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Murton Barium is a created character that appears in the fan made video game Soul Calibur: Spirits on Fire. During the main storyline, he is the main protagonist, alongside the character of Felicia Orifon.


Murton appears as a young man with long dark brown hair, light blue eyes, wearing a simple armor from the Norsk viking ages. As the game progresses, Murton makes some modifications to it, such as adding silver wristbands, long metal boots and heavier equipment. He also possesses other atire while taking control of the  Soul Calibur sword, this custom is known as Odin's Knight and it drastically changes from the original one. Murton also has a stubble, such as his older brother Gium.


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Fighting style & Weapons

Murton's fighting style includes a variety of moves and attacks, that is mostly a major advantage from the character, making him almost impredicatble for others. Due to this, mastering is required to fully operate his attacks in order to cause proper damage and once the player has the control on Murton, he is hard to stop and a really dangerous character, making it one of the most powerful in the game. 

His main stance, known as fang av ulven (lit: Fang of the wolf) is a really important point on Murton's control. This stance can change up to have a powerful attack and also a really fierce deffense, able to block Critical Edges while fully performing it in a good way. Murton's range of attacks are effective, specially the Knyttneve av Thor (Fist of Thor) that's able to break strong deffenses from other characters. All of this must be known in order to make the character's control efficiently.

On the other hand, Murton possess many weaknesses, one of the most notable are his slow movements that they can be easily avoided by faster characters on the roster. His Critical Edge can also be easily counter if dodged, and with a more powerful attack, Murton's life can take serious damage due to this important sport. Another weakness that the opponent can use is Murton's speed, if playing with any other character, he would not be able to block most incoming attacks.


Murton's default weapon is a special Requiem called Sword of the Wolf. While on his Odin's Knight form, he possesses Soul Calibur. 


Described as a young and brave young warrior, Murton some times can be arrogant and bold, leading to most of his traits to focus just on himself. However, he also has a really caring part, mostly for his friends, family and close people, leading him sometimes to risk his own life, in order to save or protect them at all costs. Due to his strong will in believing, Murton can easily fulfill the desires he is after, always placed on a right side of justice and it's almost impossible to corrupt, but, he also shows some anti-heroic traits, sometimes, leading him to confusion. He also seems to be really selective when it comes to friendships, this can be seen various times throught the course of the game's storyline, such as refusing to team up with Raphael in order to get Soul Edge or to help several other characters, still, this behaviour is never explained on the game. 

Critical Finish


  • By the power of the elder gods, this victory will be mine! 
  • Walk away, while you still have a chance!
  • Friendships can end this way... - when engaging in battle against Felicia.
  • No matter what...I am going to free you brother... - when engaging in battle against Gium's Nightmare form.
  • You want to test yourself, brother? - when engaging in battle against Gium.
  • So, let's see how strong have you become - spoken to Helga in Battle Mode.
  • Faen! 
  • Thanks for taking your time, but that effot wasn't enough.
  • I told you to walk away...
  • You were...a thought one after all.
  • Gods...please forgive me! - spoken while losing by time out.
  • We are still friends, right? - spoken after losing against Felicia.
  • Impressive - spoken when losing by time out against Felicia, Helga, Patroklos and Viola.
  • Now, this curse shall end...forever! - spoken after defeating Gium's Nightmare form.
  • Sorry... - spoken when losing by time out against Gium's Nightmare form.
  • Curse you!
  • Drown in hell!
  • Odin gave me this power, now...suffer! - spoken during Critical Edge.
  • Jeg forbanner!
  • Haha - Taunt
  • By my power, Free yourself! - Taunt against Nightmare (both Gium and Graf), Pyrrha Omega, Tira and Voldo.
  • Don't Move.
  • Perish!
  • Don't stand in my way.
  • Face your destiny!
  • Succumb!
  • I'm not backing down...not at this point.
  • Not now! - spoken while Ring Out.
  • are really powerful.. - spoken after losing against Helga or Gium.
  • This ends now! - spoken after winning against Nightmare with Ring Out.


  • Son of an unamed father and an unamed mother, who died when he was 14.
  • Brother of Helga.
  • Brother of Gium.
  • Enemy of Nightmare and his apprentices.
  • Considered a rival by Raphael.
  • Felicia seems to share some feelings for him, althought, it is unkown if he does.
  • Defeated Angol FearAshlotte & Shura in a handicap match during the events of Soul Calibur: Spirits on Fire.
  • Both Patroklos & Pyrrha knew he would be the new host for Soul Calibur.
  • Lanis and him seem to share feelings.
  • Turned into a powerful Knight thanks to Odin.


  • His second costume has a similar look to Euronymous, the guitarrist of Black Metal band Mayhem.
  • When the game was released, he was mistaken for Siegfried, since no information on him was given at that time.
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