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"I serve NO-ONE, Soul Edge is my true master and weapon


— Dark Leandra

Dark Leandra (ダークリーンドラー, Dāku Rindora) is a character in the Soul series That made her appereance in Soulcalibur IV and will make her return in Soulcalibur V.  It can also be referred as The Dark Soul

In her new given Dark Soul lies: Hate and Destruction


Soulcalibur IV

Chapter I - Origins

Dark Leandra is a Clone of The Legandary Leandra Scott She is made from Evil Souls who where lurking inside Soul Edge, She also has a Demon form, Dark Leandra was Defeated by Leandra Scott and was Vanished back into Soul Edge and still waiting to be revived to get her revenge

After Leandra Scott defeated Dark Leandra for the first time she knew that it would not be the last time that she and her Nemesis would cross paths again, but some years passed and Dark Leandra wasn't seen in these times sow Leandra decided to get her life back she had once before.

But what she didn't knew is that   Dark Leandra was still alive but she had vanished back into its Soul Edge to regain its powers and strength cause at the time it met Leandra for the first time it wasn't at fully powers but now it was ready to face Leandra again into battle.

Leandra fight Dark Leandra again Soul Calibur vs Soul Edge

Dark Leandra escaped from its Soul Edge and begun a hunt to find Leandra and it didn't take long before it had found her but she was unarmed while she had the Soul Edge Twin Blades as her weapon in the first fight.

But an odd thing happend Dark Leandra's Soul Edge attrackted Soul Calibur down and Leandra didn't hesitate to pull it from the ground and fought against Dark Leandra and her Soul Edge once again after some years back but now on a different place the fight took right in front of the Tower where Leandra fought Dark Leandra for the first time

Dark Leandra should have teleported Leandra to this location to fight it out

Leandra stabbed Dark Leandra to throw it into the Lava

How conviniant that Soul Calibur has come to you Leandra, do you really think you can beat me now....   Dark Leandra spoke

Leandra attacked Dark Leandra with Soul Calibur and the Spirit Sword was equal to the power of Dark Leandra's Soul Edge

You will never come back again....., after i destroyed you with the Spirit Sword  Leandra spoke

Then she saw her chance and stabbed Dark Leandra and threwed her into the lava that was surrounding the field, While Leandra was looking for a moment to relax again, Suddenly Dark Leandra raised up again but now in her demonic form

Don't think its over already Demonic Leandra yelled 

Leandra with Soul Calibur

Leandra knew that it was way stronger then before sow she had to use all of Soul Calibur's powers to defeat her again without any attacks Leandra raised up Soul Calibur and a huge beam came out of the Spirit Sword

This time you won't come back......... Dark Leandra  Leandra yelled while she did her thing to defeat her Nemesis again

Dark Leandra wanted to attack Leandra but she was stopped by a shield that ws formed around Leandra, The beam that was coming out from Soul Calibur was almost at its strongest and Leandra was about to defeat Dark Leandra but it attacked again and was smashed way back while it wanted to stand up it was dizzy by

Leandra defeating Dark Leandra with Soul Calibur

the impact the shield gave Dark Leandra and then it was time to end the fight.

Leandra unleashed the power of Soul Calibur and Dark Leandra became frozen solid into Soul Calibur's icebeam at the end when it was over Dark Leandra was defeated and Leandra fell on her knees tired from the energy blast.

as she looked to the icecube where Dark Leandra was trapped in she was shocked it was empty and Soul Calibur transported her back to where she came from and vanished

There will come a time i will defeat you.................. Leandra spoke while she looked up to the air.


Chapter II - Lost Artifact

In the years after the wars in the SCIV era the tower where Soul Edge Final Form where left behind by Leandra Scott it was never owned by another person cause the tower had been destroyed during the last years of the war and the sword got to be shattered during collapsing of the tower.

When the tower was completely vanished from place it got buried under rocks and other stuff but after a time a group of archaeologists found the remainings of the tower and with that red jewels shattered around the ruins the times wyhen the archaeologists had the most parts found back it also founded One Big Red Jewel with a giant stine in it what had the model of an eye.

The archaeologists sold all the jewels to a museum and also the Big Jewel got sold to te museum and on one night a strange creature broke into the museum by brainwashing the guards and it stile the Big Eye Jewel cause he knew what it was cause the Eye Jewel was the resting place of The Dark Soul: Dark Leandra

The creature had plans with the Eye jewel to conquer the world........  but the creature inside the Eye Jewel would let the wizard know it had its own plans to dominate the world.....

Soulcalibur V

Chapter l - Resurrection

Varoth had succeeded. Luke was no longer of any use to him. His new body would serve him well. It was young and strong, and with a lifetime of experience with magic, he would only become even more powerful. But, there was still a problem. Leandra and Xander still lived. He'd decimated their clan, but with their weapons awakened...===

No, he wouldn't even begin to believe he could lose. He'd come this far and succeeded. All he had to do now was finish his plan. As he traveled Europe to collect pieces of Soul Edge, he came across a particularly potent shard in a museum. After hypnotizing everyone and casually stealing the piece, he returned to his new castle in the north. There, he laid out the shards in a circle, and began another ritual.

He tore open a portal to Hell. Demons of many shapes poured out, all bound to Varoth's servitude by the spell. But one demon was too powerful. Summoned by the potent shard, she retained her free will, though her body was partially deformed into an even more twisted shape than the others. She assaulted Varoth, but was quickly subdued with his telekinesis.

The demon looked familiar. Almost a splitting image of Leandra, if not for the deformities. With a light smile, he released the demonic woman, and offered her a hand. She begrudgingly took it and stood up.

After a while of conversation, the demon revealed herself to be the dark aspect of Leandra Scott's soul, defeated and locked away many years ago. Varoth offered her a chance at freedom, to reign at his side so the two of them could become rulers. She accepted his offer, and together, they continued to bring forth more demonic slaves.

While Varoth's demon army continued to form, he thought to himself. "I did it. I summoned the darkest soul ever born." The achievement was a pinnacle of his time as a wizard. He couldn't help but laugh.

What are you looking at? Dark Leandra demanded. Varoth told her his thoughts.

I accepted your offer to work together Varoth, but my main goal will be destroying my other half, Dark Leandra said.

Varoth explained everything that happened over the last few years. That Leandra had a son named Luke, that she met the knight Xander Alondite and many others, but Dark Leandra wasn't interested in her past. She only wanted to know where she was now to destroy her.

Varoth told Dark Leandra that her old weapon was destroyed during the years that have passed, and that she would need to find a new weapon. You will get a new stronger weapon soon. Then you will be unstoppable, you will lead my army to victory," Varoth told her.

Dark Leandra began to transform herself with her demonic energy, causing her former demon-self to merge with her normal self during her resurrection.

Varoth didn't knew what was going on, but as long as she followed her orders, he didn't care. However, Dark Leandra swore she had only one mission. Killing Leandra Scott. Varoth trusted her to go on alone while he continued their plans.


Chapter ll - Another Encounter

Some years have passed since Dark Leandra and Leandra Scott had their last battle after her resurrection by Varoth they battled for their survival but the battle was ended in a draw and both parted in their own directions and would meet again.....

You may think youre won my half sister, But this is far from over Dark Leandra yelled to Leandra as she vanished into thin air

Im not youre sister, Youre just a clone created by Soul Edge Leandra said as she was gone.

Later some years passed and Leandra didn't saw her Dark Half anymore as she continued her own life and adventures.

Dark Leandra had also its own fights and encounters during her existence in the small years she gained more and more Dark Souls to feed herself to become even more powerful and she gained a whole new bode and her face changed also in the process and finally it was ready to face her nemesis again: Leandra

In an old abandoned laboratory what had to be Dark Leandra's new hideout Leandra ended up there while she was searching for answers on another mission she was doing at the time but this Lab was sow big with green tanks with things inside what appeared to be humanic demons.

As Leandra ended up meeting Dark Leandra but this time Leandra wasn't in the possession of her Dual Swords but a big sword called the Requiem that she borrowed from her ally Siegfried.  
Dark Leandra V24

Dark Leandra meets again with Leandra

After all this time we meet again my half sister, and you even brought a new weapon along interesting Darl Leandra spoke

Im here to end youre existance and this sword will help me with it  Leandra spoke

YOU WILL BE KILLED LEANDRA, HERE I COME!!!!!!! as Dark Leandra attacked Leandra but she blocked the attack and jumped away, but Dark Leandra grabbed her and was helding her in front of her

Look at you youre even weaker the i last met you Leandra, what a pity  as Dark Leandra threwed her away

But Leandra had her own plan to deal with the totally changed Dark Leandra it was changed around and it had an eye on her chest that she used to drain Dark Souls into her body

Leandra charged her weapon to do a devastating attack but Dark Leandra intercepted the attack and she did an attack of her own what hitted Leandra
Dark Leandra V25

Dark Leandra intercepting Leandra's attack

and she flewed back into a broken tank but was back on her feet soon as Leandra attacked Dark Leandra again woth a devastating attack and this time it was a hit it flewed also into a broken tank and was also soon back on its feet

You've become stronger my half sister, i am impressed Dark Leandra laughed

You haven't seen anything yet Dark Leandra yelled to Dark Leandra as she raised up her sword and did her strongest attack what gave a giant impact to Dark Leandra's body and flewed away into a corner

You think you can beat my my sister, but you forget one thing I AM YOU..... Dark Leandra yelled to Leandra

What do you mean...... you are created by Evil Souls from Soul Edge you are not even a living thing Leandra spoke

as they attacked each other again this battle could be the end of Dark Leandra but her Soul Eye was collecting Souls from the place around sow she was getting more an more energy, Leandra had to destroy this Eye sow it couldn't re-charge itself as Leandra did one more devastating attack to her armor

TAKE THIS YOU DARK AND EVIL CREATURE, YOU ARE NO LIVING HUMAN JUST A CREATION FROM EVIL!!!!!   Leandra yelled.......... as she did her attack........ 
Dark Leandra V20

Leandra's attack to destroy Dark Leandra's Soul Eye

What happened after that nobody knows cause the impact was sow big it destroyed the entire Lab but Leandra survived the blast by escaping in time

But what about Dark Leandra would it be gone for good..........??


Chapter III - Last Battle..??

After the previous fight between  Leandra and Dark Leandra their battleground was totally destroyed by the heavy sword clash they had in the last moments of the fight and the battleground was totally destroyed it was Dark Leandra's hideout where it had been hidden itself to gain enought strength and was transformed inato a stronger version by gaining Dark Souls in her body with her Soul Eye on her chest.

That fight was one of Leandra's intense battles she had however she fought with a long sword knowned as a Zweihander she had better skills with her Dual Swords to finish of a fight, in their last encounter Leandra didn't became Leandra Ω cause she didn't fought with her Dual Swords at the time.

But Leandra gained a new form when battleing against Nightmare this form was soon knowned as Darkness Omega this form was created when Leandra's Dual Swords got crossed by accident and it was made, since then Leandra came more carefull with her Dual Swords cause one wrong crossing from the Swords and Darkness Omega would come back.

As it happen Leandra became Darkness Omega again when she was duelling some malfersted Soldiers, and as Darkness Omega she defeated the Soldiers easyly, but soon Darkness Omega landed in a cave with water around her and she encountered Dark Leandra again cause it has been there for some time after her old place was destroyed and soon Darkness Omega and Dark Leandra would meet eachother face to face.

Well well well, what do we have here.........., its been awhile Leandra and i see you have changed  Dark Leandra spok
Leandra V313

Darkness Omega meets Dark Leandra in battle


Yeah.......... i have become more powerfull now, i might even destroy you now, and after im done with you i will go pay Nightmare a visit, cause he haven't seen the last of Darkness Omega   Darkness Omega said with an evil voice

Really.......... WHAHAA,.............. YOU DIE HERE...............WAAAAAAAA   Dark Leandra yelled while she attacked Darkness Omega
Leandra V315

Darkness Omega removing her Swords after her attack

Darkness Omega blocked her attack and grabbed her and stabbed her and spoke HAHAHA..... this is the same trick i used on Nightmare very painfull   as Dark Leandra flew up and was smashed back to the ground and Darkness Omega removed her Swords and spoke HOW DOES THAT FEEL........

Dark Leandra was feeling that Darkness Omega would be stronger now much more powerfull then Leandra in her normal state and with her Dual Swords equipped

But Darkness Omega wasn't done with Dark Leandra, while Dark Leandra try'd to make some slashes with her Soul Edge Darkness Omega did a counter attack what hitted Dark Leandra and was drawed back into a corner and Darkness Omega slashed Dark Leandra three times with a massive impact and was throwed into a wall and slides away from it

Wha................    Dark Leandra wanted to say

But Darkness Omega grabbed her again and was holding Dark Leandra in her hands 

How.............DOES IT FEEL............, to be overpowered by an equal   Darkness Omega spoke  

Dark Leandra never thought that Leandra would become this strong in this form knowned as Darkness Omega and Darkness Omega was still holding Dark Leandra in her grasp as she said

Listen to me now Dark Leandra what i am gonna say to you, KEEP THIS WIT\H YOU, i will hunt you down when i discover that one more innocent soul dies because of you............., and i MEAN IT  Darkness Omega spoke
Leandra V314

Darkness Omega defeating Dark Leandra

Then Darkness Omega dropped Dark Leandra and she was back on her feets as she attacked Darkness Omega again and was blocked again, Then Darkness Omega slided to Dark Leandra hitted her once then she stabbed her once and then she made a back shot to Dark Leandra with the words YOU NEVER LEARN

As the attack was over Dark Leandra didn't move and Darkness Omega reverted finally back again to Leandra as she saw  Dark Leandra laying there she was thinking

Now we even   

and Leandra lefted the cave to return home with her Dual Swords in the holster she was carrying on her back

Would Leandra meet Dark Leandra again after what happend in the cave...??


The Legendary Battle

Somewhere in an abandoned castle what was Dark Leandra's new hideout it got knowledge of te invinsable Helios Army, this army existed from Soldiers, Creatures and even more deadly force to invade the world and get rid of its owners Dark Leandra found an acient scroll that was telling how to summon the Helios Army from the Helios Realm but Dark Leandra could not lead alone this army as it heard of a man named Henri he could be able to lead the Helios Army alongside Dark Leandra as she was able to reach him it told the plan of summoning the powerfull and deadly Helios Army, when Henri heard of this plan he joined the side of Dark Leandra and they would lead the Helios Army to victory Henri who brought also Edge Mistress with him a fierce fighter with allot of skills in batte.

Sow this plan is to call a deadly army named the Helios Army Henri said

Yes and with us leading it it will bring me victory and i will rule the world Dark Leandra said

Correction, We will rule the world or have you forgotten that i also lead this army Henri said

Just come on its time to call up on the Helios Army Dark Leandra spoke

As they came on the ceremony location the three where ready to command the enormous Helios Army

This was the start of a giant battle between the Helios Army and a big group of other fighters as it would be knowned as The Legendary Battle


Soulcalibur IV

Soul Edge Final Form: Is Dark Leandra's weapon she got it when she was created by the Cursed Sword itself from evil souls that where lurking inside Soul Edge, After Leandra Scott defeated Nightmare the Cursed Sword made an evil clone of Leandra herself with no soul or human-feelings inside.

Soulcalibur V

Dark Leandra's Weapon in Soulcalibur V will be again Soul Edge but this soul edge will be a different version then her previous weapon Soul Edge Final Form she got the new Soul Edge when Dark Leandra was resurrected again to hunt for her other half and destroy her for good

Fighting Style

Dark Leandra's fighting style is strong an powerfull as she has the ability to use great attacks and combo's it can do allot of damage to its opponets that it faces


This evil clone of the good natured Leandra Scott has no feelings for anyone and as it exists from Dark Souls she is an evil clone that only desires one thing: The Dead of Leandra

Critical Finish

Dark Maelstrom of Evil: it spins around Soul Edge as it smashes it into the ground the energy will explode as the opponent is blasted away from the explosion

Critical Edge

Fire Ball of Rage: Dark Leandra will put all her rage into one devestating attack what will cause allot of damage to the opponent


The Eyed Floor (Soulcalibur IV)

The Chamber of Regret  (Soulcalibur V)


Soulcalibur IV

The 1p and 2p costumes of Dark Leandra in SCIV are colored black/gold (1p) and red (2p) the 1p is a costume that has mostly the tiger lily parts around the body except for the gloves these are bandages, The 2p costume is the Demon form of Dark Leandra it wears all voodoo parts around the body its is colored black (and a bit of red) in it.

Soulcalibur V

The 1p costume in SCV is almost the same is it was in SCIV but the gold color has been replaced with red and it has wings on the back now but the most parts of the costume didn't changed, As for the 2p this one is completely different it has a black armored look with some scary faces on it the parts are called Dark Knight parts it has a black color and none other color was used in the armor parts.

New Form

Dark Leandra's new changed look replaced all parts from the older looks her facial and body are changed cause of the Evil Souls it was collected with the Soul Eve

Series' Appereances


Soulcalibur IV

  • Sow youre here to meet youre end.
  • There you go.
  • Now i will become even stronger. (When transforming into Demon Leandra)
  • Don't you get it, Leandra i am you and all whats in it. (When fighting Leandra)
  • I will and won't give up that easyly.
  • Danm you.
  • Fight.
  • Stay down
  • I will not hesitate.
  • Now you will see my true power. (When preforming a Critical Finish)
  • Leandra this is youre final moment in this world. (When preforming a Critical Finish against Leandra)
  • Soul Edge is my true master and weapon.
  • Im not playing
  • If you have the courage to fight my then i'll say bring it on.
  • Youre days of beeing the hero king are over. (When fighting Algol)
  • You have two personallity's, i prefer youre darkside. (When fighting Tira)
  • Still kicking
  • I am the ultimate Dark Soul and most powerfull of all. (When fighting Nightmare or siegfried as Demon Leandra)
  • Brace youreself
  • The end
  • I saw that
  • Don't move

Soulcalibur V

  • Looks like a lot has changed
  • Well well Leandra its been awhile, did you miss me... (Spoken when fighting Leandra)
  • You will feel the new dark powers I have gained
  • Hmm, it looks like I am stronger than before
  • Now you will feel my wrath
  • Be gone you worthless creature
  • Ahh, its time to feed my Soul Edge with your soul
  • You're nothing
  • Prepare to die (spoken during critical edge)
  • It's useless
  • Quit stallin
  • You wanna serve under me?
  • You where just to weak
  • Nooo (by ring out)
  • Not again (by second ring out)
  • You look nice and tough
  • I'll give you a lesson in humility
  • Save your breath
  • See ya


  • Is a Clone that was made from the evil Souls that where lurking inside Soul Edge
  • Has a more powerful second form as a Demon
  • Wields now Soul Edge Final Form after Nightmare was defeated
  • Lives deep inside Soul Edge to be re-awakened again on one day
  • Was defeated by Leandra Scott in battle on the top of Tower of Remembrance
  • Was defeated again after Leandra trapped it into an IceCage made by Soul Calibur
  • Would be revived by the evil wizard Varoth Varacougar
  • Destroyed Cyro cause it was thinking it was the real Leandra
  • Completely changed her own body by collecting Dark Souls with its Soul Eye
  • Was defeated by Darkness Omega (Leandra's new Omega-Soul form)
  • Leaded alongside with Henri and Edge Mistress and enormous army known as the Helios Army


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

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