Sharing much in her mother's kindness,Berentine Alexandra can trust people blindly rather quickly. She is also very curious and is known to invent new techniques to use in combat often. this can also be considered a bad thing. Her temper is easy to raise, getting her to murderous levels of anger.


Given many nicknames by others, a few include:malfested princess, crimson lightning bolt, blade misstress drapped in crimson, crimson thunder clap, and crimson princess.


born to Pyrrha Alexandra and her now undead lover, Berentine "Berri" Alexandra was raised in one of the many castles set up by malfeseted. she started to learn the trade of black smithing from her cousin, the leader of a rather hidden nation. she then went on to learn and become a part of the assassin guild led by tira formed within castle walls. this led her to form the eventually disbanded group called the rouges of the malfested assassins when she ran away with two other children finding tira to be rather too harsh. during this time she was 14(age displayed is for rp purposes btw). but at a much younger age she went off to seek the purified malfested camp know as blindstreak mountain pass to learn to overcome malfested urges. it is here she learned one of her signature styles, Enlightened Darkness, containing the many moves used by purified malfested. She then went on to join the Battle Of Elysium, a war named after the commander of the opposing army. After a hard fought fight, she reaches out for a blade from a portal to the astral chaos. Swapping this blade for her rather damaged short sword, she then undergous the transformation that most that come into contact with Soul Edge have. This leaves her as a rather emotionless husk covered in medium armor(not heavy, not light). She later wakes up, seeing a hospital bed, she wonders how she got into this situation, but instead she continued on. at the age of 16 she had mastered the style her new weapon had taught her, which she dubbed the limericks of the astral chaos.(the military force is called Pyrrha's Third Malfested infantry) She then, at the age of 19, formed a party to search for the azure princess(a nickname Pyrrha had). Upon the discovery that a info brooker gave her false information about where to find a stone that can be used to make very powerful weapons, she killed him, only to find out he had it the whole time. it was at this moment she decided to try and find something to fill the void left by the lack of things to do.

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