Three Years Ago, Princess Zafie Was Born In June Castle. When She Was 18 She Was on She Was On Soul Calibur 4 To Destory Soul Edge, Zafie Fell In The Hole With Her Sister Jun. On Soul Calibur V Zafie Was Lost And Natsu Found Her To Train Again. Natsu Taught Her How To Musō-Battō-ryū To Defeat Nightmare And Tira. Natsu Also Want To Defeat Elysium For A Reason And She Doesn't Know.

Critical Edge

Great Curse of Arahabaki: Zafie will hold her kodachi in the air and exclaim "Naughty...Taste This!" She will then stick her kodachi into the ground as she summons the Great Demon, sending six wild blasts through the stage and the opponent high into the air. This Critical Edge is very effective as it leaves the enemy vulnerable to numerous air combos and can be used to finish or extend a combo. Additionally, Zafie can quickly shift into her "Possession" stance during this attack, which can cause danger to the opponent even if it is blocked. The downside to this Critical Edge, however, is that it can be easily evaded by the "Quick Step" tactic if the enemy is prepared, leaving Zafie open for attack.

Theme Music

  • Sword of Resoultion


  • Care To Dance With Me
  • Did I Tell You No
  • You Again- spoken when engaging in battle against Queen Easta or Jun
  • Wait!!!- Spoken during a Ring Out.
  • No!!!- Spoken during a Ring Out.
  • Naughty...Taste This- Spoken during her "Critical Edge"
  • I Guess That All For Show
  • This World Is Mine, For The Taking
  • Your Are Passion, We Will Dance Some Time



Disciple- Natsu

Best Friend- Cassandra

Friend- Talena

Friend- Allaina

Friend- Vana

Sister- Jun

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