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Valung is a user created character that appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Understanding.

"I've lived in confinement for 4000 years. My people corrupted by Soul Edge. All I have left is the understanding that you die before me."

Valung Sunwatcher, heir to the throne.


Valung is the last of an ancient, sentient, race that was corrupted, then ultimately killed, by Soul Edge, called Te'Ail. Their skin was turned blue from the strong flow of corruption that seeped into their bloodstream. In his early life, Valung was the heir to the Sunwatchers throne. As a male, he began to grow horns at a young age. The shape, length and direction of the horns dignified his social status and heirarchy. At the age of 3, a tattoo of the sun was adorned on his face to signify his lineage, as it was done to all the men in his family.

After his father's death at the age of 1340, Valung was the next in line to claim the Sunwatchers throne. The Te'Ail were sceptical of the once prince and as a gift of new age and rule, Valung seeked out Soul Edge to assert his political and mythological figure. This act came with dire effects. 

A Te'Ail theif, by the name of Randal'ghasha, stole Soul Edge and claimed it to the people of Yrstrian, the capital of Te'Ail. The overwhelming sense of power and the lust for dominance sent each and every person into inept madness. The chemical process that made this madness occur caused their skin to drastically change hue and their to turn pitch black, but not long after, it would kill them.

Those still alive put the blame on Valung, as he was the king. He was placed in prison for life and was subjected to Soul Edge as his people had been, causing his skin to permeate blue and his eyes to darken, although, it did not seem to effect his vital organs negatively, but, instead preserved them permenately. Valung was to live forever, save for being slain. 

Valung would spend the next 4000 years in the prison as his kingdom perished to nature. Over the 4000 years, his cell and chains began to deteriorate, eventually allowing him to leave his prison. 

With his people dead and his kingdom gone, Valung had nothing. He went to seek console from his father in his grave, but upon entering the mausoleum where his father was buried, there was no tomb nor casket, but a sword. It was a sword made of gleaming gold, with a white-as-snow hilt adorned with royal Te'Ail markings. It was massive in size and weight. It was his fathers sword, Lu'k Thamer, the Guardian's Blade

Upon weilding the blade, a flash of light came over Valung, it terrorized and burned his flesh, blinding him, forcing his arms and legs to extend outward. Armor materialized over every inch of his body. Wings made of steel adorned his back. The armor gleamed with gold as bright as the sun. When the light went away, Valung heard his father's voice in his head, "The Sunwatcher."
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Valung in Sunwatcher regalia.

Soul Calibur V

Valung was now impowered by the Sunwatcher, purifying his soul and his madness from Soul Edge. He took it upon himself to spend his eternity seeking out the accursed Soul Edge and destroying it to reconsile for his people. It is brought to his attention through many years and months of traveling that Soul Edge is incarnated by Inferno and Elysium. He processes this information and begins to dwindle his own hope. Almost ending his quest. He could not defeat the anthropomorphic incantations of the dreaded Soul Edge, he thought. 

Finding Inferno

After giving up all hope on his revenge, Valung returned to his father's tomb to seek answers. His father responded, "Lu'k Thamer" was forged by the hand of the gods. It is the enemy's bane. The end to darkness. The Sunwatcher."

Valung understood his father's words, realising that his blade was the counter to Soul Edge. He seeked out Inferno and pierced the beast's heart with his blade. Inferno imploded on himself and let out a shock wave that shook the farthest reaches of the earth. Valung's armor crumbled under the pressure, and his blade dissinegrated as soon as it impaled his foe. Valung fell to the ground, the life had been taken from his body when he killed Inferno. As he lifted his last breath, his skin returned to it's original golden hue.


Upon Valung's death, he was ascended to the Sunwatcher's terrace where he was evaluated by the gods. He had redeemed himself according to the gods, but hadn't freed himself of the guilt that came with the plague that swept his race away. The gods made an arrangement: If he defeats the Sunwatcher in combat, he will be freed of all guilt and can return to the mortal world. 

After defeating the Sunwatcher, he asked the gods for one more request: To return life to his people and in return, Valung would keep his skin blue as a reminder of the mistakes he made and the challenges he faced.

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King Valung of the Te'Ail

The Te'Ail Today

Valung is the king of the Te'Ail. He now wears a mask to cover the tattoo that is on his face and adorns a set of golden armor that was forged for him by the gods. He has also reclaimed the Soul Edge, but due to his sacrifice and his bond with Lu'k Thamer, the blade no longer corrupts his mind. If he is not slain, he will rule forever.

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