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"My name is Mihatana and i will have your soul"
— Mihatana

Mihatana is a character in the Soul series and she appears in Soulcalibur V

In her Soul lies Loyalty

The Huntress Mihatana

Mihatana is a demonic huntress and a bounty hunter, Mihatana has the ability to capture souls with her Soul Stream on her chest, once Mihatana captures a soul it will becomes her minion as she can unleash the new minion to do her biddings.

Mihatana's father is a demon knowned as Caron he battled in the Demon/Angel War Mihatana's mother Liveria was killed not during the Demon/Angel War but was killed on another war when she was battling in it and lost her life

Mihatana grew up mostly on her own as she was a loner all her life cause her father never lokked to her as she was needing him in times when she needed him, as Mihatana grew up she became a more loner and was able to do things without her father Caron, not many years later Mihatana lefted her father and begun her own life far away from him as she was at the age of 35 she was a fully grown-up as she learned to be a skilled combat warrior, as she had learned to battle she also had learned another ablilty, This ablilty' was capturing souls as she learned this ablilty from a powerfull mentor, by the time she was finished she was a fierce warrior that could  capturing Souls with her Soul Stream but she wanted more as she heard about a Demon Lord named Draiden as this demon lord was in the search of a special item.

As Mihatana travelled to Draiden's Kingdom and entered his castle he was just about to destroy his General who had failed again

You stupid fool, you failed me for the last time Draiden yelled

But master.......................i the general wanted to say as he was killed by Draiden's sword

Anyone who fails me can expect the same fate as this fool........... Draiden yelled

As a voice said

But what if it gives you what you seek lord draiden the voice spoke as a woman spetted forward

You dare to go against me............, how dare you to speak against me Draiden yelled

I am sorry lord draiden........., allow me to introduce myself i am Mihatana and i am here to serve you lord draiden Mihatana said


But i am here to help you with the special package you seek my lord Mihatana said

And what would that special package be then.... Draiden yelled to Mihatana

As i heard from familiar voices you seek the Shape-Shifting Angel  Mihatana said

How do you know i want that Angel, anwser me Draiden demanded

I have visited your palace before when she escaped, but you never noticed me cause i was watching when i was invisible  Mihatana spoke

You Liar.............i never saw you here around before Draiden yelled

But i can my lord and i have a special ability aswell Mihatana spoke as she absorbed the Soul from one of Draiden's soldiers

Now watch as i turn your men into one of my own minions Mihatana spoke

As she unleashed the absorbed soul and returned to the soldiers body as it woke up and swore alliance to Mihatana

as she said Kill yourself

And the soldier killed himself as Mihatana asked him to do, as Draiden was watching to the ability's Mihatana showed him as she turned herself to Draiden

You see my lord, what i can do Mihatana said

Draiden was very pleased to see this woman at work

This is exellent, now i can get that Angel and forefill my plans to make the Sword of Dark Souls Draiden spoke in thoughts

That was an exellent piece of work Stranger, but to be my right hand you must deliver as you promised, sow bring me the Angel and you will become my right hand Draiden spoke

I will not fail you my lord, when i come back i will have the Angel with me as i am also a perfect huntress and i always catch what i desire Mihatana spoke to Draiden

Then show me what you can Mihatana Draiden said

As you wish my lord Mihatana said as she walked away

Draiden took place on his throne and was looking to Mihatana who was making a her leaving to find what she had promised to Draiden

And to return later to become Draiden's right hand

While on her hunt at night Mihatana listens to the cry's of the Wolves as she believes that wolves are equall hunters to herself


She is very drifted character as she hunts down her prey's and always wants what she desire's, her personality can sometimes be very upset as she battles her opponents and doesn't get what she wants: Souls


Mihatana uses a various section of weapons like Swords, Knives and a Crossbow, she is a skilled weapon master who always finds her target no matter the distance

Fighting Style

Her fighting style can be combined for close range attacks as long range attacks, she uses her swords for short or long range attacks, her knives for close range attacks and the crossbow is for long range attacks

Critical Edge

Soul Crusher - as she unleash her fists upon the target and finishes it with a shot from the crossbow wich she never misses


Draiden's Kingdom Torture Chamber

Theme Music

Mihatana's Theme

Mihatana's Theme

Series' Appereances


  • Daughter of the demon Caron
  • Her mother Liveria was killed during a war
  • Has joined Draiden's side


  • Has the ability to become Invisible
  • Has the ability to absorb Souls and uses them as her minions after she released them
  • Is a very skilled huntress
  • Is a very skilled weapon master


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