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The Soul Calibur Chronicles

SCC Cover 1

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Soul Calibur Chronicles Game Covers
Developer(s) SoulGauger

Project Soul

Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4
Released September 4th 2015 (Japan)
September 8th 2015 (US)
September 14th 2015 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL, Digital download
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega
Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega - Back in Time

The Soul Calibur Chronicles (ソウルキャリバークロニクル, Sourukyaribā kuronikuru)' is a game in the Soul series and it takes place before and within the events of Soulcalibur IV , Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends and Soulcalibur V

The Story

In the world of Soul Calibur there are always 2 things what always comes back, the battle between Soul Calibur the spirit sword and Soul Edge the cursed sword and the never ending battles between Siegfried and Nightmare

But in between this there are different story's to be told about the many characters in the world of soul calibur and their own destenies and goals and how they are going to forefill them on their own with the help of friends or just fighting alone.

In The Soul Calibur Chronicles the player goes on his own journey to forefill its destiny to claim what it really wants and that is Fame, you will travel in between 3 time periods that of Soulcalibur IV, in the world of Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends and in the new world of Soulcalibur V.

On the many adventures in the three worlds the player will encounter new and older charasters from the previous Soul Calibur games like Taki, Talim, Mitsurugi but also the Legends itself the rivals Siegfried and Nightmare.

As all story's becoming forefilled also The Player will receive experience points to unlock fighting skills and battlegear like new powerfull finishing moves and much stronger clothing along the way, also the player will battle in single and Tag-Team battles with other characters if the time is right to have a double battle.

Each time a battle ends The Player will receive battle points for the skills it used and Experience Points the better the fight was the more points it will receive, at certain points The Player can call the Spirit Orb as an angel named Yuner will appear and use the Powerfull Finishing Move called: Spirits Unite, this move will end the battle in one single hit against the opponent, but when using this move the player will lose points of choice cause the usage of the move requires battle or experience points that the player will have to chose between to pay with.

In the three worlds where the player will travel in is an Open World, in this open world the player can travel to different places that are familiar in other Soulcalibur games, next to the locations that the player must visit to batle there are also side quests around to gain more battle or experience points

Near the end of the third world (Soulcalibur V) the battles are getting more difficult will require more skills and moves then the previous fights also certain Mission Objectives must be aquired to finish the battle, one of these objectives are in a match against Algol the objective is: Score one Ring Out against Algol also more Objectives will be shown and must be done to accomplish the battle.

In the last section of the game the player will travel trough Time Portals as it eachtime will land on a battlefield to fight a strong opponent as the player manages to beat the opponent a new portal will appear as it will head to the next battlefield, at the end The Player must defeat a large horde of clones of past characters which the player already battled in previous fights, if all clones are defeated a new Portal opens to reach the end battles against two powerfull opponents the first battle is against a mimic style opponent afterwards as the last and final battle of the game the player will battle against the last opponent who test out the skills that the player has learned along the way.


Main/Tag Team Partners

Taki The veteran ninja that sometimes will assist the player in battle or tag-team fights

Siegfried He will be the first traveling partner of the player while he takes you on some missions troughout the land

Eliana She is the guardian of the Spirit Orb, the player must defeat her to obetain the Orb, She will also appear as a tag battle partner at some battles

Namaah She appears to assist the player in the 17th battle against Nirvana

Leandra She will sometimes be the player's Tag Partner in some battles

Battle Characters

Algol The one who uses his whole body as a weapon

Tira She will appear to stop the player reaching the Tower of Remembrance

Hilde The princess of wolfkrone kingdom challenges you to see or you are worthy

Xie Tian He owns a map that shows the last battle location with the final opponent of the game

Rock You will meet him in the Forrest and fight him

Ivy She awaits you at her home for a duel

Seong Mi-na She fights in a tag battle together with Yun-seong in the manison garden

Yun-seong He fights in a tag battle together with Seong Mi-na in the manison garden

Nightmare he will appear sometimes on serval missions, you must defeat him to continue

Shura This swordswoman is the final opponent on the Soulcalibur IV map, she has an all new style with her Twin Katana's and won't be easy to beat, in the Rise of Legends map she will assist the player as its tag partner against Algol

Cervantes He awaits you on his ship

Raphael He will fight against the player in a tag battle with Amy

Amy She will against the player in a tag battle with Raphael

Yoshimitsu This warrior awaits you in front of the hidden Temple

Setsuka She will test you inside the temple or you are worthy enough for a special mission, as the player will also control setsuka in a battle

Kilik He guards the temple where to find a special object the Soul Calibur Iai Sword Form

Xianghua She will take you to her home to refresh yourself

Lizardman This character appears in the vulcanic badlands

Sophitia She fights in a tag battle together with Cassandra in the garden

Cassandra She fighhts in a tag battle together with Sophitia in the garden

Edge Mistress She appears in the last map of the game

Leandra Ω She appears in the last map of the game

Millicent She appears in the last map of the game

Dark Yuner This evil created by Dark Energy from the Astral Realm faces you in the last map of the game

Zasalothe She appears in the last map of te game

Yuriko She appears in a tag battle with Tsubasa as her partner

Tsubasa He appears in a tag battle with Yuriko as his partner

Alexandra She appears in the last map of the game

Galizha This assassain from the Astral Realm is always in a search for new opponents as she has encountered the player and fights you on the last map of the game

Nirvana It appears in the last map of the game

The triplets These three demonic youngsters are not easy to beat as they appear in the last map of the game

Rima She appears in the last map of the game

Creeper This minion of Rima joined its master in this tag battle in the last map of the game

EdgeDragon This opponent will battle you on the last map of the game

Deker She appears in the last map of the game

Draiden He appears on the last map of the game

Demon Sanya He appears in a tag battle together with Lexa as his partner in the last map of the game

Lexa She appears in a tag battle together with Demon Sanya as her partner in the last map of the game

Robo Knight He appears on the last map of te game

Asisstant Characters

Yuner call the Spirit Orb and choose her to unleash the Spirits Unite Move

Tsuneharu call the Spirit Orb and choose him to use some powerfull upgrades (wich will vanish after the battle)

NPC Characters

Talim This wonder of nature provides the player with knowledge how to fight in different battles

Ranca She will give the player sometimes a mission to gain more battle or experience points

Mitsurugi This swordsman will sometimes encounter the player to test the movements of battle

Astaroth He will be beaten by Yuner instandly by using the Spirits Unite option

Boss Characters

The Guardian Had been created by Spyridon Calibur as a guardian while it was restoring itself, its duty guarding Soul Calibur's Resting Place

Spyridon Calibur Was created inside the Orb of Soul Calibur at first it was only existing as an Aura it later got a humanic form

Game Modes

1 player modes

2 player modes

  • Versus mode
  • CPU vs CPU
  • Training

Character Creation

  • Create a-Soul - (create you own uniqoue character and play with it offline or online)
  • Create a Weapon - (create you own weapon as you can choose between different parts to make you own unique weapon)
  • Create a Voice - (create you own voice for your character choose between different samples of voices as you can make you own intro voice and victory or losing a battle voice etc)
  • Create a Style - (create you own unique style with different movesets and also create you own unique combo's)
  • Create a Posé - (create you own intro's and victory pose's for your character you can also make a pose when you character has lost a battle)

Online Modes

  • Versus
  • Special Versus
  • Ranked Match
  • The Colosseum


  • Replay Theatre
  • Illustrations and Concept art Gallery
  • Game Settings
  • Music Studio
  • Level BGM

Game Mechanics

Story Modes

At the very start of The Soul Calibur Chronicles The Player can choose his own fighter and create it as it pleases the player you can choose between

  • Gender (male of female)
  • Fighting style/Weapon (choose between different styles and weapons)
  • Hairstyle
  • Face
  • Body shape
  • Basic clothing
  • Coloring (body, hairstyle, clothing and more)
  • Name (create a name for the created starter character)

Once the player has made his/her character the advenrture starts

The player will start his/her adventure at the newly beginning events of Soulcalibur IV

  1. Chapter 1 - Opening - The Opening cutscene will be shown
  2. Chapter 2 - Basic Training - Mitsurugi will test your skills and explain how the battle system works)
  3. Chapter 3 - Exploring an open World - You will enter the open world and be explained how the world map works
  4. Chapter 4 -The first mission - The player will meet up with Siegfried, he will take the player on some missions to assist him
  5. Chapter 5 - Nightmare's first encounter - As the player travels with siegfried arriving in a city wich is totally destroyed by the azure knight nightmare
  6. Chapter 6 - The destructed city - After defeating nightmare, the player and siegfried will do some research among the destroyed town
  7. Chapter 7 - Signs of more trouble - More malfested people will attack you, defeat them all
  8. Chapter 8 - Taki's shadow - Taki joins the player and siegfried to beat the hordes of malfested people
  9. Chapter 9 - Leaving the town and move on - Once the player defeated all of the malfested people, siegfried will remain behind as the player will move on in the company of Taki, she will help you to find the next destenation
  10. Chapter 10 - Vulcanic badlands - Once on the next location of the open world map it brought the player to the vulcanic badlands as you must across it to reach the next location by beating some strong enemies
  11. Chapter 11 - The island battle - As the player moves on in the vulcanic badlands the ground startes to shake and vanishing underneath you as you reach a safe spot in the form of an island, but you are not alone here as an enemy awaits you
  12. Chapter 12 - Leaving the badlands, (cutscene) - In this cutscene the player leaves the vulcanic badlands as you will be stopped by Taki who returns to your side as she tells you she felt a strange appeareance in the deserted castle that lies ahead of you, as you and Taki heads to the castle a dark shadow watches you (end of cutscene)
  13. Chapter 13 - The deserted castle - The player and Taki reaches the deserted castle, Taki leaves you to do some investegation deep inside the castle as Taki asks you to keep on guard as you waiting for Taki to return the guard statues will come to life and attacks you
  14. Chapter 14 - The Rescue - As you still waits for Taki to return and it takes to long, you will enter the castle as you will find Taki in the grasp of Nightmare, you must defeat the azure knight and save Taki
  15. Chapter 15 - The Spirit Orb - After you saved Taki she will thank you by giving you a Map, This map will lead to a Cave where the player will find a very special Stone called the Spirit Orb, Taki leaves you behind as she takes her own travel again
  16. Chapter 16 - Eliana - Once headed to the Cave to find the Spirit Orb you arrived at the entrance and will enter it as you reach the end of the Cave an unexpected welcome Awaits you
  17. Chapter 17 - Using the Spirit Orb - (cutscene) When Eliana is beaten she will receive you the Spirit Orb as all the sudden an Astaroth appears who will try to steal The Orb from you to drain its power as you activate the Orb and the Spirits Unite move is used for the first time (end of cutscene)
  18. Chapter 18 - The Sorell Battle - Once leaving the cave and obetained the Spirit Orb you will travel to a large tower in this tower a fierce Tag Battle against Raphael and Amy awaits you
  19. Chapter 19 - The Tower - After the Sorell battle you will travel to the last location of the last fight the Tower of Remembrance, while travelling to the tower you are stopped by Tira as she wants to hold you off reaching the tower
  20. Chapter 20 - Last Battle - With Tira defeated the way is open to reach the tower of remembrance, once inside the Final Battle awaits you as Shura will be the last opponent and she will stop at nothing to beat you
  1. Chapter 1 - The New World - Once in the new world you have to face a new opponent as a test how strong you are this opponent is Mitsurugi
  2. Chapter 2 - The Alexandra Sisters - Once moved on you will reach a new location in the form of a big garden in this garden two Girls will welcome you as they want to battle as Sophitia and Cassandra are awaiting you
  3. Chapter 3 - Leandra - With the Alexandra Sisters left behind in the garden you will move on to the next location as a woman named Leandra joins as she will travel alongside you, but not before she tested you in a Battle
  4. Chapter 4 - Wolfkrone - Together with Leandra you will travel to Wolfkrone Kingdom as you will seek for a clues that would lead to a new dangerous enemy, once there Hilde will test you in battle
  5. Chapter 5 - Xie Tian's Test - Still joined by Leandra you will arrive in a forrest where you will find a man named Xie Tian, he challenges you to a one single duel before getting where you came for a Map to the final location
  6. Chapter 6 - The Map (cutscene) - Once beated Xie Tian he will give you the map as you will read this map as you will find out that the location you need to go is still far away, after reading the map you leaving the forrest still in the company of Leandra as you head off to the next location (end of cutscene)
  7. Chapter 7 - The Rhino Man - Still in the Forrest you will hear a sound as you investegate this sound you will end up with Rock as he looks angry and wants to fight you, You and Leandra will team up to fight him
  8. Chapter 8 - The Hidden Temple - Once leaving the forrest Leandra will decide to leave your side as she will continue her own journey, after travelling you will reach another forrest but this forrest is dark and full of strange creatures as you will reach an open spot with a Temple in front of this temple a warrior named Yoshimitsu awaits you to give you a test of his own kind
  9. Chapter 9 - The Secret Mission - Inside the temple after beating Yoshimitsu you will find Setsuka this lady with the umbrella sword will ask you to help her on a special mission as she first will test you in battle or you are worthy enough
  10. Chapter 10 - Kilik - After proven yourself worth to Setsuka you will be sended on a Special Quest joined by Setsuka as you will travel to another temple but this temple is guarded by a fierce fighter named Kilik who will not allow anybody in the temple with no reason and no good battle, beat him to advance into the Temple
  11. Chapter 11 - Soul Calibur Iai Sword Form - After beating Kilik you and Setsuka will enter the temple as you will reach a big room with in the middle a statue, this statue holds the Soul Calibur Iai Sword Form in its hands this is the special treasure where Setsuka was looking for once got the blade the staute comes to life and knocks out the player's character as you will take control over Setsuka to beat the statue
  12. Chapter 12 - The Docks - With leaving Setsuka behind you will move on as you will reach soon the docks and you will go aboears a random ship cause you need to across the sea to the next location, But this ship belongs to the pirate Cervantes as he wants to throw you overboard after he defeated you..
  13. Chapter 13 - Xianghua (cutscene) - Beated Cervantes as you will steal a small boat from his ship and you will go on further on you own once reached the land again a woman named Xianghua is waiting for you as she will take you to her home to get some new Clothings (end of cutscene)
  14. Chapter 14 - Xianghua's Battle - After refreshed yourself Xianghua will give you some tea as all the sudden her home will be attacked by a bunch of Thugs, you must assist Xianghua and take out all of the thugs
  15. Chapter 15 - The Snake Sword Showdown - After beated all the thugs together with Xianghua you will leave her home as you travel to a new location in the form if a giant house this house knowed as Valentine Manison is the home of Ivy she uses a snake sword as her weapon and she welcomes you with a challenge
  16. Chapter 16 - A Fierce Couple - When Ivy is beated she will take you to the garden in the back of the manison, after refreshed yourself you will encounter a couple who are sparring in the garden this couple is a very strong team as Seong Mi-na and Yun-seong will Challenge you to a tag battle as Ivy will be your tag partner in this battle
  17. Chapter 17 - Nightmare's Return Part 1 - As you will leave the valerntine manison after winning the last fight you will set up a quest for the last location what can be found in the map received from Xie Tian as you will head to an old castle where you will encounter Nightmare again as he wants revenge for his loss in your previous encounter with the azure knight
  18. Chapter 18 - Nightmare's Return Part 2 - After beating nightmare he will stand up as he summons his minion forward as you will encounter a brainwashed Siegfried he and Nightmare will battle you in a tag battle
  19. Chapter 19 - Freeing Siegfried - When Siegfried and Nightmare are both defeated nightmare will vanish as siegfried will be released from soul edge's grasp as he thank you and will give you a Key what will open the way to the last location
  20. Chapter 20 - Final Battle, Enter the Astral Realm - Finally you have reached the location of the map as you stand in front of a huge tower with on the top a large battlefield, this tower knowned as the Sky Tower is the final battleground as you will encounter Algol the creator of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, in this last and fierce battle you will be assisted by Shura who returns as your tag partner
  • After Algol is defeated you will be transported by a time portal created by algol and it will transport you the the last map and Zirg's Minor at this location you will enter the The Astral Realm
  • Soulcalibur V
  1. Chapter 1 - Zirg's Minor - Help Zirg to defeat all enemies that attacking his minor as it is the entrance to the Astral Realm)
  2. Chapter 2 - Edge Mistress - She faces you cause she wants to steal the Spirit Orb from you, and nothing will stop her to get it even if she has to kill you.
  3. Chapter 3 - Leandra Ω - This opponent is full of rage and she needs to battle a fierce opponent: you
  4. Chapter 4 - Millicent - This ring blade wielder is a woman that is not playing for fun
  5. Chapter 5 - Demon Sanya and Lexa - These two demons are a team and they will give it all to beat the player
  6. Charper 6 - Zasalothe - This former student of Zasalamel wants to prove herself in a fierce battle
  7. Chapter 7 - The Triplets - A triple battle awaits you and it will need some skills to beat them all
  8. Chapter 8 - Deker - This loner wanders inside astral chaos with her only friend and trusty sword Uramasa as she looks for a worthy opponent to still her hunger for battle
  9. Chapter 9 - Robo Knight - This creation from the Astral Realm will hold you for going any further beat him to continue
  10. Chapter 10 - Alexandra - The daughter of Leandra and Mitsurugi is bored of waiting and wants to battle you
  11. Chapter 11 - Galizha - She searches for a new and fresh opponent and that's you
  12. Chapter 12 - Yuriko and Tsubasa - The Soul Edge Twins will battle you in the Astral Realm
  13. Chapter 13 - EdgeDragon - This former human has a lust for battle as you will be its opponent
  14. Chapter 14 - Draiden - This opponent uses his whole body as a weapon as he wants to show it against you
  15. Chapter 15 - Rima and Creeper - This team is mean to tne bone as they will prove it in battle
  16. Chapter 16 - Dark Yuner - This creature was created by the Evil inside the Astral Realm, this is a battle that will require a good battle plan with use of powerfull skills to beat Dark Yuner
  17. Chapter 17 - Nirvana - This powerfull opponent will take you on in its three forms
  18. Chapter 18 - The Clone Army - Battle against a horde of clones with fighting styles used by Previous characters
  19. Chapter 19 - The Guardian - This fierce opponent is your Ticket to the soul calibur resting place as it is the stage of the last battle, but first you must beat The Guardian wich is not easy to beat
  20. Chapter 20 - Spyridon Calibur - The last and Final battle against an opponent with special skills and a very strong line of attacks and combo's, This battle will require a good set up of skills


The Soul Calibur Chronicles makes use of Open World Maps with each of its own paths to new battles and adventures and sidequests

  • Soulcalibur IV World Map
  • Compass
  • City locations
  • Ranca's Bridge (visit Ranca to get a new mission from her and gain more battle points)
  • Blacksmith's Shop (visit the blacksmith's shop to upgrade your weapon)
  • Green area (new location)
  • Red area (battle location)
  • Purple area (Treasure location)
  • Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends World Map
  • Compass
  • City locations
  • Ranca's Bridge (visit Ranca to get a new mission from her and gain more battle points)
  • Angels Den (visit angels den to buy new weapons or new clothings)
  • Blacksmith's Shop (visit the blacksmith's shop to upgrade your weapon)
  • Green area (new location)
  • Red area (battle location)
  • Purple area (Treasure location)
  • Soulcalibur V Astral Realm Map
  • Red Shining Area (new opponent awaits you)
  • Green Shining Area (heal yourself up)
  • Purple Shining Area (save your game)

Spirits Unite Move and upgrades

Spirits Unite

Spirits Unite

On a certain point in the game the player will get the oppertunity to call the Spirit Orb, when this orb appears before the battle the player can choose to use the special move: Spirits Unite if this option is chosen an angel named Yuner will appear to unleash this powerfull move as she will slam the opponent into a Time Warp that it will immediately end the battle after that Yuner will vanish to return later on in the game, besides Yuner there is also another to assist the player this man named:Tsuneharu if Tsuneharu is chosen the player can upgrade his or herself with some powerfull upgrades to use Only in this battle, if the battle is over the power ups that where chosen by the player will vanish,

To use the Spirit Orb the player must use his experience points or battle points to activate it


Special Move: Spirits Unite


Upgrade Skill list:

Stage 1 Skills: rank C (soulcalibur IV)

  • Knock Down C
  • Soul Gauge Vamp C
  • Skill Ability Up C
  • Armor Break C
  • Impact Heal C
  • Life Drain C
  • Soul Gauge Drain C
  • Auto Unblockable Attack C
  • Soul Gauge Recovery C
  • Venom Fang C
  • Angels Prey C
  • Nullify Ring Out C
  • Impact Drain C
  • Defence Breaker C
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up C
  • Shave Damage C
  • Hyper Mode C
  • Will Power C
  • Appeal C
  • Soul Gauge Boost C
  • Attack Focus C

Stage 2 Skills rank B (soul calibur: rise of legends)

  • Knock Down B
  • Soul Gauge Vamp B
  • Skill Ability Up B
  • Armor Break B
  • Impact Heal B
  • Life Drain B
  • Soul Gauge Drain B
  • Auto Unblockable Attack B
  • Soul Gauge Recovery B
  • Venom Fang B
  • Angels Prey B
  • Nullify Ring Out B
  • Impact Drain B
  • Defence Breaker B
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up B
  • Shave Damage B
  • Hyper Mode B
  • Will Power B
  • Appeal B
  • Soul Gauge Boost B
  • Attack Focus B

Stage 3 Skills rank A (soulcalibur V)

  • Knock Down A
  • Soul Gauge Vamp A
  • Skill Ability Up A
  • Armor Break A
  • Impact Heal A
  • Life Drain A
  • Soul Gauge Drain A
  • Auto Unblockable Attack A
  • Soul Gauge Recovery A
  • Venom Fang A
  • Angels Prey A
  • Nullify Ring Out A
  • Impact Drain A
  • Defence Breaker A
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up A
  • Shave Damage A
  • Hyper Mode A
  • Will Power A
  • Appeal A
  • Soul Gauge Boost A
  • Attack Focus A

Stage 4 Skills rank S (soulcalibur V - last two battles only)

  • HP Burst S
  • Start Dash S

Soulcalibur V Character Battle Skills

In the last world Soulcalibur V the opponents who faces the player are also set up with skills these skills can be different eachtime the player faces the opponent, (the battles inside the astral realm may vary from 3 to 5 rounds)

Stage 1 - Characters: Various Enemies (all enemies have the same skills)

  • Venom Fang C
  • Armor Break C
  • Soul Gauge Drain C

Stage 2 - Character: Edge Mistress

  • Auto Counter S
  • Nullify Counter A
  • Auto Impact A
  • Auto Grapple Break A

Stage 3 - Character: Leandra Ω

  • Auto Unblockable Attack S
  • Start Dash A
  • Armor Break A
  • Soul Gauge Drain A

Stage 4 - Character: Millicent

  • HP Drain S
  • Soul Gauge Damage A
  • Knock Down A
  • Impact Drain A

Stage 5 - Characters: Demon Sanya and Lexa (Tag Battle)

skills: Demon Sanya

  • Auto Unblockable Attack S
  • Start Dash A
  • HP Burst A
  • Venom Fang A

skills: Lexa

  • Auto Grapple Break S
  • Auto Counter A
  • Start Dash A
  • HP Burst A

Stage 6 - Character: Zasalothe

  • Soul Gauge Boost S
  • Soul Gauge Vamp A
  • Skill Ability Up A
  • Hyper Mode A

Stage 7 - Character: The Triplets (Triple Battle)

skills: Chika

  • Auto Impact S
  • Appeal A
  • Will Power A
  • Nullify Counter A

skills: Akane

  • Auto Counter S
  • Nullify Counter A
  • Shave Damage A
  • Start Dash A

skills: Kohaku

  • Soul Gauge Damage S
  • HP Recovery A
  • HP Drain A
  • Shave Damage A
  • Triplets Merge (this special ability used by the triplets is a fierce attack that will allow Kohaku to merge with his sisters Chika and Akane as one to attack the player that will cause a lot of damage)

Stage 8 - Character: Deker

  • Armor Break S
  • Defence Breaker A
  • Attack Focus A
  • Impact Heal A

Stage 9 - Character: Robo Knight

  • Attack Focus S
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up A
  • Shave Damage A
  • Knock Down A

Stage 10 - Character: Alexandra

  • Knock Down S
  • Soul Gauge Damage A
  • Appeal A
  • Hyper Mode A

Stage 11 - Character: Galizha

  • Shave Damage S
  • Skill Ability Up A
  • Attack Focus A
  • Soul Gauge Vamp A

Stage 12 - Character Yuriko and Tsubasa

skills: Yuriko

  • Soul Gauge Damage S
  • Soul Gauge Recovery A
  • Soul Gauge Vamp A
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up A

skills: Tsubasa

  • Gauge Drain S
  • Venon Fang A
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up A
  • Attack Focus A

Stage 13 - Character: EdgeDragon

  • Gauge Drain S
  • Armor Breaker A
  • Auto Unblockable Attack A
  • Will Power A

Stage 14 - Character: Draiden

  • Impact Drain S
  • Soul Gauge Boost A
  • Armor Break A
  • Soul Gauge Damage A

Stage 15 - Characters: Rima and Creeper (no skills) (Tag Battle)

  • Nullify Counter S
  • Auto Grapple Break A
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up A
  • Impact Edge A

Stage 16 - Character: Dark Yuner

  • Soul Gauge Drain S
  • Defence Breaker A
  • Life Drain A
  • Dark Spirits Unite (this is dark yuner's special ability, when used the player will be ko'd instandly)

Stage 17 - Character Nirvana (Spyridon Edge) - (Players Tag Partner:Namaah)

  • HP Drain S
  • Auto Unlockable Attack A
  • Soul Gauge Damage A
  • Shave Damage A

Stage 18 - Character: Clone Army (all clones have the same skills)

  • Soul Gauge Damage C
  • Soul Gauge Drain C
  • Soul Gauge Rate Up C

Stage 19 - Character: The Guardian

  • Defence Breaker S
  • Soul Gauge Drain S
  • Auto Unblockable Attack S
  • Venom Fang S

Stage 20 - Character: Spyridon Calibur

  • Soul Gauge Recovery S (infinite)
  • Start Dash S (infinite)
  • Nullify Ring Out S (infinite)
  • Spirits Call S - (this skill is only used by spyridon calibur, if it is used the player will lose the half of its soul gauge and life)


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends

Soulcalibur V

The Battle Colosseum

The battle colosseum is an area inside the Astral Realm when this mode is unlocked the player can take on the previous characters that where beaten before, but in the battle colosseum the player can choose its battle difficulty and or the opponents will have skills.

Each time the player defeats an opponent it will receive battle points and also it will receive concept art that will be unlocked in the gallery mode

The player is allowed to chose from difficulty's Easy, Meduim and Hard, at a certain point the player will also unlock Berserk Mode, in this mode the player will face the same opponents as normally but all skills of the opponents are set on S-rank


  • This game contains a new story mode that goes trough Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends and Soulcalibur V
  • This game will be available on consoles (Xbox 360/Xbox One, WII U/3DS, PS3/PS4)
  • The player has the ability to create his personal fighter and with travel across the 3 worlds to become stronger
  • The last Map of the game is in the Astral Realm where the player battles various opponents (with skills)
  • This game introduces veteran characters but also newly developed characters like Ranca
  • Sometimes the player will have a Tag-Battle with another character at his/her side
  • Create a Posé is a new feature in the Character Creation Mode as you are able to create you own intro - win - loss pose's
  • The Spirit Orb is a newely feature that gives the player the choice between a Special Move or to by Upgrades
  • In Chapter 11 of Rise of Legends the player will be able to control Setsuka to battle an enemy
  • In Stage 7 of the last map the player must face a triple battle against The Triplets as the also own a special ability called Triplets Merge
  • In stage 16 of the last map the player faces Dark Yuner its one of the hardest battles of the last map (the last two battles not included) as Dark Yuner can use its special ability Dark Spirits Unite


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