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Belphegor is a fanon character, first appearing on the game Soul Calibur: Spirits on Fire. He is one of the main enemies during the storyline, trying to possess and gain the power of the cursed sword Soul Edge


Belphegor is a demon, but in difference to popular culture, he doesn't possess skin, instead Belphegor is a skeleton, gifted with wings & an armor made of fire, such as his horns and part of his bones are covered with lava. His farmhands and boots are as well made of black bones, ornamented with sharp spikes. Belphegor has three horns, a pair of long horns and simply an indvidual, this are also taken as weapons, thy transmite & make the power inside him grow, turning Belphegor into an almost immortal and supernatural being. A big orb can be also seen between his hips and ribs, according to the storyline, this orb is the center of his life, if it ever gets destroyed, Belphegor will immmediatly die.


Fighting Style & Weapons




  • Belphegor was inspired by two already existing Soul series characters, this ones being Abyss & Night Terror.
  • His name is taken from a famous demon.
  • Apart from Felicia and Gium, he was planned to possess the Soul Edge, making him the final boss, however, the idea was scrapped.
  • It is never explained why he dislikes Nightmare so much. 
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