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"I can finally accept the truth about my past..."
— Sirvandra

Sirvandra Saldana (サーバンドラーサールダナー, Sābandorā Sārudanā) is a character in the Soul series and she appears in Soulcalibur V


Sirvandra's birth

Evelyn and Eric Scott where the parents of Steven and Leandra but in between the birth of Leandra Evelyn had already gave birth to her first daughter she named: Sirvandra *Maya* Scott

Sirvandra was given away after the birth cause another family wanted to have a child a girl and sow Sirvandra was given to that family, some years later Evelyn gave birth to her second daughter Leandra and she kept her second daughter after giving away the first one 

Sirvandra grew up far way from her original birthplace sow she never saw what happend to her parents death and the destriction of their home by the evil pirate Cervantes, She was raised by a family that was good to her and got a normal life as a little girl should have, but when she grew older at the age of 15 Sirvandra discovered that her family she was living wasn't her real family, that she was given away by her real mother Evelyn and that they had died during a fight against an army of evil pirates leaded by Cervantes, at her age of 15 she didn't gave much to it yet but when she was growing older she wanted to know more bout her past and also an angry feeling of hate was growing because her real parents gave her up.

Sirvandra grew up as she became an adult she took the name of her foster parents: Saldana

After Sirvandra learned a few parts of her past she learned that she had an older Brother and a younger Sister and Sirvandra wanted to meet them in personal to ask why she was given away ut since her younger sister wasn't born yet she decided to search for Steven to ask him why she was given away.

Sirvandra learned to control her anger by learning herself a fightingstyle with two small swords after a while she became a pro in her skills and set out for a quest to find Steven and maby to encounter her Sister Leandra.

Sirvandra had hear some rumors that Steven was a member of a group called Lions' Pride this group of warriors was set out on a far distance from where Sirvandra was at the moment, but she decided to search for this group called Lions' Pride but she was unable to find them cause this group had a secret hideout wich no-one knew where it was.

Sirvandra had to find her sister Leandra, now she knew she could not reach her brother since he was a Lions' Pride member, some days and weeks passed since Sirvandra was on her way to find Leandra but still hadn't find her till she heard other rumors that her sister was the leader of another group of warrior named Wolf's Rain, Sirvandra knew to find her sister there to get some answers, in the times she was searching her hate towards her own family had grown allot and she swore revenge upon them.


The Rebellious Sirvandra

But Sirvandra was also knowing that Leandra had been born yet sow she had to meet Steven first by doing this she could know what happend to her after she was born

My idiotic brother sure can tell me what happend with me in the days i was born and my foster parents received me Sirvandra said in thoughts

Sirvandra also kmew he was at the Lions' Pride hideout but finding them was impossible since the group had a secret hideout, but then at one moment she saw some soldiers walking towards a forrest they had a Lion on their armors sow those soldiers had to be a member of Lions' Pride.

Sirvandra followed them to a huge building and she knew she had found the location of the Lions' Pride hideout, the soldiers entered a huge door and closed it afterwards, Sirvandra hided herself in some bushes near the hideout and was thinking of a way to enter the place without beeing detected

This place it has to be the Lions' Pride hideout and my idiotic brother is there aswell, but how to get in Sirvandra asked herself

The all the sudden two claws appeared to Sirvandra and she jumped away just in time to dodge it

You stupid idiot, you almost killed me Sirvandra yelled

But the Unknown Fighter attacked Sirvandra and she grabbed her swords to attack back but the unknmown fighter was quicker then Sirvandra and knocked her out

The Unknown Fighter took Sirvandra to the hideout and locked her in a cage till they knew what Sirvandra wanted.

Let me out, you just can't lock me up in this darn cage Sirvandra was yelling

Shut up you prisoner, our leader will soon arive to deal with you a voice spoke

Sirvandra saw a man that looked exactly like her same skin color and almost the same face it had to be steven

Steven............are you steven scott Sirvandra asked the man

But the man didn't answered back and was guarding Sirvandra till Helen Flanders was arriving back

That man is my brother, sow that idiot is here, but where is my sister then...... could she be here aswell Sirvandra was thinking

Some time later Helen arrived back from a journey and she was informed that tey had a prisoner that was brought in by Banshee

Helen was already informed by Steven (acheron) that a stranger had been beaten by banshee and was brought in and was locked up, sow helen walked to the prisoncells to ask the stranger what it wanted in their ground

Who are you and why are you here Helen asked Sirvandra

What i am doing here and what reasons its none and i mean ITS NONE of your busness Sirvandra shouted to helen

But Helen stayed calm and wasn't impressed by the angry Sirvandra

Then you may stay here until you state your purpose Helen spoke and walked off

Steven was guarding her cage again while Sirvandra was getting more upset while seeing her brother standing there as she began to talk

How where our parents steven, and what happen to me Sirvandra asked

Then Steven turned himself to Sirvandra and said

What are you talking about lady, i have only one sister her name is Leandra and our parents died a long time ago, sow stop asking me things Steven said to Sirvandra

You idiot can't you see we are family, you look like me sow does that ring any bells, i don't know what happend to me in the past but iof you do not answer me correctly i will kill you myself Sirvandra said

You and what weapon, yea we took your weapons just in case you would begin to act like a child, you stay here aslong as our leeder wants Steven said

Sirvandra was getting angry and started to kick on the fences to break them

If i get out of this cage, i will kill you with my bare hands steven you an count on that, and after that i will search for our little sister cause even she will perrish under my hands Sirvandra yelled

you stay away from Leandra or............ Steven yelled

OR WHAT STEVEN, you going to kill your little sister that is no way to treat family like that right Sirvandra spoke in a false way

WHY YOU............ Steven yelled

Hold, Steven Helen spoke to Steven

As Steven calmed down after Helen's words he walked away leaving Sirvandra behind while saying I never want to see you again Sirvandra, and you are not family to me or to Leandra

Helen took Steven away from Sirvandra's cell. Steven, warn your sister about this woman. While I will keep her locked away the best I can, there is no guarantee that I can contain her forever.

Steven hesitated for a moment but agreed with Helen's decision. I will warn Leandra about her

Good luck on your journey Helen said

Steven nodded before leaving the hideout.

As steven was running to find Leandra he was thinking That woman may never get between Leandra and me or anyone else of my family i will never allow that

Having broken out of many prisons in the past, Sirvandra began planning her escape, deciding that she would leave the following night. Long after the sun set the next day, Sirvandra worked at her cell's lock and got it to open. With little time, she grabbed her weapons began taking the same route she came in, sneaking past what few guards were still on duty. Unfortunately for her, she was spotted by a sentinel, who alerted other guards and began chasing after her. Sirvandra was soon in a bad position and was in risk of being cornered. Acting quickly, Sirvandra was able to sneak behind another guard, preparing to use her as a hostage. The guard, who was none other than Alexandra, turned around to defend herself but it was too late. Sirvandra had a sword against the throat of her own niece. The other guards soon caught up, but saw Alexandra in the hands of the fugitive.

Drop your weapons or she dies! Sirvandra hissed.

As Alexandra was a valued member of the Lions' Pride, the guards obeyed. Out of spite, Sirvandra started to walk slowly away from the guards with Alexandra still in her grasp

Let me go, Alexandra yelled

Shut up, you are my going away ticket out of here Sirvandra yelled

As Helen was watching it happen she told all the guards to let her go before anything might go wrong

I hope Steven is on his way to inform Leandra; this woman doesn't even know she is' holding her own niece hostage Helen said in thoughts

Do as she says: drop your weapons Helen spoke to all guards

Thank you, i will take this guard with me as a token of apriciation Sirvandra spoke

As they slowly stepped away Sirvandra still holding Alexandra in her grasp, they stepped out of the Hideout as Sirvandra said

You will be my guide to find my little sister Leandra, after all she is missing on my welcoming party that i planned, they will sure come after me to get you back my little friend Sirvandra spoke after they reached the end of the forrest

After her escape from the Lions' Pride Hideout with Alexandra still as her hostage she stopped to take a little break to come to her senses that she actually saw her brother alive after all those years

Sirvandra connected Alexandra to a tree with a strong rope

When are you letting me go?, you are out of the hideout sow you do not need me anymore right, sow please let me go Alexandra begged to Sirvandra

NOO you will be my key to get Leandra out, since i heard rumors that Leandra is leading a group of warriors just like Lions' Pride but she called it Wolf's Rain, thats what you get when you are listening to soldiers who are talking to much Sirvandra spoke

Sirvandra was making plans to Lure Leandra out without even knowing she was in possession of that where Leandra gives about the most besides her son

Soon very soon i will have my revenge Sirvandra spoke to Alex who was affraid of what was coming


Sirvandra's Quest: Wolf's Rain

Sow tell me young lady, where is the hideout of Wolf's Rain i cannot wait to meet my litle sister Sirvandra asked Alexandra

But Alerxandra didn't say a word and looked to another direction

You stubbern kid, i will find it myself then as i will put you away till i found it after that i will come and get you and do not try to escape cause i always know where my prey is Sirvandra shouted to Alexandra

As Sirvandra locked Alexandra in a cage she made from some stuff she found but later she was thinking

Hmm maby i can do something to take her with me, like a horse and a wagon sow she can't escape away from me Sirvandra spoke in thoughts

Sirvandra stole a horse from a local dinner and created a wagon with a cage on it, after she putted Alexandra in the wagon cage she started to travel to find the Wolf's Rain Hideout Alexandra didn't say any word to Sirvandra as she looked back and thought

Mom where are you?

At the Lions' Pride hideout, Helen scried and located Alexandra and Sirvandra

I have found Alexandra  Helen spoke Konrad, Liana, you're coming with me

As Helen, Konrad, and Liana were on their way to get Alexandra back, Sirvandra and the captured Alexandra traveled to a city near a mountain

You, lets go ask for some information Sirvandra said

She took alexandra out of the wagon and walked towards the city, Alexandra didn't say any word but she walked along with Sirvandra as they entered a café

I need some answers and all of you better give those to me Sirvandra demanded

Wher's the hideout of Wolf's Rain and you better give me a right answer Sirvandra spoke

What busness do you have with Wolf's Rain a voice spoke

A big man from the corner stoot up and walked towards Sirvandra

If you want to know where the Wolf's Rain hideout is you must have a good reason to visit Wolf's Rain hideout The man spoke

Just tell me where it is alright or i might harm you with my blades Sirvandra shouted

Swords and wounds are nothing to me since i have allot of them on my body litttle miss the man spoke

Just tell me what i need to know alright you idiot Sirvandra demanded

The man grabbed his giant Axe and said Who wants to find the hideout must be a worthy person, sow if you can beat me in a battle i might give you a clue he spoke

The man was named Dan and he was a member of Wolf's Rain who was on patrol but took a little break and he also knew that the other woman who was with Sirvandra was Alexandra Leandra's daughter but Sirvandra didn't knew that yet cause Dan was not in his Wolf's Rain armor

If our leader find out that her daughter has been taken hostage, she will be furious cause she loves her two kids very much as she told me a few times Dan was thinking

Well you fool, if you want a battle then a battle you can have, just be prepared for allot of pain Sirvandra spoke

As Alexandra also saw Dan she knew she might be saved soon cause he would tell Leandra that her daughter had been kidnapped by a strange woman who wanted to see her mother personal but for what reason alexandra was thinking, also she was trying to think of a way to escape if the two would actually fight eachother.

But she was tided up and could not escape from Sirvandra

Once outside the café Dan and Sirvandra stoot against eachother while alexandra was putted back in the wagon cage by Sirvandra sow she could not escape

Lemme see what you have old man Sirvandra spoke

I might be not the youngest anymore indeed, but i can still kick some butt the man said

Meanwhile Steven reached the Wolf's Rain Hideout and was looking for his sister

Let me in i am here to see Leandra Steven yelled to the gateguards

The guards knewed Steven from his Lion's Pride armor and let him into the hideout

Where is Leandra, i need to speak her Steven rushed out

Leandra isn't here Steven, she is gone for awhile to seek for some new members together with Anna and i do not know when she comes back Shara said to Steven

But its important that i see my Sister as soon as i can, do you know where they went to Shara Steven asked

I heard they had gone to the nearest city to get some new members for Wolf's Rain Shara said

Steven had to see Leandra to warn her bout Sirvandra's actions

Meanwhile Sirvandra and Dan where about to battle, But the sinister Sirvandra had a plan ready to get the job fast done and finding Leandra


Lion's Pride Rescue Mission

Sure enough, Dan was not someone to be taken lightly. He was fast for someone wielding such a heavy weapon. Sirvandra decided it was time to follow through with her plan to end the fight quickly. She reached for one of the many poison darts she kept with her and threw it at her opponent. The dart buried itself into Dan’s thigh.

What? Dan looked down at his thigh to see the dart. In a few moments, he began to feel weak.

Now you’re finished Sirvandra sneered as she prepared to kill Dan.

To her surprise, Dan swung his axe once more. Not expecting the attack, Sirvandra narrowly dodged the attack.

I’m not done yet! Dan said, although he was clearly losing his strength.

Not for long, Sirvandra thought to herself as she continued to dodge Dan’s swings, with each one being slower than the last.

Within minutes, Dan dropped his axe, and collapsed to his knees from exhaustion.

Now die! Sirvandra yelled, ready to impale Dan’s chest with one of her short swords.

Before she could strike her finishing blow, however, at the corner of her eye, she saw Konrad freeing Alexandra from her cage with Helen and Liana standing next to him.

No! Sirvandra yelled.

Completely outnumbered, Sirvandra had no choice but to leave her horse and cage behind.

Are you alright? Did she do anything to you? Konrad asked Alexandra

I am fine. Thanks for the rescue, said Alexandra

What do we do about her? Liana asked, looking in the direction Sirvandra escaped.

I want you and your brother to follow her and bring her back to the outpost, said Helen, who then looked at the unconscious Dan, recognizing his armor, Alexandra, take him back to the outpost. Use the horse.

Liana and Konrad nodded before going on their way. Helen separated the cage from the horse with her sword and then helped Alexandra haul Dan’s body onto the steed.

What about you? asked Alexandra.

Your mother is not at her hideout, said Helen, I will meet up with her myself to warn her about her sister.

Good luck, said Alexandra before riding off.

Miles away Sirvandra had escaped but she lost Alexandra back to the Lion's pride

Damn it that idiot was a member of Wolf's Rain, but he was to stupid to give me what i wanted and then those rebellious Lion's Pride, they have ruined my plan to lure out my sister Sirvandra shouted

Sirvandra had no choice but to forge a new idea to lure her family out to take revenge

What Sirvandra didn't knew is that someone was looking at her from behind a tree, Sirvandra didn't noticed the stranger as she was on her way again

I will keep an eye on you, to bring you back Sirvandra The stranger said and it vanished into thin air

Some times later Sirvandra was walking in a open field at night as the moon shined above her as she started to think

My life was all bout lies and my own family gave me away to my foster parents and i never knew why cause my real parents are death, at least that wat steven said to me and even he doesn't want to meet me to reqonize me as his own family, THAT FOOL Sirvandra yelled after she threw away a rock
Sirvandra 8

Sirvandra stopped to take a little break when she hears a voice Stop right there

As Sirvandra heared the voice she reached for her swords "who is there..? Sirvandra said-

Then a strange looking figure landed before her as it also had the same weapons as Sirvandra had
Sirvandra 9
You are coming with me back to where you came from Sirvandra, i am sended here to take you back the stranger spoke
Sirvandra 7

Sirvandra defeats the stranger

Never, i never go back to that place not ever again...., and i have my own plans now sow get the hell out of my way before i kill you Sirvandra yelled

Hmm lets see how good you are then The stranger spoke as it attacked Sirvandra

Sirvandra was able to dodge the attack and jumped aside and attacked the stranger herself with a few hard hits after beeing battling Sirvandra used one of her attackes to launch the stranger she jumped up and grabbbed the stranger and landed up on her

This battle is over, now before i kill you WHO ARE YOU..........?? Sirvandra yelled

But the stranger vanished in front of Sirvandra leaving her behind as she heard an echo saying

I will come back to take you with me to the ONE place where it all began

I will never return to that place, never again Sirvandra spoke in thoughts

Back at the Lion's Pride hideout the stranger appeared in front of the gate as she was vanished inside the hideout and later vanished from it leaving a letter behind

Alexandra who just arrived back at the hideout saw a letter and opened it as it was reading

'Dear Reader of this Letter

My name is not important but i want to warn you about

the person listinging to the name Sirvandra

This person is very dangerous and will not hesitate to kill anyone' to get what she wants

i call upon you to stop the chase of Sirvandra and leave this to me

i was sended by someone to get her back to the beginning

sow i ask you again STOP FOLLOWING HER


        a visitor

Alexandra finished reading it and she kept it with her as she might meet up with helen and she waould give it to her if she would arrive back from meeting her Mother


Sirvandra's Escape, Unknown Stranger

On her way to find her sister Sirvandra encountered a few men who try'd to steal her stuff as she was fighting them she could hold herself against the robbers

You foolish idiots, do you think you can steal my stuff and get away with it Sirvandra shouted

Shut up and give us your money the robber demanded

But Sirvandra didn't give a kick to give up her stuff and battled along as the stranger from before was looking how one of the robbers sneaked up behind Sirvandra and threwed a knife in his leg and had falled down as Sirvandra looked behind her

What the..............GET OUT OF MY WAY...... Sirvandra yelled as she stabbed the robber in his stomach and killed it

She also killed the other three with her swords and looked up as she was feeling that someone was near her

Why do i have the feeling someone is watching me, I hope it isn't that stranger i met before that vanished in front of me Sirvandra spoke in thoughts

As the unknown stranger looked upon Sirvandra from a high tree "You will soon know the truth as i will bring you back to home the stranger spoke and vanished.

Meanwhile Konrad and Liana where sended out by Helen to track doen Sirvandra to take her back to the hideout of Lion's Pride

As they moved on also the unknown stranger was close on the feets of Konrad and Liana as she saw them before in the city where dan was injured by Sirvandra's poison darth

At the Wolf's Rain Hideout Helen had arrived and also Leandra was back also and was informed by steven who was also at the hideout

A lady that claims to be our sister, i do not have a sister, only one brother and two kids Leandra said

But she calims to be our sister Leandra, thats weird isn't it why all the sudden a strange lady appears and claims that she is our sister, after one of our guards brought a strange lady in we locked her up in a cage, not much later she asked how our parents where and that i was her brother Steven said

And also you wanted to kill her after what she said Helen said while entering the hideout

Helen, who is she..? Leandra asked

I only know that she will kill anyone who does not give her what she wants. I also have something you will not like to hear, Leandra Helen said

What is that what i will not like then Helen Leandra asked

She kidnapped Alexandra as she escaped from her hideout Helen spoke

Before Helen could finish, Leandra interrupted

What.........was my daughter kidnapped by this woman, where is she.......when i get her in my hands i'll....... Leandra wanted to say

Peace, Leandra. We were able to rescue your daughter, although one of your men was poisoned by this woman. I have sent Alexandra back to my outpost to help him recover Helen said

Injuring one of my men is one thing but NO ONE kidnapppes my daughter and gets away with it, i am off to find her myself and then i will deal with her Leandra shouted as she wanted to grab her Dual Swords she was stopped by Helen

Please calm yourself. I have already sent two of my warriors to capture her. We will make sure she remains imprisoned this time Helen spoke

Alright i will Leandra said

Helen and Steven lefted the Wolf's Rain hideout to get back to the Lion's Pride hideout, But Leandra took her swords and lefted against the words of Steven the Wolf's Rain hideout to find the lady who kidnapped her daughter as Luke was seeing that his mother lefted the hidout in a fast way

Where is she going to?? Luke asked Colin

Dunno maby to get some fresh air Colin said

That might be it or just another practice session from my mother, like she always does around this time Luke said and got back to his sparring with colin

But Leandra was on her way to find the lady who kidnapped her daughter and take care of her messing with her family

Nobody messes with my family, NO ONE Leandra shouted and walked off to find Sirvandra

Meanwhile the stranger was still following Sirvandra as Sirvandra reached a village that might knew information bout Leandra's location cause she was well knowned in this village as she had heard

Also Konrad and Liana where also on the trace of Sirvandra and where close to the village also

Are you ready, Konrad? Liana said

As ready as I will ever be Konrad spoke


Unwelcome Family

Where is the Wolf's Rain outpost and do not dissappoint me or else... Sirvandra yelled 

Sirvandra was helding a man in her grasp to know more bout Wolf's Rain

I do not know any Wolf's Rain or a Leandra the man sputtered

Don't lie to me foolish man or else you will have the same faith as the three robbers i killed earlyer, sow speak up Sirvandra yelled to the man Sirvandra could not get the answer she needed but she released the man after she stole his money This is for my use now Sirvandra spoke

Meanwhile Leandra hasted herself to find Sirvandra to deal with the one who kidnapped Alexandra as she was thinking

That woman will pay for messing with my family, i know helen said not to go bit i have no choice because it MY daughter

Konrad and Liana saw that Sirvandra was leaving town by horse that she stole near a café

The stranger who also didn't lost eye contact with Sirvandra saw that Sirvandra was leaving the town as she also had noticed by feeling that Leandra should crossing ways with Sirvandra very soon as she was feeling that Sirvandra was heading straight to Leandra's position withourt knowing that

I have to be quick the Stranger said and vainshed

Meanwhile Leandra was close to meet with Sirvandra as also Konrad and Lian where close to her position

There she is said Liana

How will we capture her? asked Konrad

Stay here, and I will lure her towards you. When she is close enough, grab her from behind said Liana

But as they looked forwards they saw that Sirvandra was gone

Wait, where did she- Konrad was cut off

Liana turned around to see the unconscious Konrad with Sirvandra standing behind him

Well well you are two members of Lion's prideand also you are the ones who are following me all this time even in the forrest, but now your plan has been come to an end, and as for now i have done enough nice to you time to end your life or shall i fight you just for the fun Sirvandra laughed

In that case, I will take you down myself. Have at you! Liana yelled

And how are you supposed to do that on your own miss, enough talking here i come Sirvandra said

As Sirvandra wanted to run towards Liana to attack her she was stopped by an object that had landed infront of her

Leave them alone you............., and face me if you dare a voice spoke

Sirvandra looked behind her and Liana kicked her and runned to konrad YOU brat Sirvandra shouted

It was Leandra she grabbed her Dual Swords from her holster from her back and was ready to face Sirvandra as she said

You will pay for what you have done, by kidnapping my daughter Leandra yelled

You its getting ineresting Sirvandra laughed to Leandra what made Leandra even more angryer

You......., if im done with you there will no more laughing for you woman Leandra yelled

Is that a way to welcome the newest member of the family....ME Sirvandra laughed

You are not family to me, i have a brother and two children thats enough Leandra spoke

Two kids well well........... then i am their aunt aren't i my sister Sirvandra said

You are not their aunt and you ARE NOT MY SISTER Leandra yelled as she runned to Sirvandra to attack her

SCV Battle Leandra vs Sirvandra

SCV Battle Leandra vs Sirvandra

As the defeated Leandra try'd to stand up Sirvandra walked upon her as she said

Is that all you pathetic you are sister i had expected a more better fight from you then what you showed me in battle, i hope our brother is way better then you are..... Sirvandra said

You leave him alone....... Leandra spoke when she try'd to stand up

Don't botter standing up sister, i will be of now as i found out how eak you are you can't even be family of me sow i will find Steven then, maby he will give me a better fight or even better one of your kids, and owyeah if you want to know who just kicked your butt the name's Sirvandra remember that sister Sirvandra said laughing while she walked off

As Sirvandra was gone Alexandra showed up along with Konrad and Liana who had met eachother in the middle of the fight

MOM...........!!!! Alexandra screamed

As Alexandra kneels by Leandra she helped her to get up

Mom what happend..........? Alexandra asked

I've lost to Sirvandra, which i just battled Leandra said

Who is Sirvandra mom...?? Alexandra said

My Unknown Sister Leandra said as she passes out



At the Wolf's Rain Outpost Leandra wakes up as she lays on her bed and looks suprised around

Where am i and how did i get here Leandra asked herself

Calm down Mom you are safe now, Luke and Colin found us after they went for a walk and saw me carrying you they helped me to get you here, i also sended Konrad and Liana back to Lion's Pride outpost cause they could use some rest aswell  Alexandra explained

Where is Luke now, he'd better not go after her Leandra was saying while still in pain

Luke has gone back on his training again with Colin and no he isn't after her Alexandra said

Thats good to know Leandra said while she led down again on her bed

As Alexandra leaves the room of Leandra she walks towards Shara and talks with her

How is Leandra doing?, is she going to be okay Shara asked

Don't worry my mom is a hard one she will be fine Alexandra said

Meanwhile Luke walks upon his sister to ask her some things

What happend to mom, why was she in a bad shape when we found you Luke asked his sister

Mom had a bad time Luke sow don't worry bout her she will be fine, and i have to go Alexandra said

Where are you going? Luke asked

Nothing for you to know my Brother, just keep training yourself, it might come in handy sometime Alexandra said while she left the outpost

What was she talking about *It will come in handy*........weird Luke said as he continued his training

In her room Leandra was thinking back at the fight she had with Sirvandra as she sees her defeat happening again and she got up and stepped out of bed and started to walk, but she could barly walk cause she was still in pain as Shara enters her room and hurry's up to catch Leandra before falling

Hold on Leandra you are not in the state of doing anything, that battle hitted you hard Shara said

That woman claims to be my sister, and for the strange feeling i think she is right.... Leandra said

The one who attacked you was your sister.........thats unwelcome then Shara said

It was as i just was fighting my own brother, she uses a different style and weapons but still it felt like i knewed that style and on top of that she looks like my father and also on my mother aswell, sow it has to be family but how that it comes she wanted to kill me and also steven Leandra asked Shara

I don't know Leandra what all happens to you but i will be around when you need me or the rest of the Wolf's Rain members they are always around to assist, well maby not Rosabella cause she lefted along with adrienne and Darius Shara said

I know gave them a mission and they are already gone for a few weeks, but i have to find her to talk with her Leandra said

But why you should talk with a lady that attacked you and also got you injured Shara spoke

I know but if she is my sister i have to know why she wants to attack my family and why she is sow full of anger as i could see that in her eyes, i will be out to find her Shara in the mean time you are in command of the outpost and if you need assistance ask Helen to send some members of Lion's Pride she will sure answer the call if its urgent Leandra said

Alright Leandra but please come back safe and if you can convinse her to talk, i hope you get the answers you need and take your time with it i'll will take over as you asked me Shara said

Thank you and aslong as iam gone keep an eye on Luke aswell Leandra said while packing her Dual Swords and tided the holster on her back

Good Luck Leandra Shara said as she saw Leandra leaving the Wolf's Rain outpost

As Leandra lefted the outpost to search for Sirvandra Sirvandra herself was on her search for a new target to battle with

Now that i have defeated my weak sister, i can take anyone on Sirvandra said as she smiled

At the Lion's Pride Outpost Alexandra returned as she meets up with steven

How is Leandra doing now Steven asked after Alexandra said that Leandra had fought Sirvandra and lost

She fine and doing well, but she needs rest but i fear Mom will do something stupid cause i know Mom she always takes everything upon herself Alexandra said

Yeah thats Leandra, she lost to Sirvandra thats a hard slap in her face but knowing my own sister she will not rest till she took revenge Steven said

I am going to find Sirvandra and beat her myself Alexandra said

No way..... you are not going after her if your mother finds out you are after her she will going be very mad Steven said

I Can beat her, cause i was trained by the best Alexandra spoke as she grabbed her weapons and lefted the outpost

Don't tell Helen please, i will be back soon Alexandra said as she walked off leaving stsven behind

I hope i doing well by letting her go on her own going after Sirvandra, i saw her before and she will kill Alex now that she knows that alex is Leandra;'s daughter, I'd better get after her before anything goes wrong Steven said as he also grabbed his weapons and lefted the outpost with a watching Helen from a distance

Why are they leaving the outpost without my permission? Helen asked herself

Meanwhile Alexandra was deep in the woods to find Sirvandra as she heard a echoing voice speaking

You will find her soon, with in the presence of another welcoming person you know the voice spoke and then it was silence again

What was that all about Alexandra thought

After walking a while she saw Sirvandra indeed she didn't hasitate and stepped directly upon her to confront Sirvandra

You...........YOU HURT MY MOTHER......... Alexandra screamed as Sirvandra turned herself around

Well well if it isn't the daughter of my weak sister, are you here to avenge your defeated mother?, well then shall we leave the introductions behind us then Sirvandra said as she readyed her swords Also Alexandra prepared herself to battle Sirvandra

Ghehe this is going to be easy, and after i defeated you i might play a little longer with you as a reward to myself Sirvandra said

As Sirvandra wanted to attack Alexandra she was stopped by a large sword that was threwed in a tree What's this Sirvandra yelled

Stay away from her.........., and fight me if you are looking for a real opponent a voice spoke

As Alexandra looked behind her she yelled DAD


One Truth, One Lie

Dad what are you doing here, i thought you where on your way to fight Algol Alexandra said

I heard that this lady was causing havoc here, and also that she kidnapped my daughter aswell sow here i am Mitsurugi spoke

But how did you know actually what here was going on?? Alexandra asked her father as sirvandra interrupted

What is this all about are you going to beat me or what Sirvandra yelled to Mitsurugi

''I will tell you all after i beated her up Alex, now stand back and watch me beating this lady Mitsurugi said to Alex

As they stoot ready to fight Hmph it about time you was going to battle me, I was kinda bored Sirvandra said

Shut up and be defeated Mitsurugi yelled

SCV Battle Mitsurugi vs Sirvandra

SCV Battle Mitsurugi vs Sirvandra

After the battle Mitsurugi Defeated Sirvandra as she layed on the ground to reach her weapons but Alexandra kicked them away

Now where is all the tough talk of you lady, this is it game over for you..... Mitsurugi said while putting his sword in the scabbard One thing i have to tell you indeed, You skill in battle is comandable Mitsurugi spoke to the defeated Sirvandra

Damn you idiot how can you have beated me, i was about to win for sure Sirvandra yelled as a voice interrupted

Now i will take over as the stranger appeared infront of Sirvandra and tided her up with a strong rope

Now you can't escape anymore Sirvandra and its about time you going to see the real truth bout your life the stranger spoke

LET ME GO YOU IDIOT.....OR ELSE Sirvandra yelled

I knew you where able to beat her Father of Alexandra for that i thank you, now i will take it over as i will take Sirvandra back to the start of her life but before that let me allow myself to explain to Alexandra why you where here The stranger said

Im still do not know what my Father is doing here Alexandra said

When i was on my way to battle Algol i heard a voice saying that my Daughter was in danger and also could be my Son sow i lefted my primairy mission to help you beat this lady cause no one will danger my kids Mitsurugi said to Alexandra

But Mom............. Alexandra said as she was interrupted

I also heard your mother was beaten by her, as i was expecting that already from her to lose to her, you mother is still a weak fighter as she was beaten Mitsurugi said

Stop that Dad, mom did her best but she wasn't strong enough to handle her Alexandra said

No youre mother is weak and she always will be, thats why i am also here to take you with me sow that you have somebody strong is at youre side also your brother will go aswell as i will take him also with us then Mitsurugi spoke to Alex

As the stranger was looking to the arguing Alexandra and Mitsurugi she said

Let me tell who i am in the first place Iam named Annelon and i am an Angel from a different place i was sended here by someone who was worried bout Sirvandra aswell when it got her attention while she was searching around even even didn't knew she was alive Annelon said

I am only here to take Alex with me and i will do that as a father' Mitsurugi said

No Dad im not going with you also Luke wil not cause he and i are grown ups now and i am a member of the Lion's Pride and Luke is a member of Wolf's Rain thats Mom's team of warriors Alexandra said

Then i am off again without you, still i hoped you could join me but as i see you are a strong lady indeed, take care of yourself Alex in the upcoming times Mitsurugi said as he walks off into a new direction

Your father is a strong man and he showed that with courage and beated Sirvandra Annelon said

Yeah but he also still hates my Mom, i was hoping she was here to face Dad and talked bout it bit she isn't here Alexandra said to Annelon

Meanwhile Sirvandra was still laying on the ground and could not escape as she heard also her name Angel............what is an angel doing here and what has it to do with me Sirvandra yelled

You are finally defeated by someone who was able to do sow, and now that has been done i am taking you with me to the place where it all began and meet the person who knows the truth Annelon said while kneeling by Sirvandra

I hate them.......they gave me away cause my foster parents told me they didn't wanted me as their child sow they gave me up to another family who wanted me and respected me Sirvandra yelled

If you are knowing the real truth you might see for yourself as what has been told to you is all a lie, and soon you will know that aswell, but now we have to wait to the two other persons aswell as they are coming along with us Annelon said

Two persons you don't mean.............. Sirvandra yelled

As all the sudden Leandra and Steven appears on the exact same location as they saw a stranger with a bonded Sirvandra and Alexandra

Alex...........what are you doing here and what has happend here Leandra asked Alexandra

Dad was here and he beated Sirvandra then Annelon came she is an Angel who was sened here by someone to take Sirvandra to a place, but what place i don't know Alexandra said

Welcome Leandra and Steven Scott i was already waiting for you two to come with me as i also will take Sirvandra with me to transport you all to the place where someone is waiting, Someone who wants to tell you something Annelon spoke to Leandra and Steven

Can i join to........ Alexandra said

No my dear, ...... you will remain here Annelon said

Where are we going to, and who is this person who wants to meet us Steven asked

You will see if we get to the place where all of youre lives started Annelon said

As Alexandra stepped back Annelon created a force field that surrounded Leandra, Steven and Sirvandra as Leandra said

Alex we will be back soon and i will tell you all, till then be brave as they vanished 

Mom.......... Alexandra said

On another place in the world a lightingbolt was showing up as Leandra, Steven and Sirvandra and Annelon came to the location where Annelon had to take them

Where are we.........and why does this place come me familliar Leandra said

I don't know but have the the same feeling to........... Steven said

This land........!! Leandra spoke

What are we doing here.......... Sirvandra said

We are almost there we need wto walk a little Annelon said

But i thought............ Steven said

Just lets go Leandra spoke

We are almost there Sirvandra, then i will show you that what you had been told was all a lie Annelon said

I don't care........ Sirvandra yelled


Coming Home

As they had arrived in a strange land wich however seems to be familiar by Leandra and Steven they decided to listen to Annelon and started walking as also Sirvandra was still tided up by Annelon

As soon as we arrive i will untide you from the rope till then you stay in this position Annelon said

Whatever happens i will not be a part of this, sow i demand you to let me go Sirvandra yelled

Be quied Sirvandra and stop that yelling Steven said

I want to know where are we going to Leandra said

Well i WANT to get out of here away from you and away from everything else Sirvandra yelled again

I said stop yelling to us Steven said

Calm down Steven, don't give her attention Leandra said

As they moved on towards the right location Annelon had in mind meanwhile Alexandra had to meet up with Luke as he was at the Wolf's Rain outpost

Alex........ where is Mom gone to, she hasn't been seen since she was attacked by that woman in the forrest Luke asked his siste

Mom is gone with Uncle Steven and with the strange lady and another strange person,  they go t transported a  way by that strange light  Alexansdra said

What strange light, i didn't saw anything Luke said

Thats because you weren't there Luke and also i saw Dad he beated up that lady and later he lefted again Alexandra spoke

You saw Dad, why i wasn't that to i would loved to see Dad battling that lady and he won you told already damn it why was i not there Luke asked

Well Dad left after he asked me again to join him cause he still hates Mom Alexandra said

He still hates her, damn we need to talk to him bout Mom that she is a good Mother to us Luke said

Tell that to Dad, he will not accept it Alexandra said to Luke

Meanwhile in the strange land Leandra, Steven, Sirvandra and Annelon arrived on an open place as Leandra looks around and sees something familiar to her as she walks to it and digs it out of the ground as she says

This doll.......and that means this was the place............. Lwandra wanted to finish

Where we lived with our Mother and Father............ Steven continued

This was the place where our house stoot before it was burned by Cervantes's men but all i see is nothing more then a ruin that has nothing left as a house where we lived in Leandra said

You see Sirvandra........i brought you home back to San Salvador, the place you whee born  Annelon spoke

Sirvandra looked around and said Sow this was my home where i was born.......hmph nothing much to see now just an old burned ruin with no memories, yeah a really nice homecoming Sirvandra said

As an angry Steven walks up on Sirvandra and yelled


Well smart thinking of you Steven, i wasn't here cause i was.............. Sirvandra yelled back

Calm down you two, before i do something i won't like Leandra said

Like what sister, you could not beat me remember as i kicked your butt already, sow spare me the nonsens Sirvandra said

As Annelon was waiting Soon she will arriving and i hope all things will be cleared up she was thinking

Sirvandra looked also around while still tided up sow she could not escape as she sees something that also came familiar to her is was a blanket this, its..............its it cannot be Sirvandra said in thoughts

Sirvandra picked up the blanket and looked at it as she started to remember things

This blanket why it feels sow familiar and why is it laying here........., WHAT HAS HAPPEND TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!! Sirvandra yelled as Steven and Leandra looked to Sirvandra

As all the sudden a Light was forming in the middle of the ruin as Annelon said The Time has come

Steven, Leandra, Sirvandra and Annelon where looking how the light was forming and they walked to it as Annelon untights Sirvandra as she said Now you will know the truth about your life

As the light took form Sirvandra walked upon Leandra and Steven and said What is happeing here and why do i feel so strange inside of me?

Then the Blue Light started to vanish and Annelon walked to the center of the light as she said

The time has come for Sirvandra to hear the truth and also to be re-united with her real mother Annelon spoke

My real.................Mother Sirvandra said

Then finally the light vanished as Sirvandra, Leandra and Steven where seeing that the person who had come was no one less then Evelyn and she was here to unfold the whole truth bout Sirvandra


Sirvandra's Faith

Sirvandra, Leandra, Steven saw that their mother had arrived, Sirvandra turned herself away from her

You cannot be my mother, a mother never gives away their child for no reason, but you did sow i will not listen to what you are going to say sow i will be off again...........cause i have no time for this nonsense Sirvandra said

Youi stay here and you will listen to what she has to tell us Steven said to sirvandra while grabbing her arm

If Sirvandra wants to go..........just listen to what i am about to tell you Evelyn said as she walked upon sirvandra

Stay away from me................., you gave me up and never looked for me again sow i felt lefted by all of you, when i was growing up my foster parents Emilio and Sahara Saldana gave me a good life and told me the truth bout you: that you gave me up as you didn't want to have me that i would be a rock in your stomach as on the day of my birth you gave me away directly, what kind of mother gives his child away to an unknown person   Sirvandra shouted to Evelyn

As an angered steven wanted to hit Sirvandra as Leandra stops him and says

Leave them for a moment okay, and do not get angry everytime Sirvandra says bad things Leandra spoke to steven

She ain't worth it to be our sister Leandra, don't you get that Steven said

But she is our sister Steven, learn to live with it Leandra said

As Evelyn steps closer to Sirvandra she gets tears in her eyss as sirvandra says

Whats the matter MOM, are you going to cry cause you see me again after all those years, well then spare me your tears'cause i am not interested to what you about to tell me Sirvandra said

But Evelyn wasn't impressed and started to talk as she lay'd her hand on Sirvandra's face and kneel'd down along with Sirvandra

Listen and listen well i am going to tell you what really happend and after that you may decide or you will accept yourself as one of the family or still be a lone wolf as you always whore in your past life, it was going like this

When i had gotten a son named steven your brother i wanted a girl sow much and after awhile i was pregnant again from a girl, cause i was knowing that my second child was a girl as my pregancy was going well i could not effort to pay a help for the day that you where born sow i searched for someone who would help me for free cause we didn't had much money back then and we found someone indeed, it was a nice woman who would do it for free and i got my help for the day that you would be born and the woman stayed in our house to help me whenever it was needed and we became close friends also

Well the day that you where born was there it was a hard time for me as the woman was at my side but the strange part was that your father wasn't there at all and i was waiting till he came but he didn't sow i was alone with the lady and all the sudden you where born and i named you Sirvandra Maya Scott, The name maya is from your grandmother that was her first name but after you where born i needed rest and the nurse what it was in the time she helped me took you to dress up as we bought clothes for you from our last money we had, but instead of giving you back to me the nurse stole you from me and your father as we where desperate in the search of you but we weren't able to find you as i cried for days and thought where you could be, also your brother search for you but also he got up with empty hands

We searched everyday for you weeks, months, years but no sign of you or the nurse we tried to seek contact with the lady but she didn't responed back, till we heard that the the nurse's name was Sahara Saldana, yes Sirvandra your foster mother was acually the nurse that had stolen you from me, after we try'd to track them down it was a failure and i gave up to search for you as i was pregnant of your sister Leandra but i always saw you as my first daughter as i still do, to remember you i made a small monument in the livingroom to hope that one day you would come back but it never happend and after a few years we got attacked by Cervantes's pirates and i was holding your monument in my hands as i was protecting my family.

But we where murdered and our home got burned and all there was left was what you see now and lot of things happend with Leandra and Steven, in time you will hear their story's.

But as for now i am sow happy to see all of my children againas it was never happend that you where stolen from me my dear Sirvandra'  Evelyn spoke

As a very emotional Sirvandra looked to Evelyn and started to cry and said

Sow my life was all a lie as i was stolen and got a fake family while my real family searched for me al long time and even made me a monument for my retuen, i never understanded why my mother gave me up that easyly, cause my foster mom said to me that you didn't wanted my cause you only wanted boys as children and dad also Sirvandra screamed

That was never true, i did wanted you cause i wanted a girl as my second child and i always kept search for you, but you never returned as we did also never heard anything from the nurse again i stopped searching Evelyn said

Meanwhile Leandra and Steven who had listen to Evelyn's word walked upon Sirvandra as she looks them right in the eyes and said

What have i done......., i was full of hate and anger and i did terrible things like kidnapping Leandra's Daughter and behaved myself as a total idiot that was full of hate and only to punish my family after what has me been told by my foster mother, but now knowing this i wasn't forgotten no i was still in your minds and hearts................ Sirvandra said

Listen Sirvandra lies can change a person to a new person full of hate and who knows what happens then, in your case you wanted to punish everyone including our beloved ones like my daughter Alex, but now you know the truth bout what happend to you sow now i hope you can accept yourself as a family member........, but that is a decision you have to make for yourself Leandra said

Even i was wrong............, in the beginning when i saw you brought into Lion's Pride outpost, i always knew'd there was something familiar about you , but i could not see it yet till now Steven said

As Sirvandra looked to Annelon she says

You where right al along, you took me to the place where it all began, where i was born and got stolen by my foster mother and told me lies when i ws a young kid and i believed that........, but as for now i want to thank you Sirvandra spoke to Annelon

As Sirvandra turned herself to the sun that was about to go under she looked to it and said

Now i know the real truth about my birth and the lies that had been told about my family that makes me happy............, but i cannot be a part of the family, i have done to much bad things that i regret and i cannot be a family member who wanted their own family dead Sirvandra said

Sirvandra started to walk towards the sun as Evelyn says know all things what happen to you Sivandra, and still you cannot accept it Evelyn spoke

As she runs towards Sirvandra to stop her she was stopped by Leandra

Let her go mom............, When Sirvandra feels that she is a family member again she will come back to us i know that, for now she is to emotional to accept it sow we will give her the time to search for herself Leandra said to Evelyn

But i wanted............. Evelyn spoke

I know did your best by telling the truth to Sirvandra she opened herself as for now she has to fight it out with her emotions what is best to do and when she is done she will be back Steven said

Sirvandra walked away and thought

For now i cannot be an accepted family member yet, i am still full of questions bout myself Sirvandra said as she walked upon the lowering sun

Leandra and Steven had also to go back to their own duty's again as they said good bye to Evelyn as Annelon revealed herseff to be an angel just like her mother

You where an angel in disguise and sended by my mother to search for Sirvandra as you told me before we got here, what a happening Leandra spoke

I will transport you back from where we left and after that i will go back aswell to where i came from Annelon spoke

As she transported them back to the forrest and Annelon vanished as she said Till we meet again my friends

Steven and Leandra also parted ways after saying good bye Leandra headed back to Wolf's Rain outpost and Steven was on his way back to Helen and the rest of the Lion's Pride

Meanwhile Sirvandra took a little rest as she looked to the moon that was shining over the landscape as she smiled and said

My know my real mother now, and soon i hope that i can accept myself as a member of the scott family

Legend of the Dragon Shield Part 2

Leandra still in search of Sirvandra headed to the location the Dragon took as she remembered it, meanwhile Sirvandra hided herself in an old house near a cave as she heard the roar of the Dragon she had to stay away as the Dragon came closer to her location as the Dragon reached Sirvandra's location she kept holding her breath sow that the large beast could not hear her.

As the Dragon was landing it started to crawl towards the cave and entered the cave as Sirvandra saw this happening the Dragon was starting to light up and vanished after the lights where gone Sirvandra came out of the house and said

What was that all about..

Leandra reached her sister after she followed the Dragon's route to the cave she started to look around as she saw Sirvandra coming towards her

Are you alright sister?  Leandra asked

Yeah im fine but i saw something strange about this Dragon, it entered that cave and was shining light and then it vanished  Sirvandra said

Sirvandra showed the map to Leandra as she opned the map and started to look around after searching for ashile nothing seemed to lead to a trace what could lead to the treasure, Later the two sisters headed back to the cave entrance where the Dragon vanished the map started to light up and was making strange arrows on the ground

Looks like we have to enter this cave  Leandra said

Are you nuts sis, im not entering that cave where that Dragon is hiding  Sirvandra spoke

We have no choice and if we finfd the Dragon well..., we will be Dragonlunch" Leandra laughed

Very funny.....  Sirvandra said

The two sisters entered the cave following the arrows that the map created and leaded them far into the deep cave as they came into a large chamber the could smel that the Dragon was also around but was not in any sight and Sirvandra and Leandra looked around for clues cause the arrows vanisged as soon they entered the chamber as Leandra saw a big stone door at the end of the chamber

Look overthere a door with a strange symbol on it..., i have seen that symbol earlyer  Leandra said

When did you see it.....? Sirvandra said

When i free'd Ivanca some time ago she was wearing a neckless that had the same symbol on it  Leandra said

The two sisters walked towards the door as they are almost near the door the Dragon appears and landed infront of the sisters

The Dragon roared against the sisters and the stepped back as Leandra says

Why do i have the feeling i know you.....  Leandra said

Uh sis...., i think we must get out of here Sirvandra yelled

The sisters grabbed their weapons and made themselves up for a confrontation with the enormous Dragon, Sirvandra and Leandra had to kill the Dragon to make sure the could enter the room that was laying behind the large door

But the Dragon wasn't about to let anyone pass it without a battle

  • End of Part 2

Legend of the Dragon Shield Part 4

  • Soon


Sirvandra is a woman that is full of hatred against her family (Steven and Leandra and her real parents Evelyn and Eric) and also against friends of them, also when she fights opponents she always tries to make her opponents more angry by seducing them with words as they are stunned by her words she strikes and mostly she defeats them in one hit, Sirvandra is also a woman that always wants to get the right and good answer if she asks someone and if that answer isn't Correct she will punish them

Fighting Style

Sirvandra's fighting style is based in close combat with her two swords she uses she can attack from close range to make her opponents not able to attack, she is also able to vanish and the appearing again to attack her opponent


Sirvandra's weapons are called Truth and Lies the names come from her past

Critical Edge

False Hope: She unleases a wave of energy what hit her opponent three times

Theme Music

Sirvandra's Theme (Soul Calibur V)

Sirvandra's Theme (Soul Calibur V)

Series' Appereances


Underground Colosseum


  • Is the middlest child of Evelyn and Eric Scott
  • Steven and Leandra are her brother and sister
  • Was given away directly after her birth
  • Never knew'd her real parents
  • Is in the search for Steven and Leandra to get answers
  • Heard the real truth about her life from her Real mother


  • Hated her family and wanted revenge, After awhile she heard what really happend to her
  • Uses two short swords as her weapon
  • She named her swords Truth and Lies
  • Is an exellent and skilled swordswoman
  • Took the Last name of her foster parents
  • Is an exellent escape artist
  • Lefted for personal reasons to find herself


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