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Full Name: Domanic Nelson Xian

Age: 18

Birthplace: England

Birthdate: November 17, 1870

Height: 6'0" (160 cm).

Weight: 172 ibs .

Blood Type: Originally B, changed to Magical infusion/magiblood from his practice on medical magic

Weapon: Thin blade.

Weapon Name: Separation

Fighting style: Pieced together.

Family: Mother and father were killed, but it's not known if the mother killed the father or the father killed the mother, and the murder was killed in a house collapse. Dom knows his master and training partners as his family

Appears In: Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV

First Game: Soulcalibur III


Xian stands rather relaxedly. His hair is blue, in the past is used to be brighter but he darkened it, and is rather lean. Commonly he will wear his blue silk shirt and pants, given to him by a grateful noble after dispatching a group of thieves plaguing the area. He will wear a necklace with one side that says "murder" on it and on the other side says "focus". He will sometimes sport a purple headband to remind him that he is always in training, always learning more. He seems to have a taste for common shoes.


Soul Calibur III: Xian Had not been in training for years, and started worrying that he had lost his edge, so he decided to go on a quest to conform his training. During a sparing match with a man who had a similar weapon to the one he used, Xian found out about a sword that was supposed to be cursed.He wondered if that was the opposite to the blue colored magic that he had sometimes used. After investigation, he found that he always used the blue magic whenever he came into contact with a shard of the evil sword, as an almost magical defense against it. Soon after he started looking for the sword, a man came around and offered him information about the weapon and his magic. After an ambush from the man, he had to face a piece of himself that was born from the magic, but actually the piece was not of himself and it was what made the strange energy that he called magic. The defeat of the being allowed him to control the magic on his own, and he realized how good it was for repairing and healing over everything else. After a considerable search, he finally came upon a solid lead to the place of the sword, and apparently it had an opposite. After he got close enough to the resting place of war, he realized that both energies were tainted by greed, but the energy that was similar to his own was too weak to act on it, and had to rely on the will of others.

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