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"You cannot win with strength alone"
— Diana

Diana (ダイアナ, Daiana) is a character in the Soul series. She is the alter ego of the Dark One, daughter of Nathaniel and Layla and sister of Michael. She is a former wielder of Soul Edge and possible wielder of Soul Calibur.


During Soulcalibur IV, she had blonde hair tied into an elegant bun on the back on of her head, Light Blue eyes, and light skin.

She appears older in Soulcalibur V and now wears her hair down.


Diana Monica Reiland was born in England on January 13, 1574. Her parents were among the lesser noble families at the time of her birth. When she was four, her brother Michael was born. The family lived happily with the small fortune they had.

During her childhood, she found fun in various types of swordplay and would watch soldiers train from time to time. Her interest reached its height when a women from the east offered to train her in Shinden Tsushima-ryu. The woman introduced herself as Setsuka and would be her instructor for many years before everything would begin to fall apart.

On the day the Evil Seed was released, her and her brother were separated. In all the chaos, she was kidnapped by servants of Soul Edge and taken to Ostrheinsburg Castle. The dungeon of the castle would be her home for many months.

Soulcalibur IV

Diana was held captive in the dungeons until just after her sixteenth birthday. A man named Siegfried released her with no explanation as to why or how he was here. She no longer sensed the presence of the Azure Knight in the castle. She wanted to question the man, but he was already long gone. Deciding not to waist her chance at escape, she fled the castle grounds and went out in search of the woman Setsuka or her family.

After a long and fruitless search, she found herself training in a forest alone when a familiar voice spoke to her. She was attacked by Tira, a servant of Soul Edge, who had kept an eye on her during her imprisonment. Knowing that she was in a lot of danger, Diana prepared to defend herself. Tira was suddenly attacked by two girls wielding short swords and shields. Tira retreated in a fit of laughter as the two women offered Diana a place to stay.

She would spend her days with the Alexandra family until the sisters would leave one day in search of Soul Edge. Realizing that she needed to continue her journey herself, she bid farewell to Sophitia's husband Rothion, and her two children, Pyrrha and Patroklos.

It was during this time that she learned that her brother, Michael, was searching for her as well. As she searched for his location, she would be informed by a monk named Kilik that her soul had been corrupted from her in Ostrheinsburg. He offered to purify her however he could, which was accepted.

The process left her feeling weak and at which she realized that she'd been relying on Soul Edge's energy for quite some time now meaning that some of the corruption was permanent. Saddened and shaken by this, Diana fled the area and found herself traveling to the mansion of a family of nobles that used to family friends.

She was met with the news that both the family and her own parents were dead. However, the rumors weren't completely true as the daughter of the nobles Isabella Valentine , better known as Ivy, was still alive. Diana was met with hostility as the woman recognized the aura of the evil sword surrounding her. The two fought to a draw, after which Ivy recognized Diana as they'd met on a few occasions years ago.

Ivy shared her knowledge of the the cursed Sword and its opposite the spirit Sword. She also expressed her understanding at Diana's situation of being infected by Soul Edge, as she herself had cursed blood.

The two would travel together to the Tower of Remembrance to end Soul Edge once and for all.

During their ascent of the tower, they would encounter Sophitia, Taki, and Cervantes. The three were locked in a two on one battle against the pirate. An enraged Ivy attacked her father while telling Diana to keep moving.

Her efforts were in vain as Diana was struck down by a revived Nightmare. Near death, Diana made a deal with the sword. She would live in exchange for helping the sword collect the souls it needed. She resolved to one day be free and find her brother before she succumbed to darkness.

Soulcalibur V

Diana spent nearly the next two decades as the Dark One. She was more feared than even Nightmare himself due to her power and strength. Her mind was trapped as she murdered thousands of innocent people. She only then realized that she had fallen right into Soul Edge's trap. Her near death decision cost many their lives. She felt an overwhelming sense of self loathing. She hated hearing a voice so similar to her own speaking for her. The arrogant voice belonged to the Dark One. They were different. Very Different.

When she had all but lost hope, a ray of light shined through the darkness. Two warriors had came to stop her. Both familiar to her from her former life. Siegfried, the formerly the Azure Knight as well as the former wielder of both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. He was now the leader of a mercenary group that fought against Soul Edge and the Malfested. The other was Patroklos, the son of Sophitia Alexandra who had offered her shelter years ago.

Fortunately, the two were strong enough to defeat her and separate her from Soul Edge. As she slowly began to gain control of her body, she fell to her knees and cried in agony and despair at what she had done. Siegfried offered for her to atone by fighting against the forces of darkness and making sure Soul Edge is gone for good. She accepted his offer.

She would spend the next two weeks training with her newly acquired weapon, Dainslef. Patroklos made a good sparring partner as he seemed to be very familiar with the style and could adequately anticipate her attacks and simulate a real opponent.

A new member joined the group in the fight against Soul Edge. He was none other than Michael Reiland, Diana's younger brother who she hadn't seen in over 20 years. They two siblings had a short reunion as the servants of Soul Edge had begun their attack on the citadel. They rushed to battle together for the first time ever.

During the commotion, Tira had invaded the base stealth fully and retrieved Soul Edge. Diana caught of brief glimpse of her, but it was too late. The malfested had Soul Edge. Which could only mean the revival of Nightmare. Diana made a solemn vow to destroy Soul Edge at any cost. It would pay for all the innocent blood that it had spilled.


Fighting Style

Diana is a practitioner of Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu. She was taught this technique by Setsuka who in turn passed it down from her master. The same style would later be passed down to Patroklos Alexandra.


  • She shares a fighting style and some weapons with Setsuka and α Patroklos
  • Her second outfit in Soulcalibur V is a what if scenario where she wields Soul Calibur
  • Diana ages less than ten years during the 17 year gap between Soulcalibur IV and V. This indicates that she has a slowed aging rate as opposed to the ceased aging seen in other characters.
  • Her main weapon in Soulcalibur IV was a gift from Setsuka. She told Diana that it would help her keep her weapon concealed as the style of the umbrella fit in well in England.
  • She and Ivy's families knew each other at some point before the Evil Seed occurred.
  • She holds Siegfried in high respect since he has saved her on two accounts that she could've died in.


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