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Teotl is a fanon character appearing in Soul Calibur: Spirits on Fire. He is an ancient Aztec deity and one of the few characters on the Soul Series not to be from Europe or Asia. During the storyline, he has a really big role, helping various characters throught their tasks.


Teotl possesses "bronce" skin (a reference to the Bronce Skin People), with what seems to be tribal tattos over it. His eyes are totally yellow, and he also has long black hair past shoulder lenght. Teotl's dressing is based upon typical Aztec dressing, consisting on a loincloth, an aigrette decorated with long black feathers, two silver farmhands, long boots & a necklace made of skulls. The character also has face-paint, with just black & white colors. In his 2p costume, he also has a green cape and his skin color changes to red & the tattos are white.   


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Fighting Style & Weapons

His fighting style includes high and powerful punches & hand to hand combat. Teotl possess some powerful grabs, that are able to reduce the opponent's bar life quickly. Tonalli Yoleatl (translated as Soul of the Animal) is one of his most devastating attacks, due to it's intensity and speed, it makes it almost impossible to avoid.

But, not all of his attacks are fast and dangerous, this could be used as an advantage to beat him. When he is going to perform one of these mentioned punches, they are easy to avoid, casuing sometimes confusion to him, allowing the opponent to counter it and depending on the damage caused by this attack, Teotl's bar life can be reduced in a drastic way.

However, due to his weapon changes over the matches, movements may vary, causing the opponent to change tactics and plans.


Teotl uses a huge variety of weapons and punches, making him unpredicatble. Full control on these styles is required to have a full control over him.


He is described by many characters as a sadistic, blood thristy & savage rival, full of anger and vengance for the suffering of his now fallen empire. However, Teotl seems to have compassion & mercy for some, like, he chosed not to kill Felicia and Murton during their quest, he also showed some mercy for both Siegfried & Hilde. This conduct may deal with ancient Aztec words, that described gods & deities as fierce and powerful creatures, that when making them angry, would show no mercy.

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  • Teotl means God in Mayan.
  • Even after defeating Astaroth, they don't seem to have any rivalry.
  • During the main storyline, he calls Raphael a "Tlasoli" this word means thrash in Nahuatl.
  • There are some speculations that, he considers Cervantes a rival since Spain was the country that conquered the ancient Aztec empire.
  • When he finally found Soul Edge, he left Murton take care of it.
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