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"What do you hope to accomplish?"
— Havok Cross

Havok Cross (ハヴォ・ロッ) is the Main Antagonist and leader of Abstergo. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his Soul is Power


Havok Cross is the founder of The Agency that had a different viewpoint of the world. The Agency is rumored to be a corrupt order involved in many criminal acts. Havok wants to make the world perfect by overthrowing American Democracy into a Dictatorship with the power of The Cursed Sword.

He uncovered the remains of a Demon Shard somewhere on his trip to Europe. When he picked up the shard, it immediately transformed into a cleaver. This also stole the pigments of his body making his skin and Iris' pale white and was often obsessed with souls. "I will.....gather.............Souls....for you," Havok said to the sword. "I..........I will Soul Edge.

Years after he discovered the shard, he was able to contain his obsession but instead wanted more power. Rather than destroying Soul Calibur, he wanted the powers of both swords to become unstoppable. He then sent out his agents to find the Soul Sword.


Main Costumes

Havok wears a full work suit with a badge on his collar. He has Pale ghoulish skin and red eyes due to Soul Edge feasting on his soul giving him a vampiric appearance.

For his alternate 2p costume, he is dressed up in tech armor with a gladiator like appearance. The armor is a tinted gold with a red symbol on the breastplate which matches his badge on his suit.

Alternate Costumes

Fighting Style

Havok holds a Zweihänder with one hand. His attacks aren't that strong but he is very fast and usually launches his opponents in the air. Though he isn't the strongest, but since he is fast, he can do very overwhelming combos usually giving the opponent a hard time to fight him. He is a High-Tier Character. He has the same moveset as Nightmare.

Critical Edge

Soul Edge

Havok Cross raises Soul Edge and says "Taste power...", and does one heavy slash to knock his opponent to the ground while saying "Now begone!". It can be charged to do more damage, and even kill some characters in one hit. The first few frames of his Critical Edge can Guard Impact attacks (slightly longer if charging), but it will do less damage to the opponent.


Soul Edge (Cleaver)

He discovered Soul Edge in its Critical State. Once he took hold of it, his body was infected and now he is obsessed over souls.

Soul Edge (Veiled)

Havok kept this hidden from curious members of The Agency.

Soul Edge

When he let Soul Edge recover, it was now whole once again and it completely took over his mind.

Stream of Power

After he took the power from Soul Calibur His body was infused with both weapons making him unstable and it eventually destroys him. Due to this, he loses all of his skin and hair pigments and turns into a ghostly white color.


Havok has a charm of persuading people and often believes that he is all powerful. He also doesn't care for anyone and is thirsty for power. Havok is a True Evil Character.


Ordered a Militia to kill Riley Lind's Family

He Spared Henry's life and trained him to become his Personal Assassin

Night Devil is his personal "Android"

Killed Helen Collins' Mother.

Sent Muhammad to kill Charles.

The Agency

The Agency is a set up group of agents that are trying to purify world order and overthrew the American Government.

Yuri Kent

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Leo Shin

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The Militia

The Militia is associated with Havok Cross. They were responsible for attacking Riley Lind's Family.


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Viktor Collins

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Viktor was indirectly involved with the terrorist act when he applied for the defense unit of The Agency. He is the father of Helen Collins.
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  • He becomes the new host of Soul Edge and is on the hunt to destroy Soul Calibur
  • His original weapon was a Rapier, now he wields a Zweihänder with one hand
  • Havok is an enemy to Riley Lind and the rest of The Brotherhood
  • Havok lost his eye pigments and his iris color is now red. This is because of his obsession of power which also made him no longer human.
  • This is also due to his obsession over Soul Edge
  • Although he is an enemy to the entire Brotherhood, his main target is to kill Riley in order to destroy Soul Calibur
  • He wields Soul Edge in its Zweihänder form.
  • Oddly, he doesn't develop a malfested deformed arm like Nightmare and Pyrrha Ω but suffers a strange condition of his skin turning Malfested along the right side of his body. This is hard to notice because he hides this malfested skin under his suit.
  • He doesn't become the New Nightmare either
  • What is also odd is that his arm has malfested skin but not his hand
  • He is able to use Algol's Moveset which is impossible to use unless you mod the game.
  • Havok wields the most weapons over all of the other characters
  • Havok Cross is also associated with the most groups. This includes The Agency, The Militia and The Gladiator Pact.


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