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The Phoenix Rises

(SPOILERS: This is his role in the fanfiction "The Phoenix Rises") High above the clouds and beyond the mountains was the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, where men and women alike learned the secret arts of the staff and sword. Feng Dao was ranked 2nd among the others, doing whatever it took, even cheating to get his way to the top three. His goal was to beat his rival Xiba, whom was naturally gifted and was ranked 1st in the Ling-Sheng Su Temple.

During the final exams in which the students would demonstrate on front to the head monk, Master Kong Xiuqiang, Feng Dao, despite his potential, was rejected because he was not pure of heart. When the infuriated warrior went to attack the monk out of aggravation, Xiba blocked the blow and leapt into the coliseum, where the two fought. As a result of the enduring battle, Kong Xiuqiang chose Xiba as the heir of the Kali-Yuga, only fueling Feng Dao's hatred.

Later, Feng Dao isn't seen until after Kong Xiuqiang was murdered by Xiba, unaware of the horrifying circumstances that forced him to kill their master. Upon hearing Xiba break down and confess to the monks, he gathers a few other friends and attack the wild boy. As he is about to perform a fatal blow, the gang is fought off by another student Lea.

Feng Dao is later part of the battle against the Rogues; he does not hesitate to fight against the superhuman-sized Jarvis, whom knocks him out and injure him quickly. He is unable to fight the rest of the battle but afterwards, he makes an effort to let go of his grudge and congratulates Xiba for saving their temple.


Feng Dao is cocky and impulsive, heavily convinced that he should be the one to inherit the Kali-Yuga and not Xiba. He acts out with hostile against Xiba and claims they are rivals, despite the other young man choses to ignore him whenever he confronts him.

It is shown that albeit his brash personality, Feng Dao does have a sense of heroism, such as not hesitating to fight against the Rogues and he eventually accepts that the Kali-Yuga is not his destiny.


Feng Dao is a brawny young man with black hair kept in a thick pony tail pulled tightly back. He wears noble garments with tiger patterns and kusazuri pants.


Theme Music

  • Call of the Ancients
Soul Calibur III - Call of the Ancients (Yun-Seong)

Soul Calibur III - Call of the Ancients (Yun-Seong)

Feng Dao's Theme

Fighting Style

Feng Dao's fighting style is typically made of quick kicking combos reminiscent of taekwondo, mixed in with short, but strong and quick sword strike techniques. He can also be quite acrobatic with his kicks. The speed of his kick attacks are some of the quickest in the game and some of his sword techniques do a great deal of damage. However, some players complain that he is "cheap", being able to perform a quick succession of devastating combos by just button-mashing and repeating certain combos over and over. Although, he is a low to mid-tier character, he can be devastating in the right hands. Also, Feng Dao can build up momentum in combat, so it can be very difficult to stop him. There are some who do complain of his moveset, but this has mainly arose from the players relying mainly on sword techniques. It should be emphasized that his kicks are really his main weapon. Some also claim that Feng Dao's sword techniques are too slow, although in comparison to most other characters it's quite average.

Critical Finish

Hong-Style Prime Strike: Feng Dao kicks the opponent in the air and performs several attacks that make a Japanese sequence as he says the attack's name. He then poses as the opponent explodes in the background, but is blown away by said explosion.


  • It's really boring when I know I'm going to win.
  • I have no business with you, get lost.
  • Give up. This is the end of the line.
  • Not bad for trash.
  • So, you strong?
  • I can play with you for just a few minutes.
  • I almost feel like dancing! - Taunt
  • Let's see you cry! - Taunt
  • This... Is insulting.
  • I'll bury you!
  • Ready?!
  • You understand now?!
  • How's that?
  • You suck!
  • Despair!
  • You're hopeless!
  • You won't get away!
  • Party's over!
  • How's this sound?!
  • Let's have fun!
  • I'll show you!
  • Stay there!
  • Won't work!
  • A bit too slow!
  • Does THAT hurt?!
  • Here it goes!
  • Well that was a waste of time! (Chuckles)
  • Try and last a little longer next time, all right?
  • I guess this was your last day.
  • You truly are a sore loser!
  • Very good. That's the best screaming I've ever heard.


  • Feng Dao's voice type is Voice # 2, (Pitch + 15)
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