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Clara Scott (ァラ・コッ, T elaborate Ara) who goes by Violet (ヴィオぇ) as her nickname is a character that is part of the Soul series. She made her first appearance in Soulcalibur V and was one of the Main Protagonists in Soulcalibur: The Birth of The Brotherhood'. She was absent in the sequel Soulcalibur: Destined Warrior during the eight year time gap between 2012 up to 2020 where she later returns in Soulcalibur: A Legend Reborn as a Minor Protagonist.

What lies in her soul is Peace'.


Clara is wearing the Soothsayer's Hood and the Aristocrat Catsuit which reveals her cleavage and navel.

In her 2p costume, she is wearing a glossy black catsuit which covers up more of her body but still reveals her cleavage.



Fighting Style

Violet wields two short swords. She also carries small weapons such as jacks she throws on the ground and uses a fire element that bursts people sky high. She also has the power of transportation like Henry Lind does. She is considered a High-Tier Character. She shares the same moveset as Natsu does.


Based on her lines, she is a very sexually aroused character since she shares the lines of Femme Fetale. Other than that, she is a neutral character.


  • Care to dance with me?
  • Didn't I just tell you 'no'?
  • I like your style.
  • Sorry...Love pain?
  • Adorable
  • Having fun yet?
  • Hope you'll enjoy!
  • Want more?
  • This'll be good
  • Can you handle this?
  • Behave!
  • I like your stamina
  • Huhu...naughty
  • You like that?
  • You like it rough?
  • Farewell...
  • Now behave
  • As if!
  • You want a beating?
  • Come on!
  • It was fun
  • Let's go
  • Here we go!
  • Oh what fun!
  • Too easy
  • So...
  • How'd that feel?
  • This world is mine for the taking
  • Ugh, what a bore - While taunting
  • Oh i hate this! -Spoken when time's up
  • Wait!- spoken during Ring Out
  • Naughty.- spoken before Critical Edge
  • Taste this!- spoken during Critical Edge
  • You're too rough!- spoken during Guard Burst
  • I like your passion, we'll dance again sometime.


  • Violet is the most sexually oriented character in the group due to her quotes and appearance.
  • Both of her costumes are catsuits.
  • her secondary outfit almost resembles Black Widow from Marvel Comics. This is also the same reference with Hilde when you are editing her in  Character Creation.
  • So far, she happens to be the only character to be Canadian.
  • Clara has some French Ethnicity and is also French Canadian.
  • it is unknown why she nicknamed herself Violet though she is wearing pink clothing.
  • Clara is the only one absent in Soulcalibur: Destined Warrior


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