Omega (Chapter I: Rescue)

While Luke was searching for his mother near the caves of death Leandra herself had encountered Nightmare again but she was seeking for her revenge for what he has done to her face and many other things (after Cervantes he was her second arch enemy)

Its been awhile since you dameged my face Nightmare Leandra Said

But nightmare wasn't impressed by her words

And again you going to fail Leandra, You should know that by now Nightmare yelled to Leandra

The two where again supposed to battle each other and it was going hard against hard.

Luke was almost near his mothers position cause he was hearing echo's from around the area

I hope im in time to help my mother Luke thought by himself

Leandra V41

A defeated Leandra

in the caves the battle between Nightmare and Leandra has begun they where fighting hard against hard Soul Edge against the powerful Master Dual Swords of Leandra but Leandra thought it was going easy like the last time but she was wrong Nightmare was the strongest part this time of the face off

You cannot defeat me now or ever Leandra you hear me" Nightmare screamed to Leandra while he smashed her on the ground.

Luke was almost near his mother when he heard her screaming "MOM hold on" Luke yelled in the cave where the fight was about to end for Leandra Nightmare raised his Soul Edge up in the air

Ahhh youre suffering how it does suite my, your life will end at the tip of my sword Nightmare laughed

Leandra was exhausted and almost out of energy, Then Luke arrived just in time in the opening of the cave

MOM.........!!!!!!!, are you okay Luke yelled

Leandra couldn't answer sow Luke was running in the cave searching for his mother when Luke arrived on the battlefield between Leandra and Nightmare he saw his mother laying on the ground wounded and almost out of life energy

Nightmare!!!!!! stop this now Luke yelled but the azure knight wasn't even thinking to stop

Nightmare was about to end Leandra's life

This is it Leandra your end has come, and i will prevail over you and then i will take over your son whaha Nightmare laughed

Just when Nightmare was about to stab his blade into Leandra Luke interrupted his action when he pushed away Nightmare

Get away from her (when Luke pushed Nightmare away from his mother) Mom wake up please Luke yelled

Slowly Leandra Woke up and she saw her son

Luke how did you find me,, and what are you doing here Leandra asked her son

But Nightmare was already standing again and smashed Luke away from Leandra "You shouldn't have come boy" Nightmare yelled

Nightmare walked to the young warrior who was laying near a stone wall

I heard about youre story about you been possesed by evil, Maby its time that you will become evil again Nightmare Said

The azure knight would fit a young body to become stronger to destroy his enemy's You will become the new Nightmare how would you like that Nightmare told Luke

Nightmare grabbed Luke from the ground and raised him to his Soul Edge, Leandra was waking up when she saw her son in the claws of the Azure knight
Luke - Nightmare

Luke stabbed by Nightmare

Nightmare!!!!!!!! leave my son alone, he isn't a part of this Leandra was trying to say but she couldn't speak loud

Nightmare didn't listen and stabbed his sword into the body of Luke and raised his hand up

With this i transfer my soul into the body of this young warrior and let this body be the body of the new Nightmare Nightmare spoke

Leandra was powerless against it when she saw that nightmare was transferring his soul into her her son's body NOO!!!!! LUKE....... Leandra yelled

Next Time:While Leandra is watching how her son is going to be possessed by the soul of Nightmare she will make a change of her own.... a change that will change Leandra's life. next part called: Omega (Chapter II: Nightmare)

Omega (Chapter II: Nightmare)

Previously Luke was on a search for his mother whil on his search Leandra herself got in battle against a fierce Nightmare however Leandra did everything to win Nightmare was the upper hand, While beaten Leandra Nightmare was about to end her life just as luke jumps in, But the young warrior who was trying to save his Mother would feel the anger of Nightmare. (That all under the seeing eye of Zane).

Chapter II: With Leandra knocked out Nightmare had stabbed Soul Edge in the body of her Son she screamed loud to him but the young warrior was barly alive.

While Nightmare spoke some words her son was about to receive the soul of the Azure Knight to become the new Nightmare who would wield Soul Edge again Luke was fighting against the powers of Soul Edge but he couldn't prevent that he was beginning to transform he would receive a whole new armor that would make a new Nightmare with even bigger powers then he would ever have.

Leandra could not move or stand up while her son was transforming an eye appeared in his chest what would be the eye of Soul Edge then he began to grow (to an adult size) the armor was forming Arms, Legs, chest and then it was finished Nightmare had transferred his soul into the body of Luke.

Luke transformation to Nightmare

Luke transforming into the new Nightmare

Leandra was crying with the words

What has he done to you Luke...... Leandra Yelled

Then the new created Nightmare stoot up and looked to Leandra and said

I have awakened in a new body i am Luke Scott no longer i the new Nightmare has risen Nightmare/Luke said

Luke Nightmare 4

Nightmare/Luke attacking Leandra

Then he attacked Leandra by grabbing her by her neck Leandra was still weak and wasn't able to break free the new Nightmare said

I AM NO LONGER YOURE SON, YOU HEAR MY as he throwed Leandra on the ground

She began to feel rage and anger coming in her body when she thought

My son has been taken away again, and again he became evil and now i must fight him again...... I CAN'T........CAN'T.... when Leandra's blades began to glow it attrackted Soul Edge to Leandra from Nightmare/Luke his hands

Leandra Transform to Omega

Leandra transforming

With Soul Edge in her hands a red light began to surround Leandra Nightmare/Luke was abused that his weapon was attracked to Leandra

YOU WILL FEEL MY REVENGE NIGHTMARE DO YOU HEAR MY NIGHTMARE Leandra screamed and yelled WAAAAAAAAAAA then the light was exploding from out of the light Soul Edge returned to the new Nightmare.

When the exploded red light was starting to disappear Leandra was transformed into a new Leandra. Cause from her rage and anger Soul Edge reacted on the power of her burning swords
Leandra Omega V3

Leandra became Leandra Omega

She was totally changed even her Face Mask was changed in another color Nightmare/Luke looked up when he heard

Ready for round 2 Nightmare.......You can call my Omega Leandra Omega She said

a new battle was about to unfold between Mother and Son.

But just as the battle between Nightmare/Luke and Leandra Omega was about to begin a Colored Ring Blade flewed to Nightmare/Luke that hit him, it was Zane he witnessed the whole process and both transformations

Zane....... what are you doing here Leandra Omega said with a more darker voice then she had normally

Zane thought that Leandra became Malfested and Evil but Leandra had her goodside still under control sow zane answerd

I am here to save Luke, and to help you Zane replied

No you can't help my Zane get away from here i've become Malfested and i can suddenly attack you in a way if i loose control over my Evil side Leandra Omega explaned.

Well well...... Looks like you can't handle it alone Leandra *Omega* Nightmare/Luke Laughed

After Zane made his appereance also another person came by he had followed Zane to the Caves of Death sow he missed all of the happenings it was Hitoschi

Did i mised anything Hitoschi said to Zane

as he saw Leandra Omega and the new Nightmare

he was really shocked.......

Next time: With their friend Luke as the new Nightmare it was 3 against 1 Hitoschi, Zane and Leandra Omega had to think something to release Luke of Nightmare's evil grip. Can they save the soul of their friend?? and how long can Leandra keep her Malfested side under control...? before its to late........ next part called: Omega (Chapter III: Awakening of the Dark Omega)

Omega (Chapter III: Awakening of the Dark Omega)

Chapter III: Still inside the Caves of Death Hitoschi, Zane and Leandra Omega still where battling Nightmare/Luke Zane with his ringblade, Hitoschi with his Longsword and Leandra Omega with Soul Edge *Necro* but it didn't had an effect on him
Leandra Omega V20

Leandra Ω in sync form

Man what lame our weapons aren't even scratching him Hitioschi said

We must keep attacking maby it will weak his defence, and we have to help Leandra that we promised Zane said

The battle was already on its way for a long time but however they attacked Nightmare/Luke it didn't helped then Nightmare/Luke attacked him also he grabbed Zane and throwed him away same for hitoschi the where both defeated by Nightmare/Luke

Is that all of youre pathetic attacks, they aren't even hitting my suit, what a waste of time and you Leandra Omega i had expected more of you then the attacks you did on my Nightmare/Luke yelled

Leandra Omega attacked him again now that hitoschi and Zane where laying on the ground, she smashed him with her Soul Edge *Necro* and that was a little hit but it didn't made much damage to him

You will know what i am Nightmare, I am not just an ordinary human No i am an Omega, I have no fears over what happens to youre damn soul Nightmare but i will get my son back you hear me Leandra Omega said (while she bolded her fist)

Nightmare/Luke wasn't impressed by the words of Leandra Omega

Hitoschi, Zane get up i have a plan to give him damage i know what his weak point is Leandra Omega yelled to Hitoschi and Zane

the two stoot up and walked to Leandra Omega to hear about her plan she had founded his weak spot (if he has a weak spot) Zane told Hitoschi
Leandra Omega V19

Leandra Ω in her evil form (when out of sync) *The Dark Omega*

But Nightmare/Luke had a plan of its own to take out Hitoschi and Zane at the same time he runned towards them grabbed them in his hands and throwed them into a cage of rocks they where trapped:

No........ what happend. we can't get out man Nightmare has imprisoned us, Leandra Help us Zane Screamed

Leandra help us we are trapped by Nightmare in a cage of rocks, Please get us out of here Hotoschi yelled afterwards

Leandra Omega was about to help her friends out shen she was stopped by Nightmare/Luke

Where do you think youre going........, those two are not your concern, this is our battle Nightmare/Luke said

But Leandra still wanted to help her friends out of the stone-cage but she couldn't help her friends cause Nightmare was holding her back

YOURE NOT GOING TO HELP THEM LEANDRA Nightmare/Luke screamed to Leandra

Then suddenly Leandra started to yell and grabbed her head with her hands she fell on her knee's and Nightmare/Luke was watching

WH......WHA......WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY..........., MY HEAD IT HURTS, I FEEL PAIN AND........... Leandra Omega yelled and screamed
Leandra Omega V17

Nightmare/Luke grabbed by The Dark Omega

She sat on the ground and her friends Hitoschi and Zane where screaming for help to Leandra but she could not hear them

M........M.......MY HEAD, i.....i must be out of sync with my soul this is Nightmare's Fa............. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Leandra Omega yelled

While Nightmare/Luke wanted to attack Leandra Omega now that she was stunned he got smashed away by Soul Edge *Necro* and a black/Grey Light started to surround Leandra Omega

What is happening to her' Nightmare/Luke thought, The Black/Grey Light was spinning around Leandra's body and it began to fade, When the Black/Grey was almost faded Soul Edge *Necro* Flewed out of the Light with high speed and it hitted Nightmare/Luke what smashed him back into a stone wall and got serious damage on his armor

What......... WHAT........ýou......... you......... what are you......... Nightmare/Luke try'd to say but struggled in his words

When the Black/Grey Light was gone it had transformed Leandra Omega again but now she had Red/Black eyes and a black/grey armor she had changed

While the new changed Leandra Omega walked to an injured Nightmare/Luke Soul Edge
Leandra Omega V16-3

The Dark Omega Attacking Nightmare/Luke

*Necro* returned to her hands after she stopped before the wounded Nightmare/Luke she said

I have been awakened as a new form of Omega, you can call my The Dark Omega

Then The Dark Omega raised her Soul Edge *Necro* and attacked Nightmare/Luke with a heavy flame attack and again he was smashed into a stone wall

Nightmare/Luke didn't move cause of the last hit that came hard while The Dark Omega was busy with Nightmare/Luke Zane and Hitoschi Free'd themselves from the stone-cage

while they standing up they saw the new Leandra Omega standing in front of the wounded Nightmare/Luke

What happend to Leandra Zane? Hitoschi asked

I have no idea Hitoschi Zane said

Whle they where talking The Dark Omega turned herself around and looked straight to the two young lads

Uhm......... i think w're in trouble, as i see her red eyes looking to us Zane said

Yeah..........w're in trouble......... Hitosch said.

Next Time:Leandra Omega's darkside: The Dark Omega has been awakened and while Nightmare/Luke was still wounded The Dark Omega had plans to take it on Hitoschi and Zane but something is about to happen that will take the life of one of the humans in the Caves of Death. next part called Omega (Chapter IV: An Unwelcome Sacrifice)

Omega (Chapter IV: An Unwelcome Sacrifice)

Previously: When Leandra Ω took it on Nightmare/Luke the young warriors Zane and Hitoschi where inprisoned by Nightmare/Luke, When Leandra Ω wanted to save her friends something happened to her she transformed again (cause she got out of sync with her good side) she became The Dark Omega.

Chapter IV:Man what this is bad we ca.nt fight Leandra she is our....... friend but in the way what she has become we need to fight i guess Zane said to Hitoschi

The Dark Omega has her eye on the two young lads and she had planned to attack them

Now that he is out of my way it will be easy to get you 2 destroyed and feed youre souls to my Soul Edge *Necro* The Dark Omega said

The wounded and damaged Nightmare/Luke was still laying and wanted to stand up but cause of the hard impact that Soul Edge *Necro* gave to him he couldn't stand up, While The Dark Omega stepped towards the two lads something happened with Nightmare/Luke's Soul Edge it began to shine like Soul Edge *Necro* did earlyer it was about to surround the injured Nightmare/Luke when The Dark Omega turned herself around the young lads hided themselves behinsd a couple of rocks

So youre about to release youre true power isn't it Nightmare.... Bring it on The Dark Omega yelled

Nightmare/Luke raised up and began to glow and a blue/gold light surrounded him with Zane and hitoschi behind the rocks The Dark Omega was about to meet the real Nightmare/Luke

inside the light the armor of Nightmare/Luke began to change and a big claw was made out of his right arm his total armor had changed, When the Light faded there was a whole new Nightmare/Luke he was totally changed from what he first was
Leandra Omega V12

The Dark Omega preparing herself for a battle

Ahhhhhhh finally i've awaken on full power, I am the true azure Nightmare now....... Nightmare/Luke yelled to The Dark Omega

You..........youre nothing compaired to my............. The Dark Omega yelled back

The battle between the new born Azure Nightmare/Luke and The Dark Omega was about to begin they had incredible powers and skills at their demands their weapons where evenly matched with each other this battle would becmome a battle no-one had ever seen.

Behind the rocks Zane and Hitoschi where still sitting awaiting of what was about to happen

Man i haven't a good feeling about this, i feel something terrible will happen..... Zane said

I feel it to but what will happen those two are Mother and Son a battle like nothing i ever saw Hitoschi said to Zane

Azure Nightmare/Luke and The Dark Omega where battling the hits and slashes where hitting both hard but both weren't giving in it was a battle where the first hit was harder then the other one

Now feel this Azure Nightmare....... Feel my Omega Rage Blast The Dark Omega raised her Soul Edge *Necro* t do a massive attack against Azure Nightmare/Luke
Leandra Omega V16-3

The Dark Omega uses her Omega Rage Blast

But Azure Nightmare/Luke had the same plan sow he also raised his Soul Edge and he also did the same attack cause both swords had the same power

The attack was very intense but the attack of the Dark Omega won and she was faster to do her Omega Rage Blast her attack cutted off the horn that was on the helmet of the Azure Nightmare/Luke when an explosion happened and both where smashed into a wall.

They both where laying on the ground and didn't move Zane and Hitoschi came from behind the rock to see what happened they saw that both where out and didn't move

Hitoschi it looks like its over......... are they finished..?? Zane said

Then Azure Nightmare/Luke began to shake and a purple energy beam was coming out of his body then it felt on the ground, It was the real Nightmare the attack of The Dark Omega splitted the two body's again and also Luke's Nightmare Armor got back in his first state


Zane and Hitoschi where looking on to The Dark Omega wich was still not move while Nightmare rose up When also luke woke up (but still in his adult form)

W.......Whe..........Where am i.......... what happened.......... i can't remember" Luke said when he saw Nightmare walking up on Hitoschi and Zane

MOM.............. I remember i was saving my mom from Nightmare but what happend to my........ Luke asked himself shen he was looking at his adult body

Nightmare still walked on to the young warriors

You have witnessed all of it........... and you saw to much.......... SOW TIME TO DIEEEEEEE, when Nightmare was about to stab Zane in his chest he and Hitoschi got pushed away when they hear the words NOOOOOOOOOO Nightmare was holding his Soul Edge into the Body of Leandra Ω he stabbed her body instead of Zane's

Sow youre saving youre little friends by sacrificing youreself Leandra, How pitfull you are Nightmare yelled while pulling his Soul Edge out of Leandra's Body and she fells down and didn't move anymore

I will get my revenge.......... whahahaa Nightmare laughed while he disappeared into thin air

MMMMOOOMMMM Luke yelled while he raised up and runs towards the body of his mother.

Luke kneeld by the body of his mother that was still laying on the ground
Leandra Omega V16-1

*Good* Luke sitting by Leandra's body

Mom........ Mom please wake up........... Please mom wake up........ PLEASE MOM........!!!! Luke yelled

But it she didn't move and her body began to disappear

While Zane and Hitoschi crawled back on their feets they saw Luke with his mother...... when they heard Luke saying:

Mom............ what have i done...........

Next Time: Now that Luke had been saved from Nightmare's evil power by his mother she sacrificed herself by saving also Hitoschi and Zane Luke is all alone now in the Caves of Death and Nightmare escaped, Luke was about to take revenge for his Mother. Next part called: Omega (Chapter V: Returning)

Omega (Chapter V: Returning)

Previously: In battle against Nightmare/Luke and Leandra Ω the steaks where very high the attacks injured both sides but none of the where about to give it, When Nightmare/Luke was about to stab Zane he was pushed away by Leandra Ω she sacrificed herself and with the destruction of the horn of Nightmare Luke became his normal (adult) self again.

Chapter V: While Luke was still sitting on the ground the Caves of Death where about to collaps cause of the great damage to the stone walls the Cave was about to become one big wasteland

We have to get out of here, Hitoschi you take Luke i will make us a way with my Ring Blade Zane said to Hitoschi

Hitoschi took Luke under his arms while he was very weak to stand but they made it out of te Cave behind them the Cave collapsed

That was close but we made it thanks to my Ring Blade Zane said

But Luke was still not alright the sacrifice of his Mother took everything from him but he was about to wake up when he started to talk again and he made a fist and smashed on the ground

Nightmare............. you will pay for what you did to my Mother, I promise you that....... Luke yelled angry but he could not do something right now (he even got his normal size back during the escape)

Zane and Hitoschi grabbed Luke to take him home.

Somewhere in the sky in a strange world Leandra landed on her feet on a floor made out of soft stones with angels in it she had no idea what happened to her or where she was:
Leandra Omega V16-2

Leandra arriving in Utopia of the Blessed

Where am i and what happend to my........ Leandra questioned herself while she was looking around

Youre in my world called Utopia of the Blessed a voice said then a light appeared in front of Leandra

I am Elysium guardian of this world you came here after youre sacrifice for youre friends you where fighting the Azure Nightmare and you brought youre son back by breaking Nightmare's evil link over youre son's body, you where different then you are now youre travel to this place sealed away youre Omega Side sow you returned to normal Elysium explained to Leandra

Leandra understanded now what happened to her when she came in the Caves of Death, Her battle against Nightmare, Her son getting possessed and her sacrifice all was coming back to her

MY is he, Is he alright Leandra asked to Elysium

Elysium told her that he was alright and that he became his normal self again and that he was seeking for Nightmare to take revenge on, Leandra was affraid that Her Son was going to make a big mistake by going on his own against Nightmare

Noooo he can't take it all alone against Nightmare he will die aswell Leandra said to Elysium

Elysium told her that he needed help to fight against Nightmare

Youre son can't do this alone he needs help, The help of the most important person in his life that would be you Leandra Elysium said to Leandra

But Leandra was affraid that she would cause her son more trouble and she didn't wanted that.
Leandra V99

Leandra in her angelic form

Back on earth Zane, Hitoschi and Luke had found Nightmare he was on a battlefield doing what he normally did killing innocent people, Luke, Zane and Hitoschi where battling against the evil Azure knight but they hadn't any luck hitting the strong Nightmare

From above Leandra was looking at the battle between her son and his friends against Nightmare they wher about to loose but Leandra was to scared........

Im all my life i wasn't affraid of anything but now i am, Affraid to help my son Leandra Spoke

Then a Light came down on the ground and revealed two spirits it appeared to be the Parents of Leandra, Eric and Evelyn Scott

Mom.......... that you....... Leandra yelled with tears in her eyes

Leandra my precious and lovely daughter, you have to help youre Son he is having a bad time against that creature and he needs youre help more then anything else Evelyn said

Its not youre time to join us now Leandra go back and help youre son, He needs you, Save our grandson please Eric said when they disappeared

Leandra felt it now also the courage to help her son

I AM COMING BACK LUKE HOLD ON, AAAAAAHHHHHHH Leandra yelled when she turned into a light and disappeared back to earth

On Earth Luke and his friends where down they where beaten by Nightmare and was about to end the lives of the three friends when suddenly Luke was hit by a light beam that surrounded the young warrior inside the Light Luke was changing when he heard

My son i've come back to help you, Now feel the new strength inside you as i will join you Leandra's voice spoke to Luke
Luke Scott SCV4

Luke combined with the Spirit of Leandra

When the Light was gone Zane and Hitoschi where looking surprised cause Luke had changed he had a new armor in Gold/Silver colors and he was holding the The Master Dual Swords in his hands the Swords of his mother, Luke was feeling his mothers spirit inside him

Luke was ready to take on Nightmare again and he attacked him with a hard hit that smashed the azure knight into the ground

How does that feel Nightmare, How does it feel to be overpowered by someone else, I and my Mother will get you down Luke yelled to Nightmare

Now take this Nightmare, This will even destroy you Luke yelled against Nightmare

Then Luke began to light up and the The Master Dual Swords began to glow as Nightmare steps back

FOR ALL WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO US TAKE THIS when Leandra appeared behind Luke in the same position as Luke SPIRIT LIGHT OF THE BLESSED DESTROY THIS EVIL" Luke and Leandra spoke at the same time

The huge blast from the Pistol Sword was sow hard that it made Nightmare disappear (was he gone for good??)

Then The Master Dual Sword flew up out of Luke's hands and began to spin and lighting up, When they smashed into the ground a light appeared again and someone stepped out is was Leandra she was back to normal and alive as well

Luke - SpiritLeandra shoot2

Luke and Leandra's Combined shot against Nightmare

MOM............MOM............. Youre back Luke yelled while he jumped in the arms of his mother

I am proud of you Luke, Very proud Leandra spoke to her Son

Hitoschi and Zane where also thanked for their help against Nightmare

Sometime later everything was back to normal Luke was gone on a journey, Zane and Hitoschi where also gone back to their homes and as for Leandra she still worries about her son and her Other Side howlong would it be sealed away....??

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