Omar Natoshima is a character in the Soul series, he appeared on Soul Calibur 3, 4, and 5


He had Black and White hair (Alternates). He wears a Black in White Jaket, with a popped collar. He had Jean like pants. A large Scar on his Face, and a tatto of a scorpion on his chest.


His mother Hikari, abandoned him when he was 6 months. She never wanted to care for him and hated Omar seeply, he was left under the care of his father Honshu. Omars father took care of Omar while searching for his wife. After 6 years his father gave up. He attempted to start a new life with Omar. But when Omar was 6, he was captured by the Scorpion Ninja Clan. The clan was a brutal camp for training ninjas. He was marked ( His scar on his face) with the sign of the clan. Omar went threw harsh training measures that were a blood barring test of determination, skill, and acrobatics. This training went on for 6 years until he was the age of 12. On that day, a member of the clan, about the same age as Omar attempted to escape. He was detected and killed. The leader of the clan deemed all the new ninjas (Omars cohort) to be subjected to punish. The older members of the clan were ordered to torture and beat them, one by one. When Omar was called in to be punished, he fought back. This broke one of the clan rules, and now had to Shi De-yuaru (Dual to the Death) the Master of the Clan. The master of the clan had never actually seen Omar. And when she did, she was in complete disbelief. Her own son stood in front of her. Eyes filled with rage, her own son had been in her charished clan for 6 years. She then was about to lunge when the place was stormed with officers. The clan members began to attack the officers. In all the chaos Omar fled for his life hoping to be killed. But his Mother trailed him, but was stopped by an Officer who cut her down her face, she fell down as other officers surrounded and arrested her.. The man then took Omar to safety. He promised Omar he would be safe from the ninjas. Da Zhao was the name of the Officer, he was the head commander of a Chinese protection Agentcy, and also his Uncle. He brought Omar to his palace. He attempted to keep Omar happy, and introduced him to his cousin Omey Zhao. But 2 months after, Omar left Dao Zhao and headed out to find his father.

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