting on his Throne

Yuriko and Tsubasa wher eon their way to find the group of friends but they wouldn't get it easy with Hanako as S.O.U.L and wielder of The Soul Sword

That girl is just like an unstoppable force, we have to defeat her and steal The Soul Sword from her and bring it to our Master Tsubasa spoke to Yuriko

Meanwhile Leandra, Hanako, Hitoschi and Luke had reached Siegfried and talked with him about what happened to Hanako and the appeaeance of The Soul Sword, after they had done their story Siegfried asked who the wielder of The Soul Sword was and Leandra said it was Hanako that had choosed Hanako as its wielder

Impressive how a young girl can wield a powerfull Sword like The Soul Sword its amazing Siegfried spoke to the group

They also explaned how Hanako became S.O.U.L and what happened to Zane that he had changed by the doings of Tsubasa and Yuriko by making a Ring Blade with Soul Edge powers

I see what happend but as for The Soul Sword you better give it to my cause i can take care of it and doing some re-search on it [[Siegfried spoke to Hanako

But Hanako refused to give up The Soul Sword it had chosen her and no-one may use it none then Hanako herself and putted The Soul Sword back into its holster that was hanging on her chest

We must go and save Zane and get youre Omega Soul Back Leandra Hanako spoke while she walked outside followed by Hitoschi and Luke

The group said good-bye to Siegfried for now and walked on to the stuff that was about to happen and saving Zane from evil and getting Leandra's Omega Soul Back before Yuriko and Tsubsasa could unlock its full powers by discovering the key to unlock it: Soul Edge *Necro*


Chapter 9: The Key Part 1

The group of friends had to leave Siegfried cause they need to find Zane and save him and bring Leandra's Omega Soul back to her but they didn't knew where to look as they arriving at a giant open field with nothing around only some tree's and some bushes.

Man this place is totally big with nothing around not even a house or a dinner place, i have hungry Hitoschi said to the rest of the group

But the group had to move on cause what they didn't knew is that Yuriko and Tsubasa where on their tail to find The Key to he Omega Soul.

The Master wants us to get The Key to the Omega Soul, that have to be Leandra she is The Omega as i know cause if she transforms it is a powerfull opponent as i heard in rumors Yuriko said

Hey hey Don't forget the other thing we need to steal from that Girl The Soul Sword our Master wants to have it aswell'[' Tsubasa told Yuriko as they saw the group of friends walking

Look there they are, Those guys along with Leandra she has the Key or the way to unlock it, Come on we ambush them into a trap and then we will have The Key Tsubasa said to Yuriko

As the two villains are setting up a trap the group had nothing to suspect as the where sudenly where ambushed by Yuriko and Tsubasa and they where trapped

Hehe end of the line now Give us the........... Tsubasa wanted to say but was smashed away by Hanako with The Soul Sword in her hands

You two don't learn do you, Maby i have to teach you a lesson and maby you will listen to us Hanako said while she try'd to call the Zweihander Soul Sword but she was blown away by a blast and flewed away from the group then Zane appeared and was talking to the group

You all will perrish if you not give my The Key to The Omega Soul Leandra, But if you tell my what The Key is i will let you and youre little friends go Zane said with an evil Malfested voice

As Tsubasa grabbed Luke and Hitoschi and wanted to harm them Leandra yelled NO STOP

Alright you win Zane, i will give you what you need......... but do not harm my friends or Hanako Leandra yelled to Zane

And what is it........ whats The Key to The full power of The Omega Soul Leandra...?? Zane demanded

As Leandra grabbed her Dual Swords from her holster and it reacted to the Shields of Yuriko and Tsubasa

My Dual Swords are The Key to make The Key, it will create Soul Edge *Necro* that is The Key to use The Omega Soul and its full power, those Shields of youre Clown-Squad are containing The Omega Soul that why the are reacting to my Dual Swords Leandra spoke to Zane as the Dual Swords and the Shields where Red coloring

NOW WHATS THIS..........." as Leandra stabbed her Dual Swords into the ground and where transforming into Soul Edge *Necro*

Ahhhhhh there it is Soul Edge *Necro* the Sword that controls The Omega Soul, finally i have totally control now as i will use it for myself and as for my two minions they are lost The Omega Soul powers and now it has become one again in this Blade as Zane blasted away Leandra from Soul Edge *Necro*

And now i will use The Omega Soul to get what i also needed The Soul Sword from that Hanako girl as Zane Grabbed Soul Edge *Necro* it started to lightning up and the eye began to shine and a Red/Grey engery was coming out of the eye of Soul Edge *Necro* and it took form of an Evil Spirit The Spirit called Necro as it spoke to Zane

Who dares to Steal the powers from my Hostess and wants to use it against my will Necro spoke to Zane as he stepped a little back

I am Zane youre new Master, and you will do as i say sow and i will be youre new Host from now on Zane spoke to Necro while Leandra stoot up and was looking to Zane and Necro sow did Luke, Hitoschi and Hanako while she had joined again

I never saw this before, My Omega Soul is an evil Spirit from Soul Edge *Necro* that uses my body to battle against opponents, What is this Spirit for real Leandra asked herself

As the group watches on Necro began to become more powerful and was yelling to Zane

You fool you cannot control my, I control my hostal body and when it becomes on battle i will protect the body of my Hostess and i will take it over sow it will listen to my as i will become Omega Necro Necro spoke to Zane

Enough you will obey my and my Alone.......... you puny Soul youre nothing then a useless spirit that can't control anything Zane shouted to Necro

As Soul Edge *Necro* began to shine and flewed up from the ground and begans to circle around Zane, Yuriko and Tsubasa where flewed off when the Necro spirit was coming out

YOU WANT POWER!!!!!!!!!, THEN I GIVE YOU POWER AND I WILL HAVE A NEW VESSEL TO CONTROL Necro spoke when it took possession of Zane's body and started to transform

Leandra and the rest where watching what was happening to Zane as Necro took over his body

My Omega Soul is taking over Zane, I have to stop it and take back Necro into my own body again Leandra yelled as she was running to Zane who was almost transformed, But she was to late

Ahhhhh yes this body.............. its...... SOW FRESH......... whahaaaa a voice spoke from out of Zane's mouth

As Leandra stopped and was followed by Hitoschi, Luke and Hanako, As Zane's body began to glow and fired Red Lightning bolts to Leandra and the group

I.........AM..........ZANE NECRO" Zane spoke in his new form but he was controlled by Necro as he walked to Soul Edge *Necro* and grabbed it and took it from the ground and raised it up and it began to Fire-up and attacked Leandra and her friends and Son while it was saying

Prepaire to feel the wrath of The New Omega Soul: Zane Necro whahahaaa Zane spoke to Leandra

As he started to attack Leandra and her Friends and Son


Chapter 10: The Key Part 2

''YOU ALL DIE HERE................ Zane Necro yelled while he was running towards the group

But Leandra smashed him away with a hard punch with her hands (cause she didn't had her Dual Swords anymore cause they where transformed into Soul Edge *Necro*) and Zane Necro flewed away landed on the ground

Get away from here all of you, I will handle Zane Necro Leandra yelled to the Rest

Even you Hanako you can't help my with The Soul Sword, its to risky She sad against Hanako and the group runned off while Leandra and Zane Necro where in combat

You can't stop my Leandra, I am more powerfull now with youre Omega Soul in my whhahaa Zane Necro laughed
Zane Necro-1

Zane Necro (after the Omega Soul possessed his body)

As the group was almost out of sight Yuriko and Tsubasa stopped the croud by holding them with their Soul Edge's and they where about to attack Luke, Hanako and Hitoschi as Hanako stepped forward with The Soul Sword in her hands

Get away from us or i will hurtng you allot, That i promise you two Hanako spoke to Yuriko and Tsubasa

As she raises the The Soul Sword Yuriko and Tsubsasa stepped back and where thinking in thoughts

She is way to powerfull to handle she protects those 2 friends of her, While one of them is a wielder of Soul Calibur we have to attack him and then the fight begins The two where thinking

As Leandra and Zane Necro where still fighting cause Leandra had no weapon she decided to use her Other Fighting Style and she grabbed her the Sword from her backpack she was also carrying it was hanging in a scabbard at her bag and summoned The Wolf-Creature while saying:

I have learned also another style to fight with Zane Necro......., Prepare to feel the anger of my Wolf-Creature Leandra spoke to Zane Necro

But he attacked Leandra instead and she fought back with an attack done by The Wolf Creature and ot was a hard hit and Zane Necro fell on the ground but raised up fast and attacked her again

You will wtill be weaker without youre Precious Dual Swords......., cause they are mine now Zane Necro yelled while attacking Leandra

Meanwhile Luke, Hanako and Hitoschi stoot ready to fight Yuriko and Tsubasa as suddenly a Shadow appeared and attacked Yuriko and Tsubasa and they where slashing around but the Shadow was way to fast to be toughed as it also vanished and Yuriko and Tsubsasa flewed away from the group

What was that all about......., Hanako spoke

Man what a speed Luke yelled

This is a powerfull fighter Hitoschi spoke

As the Shadow returned and landed before the three friends as it pointed to Leandra and Zane Necro still fighting and it talked and said:

find the Angel to restore what you have lost the Shadow spoke and it vanished again

As the fight between Zane Necro and Leandra was about to go to a higher level, Leandra attacked Zane with her Wolf-Creature and Zane with his Necro-Ring Blade (Soul Edge *Necro* had been transformed into a ring blade) and the group had to hurry to help Leandra but they had another mission to do finding Angel to restore what they had lost.

What did we lost...... i have no idea Hitoschi spoke to Hanako and Luke

Its my Mother's Omega Soul that's what he was menting Luke spoke

Can an Angel transfer a Soul back to its owner??, interesting Hanako said

The Battle between Leandra and Zane Necro was about to be decided in Leandra's way cause she and her Wolf-Creature outsmarted Zane Necro and he became weaker due the transformation he had gained, As Leandra did her attack Zane Necro try'd to block it but i backfired and he was down and he became weaker

My....... body it hurts.......... i need to power-up again, Its........... Zane Necro spoke while he laid down on the ground as Leandra stepped on to him....

You will give back what belongs to my Zane, The Omega Soul might be a curse to you but its a Curse that belongs to my.... Leandra spoke to Zane Necro

But he vanished in thin air while saying Its not over yet hahaha

Then the group reached Leandra while Zane Necro was gone als where Yuriko and Tsubasa

We have to find an Angel to restore youre Omega Soul Mom Luke spoke

sow the group headed on to find The Angel, And Leandra would fight now with her Wolf-Ceature till she had her Dual Swords back., and who was that Shadow that helped the group? And as for The Soul Sword, it would be used sooner then they would think


Chapter 11: Seres

On their search for the Angel the group had crossed allot of wastelands to reach their goal but where was this Angel to be found

Where do we find an Angel to restore Leandra's Omega Soul?? Hitoschi asked the rest

I have no clue where to find an Angel, i do not even believe an Angel can restore a Soul Luke said

This Angel can i know it can do that, i heard it from Hanako's Mother Sakura Leandra spoke

As the group moved on, Zane Necro and his companions Yuriko and Tsubasa where keeping an eye on them where they where searching for

An Angel that can restore Souls, interesting Zane Necro spoke

Think of the posebility's if that Angel is working for us we can steal allot of Souls for our own use Yuriko spoke to Zane Necro and Tsubasa

Zane Necro ordered both Yuriko and Tsubasa to follow the group and take the Angel hostage and bring it to Zane Necro as they where off to find Leandra and her followship

Hmm as long as i have Soul Edge *Necro* Leandra will not become Leandra Omega cause she needs her Dual Swords for it.... but i have them also whahahah Zane Necro spoke in thoughts

Back to the group that was heading for an old Castle Ruin cause they heard the Angel had to be there somewhere to be found

Mom who is this Angel named?? Luke asked his Mother

The name of this Angel is: Seres Saharah and yes it can restore Souls Leandra spoke to Luke

My Mother knows her right....... but how? Hitoschi asked Hanako and Luke

As the group moved on to the Castle Ruin, Yuriko and Tsubasa had almost catched up with them and they where close to them and their mission: Capturing The Angel

Hmm we are close, but if they see us they will send that creature named S.O.U.L upon us Tsubasa spoke to Yuriko

Yes i know but we have to get that Angel for the boss, Sow that he can use its powers for his own Yuriko spoke to Yuriko

Near the Castle Ruin the group crossed paths with a woman with a Mask on her Right Side of her face. This woman was introduced as Lysandra Brave she was searching for her sister named Zimra Leandra told her that she saw her in the forrest near the Castle Ruin where Leandra had trained a few months ago. After that Lysandra left to search for her sister but maby they would meet again someday

Yuriko and Tsubasa where almost near them as the see the group entering the Castle Bridge as entered the Castle and decoded to follow the group into the Castle as tey where stopped by the Shadow that helped Luke and his friends

Stop youre following or perrish, do you hear..... The shadow spoke

You get out of our way we need to find the Angel, and no-one is stopping us for getting that Tsubasa spoke

As Yuriko attacked the shadow but it blocked the attack and gave her an attack of its own what caused pain to Yuriko as she was down Tsubasa attacked the shadow NOW DIE YOU!!!!! Tsubasa yelled but his attack failed as well as they both where down the Shadow said: Do not follow them again or be killed by my got it..... as he disappeared

Meanwhile Leandra and her friends had come in the throneroom and a Blue light was shining from the air and hitted the ground and it was starting to become much brighter and bigger as a humanperson was about to be formed

This is it we found the spot where Seres is appearing a serval times, This is the only place where she can appear, Don't ask my why but Sakura told my that Leandra spoke to the group

Must i keep The Soul Sword ready for an attack Hanako asked

But is wasn't needed cause Seres was a good Angel but she could keep it ready for uninvited guests Leandra told Hanako as she was keeping The Soul Sword ready to attack or to become S.O.U.L good way or evil way

As the Angel figure was forming Yuriko and Tsubasa appeared on the stage they had followed them inside the Castle and the where there to Capture Seres and bring it back to Zane Necro their Master

You will not tough The Angel or i will destroy you myself Hanako yelled while she kepted The Soul Sword ready to attack them

Hold on Hanako, before you attack them think of you're chances that you can become Evil S.O.U.L the Soul Edge Side Hitoschi spoke to his sister

Hanako dropped the The Soul Sword for now but she was keeping an eye on them as they where looking how Seres was about to appear, Then Yuriko and Tsubasa attacked the Angel with their Soul Edge's but the Angel unleashed a powerful energybeam that launched them and they flewed away back to Zane Necro

The Master will not like this Yuriko spoke

Not at all i think Tsubasa yelled as they flewed away

As the Angel was formed she stepped forward and spoke:

I Am Seres Saharah

The group looked to The Angel as she stepped forward again towards the group.....


Chapter 12: Only one half

"So..." Seres Saharah cracks her knuckes and raises an eyebrow. "What's going on here?"

"Uh, Seres Saharah, was it? We need you help," Hitoshi said. But Yuriko and Tsubasa wren't gonna let them win yet. They tried attacking the Angel, but Seres Saharah easily doged their attack and blasted them away from her.

"They're troublesome, aren't they?" Seres says with a smile. She turn to them again and shakes her head. "You don't attack an Angel, you idiots!" Just then, Yuriko and Tsubasa's Master, Zane Necro, walked into the room and he was very angry from the looks of it.

Yuriko and Tsubasa both smiled and ran over to him. "Master, the Angel is too powerful for us," Yuriko said.

"Whatever, we'll just destroy her then, if we can't have her," Zane Necro growls. Seres Saharah laughs.

"You don't really think you and your goons can defeat me, do you?" Seres asks.

"I am Zane Necro!" Zane Necro shouts at Seres Saharah as the Angel walks over to him, ignoring Leandra and her friends.

"I don't care who you are, I'll take you on! Because you're really starting to piss me off!" Seres yells, and she lifts her hand up. A beam of light rains down and a shiney white and Gold zweihander appears and Seres Saharah grabs it. "Ready to fight?"

"Wait, Seres!" Luke calls. Seres Saharah sighs and turn to look at him.

"What?" Seres asks.

"My mother lost her Omega Soul, can you get it back to her?" Luke asks. Seres Saharah shrugs.

"Yeah, where is it?" asks Seres Saharah.

"Those idiots Yuriko and Tsubasa have it!" Hanako yells, pointing at the Soul Edge Twins. Seres Saharah closed her eyes and then nodded.

"Yeah, we have it, and we're not handing it over!" yells Tsubasa. Seres Saharah points her Zweihander at Yuriko and Tsubasa.

"That's okay, I'll just beat it out of you!" Says Seres Saharah. She runs up to them and grabs Yuriko. Tsubasa backs jumps away from her. Yuriko ttries to get away, but Seres rips the girl's shield away and kicks Yuriko back.

"She got my shield!" Yuriko yells.

"I'll get it back!" Tsubasa growls and attacks Seres Saharah, Seres laughs and counters, and Tsubasa stumbles backwards. Seres then kicks Tsubasa away again. Seres lifts her Zweihander into the air and it starts to glow.

"Here we go!" Seres yells and stabs Yuriko's shield. The shield breaks to pieces and releases a Dark Colored Soul. Seres grabs it and it floats in above her hand. "There's one half..." Seres mutters. She turns to Tsubasa. He grabs Yuriko and pulls her away.

"Way to go Yuriko! Now we're missing half of the Omega Soul!" Zane Necro yells at her. "It's useless now with only one-half!"

"Master, we should still keep the other half! If Leandra can't turn into the Omega, then she won't be able to defeat us!" Yuriko says. Zane Necro nods.

"Let's go you two!" Zane yells. They teleprt away.

"Can we release Zane from Soul Edge with your help?" Hitoshi asks Seres Saharah.

"Yeah, but we'll have to get rid of Soul Edge *Necro*," Seres Saharah says. "Sorry I couldn't get the other half of The Omega Soul, Leandra," Seres says to Leandra.

"It's alright, we can get the other half back easily from Tsubasa," Leandra says. Seres nods and smiles.

"Let's do it!"


Chapter 13: The Restoration Part 1

Meanwhile in the hideoput of Zane  Necro and his minions

You fools....... you let them get one half back from the Omega Soul that i need to forefill my evil plans  Zane Necro yells to Yuriko and Tsubasa

But...... But.......... that Seres she was to powerfull for us to handle  and she stole it back Yuriko explained

But Zane Necro wasn't taking any excuses and sended them back into the field to get it back while Zane Necro took place on his throne while thinking

Hmm that Leandra, if she gets her Soul back she will destroy my.........   that must not happen.......

On the battlefield Leandra and her friends metted some Malfested Soldiers to defeat, Seres was taking out the first 3 and the rest took out the most of them then a man with a Giant Sword stepped forward and aimed his finger to Leandra

You.......... you are mine he spoke

Leandra wasn't knowing anything about this guy or she hadn't battled him before but she didn't had her Dual Swords at the moment sow she used her Wolf-Creature to fight him

If you wanna battle fine then......... Leandra spoke

But something about this warrior was strange like she had the feeling he wasn't searching for an ordernary oppponent to fight with

Lets Begin youre end shall we The man spoke........ with a strange odd voice

Hanako was also battling against Malfested Soldiers as she draws The Soul Sword from its holster

Lets end this  SOUL SWORD AWAKEN Hanako yelled as she became

S.O.U.L again with the big version of the The Soul Sword she became S.O.U.L Calibur the good version of her Soul Sword

S.O.U.L smashed every soldier away cause her big weapon was twice as stronger now

Lets end this battle S.O.UL yelled as she did a heavy devastating attack to the soldiers wich where all defeated in one blow 

Hitoschi and Luke made a bet with each other who could defeat the most soldiers, as they where busy Leandra looked to the man with his big sword  (and started to think) hmm that sword....... it has a well knowned form feels like......... then she got it she knew who it was.........

NIGHTMARE......... YOU............ you are alive........... Leandra yelled as the rest was looking to Leandra and said all together NIGHTMARE

Then the man revealed his blade it was Soul Edge and he became Nightmare the one who was after Leandra since she and Alexandra where united again but alex wasn't there cause she was needed elsewhere

Whahaa yess its my............ but not the real my....... this man is a clone of my Soul Edge wich i am speaking to you right now  Nightmare said

I heard you lost youre Omega Soul. exellent news for my now i can do my things as i would do: destroy you and hunting down my apprentice, sow now i will let this useless clone to do my work whahaha as his voice vanished again and the Clone Nightmare attacked Leandra

But she was able to dodge the attack as she called her Wolf-Creature to assist her in battle, Meanwhile Yuriko and Tsubasa where in close range of the battlefield as they see the battles raging 

Look Yuriko you see that its Leandra and her friends battling Soldiers and Leandra battles a strange creature  Tsubasa said to Yuriko but she had only eyes for another thing cause Zane Necro had given another Soul Piece to them to battle with against Leandra

Lets get her Yuriko yelled whel she didn't listen to Tsubasa as he runs after his friend

Leandra was busy to battle the Nightmare-Clone as suddenly Yuriko interrupts and takes out the Nightmare-Clone as it falls down in a crater

No clone defeats you, but my. and only my Yuriko yelled to Leandra as the rest sees what happens but can't do anything cause they are still in battle

Take this as Yuriko runs towards Leandra and try's to hit her as the swords clashes and Leandra feels a part of her Soul is in her blade again

I feel you have the second part with you, sow Zane gave you another part Leandra spoke to Yuriko

as the battle took awhile the Nightmare-Clone raised up from the crater and was back on the field as it attacked Yuriko what took her out and she fel down and not moving and Tsubasa was already taken out by the Nightmare-Clone

This was Leandra's chance to get the second part back as she runned towards a downed Yuriko and took her Sword as she yelled I HAVE NO CHOICE!!!!!! as her first part comes out of her body and merges itself with her second Part as she begins to transform........ the Nightmare-Clone attacks Leandra in her Transformation state but it is smashed back cause Leandra became Dark Omega again cause she collected two parts wich stands for one form

Back at Zane's hideout he begins to shake as he thinks (NOOOOOO not another part)

I AM BACK......... Dark Omega yells as she takes Soul Edge *Necro* form the ground wich was formed when she got her second part back as the rest looks to the Dark Omega as Luke says

"You've become Omega again.........


Chapter 14: The Restoration Part 2

Leandra  had become The Dark Omega again and now she had almost her complete Omega Soul back but one part still was missing the Necro-Part where Leandra becomes Omega Necro that part was still in Zane Necro's hands

When i have dealed with you, i will go and search for Zane Dark Omega spoke against the Nightmare Clone

Luke and the others where looking from a distance how Dark Omega took on the Nightmare Clone but they couldn't do nothing

This fight can only be fought by my Mother, as an Omega Luke spoke to hi friends

Yeah we will powerless against him, and besides now that Leandra has har Omega Soul back what are we gonna do with the Soul Sword Hitoshi asked Hanako and Luke

Maby we should destroy it to prevent if falls into the wrong hands Hanako said

But they didn't knew what to do with the Soul Sword, then a strange light appeared before Luke, Hanako and Hitoschi, it was Zane Necro he appeared cause his minions had failed him

Those fools have failed, now i have to deal with these idiots myself Zane Necro spoke as he saw Dark Omega taking on the Nightmare Clone

Master youre here............., but why.? Tsubasa asked while Yuriko also joined Tsubasa

You two fools lost the two parts of the Omega Soul im here to get it back by destroying her and her friends Zane Necro yelled to his minions

Meanwhile Dark Omega was still fighting the Nightmare Clone and he was a bit stronger trhe The Dark Omega cause she needed one mor epart to become one again, Then suddenly a light appeared in the sky and a strange hole opened and something fell out of it Luke, Hanako and Hitoshi runned towards the landed thing and Luke couldn't believe his eyes what he saw

Black Cat!!!!!!!!!!......... you are back.......... but how...........?? Luke wanted to know

But Cat stoot up and runned towards Leandra and the Nightmare Clone to help Leandra

Nice to see you again Luke.... but there is no time for talk Black Cat yelled to Luke

Once there Black Cat was also attacked by the Dark Omega cause it was also an enemy in her eyes

Hold it Omega im here to help you with this clone, but now youre son need you Leandra cause Zane Necro appeared Cat spoke to Leandra (in Dark Omega state)

You a friend of Luke.........i remember............ The Dark Omega sputtered

The Nightmare Clone was about to attack Black Cat and The Dark Omega but Cat stopped him and attacked him with a heavy attack what caused allot of damage to the Clone
Black Cat15

Black Cat fights the Nightmare Clone

Now go help Luke please............ and get youre thing back you need........ Cat yelled to Leandra while she was heading towards Luke and his friends

You all die here............!!!!!!! Zane Necro yelled while he wanted to attack Luke but was stopped by The Dark Omega's sword Soul Edge *Necro*

Stop it Zane...........,Youwill give back what belongs to my......... The last Omega Soul Part The Dark Omega demanded to Zane Necro

Mom................. what about Cat she just arrived but why........... mLuke yelled but Leandra was in battle with Zane for the last remaining part of her Omega Soul......

While Luke and the rest where standing and couldn't do nothing cause those opponents where far to strong for them and Yuriko and Tsubasa where gone Black Cat was fighting the Nightmare Clone and The Dark Omega was about to get the final piece back of her Omega Soul.

The Soul Sword thats the key............. Hanako yelled suddenly
Black Cat16

Black Cat talking to Leandra (in Dark Omega State)

What are you talking about Hitoshi spoke

Yeah Hanako what do you mean?/ Luke asked also

The Soul Sword is the key to get you're Mothers Complete Omega Soul back, She only needs to merge the sword with hers Hanako yelled

The Sword will merge with her Soul Edge *Necro* and will drain it from Zane's body back into her sword Hanako explained

But to do that Hanako had to give the Soul Sword to Leandra and she would lose the Blade forever a risk she had to take to save Luke's Mother and her Omega Soul, Hanako putted out the Soul Sword of iys holster and started to run towards Zane and The Dark Omega

Leandra........... you need The Soul Sword  Hanako yelled

But she was pushed by Yuriko and lost The Soul Sword Ill take that thank you Yuriko spoke while she took up the Blade

He he time to give this to my master Yuriko spoke while also Tsubasa joined again

The battle between Black Cat and the Nightmare Clone was over she defeated the Clone with her new attacks and was destroyed then she saw Yusiko with the Soul Sword

That's it......... that's what they need, i have to get it back Cat spoke .


Chapter 15: The Restoration Part 3

"I have to get the Soul Sword," thought Black Cat. She instantly rushed to attack Yuriko. Yuriko blocked the attack and jumped back.

"What do you think you're doing, Kitty?" Yuriko asked with a grin. Tsubasa rushed at Black Cat but she easily avoided his attack. Tsubsa did not let up on his attack. He kept trying to hit Black Cat with a barage of attacks with his shield.

"You're not going anywhere near my Sister!" he yelled at her. Hitoshi suddenly attacked Tsubasa out of nowhere. They were soon engulfed in a fight. Now that Tsubasa was distracted with Hitoshi, Black Cat could get Yuriko. She faced Yuriko and they began to circle each other. They never broke eye contact as they did so. Yuriko spun the Soul Sword around in her hands and tapped it against her shield.

"Fine, you wanna fight kitty?" Yuriko waves the Soul Sword around. "Let's fight!" Yuriko swung the Soul Sword at Black Cat and Black Cat brought up her arm to block the attack. She abruptly brought her arm back and Yuriko stumbled forward. She quickly caught herself and spun around to face Black Cat. Black Cat grabbed the sword when Yuriko swung again and soon they were stuck standing there. Yuriko struggled to get the Soul Sword out of Black Cat's hands. Black Cat kicked low and Yuriko fell and let go of The Soul Sword. Black Cat bent down the pick up the blade. She looked around for Leandra.

Black Cat saw that Leandra was still fighting Zane and she didn't want to distract her, but she needed to get the Soul Sword to her.

The Dark Omega blocked an attack from Zane. He was being ruthless. She could counter most of his attacks though she didn't want to seriously injure him because it was Zane. "Leandra, catch!" Black Cat tossed the Soul Sword to Leandra. The Dark Omega quickly caught it and the sword began to glow and so did Soul Edge *Necro*. Zane backed away slowly. He looked up at the glowing Blades.

"What is going on?" he demanded. Soul Edge *Necro* and the Soul Sword flew into the air and merged together. A bright light engulfed the blades as they spun around and merged into one. When the light finally faded, the new sword floated down to Leandra's hands. She held up the blade and it glowed again.

Leandra raised the sword and a beam of light shot out of it. It hit Zane and the ring-blade wielder doubled over in pain. A burst of light escaped from him and Leandra caught it. "That's it, that's the last piece of the Omega Soul!" she said. Zane *Necro* began to transform back into normal Zane and he fell onto his knees and dropped Soul Edge. Leandra ran over to him and kicked Soul Edge away from him. The ring blade deformed and turned into two Soul Edge short Swords. Yuriko and Tsubasa both ran over to the Swords. Zane was no longer under Soul Edge's or the Omega Soul's control.

"This isn't over!" yelled Yuriko. She picked up one of the swords while Tsubasa did the same. "Zane will wield Soul Edge again!"

"Like Hell he will!" Leandra yelled back. Yuriko and Tsubasa both stabbed their swords into the ground and they disappeared in a red flare.

Soul Edge *Necro* unfused with the Soul Sword. Hanako went to go het it, but the blade began to glow and suddenly it diaspeared. Black Cat and all the others wondered where it went, but they supposed its job was done. "Well, it's been fun, but I have to go back to the future now," Black Cat said. "Do you know anyway you can get me there?"

"We can get Seres Saharah to do it," said Hitoshi. Seres nodded and walked over to Black Cat.

"It'll be no problem," she said. She took a hold of Black Cat's shoulder and they disappeared in a blue light.

"Zane, are you okay?" Hanako asked Zane. Zane nodded slowly.

"Sorry about that guys, I don't know what happened..."

"Hey, you're better now, so It's okay," replied Hitoshi.

"We need to be careful, Yuriko and Tsubasa will come back," said Leandra. "And they want Zane to have Soul Edge, but we can't let that happen. Zane you have to stay away from Soul Edge."

"...." Zane said nothing and he stood up. This was far from over, but Leandra had her Omega Soul back together, so for now, everything was good.


Luke's personality hasn't much changed when he had awakened Soul Calibur he got a better focus and a better view for upcoming battles.


The weapons that α Luke uses are

Fighting Style

The moves of α Luke are based on the moves from another character that was in the Soul series Setsuka

The only differences are that some (older) moves have been replaced with new moves.


The 1p costume of α Luke black/grey outfit with some blue patterns in, it also has a Lynx on the topside, The 2p costume is the same as the 1p only now its red/grey colored.


  • Has become the new wielder for Soul Calibur
  • Had to defeat opponents and overcome challenges to reach the temple
  • Setsuka taught him all ot the techniques
  • Got a new outfit during the awakening
  • Fought against Pyrrha Ω and defeated her
  • Has a slight crush on Hanako daughter of Sakura after they became friends
  • Has gone on a new journey with Hanako, Hitoschi. and Zane to solve the mystery of The Soul Sword


Last Rites on the Battlefield

  • Where he hold his battles


  • I won't hold back!
  • You're finished!
  • I admit you almost had me.
  • I should double my training.
  • Is that all? (taunt)
  • I made a promise to become a better fighter.
  • I was so close. (time's up)
  • I almost had it! (ring out)
  • This is my destiny.
  • Am I good enough...?
  • On my mark! (critical edge)
  • We're done already?
  • Repent.
  • You....
  • As its new wielder, I will awaken its full power.
  • Until our next battle!
  • You'll... pay!
  • Why don't you give up already?
  • To victory!
  • Begone!


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