"Taste power!!!!....."
— EdgeDragon

EdgeDragon is a character in the Soul series he appears in Soulcalibur V

In his Soul lies: He who seeks for Revenge against them who let him down


EdgeDragon (born as Daniél Atherton) was in his human life a fierce warrior who seeks for adventure he was always away from home to have battles and fights around different places around the world he was wielding a Longsword named: Edge-Flame his weapon was his most loyal companion he had cause he hadn't many friends.

On one of Daniél's journey's he had to meet a Graf this man was known with the skills that Daniél had and he asked him to come work for him cause he was alone and had no family (maby somewhere) and he accpted the offer of the Graf, But what he didn't knew that this wizard was evil a Very Evil Graf

He was Graf Dumas he heard of Daniéls skilled Swordsman ship but after a time Daniél got his own idea's of The Graf's plans and wanted to step away from the side of the Graf but he was to greedy to let him go.

On one night when Daniél was outside to battle against enemy's of the Graf he began to talk with a villager he said that the Graf was an evil man who had the possession of The Dark Blade of Souls but Daniél didn't knew he was in the possession of that Evil Sword afterwards his conversation he headed back to the Graf and wanted an explanation

You have nothing to know about it, just do as i told you worthless servant The Graf told Daniél

But Daniél grabbed his sword and attacked the Graf cause he had enough of it to be someone's servant

The Graf was way to strong and in the end he grabbed The Dark Blade of Souls and spoke out a curse over Daniél and transformed him into a Dragon-Liked Creature.

His Sword fell out of his Claws cause he couldn't hold it much longer Daniél escaped the Graf but he was cursed to be a Creature of Darkness from now on he made himself new weapons: Two Axes and he named them :The Fire Axes.

Later after a few months of travelling he came home in his village, but the villagers (who saw him as a good loving guy when he was human) where affraid of him and sened him far away from the village and never showing up again, He was Angry and full of hate against The Graf and his former Loved ones and was seeking Revenge on them

He landed in a Cave after traverlling for awhile again and has met a Creature that was called The Eye he was the Master of Styles and he also had to meet his Right-hand: Daiyu (a Bat-Liking Woman with a Ring Blade), after a time he joined the two and became The Loyal Guardian of The Eye

And he wasn't called Daniél anymore he called himself: EdgeDragon (Loyal Guardian of his master The Eye)

His first mission was to find the Only Person who Defeated his Master and to bring that person to Him

Return of EdgeDragon

After EdgeDragon was beaten by Leandra Scott he was banished fro the side of The Eye cause the Eye hates losing servants as he said You are no longer one of my servants sow get out of my place and never return

As EdgeDragon (former name Daniel Atherton) slumbered himself away into a dark hole somewhere he could not be found as he stayed there for years he lost his old form and gained a new colored form what was more darker and evil then he was before as his waepons The Fire Ax where also upgraded as they where called now Soul Ax.

When EdgeDragon was back at full strength he crossed away the land to find Leandra Scott again to show her how strong he became, as of today he didn't found her yet as he will keep seaching for her along to a new master to serve


EdgeDragon is an evil Dragon-Creature that serves his master: The Eye and will nothing let happen to him as his personal Guardian enemy's must fight him First to reach his Master, he is the most Loyal guardian of The Eye so far (after others betrayed him)

After his banishment from The Eye he had to gain new strength as he also became more evil then he was at the side of The Eye and started to seek Revenge on him and Leandra Scott

Critical Edge

Dragon's Wrath: he first says *Taste Power* then he rolls to his opponent and fly up then he spits Fire to his opponent



Fire Ax: Those where created by Daniél himself from Fire Stones he had found around a volcanic area and forged two Axes from it with Lemets made of those Fire stones

Soul Axe:These new Ax's where created from the previous Fire Ax's and have Red/Black/Brown colors

Series' Appereances


  • What do you hope to accomplish
  • My power knows no bounds
  • Youre death will be painless (taunt)
  • This is it
  • Why do you choose to fight?
  • Taste power.... (doing critical edge)
  • What's this (when hit by a tremor)
  • You are an worthy opponent indeed.


  • Was a brave young human warrior with a LongSword
  • Named himself EdgeDragon cause his former Sword was called Edge-Flame
  • Has been cursed after he attacked his former master Graf Dumas
  • became the Loyal Guardian of The Eye (Master of styles)
  • Sees Daiyu as his new Friend and Rival
  • Was defeated by Leandra Scott in battle
  • Was banished from The Eye's side after he lost
  • Gained a Darker Colored Form after he came back from his hideout after some years


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