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Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega - Back in Time
Game Logo
Developer(s) Project Soul / SoulGauger
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released November 11 2018 (US)
November 17 2018 (Japan)
November 24 2018 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 15
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL
Input methods Gamepad
The Soul Calibur Chronicles
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light

- Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle

Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega - Back in Time (ソウルキャリバー:オメガの台頭 - タイムスリップ, Sourukyaribā: Omega no taitō - taimusurippu) is a game in the Soul series and it is the sequel to Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega


Leandra Scott now released from her Evil Side and Curse (she called it) Travels back in time to solve some unanswered questions she didn't get when she was possessed by Necro Edge the created spirit that lived inside Soul Edge *Necro*

But that Leandra Scott isn't completely safe she will soon find out when she discovers that her precious Dual Swords aren't as harmless as they look.

Helped by the newcomer Kilina Cassaventes she and Leandra heads off to unknown locations to find answers, But a switch of faiths will put Kilina in a situation that will require Leandra's wisdom to overcome this new problem

More coming soon




  • Leandra Scott  (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) is the main protagonist of Soulcalibur;Rise of Omega - Back in Time, released from her Evil Side after she destroyed soul Edge *Necro* she now looks for answers she didn't get when she was possessed.
  • Kilina Cassaventes (ホテルキリナカサヴェテス, Hoterukirinakasavu~etesu) she joins Leandra in her quest after she gotten forefilled her own goals in Soulcalibur: Astral Swords and helps out
  • Hilde (ヒルダ Hiruda) Hilde joins the team to help out when the player needs back-up, Hilde can be seen a stand in for Leandra or Kilina, When Hilde is chosen by the player she will take over the same style as the player's character (Leandra/Kilina) was using

Non Playable/Canon

  • Zarah (ツアラー, Tsuarā) This mysterious lady is a mistery itself, nothing is knowned about her but sometimes she appears from out of nothing to assist its been said that she wields a strange version of Soul Calibur, Rumors goes that this lady is familiar to Kilina Cassaventes but they are just rumors
  • Katrina (カトリーナ, Katorīna) A witch from a far past came to this time by a time portal, Katrina was able to infuse herself with two shards of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, she began her own mission to find new information bout her new home
  • Dark Leandra (ダーク, Daku Rindora No) This is Leandra's arch enemy in her life she battled her evil twin-clone allot of times but never been able to get rid of it aslong as it holds Soul Edge Dark Leandra will be alive, Dark Leandra is an empty vessel of Dark Souls that where lurking inside Soul Edge, Dark Leandra's story goes along way back when Leandra Scott was in the age of 24
  • TerrorBull - This Evil creature was created and sended by Dark Leandra it has no mind just one task destroy everything in his path, it has an axe wich can gives allot of damage 
  • Luna (ルナ, Runa) is a fortune teller from an alternative universe. She travelled through the dimensions to get to this universe to help rise against the new evil that has also spread to her universe. She wields a magical crystal ball in battle.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Training

2 player modes

  • Versus mode
  • CPU vs CPU
  • Training

Character Creation

Online Modes

  • Versus
  • Special Versus
  • Ranked Match


  • Replay Theatre
  • Illustrations and Concept art Gallery
  • Game Settings
  • Level BGM

Story Mode Episodes

  • Opening Scene

As Leandra Scott sleeps at one night she will have a serval nightmares about her past when she became Omega in Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega she will see her last battle she had against Necro-Edge, the Evil Possessor that controlled Dark Omega and Omega Necro, she is witnessing the entire battle again she had from another side.

This battle was the most intense battle of all she had in the time she fought with the omega Soul inside her, Then all the sudden Both Necro-Edge and Leandra turn themselves to Leandra who was watching and they attack her at all the sudden, Leandra has no weapons and gets hits and after Both Leandra and Necro-Edge wanted to finish her off she wakes up from the dream

Again the same dream.......... This is the fourth time this week and all the same images Leandra says

The Next morning when Leandra wakes up and opens her door she finds a strange package at her doorstep she opens it and finds a strange jewel inside, When Leandra wants to put it away it starts to shine and it will form a hole wich will suck Leandra in it.

As soon as Leandra lands on the ground she stands up and looks around

Where am i? and what was that Jewel that i had found at my door........?? Leandra will ask herself in thoughts

Not much later Leandra sees a Girl wandering around she steps to her to ask where she is now

  • Episode 1 - Kilina

Leandra begins walking towards the young woman and shouts "Excuse me...?" The woman turns around

"Huh? Hi. I haven't seen you around here before? Who are you?" the woman begins walking towards Leandra. "My name is Leandra Scott, I found a strange jewel this morning.. I picked it up and the next thing I know I'm here? Where is here exactly?" The girl stops and thinks for a moment

A strange jewel.... No, it can't be... The girl says in her thoughts.

"Could I see this jewel?" the girl asks. Leandra pulls out a strange amulet, the girls expression sinks in fear... "NO! HOW?! WHO ARE YOU? I'M NOT LETTING THAT AMULET BACK IN MY LIFE! STAY BACK!

The girl attacks Leandra and the pair fight.

  • Battle 1 (2 out of 3 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Kilina

The battle ends and the girl stands there weakened... "No.. No" Leandra stretches her hand out to the girl and helps her up the girl grabs Leandra's hand. Leandra looks at the girl confused "Why did you attack me?" Leandra asks. The girl points to the amulet "That thing is dangerous, I thought you where here to cause trouble... I'm sorry for attacking you.. Oh, my name is Kilina by the way" Leandra looks at the jewel

Dangerous... Leandra thinks to herself.

"Come on Leandra, we'll go and see my sister... She will have to see this!" Kilina pulls Leandra's arm and the pair run off.

  • Episode 2 - The Amulet

As Kilina and Leandra head off to Kilina's sister allot of questions are spinning in Leandra's head


- Where am i...

- Who is this Girl....

- What is this to do with that Amulet....

Not much later Kilina and Leandra where stopped by a strange woman in a long blue dress as the lady says

Stop and fight me..........

Leandra and Kilina standing before her as they draw their swords to attack the strange lady and all the sudden the woman starts to float and prepared herself for Leandra and Kilina's double attack as the woman says

I am Katrina and i will defeat you right here, right now  as the battle starts

  • Battle 2 (3 out of 3 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Kilina (Tag team)
  • Opponent: Katrina (weapon: her whole body)

  • Episode 3 - Leandra's Past (Cutscene)

Leandra and Kilina stand trying to catch their breath. "You haven't seen the last of me" Katrina says, a cloud of smoke surrounds her and she disappears.

"Who was that"? Kilina asks
"I have no idea".... Leandra looks around, confused. The duo keep walking forward
"You're a strong fighter, almost as good as me" Leandra says to Kilina. Kilina looks at her and smiles.
"So, where exactly are you from? What's your story?" Kilina asks
"I'm not from this world, I found that amulet and when I touched it I appeared here... I have been through a lot, I have fought Demons, I have fought myself"
Leandra stops, memories flood to her from her past. She remembers Leandra Ω, she remembers fighting Necro-Edge... When it all came to an end. Images from Leandra's past flash on screen.

Suddenly, Leandra spots something shining in the corner of her eye. She runs over to the mysterious object and goes to touch it. As she reaches towards it a large black flash comes from it, Leandra falls to the ground and blacks out.

Leandra wakes up hours later with Kilina standing over her. "Wha... What happened?" Leandra asks "I have no idea? You just blacked out" Say's Kilina.

Suddenly Kisandra, Kilina's sister burst through the door. "KILINA! This Amulet, it's the Amulet! The one we used to travel back in time"

  • Episode 4 - Time Travel?

Time Travel, what has to mean with that Leandra asked

Dunno yet but i think with this amulet we can travel back in time to certain places Kilina said

Before that we need to find out how this thing works.... Kisandra said

Meanwhile in another demension another creature was looking into the other time as it said

Soon i will arrive into this other world and then my plan will be put into action hehe, and all i need for that is this Soul Edge Shard and that little girl, i also know that the other one possesses a strong energy with amazing powers but all i need now is that little girl hahaa  the voice spoke

Back in the house they hear a stumbling sound coming from outside as tey are going to look they see a strange creature getting lose on the terrain

I AM TERRORBULL AND I NEED REVENGE...........  Terrorbull yelled

What is this thing Kilina asked

Dunno, but we have to stop it, and since Leandra hasn't been fully back at strength we have to do it Kisandra said

as the two girl prepared to battle terrorbull Leandra picks up the Amulet and looks at it

  • Battle 3 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Kilina and Kisnarda (tag team)
  • Opponent:Terrobull (weapon: Giant Axe)

  • Episode 5 - The way Back in Time

TerrorBull is beaten and Kilina and Kisandra wnet back inside the house as they saw Leandra back in good health

You are back to health thats good Kilina said

As Leandra wants to speak all the sudden the amulet startes to glow and Leandra, Kisandra and Kilina stepped back as a hole opens in front of the three girls as Leandra and Kilina where sucked into the hols Kisandra couod grab on to something

What just happend Kisandra asked herse;f after the hole was closed

Meanwhile in another time period Leandra and Kilina fell out of the hole as they stoot up and looked around

Where are we...? Leandra said to Kilina

Dunno but i don't guess that is waiting for us i hope Kilina said after pointing to a strange figure

YOU...... Leandra yelled

As they saw that Leandra's evil clone Dark Leandra was standing before them as Leandra says

I wil handle this Kilina step back

The battle starts between two enternal enemies

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 Rounds)
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Dark Leandra (weapon: Soul Edge)

  • Epsode 6 - Zarah

Dark Leandra is beaten by Leandra as she walks upon her

Yet again you dare to come into my life and trying to kill me again...... but i have defeated you..... Leandra said

Dark Leandra started to laugh as it says Do you really think i am here for you Leandra well i am not cause i am here for HER!!!!!! as she vanishes and captures Kilina as Leandra try'd to save her she was to late as they vanished

Hhaha i will come back........, with a special suprise

As Leandra desperate looks for Kilina in the area she is gone as another strange light appears

I am here to help......... a voice spoke

But Leandra had enough of lies and attacks the stranger

  • Battle 6 (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Playable character: Zarah
  • Opponents: Leandra (weapon: Dual Swords)

  • Episode 7 - Remainings of the Past (cutscene)

After Leandra alomost beats up Zarah she stops as she says

You.............what do you want and where is Kilina

I will answer that to you but first listen to my story first as i got knowledge of some new things i wanted to tell you

As Leandra walked to Zarah she started to talk

When you where battling Omega Necro and after that Necro-Edge i was around there but you never noticed me as you battled against the fierce Necro-Edge

After you destroyed Soul Edge *Necro* some parts remained and after you where gone back to your own time Dark Leandra appeared in the astral chaos and picked up the shards and vanished afterwards Zarah explained

What must Dark Leandra do with Soul Edge shards while it wields Soul Edge, it must be doing something with Kilina i have to find her Leandra said

I will bring you to Dark Leandra's hideout to rescue her Zarah spoke and vanished with Leandra

(end of cutscene)

  • Episode 8 - Luna

As Leandra and Zarah appear outside Dark Leandra's hideout a strange light appears in front of them.

What is that? Leandra asks.

The light gets brighter and out of nowhere a mysterious women dressed in purple appears.

My name is Luna I am from an alternative universe to this one. My universe is being destoryed by an evil that originated here! I have to defeat this evil, I have to defeat anyone who gets in my way! Luna says as she attacks Leandra and Zarah.

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Zarah (tag team)
  • Opponent:Luna (Weapon: Crystal Ball)

Leandra and Zarah defeat Luna.

We are trying to save my friend, she has been kidnapped by an evil creature called Dark Leandra. She is the enemy not us! Help us and we will help you! Leandra says as she pulls out her hand to help Luna up. Luna nods and decides to help.

  • Episode 9 - The Rescue

Zarah, Leandra and Luna arrived in the prisoncells where Kilina was held captive

Sow this is the seems quiet Zarah said

To quiet...... Leandra spoke

As all the sudden an army of thugs appeard with Dark Leandra in the lead as it said

YOU WILL NEVER GET HER BACK........., my thugs kill them all it said and vanished

Leandra said that Luna and Zarah where needed in battle as the three made themselves up for a fight

  • Battle 8 (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Playable characters: Luna. Leandra and Zarah
  • Opponents: Dark Leandra's thugs (weapons: various)

After they beated all of the thugs they entered the prisoncell of Kilina...........but she was gone

Where is Kilina Zarah spoke

Dark Leandra is up to something and i know that clone of mine better then anyone else Leandra spoke

The three walked on inside Dark Leandra 's hideout as Leandra was feeling something odd inside her something she felt before when she became Omega

Kilina is in grave danger Leandra spoke as they runned further to find the vanished Kilina

  • Episode 10 - ??

Game Mechanics


  • Coming soon

Voice Cast

  • Jessica Straus - Leandra Scott/Dark Leandra/Darkness Omega
  • Stephaine Sheh - Kilina Cassaventes
  • Jennifer Hale - Zarah
  • Heather Hogan - Katrina
  • Laura Bailey - Sensi
  • Ed Cunningham - TerrorBull
  • Julie Ann Taylor - Hilde