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Lyra Heidrich is an orphan of war, the adopted daughter of an ex-Grandall commander living in one of the many refugee towns near the country of Germany. She was raised into using the weapon, Halberd

"A child engulfed in a soothing light...."

A young Grandall commander by the name of Francis Heiderich, while patrolling a ruined town of Malatta (spelling?), spotted a strange sight near some rubble which once was a building. A small girl laid in a bundle of rags, her hand clutching a glowing shard which seemed to form a soft barrier around her. As the commander went closer towards the little girl, the shard seemed to fade away, soon disappearing completely into the girl as Heiderich picked up her small frame. Confused at what had just happened, the commander carried the bruised but not seriously injured child back to his basecamp.

Soon afterward, while in a refugee town for victims of war and weary soldiers, the little girl woke up to see Heiderich concernly treating her bruises. She seemed to have no memory about where she came from or who her family was. She only remembered fire, a warm light embracing her, and her name: Lyra.

Heartbroken at the young girl's amnesia, Heidrich soon adopted the little girl as his own daughter, soon leaving his spot as Grandall Commander just so that he can raise Lyra properly.

Soul Calibur III ("I saw this girl selling herbs and flowers, she couldn't stop smiling...wish more people were like that." --Cassandra to Talim)

Lyra, now 14 years of age, does not have a big part in Soul Calibur III. In the same small town she was raised in, Lyra sells certain flowers and herbs from the forest near her home. Her adoptive father, now a trainer for beginning fighters, has also trained Lyra in the art of using the Halberd, a weapon he himself once used on the battle field.

Lyra seems to be a great admirer of the sword and shield wielding warrior Cassandra, who she saw battling bandits who threatened to steal the young girl's money. She even went as far as hugging the older girl in thanks, saying that she was forever in her debt.

"When I grow stronger...I want to be like her!"

Soul Calibur IV ("I even the smallest piece of holy light...can be found in a mere child..." -- Zasalamel while observing a sleeping Lyra)

Lyra begins to get more involved into the plot as she learns about the two swords, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Just the mere mention of the latter spirit sword caused Lyra's head to hurt, almost making her fall into a slight trance. What the girl did not know was that the shard from so long ago, the warm light that protected her was actually a small fragment of Soul Calibur, which had found it's way to the child when she was in the threat of danger. It now laid dormant inside her body, awakening every once in awhile to protect Lyra or grow stronger.

One day, while hearing more stories of the cursed sword and the 'Azure Knight', as well as the spirit sword and the 'mysterious man clothed in silver armor', Lyra once again ran into Cassandra and practically tackled her to the ground in happiness. After the reunion, Lyra asked where Cassandra was going. When hearing that she was going to try to find her sister Sophitia and Soul Calibur, her heart seem to freeze. Cassandra was looking for the spirit sword!?

'Let me go with you...' Cassandra couldn't believe her ears, this...kid wanted to go with her? After several refusals and attempts to explain how dangerous it was, Cassandra looked into Lyra's eyes, showing how determined she was as if...something willed this girl to find the sword...she needed to find it....With a loud sigh, Cassandra finally agreed to let Lyra journey with her to find her sister and the two swords.

Grabbing her Halberd from the house and leaving a 'Goodbye' letter to her father, Lyra ran after Cassandra and set off on her journey....

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