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"I might have a position open for you."
— Riley Lind

Riley Lind (ライリーリンド, Rairīrindo; Greek: Ρίλεϊ Λίντ, Linda Riley) is a character in the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V. He makes a debut appearance in his own game set in the not so distant future of the year 2020 in Soulcalibur: A Legend Reborn as the Main Protagonist and He also makes an appearance as a Futuristic Character in Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny.. He is the Wielder of the Spirit Sword, Soul Calibur in both Games.

What lies in his Soul is Vengeance.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is referred to as A Legend Reborn.

Soulcalibur: A Legend Reborn

After Soul Calibur and Soul Edge were thought to be destroyed, Four centuries later fragments of both Soul Swords were scattered only to be discovered by a New Wielder.

  • Act I: In Progress

Act I: The Beginning

Riley and the Lind family lived outside the cities and lived in a rural community. Riley was born as the middle child in the family of three. Unlike his other siblings, he was spent more time with his father Richard than anybody else in his family. In secret, Richard taught him Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu at age ten.

Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny

After the final battle against Havok Cross, both Riley and Mustafa fall through the void later waking up in a forest.

"What happened?" Riley was dazed and confused has he looked around for Soul Calibur. "Where are we?" Mustafa also started to regain consciousness and noticed something was strange when he awakened.

"Something just isn't right." Riley noticed that Soul Calibur was no longer glowing and he was unable to un sheath the blade. As he keeps trying to draw the blade, Mustafa hears rustling from the nearby trees. "Um...Riley, I think we got company."


Main Costumes

Riley is a young man who has Dark Brown hair and rare violet irises as his eye color. Although Riley is from the future, he is shown to be wearing the Justice Surcoat and Ruffian Trousers. His costume highly resembles α Patroklos' clothing color scheme as his outfit has blue accents in it, even though both characters have no relation to each other. He wields Soul Calibur with this costume.

In his Alternate costume, he is wearing Onyx Plated armor which resembles spartan armor. This set of armor is also similar to Willis's armor with the exception that Riley's armor has black plating and a unique design on the breastplate of a pheonix.

Fighting Style

Riley fights with a sword and scabbard, he wields an Iai Blade. His sword  was passed on how to wield the Iai Blade but he taught himself all of his moves. He has both close and mid range attacks and can usually throw out a ton of spinning and fast paced attacks giving the opponent making it almost impossible for the opponent to recover. Riley has the fastest moveset in the series and if played properly, makes him a High-Tier Character. This is his True and most familiar style and shares the same move set as α Patroklos.

Critical Edge

Transcending Rapture: Riley sprints forward and swings a devastatingly fast blow at his opponent, crystallizing them as he sheathes his sword.


Soul Calibur (Iai Blade)

Soul Calibur
A PT 1p
Wielder Riley Lind
Weapon type Iai Blade

When Abdul uncovered a fragment of Soul Calibur, he took it back to the den. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to figure out how to wield it because it never changed form for him so he had a meeting with the entire brotherhood and tried to determine the Wielder of Soul Calibur. When Riley had the chance to hold the fragment, it immediately switched form from a shard to its Iai Blade Form. Since Riley wields an Iai Blade himself, this indicated that he was worthy to wield Soul Calibur.

Unlike his other weapon, Soul Calibur has a blue blade and a crystallized effect when he attacks an opponent.


A PT 03
Wielder Richard Lind, Riley Lind
Weapon type Iai Blade

This weapon is Riley's 2p Weapon. The blade of the sword is a blue tint and the scabbard is black and blue.


Astral Chaos: Pathway
Background music Virtuous Heart
Home to α Patroklos
"Harden your will, lest you succumb to the void."
— Narrator

This is Riley's Home stage. This is where he got transferred to when he became New Wielder of Soul Calibur.

This stage is also α Patroklos' Home Stage.

Theme Music

Virtuous Heart - Alpha Patroklos' Theme

Virtuous Heart - Alpha Patroklos' Theme

Riley's Theme

This is Riley's theme music in Soulcalibur V. This is the same theme as α Patroklos.


Riley is a confident and serious fighter of the group. Even though his somewhat humorous fighting quotes are meant to taunt his opponents, he is still serious about his work. He is a Neutral Good character.


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Second Oldest Brother of Nina Lind.

Younger brother of Henry Lind.

In love with Helen Collins.

A good friend of Mustafa.

Friends with Arkus II.

Renegade's close Ally.

Kevin Morton's Best Friend.

Trainee of Edge Master.



Riley and Soul Calibur

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