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"Your species and creed mean nothing to me! All will die at my hands. Voulav, grant me your strength to punish this insect!"
— Konglong Adahmos
Konglong Adahmos, also known as Ognirgoth Voulav-Sharbtur (Terror Lord, servant of the Burning God), is the emperor of the Necronychus, a brutal and xenophobic alien race, who made his frist appearance in Soul Calibur V

What lies in his soul is Wrath.

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Note: This character is made by Hans the Walrus Prince, and cannot be edited without permission.

Character's History

Konglong was the third child of the Necronychus Royal Family, along with his siblings Idarza and Talin'ra. He and his family lived a lavish live in their palace undreneath the burning surface of the planet of Nubias until one fateful day, when Konglong and Talin'ra were assigned to lead an expedition into the planet's depths. Eventually, they stumbled across an ancient bridge suspended above a bottomless lake. A massive flying beast rose from the depths of the lake, landed on the bridge, and ignited itself. Konglong begged for it not to kill them as it drew near and fortuneatly, it found a mortal's pleas to be amusing. The monster introduced itself as Voulav, a remnant of an ancient race from before recorded history. Voulav offered a share of his power to Konglong and Talin'ra, in exchange for all the souls that he would need to regain his full power. But if they failed this task, Voulav would annihilate the population of their planet to reap the souls for himself. Konglong and Talin'ra returned to the palace with their newfound powers, and killed their parents and Idarza as they slept. The two took control of the empire, and began to root out and kill all of their parent's allies. Konglong lead his race into the stars, where their empire would grow in power until it would be unstoppable. Talin'ra's power outgrew that of Konglong, so he had her sealed away where she could not interfere with his rule. Ten thousand years later, Konglong began his purge to serve Voulav, but was stopped by a human named Erin Raven. Erin Raven was a messenger of the Solar Federation, an alliance between races that opposed the Necronychus. After the Raven convinced Konlong's allies to turn against him, she defeated him and the unsealed Talin'ra.


Konglong is short-tempered and vicious, but also pssesses great charisma. He is incredibly prideful, which results in him underestimating powerful opponents. Although he may seem to be a character of iron will, he often displays cowardice. When Konglong is intimidated, he calls upon Voulav for strength, giving him the upper hand in battle.

Fighting Style

Konglong shares his fighting style with Nightmare.

Critical Edge

Konglong's Critical Edge is the same as Nightmare's. He thrusts his sword in the air, igntes it, and preforms a monstrously powerful slash.


Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy

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