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"Careful, I bite."
— Katjaa

Katjaa (カジャア, 'S; Greek: Κατξαα, Katxaa) is a character that made her first appearance in Soulcalibur V

What lies in her soul is Freedom

Young, Wild and Free



Katjaa may be odd looking, but she is a free spirited person. She is a person who was raised by cats most of her life so her outfit is mostly tiger themed with cat ears and the tail. She is shown wearing the Hunter's Suit which reveals her navel underneath her Sleeveless Kimono and a long clothed skirt.

Fighting Style

Katjaa wields a rod. She has an unusual moveset and some of her moves are silly due to her personality. She also has both long range and close range and can put in a lot of combos using her kicks. She has the same moveset as Xiba.


Katjaa is a very free spirited person and is very loving and enthusiastic. She is a very charming, yet fierce fighter that shouldn't be underestimated. She is a Neutral Good Character.



Had a crush on Riley Lind but later finds out he has someone. They become close friends.

Traveled with Nina Lind to hunt down her brother Henry


  • Katjaa has no mean bone in her body, making her a very nice character.
  • By the appearance of her costume, she has a keen interest in tigers .


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