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"What ever I did ? I loved him..."
— Elen

Elen Hascoet (エレン・ハスコット, Eren Hasukotto) is a character the Soul series.

What lie in her soul is Probity and Consecration

She is referred to as The Tormented Soul.


Elen has long smooth blond hair with wavy tips and chestnut reflections, covering her discreet chest and her thin shoulders. She has a rather white skin.

The shape of hes eyes gives a blind confidence in her person. They are such as they give her an air of a sad girl in whom all our love has to return to her. She has very light brown irises.

The bridge of her nose is like a perfect curve with the tip slightly raised with fine nostrils.

She has raised cheekbones that strengthen the recess of her cheeks. She has thin pink lips.

The prominence of her chin does not exceed her lips and has a tiny dimple on her chin.

She has small ears and small lobes. She possesses a fine and elegant silhouette and all these elements give her the appearance of a young mature woman whose facies approached very nicely a juvenile figure.



Elen is kind, wise, benevolent, mindful, she's what we expected of a good Christian, but she's more than that. She is very comfortable with people, she knows how to confide and listen to others, she is very pious and devotes her whole life to religion. Elen can also stand firm when it comes to defending people or even can be annoyed with other pepople when she needs to.



  • Her sister name in the convent was Sister Élisabeth, the name that she maybe gave to her daughter later.
    • Her Grandmother was also named Élisabeth, but it is unknown if she took this name from her, and gave it to her daughter later.
  • Because she was born before the union of Britanny and France in 1532, she's breton and not french.
  • Elen is quadrilingual, but doesn't master them perfectly:
    • French, because of her region being under French control and speaking this language. It's her mother tongue.
    • Breton, thanks to her breton origins, and by the teachings of her father.
    • Latin, with her religious education.
    • German, with Victor. He taught her his language when they were children.
  • Elen is not married to Victor, despite being a devoted Christian. But she prendents that she is, because it was one of her wish.


  • Daughter of Mari and Erwann.
  • "Wife" of Victor.
  • Mother of Élisabeth and two dead infants.


The name "Elen" may comes from Ellen, abbot of Lancarvan from Ireland in the sixth century. Confused with the first name Helen, it began to be used in the feminine.

The family name Hascoet comes from an old breton name "Hoiarn-Scoet" wich means "Iron" (Hoiarn) and "Shield" (Scoet).


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