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  Mustafa Ahmed (ムスタファ·アーメド, Musutafa āmedo, Arabic: مصطفى أحمد, Mustafa Ahmed) is a character part of the Soul series and made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V. He returned in his own game in the Soulcalibur: Future Series as the Main Protagonist in the second installment, Soulcalibur: Destined Warrior. He was also a playable character in Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny and later returns as one of the Main Protagonists in Soulcalibur: A Legend Reborn.

What lies in his soul is Honor

Destined Warrior

Mustafa along with his father Abdul were refugees of the Second Sudanese Civil War and looked for a new home in the United States.

A group of agents were also involved with the war and raided Abdul's village in 1999 shortly after his first born child was born, Mustafa. When the agents broke into his home, they killed Mustafa's mother and searched the house for the fragment of Soul Calibur he has uncovered. They eventually gave up the search because they believe he was gone but they never checked for signs of the Soul Sword. After Abdul escaped the village, he then decided to escape from the agents and seemed refuge with his new born son without a mother.


"Why have we come to America father?" Mustafa was five years old and was always on the run with his father. His Father, Abdul was unable to settle into one home due to him running from The Agency. "To seek refuge," Abdul said to Mustafa. "But we haven't found somewhere to stay, father," Mustafa said to his father.

The two eventually stumbled upon an empty apartment complex. "We'll have to stay here, son. They won't find us in here," Abdul said. They walked into the complex, the complex was still in great condition. "Why was this place abandoned, father?" Mustafa asked. "I don't know, but this place was still in good condition." Abdul noticed that there was running water and beds left over in the barren apartment. "This could be our home, dad," Mustafa said in joy. "Yes, son. This can be our new home. They can't detect us here."

Until late 2005, an older boy by the name of Arkus II was sent away after the death of his father. He was a few years older than Mustafa was. He was carrying a large katana with him.

"Sorry about your father," Abdul said to Arkus. "We were close friends and I am also shocked from the news." Abdul brought Arkus inside.

Once they entered the den, the first person Arkus met was Mustafa. "I didn't know Abdul had a son," Arkus said. "We could of been friends a long time ago." Mustafa was silent. "So... Why are you here?" Arkus asked Mustafa. "I don't know, my father said shortly when I was born, we came here to hide," Mustafa said. They started to know each other for a little and then started to build up a friendship.

As years have gone by, Mustafa was a lot more agile than before. At 11 years old, He was constantly training with his father everyday. Abdul wasn't really doing well. Due to his age, he has gotten worse over the years and was no longer able to train Mustafa with wielding the staff.

"You're starting to wear me out son," Abdul said to Mustafa. "At this age, staff wielding isn't a good idea."

Weeks later, Abdul broke his hip and was no longer able to train with Mustafa, but instead had a gift for him. "You have done well, my son," Abdul said. "But I can no longer train you the way I was able to before due to my... Injury, but you were very honorable, my son. You deserve this." Abdul was handed his father's prized weapon, The Halberd.

" ff..father," Mustafa was rewarded with the master weapon and was also handed new black robes. "You are now a master, my son," Abdul said. "A master?" Mustafa was confused. "I have created a brotherhood, you are one of the first members to become a master," Abdul has created a brotherhood to fight against The Militia. Mustafa was the youngest member to become a Master.


Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny


The Enemy

Birth of The Brotherhood

A Legend Reborn

As years past, Mustafa is now 21 years old and fights along with Arkus, Brotherhood in hopes to find the Wielder of Soul Calibur.

Read the rest of the story Here.


Main Costumes

Mustafa is wearing black robes similar to his fathers clothing. His upper-body is more revealing than the rest, revealing his chest and bandaged waist. His outfit however, resembles a samurai. Since he is half Sudanese and half Somalian, he appears to have slightly darker skin than his father.

His 2p Costume resembles an African Tribe Warrior, even though he didn't live in Sudan during his childhood due to him moving to Him being a refugee of the Sudanese War, it could possibly be his training clothing.

Alternate Costumes

Fighting Style

Mustafa wields a staff and has the advantage of long range attacks. He has a lot of goofy moves and does a lot of powerful strikes usually resulting in breaking the opponents armor. He is a Mid-Tier Character. He shares the same moveset as Xiba


Rhombus Rod

Rhombus Rod
XB 02
Weapon type Rod

This weapon was used when he lived back in his tribal region, he was a baby at the time but it was brought along with him when they went to America. This was his training weapon.


The Halberd is a rod with an ax at the tip of it,this weapon was passed down to him from his father

Critical Edge


Mustafa is a more calm determined fighter. He is also a reliable source of information. He is a Neutral Good Character.




Best friends with Arkus


  • Mustafa uncovers and becomes the new Wielder of the Kali-Yuga staff.
    • Mustafa is guided by the new Edge Master, Kilik and uses the Kali-Yuga to kill Yuri Kent.
  • Mustafa became one of the first member to become a Master.
  • He was also the youngest to do so, he was 11.
  • Even though he is the son of Abdul Ahmed, the Master/Mentor of the Brotherhood, he is not the leader of his own group.
  • Arkus was the one that set up his own group of warriors.
  • Mustafa is Sudanese but has an Arabic name. This is because Abdul was born in somalia and moved to Sudan.
  • Mustafa is a Futuristic Character. he would be 21 years old in the year 2020.
  • Mustafa is still seen as a leader to Riley Lind and Helen Collins because he is more laid back and doesn't go hard on anybody.
  • Mustafa's favorite color is Yellow, he also has light and dark metallic yellow armor.
  • Though Mustafa is one of the first members, his story takes place after Arkus II's story.
    • This is because he is a few years younger than Arkus.
  • Mustafa was originally going to be the main protagonist in Soulcalibur:The Birth of The Brotherhood but since he is four years younger than Arkus meaning Arkus was 17 and Mustafa would be 13, Arkus became the Protagonist instead due to Mustafa being too young.
  • Mustafa appears in all Soulcalibur: Future Games.


Soulcalibur: Destined Warrior

Soulcalibur: A Legend Reborn

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