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Lea is a cute, Chinese young woman with fair skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. She is slim and petite.

In The Phoenix Rises Lea wears an Ashigaru shirt, almost camouflage colored with long leather pants and vagrants greaves and wears her hair in a warrior's ponytail. Her weapon is Qing Long.

In When Hearts Meet due to the nature of her "master" she is dressed very regally, and is always required to wear makeup and jewelry. She keeps her signature long hair but instead has it tied in a Grand Dame fashion.


The Phoenix Rises

(SPOILERS: This is her role in the fanfiction "The Phoenix Rises") High above the clouds and beyond the mountains was the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, where men and women alike learned the secret arts of the staff and sword. Lea was ranked 3rd in the academy, with her excellent swordplay. However, she wasn't always ranked so high; as she started training at a much later age than the rest of her peers.

Lea was an easy target for bullies, they mocked her shy and timid nature and teased her for being so far behind. While the fragile child would spend her time alone, she met Xiba, a young boy her age whom also spent time in happy solitude. They nearly became friends but when he tried to defend her while being picked on, he got attacked himself, receiving a black eye in the process. Feeling guilty over this, Lea avoided him as they got older but was determined to become strong enough to protect him one day.

When it was time for final exams to see who would be the heir to the Kali-Yuga, Lea was among the audience to witness Xiba be chosen as the inheritor by the temple's head master Kong Xiuqiang and makes a point to congratulate him. She is later seen in the story after Xiuqiang's murder informing Xiba and his father Kilik, unaware that it was his fault their master was murdered.

The night after, Lea sees their old classmates torturing Xiba as punishment when they find out he killed Kong Xiuqiang, unaware of his reasons why. Lea quickly defends him and brings him to her home where she mends his cuts and explains to Xiba that after he defended her, she grew more motivated to progress in her training so she could one day protect him in return. However, Lea is also in love with him, and when she tries to make a romantic approach suddenly and for fully, he rejects her, surprising Lea and causing her to insult him. Xiba then makes her regret her actions by stating she is self-centered like the rest of their peers.

In an effort to apologize, Lea arrives at his home the next morning, only to discover along with Kilik that Xiba has escaped the village and is going to Zhen Hang Mountain; a mountain where anyone who betrays the village is sent to starve to death. She is told to stay behind where it is safe, but the young woman follows the father from a distance. Lea then watches in horror as Kilik and Xiba are confronted by the Rogues; malevolent servants of the Evil Seed whom desire the Kali-Yuga to use it as a medium for their wicked powers. They cut the bridge leading between the two mountain ranges and Lea witnesses them plunge into the rapids below.

Bent on making sure Xiba is alive, Lea makes her way around the mountain trail and finds him the next day. The two, since Kilik had left to try and defend the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, grow close and bond with each other after she apologizes. That night, Xiba grows uneasy about his father not returning and he takes Lea with him to return to the village. However, they find Kilik's slaughtered body, and a heart-broken Lea watches her companion break down emotionally. She tries to comfort him, but Xiba's mind snaps and he rushes up the mountain to avenge his father, both unaware that it was a decoy left by the Rogue leader Jan.

They reach the temple, ambushed and covered with flames. People are trying to fight back, while Jan is interrogating Kilik for the whereabouts of the Kali-Yuga. Xiba and Lea are amongst the fighters, but caught off guard, Lea is injured in the process. Xiba, now enraged, lunges to kill the man who attacked her, but upon realizing she is alive, he regains his pure heart and lets the man go, forcing him to leave the village. Lea does not participate in the rest of the battle, as Xiba takes her to the infirmary where she needs to recover from her head injury.

Lea is seen after the chaos reuniting with Xiba and Kilik, whom he found out to be alive. The two remain very close after everything they've been through.


Lea is generally very reserved and timid. This nature is more prominent in the beginning of The Phoenix Rises. Though she dislikes the haughty attitudes of her classmates, she is polite and kind to all of them. She was older when she began training at the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, which made her the victim of mockery and teasing for her clumsy and slow progress. Despite this, she is a resolute young lady who was determined on becoming stronger, her more immediate goal was to protect Xiba.

When she comes out of her shell, Lea shows to be quite playful and spunky, maintaining her kind and mild-mannered demeanor. This is also the case in When Hearts Meet, though she lacks the general motivation of being happy due to Josef and Wanda's abuse.


Theme Music

  • Tempered Soul
    SCIV Tempered Soul 09

    SCIV Tempered Soul 09

    Lea's Theme

Fighting Style

Lea's fighting style resembles that of a Wushu practitioner. She is known for being unpredictable and confusing for an opponent as she has a lot of feint attacks in her arsenal. Her speed is on par with other quick Soul Calibur characters. She can put up a lot of combos to maximize damage. She can cancel most of her attacks and attack with a different one immediately to put the opponent off guard and exploit its weakness. What Lea lacks is strength; but her combos that veteran players use deal impressive damage to make up for this weakness.

Critical Edge

River of Stars Lea launches her opponent into the air, and slashes him/her three times while jumping and whirling in a circular motion. After landing, she strikes a pose, surrounded by lotus petals.


  • Will you fight me?
  • My, you look like fun!
  • What's this, over so soon?! - Taunt
  • Oh well! That's a shame! - Taunt
  • This will... End it!
  • Ready?
  • It's time!
  • Did that hurt?
  • You're mine!
  • I rather like this!
  • Now let's end this!
  • How rude!
  • Nuh-uh-uh!
  • Watch!
  • That'll leave a mark!
  • Play time... Is over!
  • Allow me!
  • This will... Hurt!
  • You like... This?!
  • How's... This?!
  • Huhu... You're mine!
  • Huh?
  • Well...
  • What?!
  • Thank you!
  • Well?!
  • It's over!
  • I think not!
  • So... Sorry! (Sarcastic)
  • Gotcha!
  • I will not lose!
  • Oh my~! - Spoken during a tremor.
  • NO! - Spoken during Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.
  • Gracious! - Spoken during Guard Burst.
  • No escape... - Spoken before Critical Edge.
  • Absurd! - Spoken during Critical Edge.
  • It's going to be another wonderful day!
  • Hehe, I win.
  • That was one good fight!
  • Try working a little harder next time.
  • How uncool! - Spoken when ringed out.
  • You'll pay for that! - Spoken when ringed out.
  • I was careless! - Spoken when timed out.


  • Her voice type is Young Lady (Pitch -7/Tone -9)
  • In The Phoenix Rises, Lea is actually an orphan kidnapped by Kong Xiuqiang as part of his search for a worthy heir of the Evil Seed. It is hinted that she is not the only captured orphan at the temple.
  • Lea makes her second appearance in the Fanfiction When Hearts Meet, but her backstory is altered completely.
  • Her look was inspired by Chinese actress Gong Li.


Lea again

Lea in When Hearts Meet

Lea 2

Lea's Second Design in When Hearts Meet

Lea alternate design 2 by soulsandswords-d6v76gu

Lea's Winter Clothes (When Hearts Meet)

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