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Abdul Ahmed (アbヅl・アhメ; Arabic: شريفهم شاىثي) is a character part of the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his soul is Mentorship.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is referred to as The Man Who Teaches Old Methods.


Abdul is an older man. At 61 years of age, he is very fit. he wears clothing that is similar to his son's clothing. He has a blue handprint on his chest.

His 2p Costume is the gear he wore when he was a Warrior in his Tribe before he moved to America.


Not much is known about his early life. Abdul was born in Somalia in 1959 but later moved to Sudan for some unknown reason. He was a staff wielding character and a good swordsman at the time but when he met his wife in 1988, he decided to let those traits go. Between those years, he has uncovered a fragment of what was believed to be the lost spirit sword, Soul Calibur. He brought it with him to show to the village elder.

Eleven years later, he wanted to start a family but the fruits of having a baby wasn't enjoyed. The Second Sudanese Civil War was going on but his village wasn't involved with it A group of agents mostly containing Caucasian males raided his home for that lost artifact and killed his wife after she was spotted. They gave up the search after assuming that it was gone and Abdul then decided to leave the country with his newborn son Mustafa to a place a lot safer, America.


As Abdul escaped with his newborn son, he finally found the place to call home and to establish a group to fight off The Agency.

See the full story Here.


Abdul had a Brotherhood of his own. The members of his group are Richard Lind, Jenny Collins and Charles. Not much is known about his group , but they were here to protect the people and Soul Calibur and were at war with The Agency and the militia.

The year 2012 was the worst year for the brotherhood. Richard Lind had to step out of the brotherhood in order to care for his family and a few weeks later the militia attacked his farmland. Jenny died from the effects Soul Edge has done to her body and Charles got murdered during an insurance scam. Abdul was the last one standing and became the adoptive father of Arkus II who was the son of Charles. He then made a promise to train Arkus to become the new leader over his son, Mustafa.

Fighting Style

Abdul wields a Katana. He uses it as a two handed sword. He can do very powerful attacks and usually destroys his opponents armor. He is a Mid-Tier Character. He has the same moveset as Mitsurugi.



This was his weapon when he was younger, he later passed it down to his son Mustafa

Cane Sword

As he has gotten older, his legs aren't doing well so he wields a hidden sword within a cane. Oddly when he fights, he wields his sword with two hands and stands perfectly fine.


Abdul is a very wise Mentor. He is also the most experienced character since he is 61 years old.


  • Ready?
  • Stop this.
  • You're Mine.
  • Perish.
  • Forfeit.
  • Repent.
  • Not over.
  • You dare...
  • Prepare to die.
  • Fate has spoken.
  • You lack resolve.
  • Giving up yet?
  • Curse your weakness!
  • You're no match.
  • You’re a disappointment.
  • The curtain closes.
  • I can't lose!
  • It’s still too soon!
  • This will end it.
  • Watch closely; my specialty spoken.
  • I can see the fear in your eyes.
  • So, you desire to fight?
  • Death is your only release.
  • Give it your all or don't bother showing up.
  • Try again tomorrow, I'll gladly take you on.
  • Die here!
  • It ends now!
  • Wrong move
  • Scared now?
  • Have a taste!
  • Repent!
  • You fool!
  • Give up and die!
  • Slow...
  • You're too weak!
  • You are hopeless!


Father of Mustafa Ahmed

Adoptive father of Arkus II


  • Abdul is the last member of his brotherhood. His entire group was eliminated in 2012 when he was in hiding.
  • Abdul is the oldest member of his brotherhood
  • Abdul is now training the children of his deceased Members due to being the only survivor of his brotherhood.
  • Even though he has uncovered a fragment of Soul Calibur, he wasn't able to wield it
  • When he was younger, he wielded an ax staff that was later passed down to his son.
  • Originally, Abdul's name was originally Abdi.
  • Not a lot is known about Abdul's life in his story, he makes references in other peoples stories about his group, his family and about the Brotherhood.
  • The Brotherhood has groups of Warriors, Rogues, and Assassins. Abdul trains all three classes.


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