Soulcalibur IV

Leandra Carolyn Scott (Leandra) was born on March 3, in the Year 1567 in San Salvador, Her parents Eric and Evelyn Scott had already a son named Steven.

Her parents raised and learned Leandra to take care of herself and the wisdom to stay away from trouble. One day when she was 12, while she was playing outside of her house,suddenly strange looking creatures appeared, They where looking for something, The creatures found what they where looking for, but they burned her parents' house because they were ordered to do it by an evil man. When Leandra came home she saw that her house was totally burned to the ground, she immediately searched for her parents around the house and found them outside . But her brother was nowhere to be found, and her father was already dead, murdered by the creatures. Her mother was still barely alive. Leandra stood by her mother as she says her last words to her daughter .

"Steven has been kidnapped by an evil man.."

Leandra couldn't think or say something about the revelation. She started to wander meaninglessly till she came by a small harbour, and she happened to see a man training with 2 swords.

The man adopted the young Leandra and raised her as his own child, when she turned 20 years old she had grown strong enough to go her own way. But what she didn't know is that the man who raised her was actually Cervantes - he introduced himself as "Thomas" and she believed him all those years. But she never forgot her mothers last words, and she was sure to find her brother and defeat his kidnapper.

During her years (now aged 21) in the guidance of Thomas Leandra discovered also the outside world and fell in love with Mitsurugi a samurai who was on travel along the world and the two got a relationship after a time Leandra became for the first time pregnant from a Little Girl but Mitsurugi didn't want to have kids in the first place but after the birth of his *only* Daughter he was happy with Leandra and his Daughter but she kept searching for the murderer of her Parents.

During her search she had to meet Helen and Xie Tian in battle they fought side by side to protect their Children before anyone could harm them or even steal them away from the Parents.

It where desperate times for Leandra cause in her search for her parent's murderer she got an accident and she got heavy Memoryloss and her Daughter had been taken away cause of this memoryloss she also forgot a big part of her life and even her Daughter's birth and that she had a relationship with Mitsurugi, it took a serval months before Leandra could find her main goal she had and she didn't forgotten that part finding her mother and father's murderder but she also made a terrible discovery about her teacher and Adoption Father

She had discovered that "Thomas" was Cervantes - the evil man that ordered his creatures now known as zombie pirates- in his human form. She knew that there was nothing in the world that could stop her now. She was able to face him in a battle for the first time after two years of wandering and training around the globe, Leandra won her first battle, but she let him live, taking away his Swords: The Soul Edge Twin Blades, Three years later, aged 24, she faced him again when she found him in a harbor in the city where she was at the time.

"Its been a long time Cervantes, It has been too long.* Leandra said. Cervantes didn't know who the strange woman was that was aboard his ship.

" I have come to make some things clear with you. I don't know you, woman." Cervantes told her.

You don't know me Cervantes? How hurtful it is to forget the one you raised and trained.* Leandra replied.

"Remember that you adopted a little girl that had lost her parents and her brother -doesn't that ring that any bells?" Leandra said."

No i don't. But I remember something about a girl... that was a long time ago.* Cervantes said.

But when he saw two purple hand-grips from under the cloak the woman was wearing, he yelled out. *Soul Edge Twin Blades!!!!!! YOU........ IT IS YOU! You stole my swords from me, I know now who you are... you are Leandra!!" Cervantes screamed.

Well well, it took you long enough to discover my identity.Im back, Cervantes. And just to let you know, I have full control over the Soul Edge Twin Blades!* Leandra said

Leandra took out Soul Edge out of the holster she made.

"You got plenty of nerve to come here young lady! Those Swords are mine... and i want them back NOW!"

But Leandra didn't said anything. She only laughed in response.

"You killed my parents, you kidnapped Steven, my brother, and now you dare to command my men you previously had trained, but i am much stronger now, So how about a rematch?" When the battle was over Leandra told Cervantes:

"This is the second time you lost to me. Cervantes ,you trained me well, but i trained myself even better. Now you know that i am much stronger even with Soul Edge. Now i will end your reign over this world!"

But before she could finish her line Cervantes disappeared into thin air - his voice resonating among the winds.

"You will regret the day that you will meet me again in battle little girl... those swords you stole will come back to me soon. And only I know where youre brother is..."

Cervantes escaped Leandra but she sworn to take revenge on him for the betrayal and the lies he told her all those years. Since that day she has been searching for Cervantes and her brother.

After a few months of travelling on her own Leandra crossed paths with a woman that had a Pink skin color and Cat Ears she introduced herself as Sakura after a talk Leandra and Sakura teamed up to stick with each other for a while,

When Leandra and Sakura had trained for awhile to see what they could preform in action they both parted ways as good friends.

Soulcalibur:Broken Destiny

After Soulcalibur IV Leandra never gave up her task to find Cervantes and finding her brother and release him from the evil grasp of Cervantes but she also had a new task to forefill: finding Nightmare and destroy him

Soulcalibur V

After the events in Soulcalibur IV, she never gave up her promise the she made to her mother - finding Cervantes and make him pay for his lies and betrayal, but one good thing happened to her.

She found her brother Steven (who was now named Acheron) .He was kidnapped by Cervantes' and his evil Zombie Pirates when Leandra was 12 years old. When she was 24 and battling Cervantes a second time, she managed to defeat and wanted to kill him, but she was stopped by her brother.

He told her he was raised as Cervantes's personal guard but after struggling for his choice to choose for eternal darkness or choose his sisters side, Acheron chose the side to be a free man again, and battled together with his sister against Cervantes . Though they never defeated him, they were reunited again Acheron had chosen to go his own way but never forgot his sister for what she has done for him.

Some years later, Leandra became pregnant but she never told anyone who the father of her unborn child was. After all her battles she fought, she wanted to take a well deserved rest. She bought a house near the city of Ostrheinsburg where Leandra hoped of a good life together with her child, far away from wars and battles, But she never forgot Cervantes the man who made her life hell. But she regained herself and became a warrior that had overcome many hardships- now she was about to gave birth to her child.

Then Leandra gave birth to a son she named Luke (Luke Andrew Scott) - Luke Scott.

She raised her son like her parents raised her - with courage and wisdom. Luke, as a baby, was Leandra's most precious thing, but she knew that once Luke became a man, he would be even a better Swordsman then his mother. When her son turned 8 years old, Leandra decided the time has come to teach her son the skills she learned - The Dual Swords Technique.

On their journey Leandra thought again back about the battle she had against the Apprentice (Starkiller). He was a fierce opponent whos skill was equivalent to that of Dark Leandra.

But the battle against Starkiller was one special to remember, when Luke interrupted her thoughts."

Mom are you okay?, you look lost in thought."

"Im okay Luke, I was thinking about something a battle I had not long ago - against a very powerful opponent known as "Starkiller". He came from outer space to search for a man named Algol, but sometime after our battle was over I fell in love with him".

Did he felt the same way Mom?* Luke asked.

"No, he had already a girlfriend a girl named Juno Eclipse... so we didn't get into a relationship. He left, and I moved on......."

"Could Starkiller or whatever his name is be my father Mom??" Please tell me! Luke pleaded, but Leandra didn't say a word about it.

After travelling awhile they came into a city where Leandra met an old friend wich she didn't saw a few years (not since the events of Soulcalibur IV) Leandra met her old friend Xander Alondite, When she said: Its been a long time old friend......

Leandra had decided to try and find her brother again. After essentially saving his life, she wanted to be sure he was still okay. However, in her travels, she still hadn't found him. She'd left Luke at home to train with his swords, but was worried about him. She wanted to get home and make sure he was fine before she continued.

After Leandra came home she saw her son training inside the garden he was grown strong during Leandra's journey

You have become stronger my son i am proud of you maby one day you will even become stronger then my sow that i can pass on my Swords upon you then i know i have forefilled my duty as a mother and raised you like i would.

Then Luke asked: Mom who is Cervantes?, you did talk about him but i never knewed who he was...

Then Leandra began to talk about her parent's death her kidnapped brother and their burned house she told him everything about her past cause he had the age to understand it now what she had to overcome

You see Luke Cervantes will pay and even on this day i never stopped hunting for him Leandra explained

Luke was abused about the story that his own mother had sow mutch to fight for in her life as a young woman she even explaned to her son where she lived *on a ship* and that is was also the same ship that her brother was on but he was long gone when Cervantes (then in humanform: Thomas) adopted Leandra as his own child.

But one question was burning high by the son of Leandra

Mom who is my father really??, You never talk about him who is he and is he still alive?? Luke asked to his mother

Leandra stoot up and walked to a closed and picked something out she walked back to the table and laid the object on the table

Luke this belongs to youre father i had to keep it when you would ask about youre father, cause i knew you would know who he was Leandra explaned

Luke was looking at the object it was a *Long Sword* with a black handgrip And mom is he......

Leandra interrupted Yes Luke you're father is Still Alive......

Pirate Leader Thomas & Apprentice Leandra

Leandra Scott wasn't always the brave and noble Dua
Young Leandra-4

A 15 year old Leandra

l-Sword Fighter she is now. She was at the beginning in training to become an evil pirate.

Her father in-Law, Thomas, was a corrupt pirate leader that was seeking for treasures around the world when he adopted the 12 year old Leandra. He started to train her to be his successor in the future, He taught her the Dual-Sword Technique to make her his most deadly apprentice.

When Leandra turned 14 she already lived several years under the guidance of Thomas . But he didn't told her that he was a pirate.Instead, she found out herself by seeing him working at night when he was loading the ship with treasure chests and more jewels.

That is when Leandra discovered that Thomas was a Pirate, But instead of being afraid she wanted to join him
Young Leandra-1

Leandra training under the Guidance of Thomas

as a pirate - so Thomas taught her everything. At 15, Leandra was already a skilled thief.

Thomas began to learn the Dual-Sword Technique that was the time for Thomas to learn his apprentice to become an evil person to hunt own is biggest treasure yet, The Cursed Sword Soul Edge.

Thomas had to prepare his apprentice for the task to find the Cursed Sword, But on one night she overheard a conversation between Thomas and something else shrouded in shadow.

"She doesnt know anything about what happened to that brother of her and the death of her Parents..."

Leandra cannot believe what she heard. the man who adopted her was the same one who killed her parents.... She grabbed her bag and left the ship to go far away from him, She swore to take revenge on Thomas (who would be later identified as Cervantes).

Leandra once again was on her own but she was none the wiser. She stole two swords from thomas wich she was able to use after the training lessons she had. She eventually became a good person by helping others when they where in danger.

Dark Leandra

Soulcalibur IV


Dark Leandra Created by Soul Edge

Dark Leandra is an evil clone of Leandra herself, Dark Leandra was created
Leandra VS Dark Leandra

Leandra VS Dark Leandra

by Soul Edge from the evil that lies within the Cursed Sword, Leandra had to face Dark Leandra to overcome her dark side while searching for Cervantes. After Defeating Nightmare on the top of the tower of remembrance, Soul Edge lit up and raised above Leandra, An evil voice spoke:

"Now prepare to face the darkness created from the evil and hate inside your heart!"

The light created a powerful energy ball that was about to take the

Dark Leandra Transformed

form of Leandra herself, but with a different haircut, And she was holding Soul Edge in her hands.!
Leandra VS Demon Leandra

Leandra Grabbed by Demon Leandra

Leandra had to face one of her toughest opponents yet: A Clone Of Herself made from dark souls. When Leandra thought she had defeated her clone, she took on another stronger form.

This is the ultimate test for you Dark Leandra said when the transformation was complete, Now Leandra stood for an impossilble task to defeat the more even stronger Dark Leandra.

But after a long battle Leandra was able to seal it away into the core of Soul Edge, Some years later Leandra fought with the help of Soul Calibur to defeat Dark Leandra again by freezing it into a solid IceCage.

Later it vanished again

Soulcalibur V

17 Years after Leandra defeated her evil clone Dark Leandra that was created by evil souls that where coming out of her weapon Soul Edge Final Form she didn't expect that her evil clone would return to seek revenge

Leandra had defeated her evil clone on the top of a high tower and sealed Soul Edge away far and safe from her and her son she broke the sword and shattered the parts around the globe during her journey afterwards her victory over Dark Leandra
Dark Leandra V7

Dark Leandra facing Leandra again after 17 years

But far away in a city museum a man has found a red ruby the man was going to sell the ruby to the museum but what the man didn't knew is that the rube wasn't a ruby, no it was the seal *the seal* with the evil Dark Leandra in it, The man said that he found the ruby in a field near the ruins on an old tower that was destoyed 17 years ago.

That night a strange wizard broke in the museum and stole the ruby, Back at his castle he spoke a spell that awakened the evil Dark Leandra

The wizard wanted that she would lead his army in to battle but the dark clone had her own plans she would seek revenge on the one who sealed her away sow while working for the wizard Dark Leandra made a plan to lure Leandra into a trap, and it worked Leandra showed up exacly as Dark Leandra had planned
Dark Leandra V8

Leandra attacking Dark Leandra

Well well well its been a long time Leandra, I am back and you will die here Dark Leandra Laughed

and again after 17 years she was back and Leandra had to fight her evil side again...

She looked almost the same as she was 17 years only her demon form has been merged with her normal self


However the Soul Edge Twin Blades where Leandra's primary Swords that she took from Cervantes after her

The new evil soul Cyro (Born from deep inside the Soul Edge Twin Blades) in humanform

first battle and after a long time of practicing she gain control over the Twin Blades they never lost their alignment from the connection with the true Soul Edge.

Cause the Soul Edge Twin Blades where forged from a fragment of the original Soul Edge it never lost its power to create new evil souls, the Twin Blades where also knowned as Soul Edge Male and Female because deep inside both of them a new evil soul was about to be created but it took a serval years to create the new evil soul from deep inside the Soul Edge Twin Blades.

Leandra VS Cyro

Leandra Scott facing (Human)Cyro

The Swords had already absorbed enough DNA to create the new evil soul cause the wielder of the Twin Blades at that time was Leandra Scott thus in all years that Leandra possessed the Twin Blades the Swords had absorbed enough DNA to create the new evil soul born from the Twin Blades.

Cyro's Cocoonform

The new evil soul that was called Cyro when Cyro was created it had also the possession of Soul Edge Twin Blades and it took the likeness of its wielder Leandra Scott Cyro's lookings where exactly the same as Leandra but Cyro's skincolor and costume where in the exact colors of the Soul Edge Twin Blades.

Cyro's form when it was created had the form of a cocoon, But it took the humanform of its wielder.


It was a very stormy night with rain and fast winds and Leandra and her son where home getting ready for dinner Leandra was cooking some dinner that Luke and Leandra where about to eat then suddenly someone knocked on the door

Luke can you open to look who that is cause I'm busy Leandra asked her son

Luke opened the door and in front of him was a young lady dressed in a black cloak she was wet and very weak as Luke could see it on the woman's state

Hello there, you seems to be wet and out of energy Luke said to the woman, Then Leandra showed up to ask where her son was and who the woman was.....

We're about to eat young lady, if you want you can join us Leandra told the woman

Then the woman collapsed on the floor and didn't move, Luke and Leandra dragged the woman inside and laid her on the couch and a few moments later she woke up.

Where.... am I.........? Patroklos! the lady yelled and she came up fast

Calm down, you're safe here and its very rainy out there here eat something before you talk Luke said

The woman was scared Leandra asked her who she was and where she was coming from at this time the young lady said

I am Pyrrha I was searching for my brother, Patroklos, but I lost sight of him after we were on our way home, we where sleeping and suddenly he was gone the next morning. So I was searching for him when I was suprised about this weather and I travelled a long way. Pyrrha said

Luke had heard about him that he was called *The Holy Warrior* but he didn't know where he should be now, Leandra told Pyrrha to stay for the night and that it would be better weather the next day. Pyrrha accepted the offer.

You are a nice woman, Thank you. Pyrrha said

The next few weeks after Pyrrha arrived she searched for her brother Patroklos but she had no home to go to so Leandra told her that she could stay as long as she wanted till she found her brother.

But it looked Patroklos as gone where and how no-one knew and Pyrrha lost all hope to find him but Leandra told her to never give up

You should keep searching cause maybe he is searching again for you aswell, you told me all of you're encounters and being malfested and wielding Soul Edge and he found you and now you lost him again Leandra told Pyrrha

Pyrrha cried by the thoughts that she lost her brother again, then Leandra said something that might would help

Pyrrha listen, i want you to stay here cause you have nowhere to go and and no house to live, while staying here Luke and i will help you to find Patroklos, Leandra told pyrrha

Then Luke will have a sister to look for when we are trying to find you're brother.

Pyrrha accepted the offer to stay with Luke and Leandra.

Battle & Consequences

Nightmare the one who was responsible of the destruction of the Soul Edge Twin Blades Encountered Leandra again after a few months after their first battle.

Now Leandra was more powerful then the first battle they had and she had new weapons two strong swords called The Master these swords she got from a man where she stayed for a couple of months Leandra battled the now even stronger Nightmare but Leandra was a bit stronger then Nightmare was.

Nightmare lost to Leandra but it had great Consequences for her in one final attack Nightmare damaged Leandra's left side of her face, the damage was so big that he left a Buring Mark on her face and that she had to wear an eyepatch before she got her Face Mask after a time Leandra had to wear a Metal Face Mask on the left side of her face to cover the Burning Mark that Nightmare made.

But Leandra never gave up and even with a Face Mask wearing she keeps battleing.

Leandra and Soul Calibur

Normally Leandra fights with her two Dual Swords but there was one time she got her hands on Soul Calibur it was a tim
Leandra V127 SC

Leandra wielding Soul Calibur in a battle against malfested soldiers

e after the Astral Chaos was closed and Soul Calibur was somewhere around the globe it appeared in front of Leandra from out of nowhere it appeared from the sky (when a blue light smashed into the ground), On the same time Leandra was battleing a small army of malfested soldiers they had the order to kill her cause they where sended by Nightmare (after Cervantes her arch-enemy) When Leandra saw Soul Calibur she didn't h
Leandra V129 SC

Leandra defeating one of the soldiers with Soul Calibur

esitated for a minute she pulled the sword out of the ground (wich was connected to a shield in the same color of Soul Calibur) when she putted the shield on her arm her clothing was changed into the colors of Soul Calibur

Leandra had no trouble handleing Soul Calibur she defeated all of the malfested soldiers with ease after the battle Soul Calibur vanished from her hands and was gone again and leaves Leandra with her Dual Swords again

The fight with this version of Soul Calibur was way smaller then Leandra wielded when she battled Dark Leandra for the second time years ago she remembered

After it vanished again she never saw it again until it was changed into a bigger version of the same Sword and had a new owner: her Son

Kinata's Endless Battle

After the battles against Clones, Cyborg from the future and even became Malfested herself (Knowned as Leandra Omega it was a very rough time for Leandra she had even to watch for her Son about telling him about his father.

But Leandra w
Leandra V134

Kinata and Leandra facing eachother

asn't the only one with trouble in her mind cause she had to meet another female with trouble on her head this Ninja-Warrior named Kinata had already done some rough battles in her life already such as she was on her own duty's Leandra and Kinata encountred each other they would battle to let eachothers rage and angers go free, But this battle would not be decided cause they where evenly matched, However Leandra used her Dual Swords and Kinata her Daggers there was no winner after the fight, Sow Leandra and Kinata would doing their battle soon over when there was a bit more rest in both of their heads.

Leandra knew this was Kinata's endless battle to answers she had to find on her own and not by battleing another friend, Sow Leandra took off and leaving Kinata alone to seek for the answers she needed, The only message Leandra had given to Kinata was:

Never loose you're faith in a promise you made to a loved one

The Untamed Wolf

As Leandra had many skills in her grasp her own Style: The Dual Swords and like fighting with Soul Calibur and even became Malfested and yet fight with another weapon: Soul Edge *Necro* and still
Leandra V187

Leandra make use of the Wolf-Creature she cought

she was hungry for more skills to learn and master and sow it happen.

Leandra once again on her way again for a new adventure she came into an Unknown Forrest there she saw a Statue that had the image of a Wolf, But this statue was no Ordinary statue cause it came to life when Leandra slowly approached the statue to take a closer look.

The statue came to life and battled Leandra while she was using her Dual Swords and the Wolf-Creature used his claws to fight with but it could also teleport itself by creating somekind of Time-Hole.

But Leandra was stronger then the Wolf-Creature and defeated it but instead of made an end to its life she grabbed an old Sword from her backpack that she had found somehwre else and locked the Wolf-Creature in it when saying

I will keep you in this Sword, Till i might make use of you Leandra spoke

From that moment Leandra had the possession of a New Style and would use it a serval times and she also created a new costume a Wolf Themed costume when she would use her new style.


Alexandra 1

Alexandra *Mitsurugi* Scott

is Leandra's Daughter she got during the events of Soulcalibur IV however when she got an accident and Heavy Memoryloss she forgot her Daughter's birth and existence, When she got a big part of her Memory back she didn't knew anything of her Daughters Birth, 20 years later and Mother of Luke she came back in her life when Shindra/Alexandra was searching for her real Parents and found them

Bad Memories and Shadow Leandra

Memory's or thoughts can be happy or they gives you a good feeling but some memory's and thoughts can be very bad or even having an sad efffect on a person, In this case they are bad memory's and sad thoughts cause Leandra had during the previous time some very bad and happy  moments to witness like: when her Son got possessed by Nightmare and when she became Malfested and also happy moments took place when Leandra's Daughter returned in her life that was one of Leandra's most happy moments aside of
Shadow Leandra-1

Shadow Leandra

Luke's Birth.

But the evil thoughts and moments where overpowering Leandra's brain and she couldn't get rid of them cause Leandra where having bad dreams and nightmares from those bad and evil memory's till she discovered the reason of all this, When Leandra was asleep she was in her dreamworld again and she found the Creature who was made from all those evil and sad memory's its name: Shadow Leandra a Creature that was created from those memory's and sad thoughts and it was an evil Creature what had to be destroyed along with all those moments within.

Sow in her dreams Leandra had to destroy Shadow Leandra to start with a fresh and empty head with only good moments in it.


Shadow Leandra's energy came from the Bad memories from Leandra that mad
ShadowLeandra (nightstalker)

Nightstalker (ShadowLeandra's second form)

e the creature but her hunger for memory's and moments wasn't enough sow for that she created herself a Soul-Ring to absorb more of Leandra's energy this gave Shadow Leandra enough strength and power to evolve to a new version of herself that would be called Nightstalker this form was able to escape from Leandra's mind and became a real threat to Leandra but she had already enough of her energy that it vanished and hopefully never returned.

The Assassins Task

After years of fighting with Dual Swords Leandra A Dual Sword Wielding Legend decided to become a more skilled fighter in close combat,

That's why she search across the world to find the one man who could help her becoming a skilled fighter in close combat, and she found him after a long search Ezio Auditore da Firenze the Master Assassin only he could learn Leandra how to become an assassin herself.
Leandra V262

Leandra wearing her assassins outfit

She learned all of the skills and moves till she had came far enough to battle against The Master Assassin in a real match to see how far she had come, Leandra even got her own assassins outfit almost equal to that of Ezio.

After a good fought battle Leandra lost the match from Ezio but he said : Keep training in the skills i've learned you and you will become a Master Assassin youreself Leandra.

Later after some good advice from Ezio Leandra Left to head back home

The Legendary Battle

Just returned from a new journey Leandra started to train again with her Swords to keep up her skills in the company of her son Luke who trained along with his mother.

While busy Siegfried dropped by Leandra's home as Leandra sees him coming she thinks

What is Siegfried doing here

Leandra stopped with her moves as she said Luke wait here

She putted her Swords back in her Holster on her back and walked to Siegfried, as he began to talk

We have a problem Dark Leandra returned Siegfried spoke

What!!!.........., are you kidding, i defeated her a long time ago in my Omega State and i am sure i remembering it was defeated  Leandra said

Well it has returned and it has allies aswell as my source said to me, it is in the company of a man called Henri and his companion (i think it was) Edge Mistress Siegfried spoke

Yeah i know them..., but if they combined their forces it can't be good and you are here with a reason also  Leandra said

Yeah it came to my ears from my source that Dark Leandra wants to summon a deadly army named the Helios Army', i heard rumors bout this Army that is big and has allot of soldiers, creatures and more and tah means bad news Siegfried said

I never heard of this Helios Army but if your source has right then Dark Leandra has planned something big, but what can we do then Leandra said

I am gathering a team of other fighters to assist in the battle againt the Helios Army as i have already a few warrior at my side i was hoping that you could come with me aswell since you have experiance with Dark Leandra's plans Siegfried said

I haven't had that much experiance yet but i know when Dark Leandra is up to its things its not good...., alright i will join you in this battle but i can't take Luke with me, he is to young Leandra said
Leandra LB

Leandra in her new Armor

We have also asked your brother Steven to be a part in in this and he said yes Siegfried told Leandra

As Leandra said good bye to Luke Siegfried and Leandra went of to the location where the Helios Army may could appear

Lets go Leandra said after she binded on her Holster with her Swords in it and headed off to a secret location to meet the other fighters and her brother Steven

Arrived at the location Leandra received a new armor to battle in it as this armor was created to use it in other battles aswell

The Acient Knight Ivanca

Leandra recently returned from her last battle with other legends in the Legendary Battle as she returned after saying good bye to her brother Steven as Luke is awaiting his mother to return safe.

Mom... how was your journey with Siegfried Luke asked

It was a hard battle but we have defeated the evil and we all returned safe home Leandra said

Leandra and Luke had that night dinner with the two of them as luke asked

Mom when do i see my sister again.. last time i saw her that was when she met dad Luke asked

I don't know your sister is a busy woman and she can take of herself as she wants to see us im sure she will come by to visit us Leandra said

Leandra and Luke talked a bit more while somewhere else a creature known as The Eye was calling his new gerneral after his former generals Daiyu and EdgeDragon had left his side

LEDGE. get your lazy butt in here and fast The Eye yelled

Yes master what are your wishes Ledge asked

Listen recently the acient Power Gems had been found in a giant battle those pathetic humans called it Legendary Battle as i do not care about that battlle but what was found the acient Power Gems The Eye told

B......but master they are all disappeared long ago as the rumors are true, but if they have been found again i will find them Ledge said

Ledge was also feeling pain inside him That pain.........its getting worser he was thinking as the Eye spoke to Ledge again

Find them Ledge and do not return till you have found them........ The Eye said

Yes master as you wish Ledge told and lefted the room of the Eye as he headed to some locations where the Power Gems had to be but his pain was getting worser also.

Meanwhile Leandra lefted her home early to train in a forrest not far from her home as Luke was still asleep and took her Dual Swords with her as she had arrived in the forrest she started to train and was thinking back to the Legendary Battle

Man those legends and the Helios Army that was one big fight i even had to battle alongside Cervantes to beat an enormous dragon, but i stoot my guard and i was able to even work with Cervantes.

Steven was killed but came back to life, still i do not know what brought him back.

As Leandra was still training she stopped when she heard a sound near her as she walked to the spot where the sound was coming from as she saw a strange looking thing what was looking for something, Leandra decided to look from behind a bush to see what that creature was looking for as it said My master needs the Power Gems and they must be here

Master.....?, he can't mean Dark Leandra cause i defeated her Leandra was thinking 

Leandra waited a bit longer as she hitted a bush and made sound as the creature heard her she grabbed her Dual Swords and stoot before the creature Who are you and what you want Leandra asked
Leandra vs Ledge

Ledge meets Leandra

I am Ledge and what i am doing here is none of your concern Ledge said to Leandra

Who is your master...........!!! Leandra asked

But Ledge had enough and attacked Leandra as she dodged his attack and attacked him back with a few punches of her own as she hitted Ledge and he was taking serious damage from Leandra's blades

After fought Ledge for awhile Ledge started to act strange as it said NOOO THE PAIN.........  Leandra was looking to him as the sudden a strange light came out of Ledge's body and it became even bigger as Leandra thought

What is happening to that creature as Ledge said I can't let you escape...nooo.......

The light from Ledge's body was taking form as it was trying to pull itself out from Ledge's body after awhile a blast seperated the light and Ledge and he flew back to the ground as the light was vanishing Leandra saw a woman laying on the ground as Ledge stoot up and walked to the woman laying on the ground as he said You coming back with me but Leandra attacked Ledge and he vanished afterwards as Leandra stepped towards the woman on the ground

The woman started to wake up as she was looking into Leandra's eyes as she was scared and yelled Where am i....., am i still back at home in the year 1317
Ledge loses Ivanca

Ivance free'd herself from Ledge

Leandra walked to the scared woman what looked to be a knight as she said You are in the year 1617

The Woman was scared as it said 1617 sow i was trapped by Ledge for 300 years..........

Leandra asked her name as she said that her name was Ivanca and that she was a knight from 300 years ago

i was looking for a treasure as i had found it, but Ledge wanted it aswell and he captured me in his body all this time and now i am free cause i was feeling a strong energy that helped me to escape as Ivanca showed her necklace that was holding a stone on it

This must be what free'd me from Ledge's body Ivanca said

She also explained that Ledge is an old creature from an acient past but it was trapped into stone and was free'd by an unknown force and that Ledge still was carrying Ivanca in his body when he was free'd

Meanwhile Ledge returned to The Eye with bad news as the Eye yelled Ledge you fool how dare you to return without my stones

But.....but master............i was fighting this woman with her two Ledge wan
Leandra V390

Leandra and Ivanca Sparring

ted to continue as The Eye said TWO SWORDS................NO............that Leandra she was getting in my way again to prevent my plans

Ledge get back and find MY STONES NOW!!! The Eye said

As you wish and Ledge left again to seek for Power Gems

Meanwhile Leandra and Ivanca talked allot as Leandra saw that her style was the same as that from Ivanca as she asked for a quick battle and Ivanca became allied to Leandra because she saved Ivanca from beeing captured again by Ledge, but Ivanca knew that Ledge would do anything to get her back again

Legend of the Dragon Shield Part 1

Leandra's meeting with Ivanca was a new thing in her life as they seperated after Ivanca stayed for awhile at Leandra's home as she lefted Leandra started to pick up her training again to become stronger assisted by her son Luke

Mom what is Ivanca gonna do now after she leftted our house and will she be hunted again Luke asked

I do not know cause she didn't wanted to stay longer as she wanted to go discover this world Leandra said

While Leandra and Luke where training something fell from the dky it was a bottle with a letter in it Luke who made the discovery gave the bottle to Leandra as she opened it and readed the letter that was inside

Dear Sister

It has been awhile since we met i had a long time to think about things

If you read this letter now you might have questions why i amj sending this letter to you

recently i found a strange object that was buried near our old house (yes i visited our birth house again) as i found an old coffin with in it a strange map

Since i started to find the secret of this map it didn't get me far, sow i want to meet you to solve this map problem as you can come to my location i hope you can help me out

Signed Sirvandra

Leandra was done reading as luke asked what that letter was

My sister needs me on somesort of mission to reveal a hidden treasure map Leandra spoke

Leandra grabbed her stuff and said good-bye to luke as she headed to find her sister Sirvandra as she was on her way a few days she finally found her sister as the where together again after they met eachoter for the first time

Glad you came Leandra,, it's been awhile Sirvandra spoke

I had to come, youre letter was saying something about a map Leandra said

As Sirvandrashowed the map to Leandra she told her that this map was a map that would lead them to an acient treasure what was lost centurys ago as Sirvandra also said that she got this map from a laocation near their old home

Sow if i am right it's leading to an acient treasure, but why did you call me here to find this treasure...? Leandra asked

Yes and to make our bond stronger, i did allot of thinking after we met at the house with our Mother as she was so young when i saw her, As i had regrets about what i said to our Mother Sirvandra said

I think you had a long time to think, but let's go and find this treasure Sirvandra Leandra said

Hold on there is something i might have discovered..........., Look at the top of the map as it looks like the form of a shield but it's to blurry to see it correctly Sirvandra said

Sirvandra and Leandra walked for days to reach an old deserted city as no one was seen there all buildings where empty or destroyed as the two sisters looked around for clues as all the sudden the map started to glow and pointed to a big temple like building

Look Leandra....... the map is showing us the way to that giant building let;s go Sirvandra yelled

Hold on Sirvandra....., im feeling something isn't right around here Leandra said as she stepped slowly forward followed by Sirvandra as they looked around as they saw dead bodies everywhere around the place Sirvandra and Leandra stopped and looked around again

What the hell happend here....... all those dead people Leandra said

This town is completely murdered out and all villagers are left behind, what could have done this..... Sirvandra asked

I do not know Sirvandra...., but i think we better get out of here.... cause............... Leandra wanted to say as thet saw a big creature coming towards the two sisters

What is that........... Sirvandra yelled

A DRAGON........... Leandra said

Wait........What a Dragon.............., but but............ Sirvandra wanted to say as Leandra interrupted

Lets get the hell out of here.............,and run as fast as we can...

The sisters runned as hard as they could as the giant fire breathing dragon was following them to every corner of the city as Sirvandra yelled Do you think this dragon killed all villagers...?

No...........someone or something else killed these people Leandra yelled back as the dragon still was following them as Leandra said Lets split up

Alright, i'll go this way Sirvandra yelled as the sisters splitted up to confuse the dragon but it had it's eyes on Sirvandra  as it followed her and left Leandra alone

As Leandra sees that the dragon is after Sirvandra she needed a plan to safe her sister from the dragon's flames

Why is it keeping following Sirvandra as Leandra thinks

THE MAP............ that dragon knows Sirvandra has the map, i have to get it from her and find a safe place to hide......

Leandra followed the trail that Sirvandra took when they parted ways to flee from the dragon as Leandra had to find her sister before the dragon could harm her.....

As Leandra tries to find her sister she is also thinking about the mysterious dragon that appeared.... as she said in thoughts

That was not a normal dragon..

  • End of Part 1

Legend of the Dragon Shield Part 3

What are we going to do about this Dragon Sirvandra asked Leandra

It's blocking that giant door and behind it something important must be there, or else this Dragon should not have been here Leandra said

But the odd thing is this is not a normal regulair Dragon, as i can feel there is something odd with this beast Leandra thought

Wake up sis, its not time for a daydream cause we need to take out this beast Sirvandra yelled to Leandra

The sisters dodged all of the dragons attacks but they still could't reach the big door behind the dragon as the giant animal flew up and started to attack them from above

Just great....., it also can fly Sirvandra yelled

Well its a dragon, sow yea it can fly but we have to take it down and i have an idea to take it down Leandra spoke

The sisters seperated from eachother to confuse the dragon, as the dragon was following Leandra and she had the dragon's attention

Sirvandra saw that the dragon was following Leandra as ste made her move as she runned towards the door and reached it as she yelled

Im at the door... hurry up Leandra Sirvandra yelled

Leandra had to take the dragon down before it could reach Sirvandra as it attacked a stone pillar with her swords and te pillar came down and smashed on to the dragon, Leandra putted her swords back in her holsters and runned towards Sirvandra as she yelled

It will not take long before the dragon get back on its feet sow we have to open the door and pass trough it, but how do we open it Leandra asked

The sisters had not much time as the rumble started to shake and the sisters knew tey had to hurry, as they looked around the saw two pillars at the right side of the chamber with two switches, the sisters didn't hesitate and runned towards the switches as the try'd to pull it the dragon raised again from the rumble and looked on to the sisters....

Just great that beast is back on its feets again and we are out of time Sirvandra said

Leandra looked to the enormous beast as she saw something strange on the dragons neck, she saw a hanger with a stone in it as it looked to the same stone as Ivanca was wearing in the time that Leandra was with her

No...... it can't be...... Leandra said

What is it...... Leandra...? Sirvandra asked

Ivanca Leandra spoke

Who is that... Sirvandra asked

An old friend wich i met when she was battling a fierce Warrior as she defeated the warrior she joined my side and stayed for awhile, soon as she was back to health she left and started her own adventure, But now she is inside this beast or she is ths beast Leandra said

If youre friend is this dragon, how did she became it... ? Sirvandra asked Leandra

I do not know, but we have to transform her back as soon as we can do that sister  Leandra said

Any idea's how we going to do that..? Sirvandra asked

Not yet..... Leandra spoke

  • End of Part 3

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