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Demon Wolf is the character created by Unnamed and first appeared in SoulCalibur III. He is using Zasalamel's style with Mrity weapon, however, in SCV he changed style to Raphael's. What lies in his soul is Hatred.


Transcending history and the world, a tale of swords and souls will be eternally retold...

SoulCalibur 3.

Demon Wolf have never had another name. He was always blamed by people because he was "inhuman". Actually, Demon Wolf was a creature made of Chaos' energy. But the time... it has come. He met Zasalamel, who taught him to use the scythe in most deadly way he could ever imagine.

Demon Wolf didn't intent go get either Soul Edge or Soul Calibur, because they were sources of him being eternal exile. But he wanted to get reveng on the people who ashamed him before. And thus, he started to find wandering souls, take control over them and create a giant army.

With cold hate in his hearth, Demon Wolf launched an assault on the city where he lived. No matter how, he will make all citizens pay.

SoulCalibur 4.

Upon getting his revenge, Demon Wolf became a mercenary and an assassin. He was the legendary warrior, but at some time, he heard about Siegfried and Nightmare fighting in Ostreinsburg.

"This is a perfect chance! I can dispose of both Nightmare and Soul Edge, and thus, become a legend... No matter what it takes."

SoulCalibur 5.

Demon Wolf witnessed the best moment of the swords' clash 17 years ago.

He returned to normal world, and as 17 years passed, he didn't age. He has gotten a new suit of armor, a new weapon and style, but inside, he remained th same. Demon Wolf set off his quest to eliminate Graf Dumas, who has become his new archnemesis.

Personal Abilities

Demon Wolf is capable of consuming souls, controlling minds and becoming invisible. As of SC5, he gained a servant wolf spirit similar to E.I.N. and has an ability to control it. He also is able to turn into the wolf himself.

As a mercenary, Demon Wolf is blade master. In SC5, he has 12 different weapons: three knifes on the chest, two at the back, a small sword, demon, two pistols, claws an arrow.

Critical Finish

Final Accord: Demon Wolf opens a portal to Chaos, summuning huge number of lesser demons, and then commands them to attack his foe, killing them in the process.

Critical Edge

Final Сlimax: Demon Wolf uses his claws to cross-slash his opponent as he slides past them in a similar manner to a Patroklos. After the slide has been finished, chaotic claws appear from the air and attack the enemy.


Demonwolf is very evil one, put wery active villain. Sometimes he says about "Destiny which is broken by others, a soul consumed by nightmares and phobies". He is very clever and has a lovely black humor. Kunimitsu (lived long live like Yoshimitsu) liked him for his madness, power and activity.


-Wow, mighty warrior...It'll be funner then I thought.

-How do you think, who will win?

-Yohooo! It is wery interesting!

-Are you scared?

-It is not bad, now I am your host, it is nice.

-How are you?

-That's the teatime in Wounderland?

-You want a riddle.

-Ow, Im sorry, I didn't think what you will die...

-Training start! (with Ivy)

-I will control your mind. (with Sophitia)

-Don't stand on my way! (with Cervantes)

-Concradulations! You has just missed a chance to win!

-Nightmare, lets be friends! (with Nightmare)

-Hm, the only woman who doesn't need happiness...Let me kill you! (with Tira)

-Charade! How nice is it! ("Charade!" means "Oh my God!")

-Yoshimitsu is my enemy. Algol is my enemy. Who are you?

-Go down... Forever!

-People change. World changes. Only I REMAIN THE SAME!

-So, a new puppet master? - To Elysium.

-Whatever you do, wherever you go, I'm always close.

-Let us devour your soul.

-Return to your world. (with any guest but Ezio)

-You are too weak to survive here. (whenever defeating guest char but Ezio)

-Assassin must die. (with Ezio)

-So, this was Master Assassin? Futile. (When defeating Ezio)

-Lemme show you my disprise of you... Final Accord! - During his Critical Edge.

-Burn Burn Burn. - During his Critical Finish.



As Demon Wolf watched the clash of his fellows against villagers, he felt some sort of... guilt. About that he didn't do it before. "All love is burden. All life is burden." And Demon Wolf chose to remain in shadows and never to have relation to someone.


As the spirit swords clashed, Demon Wolf watched with smile. The best warriors, Nightmare and Siegfried, were about to kill each other. As Siegfried killed Nightmare, Chaos collapsed and Demon Wolf was forced to get away. Now, the swords are gone and there's no need for playing hero.

Years later, on his travels, he encountered Sophitia. Wounded and almost dead, she asked him to help, and so he did, hiding Sophitia in his lair until her final recovery.

Character revelationship

  • Archnemesis of Nightmare, reasons unknown.
  • Has a dislike of Ezio Auditore.
  • Was asked by Patroklos to protect Pyrrha after the events of SCV.
  • Former student of Yoshimitsu.
  • Was the one who saved Sophitia from malfested Tira.
  • Rock's sparring partner.
  • Saved Bangoo by Rock's contract.


  • Demon Wolf admired Nightmare's power, through they are enemies.
  • Hilde is the only one ho knows where his lair is.
  • He has a crocodile Infinite Pain, wolf Suffering and snake Controller, each with mind control ability (doesn't work on him or other demons) as pets.
  • Very clever, strong and beautiful one, nice psycholog.
  • Has crush on Mitsurugi
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