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"I'm the best!"
— Fresh

Clifford James (ィッフォ・ジャメ)is a character that is part of the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V. He is a futuristic character that is part of The Brotherhood and his own crew of gang members in the not so distant future of 2020.


Not much is known about Clifford's childhood, but he was never born into The Brotherhood unlike his fellow companions and never started out having a crew of his own. However, he was an adopted child who never knew his parents. He had Caucasian parents and did good in school. Though he was never born in The Brotherhood, The Agency had something against him and eventually took him captive.

He was childhood friends with Mustafa and when he heard the news, he rescued his friend and offered him to join The Brotherhood to defend against the corrupt agency.

Help a Brother Out

Weeks after Mustafa discovered the truth about The Agency, his friend was in a little bit of trouble with Agent, Leo Shin.


Unlike his fellow Brotherhood Members, he is dressed up more casual and less obvious than the others, making him a Member in Disguise since he doesn't wear any robes of some sort. He is shown wearing a Beanie cap, and a jacket. Fresh also carries a duffel bag with him at all times for an unknown reason.

Fighting Style

Fresh wields Nunchucks and can link all of his combos together, making him almost unstoppable once he attacks his opponents. He is a High-Tier Character. He shares the same Moveset as [[Maxi

Critical Edge

Rampaging Dragon: Fresh punches his opponent twice, and finally blasts them with an elbow finisher.


Fresh is very cocky and not that bright either, but he is still considered very lawful even though his appearance is more of a gang member than someone that is part of the law. He is a neutral character



Image Description
PicksV Picks is Fresh's best friend. He does not wield a weapon of his own but he relies on his fists when he is fighting.


Image Description
Heavy is the most built character. He carries a large mace with him.


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Knives is the mischievous member. He wields two hunting knives and has the power of telekinesis.


Best friends with Mustafa Ahmed

Friends with Arkus

Helped Riley hunt down The Tagger

Close ally of Picks


  • Fresh is a Minor Protagonist and isn't referred to that often.
  • Fresh has a large Afro under his beanie.
  • His crew members have the same variants of clothing as Fresh with some minor differences in shoes, gloves, masks and hats.


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