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"WAR means Sacrifice"
— Janice Barnes

Janice Barnes (ジャニス·バーンズ, Janisu· bānzu) is a character in the Soul series and makes her appereance in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny

Janice Barnes/Winter Soldier

Janice was born in a cold war (its said her mother got her in the middle of a war) her parents where soldiers in a big army, when they died in action Janice was raised by her grandparents and grew up without knowing what happend to her parents.

On one day her grandparents received a strange package with in it some information what happend to Janice's parents, how the really died after reading it they decided not to show it to Janice till she was at the right age they hided the package in their bedroom and never talked about it.

Years passed and Janice got in her 20's as she had grown to a fine young woman who came also in the army just like her parents where, she was a skilled soldier who was soon in command of her own group of soldiers she named: Red Star, her team mates where full of goodness bout their leader and they fought allot of battles in the war and never lost their faith in their commander Janice.

At a time when Janice was in war her grandparents died, Janice came home from the battlefield when she heard bout the deaths of her beloved grandparents, when she was in the bedroom where they slept she found an old box with papers in it, she readed all of them and knew now the truth bout her parents, Janice was mad on her grandparents cause they never told her bout her own parents's deaths 

Why wasn't i informed about this...........

Later Janice and her team where called into action to assist by a strange battle, serval strange looking soldiers took innocent people with them to a place who was led by a creature called Nightmare this Nightmare was able to change good people into evil soldiers, Janice and her team where also captured by the Dark Soldiers as some of them where tortured to death, only the strongest that survived where beeing changed into Evil Soldiers.

Janice had thought of a plan to escape the cells as it worked they runned away from the place, Janice and two of her team mates escaped and had to cross an ice bridge while doing this Janice fell into the deep ravine and was left for dead by her team mates and vanished into the cold snow.

The Winter Soldier (Janice)

Janice herself had fallen down a long way down as she was found by the Dark Soldiers of Nightmare and brought her lifeless body to the hideout as a few mechanics and doctors had got the order to bring her back to life cause Nightmare knew this woman would the perfect weapon to help him to get what he wanted.

She will be the exellent weapon to obey my wishes

Days gone by and Janice was kept into a cold ice cell to prevent her body at good state as her left arm was ript off during the fall, as the doctors and mechanics where able to resurrect Janice back to life but she had changed, her arm was replaced by a metallic arm and her memory's from her past where erased, Nightmare called her by her new name The Winter Soldier    

Getting Back Memory's

After the happenings when Janice was brainwashed by Nightmare and his henchmen the life of the former soldier changed she crossed paths with many people and did allot of missions to serve her master, one of these missions was to steal something from a warrior lady named Kilina

She had something that Nightmare wanted as the Winter Soldier was sended after Kilina she would soon meet up with the girl as they stoot against eachother the Winter Soldier said

Give me what my master needs

Kilina said she had nothing with her at the time but Winter Soldier didn't accepted no for an answer and attacked Kilina with her swords as Kilina was able to dodge her attack she said once again

I do not have anything you want

Liar......... give it to me...... Winter Soldier yelled and attacked Kilina again and Kilina dodged her attack again as the two stoot face to face again Kilina dicided to attack back as she runned towards the Winter Soldier as also the Winter Soldier runned towards Kilina to attack her and they both raised swords and they clashed with eachother.

You will give me what i need the Soul Calibur Shard, my master needs it... Winter Soldier said

Like i said before i DO NOT have any shard  Kilina spoke

As all the sudden the swords of Kilina and the Winter Soldier started to fire up cause of the clash a small explosion blewed Winter Soldier and Kilina away from eachother and landed on the floor and layed still for a time, as Kilina wakes up after a few minutes she sees the Winter Soldier waking up also as Kilina walks upon the Winter Soldier she picks up her sword and shield in case the Winter Soldier wanted to attack her again.

But the Winter Soldier started to talk....

Wh......Where am i......... and what has happend to my arm..... the Winter Soldier spoke as she sees Kilina in front of her and she asks

You....... who are you and why i am here....... Winter Soldier asked Kilina

You where after me to get something i do not have it was an order from Nightmare Kilina said

Nightmare........ who is that...........i cannot remember......., the only thing i know is that my name is Janice......and that my squadron was captured......all things after that its all fuzzy Janice spoke

You where sended  by Nightmare... to attack me to obetain a Soul Calibur Shard, while i do not have it but you kept saying i had it..... Kilina spoke to Janice

My arm.......... what happend to my arm............ all is blurry about it.... Janice spoke while she took off her muzzle and took off her jacket to see her upper body what had happend to her...

I do remember things.........., but not allot i remember.........., you can you help me find the answers i need..... Janice asked Kilina

I do not know or i can help......, but i will try to seek what happend to you in the last few years........ Kilina said

Thank you......... Janice said

As Kilina helped Janice to stand up she said I want to know what happend with me and my men

Alright..... then we have to find the location where they created you to become the Winter Soldier Kilina said

Winter Soldier.............was that my name before............ Janice asked Kilina

I guess sow Kilina said

That explosion that happend must have disabled Nightmare's control over me... Janice said

As Kilina and Janice walked off to a new adventure to help Janice find what happend to her.....

Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny

Now that the once good mooded Janice Barnes turned into the villain knowned as The Winter Soldier she had no memory's from her distant past as she was totally transformed after her resurrection by Nightmare's men and he gave The Winter Soldier a new mission

Retrive Soul Edge for me, thats your mission and your only mission and anyone who stands in your way....... KILL IT Nightmare told

As she was serving to Nightmare's services she set out for a mission to retrive the Soul Edge Sword, soon she discovered a location of Soul Edge or was there more then one Soul Edge as she could feel the presence of another Soul Edge that was wielded by an unknown warrior who's name was unknown at the time, but one Soul Edge was confirmed to be wielded by an Resurrected Spirit named: Maleficent Elysium who became the new will and power of Soul Edge.

Her mission was clear find Maleficent Elysium and take Soul Edge but also the other Soul Edge was out there but it would be found later after Janice/The Winter Soldier would have retrived the most powerfull Soul Edge from  Maleficent Elysium and after that it would go after the second Soul Edge...

Soulcalibur:Astral Swords - A New Light

Succeeding in her Missions to forefill al her objectives she had to do in her last mission Janice (The Winter Soldier) returns for a new mission to her master Nightmare as he says that he hasn't any mission for her yet she decides to go till her master needs her again,

Soon as she wants to inform her master about a special mission she wants to do she hears Nightmare talking to a strange person covered in the shadows as Nightmare says

Go and get it and do not return till you have it and the shadow vanishes

But Janice overheard the words and raged upon to Nightmare as she says

You betrayed me, and for that you will feel my revenge she said

As the Winter Soldier wanted to attack Nightmare he opened a hole and sended her away to an uknown place

Your services are no longer needed Nightmare said

Then somewhere in another location the hole opened and the Winter Soldier landed on a platform as it loooked around she says

Where am i......?

As a new hole opens and Winter Soldier got sucked in as later she falls from the hole and lands before a Girl who wants to battle her

You want to battle me.............?...., Let the new mission begins Winter Soldier says

Fighting Style

When Janice was her normal self she was a skilled fighter who knew the art of combat and also how to make a plan to escape from narrow situations, as The Winter Soldier she has a different style a more aggressive way of battle with not many words and allot of damage


The weapons of Janice/Winter Soldier are now two sharp swords with the strength to give allot of damage to anyone who stands against her

Critical Edge

Cold Winter Reception: as Janice/Winter Soldier shots her pistol a fire-bullit is shot that will give allot of damage to the opponent (it also can be done twice for more damage)


Theme Music

Dark and Cold Winter (winter soldiers theme)

Dark and Cold Winter (winter soldiers theme)


  • So you wanna fight?
  • I'm hungry...
  • You say something?
  • Just for you...
  • What!? (spoken when struck by a tremor)
  • It won't go easy! (before Critical Edge)
  • You're mine! (during Critical Edge)
  • The battlefield is where I belong.
  • Farewell.
  • No memory's of my previous life...........!!!
  • Here you go!
  • You seem strong...
  • Go away!
  • You think you're strong enough?
  • Ready. Let's go!
  • Idiot.
  • I lost! (During Ring Out)
  • Too strong! (During Ring Out)
  • Now... Taste this!
  • Die!
  • Disgraceful...
  • Are you... stupid? (Taunt)
  • It's over!
  • Your... A pain! (Brave Edge)
  • This will hurt!
  • My mistake (Time out)
  • Not my type!
  • Pitiful
  • Now you are dead........, and ready to become mine....
  • Just die!
  • Ready...and go!
  • I won't lose!
  • Janice...... Who's Janice.....?
  • Hurtsome?
  • What a waste....
  • Now....die!
  • Wrecthed....
  • Say goodbye!
  • No way..........
  • Ready?
  • New mission received......... eliminate target!!
  • You are my Mission.....
  • Gotcha
  • Phew.....
  • No escape!
  • Want...more?!
  • Quick guarding....
  • Futile.....
  • Humph,......
  • You're prescient!
  • I am The Winter Soldier...........

Series' Appereances


  • Was commander of her own group named: Red Star
  • Was missing in action after a fall from an ice bridge
  • Was resurrected by men (under Nightmare's commansd)
  • Lost her left arm during a fall from a high cliff (and was replaced by a metallic arm)
  • Was knowned now as The Winter Soldier (with no memory's from Janice's past)
  • Started to remember things from her past after a clash with the warrior Kilina



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