What I do now, I do for the good of all Olympus - Zeus

Zeus is the head of all the Greek gods and is considered the King of Olympus. He is the father of Hephaestus, Ares and Kratos. Soul Edge's interference with the Greek gods began when Algol created the blade. Zeus knew that the evil Soul Edge emitted would destroy the world of Gods and men. To prevent this from happening, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to send holy warriors like Sophitia to destroy Soul Edge. When Inferno possessed the skeleton of Cervantes, he drew forth the dark powers. After witnessing Siegfried's victory and the evil seed, Zeus was gripped with fear, but Ares had other plans. Zeus knew that civil war amongst the gods would be out of fear. A fear felt by Zeus' father: Cronus, a fear that wrought the Great War, a fear that drove Zeus to turn away from Ares. Just as Zeus was destined to dethrone his father Cronus, Ares was destined to do the same. However Zeus decided to kill Ares, to help with this Athena, his daughter, suggested to chose Kratos. For only a mortal trained by a god has a chance at killing Ares. So when Kratos killed Ares, Zeus knew that the cycle would end there. Jubilant, Zeus was there when Kratos was being crowned the God of War.

During Cervantes ending in Soulcalibur IV, Zeus hurles a lightning bolt down upon Cervantes which he blocks with Soul Edge.

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