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Mark Massey is the older brother of Shain Massey and rival of the Holy Sword Soul Calibur. He serves under Soul Edge. He is the soul of Pyrrha Ω What lies in his soul is Hatred


Mark wears a blackish gray shirt, black pants, and a belt with daggers on it around his shoulder and neck. His 2p costume is based on Z.W.E.I., but it is a dark shade of light blue.

Name Mark Massey
Birthday April 30, 1568
Age 36(Soulcalibur V)
Height 5"9
Weight 130 lb
Weapon Small sword & shield
Weapon name The Master

Father- Kyle



Appearances Soulcalibur V
Blood Type A+
Alternate Form Pure Mark


Mark was only 16 when his village was attacked. He only hates his brother because he was almost killed by Nightmare, but he stopped and asked him:

"Tell me, boy: do your parents love you? Do they care for you?"

Mark stammered a little bit but answered:

"No...they don't show any love or affection for me...they only cared of my little brother...Shain..."

"Do yo want them destroyed?"

Mark looked at him with an evil smile and agreed to help destroy his family.

Soulcalibur V

Soul Edge had told Mark that his brother was in Italy, where Soul Edge is currently hiding. He sent him out to defeat him, but gave him a black robe to keep him hidden. Mark had found Shain, looked away with frustration, then looked back at him. Shain called him, and Mark ran away.

"Come back!" Shain shouted. Mark lead him into an alley.

"Shain...." Mark started to say.

"Correct...that's my name. What's yours?"

"Mark.....Massey...."Mark said back."I was sent to destroy you!" Mark said against, with an evil ton in his voice.

"What!?" Shain exclaimed. And they engaged into battle.

Mark had lost in battle, and also regained his sanity. Shain walked away without a word.

Mark awoke in a somewhat holy scenery.

"Where am I...?" He had asked himself.

"You are in the Utopia of the Blessed." A tall woman in white, revealing attire had said.

"Who are you...?" Mark had asked the woman.

"I am what you humans call Soul Calibur. The holy sword, created to destroy Soul Edge. I sense his presence within you, mortal. State your name and occupation!"

"I am Mark Massey, a servant to Soul Edge." Mark answered.

"Unpure one..."the woman started,"...become pure once again."

The two engaged into battle.

"Ungh..." Mark had said. He had lost the battle to the woman. Leaving him weak.

"Unpure one....become pure once again!" and with that, the woman used an invisible force that attacked Mark and left him vulnerable. The woman depixelated and vanished inside of Mark's body, creating the form, Pure Mark.

"The world is purify..."Pure Mark had said.


Mark is loyal to anything or anyone against his family, for he feels hatred for them.

Alternate form:Pure Mark

Pure Mark is the alternate form of Mark, created by Soul Calibur as a new host for Elysium to destroy Soul Edge. Mark lost his body due to a loss in battle.

Pure Mark snapshot 2

Critical Edge

Mark says a phrase, and stabs his opponents in the stomach, lifts them up, and ribs the sword from them, whilst and explosion sends them sailing through the air.


Soulcalibur V-Astral Chaos: Crossing Points


Soul Calibur:Essence of Phaze: Thanatos


Soulcalibur V-

  • You will die...
  • Are you ready?
  • This is your fate!
  • I was sent to kill!-said against Shain in battle
  • Assasionation...complete.-said winning against Shain
  • I desire...vengance!
  • Noo!!-Said in a Ring Out
  • This isn't meant to be!!-said in a Ring Out
  • I failed you...-said after being defeated by Shain
  • Your my pleasure...-said to Nightmare in battle
  • I thought we had a deal...-said after being defeated by Nightmare
  • Give me Soul Edge!-said after defeating Nightmare


  • Shain Massey-brother/rival
  • Kyle Massey-father
  • Rina Massey-mother
  • Soul Edge-loyal master


  • Mark becomes a new vessel for Soul Calibur becoming Pure Mark
  • His quote "I desire...vengance!," is directed to Shain and his family
  • The "deal" in his quote "I thought we had a deal.." was supposed to be meant as Mark becoming immortal, because of his malefestation
  • Mark only appears in Soulcalibur V, due to the fact he was hiding with Soul Edge
  • Mark wears a black, sleeveless unitard under the black cloak he was givin
  • Mark and Pure Mark have some kind of resemblance: they are both controlled by someone great in power (Soul Edge for Mark, Soul Calibur for Pure Mark), and they both wear some kind of cloak: Mark's being black, and Pure Mark's being white.
  • In the quote, "I failed you..." he is referring to Soul Edge, failing his mission to destroy Shain

In-game Photos

         ==In-game Videos==

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay 2

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay 2

Mark Gameplay

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay-0

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay-0

  • This gameplay is based off of Mark's story mode costume in "Essence of Phaze."

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay-1

SOULCALIBUR V Mark Gameplay-1

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