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Irre is a fan-created, non-canon character in the Soulcalibur universe. Though he has been unsuccessfully trailing both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur at least two years before the Evil Seed was released, he did not make an appearance until Soulcalibur III, then again in Soulcalibur IV (and, by extension, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny). He reappears in Soulcalibur V, marking his 19th year on his hopeless quest.

What lies in his soul is Hunger


Irre is a man whose life has been marked by sequential tragedies, a symptom of having touched a fragment of Soul Edge. He's been orphaned twice, lost his best friend, his childhood crush, and his only fellow survivor, and, perhaps most egregious, been given a very poor, mostly generic backstory.

In all of his nonexistent appearances, Irre is looking for both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur; though his reasons seem to shift depending on what misfortunes others tell him that befell them on their own quest for either blade, his main goal has remained the same. It's possible the shards of each blade embedded in his palms are manipulating him into reuniting with their greater parts, though as he doesn't seem to seek the other fragments of Soul Edge, he could just be fulfilling both of his late adoptive parents' life goals.

Soulcalibur III

In the two years that have passed since he began his quest, Irre has managed to amass quite a few rumors, legends, truths, and even actual history on the opposing blades. Most important to him, though, is how the swords apparently haven't changed hands in quite some time. His only plan, though, is to keep following in their foosteps, hoping that they'll finally make the mistake of letting him get within striking range.

One night, after losing the trail when his lodgings burned down, he met a man with a scythe and scar who said he, too, was looking for both swords, and had been tracking them for far longer. The cloaked man claimed that he knew where next they were headed, and so Irre agreed to help the poor stranger cure whatever affliction only both swords together could cure. After Irre claimed them for himself, of course.

Soulcalibur IV

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Soulcalibur V

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Irre is a moderately dangerous individual. Mentally unstable due to being unable to cope with the series of unfortunate events in his life, magnified by the slivers of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur in his palms, he poses a threat to himself and to others. Willing to give up everything but his life in his pursuits, he has made himself notoriously wanted in several locations for his tendency to use brute force to extract information regarding Soul Edge and his preference for walking about with the strange blades he always has on his person.

Irre has an obsession for either duality or balance; this is made only more obvious by his alternative weapons' names and appearances, his combos and their names, and his desire for either Soul Calibur or Soul Edge but both, as well as with some of the 'paths' he takes in the Story modes.

He also seems to fancy the occult and religious, gathering not just facts about both blades but legends and history, as well. Again, his weapons' and combos' names and appearances reflects this.


Soulcalibur III

After Abyss explodes, both blades land point-first in the ground before Irre. The player is then prompted to choose either the left or the right directional buttons, but pressing any of them can change his ending.

Pressing down, which doubles as the default ending, has Irre staring at both swords before falling on his knees and crying, bemoaning his losses over the years and insulting the "criminal" that made these "cursed, clashing cleavers." The respective aura begins to radiate from each blade, as do his hands; as the screen fades to black, Irre's crying becomes maniacal laughter.

Pressing left has Irre choose Soul Edge with his left hand, the "sword of destruction and freedom." As his eyes glow red and an aura surrounds him, Irre claims how he will liberate this world from its chains of unequal law and free the people from the tyranny of unjust rulers. The screen then shifts to Irre cutting down a random bypasser in an unknown town at night—Soul Edge is notably still in its sword form and now in his right hand, though this may have been an oversight due to being rushed—and proclaiming the man freed of his bonds.

Pressing right has Irre choose Soul Calibur with his right hand, the "sword of rebirth and order." As his eyes glow blue and an aura surrounds him, Irre claims how he will save the world from the path of devastation that the corrupt masses have set upon. The screen then shifts to Irre cutting down several generic-looking noblemen at a gathering in what looks like a palette swap of Ivy's manor—Soul Calibur also in its Zweihander form, probably for the same reason as Soul Edge—telling their corpses that civilization needs to start completely over first.

Pressing up has Irre take both blades in their respective hands, each eye and blade glowing their respective colors and both auras seeming to merge around him, and lifts them both above his head, a smile on his face. He begins monologuing about the lack of difference between good and evil, order and chaos, and seems about ready to just call everything quits now that he has what he wanted. The screen shifts to a bustling city at twilight, people falling as Irre cuts down citizen and soldier alike. He growls how the blades won't just let him stand by, and that both seem to have their own agendas, so he'll just get rid of everyone until there's no one, good or bad, left standing in hopes of silencing them. He is then seen running towards a castle before the screen fades.

Soulcalibur IV

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Soulcalibur V

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Fighting Style

Irre uses his weapon-of-choice in a similar manner to tonfas, using what is called 'tonfa kata', modified to fit with the fact that he uses pointed blades rather than smooth, rounded wood as is customary and sane. He also seems to have taken some form of martial arts, as some of his attacks mirror karate chops instead of slicing, as with swords, or smashing, as with tonfas.

Irre is the closest thing to balanced the Soul series can offer in all of his appearances, which puts him pretty low in terms of usefulness in the fighting games; that he doesn't exist isn't helping that status. He doesn't excel at any one, two, or even three stats, being not-too-fast or none-too-strong with a maybe-above-average reach. His comboes are quick and easy to input, but many lack useful knockback or priority when compared to better fighters or more competent players, and few have anything special going for them other than a higher chip damage and somewhat easy lead-in into other comboes, though he does have an inordinate number of Anti-AI Moves.

Critical Finish

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Irre wields a pair of customized tonfas. The handles are modified blade hilts for grip with the blades used in place of the blunt wooden shafts, with straps to go around his wrists and arms in case he needs to use his hands (as disarming himself seems to be out of the question). The blades themselves are made of tempered steel, and are two long blades twice the length of Irre's forearm that were slid through their hilts to hold them in place, leaving an area for defending or less harmfull attacks. Both blades reach from Irre's elbows and extend half an arm's length beyond his hands.

His alternative weapons follow the same general shape, with slight variations. Behemonth, for examble, looks like it was crudely carved from stone, while Leviathan has a wave-style blade.

  • The Serpent's Fangs (1P Default)
  • The Serpent's Fangs (2P Default)
  • Behemoth and Leviathan
  • Seraph's Wings
  • The Dragon's Fangs
  • Soul Edge & Soul Calibur (Legendary)
  • Cheese and Baguette (Joke)
  • The Ancient
  • Seraphic Wings
  • Oni's Nails
  • Soul Edgeless & Soul Calipoor (Joke)
  • Pain and Pleasure
  • Love and Death


Soulcalibur III


The top of an enormous clocktower built solely to honor the passage of time. High above, the moon glows bright, seemingly split in twain by the forces of evil as it shines two different colors. In truth, the sky is two colors, an aura caused by the coelescing forces of good and evil. Only from this place of neutrality can one appreciate both colors at war as they seem to wax and wane with the powers of good and evil.

High atop the city, closest to the sky in this region, huddles a lone shape called the "vanishing gargoyle" by the locals. No other statuary inhabits the top, and older citizens cannot remember seeing it there years before. On some nights, the gargoyle is not on its perch, and it said that during those times, it is on the hunt. Whether for justice or flesh depends on the opinion of each citizen asked.

Soulcalibur IV

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Soulcalibur V

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Soulcalibur III

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Soulcalibur IV

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Biological Mother/ Unknown (Deceased)

The angelic face seen in Irre's dreams is believed by Irre to be that of his mother.

He's correct in this assumption.

Biological Father/ Unknown (Deceased)

Irre has no idea who this man might be or what he might look.

Unknown to him, the man who murders his mother in his dreams is his father.

Adoptive Father/ Constantine Wahnsinnig (Deceased)

A man who, out of the kindness of his heart, adopted and cared for the orphaned six-year-old. Too bad the same heart caused his death.

Constantine had been searching for clues to the Sword of Souls and Power (Soul Edge), looking for it in order to destroy it (certain that he'd be the one to resist it's power), when he'd found Irre in Siccily. A small shard of the cursed blade had led him to the boy, seeking its sibling embedded in Irre's palm.

Adoptive Mother/ Priscilla Wahnsinnig (Deceased)

A woman who raised Irre as if he were her own. Her love would later fuel Irre to vigilantism, then murder.

Priscilla was one of the many who had been searching for the revered Sword of Salvation (Soul Calibur) in the hopes of claiming it for herself to protect those she loved. She later married Constantine in order to get closer to finding it, but later fell in some form of love for him.

After Constantine died, she was left alone with either the children or her search.

Adopted Brother/ Victor Kokkino-Wahnsinnig (Missing)

Irre's closest and only male companion, as well as his elder. Their friendship was more of a rivalry that eventually led them down separate paths.

Irre doesn't know that Victor had left in order to improve his skills, as well as his body, mind, and soul, in order to surpass who he thought of as his rival. Unfortunately, he was captured by a cult that performed horrifying experiments on his body during his search for a tutor and trainer.

Adopted Sister/ Vanessa Vermeil-Wahnsinnig (Missing)

A girl Irre treated as a regular sibling, the only sibling younger than Irre. She and Irre were the only two to escape the house after it caught fire. After she left, Irre had no one left and finally fell into a true, lonely depression.

Vanessa had held a crush for Victor and saw him as a protective sword and shield, a view exemplified after the fire. She left Irre in search of Victor, seeking his help or to help him.

Adopted Sister/ Valencia Rosso-Wahnsinnig (Deceased)

A girl Irre thought was quite pretty. After he hit puberty, Irre attempted to woo her, but never received the same amount of attention or respect he showed his oldest sister. She was the first living person Irre had fallen for, though it wasn't true love.

Valencia secretly despised her adopted siblings, all of them younger than her, all of them arriving after her, all of them stealing a little bit more love only she deserved. She wanted to be the only one to receive her parent's love. She is responsible for hers and her mother's deaths.

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